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Jeep Ride and Forest Camping Munnar

Jeep Ride and Forest Camping Munnar

4.0 28 Reviews
3050 1850
Forest Camping in Munnar, Flat 35% off

Forest Camping in Munnar, Flat 35% off

5.0 84 Reviews
3900 3000
Trek To Chokramudi And Forest Camping In Munnar

Trek To Chokramudi And Forest Camping In Munnar

4.0 24 Reviews
Top Station Camping with Campfire in Munnar

Top Station Camping with Campfire in Munnar

4.0 40 Reviews
3000 2750
Tiger Trail Trekking and Camping, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tiger Trail Trekking and Camping, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

3.0 28 Reviews
Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

5.0 80 Reviews
Jungle Camp in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Jungle Camp in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

5.0 23 Reviews
Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off

Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off

3.0 25 Reviews
Jeep Sightseeing Tour with Trekking, Munnar

Jeep Sightseeing Tour with Trekking, Munnar

5.0 36 Reviews
Dark Forest Tour in Munnar Flat 45% off

Dark Forest Tour in Munnar Flat 45% off

4.0 40 Reviews
Dreamland Fun & Adventure Park, Munnar: Entry Ticket

Dreamland Fun & Adventure Park, Munnar: Entry Ticket

4.0 34 Reviews
Mathikettan Shola Rainforest Trekking Experience, Munnar

Mathikettan Shola Rainforest Trekking Experience, Munnar

4.0 25 Reviews
Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

5.0 80 Reviews
Mountain Biking at Munnar, Kerala Flat 15% off

Mountain Biking at Munnar, Kerala Flat 15% off

4.0 26 Reviews
Jeep Safari from Munnar to Vattavada

Jeep Safari from Munnar to Vattavada

3.0 41 Reviews
Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off

Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off

3.0 25 Reviews
  • Things to do in Munnar include camping at Top Station, visiting Kolukkumalai tea plantations, stay in a treehouse, visit blossom park day forest, visiting echo point, visiting Lakkam Waterfalls, safari in  Eravikulam National Park, Shikara ride in Kundala Lake, mountain biking, hiking to Anamudi Peak, rock climbing, trekking and many more exciting activities.

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     Camping Experience at Munnar Top Station @ 
    ₹1,999 Only!

    While you tour the zone, you can make a visit to the Lakkam waterfalls, hike up its highest peak Anamudi, or whiff in the aroma of tender tea leaves at the lush green carpets of its plantations. Apart from this, here you can also witness a stay at the tree house in Munnar and take a sneak peek at the picturesque displays it owns.

    Deal of the day: Mountain Biking at Munnar, Kerala Flat 15% off

    The verdant hillocks contrasting with the clear blue skies put forward an excellent image of the town and draws fanatical photographers in its abode. So, without much thoughts, wander in the misty greens of the town of Munnar with your friends or family!
  • Must Things to Do in Munnar

  • 01Camping at Top Station

    Camping at Top Station

    Munnar is abounded with natural beauty and is often called the Kashmir of Southern India. It has the most beautiful valleys, waterfalls, rare species of animals and plants, several thick forests. This top station is located 1880 m above sea level.

    It provides a birds-eye view of the magnificent Western Ghats and the splendid valley of Theni that sprawls below it. The campsite is located in the heart of lush forests and promises an experience that makes the blood rush. The view shows picturesque sight of the plantations. There are several indoor games and campfires that add to the spirit of the activity. 

    Location- Top Station Camp, Munnar, Kerala 

    Price- Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500/-

    Distance from Munnar- 38 km from Munnar

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    Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

    Camping at Top Station, Munnar in Monsoon Flat 40% off

    NNNNN80 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlMunnar


    Starting from


  • 02Visit to Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation

    Visit to Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation

    At 7900 feet, Kolukkumalai is the world’s highest elevation tea plantation. The tea here is processed old style to retain its high quality, making the tea taste amazing. The Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation produces one of the best and finest teas in South India. 

    Come here for a nice hot cup of tea and the stunning view from the mountains of the tea gardens below. The Kolukkumalai Tea Plantation offers you cold early morning walks, fresh air and the greenery and bliss of living in the tea gardens.

    Meesapulimala, Idukki.

    Timings: 8 AM to 6 PM


    Distance from Munnar: 35 km

    Holiday Special: Affordable Tour Packages of Munnar

  • 03Stay in A Tree House

    Stay in A Tree House

    Of all the things to do in Munnar, staying at the treehouse is an unmissable part. With this nature stay, you can experience a perfect blend of modern amenities and tranquillity.

    Most of the rooms have a sitting area, from where you can take a glimpse of the lush green environs or just sit back there cuddling your book. From ever-attentive staff to round to the service, here you can have all of it at once.

    Mary land, Anachal, P.O, 685565, Munnar.

    Starting from INR 5,000

    Distance from Munnar:
    It is located 15 km away from the Munnar town.

  • 04Visit Blossom Park Dark Forest

    Visit Blossom Park Dark Forest
    This is a 16 kilometres long trail of thick forests that takes you on an adventurous ride and is the highlight of Munnar. The woods are very dense, and they form a heavy canopy that obstructs light from coming in even during the day. This is one of the most thrilling activities to do in Munnar.

    The trekking adventure over here is a thrilling experience and takes about 7 to 8 hours to reach the highest peak. This is a haven for adventure enthusiasts who get to enjoy a tour to tea plantations while on the trek. Blossom Park is famous for its picturesque beauty and thrilling trekking experience. 

