Things to Do in Sweden

Activities to do in Sweden

With incessant things to do in Sweden, this dreamy destination becomes a go-to spot for various adventures as well as serenity seekers throughout the world. Famed all over for the sightings of the Northen Lights in Sweden or the Aurora Borealis, Sweden has enough things to do and activities to partake in to keep you busy.

Whether you are a couple on a romantic expedition or a solo traveller willing to explore the unexplored, the activities to do in Sweden will suit all kinds of travellers. From sleeping in an ice hotel where each and everything is made up of real ice to kayaking along with the cold still waters, the thrill offered here has no limits.

Right from exploring the old castles to visiting the old museums and art displays, things to do in Sweden will leave each visitor astonished enough to come back for more. Even if you are a party animal, the bustling nightlife of every town and city of Sweden will offer you so many nights specific activities like bar hopping, food tours and stargazing trips to the wilderness. Above all, there is no shortage of activities one can enjoy in Sweden.

Here are some of the best things to do in Sweden:

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Gamla Stan
Dates back to as long back as the 13th century, you can imagine the number of historical structures that may be lined across the region. Ancient medieval alleyways, cobbled streets and archaic architecture surrounds this town. Having a strong “Old Town'' influence, Gamla Stan is home to the world-famous Stockholm Stock Exchange Building.

Another famous attraction in Gamla Stan is its square, which holds immense historic resemblance. Being the site of the Stockholm Bloodbath where Swedeish noblemen were massacred by the Danish King, Christian II, this site is well revered. There are over 370 properties across the small town that hold archaeological importance and all of them are worthy places to visit in Stockholm.

Best time to visit: June to August
Liseberg Amusement Park
As you step inside the greatest amusement park in Scandinavia, for a moment you cannot guess what is real and what is makeover. Of course, the experiences you will gather here are real and amazing. From scary Halloween celebrations to dizzy rides, from eccentric dance to music you will be spoilt of options to revel at the park.

There are several idyllic spots dotted with colourful flower beds, waterfalls and lush greenery inside the park where you can enjoy family picnics. Music lovers can rock away with the best musicians on the Lilla Scenen and Stora Scenen stages or watch wonderful shows at Liseberg Theatre, Rondo and Kaninscenen.

Location: Örgrytevägen 5, 402 22 Göteborg, Sweden

Timings: 12pm -10pm
Helsingborg is one of the famous tourist attractions in Sweden. Being a port city, it's close to the water body in the Lund peninsula. The city is mainly known for its historical landmarks like the medieval castle of Kärnan and the famous Gothic church of Sankta Maria Kyrka. The Fredriksdal is an open-air museum of several Swedish and Danes artifacts. The seaside border of the city is known for beautiful promenades.

Location: Lund Peninsula, Sweden

Best time: Spring season

Highlights: Medieval Kärnan castle, Tropikariet indoor zoo, the royal house of Sofiero, a Gothic cathedral of Sankta Maria Kyrka, the famous Tura cruise, the cultural exhibition center of Dunkers Kulturhus, and the oldest medieval church of Raus Kyrka.
Vasa Museum
Known as the “Maritime museum” for the world, this attraction is a must-see in the list of places to visit in Stockholm. The significant highlight of this museum is the fact that it is home to the one and only, (almost) fully intact ship that dates back to the 17th century.

This 64-gun warship was salvaged during the 1900’s and has been a part of the museum since its own inception. Being the most-visited museum in all of Scandinavia, there is no reason for you to give this destination a skip in your travel.

Location: Galärvarvsvägen 14, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Best time to visit: 9 am to 5 pm

Entry Fee: 110 SEK
Ystad is known as the gateway of peace and tranquility, which is why it's one of the most visited places in the entire country. The Baltic Sea is located close by, and hence, the town's ambiance is quite soothing. Being a Scandinavian town, you will find colorful houses adorning the two sides of the pavements.

With sprawling woodlands, the city is very close to nature's wonders and hence a heavenly paradise. One of the popular places to visit in Ystad is the Ales Stenar- an archaeological site having 59 boulders being laid in the form of a ship. The town is also known for Kåseberga- a fishing harbor that gives way to the vast Baltic Sea.

