Things to Do in Alibag

Activities to Do in Alibaug

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People love coming to this beach splendor for a weekend getaway because there are many activities to do in Alibaug to unravel your stress and for you to feel refreshed. A beautiful coastal town popped away in nature’s basket, Alibaug is also known as ‘Mini-Goa’. 
Located at a distance of 110 km from Mumbai, this charming little town attracts a good amount of visitors owing to its colonial appeal and numerously spread beaches across the town.

The location is blessed with sandy beaches, magnanimous forts and ancient temples taking care that your activities in Alibaug don't end too soon. Alibag beach is the most popular beach in Alibaug which offers spectacular views of the sunset. Colaba Fort is a popular citadel of great architecture and beauty where boat rides to the Fort are quite popular. 
A very famous beach by name Mandwa Beach also is housed here.

The beach has a history of being a prime attraction for innumerable shoots for popular movies. If you go at the right time, you can also engage in water sports in Alibaug activities offered on popular beaches. 
The town promises an engaging and exploratory trip that will leave you wanting for more. We will take you through the many things to do in Alibaug to spend a great holiday with friends and family.
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Alibaug Beach

Guarded by the lush green hills, Alibaug Beach is a serene stretch of black sands edging the playfully rolling waves of the clear blue Arabian Sea. It is considered to be the primary beach of the town and hence one should definitely keep it in the list of attractions they will visit. 

You can laze in the pristine black sands of the clean beach and relish the spectacular views it has to offer. Witness the sun setting in the gleaming waters of the sea leaving the sky painted in hues of red and pink. Silhouette of the magnificent Colaba Fort could also be seen at a distance against the dusky skies.

One can also feed their adventurous souls with all the water and adventure sports the beach has to offer. Consider going for parasailing in the sky or bumping into the sea on a Banana Boat Ride. If you are not a fan of watersports, then trekking and camping near the beach is waiting for you with lit bonfire and smoking barbeque.

Do not miss out on the shacks near the beach selling lip-smacking foods for you to experience the local taste of the town. You can expect a plethora of options from the chosen delicacies of Konkani, Maharashtrian, Seafood, North Indian and South Indian cuisines.

You should plan your meals on weekdays as weekends are very crowded as compared to weekdays. Moreover, it would be easier to catch a ferry to the fort or a horse-driven buggy to wander around the beach and try fishing without waiting in a long queue.

Nagaon Beach

Situated along the beautiful Arabian Sea, the popular Nagaon Beach happens to be a clean and unpolluted beach lying cozily in the city of Alibaug. Packed with suru, betel, and palm trees, the shoreline of the beach is known for its mesmerizing greenery. The silky and shimmering golden sand of this beach offers an amazing place for visitors to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy interesting beach games.

Tourists can also try various thrilling water activities here such as Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Bumper Ride, Banana Boat Ride, Boating, and Swimming. Nagaon Beach forms the central spot for a number of other surrounding beaches such as Murud Beach, Akshi Beach, Kihim Beach, Mandwa Beach, Alibag Beach, and Kashid Beach.    

Nagaon Beach features a long shore, stretching up to three kilometers and meeting the Arabian Sea waves. The sunset sights form the best attraction at the beach and propel a host of people to do evening walk here. A number of professional photographers also flock to the beach to take some stunning pictures during this time.

The shores of Nagaon Beach are also lined with a plethora of bustling beach shacks that serve lip-smacking seafood to visitors. The beach also offers visitors the soul-stirring opportunity to experience horse riding and camel riding. 

All these unique elements propel tourists from nearby cities like Pune and Mumbai to visit the beach for a weekend getaway.

Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach is one of the most peaceful and serene beaches in the city of Alibaug. Situated at a distance of a few kilometers from the heart of the city, this beach has gained a lot of popularity for its clean shores, pristine waters, calm environment, thrilling water activities, and umpteen beachside cottages and resorts. Serving as Indian army’s naval base, the beach assures its visitors a fun-filled and tranquilizing beach holiday.

Varsoli Beach happens to be a stunning surprise to the eyes with its shores packed with glittering white sand and the sea boasting clear blue water. The 2 kilometers long picturesque coastline flaunts a host of casuarina, suru, and palm trees, which forms a truly mesmerizing sight. The shoreline is also lined with rocky stones up to a few meters, which further adds a charm to the virgin beauty of the beach.

There are also a number of well-equipped and comfortable cottages and resorts at the beach, offering visitors a splendid stay for a memorable beach vacation. In addition, there are even a plethora of decent and budget-friendly restaurants and cafés close to the beach, offering local as well as international delicacies to tourists. All these elements put together make Varsoli Beach a highly recommended getaway for a perfect beach holiday.

