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Kasol Trip And Trek To Kheerganga From Delhi Flat 20% Off

Kasol Trip And Trek To Kheerganga From Delhi Flat 20% Off

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Nag Tibba Trek with Camping, 2019 | Book at ₹ 3050 Only!

Nag Tibba Trek with Camping, 2019 | Book at ₹ 3050 Only!

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Kheerganga Trek with Camping, 2019 | Book at ₹ 1280 Only!

Kheerganga Trek with Camping, 2019 | Book at ₹ 1280 Only!

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Triund And Laka Glacier Trekking Flat 20% Off

Triund And Laka Glacier Trekking Flat 20% Off

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Triund Trekking And Camping Flat 40% Off

Triund Trekking And Camping Flat 40% Off

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Tosh Valley Trek 2019, Himachal | Book @ ₹1299 Only!

Tosh Valley Trek 2019, Himachal | Book @ ₹1299 Only!

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Prashar Lake Trek with Camping, Himachal | Book @ ₹2500 Only!

Prashar Lake Trek with Camping, Himachal | Book @ ₹2500 Only!

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2n/3d Bir Billing Winter Trek with Paragliding

2n/3d Bir Billing Winter Trek with Paragliding

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Camping, Rafting And Adventure Activities At Manali

Camping, Rafting And Adventure Activities At Manali

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Camping and Trekking in Rishikesh With Rafting and Cliff Jumping Combo Flat 15% Off

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Adventure Camping In Kasol Flat 25% Off

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Beach Camping & Rafting In Rishikesh Flat 30% Off

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Camping at Mashobra in Shimla Flat 29% Off

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Kanatal Camping Around Oak Trees, Uttarakhand Flat 22% Off

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Camp Riverwild in Jim Corbett Flat 15% Off

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  • Though Delhi is a tiny state overfilled with many landmarks and attractions, it is a beautiful place for many adventurous activities. There are numerous activities that take place in Delhi. Places for trekking near Delhi have been claimed as the best spots for challenging trekking which seeks more energy and excitement from the people who involve in it. You will be surprised to see the naturally blessed locations remotely situated away from the crowded city of Delhi.

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    A perfect weekend getaway or a short vacation with your friends would be dramatically made beautiful if you choose trekking around Delhi and it is very easily accessible and available at reasonable rates too. For many people, it is a mandatory activity that should be done during their vacation and you will understand why it is so after visiting these extraordinarily beautiful places. Lush green serenity has a lot to speak up when you visit and the surrounding will not let you leave without taking your love and such places remain calm and steady for long in our hearts. These trekking spots have a mind-blowing connection with those who conquer its tough trails, perhaps, the most difficult ones easily.

    Limited Period Offer: Kasol Trip and Trek to Kheerganga from Delhi (Flat 20% Off)

    While Kheer Ganga represents the final word of beauty in the Himalayas with so many rivers and waterfalls, Bhadraj Hill protects a pristine nature filled with numerous trees and forest ranges to attract different types of people together to hang out nearby. All the trekking options available near Delhi are encircled by the Himalayas or the mighty rivers of India along with lush green forests.

    Special Offer: Enjoy Kedarkantha Trek at 11% Off.

    The steep slopes are not so friendly with all those who try to overcome their challenges yet widening their doors to explore their beauty without any barriers in front of them. Yes, a trekking expedition to any location among the multiple choices given to those who wish to be a part of extreme adventures will be the best one to shed all their tears away and smile with a warm heart.

  • Easy to Moderate Treks near Delhi

  • 01Triund Trek

    Triund Trek
    Image Credit : Aleksandr Zykov

    The snow-engulfed mountains of the Dhauladhar range on one side and the deeply enchanting Kangra valley on the other exhilarates trekkers unlike many. One of the shorter treks on the list, the inclines are challenging and are a beginner’s delight. Avid bird-watchers flock to the trek often and the evening sky compels you to pitch a tent for the night.

    The illuminated township below is a sight to behold indeed. Trekking from Triund, the crown jewel of Dharamsala is best done in the months between March and December and is one of the most popular treks near Delhi. This is the best place to visit near Delhi within 500 kms one can plan a trip with family or friends and can enjoy the lush green mountain view from Triund.

