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  • Pushkar Fair is one of the most famous and oldest fairs in India where the visitors can witness myriads of the color of Indian culture. The fair, famously known as 'Pushkar Mela,' is primarily celebrated to glorify the Kartik Purnima Festival, which takes place during the full moon day according to the Hindu Lunar month of Kartik. This Hindu Lunar month appears between the months of October and November.

    Throughout this time Pushkar and its surroundings come lively as the much anticipated yearly camel & cattle fair starts at Pushkar. Hotels are full of their potential; tents and campsites quickly spring up to house the myriads of travelers, vacationists, and villagers with flocks of cattle, horses, and camels who come here to join in this huge yearly event.

    Maximum people connect this fair with the world's largest camel fair. However, it is much further than this. It is an opportunity for villagers from distant and adjacent villages to assemble together and relish in the dazzling style and tones, a pleasant break from their hard living in the desert.

    It is also an event for Hindu pilgrims to unite for a holy bath in the divine Pushkar Lake and pay courtesy at the only temple in the world of Lord Brahma.

    The huge event of Pushkar Camel Fair is surely an invaluable gift for those who wish to eye the throbbing culture and rituals of Rajasthan. Tourists participating in the festival get a lifetime chance of getting some traditional Rajasthani souvenirs such as decorations, garments, footwear, artifacts and a lot more. Embroideries of silver and bead ornament, patchwork, calligraphed textiles as well the famous lace and dye clothes from Ajmer are the main appeals of the fair.
  • Important Info about Pushkar Fair

  • 01How The Pushkar Fair is Celebrated?

    How The Pushkar Fair is Celebrated?
    Image Credit : swatikul
    The fair is celebrated in an extremely beautiful way. The camels are decorated, exhibited, shaved, and enter into beauty contests, rushed, made to dance, and exchanged. A tremendous festival is held, with an arrangement of musicians, magicians, dancers, performers, snake charmers and carousel rides to amuse the crowd.
  • 02Rituals Performed During the Pushkar Fair

    Rituals Performed During the Pushkar Fair
    Image Credit : Dharmesh Thakker - flickr
    During the celebration of fair, the pilgrims come from across the country to take bathe in the waters of holy Pushkar Lake so that their sins can be absolved. The most important days of the Pushkar Mela are considered around the full moon when the majority of pilgrims take a bathe because it is said that whoever take bathe on the full moon day, receive special blessings.
  • 03Main Features of Pushkar Fair

    Main Features of Pushkar Fair
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    Pushkar Mela is one of the most colorful fairs in India, and a lot of things happen during this period. Sale of cattle is the highlight of the Pushkar Fair accompanying various programs. Entertainment is infinite with the provincial crowd, which accumulate for the puppet acts, bridal contest, camel sport, and dance performances.

    The camel race takes place on the first day of the Pushkar Mela. Because of camel race, beauty competition, and other rural sports the fair has earned a tremendous reputation among visitors. From Arab nationals to native crowd joins in the programs and the dance shows that sums over any other tradition in the country.
  • 04When the Pushkar Fair is Celebrated?

    When the Pushkar Fair is Celebrated?
    The celebration of fair completely depends on the moon cycle and generally takes place between the months of October and November. For the year 2016, the fair is going to be celebrated from November 8 to 14.
  • 05Important Things to Know about Pushkar Fair

    Important Things to Know about Pushkar Fair
    Visit Pushkar Mela Ground: Well people you can't pass up a major opportunity the Mela which is one of loveliest sight in Pushkar. The Mela ground is brimming with exercises including fun rides. Different sorts of rivalries are additionally held namely camel and horse decoration, races etc. The legends, music, anthems and move exhibitions showcase the bright culture of Rajasthan.

    Dawn and Sunset: Mornings and night times are the ideal opportunities for activity. The lovely slopes encompassing Nag Parbat pass on hypnotizing dawns and dusks with the background of camels. Dawn and dawn perspectives are hugely appealing and charming.

