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Jim Corbett Packages

Duration Price
Nainital Corbett Tour Package | New Year Special4 days & 3 nights
INR 18,000
Nainital & Jim Corbett Nature Retreat4 days & 3 nights
INR 19,500
Haridwar Mussoorie Nainital Corbett | FREE Tiger Safari9 days & 8 nights
INR 33,000
Auli Nainital Corbett Mussoorie - Couple Special7 days & 6 nights
INR 35,500
Delhi to Jim Corbett Package3 days & 2 nights
INR 18,500
Jim Corbett Tour Package with Nainital3 days & 2 nights
INR 19,500

Jim Corbett tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Jim Corbett tours with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Jim Corbett National Park tours with exciting deals & offers. 

Situated in the picturesque landscapes of Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park beckons adventure seekers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Discover the essence of the wilderness with our thoughtfully curated Jim Corbett tour packages, offering a seamless blend of excitement and tranquility. Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of nature with our diverse range of packages designed to cater to every preference. Whether you crave the thrill of jungle safaris, the serenity of nature walks, or the luxury of a comfortable resort stay, our packages are tailored to provide a bespoke experience.

Our carefully crafted packages cater to diverse preferences, whether you seek adrenaline-pumping jungle safaris, serene nature walks, or luxurious resort experiences. With Thrillophilia, planning your Jim Corbett getaway is a breeze. Planning your Jim Corbett retreat is made effortlessly convenient through our user-friendly platform. Browse through an array of packages with detailed information, ensuring that you make an informed decision based on your desires and budget. Our commitment to transparency makes the booking process simple, with secure payment options for a smooth transaction.

Embark on your Jim Corbett adventure trip with ease, as we take care of the intricacies, allowing you to focus on creating enduring memories amidst the captivating wilderness of one of India's most iconic national parks.

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Best Time To Go For Corbett Tour

The best time to visit Corbett is every season making it a year-round destination that can provide tourists with surprising and mind-blowing sights within the dense Himalayan forests.

Peak Season: The winter months emerge as the ideal window to relish Jim Corbett's natural splendor, offering comfortable temperatures, gentle breezes, and abundant wildlife to discover. Witness the wildlife as they bask in the sun for warmth in the cold weather.

Shoulder Season: This season brings warmth with temperatures potentially soaring to 40 degrees Celsius. Despite the heat, the region's lush greenery maintains a comfortable environment for exploration, making it a decent time for travel. You can spot wild animals drinking water during the evenings, or taking a bath in the rivers to beat the heat during this time.

Waning Season: You can unveil the park's natural beauty with abundant rainfall, nurturing vibrant flora and fauna. During this time, the wildlife awakens to a whole new light, bringing out the original essence of touring dense deciduous forests on the Himalayan foothills.

How to Reach Jim Corbett

By Air: Corbett National Park does not have its own airport, however the closest air access points include Dehradun Airport in Uttarakhand, about 156 km away, and Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, approximately 243 km away. Flights from across India land at Delhi Airport, while several operate in Dehradun as well. Once at the airport, you can travel to your destination through a road journey via a cab or the well-maintained bus transport system.

By Road: To reach Jim Corbett National Park by road, you can avail the extensive road network connected to NH34. The most common route from Delhi is approximately 245 kilometres which takes around 6 hours. Various buses, from Government to Private, including AC and Sleeper coaches, operate from Delhi, Ramnagar, Dehradun, Gaushala, and Kotdwar, connecting the wild heaven of Corbett National Park to the outside world.

By Rail: Corbett National Park enjoys good connectivity through two nearby railway stations. The Ramnagar station, just 12 kilometres away, serves as a convenient access point with regular train services connecting to New Delhi, and subsequently to major cities across India. The popular Ranikhet Express and Sampark Kranti trains are good choices for travellers commuting between Delhi and Ramnagar. Alternatively, the Kathgodam Railway Station, situated approximately 60 kilometres from Jim Corbett National Park, offers another gateway. Taxis and cabs are readily accessible from Kathgodam, allowing for a comfortable 3.5-hour road journey to reach the park.

Places To Visit With Jim Corbett Tour Packages

Here are some places to visit in Jim Corbett:

1. Corbett Waterfall

Located amidst the dense teakwood jungle, Corbett Waterfall amazes the visitors with its natural splendor and lovely ambiance. The sound of cascading water from a height of 20 m and chirping birds produce a melodious sound while the landscape offers a picture-perfect backdrop.

2. Dhangari Museum

With our Jim Corbett tour packages, you can also visit Dhangari Museum that is located close to the main entrance to the national park. Here, you can learn about the history, wildlife, and environment of the park through various exhibits and presentations.

3. Corbett Museum

A heritage bungalow transformed into a museum, the Corbett museum houses a vast collection of belongings of Jim Corbett, including his articles, beautiful paintings, manuscripts, sketches, and last hunt.

