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Candlelit Dinner Jaipur

Candlelit Dinner Jaipur

4.0 25 Reviews
Full Day Sightseeing Tour Of Jaipur Flat 65%Off

Full Day Sightseeing Tour Of Jaipur Flat 65%Off

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Stay in Heritage Haveli in Jaipur

Stay in Heritage Haveli in Jaipur

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Safari in Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve, Jaipur Flat 66% Off

Safari in Jhalana Leopard Conservation Reserve, Jaipur Flat 66% Off

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Jaipur Food Tour Flat 48% Off

Jaipur Food Tour Flat 48% Off

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Shopping Tour Of Jaipur Flat 65% Off

Shopping Tour Of Jaipur Flat 65% Off

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Nahargarh Cycling Expedition in Jaipur Flat 45% Off

Nahargarh Cycling Expedition in Jaipur Flat 45% Off

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Village Jeep Safari in Jaipur Flat 55% Off

Village Jeep Safari in Jaipur Flat 55% Off

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Atv Ride in Jaipur Flat 25% Off

Atv Ride in Jaipur Flat 25% Off

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Zip Lining in Jaipur Flat 28% Off

Zip Lining in Jaipur Flat 28% Off

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Body Zorbing in Jaipur Flat 25% Off

Body Zorbing in Jaipur Flat 25% Off

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Paint Ball in Jaipur Flat 25% Off

Paint Ball in Jaipur Flat 25% Off

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Water Valley Trek in Jaipur Flat 35% Off

Water Valley Trek in Jaipur Flat 35% Off

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Trek to Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev, Jaipur Flat 42% Off

Trek to Bhuteshwar Nath Mahadev, Jaipur Flat 42% Off

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Chour Ghati Trek in Jaipur Flat 13% Off

Chour Ghati Trek in Jaipur Flat 13% Off

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Achrol Fort Day Trek with Rappelling, Jaipur Flat 35% Off

Achrol Fort Day Trek with Rappelling, Jaipur Flat 35% Off

5.0 166 Reviews
  • Enjoy Nightlife in Jaipur at places like Aza, Steam Lounge Bar, Bar Palladio, Blackout, Suvarna Mahal, On the House, Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal and many more amazing places. During the day, it bears an aristocratic and sedate air, inviting people to marvel at its glorious buildings and delicate ironwork. But as soon as night falls, the city takes on another air altogether. The palatial buildings turn into a glittering spectacle, and discos, bars, and pubs come to life. 

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    There is something for everybody here. If you are young and wild, and looking to party hard, there are several discotheques that will gladly cater to your desires. But if you are simply looking to enjoy some quiet hours with your loved ones, the many sophisticated restaurants and lounges in the city will allow you to indulge your wishes in an exclusive and memorable manner.

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    But there is more to Jaipur nightlife than partying and dining alone. As the night takes up its mantle in the city, the monuments and palaces put on their jewellery and are a fine sight to behold. The sparkling buildings and monuments take on an ethereal beauty at night, and are a sight that should not be missed.

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    Jaipur is a city full of wonders. Enjoying it comprehensively means enjoying it in all its moods. So when in Jaipur, head out to some of its popular nightlife places and spend a night that you will not forget soon.

  • Famous Pubs And Bars in Jaipur

    The city’s pubs are well lit and happening spaces with neon lights to lure the teeny boppers who throng to the city in the evenings for a fun time out with their friends.
    Some of the famous Pubs in the city are :
  • 01Aza

    For a fun evening out with your friends you can head to the Fairmont which has an amazing bar on the lobby level, called the Aza.

    This bar is well stacked with a cigar room, a whisky bar as well as an outdoor drinking area. The outdoor space makes   for a great lounge area, and you can occupy the whole area all for yourself.

    The comfortable seating of plush leather chairs also makes you feel like you are in luxurious surroundings.  The Aza offers you access to a large variety of whisky’s and vintage cognacs and other rare liquors.

    Click here to check must things to do in Jaipur.
  • 02Steam lounge Bar

    Steam lounge Bar
    Another hot spot for visitors to Jaipur is the Rambagh Palace which was once home to the glamorous Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur.