Murud   Janjira Fort

Located off the coast of the Murud village near the Arabian Sea, Murud-Janjira fort is one of the strongest and beautiful marine forts of India. Around 55 km from the popular town of Alibag in Raigad district, Murud-Janjira fort is a very popular historic fort. With the Arabian Sea on all the four sides, this mighty fort has stood for centuries and is a symbol of the brave Marathas of the region. The fort is around 50 feet in height and is regarded as an ancient architectural marvel.

The name Murud-Janjira originates its name from the Arabic word ‘Jazeera’ meaning “Island”. One can take a boat from the Rajapuri Jetty to reach the fort. The fort was originally built by the Sultans and later various modifications were done by the Marathas. The fort was a full-fledged living fort with natural lakes, offices, palaces, religious centers in it. During the times of conflicts, the roof of the fort was used as a watchtower. Now the roof provides a splendid view of the blue, crystal clear water of the Arabian Sea and golden sands of Murud Beach. 

In the Murud-Janjira Fort, there were around 500 cannons that were used in fights. Now, only a few cannons exist and are very popular among visitors. Other than that, the fort has housed some of the beautiful tombs, water tanks, and a few stone sculptures. The very popular gate of the fort is the entrance gate which is known as “Sher Darwaza” (Tiger’s Door) with a small sculpture of six elephants and a tiger.

Kashid Beach

Just 125 kms outside of Mumbai and 33 kms from Alibaug, Kashid Beach is a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra. This remains one of the few beaches in the country that has not lost its beauty even with a high number of visitors. The clear blue water of the Arabian Sea, with white, sandy beach is perfect for a weekend getaway.

You can plan a picnic under the shade of the Casuarina trees that line the 3 km stretch or indulge in the many water sport options available at the beach.Whether you are a solo traveller, planning a weekend getaway with your partner or taking your family for a holiday, Kashid Beach has something for everyone. Go for long walks, enjoy horse riding, get an adrenaline rush with all the water sports, plan a night camp under the star-filled sky, or simply spend some quiet time with your significant other.

Surrounded by a varied landscape of water, rocks, and cliffs, and due to its proximity to Mumbai, Pune, and Alibaug, the place witnesses a large number of visitors all year round. Weekends may be completely booked so plan your holiday in advance and make the most out of your experience. There are also a number of staying, eating and shopping options close to the beach to cater to your every need.

Murud Beach

Murud Beach in Raigad district of Maharashtra is one of the most prominent tourist attractions of the western Indian region. It is famous for its beautiful sandy coastline adorned with majestic forts and bordered by columns of coconut and palm trees. The calm and serene atmosphere with splendid scenic beauty makes Murud a great place for a family holiday. With multiple options for accommodation, the beachside locale is the place to relax and enjoy a fun-filled holiday.

The golden beaches of Murud, sparkling waters of the ocean, adventurous water sports and gorgeous sunsets all these ingredients can make your vacation a memorable one here.Murud Beach is basically a vast swathe of black sand with clear turquoise waters that stretches around 1.7km along the coastline. Murud Beach is not only one of the famous beaches of the entire state of Maharashtra, it is one of the top destinations for tourists to visit in Alibaug.

Here, the beach is surrounded by hills on three sides. In the east, you will find Murud town, beyond which there is a range of mountains. With serene and fresh atmosphere round the year, this place is great for a weekend escapade.

Akshi Beach

An extremely popular weekend destination near the busy cities of Mumbai and Pune, Akshi Beach is one of the most remarkable beaches in Alibaug. Known for its rejuvenating atmosphere and fun vibes, the beach is visited by several tourists throughout the year. A great place for swimmers and ocean lovers, Akshi Beach is also considered to be a fisherman’s beach, meaning that it isn’t as crowded or commercialized as some of the other beaches in the region.

Dotted with swaying palm and coconut trees, Akshi is supposedly one of the cleanest beaches in India, making it extremely attractive to several local and migratory birds from all around the world. Every year, hundreds of bird lovers visit the beach to get a glimpse of some of the exclusive bird species that inhabit the area, including plovers, seagulls, terns, and bar-tailed Godwit. It is believed that Akshi beach is visited by over 300 different bird species annually. 

Located approximately 5 kilometers from the more dynamic and famous Alibaug Beach, the shore at Akshi beach is lined with several lavish resorts and cottages and comfy holiday homes. The perfect laid-back ambience of the beach enables visitors to unwind themselves and get in touch with the nature around them.