    Location- Blossom Park, Old Munnar 

    Timings- 8 AM to 3 PM

    Price- Rs. 1000/- onwards

    Distance from Munnar- about 122 kilometres from Munnar
    Dark Forest Tour in Munnar Flat 45% off

    Dark Forest Tour in Munnar Flat 45% off

    NNNNM40 Ratings

    h8 HourslMunnar


    Starting from


  • 05Mathikettan Shola Rainforest Trekking Experience, Munnar

    Mathikettan Shola Rainforest Trekking Experience, Munnar
    • h7 Hours
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • Thrillophilia Vendor
      Thrillophilia Vendor
    About the Activity:

    - Trek in some of the most amazing surroundings of Kerala, right here in the Mathikettan Shola National Park. Famous for the rich biodiversity that it offers to the visitors, this green heaven is home to a number of endemic plants and animals.
    - This trekking expedition starts with your arrival in Thondimala by 09.00 am. You will get small warming up and briefing session before the trek begins. 
    - You will get to spot a number of wild animals like Malabar Giant Squirrel, Gaur, Sambar, and Elephants. The trek continues through several plantations until you arrive at Shantanpara.
    - This is where the trek and the experience come to an end.

    Timings: 9 AM to 4 PM

    Minimum number of people req:

    Starting point: 

    How to Reach?

    You can reach Location Thondimala easily by public or private transport.
  • 06Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off

    Camping in Suryanelli, Munnar,flat 45% off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    One of the best parts of Munnar is the border it shares with the Idukki Region. Filled with immense greenery and beauty, to camp in this area would mean to open yourself to some of the most amazing sights of the Western Ghats.

    Factual Information
    Camping in Suryanelli for 2 days and 1 night is a package of amazing cool weather, views of Valley of Theni, breathtaking greenery of the lush forest, and air filled with the aroma of spice scented cool air. Perched at a height of 1,880 m above sea level, the campsite is set against a backdrop of the Munnar Hills and is surrounded by thick forests. Under you, you will have an amazing view of the tea plantations of Munnar.

    Stay in comfortable Swiss tents on double sharing basis. The maximum capacity of the campsite is 100 people.

    The best thing to do during your stay here is to explore the natural beauty that surrounds this place. For that, a short tea plantation walk is included in the package. To make your stay here fun, the campsite also has provisions of a campfire, and arrangements for music.

    How To Reach:
    The campsite is located about 26 km from Munnar, and a road leads you to the campsite.

    Check In- 2 PM
    Check Out- 12 PM
    Minimum no of people required to book: 2
  • 07Visit Echo Point

    Visit Echo Point

    With a vast bucket of things to do in Munnar, visiting the echo point is not to be missed activity. Perched on an altitude of 600 ft, this place is frequented by revellers all around the year.

    The mesmerizing backdrops contrasting with the lush green blankets extend picture-perfect vistas. Be it the panoramic views or unusual echoing phenomenon this place owns everything to amaze you.

    The echo point is located at a distance of almost 18 km from the centre of Munnar.

    6 AM to 7:30 PM

    There are no entry charges to enter the premises.

    Distance from Munnar: 18 km

  • 08Watch the Beauty of the City from Pothamedu View Point

    Watch the Beauty of the City from Pothamedu View Point
    This enchanting spot is blessed with nature’s bounty in the beautiful location of the Pothamedu View Point. An adventure hike up to Pothamedu is among the most exciting things to do in Munnar. This is a refuge for people looking for serenity in the green valleys and refreshing aroma of the plantations of coffee, cardamom and tea.

    If the weather is not too misty, one can even see the Muthirapuzha River. The narrow roads in the valley appear as a miniature maze where vehicles meander putting the viewer on a distant panoramic vision.

    Location- Pothamedu View Point, Kerala 685565

    Timings- open between sunrise and sunset

    Price- there is no fee for the spot, but the trek charges may cost around Rs. 4498/- 

    Distance from Munnar- about 5 km from Munnar
  • 09Lakkam Waterfalls

    Lakkam Waterfalls

    Situated about 40 kilometres from Munnar and 1.5 kilometres from Marayur, the Lakkam Waterfalls are a sight to marvel at in the wilderness of the Western Ghats. It takes you about an hour to get here from Munnar. Falling from a height of fifty feet, the waterfalls are a majestic view.

    You can visit the Lakkam Waterfalls right after the monsoons, so you can enjoy a gushing waterfall as the flow of water is very strong after monsoons until March.

    Udumalpet Road, Marayur.

    9 AM to 4 PM

    INR 20

    Distance from Munnar: 
    24 km

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  • 10Eravikulam National Park Safari

    Eravikulam National Park Safari

    Spread over an area of 97 square kilometres, the Eravikulam National Park is a popular destination for tourists because it hosts the endangered Nilgiri Thar. There are also several species of rare birds and animals in this sanctuary in Kerala, namely elephants, Nilgiri langurs, Nilgiri martens,small-clawed otters, leopards etc. 

    The major attraction for the Eravikulam National Park is the Anamudi Peak, which offers excellent trekking and lodging.

    The Wildlife Warden Munnar PO, Idukki.

    7:30 AM t0 4 PM

    INR 65 (for Indians), INR 245 (for foreign nationals)

    Distance from Munnar: 10.6 km

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  • 11Shikara Ride in Kundala Lake

    Shikara Ride in Kundala Lake

    Taste the true essence of serenity and capture the beguiling beauties of Munnar, with Shikara ride in Kundala lake. Ranging from the basic paddle boats to ultimate Shikara boats, one can make a selection as per their preference.

    While you tour the cool waters, you can whiff in the fresh breeze and get enchanted by the paradisical displays of nature.

    Mattupatti Dam to Top Station Rd, Kundala, Kerala, 685615

    You can enjoy this ride from early morning at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in the evening.

    Starting from INR 150

    Distance from Munnar:
    It is located at a distance of almost 25 km from the centre of Munnar.

  • 12CSI Christ Church

    CSI Christ Church
    Image Credit :

    Founded in 1910, the CSO Christ Church is the headquarters of the CSI Munnar Pastorate with eighteen churches located outside Munnar and more than a thousand families. The foundation stone of this holy site was laid by Noel Hodges in 1900, after which construction began in 1910, and the church was inaugurated in 1911. 

    The church has exquisitely beautiful glass windows that are its main attraction. This quiet church among the mountains and forests is a perfect place to spend a morning in, as you take in the British architecture and stained glass windows.

    Dhanushkodi Road, Moolakadai, Munnar.