4. Durga Mandir

With our Jim Corbett National Park tour packages, you not only get to explore the reserve forest area but get the chance to visit religious sites like Durga Mandir. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga, and amongst the most beautiful ancient structures in Ramnagar.

5. Kosi River

Kosi River starts from Mohan and passes through Dhikuli before traversing the eastern border of the Jim Corbett National Park. It serves as the water source for animals in Jim Corbett in summers when their major source Ramganga gets dried. Thereby, it offers great opportunities for wild lovers and photographers to spot wild animals in the summers.

Things To Do On Corbett Trip

Here are some things to do in Jim Corbett:

1. Explore Corbett with Jeep Safari: A Jeep safari is the most popular way to get up and close with the wildlife. This is the best way to explore the dense forests of Jim Corbett where you can come across wild animals like Tigers, Lions, Zebras and more.

2. Experience the Elephant Safari: It is a great way to get close to Elephants and other wild animals. This is the best natural way to enjoy your time in Jim Corbett where you will come across to valleys, rivers, birds, and other wildlife creatures.

3. Indulge Yourself in Camping: A beautiful way to spend a night inside the natural habitat alongside wild animals. It is a unique experience where you can have a fun time amidst nature.

4. Go For River Rafting in Kosi River: Experience the thrill of river rafting in the Kosi River. The river offers a mix of rapids suitable for both beginners and experienced rafters, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the region.

5. Pay a visit to the Garjia Devi Temple: Visit the Garjia Devi Temple on the banks of Kosi River near Jim Corbett National Park. Dedicated to Goddess Garjia, the temple offers a spiritual experience amid scenic surroundings, making it a serene and culturally enriching stop during your Corbett trip.

Safari Zones to Visit On Corbett Tour

1. Bijrani Safari Zone

Located just 2 kilometres from Ramnagar, Bijrani Safari Zone is one of the most popular zones in Corbett to spot wildlife. This zone is home to diverse animal species including elephants, deer, and the Royal Bengal tiger. The lush greenery and the beautiful surroundings will definitely melt your heart. The zone offers a chance to connect with nature while exploring its serene landscapes and beautiful water streams. The best time to visit this zone is during the early morning or late afternoon, when you can spot a large number of tigers. Moreover, you can embark on a thrilling jeep safaris through dense forests.

2. Jhirna Safari Zone

Situated on the southern edge, Jhirna Safari Zone is another most visited zone in Jim Corbett and is popular among wildlife enthusiasts. Here, you can marvel at a wide range of animals like deer, elephants, sambars, and numerous bird species. During your day visit, you'll easily spot majestic tigers, making it a popular tiger-spotting zone. The safari will take you through the lush forests, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature. Jhirna Safari Zone guarantees captivating wildlife encounters and a peaceful retreat in the heart of the wilderness. This zone is opened in two shifts in which 30 jeeps are allowed in one shift.

3. Dhela Safari Zone

Dhela Safari Zone in Jim Corbett is a haven for nature enthusiasts. This zone is located 20 kilometres from Ramnagar, right beside the Jhirna Safari Zone. It boasts a wide range of flora, such as Sal, Haldu, Bahera, Kusum, and other dense forest trees. Along with the vast flora, you can also encounter a wide range of animal species here. Some of them include leopards, the Royal Bengal tiger, elephants, deer, and various species of reptiles. This zone is also popular to spot various species of birds thriving in their habitat. Additionally, you can opt for a day safari tour in this zone, which ensures a detailed exploration of the area.

4. Durga Devi Safari Zone

Nestled in the northeastern corner, Durga Devi is one of the most beautiful zones in the Jim Corbett National Park. This zone is famous for serene forests, sparkling streams, and diverse wildlife. In this zone, you can encounter majestic tigers, leopards, elephants, and otters near the Domunda Bridge. Additionally, this is one of the best zones to spot various species of birds like eagle, woodpecker, golden eagle, and nightingale. Moreover, the Durga Devi Zone is accompanied by the Ramganga River and Mandal River which adds to its overall beauty. Moreover, you can also spot Mahseer Fish in the river streams of this zone. You can go on a day safari or spend the night at Lohachaur Forest Guest House for a longer stay.

5. Garjia Safari Zone

The Garjiya Safari Zone is a newly added zone to the Jim Corbett National Reserve. It is located approximately 9 kilometres from Ramnagar city. Spanning 50 square kilometres, it allows you to witness a wide range of animal species like deer, monkeys, and colourful birds. Additionally, this has become one of the best zones in the reserve to spot a variety of tigers. You can opt for a day or evening safari to this zone to explore the area more comfortably. However, the maximum number of jeep safari is limited so that the natural habitats of the animals don’t get disturbed.