    Here you can spend your evening hours at ‘Steam’ the lounge bar on wheels and get together with friends for a drink or two.

    The fine liquor collection, vintage cognacs, cocktail and mocktails, single malts, and other rare liquor,  as well as the mouth-watering snacks that you get here makes it a sought after place after the sun sets.

    The Steam also offers a great ambience with low couches and open spaces to relax, making it an extremely regal watering hole.
  • 03The Grunge Lounge Bar

    The Grunge Lounge Bar

    The choice of lip-smacking snacks, a cricket viewing facility, exotic cocktails menu and other upmarket facilities makes this a ‘ have to be seen here’ venue for Jaipur’s youth. If that is not enough, the Grunge Lounge Bar at The ‘Fern’ is just as happening and a fun place to be seen in the evenings and the weekends. 

    A large variety of people can be seen here enjoying their wine, cocktails, beers and mojitos. Small groups can enjoy the seating arrangements that are thoughtfully laid out at the Grunge.

    The grilled Fish, Cheese Platter, Chicken Supreme and Golden girl Naughty kitties are some of the mouth-watering snacks with unique names. 

    There is a live band in attendance on Wednesdays and Fridays adding to the charm and character of this lively Lounge Bar.

  • 04Bar Palladio

    Bar Palladio
    This eclectic restaurant and café in Jaipur is among the top picks if you want to have a fun-filled evening and great food. It is also a magnificent destination for a romantic, candle-lit dinner. The Mughal inspired restaurant features a well-stocked bar, soothing music, and a globally-inspired cuisine.

    Situated inside the grand Narayan Niwas, Bar Palladio is the place to head to if you are craving some exclusive indulgence. A night spent in Bar Palladio is a great taster of the nightlife in Jaipur.

    Timings: 6 pm to 11 pm
    Location: Kanota Bagh, Bhag Singh Road, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004
  • 05Tablu


    If you are looking for a roof-top Restro Bar then ‘Tablu’ is just your pick. This roof top sky café bar has a lavish interior and located next to an art gallery. The  ideal place to unwind with your friends at a royal place on the 8th floor of Hotel Clarks Amer.

    With a great range of snacks, music and drinks, Tablu is highly popular and makes the concept of sky café bars highly popular in this capital city of Jaipur. 

    What’s more, you can get a splendid view of the city at all times from up here. The unique thing about this sky bar is that art exhibitions and music shows are held here regularly. So it’s a great meeting place for art connoisseurs and the young crowd as well.

  • Discotheques in Jaipur

  • 063Ds Restro Lounge

    3Ds Restro Lounge

    Posh and fun, 3Ds Restro Lounge is a wonderful place to head over to at night. The 3-in-1 venue features a disco/lounge, a restaurant, and rooftop seating, making it a magnificent destination for those wishing to enjoy the best of Jaipur’s nightlife. Their food is great and the views from the roof spellbinding. The Lounge has a well-appointed list of Indian and international artists who perform regularly at the disco/lounge. An evening spent in this location is an evening well-spent.

    Price: 1,000 INR for two approx.

    Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

    Location: A2, 8th & 9th Floor, UDB Corporate Tower, Near Jawahar Circle, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302017

  • 07Blackout


    Full of elegance and sophistication, with a bit of fun mixed in, Blackout is a great pub for those looking to enjoy good drinks, quiet conversation, and some inspired dancing. The heat really picks up in Blackout after 10 at night, and you can enjoy energetic times here. The well-lit and beautifully decorated interiors add to the subtle charm of this rooftop café, and the varied menu promises to make your mouth water in eagerness.

    Price:1500 INR for two approx.

    Timings:1 pm to 2 am

    Location: D38A, 8th & 9th Floor, Golden Oak Hotel, Landmark Building, Ahinsa Circle, C Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

  • 08The Dragon Club (T.D.C.)

    The Dragon Club (T.D.C.)

    The Dragon Club is hands down one of the best picks for a night filled with partying, drinking and delicious dining. This rooftop café features an interior décor that is warm and comforting, and breathtaking views of Jaipur at night. The DJ keeps the heat running high with fast-paced, eclectic songs, and the bar is always on hand for refreshment. Nightlife in Jaipur does not get better than T.D.C.

