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Best Things To Do in Alibag

Things To Do In Alibag

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About the activity: Travelling by ferry, local bus and tamtam (a large rickshaw), we’ll explore the countryside to the south of Mumbai. On our way to Chinchoti, we’ll visit several local industries and activities as well as a school, where we will learn about education in villages. In Chinchoti we’ll stop for lunch with a local family and then walk around the village and the surrounding area. In the afternoon we’ll visit an indigenous village, the original inhabitants of Maharastra. Your guide will explain their history, religion, the challenges they face and how they fit into Indian society to
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About the Activity:Feel light as a feather and float in mid-air as you avail parasailing in the fetching at Nagaon Beach in Alibaug.This activity can be undertaken anytime between 10:00 AM and 05:00 PM.Parasailing mainly involves the necessary gear, a parasailing wing and a motor vehicle to tug the parachute, will be provided at the tour location.Get a spectacular view of the water expanse of  Arabian sea, the beautiful stretch of beach and the stunning landscape.Furthermore, the adrenaline rush that gushes up as you soar higher into the sky is simply incredible.
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About the Activity:Camping near a  beach amidst the beautiful scenery can be an awesome experience, so, why not make this experience special for you.The campsite is 5 kilometers away from the isolated beach in Kashid near Alibaug overlooking the silent and beautiful ocean.On your arrival get refreshed with a welcome drink at 04:30 pm and check in to the well equipped tent with comfortable mattress, blankets & pillows.Enjoy the home cooked buffet while relaxing next to a bonfire and admire the beautiful starry sky above you.Refresh yourself with a delicious breakfast and check out at 10:00 am t
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Traveller Tales From Alibag


Malati Sethi

27 October 2015

The beach camping was a nice and classy experience. My friends went to this camp few months back, and were raving about it time and again. I was super excited about this, and I also asked my husband about this. When we saw on internet, we decided this is the place for our next vacation. We had a great time. The management of the tour pack has arranged everything in a nice manner. It was nevertheless a great experience. I enjoyed it to the core. What is more interesting is that this trip was very much in our budget. I am totally amused by how well the trip turned out.


Dhananjay Banerjee

12 September 2015

The Revdanda Beach camping was a brilliant experience that I encountered in my life. The camping experience was exquisite and brilliant to say the least. It was really a soul thirst quenching swim that we had there. This camping is enjoyed if you go with a gang of friends. Especially, if you are still in college, then this camp is a must vacation. We were three grown-up adults who had this much fun, if you are a bunch of youngsters, you get to enjoy even more as with this camp, it is more the merrier.


Bhaumik Pandey

15 December 2015

It was really memorable trip, with my old school friends. We reached there mid-morning after departing from dadar early morning thanks to the Mumbai traffic. The camp was well organised, crystal clean and pretty away from noise of city in fact almost 100 kms from city, but the road trip is also part of the fun. We started off by playing beach volley ball, cocktails were supplied to us which were actually good, and then they provided us lunch too, which was mediocre. We also played some water sport in water. Best part came in the late evening and nights the camp fire and the camp. We could make our own camp fire or join the ones they make, and they gave barbeque equipment so we prepared some really yummy bbq, they obviously provided vegies and other eatables. Then they provided us some flash lamps and sleeping bags which were pretty soft and good and the air was so clean and pleasant so sure worth second visit. Over all the trip was really time spent.


Chandini Desai

09 November 2015

We heard about this camping organisers from one of our friend, who has previously visited this place, the service was little lethargic probably because of the crowd they get, but it was above average. The arrangement and all were good, we were allowed to set up our own tent, and we were provided with all the materials. It was super fun and not to forget the fresh air blowing on face while sleeping. The beach too is really clean and well maintained with trash bin provided here and there. We were also allowed to cook food of our own on the camp fire, and the best part camp fire and playing little games round it. It is really a wonderful felling and am thankful for this much needed break.


Tanushri Pothuvaal

18 February 2016

This is such a beautiful villa! True to its really felt like a royal place. Such a beautiful place surrounded by mountains and beautiful beaches. Alibag is one place that is just a few hours drive from Mumbai and its great to just relax and unwind. This is one of the best stays I have had in Alibag...being a beach person I was very happy that it is so close to the beach. You can see the sea from the villa itself. Watching the sunset with the amazing breeze from the sea and beautiful landscapes makes all your stress melt away. I would love to visit this place again.

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  • 1466750232_1381540_499426296821169_3258488_n.jpg
  • 1466750232_1383131_499425530154579_1477039050_n.jpg

Kailash Kaul

27 November 2015

WOW! The trip was amazing. Although there were a few glitches here and there in the planning concept, the trip was indeed memorable. I went here with a gang of friends, and as they say the more the merrier. It was a great and a memorable experience. I can cherish such experiences forever and ever. It was one of its kind of trips that anyone will enjoy irrespective of age. I do not like treks, and this trip was a nice substitute to that. In short, this is a very nice camp.


Meenakshi Kapoor

28 September 2015

The camping experience was brilliant. I had a really interesting experience. Be it just the camp fire night, or the food, the self cooking barbecue experience, or the classy swim in the sea: everything was brilliant. I had a great time, and I enjoyed everything totally. I also loved how the camping was planned in an interesting fashion as well as in budget. I so loved this experience, and I wish to take more such vacations sooner.


Aagney Banerjee

30 October 2015

I had a really great time in the camping. It was a memory that I cannot forget. Be it the memorable swim or the more than memorable BBQ session, it was awesome. I personally loved the whole experience, and I wish to take more such trips again. This is one of its kind of a tour. I loved it. I am pretty sure any one will love it for it was not just beautiful but well planned too.


Rajan Nayar

15 April 2016

Wonderful place to relax and enjoy the weekend. We often go to Alibag because of its pristine beaches and lovely peaceful surroundings. This has become one of our favorite places. The villa has such comfortable rooms, beautiful lawns and loads of other facilities. We used to visit the beach, play a game of carom and just relax.

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  • 1466754212_1376533_499426013487864_343228537_n.jpg
  • 1466754212_1381603_499426773487788_5015961_n.jpg

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