Scania, Sweden

Best time: Spring and early summers

Highlights: Ystad art museum, Sandskog nature reserve, Greyfriars Abbey, Charlotte Berlin's Museum, and others.
Abisko National Park
The Abisko National Park is a part of the famous alpine valley of Abiskodalen. Here, you will find the largest alpine lake of the entire Scandinavian region of northern Europe. The park is a famous spot for experiencing the exclusive alpine vegetation and wildlife.

You will have a wonderful picturesque of the lofty hills covered with snow during winters and green plants during the summers on the northern border. Some of the most common and exciting activities are snowmobiling, dog sledding, and photography making it one of the best Sweden places.

Location: Norrbotten County, Sweden

Best time: all the year-round

Highlights: Abisko Naturum house, exploring the birch woodlands on the mountain slopes, skating on the Torneträsk Lake during winters, bird watching from the alpine meadows, and skiing on Mount Nigella.
Known to be the land of Stenkusten or the Stone coast, Öland is the second-largest island of Sweden. It's a paradisal gateway for many people, thanks to the picturesque beauty and aura of the place. Large, sprawling meadows cover the southwestern region, while a little inside, you will find deciduous forest cover.

Lofty cliffs can be seen in the background, which looks marvelous against the Stone coast of the island. The island's surface is mainly formed from exposed limestone, resulting in its uniqueness. It has around seventy-five different nature reserves along with ancient ruins and rack fields.

Location: an island in the Baltic Sea and close to Kalmar, Sweden

Best time: all the year-round

Highlights: Byrums Raukar, Horns Kustväg cycling trail, Trollskogen pine forest, Stora Alvaret, and the ancient ruins.
Kiruna is the mining town of Sweden. Here, you will find the world's largest mining setup for iron ore excavations. Due to the constant risks looming in the air from the continuous mining operations, the entire town of Kiruna is being moved to the eastern side for safety.

Kiruna is mostly visited during the winter season as the city gets covered with snow for the longer period. It's close to the alpine region, which further enhances the beauty of the land. Here, you can marvel at the aurora borealis during the winters and visit the famous Ice hotel in the Jukkasjärvi region. Dogsledding and reindeer sleigh riders are the two major activities in this region.

Location: Lapland province, Sweden

Best time: December to March

Highlights: Ice Hotel, husky sled rides, Nordic style spas, experiencing Sami culture, and visiting the Aurora Sky Station.
Lund Cathedral
The Lund Cathedral is one of the oldest churches in Sweden, which is why one can marvel at the building structure throughout the day without getting bored. It was built in 1398 and depicted the medieval and Gothic culture fused uniquely. It is, in fact, one of the best places to visit in Sweden during a day tour. Two 55 meters watchtowers are present from where you will get a panoramic view of Lund's skyline.

Location: Lund Peninsula, Skane province, Sweden

Best time: Throughout the year

Highlights: Giant Fin embraced tower, the Crypt, the astronomical clock of the cathedral, 1300s oak choir stalls, 3.5 meters tall candelabra having seven branches.
Sigtuna is Sweden's first city, formed around 97 CE. Despite the town having a small population of about 9000, it has a lot to offer to the tourists. It's the home to some popular historical landmarks of the entire European continent.

From the 17th century medieval houses to castles and cathedrals, Sigtuna is a sight to marvel at. The city has got the first Swedish pedestrian path from cobblestones, thereby lending a historical touch to the ambiance.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Best time: June to August

Highlights: Sigtuna museum of historical artifacts, Sigtuna city hall, the first pedestrian street, the 170 Sigtuna runes, Main Square, Mariakyrkan Church, ruins of St. Olof's and St. Peter, Lake Mälaren, and others.
Lake Siljan
Lake Siljan has a very doting geographical importance as it was created from a wide meteorite crate spanning over a diameter of 75 Km. Due to this, the lake has quite an impressive depth which adds to the surrounding beauty.

Lake Siljan is one of the most visited areas, thanks to the amazing picturesque serving as a backdrop and the unique countryside culture. It is sitting right in the middle of some of the oldest Swedish villages. Here, you can enjoy the folk art of Sweden while marveling at the luscious greeneries surrounding the villages and the lake. Summer is the perfect season to visit this lake as the temperature remains moderate and quite soothing also.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Best time: March to July
Hoga Kusten
Höga Kusten or the High Coast is located in the Gulf of Bothnia and is of great importance in Sweden. The area is mainly known for the granite cliffs and the surrounding small rocky islands, making it one of the best places in Sweden to visit.