Mandwa Beach

Mandwa beach is known for its panoramic views, right from the Gateway of India to the bay. It is unlikely to find a view as this from any other beach in Mumbai. One of the best places to visit in Mumbai, the Mandwa beach gives you an enthralling experience as you stare across the sea on a clear day, taking in the panoramic view that it offers you. The beach is usually less crowded and is extremely pleasant to visit in the evenings.

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Alibag Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Alibaug?

1. See Alibaug Fort – Surrounded by the waters of Arabian Sea, Alibaug or the Colaba Fort is touted as the most popular tourist spot of Alibaug. Colaba Fort used to be the naval station of the brave Shivaji Maharaj and is more than 300 years old.

Located only 2 km from the famous Alibag beach, the fort can be reached on foot if the tides are low or a boat ride if the tides are high. The fort has beautiful relics on display with remnants of animals and birds carved on the walls of the fort.

There are old temples in the premises of the temple along with a well with fresh water. The Colaba Fort is one of the prime attractions of this town which is also a nationally protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Alibag, Maharashtra 402201.
Price: INR 5.

2. Visit Siddheshwar Temple –
The Konkan coastline has some of the oldest temples and the Siddheshwar temple is no exception. Located in the picturesque hills of Khandale village 4 km from Alibaug is the Siddheshwar Temple. An ancient temple easily accessible by a vehicle is dedicated to the devotees of Lord Shiva.

It is during the month of Shrawan that the real beauty of the temple is depicted when it is adorned with lights and colour. The temple is a great location for a good trekking plan also. Visit the temple to experience bliss and harmony.

Location: Alibaug Ho, Alibaug - 402201.

3. Explore Khanderi and Underi islands –
Your getaway is about to get a notch higher with your visit to the twin islands of Khanderi and Underi. Located 7 km from Alibaug amidst flowering shrubs and hard terrain, Khanderi and Underi were built by the Portuguese.

Underi is circular in shape and is smaller in size compared to its elder brother. There is also an underground secret chamber below the forts here to lock away prisoners. The famous Vetal temple located here is made of a large white heart-shaped stone and is duly worshipped by the local fishermen community.

Tomb of Daud Pir is also an added attraction here that adds to the beauty of the place. The haunting fort still has sturdy cannons that are strongly mounted on wheels as a prime attraction and photography spot.

Kanderi Island.

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4. Witness Magen Avot Synagogue –
Alibaug was once inhabited by sizeable Jewish community hundreds of years ago. Most of the community was employed in oil pressing and selling profession and considering their numbers a synagogue was constructed for their worship.

The Synagogue is a true architectural wonder painted with pink and green embellishments. Magen Avot synagogue is now a heritage property and considered as one of the most important landmarks in Alibaug.

Koliwada, Alibag, Maharashtra 402201.

5. Seek blessings at Kanakeshwar temple –
Visiting temples is one of the most sought after activities in Alibaug with some of the oldest temples of the district situated here. Located at a distance of 13 km, the Shiva temple is positioned atop a 900 ft hillock.

To reach the temple you need to take a flight of about 800 steps called Deva Chappa. The temple was built in the Hoysala style architecture in the year 1764. The temple had come into existence since the time of the Pandavas and also has a freshwater body called Pushkarni for all its water needs.

The main temple here has the Maha Shiv ling coated in silver and holds extreme importance for the locals here. Seated on top of a hill, the spot also is famous for spending some quiet times after worship.

Kanakeshwar Devasthan Mandir, Alibaug, Maharashtra, 402201.

6. Visit Murud Janjira Fort –
Located at a distance of 53 km from Alibaug, the Murud Janjira fort – an island fort stands as one of the most visited places in Alibaug. One of the strongest water forts of India, the Janjira Fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on all four sides.

The fort is positioned on an expansive site with 19 bastions to its credit. Between the bastions, three canons are built with a blend of 5 metals that make it strong and robust even today. It is replete with secret passageways and turrets for the enemies to escape and for ammunition storage.

The wondrous fact about the fort is the deep well stored with cold and sweet water amidst the salty water available in the vicinity. You can reach the fort easily with the help of a jetty from Rajpuri Jetty.

Murud-Janjira, Murud, Raigad District.

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7. Visit Native biodiversity Garden –
When you are done with beaches and forts, why not indulge in one of the most different things to do in Alibaug? The nature biodiversity garden is a beautiful conservatory of rich flora and fauna with nature trapped in it.