    Click and Click: Every niche and corner of Pushkar are a picture taker's pleasure. Be it the beautiful train of camels, ladies displaying in bright odhani's, ostentatious bazaars, hypnotizing dawn and sunset's, articulations of various individuals you basically need to catch all and make it a noteworthy time through your perspective.

    Heavenly Dip: It's viewed as favorable to take a blessed plunge at Pushkar Sarovar and it will bring you good fortunes and takes away every one of your wrongdoings. For profound voyagers, a sacred plunge is a must.

    Pray at Brahma Temple: This is one thing which you should do while you are in Pushkar. Arrangement a visit to the sanctuary which is a standout amongst the most well-known temple in Pushkar.This temple is visited by thousands of pilgrimage all-round the year.

  • 06Facts about Pushkar

    Facts about Pushkar
    Image Credit : Grey Cells - flickr
    Pushkar is otherwise called "The Lotus bloom" and is one of the most established urban areas in India. Pushkar is one of the five holy journey locales of Hindu enthusiasts and stays dynamic with some astounding marvels which will make your hair stand on end.

    Some of the facts that you should know about this place are:

    1. The Biggest Camel Fair on the world: Pushkar Camel Fair has the nearness of 50,000 camels with a great many camels' agriculturists, tramps, and artists from more profound districts of Rajasthan and more than 200,000 worldwide explorers. The Pushkar Camel Fair begins with purchasing and offering of camels and stallions and by day 5 the inclination begins to change towards festivity. In spite of the fact that the most recent day of the festival is religious as it is the day of Kartik Purnima (Full Moon), day 5, 6, 7 and 8 are truly intriguing. In these 4 days, one can appreciate the Camel Race, tribal move to tramp music, mustache rivalry and my top pick, the pull of war rivalry.

    2. 2000-year-old Temple of Brahma: Learn something more about the story behind the name of Pushkar. It is trusted that Brahma dropped a lotus bloom in a lake (Pushkar Lake) and the city of Pushkar came to presence. From that point forward Pushkar has ended up one of the numerous homes of Brahma. When contrasted with other Hindu Gods Brahma has just 5 noteworthy sanctuaries on the planet and the most vital one is in Pushkar. Despite the fact that there isn't any recorded history of Brahma sanctuary it is thought to be 2000 years of age and was even annihilated in the fourteenth century by the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb as he needed to transform entire India into an Islamic state.

    3. Desert Safari and Rural Weddings: In Rajasthan 3 urban communities are acclaimed for their Desert Safaris; Jaisalmer, Bikaner, and Pushkar. An endless area of Rajasthan is secured in the desert and this part is known as the Thar Desert. Thar is the eighteenth biggest desert locale on the planet and Pushkar is the principal desert city of Thar. A Desert Safari in Pushkar is 24-36 hours in length and the fascination of a Pushkar Safari is the nearby towns where most explorers love to go to the rustic weddings. Rajasthan is a well-known wedding destination and provincial weddings draw in numerous wedded couples to celebrate their childhood days of marriage and this time in Pushkar style.

    4. The Ajmer Sharif: Pushkar goes under the locale of Ajmer and the Ajmer city (40 Km from Pushkar) is a well known for the holy place of Sufi holy person name Moinuddin Chishti. Moinuddin Chishti (1138-1236 AD) meandered around the city of Ajmer and Rajasthan to spread a basic message that there is on god.His straightforward and sweet tone still rearranges the psyche of numerous Islamic and Hindu travelers who look for his endowments at Ajmer Sharif and under one rooftop which is basically astonishing in this multi-religious society of India. 
  • Activities to do in Fair

  • 07Camel safari

    Camel safari
    Camel Safari throughout the Pushkar Mela is a fabulous experience where one can traverse the sturdy region of the vast Indian Desert of Sahara using camels as one's carriers. The Aravalli Range here are one of the world's oldest and have sandy areas, meager dunes, beautiful mountains and hypnotizing sunrises and sunsets.