    9 AM to 5 PM


    Distance from Munnar:
    1.1 km

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  • Adventure Things to Do in Munnar

  • 13Mountain Biking in Western Ghats

    Mountain Biking in Western Ghats
    Image Credit :

    One of the best things to do in Munnar is to go for mountain biking. The Western Ghats give you amazing trails to bike on from Munnar, ideal for an expert cyclist as well as an amateur. The roads will take you around tea gardens, cardamom estates, and shola forests, so you can get a stunning view of the Kerala countryside. 

    Mountain biking is a casual way to discover your surroundings while in Munnar. You can also go on the Cardamom trail, which starts from Munnar and ends in the Periyar Tiger Reserve and takes up to four days.

    In and around Munnar.

    Price: Starting from INR 5217 onwards (one day), INR 22173 onwards (4 days)

    Distance from Munnar: 
    Cardamom trail (94.3 kilometres)

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    Mountain Biking at Munnar, Kerala Flat 15% off

    Mountain Biking at Munnar, Kerala Flat 15% off

    NNNNM26 Ratings

    h6 HourslMunnar


    Starting from


  • 14Hike to the Anamudi Peak

    Hike to the Anamudi Peak

    Explore like a true traveller! Hike up the bewildering trail of Anamundi Peak which is a myriad of awe-inspiring displays of nature and serene brooklets. Whether you are seeking for a getaway from the hustle of the cities or looking for a chance to embrace the wonders of nature, Anamudi peak would be a spectacular choice.

    Located at an elevation of 2,700 m this place is a true paradise brimming with a rich variety of flora and fauna.

    Located at a distance of about 8.7 km from the heart of the city.

    You can hike up the peak anytime.


    Distance from Munnar: 10 km

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  • 15Elephant Safari at the Carmelagiri Elephant Park

    Elephant Safari at the Carmelagiri Elephant Park

    This private elephant park in Munnar is a treat for nature enthusiasts as well as people who love to ride elephants. This is an activity you may not come across in many places across the country and abroad, hence make sure you have it on your bucket list. 

    The rides are about thirty minutes long and take you through the dense forests and winding hill roads of the elephant park. This is a great place to watch the lives of elephants closely, how they are bathed, what they eat, where they live.

    Mattupetty Road, Munnar, Kannan Devan Hills.

    9 AM to 5 PM

    INR 400

    Distance from Munnar:
    6.5 km

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  • 16Have Fun at Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park

    Have Fun at Wonder Valley Adventure and Amusement Park
    This is an adventurous hotspot of Munnar. This amusement park has something for everyone, including a flowing river, rain dancing area and a wave pool. There is a beautiful natural waterfall where people find the bliss of their life. You can enjoy some of the best activities to do in Munnar over here such as the Charlie Chaplin Walk.

    You can also enjoy several other exciting activities such as Bungee jumping, climbing atop beautiful tree houses as well as peaceful nature walks. Located in the heart of nature, the ambience is refreshing and is designed to detox, relax and re-energize. 

    Location- No. 89, Chithirapuram P.O, Anachal, Idukki District, Munnar, Kerala 685565

    Timings- 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

    Price- Rs. 800/- 

    Distance from Munnar- 13 km from central Munnar
  • 17Rock Climbing on the Hills of Munnar

    Rock Climbing on the Hills of Munnar

    Adding to the list of best things to do in Munnar, rock climbing is a sport that is widely enjoyed by the tourists here. This sport offers you a thrill, adventure, and adrenaline rushing bodywork. You will be trained by experts who will make sure you are well acquainted with the safety gears and measures. 

    You will learn about the different principles and techniques of rock climbing and how to climb steep surfaces with precision and safety. Enjoy this rare sport in the green hills of Munnar, and add it to your string of memorable events in Kerala.

    Gap Road

    All day.

    INR 500 onwards.

    Distance from Munnar:15 km

    Honeymoon Special: Enticing Munnar Honeymoon Packages 

  • 18Trek To Lakshmi Hills In Munnar

    Trek To Lakshmi Hills In Munnar
    • h4 Hours
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    • Vinod Jacob
      Vinod Jacob

    About the activity :

    Lakshmi hills is located about 3km from Munnar and makes for an amazing trekking experience for all those who enjoy pure nature, unadulterated! Grab your cameras and head for an amazing trek with your loved ones! Escalate one of the most intimidating hills, but only in appearance as this trek is an amazing respite for those who wish to beat the city blues! This is a 5 hour trek and will definitely put you in a happy state of mind as you gaze at the world below you, shimmering with clouds as thin as a bride’s veil!  The walk goes through lush green grass lands, tea plantations and you will get to explore over 7 hills while you are here. So get going, it is time to explore the magnificent Lakshmi Hills with your friends and family!

  • 19Chokramudi Trekking In Munnar

    Chokramudi Trekking In Munnar
    • h4 Hours
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN24 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9315236

    About the Activity:

    Chokramudi trekking in Munnar provides you with best panoramic views of the well-acclaimed landscapes of the region. Unravel the splendid beauty of this beautiful hill-station by embarking on this enthralling trek with friends and family.

    The stunning rocky mountain slopes on one side and beautiful Shola forests on the other end will leave you dazzled throughout the trek. Get ready to witness the spectacular view of the highest peak in India, ‘Anaimudi’ and the soothing Idukki Dam which is listed as one of the highest arch dams in Asia.

    Make your way through indefinite path that will take you to the top, providing you best sceneries of the region. Embark on this amazing Chokramudi trekking with friends and family to make some beautiful memories that you would love to cherish for a life time.

  • 20Dreamland Fun & Adventure Park, Munnar: Entry Ticket

    Dreamland Fun & Adventure Park, Munnar: Entry Ticket
    • h10 Hours
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN34 ratings
    • Thrillophilia Vendor
      Thrillophilia Vendor
    About the Activity:

    - The hills of Munnar are the best place to unwind and relax with some of the most beautiful surroundings. At Dreamland Fun and Adventure Park, you get to have that, and a horde of adventure activities at a height of 6,000 ft above sea level.
    - A beautiful hill station in the western ghats, Munnar is one of the go-to destinations for travelers looking for some peace. Sometimes, the guests also come here for a kick of adventure, and that is what you get here, at the Dreamland Fun and Adventure Park.
    - This entry ticket to the park brings you the opportunity to enjoy about 30 activities with different passes that you can choose from. The passes are as follows.

