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Things to do in Ooty

Things to do in Ooty are not limited to tea tasting only as this place offers a large variety of outdoor fun activities. A unique blend of modernism and traditions, this town is filled with many once in a lifetime experiences. One of the most beautiful cities of India, Ooty offers a number of fun activities, that too in the nature’s lap.

From the soothing boat trips across the calm river of Pykara to a visit to the ancient architecture of Stone House, there are a number of Activities to do in Ooty. When asked What to do in Ooty, the answer is usually given as “Tea Tasting”, but to our surprise, this hill station is filled with so many adventures and activities.

The best things to experience here include the view of Nilgiri mountains from a toy train, a hike to the top of Catherine waterfall and experiencing the tribal life while spending a night in Toda huts. The Lovey-Doveys can also brace themselves for some fantastic romantic experiences amidst the small village of Pykara.

The city is also an absolute paradise for shopping enthusiasts, and you can find over here a number of flea markets and shopping centres. Overall, Ooty has almost a bit of everything for every traveller.
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15 October 2019
It was a truly amazing experience for me and my friend. We reached the place before the check in time but still without a hesitation the staff managed to accommodate us in our tent leaving us enough time to explore the beautiful surrounding and embark on our own adventure. The surrounding area was not even close to what we expected.. the beauty and the calming sound of nature itself is enough to make you forget all your troubles and the busy life. We were visiting ooty for the first time and we came across this out of nowhere and booked it right away and when we reached the place the next day we realized it was more than what we had expected for such a cheap price. The tents are comfortable and the staff is really kind and helpful which is a major plus point. This is a must try for all kinds of thrill seekers, adventure hunters, friends, family or simply anyone who is looking to get away from the busy life And escape into serenity.
17 April 2019
Great place to watch nature in fullest. The view from the top will amaze you. it was a memorable experience for the group. just the trek was tiring but it was worth it. there were small streams and waterfall allover and a perfect place to enjoy with my friends. also, a night stay was very refreshing away from the city. do this trek i am sure you will all love it like i did.
09 October 2019
Truly an amazing experience. Beautiful campsite, friendly and helpful staff, calming surrounding. A must try for all kinds of thrill seekers, adventure hunters, friends, family or anyone simply looking to get away from the busy life and escape into serenity.
"accommodation was awesome, manager and the staff were simply superb and kind. must go place\n\nthanks for the gloves"
28 November 2015
This was such a fun trek. Firstly, it was all easy peasy and not much of a challenging or tiring ones. Plus, it was a day trek that was neither too short nor too long. If you are planning to have a trek with family, then this is the right one.
30 October 2020
We literally had the best time ever! This was our last trip before the world went into lockdown and we are so grateful & thankful to Thrillophilia and most importantly our cab uncle who went out of the way to show us the beauty of Coonor & Ooty! He was so welcoming towards our requests and very considerate. Thankyou Thrillophilia for giving us the best memories.
I booked this tour and it was amazing and all the places mentioned were covered. Everything was excellent including the staff and the people managing the trip. Thanks and cheers.
I visited Ooty with my friends. we took thrillophilia Ooty Coorg Package. It was an amazing trip everything war perfectly planned by the team, the stay was comfortable, the meals provided were very delicious. Thanks to thrillophilia. Looking ahead for visiting again.
We recently went to Kodaikanal and Ooty, and it was a fun experience. Both the cities are so beautiful with greenery everywhere, The rose garden in Ooty is so beautiful and the fragrance of roses is so captivating. We even explored and enjoyed a lot at the waterfalls and the view from Dolphin’s Nose was breathtaking. The entire trip was so well planned, the stays were comfortable, the driver was humble, Thanks for the memorable experience.
No words can describe the serenity and tranquility that you get to see in Ooty, it is worth your money. It was a great trip. Really satisfied with all the planning and stay booking done by the Thrillophilia team

People Also Ask About Ooty Things To Do

  1. What are the best things to do in Ooty?

    Below is the list of best activities to do in Ooty:

    1. Explore the Nilgiri Mountains in a toy train
    Travelling within the heart of Nilgiri mountains, this century-old toy train is known for the views it offers of the scenic beauty. You can start your journey from Mettupalayam and travel towards Ooty while going through multiple tunnels, high bridges, cured tracks and beautiful scenery in just 5 hours. Taking this “train of the mountains”, becomes the most favourite memory of almost anyone who tries it.