The garden has been positioned as a must visit place for nature lovers and posits itself as a learning centre for students and educators. The sustainable garden is all powered by solar energy and has been tastefully designed based on 17 themes including butterfly, wetland, orchids etc.

The entrance of the garden has a tastefully designed lampstand that pertains to welcoming guests with light. Diverse varieties of leaves and never before seen flowers on display here will make your day.

Near Teenvira Dam, Pen, Maharashtra 402107.

8. Visit Lavish Antique clocks –
Shopping is not just about clothes and accessories, it is also about exploring aged, historic antique clocks which you will find here in the Lavish Antique clocks store. Looking through the massive collections of clocks will make will you realize how passionate the owner of the store is about timekeepers.

The treasure trove of clocks from different generations and centuries should not be missed.The collection is in all sizes and shapes, and if you are looking to own one, do not think twice.

Alibag - Revas Rd, Man Tarf Zirad, Maharashtra 402201.

9. Go to Pushkarna Kund –
Located in the close vicinity of the Kanakeshwar temple is the desolate and recluse water tank called Pushkarna Kund. Over the years, the Kund has not shared very good vibes with the local population concerning the stories surrounding it.

It is rather a great place if you look for some inner peace and calm. The Kund is surrounded by thick jungle which is usually not advisable to venture in owing to wild animals and poisonous snakes. For those who like jungle walkways, this spot is surely an unconventional tourist destination of Alibaug.

 Pushkarna Kund, Maharashtra.

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10. Explore Kanakeshwar Forest – The dense, majestic and lush green Kanakeshwar forest is extremely popular for its natural habitat of rich flora and fauna. For jungle lovers and wildlife photographers, this place is apt for all your expeditions.

A lot of care has to be taken here because the forest is full of poisonous snakes and wild animals like boars and panthers. The night is surely not the right time to venture here, but early mornings in this soulful jungle will surely make your day.

Kanakeshwar, Alibaug, India, Alibag.

11. Explore the stunning beaches 
 One of the best things to do in Alibaug is to visit the beaches here and spend some moments of peace and nirvana. The major attractions of Alibaug are its serene and calm beaches that will amaze you with their charm and beauty.

Alibaug beach is by far the most popular beach amongst the tourists mainly because of its large and interesting shacks and a long coastline to take those memorable walks. If you love exploring water sports, Nagaon beach is riding high on popularity charts with a host of water sports activities offered here.

Mandwa beach too is one of the most charming and scenic looking beaches here which is accessible on the ferry from the Gateway of India. Kasim beach and Kihim beaches are other popular beaches to explore here.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Alibaug?

There are a lot of activities to do in Alibaug which are filled witrill and adventure. Consider all the things mentioned below:

1. Scuba Diving: Murud Janjira is one of the best edges of the Arabian sea for scuba diving. The beach has a colourful and healthy marine life to explore. You will also find several institutes at the beach, which are well-equipped and have experienced instructors. With that, you can enjoy this activity with ease.

Location: Murud Janjira, Alibaug
Price: 4,500 INR

2. Beach Camping: Alibag has a lot of beaches which are perfect for beach camping. You can set your camp before the sunset and witness the sun setting in the ocean. After that, you can have a bonfire session filled with songs and music.

Location: Alibag Beach and Kashid Beach in Alibaug
Price: 1,199 INR

3. Sea Kayaking: Mandwa Beach offers you excellent options for sea kayaking. Here, you can move your paddles and explore the mighty sea. However, it is crucial to follow the instructions to do it safely.

Location: Mandwa Beach, Alibaug
Price: 300 INR

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4. Parasailing: Parasailing is a perfect way to witness the grace of the town while mid-way in the air. It shows you the wide-angle which can cover more landscapes than usual. You can either do this thrilling activity single or tandem.

Location: Nagoa Beach, Alibaug
Price: 1000 INR

5. Jet Skiing: Jet Skiing takes you into the sea with a lot of force and speed. It is a thrilling activity which holds power to feed that hunger of adrenaline rush in you.

Location: Nagoa Beach, Alibaug
Price: 300 INR

6. Banana Boat Ride: It is a bumpy ride in the ocean. You sit on a banana-shaped balloon which is tied to a motorboat. The motorboat speeds up into the sea and then take a sharp turn to have you fall into the sea.

Location: Mandwa Beach, Alibaug
Price: 200 INR

7. Stand up Paddle Boarding: It is another of exploring the Arabian Sea. This fun-filled activity needs you to stand on the board and then paddle where you want to go. It requires a little bit of practice, and you will find the instructors on the beach.