    Dream Land Fun Park Entry: The activities include-
    12 D Motion Theater
    Mirror House (1000 sq.feet walking show)
    Horror House (2000 sq.feet walking show)
    Jungle Safari(1200 sq.feet walking show)
    Rope Way
    Rope Car
    Mechanical Bull Ride
    Children Play area
    Bumper Boat Children
    3D photo Studio
    Gun Shooting
    Free Fall
    Melt Down

    Dream Land Adventure Park Entry: The activities include-
    Horse Ride
    Camel Ride
    Zip Bike
    Mountain Bike
    Zip Line
    Commando Net
    Vertical Ladder
    Tire Walk
    9D Virtual Reality
    Hunting Game
    Walking Virtual Reality
    Body Massage Mechanical
    Water Roller/ Water Walking Ball
    Bungee Trampoline
    Human Washing Machine

    Dream Land Fun & Adventure Park Entry: This pass includes all the above ride with the addition of ATV Ride on a Polaris

    Timing: 9 AM to 7 PM

    Minimum number of people req: 1
  • 21Jeep Sightseeing Tour with Trekking, Munnar

    Jeep Sightseeing Tour with Trekking, Munnar
    • h8 Hours
    • lMunnar
    • NNNNN36 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About the Activity:

    - Adventure comes in many forms, and when it comes to Munnar, you get a little added touch of mesmerizing green in it. This Jeep Sightseeing tour combined with trekking in the hills of western ghats is prepared to take you by a surprise.
    - Drive through different roads from town to village to various hills on this ride. Start with a pickup from your hotel or preferred location within the city of Munnar. 
    - Starting at about 9 pm, you will spend about 4 hours riding the greens and taking in amazing views of the western ghats. At about 1 PM, the jeep will take you for lunch or a small break.
    - You will then leave for trekking at about 2 PM. Walk on some of the trickiest trails in the area, before arriving at the starting point of the trek at about 5 PM, where the experience comes to an end.

    Pick up location: From any hotel in Munnar town
    Drop location after sightseeing tour: 7 hills mountain trekking point

    Distance: 30 km For Jeep Travel (to and fro) | 8 km trekking (to and fro)

    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Minimum number of people required:

  • Other Things to Do in Munnar

  • 22Go for Outing at Fun Forest Adventure Park

    Go for Outing at Fun Forest Adventure Park

    Are you an adventure lover? Then this is your place to be. With a wide platter of things do in Munnar, visiting the Fun Forest is indeed a prominent one.

    Here you can witness an umpteen number of adventures in the heart of lush green blankets like the valley crossing, rock climbing, high and low rope activities and a lot more to spend an adventurous day out.

    You can enjoy the adventure park very easily, as it is located right in the centre of the city.

    The forest operates from 6 AM to 5 PM in the evening.

    There are variable charges for the adventures you take up like INR 200 for Rappeling, INR 500 for a Buggy ride and similar for High rope activities. Whereas for a Jeep Safari it is INR 4500 which can accommodate 7 people.

    Distance from Munnar: 14 km 

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  • 23Trek to Attukal Waterfalls

    Trek to Attukal Waterfalls

    Ideal for trekking, the Attukal Waterfalls is a beauty. The water falls from a great height, making the surroundings foggy and misty. Come here to walk up to the ice cold waters of the waterfalls through a wooden bridge that reaches down to the water. 

    If the water levels are low, you can actually get down in the water as the water is usually shallow in any other season apart from the monsoon. See the hills of Munnar all around you as you walk up to the waterfall. The short walk to the waterfall is a treat than the waterfall itself.

    Udumalpet Road, Marayur, Kerala.

    Timings: 10 AM to 6 PM

    Price: None.

    Distance from Munnar: 
    9 km

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  • 24Spend an Evening at Mattupetty Dam

    Spend an Evening at Mattupetty Dam
    Image Credit :

    This beautiful picnic spot is perfect for a casual evening or a romantic stroll with your loved one. Spending an evening at the Mattupetty Dam is blissful. At a height of 1700 meters, the dam gives you a breathtaking view of the green hills surrounding it. 

    You have an option to go boating here as well, taking in nature around you while seated on a boat. If you are a bird watcher, the place is great with a pair of binoculars as there are many species of rare birds living in the dense forests around.

    Munnar-top station highway, Mattupetty.

    All day.

    INR 10

    Distance from Munnar:
    11 km

  • 25Trekking Expedition to Thoovanam Falls

    Trekking Expedition to Thoovanam Falls
    Image Credit : flickr - karthys

    Located inside the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary close to the Kerala - Tamil Nadu border, the Thoovanam Falls are a popular destination among trekkers as the place offers beautiful trekking trails for the nature lover. The falls are a great place to take a dip in and swim in the blue waters of the Pambar river. 

    The waterfall is 4 kilometres away from the Alampetty Checkpost. The trek takes about two-three hours from here, with an expert guide. Only guided tours are available for trekkers and tourists alike.

    Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Idukki District, Marayur.

    8 AM to 2 PM

    INR 200(with guided trekking)

    Distance from Munnar:
    43 km

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  • 26Rejuvenate With an Ayurvedic Spa

    Rejuvenate With an Ayurvedic Spa
    Image Credit :

    Munnar, with its comfortably cool weather and greenery, is a hotspot of spas that not only relax your body but also your mind. So if you are spending a few days relaxing in Munnar, going for an ayurvedic spa should be in your lost of things to do in Munnar. 

    Ayurvedic spa treatments are typically good for people with health conditions, as an entire day at the spa takes care of your routine, diet, relaxation and the kind of spa treatment required for you. Nothing heals you better than a good ayurvedic spa and the fresh air of the hills at Munnar.

    At various places in Munnar.

    Distance from Munnar:
    In the town of Munnar.