    The camel safaris in Pushkar brings one to the addresses where one beholds small settlements along the route and if one happens to tour during crop reaping, the scenes are particularly alluring and enchanting.
  • 08Camping

    Image Credit : - flickr
    There are myriads of vendors, which grants leisure tents in a tranquil setting, usually a short stroll from the fair ground but far from the ‘tent cities’ which holds the majority of guests. The majority of camps in Pushkar are small and independent and gives a great standard of comfort and luxury with authentic accommodation. 
  • 09Hot Air Balloon Ride

    Hot Air Balloon Ride
    It's plausible to observe the scene of the fair from above, in a hot air balloon. There are various vendors, which offers invigorating balloon flights over Pushkar. During the fair, you can also witness the International Hot Air Balloon Festival
  • 10Horse Safari

    Horse Safari
    Image Credit : verseguru - flickr
    During the Pushkar Camel Fair, you can also enjoy the horse safari and stroll around the fair to explore the various beautiful areas, which are far and is not easily accessible by walking. You can find myriads of vendors offering horse safari during the Pushkar Fair at the minimal price.
  • 11Quad Biking

    Quad Biking
    Image Credit : Hernan Piñera - flickr
    If you love exploring the deserts, then doing it on the quad bike will be a great option. There are various vendors, which offer the quad biking activities during Pushkar Mela. The average duration of the activity remains 15 minutes and offer various ATVs, which include 90cc, 200cc, or even 300cc for the ultimate fun. The approximate price for a single 15 minutes ride comes to Rs. 500.
  • Places to Stay in Pushkar

  • 12Ananta Resort

    Ananta Resort
    Sprawled in the 9 acres area, the Ananta Resort is a luxury five-star resort just 4 km from the main city of Pushkar and is located in the tranquil settings. Whether you are a solo traveler; on a family vacation,with a group of friends or honeymooners, Ananta Resort is for everyone. The resort offers traditional Balinese cottage villas to its guests which are completely wrapped up in the authentic Balinese architecture and located amidst the Aravali ranges.

    Amenities: There are 62 luxurious cottages in the Ananta Resort, which are equipped with wooden floors, open-to-sky bathrooms, courtyards, open showers and balconies, which open into the lush green garden. There are three categories of cottages, viz. Super Deluxe, Deluxe, and Classic.

    Location: The Ananta Resort is located in Leela Sevri village, which is just 4 km from the Pushkar.
  • 13Jagat Palace

    Jagat Palace
    Designed in the art-deco style, the Jagat Palace is yet another beautiful hotel in Pushkar. The complete hotel is decorated beautifully with the mesmerizing art of traditional and authentic Rajasthani art architecture. Every corner of the hotel is the place where you can find the antique furniture, wood-work, traditional carvings and much more, which will surely remind you of the royal times.

    Amenities: The Jagat Palace features 82 super deluxe rooms, which are equipped with all the modern amenities in the royal settings. Every room has its own private balcony, which opens to the mesmerizing view of sand dunes and Snake Mountains, (famously known as Nag Parbat). The hotel also has a beautiful green garden where the guests can relax and unwind after a tiring day and enjoy the snacks of dinner in the evening. The Jagat Palace also offers swimming pool, Jacuzzi and Sauna bath, Kerala Ayurvedic Massage, reading hall and much more.

    Location: The Hotel Jagat Palace is located behind the Ramdwara on the Ajmer Road in Pushkar.
  • 14Bhanwar Singh Palace

    Bhanwar Singh Palace
    Bhanwar Singh Palace is a beautiful Spa Resort in Pushkar, located far from all the hustle and bustle of the city life. The hotel is situated just 10 minutes from the Pushkar's Sarovar and between Ajmer – Pushkar bypass road; 15 minutes from Ajmer Dargah Shareef, Ajmer Railway station and Ajmer City, 5 minutes from Bhudha Pushkar and 35 minutes from Kishangarh Marblemarket.