Location: Mandwa Beach, Alibaug
Price: 1,200 INR

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What are the some of the famous treks in and around Alibaug?

Thrillophilia offers the best trekking expeditions in and around Alibaug. Click here to explore more

1. Trek to Kaas Plateau:
This trek trails on the range of Sahyadri settled on the western ghats. It is also known as the ‘Valley of Flowers’. In the monsoon months of September and October, you will find this place dotted with a numerous number of colourful flowers. It is a basalt rock which has eroded to give birth to these flowers which would be found nowhere else.

Price: 1,799 INR

2. Sunrise trek to Kalsubai, Igatpuri:
This trek takes you to the highest peak of Maharashtra. Popular due to its difficulty, this trek is very challenging and fun-filled. After showing a lot of strength and patience, you will be rewarded with panoramic views of the beautiful mountains.

Price: 775 INR

3. Trek to Devkund Waterfall:
It is a three-hour trek which takes you through semi-dried woods while a river is flowing parallel to you. The endpoint presets you with a mesmerising waterfall along the dam. Here, you can take a dip into the chilly water of the fall. However, it is ideal for making this trek in monsoon as the surrounding bloom at their best during the season.

Price: 1,239 INR

4. Rajmachi Fort trek with Kondane Caves:
This trek takes you to the forgotten corners of Maharashtra. During the trek, you will catch sight of various other ancient forts which holds a great importance in the pages of history. However, prefer monsoon for initiating the trek as you find waterfalls at every turn and greenery at its best.

Price: 1,290 INR

5. Naneghat Trek:
The trek takes to the peak which are 2,600 feet high. It is an ancient path which connects Konkan Coast with Junnar Town. The trail also comes across the ancient caves which have inscriptions signifying the rule of Satavahana dynasty and Mauryan Empire. Moreover, this trek is best if done in monsoon as you get splendid views in the season.

Dadar, Maharashtra
Price: 1,300 INR

6. Lohagarh Fort Trek:
This trek is said to be an excellent trek for beginners as it has most accessible routes around Alibaug. You hike up to the fort at an elevation of 3,389 feet. Once you reach the peak, you will get to see a fantastic view of four doors amidst the lush green beauty of the ghats.

Price: 900 INR

7. Ratangad and Sandhan Valley Trekking:
Ratangad is a famous fort built on the Sahyadri range. It proves to be a mesmerising trek to this fort built at an elevation of 4,255 feet from the sea level. You get amazing views of the ghats with the lake Bhandardara flowing through it.

Price: 2,500 INR.

What are the most romantic things to do in Alibaug?

1. Day adventure: Day adventure involves a wide range of fun activities, most of which suit a couple. The adventure takes place along the famous Nagaon beach. The most adventurous activity here includes bumpy rides, banana rides as well as jet skiing.

Day adventure takes place in the Nagaon beach located in the Aliabug coastal town.
Entry fee: The daily adventure package stands at INR.1300.

2. Monsoon Trek
There's no better romantic activity than a trek through Monsoon. The area is relatively even and features beautiful green grass. Thanks to the height of the hill, a couple can enjoy a clear view of the famous Arabian sea. Additionally, you're free to rest atop the grass as well as to take photos.

Monsoon is situated at Sagargad in the Alibaug coastal town. The hill provides a clear view of the expansive Arabian sea.
Entry fee: The price of a Monsoon trek is INR. 1299. However, prices may fall depending on the time of the year.

3. Hill View Resort
The hill view resort offers an excellent bonding environment for couples. For instance, the resort features spacious and highly cozy accommodation facilities. What's more, the resort also offers tasty meals as well as a barbecue to the visitors. Not to mention that the hill view resort also provides a rare view of the Gate of India.

Hill view resort is situated in Alibaug along the famous Mandwa beach.
Entry fee: Hill View Resort entry fee is INR. 2500. However, the price may fall to as low as Rs.1800 at the peak seasons.

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4. Jet Ski Ride
Jet skiing is a highly exhilarating experience for couples on Mandwa beach. It involves the private riding of water vessels in the somewhat stormy waters. The adventure also includes professional guide support to guarantee the riders' safety.

Jet skiing ride takes place on the Mandwa beach in Alibaug. Mandwa beach occupies an expansive area that is located a few kilometers from Mumbai city.
Entry fee: Jet Skiing ride entry fee is INR 490. The price drops to Rs.300 during the peak seasons of the year.

5. Revdanda Beach Camping
Revdanda beach camping takes place along the Revdanda beach. A couple can set up a tent and enjoy each other's company in this serene location. The beach is spotless and calm, making it ideal for camping and bonding.