Here, you will find the cliffs becoming steeper and steeper due to a geological process known as the vertical rebound. Nevertheless, the place is not losing its charm and beauty any time sooner. It has a hiking trail which makes the area more favorable for adventure lovers. This is the second-largest Swedish hike trail which is why many tourists visit the High Coast throughout the year.

Ångermanland province, Sweden

Best time:
All the year-round

Skuleskogen National Park, granite cliffs, rocky islands, inland forest covers, hike trails
Gotland is one of the main areas with the Viking historic tales still lingering in the air. It's also a popular place in terms of the magnificent natural beauty surrounding the island. With a long coastline covered in sandy beaches, Gotland has a lot to offer to the tourists, thereby marking itself as one of the heavenly places to visit in Sweden. Its capital, Visby, is the ideal historic town with cobblestone alleys and a predominating Viking culture.

Location: Southern Sweden

Best time: April to August, summer season

Highlights: Ringmuren or the Visby City Wall, Raukar sear stacks, biking in the Eksta Coast, Djupvik fishing village, Stora Karlsö island, Faro island visit, Gotland museum, the blue lagoon quarry, Gotska Sandon National Park
Located right next to the northern boundary of the polar circle, Jokkmokk offers an unforgettable experience to tourists. It's the cultural center of Lapland and is one of the main areas to visit in the Scandinavian zone of northern Europe.

It's a Sami town, and hence, no other place will be as good as the Jokkmokk to learn more about these reindeer herders. The annual winter market is the meeting place of the Sami people, and hence, attending this event is a must during your visit to Lapland. Folk tales, traditional Sami games, and reindeer races are some of the notable activities during the annual market,

 Lapland, Sweden

Best time:
 November to March, winter season

 Sami handicraft items, reindeer husbandry college, Sami cultural museum, four national parks of the Laponia World Heritage site.
Stockholm’S Archipelago
One of the most exciting Sweden places to visit is Stockholm's archipelago. Consisting of about 30,000 islands in the Baltic Sea, the archipelago has a lot to offer to the tourists. These islands cover an entire area of 80 kilometers in the sea, making it one of the world's largest archipelagos.

Several activities like hiking, fishing, sea kayaking, swimming, and boating are popular on the archipelago islands. Apart from that, you can even collect wild berries and mushrooms as it's allowable by the Swedish government.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Best time: March to August, summer season

Highlights: ancient Swedish villages, less trotted islets, exploring most of the wooden islands, hiking on the rocky cliffs and dense woodlands, enjoying the unique Swedish cuisine, and others.
Visby, Gotland
Visby is the capital of the Gotland island in the Baltic Sea. It is a Viking town, and hence the architecture and even the culture will speak stories of this bravest clan the world has ever seen. Apart from this, you will also find several structures delineating the medieval period wonderfully.

It's the home to several church ruins dating back to the 12th century, like St. Clemens, St. Karin, and St. Nicolai and Drottens. You can take a stroll through the famous ring wall sprawled throughout 3.5 kilometers. This is why it's one of the best places in Sweden to visit for historic and natural experiences.

Location: Gotland, Sweden

Best time: April to August

Highlights: Visby museum, church ruins, Sankta Maria Cathedral, the Ring Wall, and the Visby botanical garden.
Oresund Bridge
The Oresund Bridge is the only railway link between Sweden and Denmark and hence is one of the ideal places to visit in Sweden. After constructing the 16 kilometers long bridge, trade routes between the two European countries have become smoother and flourishing. Aside from the bride, you can also visit the nearby artificial island, another attraction of the area. This bridge is most certainly a construction mastery of the Swedish people and attracts lots of tourists throughout the year.

Malmö, Sweden

Best time:
Throughout the year
Ice Hotel
Made entirely out of ice taken from the Torne River,  Ice Hotel is one of the most offbeat places to see in Scandinavia. The hotel cum art exhibition changes guise every year in winter, when the remnants of last year’s dwelling melts completely back into the river.

The standard rooms at the hotel are fitted with ice decors, along with beds made of ice.  Even if you’re not planning to stay here, a host of different activities at the Hotel will make your visit worth the while.

From river rafting and fishing in the beautiful Thorne, to snowmobile and sledding adventures across the ice-capped land, Ice Hotel promises the most happening tours. You may also choose to try your hand at Ice Sculpting, with trained guides offering workshops on the same.