    Depends on the Spa Centre.

  • 27Visit the Tea Museum

    Visit the Tea Museum

    The Tea Museum was established by Tata Tea in 2005, which was set up keeping in mind the curious tourists have in mind when it comes to processing tea. Therefore, if you are a tea enthusiast, one of the best things to do in Munnar would be to visit the Tea Museum. 

    You can not only taste the many exotic varieties of tea at the museum but also get to see how they process each type with such finesse. The Tea Museum has become the essence of Munnar itself, and is a must visit place when you visit Munnar.

    Tata Tea Museum, Nalluthanni Estate, Munnar.

    Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

    Price: INR 75

    Distance from Munnar:
    1.3 km

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  • 28Visit Marayoor - A Place Between Clouds

    Visit Marayoor - A Place Between Clouds
    The beautiful and aromatic sandalwood forest in Marayoor, falls under the protection of the Forest Department in Kerala. The sandalwood saturates the air with its perfume that intoxicates tourists who visit Marayoor. Long walks in the forest are extremely rejuvenating and are a must-do in the list of things to do in Munnar.

    It is secluded and remains a largely unexplored region having a heavenly ambience. People also like to drink fresh coconut water while strolling over here. There are also various trails that allow for excellent trekking potential. The air is fresh, crisp and cool, and there are also a few waterfalls that you may stumble upon while driving up to Marayoor.

    Location- Marayoor, Kerala 685620

    Timings- 6 AM to 6 PM

    Price- No Entry Fee

    Distance from Munnar- 
    39.3 km from central Munnar
  • 29Watch Kathakali at the Thirumeny Cultural Centre

    Watch Kathakali at the Thirumeny Cultural Centre

    Kerala is the home to beautiful art, glorious history and rich culture and tradition. The spellbinding performance of Kathakali with the elaborate detail on costume and makeup raises the hairs on the viewer’s body. The art pieces performed at the Thirumeni Cultural Centre are absolutely magnificent with extreme care given to intricacies of gestures, expressions and movements of the eyes, hands and the flow of the body. This dance form is a cultural symbol of Kerala and is known worldwide for its power to move audiences.

    Location- Thirumeni Cultural Centre, Silent Valley, Munnar, Kerala 685612

    Timings- 5 PM to 6 PM and 7 PM to 8 PM

    Price- Rs. 300/-

    Distance from Munnar- 1 km from Munnar

  • 30Visit Meesapulimala

    Visit Meesapulimala
    Image Credit :

    Situated at a height of 2640 meters, Meesapulimala is the second highest peak of Kerala, located in the region of Munnar. There are eight hills that are spread around the peak, thus giving Meesapulimala its name.

    The place is ideal for trekking and camping and is a major tourist destination, extremely popular among trekkers and campers because of the options it provides in things to do in Munnar. Come here for an amazing trip in the wild, among the mountains of the Western Ghats.

    Meesapulimala, Idukki.

    7 AM to 7 PM


    Distance from Munnar:
    33 km

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  • 31Have the Best Time at Rose Garden Munnar

    Have the Best Time at Rose Garden Munnar
    Sprawling across an area of 2 acres of land; this place is a treasure house of spices, fruit trees and other varieties of plants. The garden is known for the diversity of rose species and a wide array of plants such as those of rambutan, amla, bananas, cauliflower, litchi, strawberry, etc.

    Tourists can take home seeds of several flowering plants as souvenirs that will stay with them forever. The wide variety of flowers and plants fill this place with a beautiful fragrance. 

    Location- National Highway 49, Munnar, Kerala

    Timings- 10 AM to 5 PM

    Price- entry fee- Rs. 20, camera fee- Rs. 30

    Distance from Munnar- 4km from Munnar KSRTC Bus terminal and 2 km from central Munnar
  • 32Watch Shows at Kalari Kshethra

    Watch Shows at Kalari Kshethra
    Kerala is the perfect amalgamation of nature’s majestic bounty and the richness of culture, history and art. Kalari Kshethra is located in Munnar, which is a place that exhibits beautiful pieces of Kerala’s dance forms. The place also conducts training sessions in several dance forms.

    It is a spectrum of mesmerizing performances which immerse the audience in the colour, vigour and energy. The presentation of various shows over here have multifarious themes. The most grappling theme in the range of stories come from mythology about military power and strength. Visiting Kalari Kshethra is indeed one of the most exciting things to do in Munnar. 

    Location- Kochi Road, Chithirapuram South, Munnar, Kerala 685655

    Timings- open between 8 AM to 8PM throughout the week

    Price- Rs. 200/-

    Distance from Munnar- 11.3 km from Munnar
  • 33Go for Street Shopping

    Go for Street Shopping
    Munnar is a beautiful escape in Kerala and indulges tourists in its picturesque beauty and serene atmosphere. Shopping in the local streets is one of the best things to do in Munnar. There are several locations such as the Srishti Welfare Centre which sells items made out of handmade paper. You can also find over here several clothing items in colourful patterns, all made in eco-friendly ways. The local market gives you a splash of colour, aroma and taste.

    It sells various chocolates, tea and organically grown spices. Several trinkets can be found in little stores, and original essential oils can also be found here. The Mattupetty Dam market which is located 10 km from Munnar is another famous spot where people can buy beautiful and memorable artistic items. The local markets of Munnar promise that you do not return empty-handed and can shop to your heart’s content.
  • 34Visit the Valara Waterfalls

    Visit the Valara Waterfalls
    These stunning falls put a spell on the tourists who come to visit Munnar. The waterfalls, enshrouded by dense forests are like a piece of heaven with their magnificence and splendour. There is a wide variety of plants and animals found here along with a dense population of several species of birds and located at 1000 ft. above the sea level, the beauty of the falls reaches its highest peak during the monsoon season when everything looks replenished. The trek up to the Valara Waterfalls is one of the most incredible activities to do in
    Location- Near Adimali, Munnar to Kochi Highway (NH49)

    Timings- open 24 hours

    Price- no entry fee

    Distance from Munnar- 39 km from Munnar
  • 35View the City from Lockhart Gap View Point

    View the City from Lockhart Gap View Point
    It is a beautiful spot popular for its serenity, calm and refreshing atmosphere. The panoramic view from atop the mountains is absolutely breathtaking. The fresh, crisp mountain air and the mist that saturates the atmosphere replenishes the spirit. There is a beautiful cave formed out of stones that is another attraction over here.