    Location: Railway Station Rd, Nadar Colony, Mahadevapuram, Mettupalayam & Mountain Railway, Ooty, The Nilgiris
    Price: INR 140 to INR 550
    Timings: 7:10AM - 12 Noon( Mettupalayam to Ooty), 2:00PM-5:30PM( Ooty to Mettupalayam)

    2. Take a green break in Botanical Garden
    Although the whole town is known for the greenery it holds, Ooty also has a massive botanical garden which is home to around 1000 varieties of rare flowers and shrubs. You can take a stroll through this horticulturist’s delight and witness the enormous range it holds.

    Location: Vannarapettai, Tamil Nadu
    Price: INR 30
    Timings: 7:00AM - 7:00PM

    3. Marvel the beautiful city from Dolphins viewpoint
    Enjoy the view of beautiful tea gardens and immense Catherine Falls from 1550 metres above the sea level. Resembling a dolphins’ nose, this distinctive rock formation should definitely be in your things-to-do list.

    Location: Dolphins nose Rd, Adelei, Burliyar
    Price: INR 15 and INR 20( with camera )
    Timing: 9AM - 6:15PM

    4. Visit Tea  Museum
    A must visit place for tea lovers, this museum makes you aware of the history of tea making. You can try multiple teas made by traditional cooking directions while watching the beauty of Nilgiri Mountains. In this Tea museum, you can also shop for a wide variety of tea leaves  from all around the world.

    Location: Doddabetta Road, Mel Koddapmund, Ooty
    Price: INR 250
    Timing: 10:00AM - 6:00PM

    5. Marvel at the architecture of “Stone House”
    Being the first ever bungalow of Ooty, this is a must visit place for every history buff. Here you can perceive the glimpse of the amazing rock architecture and some great antiquities.

    Location: Stone House Area, Stone House, Ooty
    Price: Free
    Timing: 9AM- 5PM

    6. Capture a mesmerising view of Catherine Falls
    Flowing through the top of blue hills, this double cascaded waterfall is a must see experience when in Ooty. The best thing you can enjoy at this place is the drive to the top of the waterfall surrounded by greenery and plantations. This hike leads you to the picture-worthy view, so make sure you carry your cameras.

    Location: Catherine falls, Kotagiri, Ooty
    Price: Free
    Timing: 9AM - 6:30PM

    7. Try and buy home-made chocolate
    One of the best things to do in Ooty is to shop for home made chocolates which are a big hit here. You can try chocolates of various flavours ranging from mango, orange, lemon, to even chilly! You can visit the main bazaar, and get your hands on the huge variety of home-made chocolates.

    Location: Main Bazaar, Ooty
    Price: Tasting is free
    Timing: Varies for each shop

    8. Day out at Pykara
    A great place to plan your picnic, Pykara is filled with pine trees, a beautiful lake and a mesmerising view of a waterfall. You can stroll around into the beautiful pine trees or just gaze into the beautiful view of Pykara lake. If an adventure lover, you can enjoy the enthralling ride of the speedboats which take you towards the bottom of the waterfall. 

    Location: Pykara city, Ooty
    Price: INR 10
    Timing: 10AM - 5:30PM

    9. Enjoy the summer festival of Ooty
    Flower shows, boat races and an ample amount of food carts, the summer festival of Ooty is filled with a number of outdoor activities. Here, you can experience many cultural and historical programs specifically performed to promote tourism in Ooty.

    Location: Multiple
    Price: Free
    Timing: May, 10:00AM - 6:00PM (multiple slots)

    10. A religious visit to St. Stephen’s Church
    Placed in the heart of Nilgiris, St. Stephen’s church is known for the beautiful architecture it offers to the visitors. People can enjoy the views of stained glass windows, which are a perfect delight to the eyes. Visiting this place during the Christmas week will turn out to be the best as at that time, the courtyard of the church is filled with many amusing rides and activities.