    Distance from Delhi: 476.2 Kilometers approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Jassur and Paror (narrow-gauge) and Pathankot (broad-gauge)

    Triund Trekking And Camping Flat 40% Off

    Triund Trekking And Camping Flat 40% Off

    NNNNN1803 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlMcleodganj


    Starting from


  • 02Best Offers on Himalayan Treks: Enquire Now

  • 03Nag Tibba Trek

    Nag Tibba Trek

    One of the most well-known treks near Delhi, the Nag Tibba peak stands in the Tehri Garhwal region of Uttarakhand. This trek over the weekend is witnessing growing footfalls and offers splendid views of the Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, Gangotri and Kedarnath mountain peaks en route. What makes this an ideal first trek are the relatively easy routes etched along the mountain.

    Thick Deodar forests blanket the hill, and the best seasons to visit are between February and June, and September to December.The Nag Tibba trek route is circular in nature, and the differing starting and ending points ensure that there is no overlap at any point. The lush meadows hide patches behind them that act as serene camping sites.

    Distance from Delhi:
    347.4 Kilometers approximately

    Nearest Railhead:
    Dehradun Railway Station

    Nag Tibba Trek with Camping, 2019 | Book at ₹ 3050 Only!

    Nag Tibba Trek with Camping, 2019 | Book at ₹ 3050 Only!

    NNNNN1559 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlDehradun


    Starting from


  • 04Tosh Valley Trek 2019, Himachal | Book @ ₹1299 Only!

    Tosh Valley Trek 2019, Himachal | Book @ ₹1299 Only!
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lKasol
    • NNNNN706 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator

    Available Group Departure: Tosh Valley trek can be arranged on any date if you are more than 2 people.

    About the Tosh Trek:

    Indulge your visual senses as you take on the Tosh valley trek, a trail that will take you across the periphery of the mighty Himalayas. A village at the end of the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, Tosh is situated at a height of 7,874ft and leads to the beautiful Pin Parvati Pass.

    The Tosh River here is an offshoot of the Parvati River, which suckles into the main river at Pulga. An amazing point to note here is that the valley of Tosh is actually home to a tributary of the river Parvati, which also goes by the name River Tosh.

    This means that as soon as you arrive at a point after the trek to Tosh, where a smaller river stream is feeding its waters into the grand Parvati Valley, you have arrived at the beginning point of Tosh Valley.

    Quick Facts:

    Temperature Range:
    The average temperature here ranges between 2°C and 7°C and dips below the freezing point in winters.

    Trekking Distance:
    6 km 

     2°C and 7°C

    Maximum Altitude:
    7,900 ft 

    Difficulty Level:

    Starting and Ending Point:
     Bharsaini {To reach Bharsaini, take local transport from Kasol or hire a cab}

  • 05Kheer Ganga Trek

    Kheer Ganga Trek

    Situated at the log-end of Parvati Valley, Kheer Ganga is part of the revered hippie-trail. The limitless skies above are majestic, even as numerous waterfalls and bridges charm you on the trek. However, the most important attraction of the trek is the hot water springs on top. Interestingly, many places offering accommodation draw water directly from these sulphur ponds, and the water is renowned for its medicinal properties.

    Surrounded by Alpine forests and snow-capped mountains beyond them, Kheer Ganga offers possibly the most scenic treks near Delhi. The best months to trek are between May and November, while the winter months tend to be extreme where trails are slippery.

    Distance from Delhi: 550 Kilometers approximately

    Nearest railhead: Ahju Railway Station 

    Kheerganga Trek And Camping In Kasol Flat 20% Off

    Kheerganga Trek And Camping In Kasol Flat 20% Off

    NNNNN303 Ratings

    d3 Daysn2 NightslKasol


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  • 06Kuari Pass Trek

    Kuari Pass Trek

    Offering the most glorious sightings of the star peaks of the Himalayas, atop Kuari Pass, the world comes to a standstill. Chaukhamba, Kamet, Trishul, Dronagiri, Mukut Parbat and a few other great peaks take center-stage at nature’s own amphitheatre.

    Among the several treks Lord Curzon undertook in the Garhwal, the one passing through Kuari Pass was unearthed by him—hence called ‘Curzon’s Trail’. One of the best places for trekking around Delhi, the winter trek at Kuari Pass entices swarming adventure enthusiasts between months of December and March. If looking for a short break then look here for adventure sports in Delhi.

    Distance from Delhi: 484 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Haridwar Railway Station

    Kuari Pass Trek 2019, Uttarakhand

    Kuari Pass Trek 2019, Uttarakhand

    NNNNN1519 Ratings

    d6 Daysn5 NightslHaridwar


    Starting from


  • 07Kedarkantha Trek

    Kedarkantha Trek

    Close to another marvel of nature, Har Ki Doon, lies near the Kedarkantha trek passing through windy trails of the Garhwal Himalayas. A classic winter trek unravelling untouched mountain-villages on its path, it’s the perfect trek to prepare for the other more arduous Himalayan treks.

