Things to Do in Narkanda

Hatu Peak

Perched atop an elevation of around 11150 feet above sea level, Hatu peak is one of the highest places to visit in Narkanda. Peppered with apples and oak thickets, the peak preserves an old temple named Hatu temple. It is dedicated to the wife of King Ravana- Mandodari.

Hatu peak also fascinates trekkers who start their trek from Narkanda and walk uphill for around 7 KM (one-way) to reach the top. The amphitheater landscape from the tip of the peak is quite rewarding to the ones who have walked all along.

Hatu Mata Temple

The wooden temple embellished with wooden bands and Chinese style carvings gets a full rating mostly by every traveller. It is believed to be the place where the Pandavas cooked their meals during the exile period. “Bheem chulha” the two hearthstones are still found near the temple.

Because of its marvelous location, the temple is also an amazing trek destination. It also lures bikers for its 360-degree view of the surrounding Himalayan peaks and the twisty uphill ride. It is one of the most frequented places to visit in Narkanda.

Stokes Farm

The sprawling Stokes farm is situated around 14 kilometers ahead of Narkanda in a small hamlet called Thanedar. It’s a major contributor to the state's apple production. Painstakingly established by Samuel Satyanand Stokes, the farm is known for its large-scale cultivation of Apples.

Not only does it boosts the Apple production in the state but it also provides employment to locals who along with sowing and reaping, work in making wine and jam and other sub-products.

Mahamaya Temple

At around 5500 feet above sea level in Kacheri lies an ancient shrine of Goddess Kali which is famous as the Mahamaya Temple. The temple is nestled amid a beautiful scenic location which can be reached by driving 7 kilometers past Narkanda on NH-22. The temple has a meditative vibe and the breathtaking view from the temple campus is worth clicking.

The panoramas also include sprawling apple orchards and layers of snow during winter season. The place is mostly celebrated as a picnic spot.

Tanni Jubbar Lake

Somewhat an ephemeral lake in the scenic vicinity of Thanedar near Narkanda- Tanni Jubbar lake is one of the offbeat tourist places in Narkanda. The placid lake lies desolated near Naag Devta which is a shrine dedicated to the God of Snakes. The dramatic foliage encircling the lake enables abundance of opportunity for nature photographers and peace-seekers.

Jau Baug

The enigmatic lush meadows of Jau Baug is a sight to behold. A furthermore walk of around 15 minutes from Hatu peak wide opens this valley of meadows where you would simply want to roll down and click some crazy landscape snaps. Jau Baug is also shrouded in the historical saga of Pandavas during Vanya-Prastha.

The green meadows make for an ideal trekking spot. It is one of the many places to visit in Narkanda for photography and nature walks.


Kacheri owes its popularity to the age-old Mahamaya temple which attracts hoards of devotees every year. Kacheri falls on NH-22 at around 7 kilometres ahead of Narkanda. Kacheri is quite an unspoiled hamlet which just 500 meters walk from Oddi and is also an ideal location for hiking and picnic.

It encompasses Mahamaya temple which stands among the top places to visit in Narkanda and is highly worshipped by the devotees of Goddess Kali. Apart from the famous temple, Kacheri is also cherished for its luscious apple orchards and green vegetation.

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