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  • Whether you are planning a vacation with your family in the mountains or you want to set out with your gang of friends to indulge in some action, there are numerous excellent hill stations near Dehradun. Holy rivers, lush green jungles, exotic Himalayan fauna, rustic villages, and snow-covered mountains – nature has bestowed the region with some of its greatest blessings. 

    From the lively city of Rishikesh to the sleepy hill town of Bhimtal, the options you can find near Dehradun are many. Thanks to the ideal location of Dehradun, it lies quite close to some fascinating hill stations in both Uttarakhand as well as Himachal Pradesh. This proximity factor allows locals and tourists to find a wide range of different kinds of hill stations to escape to. Some visit these hill destinations to relax their bodies and restore their energy while some visit to take a plunge into a world of adventure.

     Here are the best hill stations near Dehradun:

  • 01Rishikesh

    Located in the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the river Ganges, Rishikesh is a hot spot not only for tourists and adventurers but also for pilgrims. This pretty city in Uttarakhand allows you to indulge in a wide range of activities. Besides, Rishikesh has a plethora of places including Hindu temples to visit that promise an eventful vacation. 

    Adventure seekers can enjoy partaking in thrilling sports like bungee jumping, river rafting, and trekking in Rishikesh. Whereas, if you are looking for something more relaxed, you can try camping and yoga on the river banks here.

    Distance from Dehradun: 50 km

    How to reach: Direct bus and private cabs are available from Dehradun.

    Places to see & things to do: Laxman Jhula, Ram Jhula, Beatles café, Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Camping.

    Best time to Visit: October to April.

  • 02Shimla

    The capital city of the gorgeous Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is among the most popular hill stations near Dehradun. The city houses a great collection of buildings built in the British Indian era, exhibiting some sophisticated architectural specimens. Shimla also has some prominent Hindu temples for you to visit. Apart from all the human-made marvels, the natural beauty of Shimla is simply breathtaking with rich foliage as far as your eyes can see. 

    It is also a great destination if you are seeking some thrilling adventure activities. With such a wide range of varied options for rejuvenation and recreation in Shimla, you will be spoilt for choice.

    Distance from Dehradun: 227 km

    How to reach: Direct public transport and private buses ply between Dehradun and Shimla

    Places to see & things to do: Jakhoo Temple, The Mall, Annandale, Christ Church, Trekking, Paragliding.

    Best time to Visit: April to June.

  • 03Mussoorie

    One of the most popular hill stations near Dehradun, Mussoorie is famous for its lush green hills and pleasant climate throughout the year. Mussoorie is located at an altitude of 6580 feet and is an ideal place for a fun weekend near Dehradun. 

    From a lively shopping area, Mall Road to a gurgling waterfall, Kempty Falls, this hill station has a varied range of spots to amuse different kinds of tourists. Though the most popular season to visit Mussoorie is summer, you can visit during peak winter months to stand a chance to catch a snowfall.

    Distance from Dehradun: 35 km

    How to reach: Direct buses and cabs are available. You can also rent a vehicle from Dehradun.

    Places to see & things to do: Mall Road, Kempty Falls, Mussoorie Lake, Photography, Camping, Sightseeing.

    Best time to Visit: April to June.

  • 04Nainital

    With a number of tourist attractions dotting its geography, Nainital is a hill station in Uttarakhand located at an altitude of 6837 feet. As far as the scenery is concerned, the city is extremely scenic, and is set around a vast lake named Naini Lake. 

    The experience of boating on Naini Lake in the evening is an experience you would not forget soon. A total of seven lakes are there in and around Nainital which are apt for boating and photography. Besides, there are a few prominent religious sites and buildings dating back to the British India times you can visit on a sightseeing tour here.  

    Distance from Dehradun: 279 km

    How to reach: The most preferred way is to take Kathgodam Express from Dehradun and travel from Kathgodam to Nainital in a private cab.

    Places to see & things to do: Lakes, Cave Garden, Suicide Point, Trekking, Photography, Boating.

    Best time to Visit: April to June and October to january.

  • 05Auli

    Image Credit : Anuj kumar-Flickr

     Renowned as one of the best skiing destinations in the country, Auli is a hill resort town in Uttarakhand at an altitude of 8218 feet. During summers, breathtakingly beautiful green meadows with snow-capped Himalayan peaks mesmerize visitors. Whereas, if you visit Auli in winters, the entire place stays hidden under thick layers of snow, appearing absolutely surreal.

     Apart from an unmatched skiing experience, you can indulge in trekking here. A cable car ride that lets you savour beautiful vistas is another great attraction in Auli. The most prominent Himalayan peak you can see from here is Nanda Devi Peak.