Highlights: Discover silence, northern lights, glistening snow clad forests.
Abisko is a little village located north of the Arctic Circle.  Surrounded by mountains on all sides, Abisko is home to lemmings, shelters, and a rare variety of the Lapland Orchid. With the country's only ‘Blue Hole’ hovering over the city’s sky, Abisko is best known for commanding some of the most clear views of the Northern Lights, making it one of the biggest tourist attractions in Scandinavia.

The Aurora Sky Station on Mount Nuolja offers an unobstructed view of the lights. The Swedish Laplands of Abisko are compatible for adventure sports such as ice hiking, dog sledding, camping, fishing and much more. The Abisko National Park and the fjord of Abiskojokk are some of the other natural attractions in the city.

Highlights: Dog Sledding, Ice Climbing ,Snowmobiling, Northern Lights, Abisko National Park.
Charterhouse Mariefred

Charterhouse Mariefred in Sweden is a historic monastery-turned-museum, offering a captivating glimpse into medieval life. Nestled by Lake Mälaren, it features well-preserved architecture, lush gardens, and engaging exhibits. Visitors can explore centuries-old artifacts and learn about the monastery's fascinating transformation over the years, providing a unique cultural experience.

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Sweden Things To Do FAQs

Which are the best things to do in Sweden?

1. Exploring the Heritage of Drottningholm Palace: Built in 1699, Drottningholm is the home of the Royal family of Sweden, therefore, automatically, is one of the most beautiful and majestic monuments of Sweden.

You can even take a self-guided audio tour of the palace to explore its rich hostage and know about its centuries of history. Moreover, this beautiful castle also reserves its place in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Location: 178 93 Drottningholm, Sweden.
Timings: 10 A.M. – 4 P.M.
Entry Fee: 130 SEK (INR 1120) (adults), 65 SEK (INR 560) (children) (General Entry).

2. Explore the depths of Lapland: Lapland is Sweden’s Northern largest as well as the largest province. If you are in Sweden to experience the mind-blowing natural phenomenon of Northern Lights and Midnight Sun in the best way possible, this is the very place to be.

Additionally, this is the region you need to be if you wish to experience the best of skiing, canoeing, and hiking. Moreover, this is one of the most scenic regions of the country and a must-visit for all who plan a visit to Sweden.

3. Go hiking on the King’s Trail: Hiking is one of the most important activities to do in Sweden. This 400-kilometer long hiking trail is the most popular one and is well equipped with huts and cabins between Kvikkjokk and Abisko for a fulfilling experience.

This majestic trail is all covered with snow during the winters and becomes a skiing paradise. On the other hand, you can get to admire the beauty of the Scandinavian mountain ranges on your hiking adventures during the warmer months.

4. Gorge on some authentic Swedish food: Each country has a great authentic food platter to offer to its visitor. The same is the case with Sweden. Your visit to this country would be incomplete if you leave without gorging on some of the most popular Swedish cuisines such as salmon with dill potatoes, crayfish august, vaffeldagen, and Selma to begin with.

5. Take a Boat Ride along the Gota Canal: Did you know that Sweden has a set of Canals which interconnect all the lakes in the country with each other? Well, Gota Canal has the most scenic of the surroundings and stretches over 200 kilometers and connects Lake Vattern to Lake Vanern. You can choose the route of your choice and hop on a boat to take a ride along these beautifully crafted waterways.

Timings: 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
Price: Variable (as/route selected).

6. Go Kayaking: Sweden is home to several archipelagos which home some beautiful and inhibited islands with clear waters surrounding them, throughout the summers. If you are visiting Sweden during the summers, do not forget to go Kayaking under the clear skies in one of Sweden’s archipelagos to feel the adrenaline rush and to admire the endless beauty of nature as it is one of the most beautiful things to do in Sweden. Some of the most popular areas where you can go kayaking include Skanses and Stockholm Archipelago.

7. Go Skiing in Are Village: If you want to indulge in skiing and sledding adventures, visiting Are and spending a few days is a must for you. The famous icy slopes of Are has witnessed endless world championships and is a great adventure sports destination.

Moreover, even if you can go skiing only during the winter months, Are acts as a wonderful hiking destination if you are planning to visit Sweden during the summer months. Do not forget to get on the Ski lift and view the surroundings of Are is the best way possible.

8. Stay at the ICEHOTEL: Imagine staying at a hotel completely made with ice, including your beds! Sounds interesting right? Well, there is a hotel in Sweden where you can stay with ice all around you!