The campsite is situated along the Revdanda beach in Alibaug.
Entry fee: The entry for a Revdanda beach camping experience is INR. 1700. However, the authorities can reduce the price, to as low as INR.1400.

6. A Couple stay at Royal Vanilla
Couples can enjoy high-quality time with each other at the Royal Villa. The resort offers an expansive dining area as well as undeniably tasty meals. Additionally, there are also indoor games such as badminton, carom, and table tennis.

Couple stay occurs in the Royal Vanilla in Alibaug.
Entry fee: Royal Villa charges INR3469 for a couple to gain entry.

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What are the best things to do with kids in Alibaug?

1. Dolphin WatchingDolphin watching takes place on the Nagaon beach in Alibaug between 7:00 am to 6 pm. Kids can visit the beach to watch the dolphins play and feed in their natural habitat. What's more, kids can also enjoy boat riding on this relatively shallow beach.

Dolphin watching takes place on Nagaon beach in the Alibaug coastal town.
Entry fee: Kids only need to cough up INR250 to gain entry into the beach.

2. Nature Trail at Akshi Beach
The nature trail at Akshi beach provides a scenic view with plenty of several shorebirds. Kids are free to visit the beach and enjoy these harmless yet beautiful migratory birds. The Akshi beach is usually very calm and enthralling. Not to mention the finger-licking meals included in the package.

Waders usually inhabits the Akshi beach located in Alibaug.
Entry fee: Visitors pay an entry fee of between Rs.500 to Rs.750, depending on the time of the year.

3. Banana Ride-on Mandwa Beach
Hundreds of kids are free to visit Mandwa beach to enjoy an unforgettable banana ride. The 2-kilometer beach features several safe water vessels for water riding. The ships are usually driven by professional guides, on the secure parts of the water body.

Banana riding takes place on Mandwa beach in Alibaug.
Entry fee: The entry fee into Mandwa beach is INR200.

4. Beach Stay Experience
Alibaug provides a rare view of natural scenes for kids. Kids can frequent the place to watch the fantastic environment around, including the beaches. The site also facilitates both indoor as well as outdoor games for the kids.

Beach stay experiences take place on the Mandwa beach in Alibaug.
Entry fee: The entry fee at Mandwa beach stands at INR1600. However, the price may drop to Rs.1200 when the peak season knocks.

5. Water Sports at Revdanda Beach
Revdanda beach offers a wide range of fun water sports for kids. For this reason, kids can pay the beach a visit for banana rides, bumper rides, and dolphin safaris. Usually, professional guides accompany the kids to guarantee their safety.

Water sports take place on the Revdanda beach in Alibaug.
Entry fee: Revdanda beach demands an entry fee of just INR.1200 per kid to gain entry.

6. Alibaug Beach Camping
Alibaug campsite is highly expensive with plenty of safety facilities. Kids can enjoy beach camping after setting up secure camps. The beauty of the place is that it's well-lit, serene, and scenic with several beaches close by.

Kids are also free to take part in both light indoor as well as outdoor activities. Additionally, the group of children can equally enjoy a bonfire with music.

Alibaug campsite is situated in Maharashtra, a short distance from Mumbai city.
Entry fee: Kids only need to cough up Rs.1289 as an entry fee.

What are the amazing things to do at night?

1. Alibaug Beach Camping: As hinted before, Alibaug offers a wide range of serene and scenic beaches for visitors. Individuals, as well as groups of people, can enjoy beach camping at this destination. The location has several facilities such as furniture as well as lights all over. All a visitor needs to carry are personal items, sunglasses, and additional blankets.

You can enjoy some indoor activities as well as outdoor activities. What's more, visitors can equally enjoy a bonfire with music.

2. Kashid Beach Camping: 
Kashid is the most serene and secluded beach for an unforgettable beach camping experience. You can enjoy camping with your friends as you hear the musical sounds of water as relax by the beach. That's not all; you can enjoy conversations with friends as you sit by the campfire sides.

Additionally, visitors also take part in other fun activities such as games. Some of these games include badminton, volleyball as well as cricket.

3. Hill View Resort Stay Experience: 
A visit to Alibaug is incomplete without the Hill View resort experience. The resort offers the most peaceful and natural view of Alibaug. Not to mention, visitors can also watch movie shootings.

4. Revdanda Beach Camping: 
Travelers watch the amazing soaring waves at night as they warm themselves close to bonfires. The beach is usually immaculate and serene; hence you can relax as you listen to the appealing water sounds.

What are the best beaches in Alibaug?