    Abound with flora and fauna, Kedarkantha is a perfect picturesque trek which passes around the rim of Govind National Park and is open throughout the year. This place for trekking near Delhi is flanked by the Swargarohini peak and a hanging valley, complete with views that’ll blow your mind away.

    Distance from Delhi: 428.2 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Dehradun Railway Station

    Kedarkantha Trek 2019

    Kedarkantha Trek 2019

    NNNNN909 Ratings

    d6 Daysn5 NightslDehradun


    Starting from


  • 08Valley of Flowers Trek, Uttarakhand - 2019

    Valley of Flowers Trek, Uttarakhand - 2019
    • d6 Daysn5 Nights
    • lHaridwar
    • NNNNN1845 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 6691309

    To Book Call @9116619947

    June 29

    July 6,7,13,14,20,21,27,28

    August 3,4,10,11,17,18,24,25,31

    September 1,7,8,14

    About the Valley of Flowers Trek:

    With the verdant beauty of the snowcapped mountains in the backdrop, the green meadows and the white clouds blend to make dreamlike Valley of Flowers trek. Perched at an altitude of 14,400 ft, this trek was a sudden discovery by British traveller Frank Smith in 1931.  Step into the bed of flowers while you head out for this one of a kind beautiful trek. You will start this trek from Govindghat via Joshimath which will lead you to Hemkund Sahib on day fourth.  The trek is considered as an easy to moderate trek and is a favourite among the beginners as well as avid trekkers.  Feast your eyes with the thousands of flowers in full bloom.  

    You will come across several streams casually meandering through the valley. Next, you will come across the high altitude serene lake, Hemkund 4329 metre. This lake is considered as a holy site for both Hindus and Sikhs.  The trail will be a steep one but the amazing view with the seven snow-capped mountain around you will definitely make you feel enchanted. Witness the beauty of Hathi Parvat and Saptrishi peaks that feed the lake and you will find a small stream called Himganga which flows out from the lake.  It is believed that Govind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikh faith had meditated on the bank of this lake in one during the ancient times. 

    On your fifth day, you will take the same trek route Ghangaria to Govindghat and then to Joshimath.  Your trek will be a steep one from Ghangharia while enjoying some amazing view of the regions. The valley of flowers treks will take you to the world of the most beautiful and enchanting wildlife which you will cherish for a lifetime.  From Govindghat, drive to Joshimath and you can witness the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Rivers to form the River Ganges while you pass through Devaprayag.  You can also explore Auli if you wish in the evening. There are lots of valley of flowers trekking packages which will take you through the beautiful land. Spend some time with nature and capture the scenic images in your heart.

    About the Destination:

    Known as the most beautiful trek in the world with the blue Primula, Valley of Flowers Uttarakhand is a must do trek for you. Tucked up at a high altitude this trek is renewed with the Mountaineers and adventure seekers.  Blessed with exotic flowers, faunas and magnificent views this trek will take you to the world of snow clad mountains and high cliffs. High in the grand Himalayas of the Garhwal district sprawls this captivating valley. The best time to do this trek is during the month of mid-July to mid-August.  

    For this trek, you will have to trek from Govindghat, on the route to Hemkund Sahib, up to  Ghangaria which is quite an exhilarating climb. Catch the glimpse of the Himalayan beauty while you head out on this trek. At an altitude of 14,400 ft, you will come across the large clear water lake which will make you stare at it for long. This hidden jewel is a unique habitat and home to millions of species of wildflowers such as saxifrages, sediams, lilies, poppy, calendular, daisies, geranium, zinnia and petunia.  Not just this you will come across varieties of colourful butterflies as you continue your trek. 

    This valley is at an altitude of 3250 m and above. This valley is also a core zone of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve with an expanse of 87.5 sq km which is just a colourful paradise with alpine flowers. According to the legends, it is believed that this is the place where Pawan Putra Hanuman had collected Sanjeevani Buti to cure Laxman.  Listen to the sound of birds chirping and the musical sound of the stream during the trek. The soothing breeze and the enchanting beauty lure away the nature lovers and the photography lovers. 

    This valley was also declared as a National Park in 1982 and is a world heritage site. One can also find a variety of rare and endangered species of animals like Asiatic black bear, brown bear, snow leopard, blue sheep and more. With the backdrop of the mountains and the scenic trail, you will feel as you have definitely landed in the land of fairies.