    The Bison Valley that lay below the Lockhart Gap is an attractive location that offers a view of a green landscape, misty hills and an overall idyllic site. The place is suited for relaxing excursions and family picnics as well as adventurous activities such as trekking. This place has the best of all the activities to do in Munnar. 

    Location- Munnar_Madurai National Highway, Mattupetty, Munnar, Kerala 685612

    Timings- 6 AM to 6 PM throughout the week

    Price- no entry fee

    Distance from Munnar- 13 km from Munnar

Sightseeing in Munnar

Adventure in Munnar

Attractions in Munnar

Trekking in Munnar

Nature and wildlife in Munnar

Camping in Munnar



Attukal Waterfalls

It is one of the four main waterfalls of Munnar and is very popular among adventure seekers, as the dirt mountain path through the forest gives chills on every step towards Attukal Waterfalls. Take your swimwear as the pool at the bottom of the fall has enough water to dip and bath. 

It is highly recommended that you visit Munnar during Monsoon season if waterfalls top the list of ‘places to visit in Munnar.’ Attukal waterfall is located between Munnar and Pallivasal and can be reached by crossing a wooden bridge. 
The waterfalls in Munnar witness hordes of tourist every year and Attukal is one of those famous waterfalls which is mystically beautiful.

2nd Floor, Mermaid Complex, Nadaiyar road, Munnar 685612

Timings: 9 AM to 7:30 PM

One can pay INR 100 per person to a guide who can lead the trek through the narrow mountain path.

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Pothamedu View Point

Drenched in the mist and greenery, Pothamedu viewpoint is a spot worth trekking to. This viewpoint enables a panoramic vista of the valley and if the day is clear, you can also see Muthirapuzha River and Idukki Arch Dam from quite a height. The view is made of a series of emerald hill slopes where tea, coffee, cardamom, and pepper make a blanket of green all over the hills.

While you are enjoying the mesmerizing view of the valley, take a sip of ginger tea from the only tea shop nearby and you would love spending your evening at Pothamedu. Watching the sun slide down the horizon in the vast expanse of the Sahyadri ranges is one perfect way of spending your vacation in this quaint town. 
Pothamedu is one of the many places to visit in Munnar which have a refreshing environ.

Pothamedu, Munnar.

Timings: 9 AM to 7:30 PM

Entry fee: 


TATA Tea Museum

If you are lucky enough to make it during the show timings, you will learn a lot that day. From the early history of Tea Plantation to how British brought Tea culture and cultivation in the region, the toil and hard work of the people who endured during those days, the machineries and tools, the entire process of cultivating, plucking, drying and final packaging of Tea; almost everything you learn in just a half an hour documentary that is played here. 

You will also get to see the typewriters, magneto phone, the hand tea roller,
and manual calculators and iron oven which have been very useful tools during the earlier days. This is one of the best tourist places in Munnar.

Nullatanni, Munnar, Kerala 685612

Timings: It remains closed on Monday and opens from 9 AM till 5 PM on all the remaining days of the week.

Entry fee:
The entry fee for adults is INR 75 per head and for children of a particular age group is INR 35.

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Top Station

Greeting visitors all around the year, Top Station Munnar lies amidst three mountain streams, at the confluence of Mudrapuzha, Kundala, and Nallathanni mountain ranges. Top Station is a part of reckoned Kannan Devan hill station encircled all around by magnificent views. Turn around your eyes and lose yourself in the sophistication of rich green valleys! 

Here, there are ample of Neelakurinji flowers blooming once after every 12 years. Tourists from far off places visit here for a picture-perfect shot of these rich and luxurious blue flowers. Once a while, this beautiful place was a well-known trans-shipment tea delivery point connecting Munnar with Bodinayakkanur. You can still find some remains of Top Station’s ropeway station there.

Never miss on to accompany yourself with your DSLR’s to snap down a panoramic view of the mighty Western Ghats. Standing at the top station, you can have a bird’s eye view of the township that lays all along the downfall.  All over the path that leads you towards Top Station Munnar, has a beautiful exhibit of blooming flowers. These belong to the rarest varieties and are endearing enough to leave you amazed with both their beauty and fragrance. 

Location: Top Station Hwy, Munnar.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

Entry fee: None.

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Honeymoon Resorts In Munnar


Kundala Lake

Embark on a journey to Top Station and find this beautiful mirror-like lake after around 20 KM of a drive. The breath-taking backdrops of green hill slopes, the majestic sunrises, the unparalleled beauty of cherry blossoms and a blue blanket of the famous Neela Kurunji flowers which bloom only once every twelve year makes this place a dreamy location and is one of the main Munnar tourist places.

This artificial lake has Asia’s first Arch dam and the water engages the tourists in different kinds of boating experience such as rowboats, Kashmiri
shikara boats, and pedal boats. A vast golf course that belongs to Tata Tea Ltd and a nearby waterfall known as Aruvikkad Waterfall is also situated in proximity to the lake which can be visited in a single trip.

Kundale Lake, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685615

Timings: All day.

Price: None.


Tree House Stay

Munnar, the perfect getaway for people in Kerala during summers, has some of the most unparalleled experiences to offer. And one of these experiences is staying in a treehouse. This must have been everyone’s childhood dream at one point of time and now it has come true as the Seven Springs Plantation Resort. 

This resort offers a stay in the fully wooden treehouse that is 30 feet above the ground and offers impeccable amenities like a luxurious mattress, attached toilets, A/C, LED TV, intercom, minifridge, and a lot more. The resort is just a 15 minutes’ drive away from Munnar main bus station. Tucked away in between the cardamom plantations and the dense forests, this tranquil place is the perfect getaway for peace-seekers.    

