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What You Should Know More About Agra

  • What you can’t afford to miss

    • Explore a new Agra

    There is much more to Agra than just Taj Mahal. Take explorative walks through the hidden tunnels of Agra’s finest spice markets and indulge in flavorful talks with the locals or visit the ancient mosques and temples of Agra for spiritual oneness. Experience Agra in a different way and gain a better perspective of the essence of the beautiful location. Don’t miss out on the traditional sweets of Agra and do something out of the box for a change.

    • Go on a food trail

    There is a hidden foodie in all of us. Take a gastronomical walk through the local ‘gullies’ of Agra. With the right guide who has proper knowledge of the local famous eateries, you will surely enjoy a part of Agra that you had not expected. Enjoy Agra through the delicious food items of the place.

    • Yoga with the Taj Mahal

    Imagine indulging in a peaceful session of yoga while facing the Taj Mahal. Isn’t that exciting! There are numerous micro-tours that are offered through online forums that assure you such an experience. Master the different Asanas, Dhyanas and Pranayams while you face the breath-taking view of the Seventh Wonder of the World. You will surely get the most relaxing experience that you deserve after a long day of exploring.

    • Get a taste of Agra by visiting its sabzi mandi

    Sabzi Mandi is the vegetable market situated in the heart of Agra city. Witness and understand the art of bargaining, selling and purchasing the local and freshly bred fruits and vegetables of the market. You will surely have a great time interacting with the local vendors as well and how fascinated you will be when they tell you the local names of uses of the specific fruits and vegetables. Don’t miss traveling by a rickshaw while you’re at it.

    • Go on a colonial walk through the streets of Agra

    Like mentioned previously, there is much more to Agra than just Taj Mahal, Panchi pethas, and the beautiful Mughal monuments. There is a wide range of colonial structures that were built during the time of the British era that you can explore too. Single out one day and go on a colonial walk through the old streets of Agra. Discover the numerous bungalows, cemeteries, churches, cathedrals and a number of other buildings in and around the incredible city of Agra.

  • What you will like there:

    • Go on a bike ride through Agra

    You may not have heard of it and may find it rather unusual but that is exactly why you must do this activity. Yes! Go on a bike ride through the streets of Agra. Embrace this European culture and uniquely explore Agra. This sure is a treat for you if you’re a biker and love to travel.

    Imagine exploring the royal heritage and culture of Agra while you ride through the cool and beautiful breeze of Agra. There are several vendors and travel companies that offer this service to its tourists. They give out bikes and cars on rent at extremely affordable prices.

    • Don’t forget to visit the Korai village for a rural perspective

    What many often forget to experience amidst the 5-start luxury experiences of a certain place is the rural reality that lies behind it. That applies with Agra as well. While the city is properly developed and there is nothing that you won’t find over here, there is also a village called Korai located not many miles away from the city. Go on this tour and explore the rural life.

    • Not only dine but also cook with a local

    What’s the best way of exploring the true essence of a specific place? Yes, it surely is through tasting the delicacies that the place has to offer but imagine being a part of the cooking process of it! There are numerous places that offer this service in Agra. Cook Indian dishes at a local’s house wherein the sweet people will not only teach you how it is made but also tell you many tales that lies behind it. Eat with an Indian family for a unique experience in Agra.

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