    Price:1800 INR for two approx.

    Timings:5 pm to 2 am

    Location: K-12, Aarcade Mall, 8th Floor, Malviya Marg, C Scheme, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

  • 09The Amigos Bar and Discotheque

    The Amigos Bar and Discotheque

    The Amigos Bar and Discotheque is a fun-filled place to spend some time with family and friends. The bar is well-stocked, the food delicious, and the disco enjoyable. It has the advantage of being suited to budget outings in Jaipur. If you really want to snag some great deals, visit during their Happy Hours.

    Price:1300 INR for two approx.

    Timings:11 am to 11 pm

    Location:Hotel Om Tower, Church Road, MI Road, Jaipur

  • 10The Extreme Discotheque

    The Extreme Discotheque

    This hardcore restaurant and discotheque in Jaipur is a great place to enjoy music, drinks and food with your friends. The discotheque usually sees young crowds coming in to party the night away, and the ambience is therefore very electrifying and ecstatic.  It is a great place to hang out with your friends on a Friday night. The prices are suited to the budget-conscious pocket too.

    Price:1200 INR for two approx.

    Timings:11 am to 11:30 pm

    Location: Dana Pani, B-4, Shubh Laxmi Tower, Central Spine Rd, Central Spine, Vidhyadhar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302039

  • Famous Cafes and Restaurants

  • 11Jal Mahal at ITC Rajputana

    Jal Mahal at ITC Rajputana
    One of the poshest and most luxurious restaurants in town, Jal Mahal by ITC Rajputana will definitely give you a bang for your buck whether you visit it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This restaurant has a varied buffet menu full of mouth-watering dishes, excellent services and courteous servers. A dining experience here is an experience you will remember for a long time as one of the best experiences of your life.A mix of continental, North Indian and South Indian dishes greet you as you enter the banquet hall, and they also cut your fruits right in front of you during the breakfast. 

    Timings: 6:30 am to 10:30 am, 12:30 pm to 3 pm, 7:30 pm to 11 pm
    Location: Palace Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006
  • 12Peacock Rooftop Restaurant at Hotel Pearl Palace

    Peacock Rooftop Restaurant at Hotel Pearl Palace
    This high-standard restaurant provides a dining experience that delights the body and soul with its variety and excellence. They have a mixture of North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine served to the music of a live band.

    Elegant folk décor in the authentic Rajasthani style adds further charm to the ambience. If you are looking for a romantic place to take your beloved to, this should be among your top choices. This is one restaurant which will not disappoint. 

    Timings: 7:30 am to 11 pm
    Location: 51 Hathroi Fort, Hari KishanSomani Marg, Ajmer Road, Near Vidhakpuri Police Station, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

  • 13Kalyan Rooftop and Indoor Restaurant

    Kalyan Rooftop and Indoor Restaurant

    The Kalyan Rooftop and Indoor Restaurant offers palate-satisfying food along with magnificent views of Jaipur, and all at affordable prices. The sophisticated décor contributes to the elegance of the environment, making it perfect for a formal outing or a date. The food is a mix of Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, and Continental cuisines.

    Timings: 7 am to 11 pm

    Location: 59 Hathroi Fort, Hari KishanSomani Marg, Ajmer Road, Near Vidhayakpuri Police Station, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

  • 14Suvarna Mahal

    Suvarna Mahal
    As royal as its location, Suvarna Mahal in Taj Rambagh Palace is a wonderful destination to head to if you wish to indulge in some fine dining when in Jaipur. The gracious services paired with the sophisticated décor, and topped with soul-satisfying food make for the best possible dining experience.

    From the moment you step in to the moment you wave it goodbye, Suvarna Mahal will do its best to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This Jaipur nightlife experience is a unique one, so do your best to acquire it. 

    Timings: 7 pm to 11 pm
    Location: Rambagh Palace, Bhawani Singh Rd, Rambagh, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302005

  • 15On The House

    On The House
    Known for its eclectic cuisine and its dainty café, On the House is a perfect destination for a quick pick-me-up breakfast in the morning as well as a luxuriant satisfactory dinner at night. Their bakery offers a tempting range of cakes, breads, waffles, and sandwiches.