    Location: Near Collectors office, Club, Road, Ooty
    Price: Free
    Timing: 10AM - 5PM

    11. Bar-hopping in its multiple clubs
    The night owls will be delighted to know that Ooty has some of the country’s best pubs and bars. Places like The Selbournes bar and The Valley bar are a hub for visitors to try some of the best drinks. If not satisfied with one, you can visit multiple bars as most of them are located too close to each other.

    Location: Multiple
    Price: Varies for every bar
    Timing: After 9:00PM
  2. Which are the best tea plantations to visit in ooty?

    Below is a list of best tea plantations to visit in Ooty:

    1. The Tea Factory
    A paradise for tea connoisseurs, this place is an encyclopedia of the world of tea. This place is home to one of the largest tea belts in india. Here you can try teas made with ancient recipes. 

    2. Dodabetta tea park
    Tea being the main source of revenue in this town, makes these tea-tours one of the best activities to do in Ooty. Dodabetta tea park offers the visitors with a wide range of teas and the ancient equipment used in its making.

    3. High Field tea estate
    Located in the heart of Coonoor, this place has the plantations and fillers dating back to the 1950's. High field tea estates allow you to indulge in the processes and aromas of fresh teas being brewed using old machinery.

    4. Coonoor Tea estate
    Referred as the most beautiful tea estate in Ooty, this place holds many guided tours for the visitors in which they are taken from the beautiful pathways within the tea plants towards the multiple varieties of teas, including rose tea and white tea.

    5. Tea Park
    While standing in the middle of this place, the complete stretch of visible land you see here is tea and only tea. In addition with the varieties of teas, this place also has some parks having rides and swings for children. 

    6. Nilgiri tea
    Placed atop the Nilgiri hills, this place is the main supplier of the renowned brand “brook bond”. This plantation is famous for the wide range it offers in teas including the famous “Nilgiri tea”.

    7. Chamraj tea center
    Treat your taste buds with the sips of many rare teas, whose leaves are only grown in Chamraj tea center. Here, you can attend the classes portraying the ancient methods of tea making.
  3. What are the best romantic things to do in Ooty?

    There are so many romantic things to do in Ooty, that you will spend a lot of time having fun and creating memories with your partner. Below is a list of activities that you can do while in Ooty:

    1. Bring a picnic to the Pykara park
    Enjoy a romantic outing in the park while watching the stars and the moon illuminate the night sky. If looking for something fun, go for a boat tour in the nearby lake.

    2. Trek towards the top of Catherine falls
    If looking for an adventurous thing to do with your other half, you can take the trail towards the top of this waterfall and marvel at the beauty nature has to offer.

    3. Take a ride in Toy train
    Remember the train on the top of which Shahrukh Khan did “Chhaiya Chhaiya”? You can do that too within the beautiful scenery of Nilgiri hills. This toy train offers the riders with the mesmerising views of nature while passing through almost 50 tunnels and 100 high bridges.

    4. Offer a rose to your love in its renowned rose garden
    A garden having more than 3600 varieties of roses can be the best place to express your love.
  4. What are the best adventure activities to do in Ooty?

    1. Jungle safari
    The best way to explore the region is to take a safari into the green beauty it offers. A safari in Ooty will take you through the tall pine trees and its many tea plantations, making it a once in a lifetime experience.

    2. Ride in toy train
    Go through the multiple tunnels, high bridges and steep slopes while enjoying the enthralling scenery of beautiful Nilgiri hills.

    3. A trip to Toda huts
    Get in touch with the tribal people of Ooty and experience their way of living. You can also spend a night in these bamboo huts and have once in a lifetime culinary experience.

    4. Trek to the top of Catherine Falls
    The  question of what to do in Ooty for adventure is often answered by a single word - “waterfall”. A hike to the top of Catherine waterfall is filled with visual marvels including big pine trees and rare shrubs.