One of the best things to do in Alibaug is to walk down the beach and lounge in the sun sipping your favourite drink. Alibaug has several beaches to its credit but the most famous of all beaches here is the Alibag Beach with commendable water sports, great crowd and vibrating shacks to enjoy the entire experience. Click here to discover more

Kashid Beach - Famous for 
horseriding. scuba diving, parasailing and many more.
Kihim Beach - Famous for  Banana Rides, Jet skiing, Parasailing, Bumper rides, Kayaking, and many more.
3. Nagaon Beach - Famous for 
Banana Rides. Dolphin Trips. Parasailing. Jet Skis. Fishing Trips. Light House Trips.
4. Mandwa Beach - Famous for 
Jet Ski, Banana boat, Kayaking, Bumper Ride, Quad Bike Ride, Wake Boarding, parasailing, Power Kite, Kite Surfing, Swimming.
5. Murud Beach - Famous for 
Ferry Rides, Scuba Diving, Camping, Watch Sunrise and Sunset and many more.

Which are the best sites for camping in Alibaug?

There are few sites which are best for camping and have distinct things to do in Alibaug:

1. Sandy Shores Nagoa Beach Alibaug:
This campsite arranges good camps, delicious food and adventurous activities. You can expect various activities like private Jet Skiing, where you can unleash yourself on the sea. You can even indulge in ATV quad bikes and beach cycling. They also organise fishing, campfire and music for your leisure.

Nagaon Bandar Road, Nagaon Beach, Alibaug, landmark- Someshwar Temple, Nagaon, Alibaug, Maharashtra 402204, India.
Price: 3,428 INR.

2. Paradise Beach Camping by Getsetcamp:
Revdanda beach is the cleanest of all the beaches in Alibaug. This campsite is set on this particular beach amidst clear water and pristine sand aligned with lush green tall trees. The site also arranges various watersports, beach volleyball and frisbee in the day time. Whereas bonfire and BBQ at night.

Location: Revdanda Beach, Access Rd, Near Bhairavnath Temple, Samarth Wadi, Maharashtra 402203.
Price: 3,700 INR.

3. Santosh Konde (Beach Camping Alibag):
It is a romantic theme based campsite. You will find lanterns hanging down to light up the aura. The campground arranges private candlelight dinner for couples and bonfire with a BBQ at night. It will prove to be a great time with your loved one.

Samartha wadi Theronda Fata, Revdanda, Alibag, Maharashtra, Revdanda, Maharashtra 402202.

4. Beach Camping Revdanda:
With well-maintained tents and bathrooms, this campsite strives to give you a memorable experience. You can indulge in beach volleyball, cricket and badminton. Or if you wish, then you can laze around the beach accompanied by a dive or two.

You can watch the sunset in the evening and later sing and dance around the campfire. Before going to your tents, you can enjoy a BBQ session and go to sleep.

Samarth Wadi, Theronda (Bajarpada), Chaul, Revdanda, Alibag, Maharashtra 402203.
Price: 1,300 INR.

5. Beach Camping Alibag:
The campsite has good tents with mattresses, pillow and sheets. Taking their site a little away from regular camps, they have live acoustics signing for you. Later you can watch a movie on the beach followed by BBQ making sizzling veg and non-veg food. Then you light a bonfire and stay there till you want to rest in your beds.

Revdanda Beach Access Rd, Theronda Fata, Revdanda, Maharashtra 402202.

Which are some famous places for scuba diving in Alibaug and how much will it cost me?

Murud Janjira is the most famous place for scuba diving in Alibaug. This edge of the Arabian Sea is very rich in marine life, making your experience worthwhile. Moreover, you can also do other impressive watersports and things to do in Alibaug on the mesmerizing beach. However, the price of scuba diving may cost around Rs. 4500 for a single dive.

Which is the best time to visit Alibaug?

Winter: Months from October to March are best to enjoy the beaches in breezy cold temperatures, which is not too harsh. Moreover, you can entertain yourself at the Nariyal Paani Music Festival organized at the end of January.

Months from July to September are the rainy season. It helps Alibaug bloom to become greener and colourful. However, it would not be possible to enjoy all the things to do in Alibaug at beaches and sightseeing in these months.

Months from March to June are usually very crowded due to school holidays. However, the weather is pretty subtle and enjoyable.

What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Alibaug if I want to do various activities?

3-4 days is the ideal duration for a holiday if one wants to engage in various activities to do in Alibaug. Alibaug is loaded with great beaches, ancient forts, holy temples, distinct water sports, thrilling adventurous activities, romantic nature, cheap shopping and a lot of fun. You would need 3-4 days to cover all the best parts of Alibaug and go back home satisfied.