    Valley of Flowers Trek Highlights:

    - Blessed with the verdant beauty of the meadows, and the exotic flowers this will be trek which will take you through small streams.

    - Get a chance to witness the vivid flora and fauna of the region like saxifrages, sediams, lilies, poppy, calendula, daisies and brown bear, snow leopard, blue sheep.

    - Catch the glimpse of the famous Hathi Parvat and Saptrishi peaks while you head out on this trek.

    -  Meet the local people and learn about the culture of this region. Also, do share a cup of tea with them.

    - While at Hemkund Sahib take a dip in the holy water and purify your soul.

    - Also, enjoy a lakeside camping and spend the night under the clear night sky. 

    Quick Facts:

    Altitude: 14,400 ft

    Temperature: Day: 12°C-20°C and Night: 4°C-10°C

    Trekking Distance:  47km

    Difficulty Level: Easy To Moderate 

    Starting and Ending Point: The trek starts and ends at Joshimath

    Railway Station: Haridwar is the nearest railway station 

    Airport: Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun

    Base Camp: Govindghat

    ATM: Joshimath is the last place where ATM is there.

  • 09Pin Parvati Trek 2019, Himachal Pradesh

    Pin Parvati Trek 2019, Himachal Pradesh
    • d10 Daysn9 Nights
    • lManali
    • NNNNN1090 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 7813402

    To Book Call @ 9024594670

    Departure Dates:

    July: 21
    August: 11

    About the Pin Parvati Pass Trek:

    Barsheni village is the starting point of your Pin Parvati Trek from where you will be led to Rudranath Camp after crossing the fascinating trails. Rudranath to Khirganga watching the beautiful Parvati River and the evergreen forests and picturesque meadows would be a highlighted version of your trek. Tunda Bhuj campsite awaiting your arrival can be reached after crossing some more astounding landscapes and rough trails that would enable you to spot some of the most regular species of birds coming to visit the region. 

    Mantalai and the charming lake are the jovial hosts of you in between the journey to arrive the Pin Parvati camp. There, you will be driven to immerse into the abyss created by the verdant greenery present everywhere near, the brooks, the flowery meadows and the high glaciers and what not- each sight around you will remarkably stuck into your head for sure.

    About the Destination:

    Discovered in the year 1884 as an alternate passage to the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, the Pin Parvati Pass trek is one of the most enthralling and challenging trekking trails in India. Taking the trekkers to a maximum altitude of 5,319m above the sea level, the Pin Parvati trek is usually undertaken during the months of July to September and requires excellent trekking skills and techniques.

    Manali with plenty of trekking options comes up with the best in its kit that is Pin Parvati trek, leading the trekker up to 5319 meters height and it is the perfect option for seasoned trekkers worldwide. July to September, the best season to do Pin Parvati trek brings forth the maximum number of trekkers and visitors Manali can accommodate. Parvati Valley is a beautiful landscape letting us cross the relishing greenery in Kullu and then taking us to the romantic Spiti Valley.

    The Pin Parvati Pass is the major point of interest on Pin Parvati trek and it is always prepared to offer the most thrilling experience to each trekker. Risk and difficulty are common on Pin Parvati treks and the lengthy crossing fields between the surroundings and of course the heavy snowfall give the trek an adventurous notion every time.

    You will not be disappointed at all if you take this Pin Parvati trekking package because you are going to be elevated to the state of bliss with the incomparable sceneries and views of stunning landscapes of Spiti Valley. A mixture of steep slopes, gradual climbs, barren mountains, snow-clad peaks and rugged passes, this 100km trek needs high trekking skills and can be completed in a course of 11 days. Also, as the Pin Parvati Pass trek takes you through some of the highest peaks, getting acclimatised to the environs also become a major requirement for successful completion of the trek.

    Quick Facts:

    Temperature: Day: 16°C to 20°C and Night: 0°C to 4°C

    Trekking Distance:  110 km

    Maximum Altitude:  17,457 ft

    Difficulty Level: Difficult

    Airport: Bhuntar, 52 km away from Manali

    ATM: Kaza has the last ATM point before your trek begins.

  • 10Har Ki Doon Trek

    Har Ki Doon Trek

    A pristine hanging valley in the Garhwal range, Har Ki Doon is one of the simplest trekking places near Delhi—making it an ideal foray into Himalayan trekking for amateurs. Fulfilling scenes of nature’s majesty carry you through rampant alpine vegetation, glaciers and breath-taking views.