    Amenities: The Bhawnwar Sing Palace features 61 spacious rooms, out of which, 44 are Royal villa rooms and 17 Royal rooms. All the rooms have separate balconies, which opens to the beautiful view of Aravali Mountains and garden. Apart from this, the Bhanwar Singh Palace has five multi-cuisine restaurant out of which one opens all day long. The hotel also features a bar, private party lawn and one centre lawn.

    Location: The Bhanwar Singh Palace is located on the Ajmer Pushkar Bypass road, in the village Hokra in Pushkar.
  • 15Lohana Village Resort

    Lohana Village Resort
    The Lohana Village Resort in Pushkar is a beautiful and lavish tent resort and is spread across the area of 5 acres. The resort offers the luxurious Swiss Tent accommodation amidst the mesmerizing scenery in the foothills of Aravali ranges. It is one of the most beautiful resorts in Pushkar and is like a home away from home. The relaxing experience inside the resort will definitely sooth your soul and mind.

    Amenities: The Lohana Village Resort has 12 luxury cottages, equipped with all the modern amenities like attached bathroom, Wi-Fi, AC, etc. The resort also features a great multi cuisine restaurant where you can savor your taste buds with the authentic Rajasthani cuisine. You can even unwind and relax in the swimming pool or indulge in the camel safari or horse riding.

    Location: The Lohana Village Resort is located in the village Ganahera on Chawandiya Road in Pushkar
  • 16Dera Masuda

    Dera Masuda
    Built by Dushyant Singh, the scion of Masuda Ruling Family, the Dera Masuda Resort is a design hotel, which is located amidst the mesmerizing hills of Aravali on one side and Savitri Temple the other side. During your stay in the Dera Masuda Resort, the calmness and tranquility are guaranteed. The beautiful architecture of Dera Masuda is based on perception of 'Uniformity in Diversity.'

    Amenities: The Dera Masuda offers three categories of rooms, which include Deluxe Room, Deluxe Suite, and Deluxe Duplex Suite equipped with all the modern amenities. Moreover, the resort features a multi-cuisine restaurant that offers delicacies from around the world along with the traditional and authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

    Location: The Dera Masuda Resort is located on Motisar Road in Pushkar
  • 17Vela Resort

    Vela Resort
    Located in the center of Pushkar the Vela Resort is yet another beautiful resort. Many tourist locations like the Brahma Temple, etc. are just a few minutes of walk away from the resort. Hence, it is an ideal place to stay in Pushkar during your trip. It is one of the economic hotels in Pushkar, which also offers world class facilities.

    Amenities: The rooms are divided into two categories, viz. family room, which can accommodate 3 adults and 2 children, and the deluxe room, which can accommodate two people. All the rooms are equipped with attached bathroom, AC, and TV.

    Location: The Vela Resort is located behind the Brahma Temple on the Savitri Temple Road, Opposite Jat Dharamshala in Pushkar.
  • 18Aaram Baagh Resort

    Aaram Baagh Resort
    The Aaram Baagh Resort is a beautiful resort, which used to belong to former Maharajas and Royal Families. Primarily, the resort was used by royal families to relax, unwind, and keep themselves away from the royal duties for some times used the resort. The resort is located at the base of Aravali hills near the Savitri Temple and offers a panoramic view of green vegetation, sand dunes, and mountains.

    Amenities: The rooms at Aaram Bagh are beautiful and highlight the mesmerizing Rajasthani architecture with the modern amenities. Apart from this, the resort also offers a chance to dive into a beautiful swimming pool; enjoy sumptuous delicacies from its multi-cuisine restaurant and much more.

    Location: The Aaram Bagh resort is located at Motisar, Ganhera in Pushkar.
  • 19Pushkar Bagh

    Pushkar Bagh
    While you are on your trip to Pushkar you should definitely visit this lavish resort. The Pushkar Bagh is a perfect base to investigate Indian desert life, culture and scene of stunning magnificence. Inside The Pushkar Bagh ageless skylines, you will get yourself one with nature. Also, as the sun takes a bow behind the hills, something inside lets you know this is your haven. Pushkar Bagh is exceptionally all around kept up and furnished with all the cutting edge condition of craftsmanship offices. All suite rooms have private overhangs and joined European style bathrooms furnished with bathtub.