6. Sitabani Safari Zone

The Sitabani Safari Zone is located outside the Jim Corbett National Park near Teda Village and is considered the buffer zone. In this zone, you can easily spot various animals such as deer, wild boars, sambars, and Nilgai. Since it is a buffer zone, spotting tigers here is rare. However, you may catch a glimpse of them hunting sometimes. Apart from animals, this zone boasts around 600 bird species and most of them are migratory birds like brown dipper, plumbous, forktails, and wallcreepers. Additionally, you can visit the temples in this zone like Sitabani Temple, and a temple dedicated to lord Shiva. It is a great place to explore nature, even if you can’t spot the big cats.

7. Dhikala Safari Zone

Dhikala Safari Zone is one of the largest zones in the Jim Corbett National Park, situated approximately 32 kilometres from Ramnagar. It is a sanctuary of untamed wilderness and diverse ecosystems. The landscape of this zone consists of dense forests and various channels of the Ramganga River add to its overall beauty. Some of the animals you can encounter in this region include tigers, deer, wild pigs, hog deer, and barking deer. Moreover, this zone is a paradise for bird enthusiasts. In this zone, you may also encounter the tiger hunting its prey. While day safaris are not available, you can opt for Canter Safari to explore the natural beauty of this zone.

8. Phato Safari Zone

Phato Safari Zone in Jim Corbett is a hidden gem for nature lovers, located 26 kilometres from Ramnagar. It is known for its serene ambiance and diverse wildlife. This is a pristine area renowned for its biodiversity and natural beauty. The Phato Safari Zone is perfect for spotting animals like tigers, deer, monkeys, and various species of birds. Jeep Safari in this zone enters through Phato entry gate in Mohan Nagar Maldhan which is 26 kilometres away from Ramnagar. The safari takes place in two 3-hour long shifts and only 50 jeeps are allowed per shift.

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Jim corbett Tour faqs

How many days are required for the Jim Corbett tour?

The ideal duration for a Jim Corbett tour is typically 2-4 days. A 2-day trip allows for essential safaris and glimpses of the park's wildlife. It also gives you time for additional visits to nearby attractions like Corbett Fall, Garjiya Temple, and Sitabani, which can mesmerize you with their beauty. For a more comprehensive trip, you can choose to stay for longer and explore the hidden corners of the park that are open to tourists, and marvel at some breath-taking sunsets.

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Can I stay inside Jim Corbett?

Yes, you can stay inside the forest area in Dhikala Forest Lodge which is managed by the Forest Department. Our Corbett tour packages offer a diverse array of accommodation choices catering to various budgets and preferences. Inside and outside the park, you will find options ranging from luxurious resorts boasting top-notch amenities of cozy forest lodges amidst nature's embrace, as well as budget-friendly hotels, ensuring a comfortable stay for every type of traveler.

How much does a Jim Corbett trip cost?

The cost of a 3 trip to Jim Corbett National Park can range between INR 13,000 and INR 35,000, per person, approximately. Opt for Thrillophilia’s best Jim Corbett tour packages to avail great accommodation, soothing meals, seamless transportation, 24/7 guidance and support, and much more. Some thrilling activities like Jungle Safaris, and sightseeing tours are also included in our packages. 

How long is the Jeep safari in Jim Corbett?

The standard duration for a Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett National Park is around 3 to 4 hours, allowing ample time to explore designated zones within the park. There are several areas to explore, and that might take more than one round. The Jeep Safari timings vary depending on the weather conditions in summers or winters.

Which is better, Jim Corbett or Nainital?

The choice between Jim Corbett and Nainital depends on what you are looking for. Jim Corbett National Park is famous for its wildlife and safaris, offering a chance to see tigers, elephants, and various other animals in their natural habitat. It is a great destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking wildlife adventures. On the other hand, Nainital is a picturesque hill station known for its beautiful lake, stunning views of the surrounding mountains, and a range of activities like boating, trekking, and exploring the town's markets and temples. It is more of a leisurely destination with a blend of natural beauty and tourist attractions. So, if you're into wildlife and nature, Jim Corbett might be the better choice. However, if you prefer a more relaxed hill station experience with diverse activities and scenic views, Nainital could be the one for you.

Can we go to Jim Corbett by own car?

Inside Jim Corbett National Park, private vehicles are not permitted. You must arrange for safaris only through registered Jeep Safari Associations in Ramnagar to explore the park's interior. These associations provide authorized vehicles for wildlife safaris within the park's designated zones.

What are the attractions for a sightseeing tour in Corbett?

The Corbett National Park is a well preserved wildlife sanctuary. Quite naturally, the entire land offers you all the beauty you can expect from a rich forest. You must visit these sightseeing destinations in the national park area to make your tour memorable:

  • Kosi River
  • Go Wild Adventure Park
  • Garjiya Devi Temple
  • Corbett Tiger Reserve
  • Sitabani Temple
  • Corbett Falls
  • Corbett Museum

Which are the best campsites in Corbett?