    Distance from Dehradun: 151 km

    How to reach: The best way is to take a private cab from Dehradun. You can also take a direct bus to Joshimath.

    Places to see & things to do: Auli Lake, Gurso Bugyal, Joshimath, Skiing, Trekking, cable Car Ride.

    Best time to Visit: November to March

  • 06Parwanoo

    Located in Himachal Pradesh, Parwanoo must be one of the most underrated hill stations near Dehradun. Though it has been transformed into an industrial town, nature here is still in its raw form and is a treat for anyone seeking a refreshing vacation experience. 

     The presence of orchards and fruit farms increases the blissful beauty of Parwanoo manifold. Due to its proximity to some other major cities like Chandigarh and Shimla, Parwanoo also serves as an ideal weekend getaway for their residents.

    Distance from Dehradun: 180 km

    How to reach: You can reach Chandigarh from Dehradun by bus and take a bus to Parwanoo from Chandigarh.

    Places to see & things to do: Monkey Point, Gilbert Trail, Nature Walk, Cable Car, Photography

    Best time to Visit: April to June

  • 07Kasauli

    Located in Solan District of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli is the kind of hill station any solitude lover would love to visit. Being an offbeat destination, it is away from the chaos of other hill stations. The major attraction in Kasauli is its scenic beauty graced with various shades of green. Besides, this hill town also houses some prominent architectural marvels in the form of bungalows and the Christ Church dating back to the era of British India.

    Distance from Dehradun: 183 km

    How to reach: Either hire a direct taxi or travel to Chandigarh by bus and hire a taxi to Kasauli 

    Places to see & things to do: Kasauli Brewery, The Mall, Monkey Point, Christ Church, Sightseeing.

    Best time to Visit: April to June and September to November

  • 08Kanatal

     If you prefer offbeat and uncommercialized places to spend your vacations at, Kanatal is one of the best hill stations near Dehradun. A quaint village located at an altitude of 8500 feet, Kanatal is far from chaos and cacophony you would usually experience in touristy places.

     With its incredible landscapes and untainted atmosphere, Kanatal is sure to create an unforgettable hill getaway experience for you and your family.

    Distance from Dehradun: 78 km

    How to reach: You can take a private cab from Dehradun as no direct buses are available.

    Places to see & things to do: Tehri Dam, Surkanda Devi Temple, Kodia Jungle, Trekking, Photography.

    Best time to Visit: March to June.

  • 09Lansdowne

     Take the path less travelled and you will thank your stars; such is the feeling associated with visiting Lansdowne, a sleepy hill station in Lansdowne. If you are planning to spend some days in the hills, relaxing with your family, Lansdowne is one of the best hill stations near Dehradun that fit the bill. Apart from mesmerizing green landscapes, the town also houses some architectural brilliance for those who love to engage in sightseeing.

    Distance from Dehradun: 157 km

    How to reach: You can take a bus to Kotdwara. Regular buses and cabs are available at Kotdwara for Lansdowne

    Places to see & things to do: Bhulla Tal, Garhwali Mess, Bheem Pakora, St, Mary’s Church, Sightseeing, Photography.

    Best time to Visit: March to June

  • 10Ranikhet

    A popular name among hill lovers, Ranikhet is a hill station is Uttarakhand. This quaint town offers splendid views of the upper Himalayas, making for a great place for landscape photography. Apart from exquisite surroundings and terraced fields where fruits and vegetables grow, the town also has a few tourist spots ideal for a day of sightseeing tour. Though most tourists visit Ranikhet during summers, the hill station receives snowfall during winters which makes it appear all the more scenic.

    Distance from Dehradun: 309 km

    How to reach: Travel till Kathgodam by a train and hire a cab to Ranikhet from there.

    Places to see & things to do: Jhula Devi Temple, Golf Ground, Upat Kalika Temple, Sightseeing, Photography.

    Best time to Visit: March to June and October to December.

  • 11Chakrata

    If you do not want to travel too far to find peace and solace, Chakrata is among the best hill stations near Dehradun where you can revel in the peaceful realm of Himalayas. Due to its proximity to Dehradun, it is also preferred by many locals for a day outing experience. 

    Increasing the picturesqueness of Chakrata, Tons and Yamuna rivers flow by the town. Originally, Chakrata was the cantonment of the British Indian Army. The place is most suitable for backpackers.  

    Distance from Dehradun: 98 km

    How to reach: Private Vehicle and Cab are the preferred means. Direct buses are also available. 

    Places to see & things to do: Deoban, River Bank, Camping, River Rafting, Bird watching.

