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Ladakh Honeymoon Packages

Plan a picturesque romantic escape in Leh Ladakh with our Ladhak honeymoon packages. Get the best prices on Leh Ladakh tour packages for couples exclusively with Thrillophilia for your dream getaway.

Whether you're celebrating your newlywed status or want to reignite the romance, our Ladakh honeymoon tour package is ideal for all. With customizable itineraries, budget-friendly options, and exclusive discounts, you're sure to have a memorable experience. And our team at Thrillophilia is available at all times, seven days a week, to address your every need and concern.

Nestled amidst the hills, this destination is already well known for its curvaceous passes and snow-capped mountains. Couples can enjoy a range of exciting activities, like a desert safari in the Nubra Valley or a romantic boat ride on Pangong Lake. Adventure seekers can head to the Zanskar Valley for water sports like rafting and boating. For a more relaxed pace, you can take a leisurely walk through the Lamayuru village and spend quality time together. With our Ladakh honeymoon package, you can savor everything from hand-in-hand walks on secluded trails to taking in the breathtaking views of the region with your partner. 

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Luxurious Leh Ladakh Sightseeing Tour


1D Leh Airport Travel Terminal 1D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe

442 Ratings


442 Ratings

₹ 65,800

₹ 48,800 per Adult

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Highlights of Leh Ladakh with Pangong Lake


4D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

696 Ratings


696 Ratings

₹ 18,900

₹ 12,950 per Adult

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Ladakhi Highlights | Private Leh Ladakh Adventure


1D Leh Airport Travel Terminal 1D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 3D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

905 Ratings


905 Ratings

₹ 41,700

₹ 29,999 per Adult

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Himalayan Expedition | Srinagar And Leh Ladakh COMBO Deal


1D Srinagar 1D Kargil 2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh 1D Jispa 2D Manali
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

425 Ratings


425 Ratings

₹ 49,000

₹ 37,800 per Adult

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Glimpse Of Leh Ladakh | Private Tour Package


4D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

305 Ratings


305 Ratings

₹ 28,999

₹ 19,000 per Adult

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Romantic Getaway to Leh Ladakh


1D Leh 1D Magnetic Hill 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Chang La Pass 1D Stok village
Transport Included
Meals Included

325 Ratings


325 Ratings

₹ 26,000

₹ 19,500 per Adult

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12 days Leh Ladakh Tour Package


2D Manali 1D Jispa 1D Sarchu 2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong lake view 1D Leh 1D Kargil 2D Srinagar
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

472 Ratings


472 Ratings

₹ 52,800

₹ 37,800 per Adult

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8 Days Leh Ladakh Tour With Manali Sightseeing


2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh 1D Sarchu 1D Manali
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

385 Ratings


385 Ratings

₹ 41,428

₹ 28,700 per Adult

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Private 8 Days Leh Srinagar Sightseeing Tour


2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh 1D Kargil 2D Srinagar
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

147 Ratings


147 Ratings

₹ 47,500

₹ 35,000 per Adult

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Private Manali Leh Srinagar Sightseeing Tour


1D Delhi 1D Manali 1D Jispa 1D Sarchu 2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh 1D Kargil 1D Srinagar
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

₹ 99,000

₹ 71,200 per Adult

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Private Manali Leh Sightseeing Tour


1D Delhi 1D Manali 1D Jispa 1D Sarchu 2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

286 Ratings


286 Ratings

₹ 71,200

₹ 52,600 per Adult

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Private Srinagar Leh Manali Sightseeing Tour


1D Srinagar 1D Kargil 2D Leh 1D Nubra Valley 1D Pangong Tso 1D Leh 1D Sarchu 2D Manali
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

104 Ratings


104 Ratings

₹ 88,500

₹ 64,400 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Honeymoon in Ladakh

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Leh Ladakh for honeymoon?

    1. Nubra Valley: Surrounded by mesmerizing mountain views and white sand dunes, Nubra Valley, is the perfect spot to spend your honeymoon trip to Leh Ladakh. To make your honeymoon even more romantic, you and your partner can enjoy the camel ride and spend a  night at night camps there. Hence, if your Ladakh honeymoon package includes visiting this beautiful valley of Nubra, you will be lucky to have some fun time with your partner in between the unparalleled view of white desert in Ladakh.

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    2. Pangong Lake: If you want to recreate some romantic Bollywood scenes with your partner in front of a crystal clear blue lake and majestic brown hills, you should make sure that your Ladakh honeymoon package includes visiting this place. Remember the lake from the movie 3 idiots? Yes, it's that famous shooting spot. However, the lake is becoming more famous day by day for couples to click some cozy pictures, hence to impress your partner on your honeymoon, you can take a romantic boat ride here.