Location: Mankulam -Nirar Dam Trail, Kallar - Mankulam Rd, Letchmi Estate, Munnar, Kerala 685561

Timings: Open 24 hrs

Price: Starting from Rs 1534 per adult

Eravikulam National Park

This national park is home to the endangered Nilgiris Tahr, which is located in Devikulam Taluk of Idukki district and covers a total area of 97 square kilometers. After the Nilgiri Tahr, Neelakurinji flowers are the second major attraction of this park because this flower blooms once after every 12 years. Anamudi (2695 m), the highest peak of south India also takes abode in Eravikulam National Park. 

It is under the care of the Kerala Department of Forest and Wildlife, Munnar and is situated along the crest of Western Ghats. The subtropical moist broadleaf forest and evergreen tropical forest are commonly known as “Shoals” in the region which is layered on the high hill slopes. The tributaries of Periyar and Chalakudy rivers chisel down these slopes in the form of small rivulets and you can also see Lakhom waterfall within the Park.

Location: The Wildlife Warden Munnar PO, Idukki, Kerala, 685612

7:30 AM to 4 PM on all the seven days of the week.

Entry fee: An entry fee of INR 65 for Indian citizens and INR 245 for foreign nationals.

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Mattupetty Dam

Almost 13 km off the Munnar town, Mattupetty Dam is a famous holiday spot for tourists. This beautiful hill station is hemmed in by Anamudi Peak covered with undulating slopes of tea gardens with an emerald lake in the middle of the place where people often indulge in speed boating. 

Carefully watch the stillness in water; you would notice the rippling reflection of the lush tea gardens on the sides. The height at which Mattupetty is located is around 1,700 m which makes the Dam to be one of the highest Dams in Munnar. 

This is one of the attractions in Munnar that goes on everyone’s to-do list because Mattupetty is dream destination Munnar and the Dam falls en route. Just a few kilometers away from the Dam lies the lake which is settled amid the tea gardens and Shola forest; one of the places to visit in Munnar that goes without saying.

Mattupetty, Munnar, Kerala 685616.

All day.

Entry fee: 
INR 10


Photo Point

This is a picturesque curve on the Nilgiri slopes which is located at a distance of around 3 km from Munnar on the way to Top station and Mattupetti. Photo point truly justifies its name and if you do not think the location has nothing as such to offer while driving through the undulating plains, take a pause, come out of your car and get clicked here, you would notice how photogenic the place is. 

The flickering leaves of the tea garden and the twittering brooks, the scenic hills, and the floating clouds; everything in one picture, it is really an amazing location to take out your camera which makes it one of the best Munnar tourist places.

SH18, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685612

 10 AM - 8 PM

Entry fee:

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Around 15 KM from Munnar lies Rhodovalley which is famous for the blooming Rhodendron trees and there sits the peak of Meesapulimala at an elevation of 8000 ft above sea level. This is the first highest peak in the Munnar region that can be trekked as Anamudi has restrictions.

The peak shares the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu and is a moderate trek of one day that goes through passing eight hills to reach the top. The place is idyllic and is enough to attain peace making it one of the best Munnar tourist places.

Meesapulimalai, Idukki.

: All day.

Entry fee: None.

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Lakkom Water Falls

This waterfall is part of the Eravikulam National Park and falls on the route to Udumalaipettai from Munnar. It originates from the Eravikulam stream at around 30 km off Munnar. Travel through the thick tea plantation on a narrow winding trail and witness this silky white magic of nature. In the clear water of the pool below, you can even see your toe twiddling on the rocks.

The water takes a plunge out of a thick green forest from afar and the sight of this small yet charming waterfall is spellbinding. There is a small shop situated a little away from the fall that serves mouth-watering Kerala food, like fish, rice, sambhar etc. It is one of the sightseeing places in Munnar which commands your attention.

Munnar - Udumalpet Rd, Marayur.

9 AM to 4 PM

Entry fee:
INR 20 

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Echo Point

Trek, walk, stroll or indulge in boating because Echo point in Munnar is a place where you see the creamy clouds floating and rolling down the hilltops, the lush vegetation creates a sight which is often captured in cameras to boost the beauty of Munnar. At 600 ft. above the sea level, people scream with utter enthusiasm to hear it resound and then laugh out of pure amazement. 

Listening to your voice reverberate in the valley is thrilling which makes it one of the best places to visit in Munnar. The Echo point mostly displays the confluence of three mountains - Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala and a picturesque lake which makes the view highly captivating.

Munnar, Top Station Highway, Idukki District, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685616

6 AM - 7:30 PM

Entry fee: 



The most sought-after destination in Munnar is Anamudi peak (8842 ft), the highest peak of South India. Trekking in Munnar on the misty path Rajamalai (Eravikulam) National Park and then following a view of what we know as “the Himalayas of South India” can leave you in a state of ecstasy. The place is a delight for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, mountaineers, trekkers, and photographers. 

The hill is covered by variety of floras such as trees of sp.Bamboos, black wood, and teak trees and the famous Neelakurinji flowers which bloom once every 12 years, the wet grass on the slopes of the hill make trekking a difficult sport and that is you need to take special permission from Eravikulam National Park authorities to trek to the peak top.

Idukki District, Munnar 685602

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None.

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Devikulam is a quaint little hill-station tucked between lush greenery and beauty. Located very close to Munnar, this is an ideal destination to visit as a day trip. Home to make scenic attractions and sites, Devikulam, which literally translates to ‘pond or lake of the Devi’, is a great alternative to other Munnar tourist places.

The exotic flora and fauna have made the village is a must-stop place for those in the vicinity. Sita Devi Lake, the closest site to the village, is a top attraction in Kerala. You can also find many tea and spice plantations in this area. Alternatively, you can also visit the nearby Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are looking for some spiritual or physical rejuvenation, positively stop by this hill-station during your trip.

Location: Sita devi lake, Munnar.

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None.