    5. Camping at Avalanche lake
    Being surrounded by wide forests, a night out at this place is one of the most adventurous things to do in Ooty. You can also try hands on fishing and rafting in this serene lake.
  5. How can I spend my night in Ooty?

    When asked what to do in Ooty, nightlife is never an answer. But here is a list of activities to do at night that will make your Ooty trip a better experience:

    1. Shopping at the main bazaar
    This main market is the best place to shop for silver in Ooty. The stalls here start settling around 7PM, after which this place becomes a shopping hub. From household items to handicrafts you can find almost everything in this market.

    2. Good night Tea
    Ooty, known for the variety of teas it offers, has a number of breweries where you can have some rare flavors of teas and coffees.

    3. A night in Glenmorgan
    Providing the best experience of camping, Glenmorgan is one of the finest places in Ooty. Here, you can slowly watch the sun settling below the horizon and on a clear night, you can also gaze into the milky way. 

    4. Go bar-hopping
    Ooty is home to various renowned clubs and bars which offer the best brews. There are many great places to hangout in Ooty which offer surprisingly good nightlife experiences.
  6. What we can buy in Ooty?

    1. Tea leaves
    Known for its varied tea cultivation, what to do in Ooty should never be a question here. You should just go out and shop for premium teas. From rose teas to the milk teas, in Ooty you can find every flavour of tea one can think of.

    2. Handmade chocolates
    Ever had a spicy chocolate? If not then you should definitely visit the main market of this town and try the huge variety of handmade chocolates like lemon, mango, orange and even red chilli.

    3. Jewellery
    The second most popular thing in Ooty is the silverware. The main bazaar of ooty has the highest number of silver vendors in the whole state. The material you buy from here is pure and designs are one of a kind.

    4. Winter Wear
    The tibetan market here becomes a shopping hub whenever the cool waves hit. Here you can shop for shawls, jackets, gloves, cardigans and monkey caps, which are of the best quality. 

    5. Aromatic oils
    Being home to more than 3000 flora species, Ooty is filled with a number of fragrances which can be bought in the form of aromatic oils. Here you can shop from a wide range of aromas which cannot be bought anywhere else in the world.
  7. What is the best time to visit Ooty?

    The best time to visit this beautiful setting is from October to June. At this time, the climate is pleasant and the temperature remains between 20 to 25 degree celsius. Summers are not so harsh here, so you can easily stroll around the tea plantations and experience one of the best Things to do in Ooty.
  8. What is famous in Ooty?

    The hill station of Ooty is famous for the natural beauty it holds and of-course, “tea”. Tea plantation is the most revenue generating thing in ooty and every day, a large number of tourists from around the world flock towards its many gardens. Apart from these two things, Ooty also has a train which travels within the Nilgiri mountains and taking this train makes up for one of the best Activities to do in Ooty.
  9. Is one day enough for Ooty?

    The beautiful town of Ooty can be covered easily in a day. Almost all the popular things to do in Ooty, like train rides, tea and chocolate shopping, sightseeing and jungle safari can be done in a single day. To experience other famous activities done here, you might need more than a day.
  10. Is Ooty worth visiting?

    Filled with so many amazing views and attractions, a visit to Ooty is surely a once in a lifetime experience. Ooty is a favourite place of those who are nature and wildlife enthusiasts. There are so many things to do in Ooty that many tourists plan their trip here again and again.
  11. How can I spend my night in Ooty?

    Below is a list of things that you can do in Ooty at night: 
    Shopping at the main bazaar
    Camping night in Glenmorgan
    Go bar-hopping
    Make tea using old machinery 
    Try local food at a famous hotel - “Pankaj Bhojanalay”
    Taste home grown coffee at Willy’s Coffee Pub
  12. How far is Ooty from Munnar?

    From Munnar, Ooty is 242 Km away. This distance can be covered in around 6 hours by taking the train 56137 from Munnar. Other travel options are not available for this small distance, making the train journey a best option.
  13. What is the cost of Ooty trip?

    The whole trip costs around INR 2000 for a day per person. This expense includes your food, accommodation and visit to its famous attractions. Other than this, the cost of your Ooty trip may vary depending on the location you are travelling from.