    Best time to Visit: March to June and September to January

  • 12Dhanaulti

    A not-so-known adventure destination in Uttarakhand lying a one-hour-drive away from the popular hill station Mussoorie, Dhanaulti is an excellent choice for a peaceful vacation. While you are here you can indulge in camping experience and enjoy the untainted atmosphere this Garhwal Himalayan hill station features. 

    Apart from many picturesque campsites, the major attraction in Dhanaulti is Eco Park. As the hill station is located at an elevation of 7,500 feet, it snows here during winters.

    Distance from Dehradun: 36 km

    How to reach: The best way to reach from Dehradun to Dhanaulti is to hire a private taxi.

    Places to see & things to do: Eco Park, Burans Kanda, Camping, Nature Walk, Photography.

    Best time to Visit: September to January
  • 13Chopta


    If you are a trekking enthusiast, you must have come across this name numerous times since a popular trekking trail to Tungnath begins at Chopta. This region is a part of Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary and is composed of exquisite meadows and lush green forests. The experience of camping and trekking here is something that you will remember forever. 

    Whether you are a god lover who is interested in paying homage to the Hindu temple, Tungnath or an adventure enthusiast who wants to witness something magical, Chopta is a great choice.

    Distance from Dehradun: 200 km

    How to reach: Take a public transport bus to Ukhimath and cover the rest of the journey in a private taxi

    Places to see & things to do: Tungnath Temple, Meadows, Trekking, Camping, Photography.

    Best time to Visit: April to November

    Chopta Tungnath Trek 2019

    Chopta Tungnath Trek 2019

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    d6 Daysn5 Nights


    Starting from


  • 14Chamba

    Extremely popular for its scenic beauty, Chamba is a perfect mountain getaway in Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. Nestled amidst Himalayas, Chamba offers adventure junkies a wide range of options to satisfy their hunger for adrenaline rush. 

    A mix of devotees and tourists can be seen here as it also houses some temples holding great prominence among Hindus. To take a break from monotony of life and experience tranquillity, Chamba is an excellent choice to make.

    Distance from Dehradun: 90 km

    How to reach: Travelling by a private cab is the best option.

    Places to see & things to do: Tehri Lake, Gabbar Singh Memorial, Surkanda Devi Temple, Nature Walk, camping.  

    Best time to Visit: March to June
  • 15Kausani

    If you heart is filled with immense love for the Himalayas, Kausani is the place that awaits your visit with panoramic views of the upper Himalayas. The major mountain peaks you can witness from this hill station located in Bageshwar District of Uttarakhand are Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Panchachuli. 

    Book yourself a resort here and wake up to magical mornings that will refresh your senses and bless you with new vision towards life. Due to its proximity to the popular hill station Almora, Kausani is earning fame among tourists rapidly.

    Distance from Dehradun: 319 km

    How to reach: You can reach Ranikhet by a public transport bus and then hire a taxi to Kausani

    Places to see & things to do: Rudradhari Waterfall, Kausani Tea Estate, Anasakti Ashram, Photography, camping

    Best time to Visit: March to June
  • 16Mukteshwar

    A lesser-explored destination in Uttarakhand, Mukteshwar is majorly famous for the Hindu temple Mukteshwar Dham Temple it houses. The distance between Mukteshwar and the popular hill station Nainital is 46 km, so many tourists prefer to cover both places in a single trip.

    As Mukteshwar is located at an altitude of 7120 feet, you can be sure to treasure some unforgettable panoramic vistas in your heart.

    Distance from Dehradun: 325 km

    How to reach: Take a direct train to Kathgodam and hire a taxi to reach Mukteshwar

    Places to see & things to do: Chauli ki Jali, Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple, Sonapani, Nature walk, Photography.

    Best time to Visit: July to September
  • 17Munsiyari

    A visit to this hamlet located in Pithoragarh District at an elevation of 2,200 meters promises a wholesome mountain vacation experience. Rather than tourists who prefer sightseeing, this destination is more apt for the lovers of offbeat travel. 

    If you are an adventure junkie looking for a thrilling trekking experience where you can savour the views of some prominent Himalayan peaks, Munsiyari is the most recommended option near Dehradun.

    Distance from Dehradun: 450 km

    How to reach: Take a direct train to Kathgodam and hire a private taxi for Munsiyari.

    Places to see & things to do: Nanda Devi Temple, Khaliya Top, Pilgrimage, Trekking, Camping.

    Best time to Visit: September and October
  • 18Almora

    A hill station in Uttarakhand that welcomes all kinds of travellers in its charming realm, Almora is a beauty. Though popular, Almora is far from chaos of touristy hill stations and is quite peaceful in its character. This appealing hill town boasts an elevation of 5400 feet, ensuring a pleasant climate all around the year. 