Mattupetti Indo-Swiss Farm

Mattupetti Dairy farm, also known as Indo-Swiss farm is a dairy farm started under the Indo-Swiss project in Kerala. Dedicated to cattle development and research, the Indo-Swiss project started in 1963 to improve livestock farming in the state. Also known as ‘cattle village’ Mattupetty is a tiny, charming village famous for its green lands and forests.

Home to several varieties of high-quality cattle, one should visit Mattupetti Indo-Swiss farm for its beautiful gardens, picturesque views and for a chance to meet the many cattle breeds. 3km away from Mattupetty Dam, the dairy farm is one of the offbeat Munnar tourist places you should visit.  

Location: 3 km from Mattupetty Dam, Mattupetty, Idukki, Munnar, 685612.

Timings: 9 AM – 11 AM | 2 PM – 3:30 PM

Entry fee: INR 5

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Blossom Park

From several swings to a small canal, from a maze of colorful flower on the banks to the soft grasses; The Park is an ideal location to unwind and relax in Munnar. Embrace the lush green vegetation around and relax listening to the chirps of migratory water birds. 

This refreshing piece of land is surrounded by hill slopes and is a place where serenity has its own voice.

Aluva - Munnar Highway, Moolakadai, Munnar, Kerala 685612

 9 AM to 7 PM

Entry fee:
The entry fee for children is INR 2 and for adults, it is INR 10 per head.

Ask a Question

Ask Question

What You Should Know More About

  • Q. Where can I go for camping and stargazing in Munnar?
  • Q. Where can I go for trekking in Munnar?
  • Q. What are the best places to visit in Munnar in one day?

    When you travel to Munnar just for a day there are so many the places you must not miss. Check out to know more.

    1. Munnar Top Station - Known for the rare Neelakunji flowers that bloom once every twelve years
    2. Lakkam Waterfalls - Known for scenic views of the waterfall, bask in the natural beauty.
    3. Echo Point - Known for unique echoing phenomenon
    4. Tea Estates - Known for fragrance of tea plants & its making process
    5. Tea Museum - Known for fully automated tea factories
    6. Eravikulam National Park - Known for safari & Nilgiri tahrs, the endangered species

  • Q. Which are the most beautiful waterfalls in Munnar?

    There are so many waterfalls in Munnar which are too beautiful to miss:

    1. Valara Waterfalls - Cascading from a height 1000 feet
    2. Cheeyapara Waterfalls - Cascading from a height 1000 feet
    3. Thoovanam Waterfalls - Cascading from a height of 1400 feet
    4. Attukal Waterfalls - Cascading from a height of 5200 feet
    5. Lakkam Waterfalls - Cascading from a height of 50 feet

  • Q. Which are the famous resorts in Munnar?

    The best deals on resorts in Munnar are here starting just @ INR 3500. Grab it or regret it. Check out for more details.  

    1. Camelot Resort - Starting just @INR 3500 
    2. The Leaf Resort - Starting just @INR 7000
    3. Ragamaya Resort & Spa - Starting just @INR 8300
    4. The Fog Resort - Starting just @INR 6500
    5. Golden Ridge Mountain Resort - Starting just @INR 5100
    6. Elixir Hills Resort - Starting just @INR 5100

  • Q. What can we do in Munnar?

    Munnar is like a piece of heaven on earth, and there is no dearth of fun activities to do in Munnar. These include a visit to places such as

    1. Pothamedu viewpoint
    2. Eravikulam National park
    3. Anamudi to watch the majestic elephants
    4. Blossom Park
    5. Tea Museum

    One can also engage in activities such as
    1. Trekking up to beautiful locations
    2. Shopping
    3. Long walks in lush forests
     4. Enjoying the culinary richness of Munnar
    5. Watching performances of the indigenous folk dances and music.

  • Q. What is special about Munnar?

    Munnar is the perfect amalgamation of nature’s soul and the cultural spiritus mundi that leaves anyone visiting thirsty for more. It offers comfort in the laps of nature, a serene solitude, a taste of adventure and a peek into the culture of Kerala. The beautiful forests, plantation farms, waterfalls, and the wide spectrum of species of flora and fauna make this a picturesque spot to enjoy.

  • Q. How can I spend 2 days in Munnar?

    Day 1: Start the day by going to the Top Station in Mattupetty and visiting the Echo Point, the Photo Point and the Mattupetty Dam there. Next visit the scenic Kundala Lake and then camp at the Top Station overnight.

    Day 2: Return to Munnar in the morning and visit Eravikulam National Park, the Tea Museum, the Rose Garden and the beautiful Pothamedu Viewpoint.

  • Q. How many days are sufficient for Munnar?

    Munnar is brimming with potential of adventure and fun things to do and places to see. A minimum of three days carefully planned would be sufficient to completely explore the place.

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Munnar?

    The best time to visit Munnar is between October and November and between January and May. The weather has a mild coolness that is pleasing, and the occasional rain showers add to the refreshing beauty of Munnar.

  • Q. Is one day enough for Munnar?

    The place has a large array of things to do. There is much to be seen and done that a day in Munnar is definitely not enough. The beauty and energy of Munnar cannot be condensed in a day, however well-planned you may be.

  • Q. Is Munnar safe to visit?

    Apart from the torrential rains in Munnar, all the tourist places and significant nearby destinations are open and safe to visit. All roads that connect Munnar to the important places nearby are running.

  • Q. What’s the climate in Munnar?

    Munnar has an all year-long moderate climate that is very pleasant. The average temperature during the day is around 20o, and during the night, it can be somewhere between 0o to 10o Celsius.

  • Q. Does it rain in Munnar in December?

    December is the best time to visit Munnar. The weather is pleasant and inviting. It might rain occasionally but those only envelopes the hills with a cover of mist. The temperature range is between 10o to 15o Celsius during this time of year.

  • Q. Does Munnar have beaches?

    There are several beaches around Munnar which are located at short drives from Munnar.
    1. Varkala Beach
    2. Kumarakom Beach
    3. Lighthouse Beach
    4. Veeranpuzha Beach
    5. Andhakaranazhi Beach
    6. Cherai Beach
    7. Fort Kochi Beach