    For the hill folk, the time has remained elusive and one gets to notice their lives from close quarters. The best season to visit is during the months from April to November and is one of the closest places for trekking in Delhi.

    Distance from Delhi: 299 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Dehradun Railway Station

    Har Ki Dun Trek, Uttarakhand - 2019

    Har Ki Dun Trek, Uttarakhand - 2019

    NNNNN1253 Ratings

    d7 Daysn6 NightslDehradun


    Starting from


  • 11Hampta Pass Trek

    Hampta Pass Trek
    Image Credit : Raja Selvaraj

    A set of vivid, changing landscapes underline the trek at Hampta Pass. Glacial valleys, alpine forests, and vast, open spaces characterize the Hampta Pass trek. The two valleys of Kullu and Lahaul are linked by the pass, and trekking through the mountainous terrain opens up a world of beauty. Counted among the best short treks around the country, its relative proximity to Delhi makes it unmissable.

    The Hampta Pass trek satiates the adventurous palates of first-timers and adrenaline-junkies alike. And the most-favoured season to trek is from June to September, with snowfall early in the year shutting down the byway.

    Distance from Delhi: 550 Kilometers approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Ahju Railway Station
    Hampta Pass Trekking 2019

    Hampta Pass Trekking 2019

    NNNNN636 Ratings

    d5 Daysn4 NightslManali


    Starting from


  • 12Dayara Bugyal Trek

    Dayara Bugyal Trek

    Counted among the most beautiful meadows in the country, the vibrant meadow of Dayara Bugyal has attained cult status among hikers. During the wintry months, the milky slopes are perfect for some alpine skiing.

    The Bhagirathi peaks, Kala Nag, Bandarpoonch are among scores of other peaks that loom around the meadow, and trekkers are particularly taken by many emerald lakes strewn across Dayara Bugyal. Another first-timer trek on the list, the best months to visit are between May to November, although experienced trekkers find the meadow laden with snow in winters irresistible.

    Distance from Delhi: 425 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Haridwar Railway Station
    Dayara Bugyal Trek, Uttarakhand 2019

    Dayara Bugyal Trek, Uttarakhand 2019

    NNNNN1143 Ratings

    d7 Daysn6 Nights


    Starting from


  • 13Deoria Tal Trek

    Deoria Tal Trek

    Also known popularly as Deoariya Tal, it a crystal-clear lake that mirrors the snow-draped Chaukhamba peaks. Offering an otherworldly view of the mountains and its reflection, trekking here is a surreal experience.

    Situated in the Kedarnath Musk Deer Sanctuary, overnight camping sometimes leads to spotting animals near the waterhole in the morning. This is one of the best places for trekking near Delhi and is open throughout the year, and is a relatively short and easy trek to the magical place that is even mentioned in the Mahabharata.

    Distance from Delhi: 420 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Haridwar Railway Station

    Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Trek 2019, Uttarakhand

    Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Trek 2019, Uttarakhand

    NNNNN453 Ratings

    d5 Daysn4 NightslHaridwar


    Starting from


  • 14Chandrashila Trek

    Chandrashila Trek

    With the enthralling Kedarnath range to the north, the Chandrashila Peak offers splendid panoramic vistas. Literally meaning the ‘Moon Rock’, Chandrashila is incidentally the highest peak in the area.

    A low altitude treks near Delhi full of cavernous gorges and vivid imagery, the season for trekking is round the year. With gradients suiting beginners, Chandrashila trek allows eyeful glimpses of Garhwal Himalayas and the trek passes through an ancient Shiva temple atop Tungnath.

    Distance from Delhi: 455 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Rishikesh Railway Station

    Snow Trek to Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Peak, Uttarakhand 2019

    Snow Trek to Deoria Tal and Chandrashila Peak, Uttarakhand 2019

    NNNNN993 Ratings

    d5 Daysn4 NightslHaridwar


    Starting from


  • 15Benog Tibba Trek

    Image Credit :

    Housed inside the Benog Mountain Quail Sanctuary in Mussoorie, the trek on Benog Hill is off the beaten track. Ridden with steep slopes, the mountainous terrain is also dotted with camping sites. So, if bonfire with friends is on your mind, the Benog Tibba trek will leave you spellbound. The adventure trail also passes in the vicinity of Kempty Falls, one of Mussoorie’s better-known waterfalls. The northern face of Benog Tibba is home to ‘Ghoral’—a rare mountain goat on the verge of extinction.