    Offering a range of tourist attractions and adventure sports, Almora is a good choice for a vacation with family.  

    Distance from Dehradun: 341 km

    How to reach: Reach Kathgodam by a direct train and hire a direct taxi to Almora.

    Places to see & things to do: Chitai Golu Devta Temple, Kasar Devi Temple, Rock Climbing, Nature Walk, Photography.

    Best time to Visit: March to June
  • 19Bhimtal

    Bhimtal is a town in Uttarakhand ideal for a vacation with family and friends owing to its idyllic location. This hill town is set around Bhimtal, one of the most prominent lakes near Nainital. This lake is the major attraction here other than a few Hindu temples. 

    A boat ride on the calm emerald waters of the lake will soothe your soul and will offer you ample opportunities for landscape photography. Bhimtal is located at a distance of 22 km from Nainital and is often a part of the sightseeing tour of the popular hill station.

    Distance from Dehradun: 292 km

    How to reach: Reach Kathgodam by a direct train and hire a direct taxi to reach Bhimtal.

    Places to see & things to do: Bhimtal Lake, Naukuchiatal, Temple Visit, Boating.
  • 20Uttarkashi

    Another gem of a place in Uttarakhand that serves adventure junkies with good dose of thrill and action, Uttarkashi is a perfect hill station near Dehradun. A number of excellent treks originate from here that attract trekkers from different parts of the country. 

    Besides, it is also believed to be a holy town for Hindus as Uttarkashi means the Kashi of North. The town is set on the banks of the river Bhagirathi, and is a visual delight owing to its picturesque landscape.

    Distance from Dehradun: 144 km

    How to reach: Direct public transport buses ply between Dehradun and Uttarkashi

    Places to see & things to do: Vishwanath Temple, Shakti Mandir, Trekking, Pilgrimage, Camping.

    Best time to Visit: April to June

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Trekking in Dehradun

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Rafting in Dehradun

Bungee jumping in Dehradun



Chopta-Tungnath Trek

Chopta Tungnath trek is a relatively unexplored trekking destination, which is known for its mesmerizing scenic beauty. The trek towards Tungnath, the 3 from Tungnath takes you to Chandrashila, which is situated at an altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level.

Chopta is blessed with rich flora and fauna as it is located in the midst of dense forests, with a beautiful floor of rhododendrons, interspersed by deodar and pine trees. During the first one and half kilometers, you will pass through a sea of brightly coloured rhododendrons and silver oak forests. Following this the vista opens to green alpine meadows which take you to the Tungnath temple.

According to folklore, the arms of Lord Shiva are believed to have emerged here. On trekking a kilometer further ahead, you will reach the Chandrashila peak from where you get spectacular views of the snow capped peaks of the Himalayas glistening in the sun rays. The grassy meadows of the region make it an ideal spot for camping too.

Chopta is well-connected by roadways connecting Guptakashi and Gopeshwar. The weather is lovely and the views are simply breathtaking.

Best season: May to June and August to September

Duration: 3 Days

Altitude: 3680 m


Deer Park

After Rajaji National Par, Malsi Deer Park is the most visited wildlife centre in Dehradun. This is a mini zoological park turned out to be one of the favourite picnic spots or hangout places in the city, ideal for family outings or school excursions. The herds of deer meandering freely in their habitat through the scenic Malsi reserve forest area ensures an amazing sight before the eyes of its visitors, incomparably beautiful. Unlimited number of birds can also be found inside the park together giving a mind blowing views. For kids, there are fun rides and space for games also. The weekend witnesses the flooding of people towards the park. The park is situated just 10 KM away from Dehradun city at Mussoorie Road.

Tapkeshwar Temple

Dehradun houses one of its most visited temples, Tapkeshwar where Lord Shiva is the presiding deity. Blessed by natural extravagant sights abundantly, the prominent feature of this temple is the main Shivlinga that is kept sacredly inside a cave.

The temple resides by the side of thick forests and the natural cave drops water from the roof little by little to give away the Shivlinga more beauty and in turn it appears as an amusing spectacle. The temple is existing in a location which is easily accessible, it is hardly six kilometers away from the city.

Shivratri is the biggest festival celebrated at the temple when thousands of pilgrims come and pay tribute to the deity. The cool sulphur- water springs are an additional feature the temple proudly possesses within it. The devotees will take a bath in these springs before they enter inside the temple.