    Amenities: For those who love to treat yourself there is an outside pool which is one of the best parts of the resort. Whether you are beginning your day with an invigorating plunge or loosening up toward the end of a taxing day, you can beat the warmth without agonizing over getting sand in your towel. In the event that swimming isn't your thing, the open pool deck is an incredible work environment on your essential things.

    Location: Motisar Link Road, Village Ghanehera, Dist, Pushkar, Rajasthan
  • Places to See in Pushkar

  • 20Pushkar Lake

    Pushkar Lake
    Image Credit : deepgoswami - flickr
    Your visit to Pushkar Camel Fair would not be finished without going to the Pushkar Lake which is a standout amongst the most loved destination of all. The beautiful pool of Pushkar is arranged in a valley around 10 km toward the northwest of Ajmer. Pushkar Lake is encased by slopes and abandon. Pushkar Lake is a standout amongst the most blessed spot for Hindus. There are around 52 Ghats and 400 sanctuaries in Pushkar which are arranged on the banks of the Pushkar Lake. It is viewed as that the well-known waters of the Pushkar wash away the wrongdoings of an entire life.

    Highlights: Pilgrims from all over come to scrub down in the sacred waters of Pushkar upon the arrival of Kartik Purnima or on any of the four days before the day of Kartik Purnima furthermore reverse at the Ghats. The otherworldly water of the Lake is likewise considered to treat skin sicknesses, making Pushkar "the Lourdes of the East".

    Location: The closest airplane terminal from Pushkar is Sanganer Airport at Jaipur at a distance of 146 km. Jaipur is all around associated with all the real urban communities in India. Also, in the event that you are going by street then Pushkar is 11 km from Ajmer.
  • 21Brahma's Temple

    Brahma's Temple
    For the devotees of God, there is somewhere else which is an absolute must visit while you are in Pushkar Mela. The Brahma's Temple is another best place in Pushkar where one can see a considerable measure of vacationer from everywhere throughout the world. The sanctuary is gone to by explorers furthermore by the blessed men and sages, in the wake of scrubbing down in the Pushkar Lake. It is additionally a practice that visits the Brahma sanctuary is trailed by the love of his consort Gayatri, trailed by visits to different sanctuaries as helpful.

    Highlights: Once every year, on Kartik Poornima, the full moon night of the Hindu lunar month of Kartik (October – November), a religious celebration is held in Brahma's honor. A huge number of explorers come to bathe in the blessed Pushkar Lake nearby the sanctuary. Different ceremonies are additionally held at the sanctuary amid the reasonable.

    Location: The sanctuary is situated at Brahma Temple Road, Ganahera, Pushkar, Rajasthan
  • 22Savitri Temple

    Savitri Temple
    As Pushkar is known as the most religious city, while you are here you should visit the Savitri sanctuary. Savitri Temple in Pushkar is a sanctuary of world acknowledgment. Savitri Temple is exceedingly acclaimed by the travelers and in addition by local people Savitri Temple is the sanctuary devoted to the primary spouse of Lord Brahma. Savitri Temple Pushkar Rajasthan is situated on the slope behind the Brahma sanctuary. One needs to climb a long arrangement of ventures to achieve the holy place at Savitri Temple. It exhibits an all-encompassing perspective of the delightful lake and the pleasant encompassing of the towns.

    Highlights: This temple was fundamentally worked for the love of Savitri. There is a convention that still proceeds with, first, the aarti is performed at Savitri temple and after that at Gayatri temple. Icons of both Savitri and Gayatri are currently introduced at the Savitri sanctuary.