    The forest grows denser with ascent and offers stunning panoramic vistas. The trails running across pose sufficient challenges, with difficulty levels ranging from easy to moderate. The months between October and April are pleasant for treks near Delhi, with the snowfall over pines adding a mystical touch.

    Distance from Delhi:
    300 Kilometers approximately

    Nearest Railhead:
    Balawala Railway Station Junction

  • 16Chandra Tal Trek

    Image Credit : alan jones

    The ‘Moon Lake’, as it is popularly called, is the source of the Chandra River that flows through the divine mountains to become River Chenab in Pakistan. Owing to the absolute clarity of the vast skies above, the Chandra Tal changes colours as the day goes by—turning various hues of red, orange, blue and green.

    Trekkers flock to revel in the scenery, and is undoubtedly among the must-do treks near Delhi. The best months to trek to the Moon Lake is from June till October, and the gradients are moderately-easy.

    Distance from Delhi: 722 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Joginder Nagar (narrow-gauge), Chandigarh (broad-gauge)

  • Difficult Treks near Delhi

  • 17Roopkund Trek

    Roopkund Trek
    Image Credit : Ravi Setlem

    Counted among the best treks in India, the Roopkund trail is a trekker’s paradise. Roopkund’s topography is complete with verdant forests, acres and acres of open meadows, trickling brooks, and the celestial snow of course.

    Roopkund also comprises of the eerie Skeletal Lake, and is great for one’s initiation into high-altitude trekking. Pre-monsoon and post-monsoon seasons make Roopkund one of the compulsory places for trekking near Delhi. Check out our top picks for camping near Delhi.

    Distance from Delhi: 308 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Kathgodam Railway Station

    Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand 2019

    Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand 2019

    NNNNN3028 Ratings

    d8 Daysn7 NightslLohajung


    Starting from


  • 18Indrahar Pass Trek

    Indrahar Pass Trek
    Image Credit :

    An extremely popular trekking route from Dharamshala, the trek to Indrahar Pass trails in the lush folds of the Dhauladhar range. Surrounded by thickets of Deodars and Rhododendrons, the panorama of Pir Panjal range to the north and the plains to the south exhilarates trekkers.

    Treacherous precipices and steep ascents make this a moderately-difficult trek; passing through Triund Hill and an endless view of Kangra Valley. Overnight camping in the Lahesh caves is an experience that’ll leave you transfixed, and the trekking season runs from May to October.

    Distance from Delhi: 475 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Kangra Railway Station
    Indrahar Pass Trek, 2019

    Indrahar Pass Trek, 2019

    NNNNN706 Ratings

    d4 Daysn3 NightslMcleodganj


    Starting from


  • 19Bhadraj Hill Trek

    Besides the regular fare of extremely picturesque mountain-views, the Bhadraj trekking trail leads you into contrasting landscapes. While the northern slopes are carpeted with dense forests, vast grasslands are characteristic of the southern slopes.

    The Milkman’s Trail is highly used by trekking enthusiasts, and the best season to visit is post-monsoon—although it’s open throughout the year. Bhadraj Hill provides much-needed respite from Delhi’s insolent summer sun and is one of the moderate difficulty treks near Delhi.

    Distance from Delhi: 332 Kilometers approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Dehradun Railway Station

  • 20Churdhar Trek

    The highest peak in the Shivalik Himalayan Range, Churdhar trek ranks high on the list of Delhi’s adventure enthusiasts. A night’s drive away, the peak is lined with diverse cultures and terrains and provides a spectacular view of the Gangetic basin below. The trails to approach the peak are set amid Deodar forests, with Kasauli and Kedarnath seen at a distance.

    Being one of the highest peaks in the outer Himalayas, the gradients suit beginners and seasoned trekkers alike. The best months for treks near Delhi are from May to November, with summers staying pleasant and heavy snowfall taking charge from December till April.

    Distance from Delhi: 370 Kilometers approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Kalka Railway Station

  • 21Hatu Peak Trek

    A weekend trekking gateway near Delhi, Hatu Peak throws an experience reminiscent of a full-blown Himalayan trail. Although a day trek, the vast mountains and the conifers provide exhilarating company till reaching Hatu Mata’s temple at the very top.

    Trekkers are left breathless by the soaring highs and the gorges draped in snow; while it is the perfect learning experience for beginners. March to mid-April, and September till November are the months for summer treks; while December and January are perfect for winter trekking near Delhi.

    Distance from Delhi: 431 Kilometres approximately

    Nearest Railhead: Shimla Railway Station

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