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Best Places to Visit in Haridwar in 2018

  • A pilgrimage spot, a holy destination, a spiritual resort is Haridwar in North India lying under the blankets of the mighty Himalayas. Moreover, it is an adventure destination because of its high altitudes and the friendly yet tricky Himalayan ranges. Being an ancient city which has space in the mythologies of India, Haridwar is considered to be a sacred location. The River Ganga enters the Indo Gangetic Plains at Haridwar for the first time by which it got another name as Gangadwara.

    The soothing nature existing here will relish every heart in no time and this is the place where all the elements of nature coexist in harmony. There are temples located at a great altitude and trekkers from the different parts of the world find it challenging to overcome the steep hills and reach the temple and in winter the favourable conditions would be at bay. You can visit Haridwar throughout the year and the city is spreading over 12.3 square kilometers and located at an altitude of 315 meters above the sea level.Travellers can even go for a road tripto Haridwar for a one day trip from Delhi.

    Since it is a city of sacred importance, non-vegetarian food and alcohol are not allowed at many places inside. Some of the major things you can do here are Ganga Ceremony or Ganga Aarti during which hundreds of people gather on the banks of the river to offer prayers, a holy dip in the river, yoga classes and meditation, Haridwar heritage walk, trekking or cycling or biking and much more. Its a famous tourist destination to visit within 400kms from Delhi.

    Distance from Delhi to Haridwar:
    Haridwar is closely located to Rishikesh around 30 kilometers away and it is located at a distance of around 222 kilometers away from Delhi and you will need a drive of more than 5 hours via road to reach Haridwar from Delhi via NH 334. There are a lot of bus services from the capital city at any time. 

    The most enchanting time to visit Hari ki Pauri, a divine spot in Haridwar where the sacred nectar is believed to have fallen and also the heart of the Maha Kumbh Mela, is at dusk. Chandi Devi Temple situated atop Neel Parvat is a holy shrine connected by cable car or can be reached by a 3km trek via Chandi Ghat.

    Manasa Devi Temple perched on top of Bilwa Parwat gives a bird’s eye view of Haridwar. Other shrines include Maya Devi Temple, Sapta Rishi Ashram, Daksha Mahadev Temple etc.

  • 01 Haridwar

    Image Credit : Haridwar

    Known as one of the most ancient and sacred cities in India, Haridwar is situated on the banks of the Holy Ganga River and is one of the few places near Delhi to visit at any time during the year, and if you are an ardent devotee, then there are specific times during the year that you can visit this place.

    Revered by Hindus all over the country, Haridwar is one of the seven holiest cities of India and widely known as home to the Panch Tirth (five pilgrimage destinations) and three Siddha Peetha (a place where desires get fulfilled). A pious and holy place, Haridwar is a haven for photographers who can capture the deep beauty of the place and raw Indian culture.

    Distance from Delhi: 208km

    Best time to visit: February to March and August to October

    Attractions: Har Ki Pauri, Holy Ganges, Shantikunj, Chandi Devi and Mansa Devi Temple

    Activities: Rafting, Temple Visits, Cable Car Ride, Boat Rides and Ghat Visits 

  • 02 Har Ki Pauri

    Image Credit : Har Ki Pauri
    It is just marvelous to have the views of Har Ki Pauri, a famous ghat on the banks of the Ganges in Haridwar, especially in the evening, lit by thousands of lamps along with the glittering mountains in the backdrop. The name Har ki Pauri means the steps of Lord Shiva and the ghat witnesses many different festivities including the majestic Kumbh Mela in every 12 years, Ardh Kumbhmela in every 6 years. Thousands of devotees and pilgrims offering prayers here are an unusually usual sight every day. The Ganga Aarti happening in the evenings is very special to the pilgrims coming over, the lights are floated on the holy water as an offering to the lord. Being such an auspicious location, Har Ki Pauri brings forth high spirituality and refreshing attitude which in turn make the devotees keep attracted to the place again and again.

  • 03 Crystal World

    Image Credit : Crystal World
    In a short span of time, Crystal World Park has spread its wings to fly high among the people of Uttarakhand as well as people from outside the state. Its name was roaring loud as the fun and entertainment provided here would come above any other forms of activity outside. The park is the pride of the holy city, Haridwar now, located amidst the mighty Ganges, spreading across 18 acres of lush greenery and it holds many subtitles as North India’s largest family water pool, Wildwood Jungle Themes- Multi Slide Water Tower and so on. Over 32 rides steal the hearts of anyone who visits the park, be it children or adults; both the water based rides and land rides create fun in a peak level.

  • 04 Mansa Devi Temple

    Image Credit : Mansa Devi Temple
    Manasa Devi Temple seems to have a significant space among the minds of the devotees of Shakti, the goddess this temple is dedicated to. Perched on the top of Bilwa Parvat on the Sivalik Hills, the temple offers a splendid view of the mighty Ganges and the holy city of Haridwar. Rather than being a pilgrim centre, the temple makes its value higher among the adventure seekers as well because, the temple is accessible either only by trekking the high altitude or taking the recently established rope way. Chandi Devi Temple located very close to this shrine attracts a large number of devotees everyday as there is a belief that the two forms of Goddess Parvati, Mansa and Chandi stay close to each other.