    The strong aroma of fresh coffee pervades the air, and you can always get a healthy kick with a smoothie too. Their dinner platter has a vast range of Continental dishes. Ordering a continental platter here allows you to practically travel to the destination you have chosen. 

    Timings: 8:30 am to 11 pm
    Location: E-145, C Scheme, Ramesh Marg, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
  • Places to Visit in Jaipur at Night

  • 16Amar Jawan Jyoti

    Amar Jawan Jyoti
    Seeing an eternal flame is a wonderful experience at any time of the day, but it takes on a different significance as the dark curtains of night drop. An ethereal ambience pervades the undying Jyoti and the stillness of silence adds greater depth to the act of saluting the fallen heroes of war. A visit to the Amar Jawan Jyoti at night is a beautiful experience, so try to get in a sighting if you are in Jaipur during the night. 

    Entry Tickets Price: Free
    Timings: All day long
    Location: Jan Path, Jaipur Nagar Nigam, Lalkothi, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302005
  • 17Amber Fort and Palace

    Amber Fort and Palace
    Amer Fort, also known as Amber Fort, is a prestigious fort in Jaipur that was built under Raja Man Singh's supervision in the 16th century. The fort commands panoramic views of the city, and there are a host of activities that you can enjoy here. While the fort is a worthy attraction all through the day, it really flourishes in the evening. 

    Light shows in two languages take place within the premises, elephants waiting to be ridden flock the arena, hawkers selling all manners of delectable food items shout themselves hoarse, and a general atmosphere of festivity pervades the air. A visit to Amber Fort is the evening is a experience not to be missed. 

    Entry Tickets Price:

    Foreigner – INR 550 per person
    Foreign Students – INR 100 per person
    Indians – INR 25 per person
    Indian Students – INR 10 rupees per person
    Light Show in English – INR 200 per person
    Light Show in Hindi – INR 100 per person
    Elephant Ride – INR 1100 Single or per couple

    Timings: 8 am to 5.30 pm

    Location: Devisinghpura, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
  • 18Nahargarh Fort

    Nahargarh Fort
    This historic fort has played a very important role in the history of Jaipur since the 17th century, first as a major point of defence, and then as a landmark destination distinguishing Jaipur. There is a lot to experience in the Nahargarh Fort.

    The panoramic views that the fort commands will keep you glued to its walls for hours, while the long walks in its avenues will refresh you immensely. Visiting this fort in the evening, when the temperature has mellowed down and the winds carry a softer touch, intensifies the beauty of the experience, leaving behind a warmer picture of Jaipur and its environs in your hearts.

    Entry tickets Price: INR 200 for Foreign Tourists and INR 50 for Indians
    Timings: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
    Location: Nahar Garh Road, Jaipur 302002, India
  • 19Hawa Mahal

    Hawa Mahal
    The Hawa Mahal is Jaipur’s most famous structure, and so tourists flock here all-day long. While the Hawa Mahal is closed at night, experiencing it in the evening is a great way to enjoy its beauty.

    To look out upon the city of Jaipur as the setting sun sends its mellow rays over the rooftops is a picturesque experience. The cooling temperatures of the evening also add gusto to the winds that the palace is famous for. 

    Entry Tickets Price: Free
    Timings: 9 am to 5 pm
    Location: Hawa Mahal Rd, BadiChoupad, J.D.A. Market, Kanwar Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002
  • 20Jal Mahal

    Jal Mahal
    Jal Mahal floats beguilingly over the Man Sagar Lake, making for a very pretty spectacle. To walk along the edge of the lake as the night lights twinkling inside the palace are reflected on the shimmering water is a romantic experience.If you want to explore calm, romantic environment, Jal Mahal is one of the beautiful and must visit place in Jaipur

    You cannot enter inside the Jal Mahal but you can definitely enjoy the delightful picture it makes as long as you want. The quiet that hands in the air at night adds further charm to the scenic picture. 

    Entry tickets Price: Free
    Timings: All day long
    Location: Amer Road, Jal Mahal, Amer, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302002

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