Ice walls, ice beds, ice bars, ice sculptures, combined with the best of the luxury and services, ICEHOTEL is more of an experience than just a stay. You must stay at this unique hotel, even if it is for a day to experience staying within the freezing temperatures ranging from -5 to -7 degrees Celsius.

Location: Marknadsvägen 63, 981 91 Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.
Timings: The hotel is open year long.
Price: 2000 SEK (INR17200) onwards/ night.

9. Visit ABBA: You cannot miss out on the best museum in the country on your visit to Sweden. Moreover, it is a must-visit for music lovers from around the world to know about the legendary band which gave the legendary hits like Mama Mia and Dancing Queen to the world. Apart from knowing about the band’s iconic history, visitors also get to indulge in some interactive sessions to boost up the fun factor.

Location: Djurgårdsvägen 68, 115 21 Stockholm, Sweden.
Timings: 11:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.
Entry Fee: SEK 250 (INR2150) (adults), SEK 95 (INR816) (children).

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What are the things to do in Sweden at night?

1. Admire the mesmerizing Northern Lights: Sweden is a great destination to get a good view of mesmerizing Northern Lights. There are several places in Sweden where you can get a good view of the phenomenon. You can head to the Swedish Lapland or plan a trip to the Aurora Sky Station or the Abisko National Park where you can enjoy an overnight stay as well as take in the wonders of the Northern Lights. Combine this with a stay in the Icehotel will give you some of the best things to do in Sweden in winter.

2. Witness the Midnight Sun: From late May to mid July one of the best things to do in Sweden is to witness the Midnight Sun. During this time the sun never truly sets but stays low bathing everything around in a wonderful soft glow. You can indulge in a late night hike or go swimming in the shimmering lakes or go wildlife spotting. This is also the best time to take part in the many festivities that Sweden celebrates during the summer such as the Kirunafestivalen.

3. Join a Pub Crawl tour: One of the most interesting things to do in Stockholm is to join a pub crawl tour which will give you a great insight into what the nightlife in this vibrant city is like. You will get to visit three to four popular clubs and bars in different parts of Stockholm. Mostly your pub crawl tour will start from the Old Town, Gamla Stan and end in the hip section of Sodermalm. The best part of your bar hopping activities to do in Sweden is you get to meet new people and also get better recommendations for your visit here.

4. Hop on a Dinner Cruise: There is no better way to experience the mouthwatering cuisine of Sweden, its spellbinding scenery and wonderfully fascinating culture than hopping on board an exciting dinner cruise. Delicious five course meals, refreshing beverages and live entertainment on board a beautiful boat can definitely be counted in the list of best things to do in Stockholm. While cruising you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the waterfront and the mesmerizing skyline of this vibrant city.

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What are the romantic things to do in Sweden?

1. Stroll around the old town of Stockholm: With numerous colourful houses on both the sides of the street, the old town of Stockholm will surely let you enjoy some of the most scenic views. A stoll in this area with your partner will let you click numerous lovey dovey pictures and getting indulge in one of the best things to do in Sweden.

2. Attend a Jazz Night: For all the couples who wish to enjoy live music while enjoying a tasteful cocktail, attending a jazz night is a must. By doing this, you will not only be offered unmatched fun, but you will also get a chance to dance together on your favourite tunes.

3. Spend a night in an ice hotel: Plan at least a single day stay in an ice hotel to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. From beds made of ice to all the furniture made of actual ice, this experience will add more thrill to your romantic night.

4. Plan a picnic in the garden society of Gothenburg: This scenic location is home to several wonders of nature and beauty in the form of gardens, sidewalks, artificial ponds and fountains. A day picnicking here with your partner will let you enjoy a playful day out, thus making it one of the best things to do in Sweden.

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What are the adventure activities to do in Sweden?

1. Ride a snowmobile: The weather and terrain of Sweden in winter offers a wonderful opportunity to go on snowmobile rides around the countryside. You can enjoy snowmobiling in Kiruna, Are, northern Varmland, Dalarna, Lofsdalen and many other places in Sweden. Along with your snowmobile rides you can enjoy other activities such as lunches and dinner in the wilderness, visiting mountain lodges, campfires in the wild, wildlife spotting, ice fishing or just enjoying the breathtaking landscape of the winter wonderland.

