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Traveller Tales from Malana


Deepesh Chaturvedi

15 July 2015

The Malana Village Trek is one of the popular Trekking spots in Himachal Pradesh. This is near the famous Chandra Khanni Pass. I did a little bit of research before going here. Malana in Himachal Prade...


Ramesh Acharya

17 July 2014

Loved the trek..though trek was a little diffiuclt,,but the scenic beauty and the peace it provides is worth the penny spent and pain taken for the trek.Its a must visit place at least once i n a lifet


Anusuya Gowda

09 March 2014

Malana had always been on my 'Wish-list', finally got a chance to visit this hippie land. Amazing village- more than localids you see Firangis here. Loved the entire trek. The place is so beautiful and



07 September 2015

Hi guys, I am from manali, live in bangalore. I am proffesional Sales guy who deal with fortune 500 companies and sell them events. parvati valley- guys just visit once, then parvati valley will ...


Inder Gandhi

29 September 2015

Kasol and Malana were two places that I had always dreamt of visiting and damn this place is beautiful. Malana is a typical village that has more number of foreigners than Indians. Loved the entire vil...


Pran Adiga

06 January 2016

Had an awesome trek here. Very well conducted and professionalism at its best. NOT one thing went wrong and that is really saying something!


Vrund Malik

25 August 2014

I'm regular to Malana for obvious reasons but this time I decided to do something different I went through village trek and damn this place is absolutely beautiful - the tiny hamlets and the people are...

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Malati Varman

13 September 2014

Malana Village Trek is something that I never even read about. Recently, I saw a FB share from an acquaintance but beautiful and popular Trekking spots in Himachal Pradesh. This trek is near Chandra Kh...

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Shridevi Dhawan

24 April 2015

Malana trek is the beautiful trek that lies slightly ahead of the most beautiful Chandra Khanni Pass. This tiny village of Malana is an isolated community that has a custom language, separate democracy...

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What You Should Know More About Malana

  • Q. Travel advice:

    • Before you go to any destination of which you do not have absolute knowledge make sure that you attain all the necessary information and then plan a visit. It is always good to have maps open in your mobile.

    • Do not venture the secluded areas all alone. If you are going to any zone that is risky or secluded, make sure you travel in a group.

    • Girls, please make sure that the clothes you wear are not skimpy or revealing.

    • Respect the values and the cultures of the locals residing here.

    • The food of the street vendors can be really delicious but make sure you do a thorough quality check before eating street food.

    • Drink only bottled drinking water. In case the seal is broken return it right away.

    • Buy water only from the brands that you know off.

    • Do not indulge in any physical or verbal brawls with the locals here.

    • It is good to learn few words from the local languages prevalent in this area.

    • Do not indulge in drugs of any form. You may come across individuals who seem like drug dealers, it is good and safe to keep away from them.

    • Do not carry tons of cash in your pocket.

    • Do not leave your valuables in the hotel room.

    • Carry with you at least one proof of identity.

  • Q. Drinking laws

    In Himachal Pradesh the drinking laws are not strict. The legal age for drinking is 18 years.

  • Q. Things to do in Manala:

    • Take a walk by the river Parvati: This is among the must-have experiences in Manala. Parvati river that flows through Manala is perhaps one of the cleanest and the most beautiful rivers in the whole of India. There is no other experience that you will enjoy better than this. Take a nice, relaxing walk by the river Parvati or even indulge in exciting adventure activities such as camping, river rafting and many other water-sports made available by the agencies operating within the vicinity.

    • Go on a trekking trail to Kheer Ganga: Kheer Ganga is merely located a few kilometres away from Manala. If you are the kind that thrives on adventure and love yourself some great adrenaline pump then this is one activity you must take part in. There are several facilities that organize groups and take them through appropriate routes to Kheer Ganga. While you are on your way, you will discover the beauties of nature – the kind you may not experienced ever before.

    • Shopping spree at the local market: Another important, must-have experience in Manala is to shop at the local market of the place. You will find yourself with endless options of expansive, ethnic and hippie products – ranging all the way from clothings to food and furniture. Take a souvenir home for the sake of remembrance of this beautiful holiday destination.

    What will you like in Manala:

    • Take a long walk to Tosh: Another popularly visited place by tourists who visit Manala is Tosh. The experience is greatly similar to the kind you will get at Manala but you must definitely tick this off your check-list. Maybe even go on a drive to Tosh and enjoy the clear skies. Stop on your way to sip on some good tea or coffee and feel one with the nature.

    • Try the Israeli food at a local stall: What better way to truly experience the essence of a certain holiday destination? Manala is sprawled with tiny, simplistic stalls that sell Israeli food for people. This may not be as good as the food served at high-end hotels and resorts, but it sure is something that you must try out at least once before you leave Manala. You won’t find yourself disappointed, that is assured.

    Government website: Himachal Tourism

    Others: Tourism of India

    Books on Manala: Himachal Pradesh (Inside India), Perspectives on a Growth-Oriented Hill Economy: Himachal Pradesh