Guchhupani, Rober's Cave

An authentic picnic spot for fun lovers and couples, Gucchupani or as officially known as Cobber’s Cave in Dehradun. The cold springs inside a natural cave are the attractive factor of Gucchupani, the unusual springs go underneath through some places inside the cave.

There are a number of small and large waterfalls as well exhibiting the natural beauty at its level best and thus a thorough refreshing time will be promised to its visitors, regardless of the season. The cave is located just 8 KM away from Dehradun city, one can reach until Vijaypur by bus and then have to take a trekking route of 1 KM to reach the caves. As the caves with rifts in it give away the best soothing time to mind and body especially during summer.

Asan Barrage

A barrage located at the confluence of Eastern Yamuna Canal and Asan River is Asan Barrage in Doon Valley, Dehradun. The barrage contributes well in the process of electricity generation and the dam is the reason for the creation of the Asan Reservoir or Dhalipur Lake. An adorning spot for bird lovers, the surrounding acts as a haven for 53 species of native birds and 19 types of migratory birds. Recently this man-made wetland is declared as a bird sanctuary as well.

The Asan River also has a prominent significant when we talk about Asan Barrage as the river is a combination of different streams in the Doon valley. GMVN water sports complex near the barrage is quite famous for providing the thrilling water activities like water skiing, rowing, paddle boating, kayaking, double waters skiing, mono-skiing and motor boating.

Robber's Cave

Witness the miracle of Nature at the Robber’s Cave, which is approximately 8km from Dehradun. Robber’s Cave is a 600 M elongated naturally formed cave. A river passes through this cave making this place a perfect picnic spot for family and friends. 

The weird and wonderful thing about this place is that a stream of water miraculously appears in the Robbers Cave and vanishes under the ground and then reappears a few yards further.  It is a very pristine and peaceful place and hence intrigues several tourists. Robber’s cave is a must-visit place when in Dehradun.

Timings- 7 AM to 6 PM


Rajaji National Park Wildlife Safari

Do not forget to add Rajaji National Park to your things to do in Dehradun list. If you are a nature lover, then this place is a heaven on earth for you. Capture the mesmeric panorama and the flora and fauna in your cameras. This place is an abode to approximately 400 species of birds.

There are also several animals in the Park like the Tiger, Leopard, Himalayan Bear, Cheetah, hog deer, barking deer, Leopard Cat, Civets, Himalayan Yellow-Throated Marten, Sloth Bears, Pythons, King Cobra, Common Krait, Indian Cobra and the Monitor Lizard, Asian Elephant and many more. The best way to travel around the park is to go for the wildlife jungle safari and explore the wilderness with family and friends.

Safari timings - Morning 06:00 AM to 10:00 AM,Afternoon 02:00 PM to 06:00 PM.


Shopping at Tibetan Market

Lighten your pockets a little, because things to do in Dehradun are incomplete without Shopping. The popular Tibetan market is based near Parade Ground Road and also near Rispana Pul in Dehradun.These markets are extremely well-known for its multi coloured woollen garments.

They are run by the Tibetan community and their culture is showcased in the handicrafts and Garhwali jewellery sold here. One can also purchase stunning wind chimes and a variety of wooden art pieces. Savour the delicious momos and the popular hot noodles with butter soup, served at the Tibetan Market. So collect some souvenirs and cherish the memories from Dehradun.

Timings- 10 AM to 10 PM

Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve

Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve is an ideal gateway for anyone who relishes a walk in the lap of the nature. It is adventurous and fun.

Location: Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve is spread over a land of 100 acres on the Mussoorie Dhanolti road close to Jabarkhet. The reserve lies at a distance of 15-km via taxi ride from the heart of the hill-station of Picture Palace.

Highlights: It boasts of some half a dozen, 3-4 km well marked hiking trails that are used for the guided nature walks, bird watching along with trail maps and pocket field nature guides.

Tip for visitors: Do carry your own eatables and lots of water since there are no tea stalls for you to refresh yourself. There are no tents, hotels or premises for you to rest.

Cost: The entry fee to the Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve is very nominal. There are annual membership plans to ensure that there is no uninvited walk-ins.


The idea of an ideal vacation is to admire the exquisiteness of the environment and to attain peace in its captivating aura. Witness nirvana at Sahastradhara in Dehradun and forget about all your tensions and stress. It is popularly known for its serene vista.

The word Sahastradhara means 'Thousand fold spring'. The beauty of this waterfall during the rainy season is spellbinding. The water here contains Sulphur and is said to have medicinal properties. The magnificent waterfall and the alluring atmosphere make this place a perfect getaway. Spend some quality time with your peeps here and share some joyous moments.

Timings- 7 AM To 7 PM

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