What should I buy in Alibaug?

You should buy Kolhapuri slippers, handicrafts, Khandala Kande- White onions, clothes, antique clocks, accessories, jewelry, furniture, artifacts, fresh fruits, and vegetables in Alibag. You will find most of the things being sold in the local markets of Alibaug. However, you will have to put some effort to find antique clocks.

Which are the best places to eat in Alibaug?

1. Kikis Café and Deli: It is an elegant food corner with a flashing yellow and purple logo. They have a variety of thin-crust pizzas, nicely stuffed sandwiches and thick shakes and coffees. Although this menu changes according to the season so they can serve seasonal food. However, you can dine in the restaurant or takeaway your food.

Mandwa Jetty, Alibaug - Mandwa Road, Alibag, Maharashtra 402028.
Price: 950 INR for two.
Famous cuisine: pizza, sandwiches, shakes, coffees and mocktails.

2. Hotel Sanman:
It is a great restaurant serving excellent food made of the right quality ingredients. You can expect local Maharashtrian food, Malwani Food and fresh seafood. The food is traditionally cooked and served. Moreover, you can expect a lot of variety in the menu.

Ganesh Krupa Building | Israel Lane, Alibaug, India.
Price: 800 INR for two.
Famous Cuisine: Seafood.

3. Paisley kitchen:
The restaurant is elegantly designed to give its guests a fantastic feel. They serve a wide variety of foods from traditional local cuisines. You can get veg food, non-veg delicacies and seafood in the restaurant.

Dhokawade, Raigarh, Maharashtra, Alibaug, Alibaug - 402207.
Price: 500 INR.
Famous Cuisine: Seafood.

4. NH-66 Garden restaurant:
The restaurant is located on the highway, and it is spotless. They strive to serve your orders very quickly with an excellent service. They have a menu covering North Indian, South Indian, Chinese and Tandoori.

Alibag - Pen Rd, Opp Tinvira dam, Alibag, Maharashtra 402108.
Price: 500 INR.
Famous cuisine: Butter Chicken.

5. Hashtag Bistro Café:
It is tastefully designed to complement its delightful menu. It is some offbeat cafe which serves a tasty range of North Indian, Continental and Italian.

Bhavani Naka, Behind Smit-Sudha Holiday Home, Bhawani Mandir Rd, Varasoli, Alibag, Maharashtra 402201.
Price: 500 INR.
Famous cuisine: Italian.

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Nayan Jain
Reviewed: 14 Mar 2024
One of the best trip ever . Outdoor games , dj night , live music , movie , beach games with friends just make this one of the best memorable trip . We are in the limelight because we were from Surat Gujarat and everyone was like " inn logo ne khub mazze kiye h " . Food was ok ok . 3 Common clean T... Read More
Nayan Jain
Nayan Jain
Nayan Jain
Nayan Jain
Nayan Jain
Nayan Jain
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Shubham Kanojia
Reviewed: 07 Feb 2024
Enjoyed the camping. It was my first time camping. Reached there around 3 pm. Location is exact and easy to navigate using maps. All the inclusions that are mentioned were delivered right from the welcome drink to evening snacks to live music to dinner and late night open air movie screening along ... Read More
Shubham Kanojia
Shubham Kanojia
Shubham Kanojia
Shubham Kanojia
Shubham Kanojia
Shubham Kanojia
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Reviewed: 15 Feb 2023
Was okay okay, not that great
Ashutosh Trivedi
Reviewed: 15 Nov 2022
The hosting staff was quite good. They tried their best to make this camping experience memorable for everyone and I must say they were successful in doing so. They listened to each and every traveller and tried their best to cater to everyone at the individual level. Their food was quite decent, bo... Read More
Ashutosh Trivedi
Ashutosh Trivedi
Ashutosh Trivedi
Ashutosh Trivedi
Ashutosh Trivedi
Ankita Dolas
Reviewed: 13 Dec 2022
• Budget friendly camping experience with a good staff and arrangements. • Delicious food and place to chill with your loved ones. • Dj and live music adds some more funn to the night. • washroom and sink basin could be more clean and hygienic. •Overall a good experience and place...
Ankita Dolas
Ankita Dolas
Ankita Dolas
Ankita Dolas
Ankita Dolas
Smita Poojary
Reviewed: 30 Jun 2022
Beach was the highlight of camping.Best beach ever
Smita Poojary
Smita Poojary
Smita Poojary
Smita Poojary
Smita Poojary

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