    Location: The airport is located at a distance of almost 146 kilometers from Pushkar. 
  • 23Rangji Temple

    Rangji Temple
    There is another temple which is an absolute necessity visit fascination in Pushkar. Rangji Temple Pushkar Rajasthan is a celebrated sanctuary where subterranean insect voyagers rush each year to pay their reverence to the divinities. Ruler Rangji Temple talks about Lord Rangji who is accepted to be the incarnation of master Vishnu. Rangji Temple Pushkar is restrictive as here you can discover the conversion of South Indian style (Dravid), Rajput style and Mughal style of design. The charitable Old Rangji Temple is exceptionally detectable. It has a high rising Gopuram original of southern India.

    Highlights: This sanctuary is another sanctuary which is gone to by the general population. As indicated by the well known and managing legend in Rajasthan, consistently for five days every one of the divine beings visits Pushkar and favor the enthusiasts. That is the reason each year, an unfathomable number of fans run to the lake to wash away their transgressions. These five basic days likewise relate to the greatest steers reasonable of the nation.

    Location: The sanctuary is situated at Choti Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan
  • 24Visit Pushkar Bazaar

    Visit Pushkar Bazaar
    Well for the people who loves to spend their night investigating the business sector then this is the ideal spot for you. Pushkar Bazaar is one of the most loved destinations for every one of the shopaholics. Whether on a relaxation visit or a journey to Pushkar, sightseers and aficionados never neglect to visit Main Bazaar. The town of Pushkar situated in Rajasthan is renowned everywhere throughout the world for its religious importance. Considered as a part of the hallowed "dreams" or journey locales of Hindu religion, Pushkar is gone to by fans from everywhere throughout the nation.

    Highlights: Pushkar Fair is one of the real attractions of the city. This fair is held every year and is one of the biggest camel fairs on the planet. Aside from the sanctuaries and the observed Pushkar Fair, this town likewise has various shopping regions.

    Location: Driving to Pushkar is a feasible alternative for sightseers. Making a trip to this city via air is the best choice for vacationers, particularly for the individuals who need to achieve the city in least time.
  • How to Reach Pushkar

  • 25Distance and Routes from Major Cities

    Distance and Routes from Major Cities
    Image Credit : uzi yachin - flickr
    The total distance from Pushkar 414 km via NH48, If you are travelling by NH248A and NH48 then your distance will be 459 km.


    -By Air
    The nearest airport to Pushkar is Jaipur, which is 127 km. You can take direct flights from Delhi to Jaipur and continue your journey either by bus or train from Jaipur to Pushkar.

    -By Bus
    There are direct bus services from Delhi to Pushkar, which approximately takes 14 hours to reach Pushkar

    -By Train
    There is no direct train service from Delhi to Pushkar. However, you can take Chetak Express from Delhi to Ajmer and from there you can take local buses or taxis to reach Pushkar.


    -By Air
    As Jaipur is the nearest airport to Pushkar, A flight is not an option to travel to Pushkar from Jaipur.

    -By Bus
    There are direct buses from Jaipur to Pushkar, which take approximately three hours to reach Pushkar.

    -By Train
    There is no direct train from Jaipur to Pushkar. However, you can take Aravali Express from Jaipur to Ajmer and from there, you can take local buses or taxis to reach Pushkar.


    -By Air
    As Pushkar doesn't have an airport, there is no way to reach Pushkar via flight from Jodhpur

    -By Bus
    There are no direct bus services from Jodhpur to Pushkar. However, you can take a bus from Jodhpur to Ajmer and from Ajmer, you can take either local buses or taxis to reach Pushkar.

    -By Train
    There is no direct train service from Jodhpur to Pushkar. However, you can take Train #54704 from Jodhpur to Merta Road and from there, you can take local buses or taxis to reach Pushkar


    -By Air
    There are no direct flights from Agra to Pushkar. 

    -By Bus
    There is no direct bus service from Agra to Pushkar. However, you can take a bus from Agra to Jaipur, from where you can take a train to Ajmer and then local taxis to reach Pushkar. Or you can take buses too from Jaipur to Pushkar.

    -By Train
    There is no direct train from Agra to Pushkar. However, you can take Intercity from Agra to Ajmer and from Ajmer, you can take local buses or taxis to reach Pushkar. 

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