2. Indulge in Kayaking - Sweden is a land of thousands of lakes, rivers and a beautiful coastline with many beautiful islands around and kayaking in these spectacular places is one of the best things to do in Sweden. If you love adventure in water then all you need to do is choose your destination and hop on a kayak. Paddle away at a slow pace or just drift along with the flow as you admire the stunning scenery and the peaceful environment that surrounds  you.

3. Ice Climbing  - Ice climbing is both a challenging and exhilarating activity which should be counted as one of the most adventurous activities to do in Sweden. One of the best places to enjoy ice climbing is the beautiful valleys of the Swedish Lapland. This entire region turns white with a fine glaze of ice, the waterfalls are frozen with amazing ice sheets that are used for climbing. If you are new at this you can even join a course and enjoy the thrill of ice climbing.

4. Try Zip Lining - The Smaland in Sweden is home to the first zip line course in Sweden and Europe and today the Little Rock Park here offers one of the best zipline courses in the country. Zip through 11 stations at a speed of 70 km/h and 20 to 132 meters above the ground. Enjoy the zip line with the scenic Swedish forests in the backdrop and deep ravines as you take in a bird’s eye view of the whole scenery.

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What are the famous hiking trails in Sweden?

1. The Kings Trail: One of the must activities to do in Sweden is taking an unknown road and hiking till you reach a scenic top spot. The Kings Trail is one such route, which is loaded with serenity on all its sides and will let you explore nature through various challenging paths.

2. Kebnekaise: Famed for being the Highest mountain in Sweden, the path to the top of this mountain will let you enjoy the scenery of snow capped hills. On your way to the top, you will also enjoy gazing at various glaciers and lush green valleys.

3. Sormlandsleden: Being an easy hiking trail, this one is divided into hundred parts which collectively cover around 21 km. All the hiking enthusiasts can choose the length of trial depending on their capability and can enjoy a joyful hiking experience.

4. Pilgrim Path: Located in the western part of Sweden the pilgrim path passes through both Norway as well as Sweden, and attracts more than thousands of tourists each day. From vast seas to unintended rustic herds, this path passes through various wonders of nature as well as humans.

5. Skaneleden Trail: Whether you are an experienced hacker or just an amateur, this hiking trail will make sure that whosoever visits her enjoys a thrilling as well as playful hiking experience. The path to the top of this hill is divided into six sub-trails, each of which has different levels of difficulty.

How to reach Sweden?

- By Air: Sweden has two major international airports, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, and Gothenburg Landvetter Airport, which are well connected by major cities from around the world. While booking your flights, you can compare the prices of your flights to these two airports.

- By Train: Sweden can be reached by train from 4 countries, namely Norway (connects Stockholm & Gothenburg with Oslo), Denmark (connects Malm with Copenhagen, operates after every 20 minutes), Germany (“Berlin Night Express” connects Malm with Berlin) & Finland.

What is the best time to visit Sweden?

The Summer season, ranging from May to September is the best time to be in Sweden. Summers are welcoming in Sweden, with decent temperatures, lesser rain, and longer sun time, providing the travelers the best out of their time there.

How many days are enough to explore Sweden?

A 4 to 5 days long trip will be enough to cover all the major tourist attractions of Sweden. While a few days might be spent sightseeing along famous tourist places, you will still get enough time to try hands on numerous activities to do in Sweden. If the time permits, you can also spend some time shopping for some local goods or souvenirs to take back home and visit markets to enjoy some food touring sessions.

How much money do you need for a week in Sweden?

The cost of traveling might vary a lot based on your lifestyle and luxury requirements. However, a decently planned weeklong visit to Sweden shall cost you anywhere between $455 - $560 (INR34000 – INR42000), excluding the flight tickets.

How much would a trip to Sweden cost?

A seven days long trip for a single person in Sweden could cost you around 10K Swedish Kronas. This amount includes all basic necessities like stay, food, travel, etc and also covers various other charges including some sightseeing tours or activity charges.

Do I need a visa to go to Sweden?

If you have a valid UK passport/documents or are visiting from any of the EU countries, you shall not require a visa to visit Sweden. Moreover, if you hold a US passport, you can visit Sweden for a time period of up to 90 days without a Visa. However, if you are planning a visit from any other country, you shall need to apply for the visa to visit Sweden.

How many days do you need to visit Stockholm?

If you are willing to explore just the major attractions of this beautiful city, 3 full days shall be more than enough. However, to leave some time to yourself to stroll around the city and to laze around a little, plan a visit for at least 4-5 days.

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