The Corbett National Park provides you with the chance to stay amid the greenery and the wilderness. There are many camping facilities in the forest where you can spend a couple of most enjoyable days. These are your best choices:

  • Camp Forktail Creek- there are 12 luxury tents with private balcony and a common dining area.
  • Camp Kyari- there is both options for sleeping bags and beddings so you can pick your needs.
  • Jungle Brook Camp Resort- this camp has a luxurious restaurant that serves dishes from around the world.
  • Corbett Ramganga Resort- it has the most comfortable cottage tents and offers modern hospitality services.
  • Corbett Jungle Lore- bamboo huts and huge tents, this place has all the resting options for you.
  • Jim’s Jungle Retreat- one of the most luxurious camping area in the national park.

Which are the best Jeep Safari tours in Corbett?

The jeep safari in Corbett National Park is the most popular way to roam in the forest. When the Royal Bengal Tiger is the main attraction among the visitors, the national park also houses many other varieties of animals and birds. The jeep safari will take you to the farthest corners of the Corbett National Park where you can experience jungle in its full glory. There are many time slots for the jeep safari and it costs INR 4500 for Indian visitors and INR 8000 for the foreign visitors. You can book jeep safari online. These are the zones where the safaris start from:

  • Bijrani Jeep Safari Zone
  • Jhirna Safari Zone
  • Dhela Safari Zone
  • Durga Devi Safari Zone

Which are the best elephant safari tours in Corbett?

Elephant safari is regarded as one of the most enjoyable ways to travel in the forest. The Corbett National Park is no different. A Corbett National Park elephant safari will allow you to experience the wildlife more closely and you can spend more time in the forest. There are three elephant safari time slots in the park, 6 AM, 3 PM, and 5PM. You have to book the safari in advance, except for the safari in Tiger Reserve Zone. That has to be booked on the spot and reservation depends on availability. The elephant safari starts from the Bijrani Zone and you need to hire a jeep to reach there. It costs INR 3500 for one elephant, which can carry up to 4 people.

Which are the different buffer zones for overnight stays in Corbett?

The Corbett National Park is the only wildlife sanctuary of India where you can stay overnight. However, most parts of the forest are restricted. You can only spend the night in the “buffer zones” and there are four of them.

Durga Devi Zone

This area is a heaven for the bird watchers. There are many species of birds in this zone, including maroon oriole, grey headed eagle, crested laughingthrush, and many more.

Bijrani Zone

This is the zone that is most preferred by the tourists who want to watch wild animal. From tigers to elephants and deer, you can catch a glimpse of a large variety of animals.

Jhirna Zone

This zone is known for the bears. They can be often spotted going about their natural businesses. This zone is the newest of all the four zones.

Dhikala Zone

This is the most popular zone in the Corbett National Park. This is also the largest of them all and houses the Bengal Tigers among many different wild species.

Which are the best areas for a cycling tour in Corbett?

If you want to discover the forest on a cycle then a cycle tour around the Corbett National Park is just what you need. If you know how to handle yourself on a mountain bike then all you need is to rent one and start exploring. You can visit the Sitabani Forest area and ride on the forest trails to Rampur, while enjoying the sight of the greenery and jungle villages. Continue to Garjiya village, where the famous Garjiya Devi Temple is located.

Which is the best month to book Jim Corbett tour packages?

The best time to book Jim Corbett packages is between December to March. This is the time when the weather gets pleasant and you can easily encounter a wide range of wildlife species. However, the dry season from April to June offers excellent wildlife sightings too, as animals gather near water sources.

What are the Dos And Don'ts in Jim Corbett National Park?


  • Maintain silence throughout your exploration.
  • Carry essential items like snacks and water.
  • Follow all the instructions provided by the park staff.
  • Respect the animals in their natural habitat.


  • Don’t feed or tease the animals.
  • Don’t smoke or litter inside the park.
  • Don’t get out of the vehicle during your journey.
  • Don’t disturb nesting sites or vegetation.
  • Don’t carry any prohibited items.

How much does a Jeep safari cost in Jim Corbett?

The cost of Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett with Thrillophilia is around INR 4000, per adult, for 3 hours. However, we also provide Canter Safari which costs around INR 1850, per adult, for 2 hours. However, the cost of Jeep Safari in Jim Corbett depends on the chosen zone, time of year, and type of safari.

Can I opt for birdwatching activities in my Jim Corbett tour package?

Yes, you can opt for bird-watching activities with your choice of Thrillophilia’s Jim Corbett tour packages. The park has different zones where you can encounter a variety of bird species. You can experience birdwatching with expert guides who can help you spot and identify a variety of bird species.

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