    3. Tso Moriri: Situated around 1500 sq ft above sea level, this beautiful lake is a perfect spot to express your love to your partner on your honeymoon trip to Leh Ladakh. The place is home to thousands of beautiful migratory birds, blue sky, mountains, and a deep blue lake. The beauty of this place is enough to snatch anyone's heart. Thus, not including this place in your Leh Ladakh honeymoon package will be a decision of regret.

    4. Khardungla pass: If you and your partner are fans of having adventure, Khardungla pass won't disappoint you. A bike ride on the sterile road of this place will add some thrill of romance to your Ladakh honeymoon package.  Serene mountain view, beautiful atmosphere, and the urge to explore the mysterious mountains make it a perfect spot to experience real adventure with your loved one. So, if you want to make your honeymoon trip to Leh Ladakh a bit thrilling, you should visit this place.

    A totally thrilling bike ride experience to the most adventurous routes. Click Here to Book: Leh Ladakh Bike Trip

    5. Lamayuru:
    If you are booking a Leh Ladakh honeymoon package without including this place then you should think twice. This beautiful place is the perfect spot for newlyweds to share some intimate moments. Surrounded by unique geological formations, Lamayuru is now known as the 'moonscape' of Ladakh. Besides offering the mesmerizing view of  landscape, the valley is also home to numerous ancient monasteries including the famous Lamayuru monastery. If your partner is a fan of spending time in the soothing atmosphere, it's the right place to impress her on your honeymoon trip to Ladakh.

    6. Alchi: The soothing environment, mesmerizing mountain views, and a touch of traditional Tibetan culture are enough to make your honeymoon trip to Ladakh even more romantic. Plus, if you want to witness the Buddhist culture and spiritual beliefs here with your partner, the Alchi monastery will be a place to visit. For a couple of years, Alchi has been the best choice for couples to explore some romantic places in the valley of Ladakh.

    7. Zanskar Valley: Want to add a place of romantic sightseeing to your Ladakh honeymoon package? Zanskar valley is the place to stop your search. For quite a long time, Zanskar valley has been the most popular spot for lovers to have a romantic walk through the soothing mountain valley and have fun with hiking activities. The beautiful environment, clear sky, and huge mountains are the heart of this beautiful place.

    Planning to rent a bike, Checkout:
    Leh Ladakh Bike Rentals 

    8. Magnetic Hill:
    How about adding some magic of gravity to your Leh Ladakh honeymoon package? Magnetic Hill is the perfect place to add some thrilling experience to your honeymoon trip to Leh Ladakh. While enjoying the romantic car ride through the hill road of Ladakh, you can experience your car going backward. The place is well known for its' unique presentation of gravitational force. Thus, visiting this place during your honeymoon trip will be a great idea for you.

    9. Drang Drung Glacier: Located near the Pensi La mountain pass, Drang Drung Glacier is best known to be the largest Glacier existing in Ladakh. Drang Drung Glacier is quite famous for its mesmerizing view of the snow-covered mountain valley and adventurous trekking activity. If you are lucky enough to visit around summer, you might get to spot Tibetan sand foxes, blue sheeps and other animals of different species here. Visiting this place with your partner can add some thrilling and romantic experiences to your memory.

    The pristine and picturesque valley of the Himalayas invites you to exciting Srinagar to Leh Trip

    10. Shanti Stupa: As the name suggests, this place portrays a pleasing environment of mountain valleys. Located around 11,841ft above the sea level, the beautiful white stupa gives an amazing panoramic view of the whole Ladakh city. Beside being a popular tourist spot with breathtaking views, the place holds a strong significance among Buddhist culture. Thus, visiting this place during your Ladakh honeymoon trip will be worth it.

    11. Diskit Monastery: If your Leh Ladakh honeymoon package includes visiting Nubra valley, you should not miss the chance to explore this monastery. It's a beautiful place to witness the historic significance of Ladakh and the mesmerizing view of the valley with your loved ones. Thanks to the gracious nature of this place you will get some amazing Instagram-worthy couple pictures. The monastery is also the home to one of the largest Buddha statues located in Ladakh.

    12. Drass Valley: Let's step into one of the most famous romantic destinations for couples in Ladakh - Drass valley. The barren mountains, smooth roads, and clear sky are enough to add some love to your honeymoon trip. Besides being a perfect romantic place, Drass valley is also famous for featuring some of the greatest monuments of Tibetan culture in Ladakh. The place is well known as the Gateway of Ladakh. So, skipping this place during your honeymoon might become a reason to regret later. 

  2. Which are the best romantic things to do in Leh Ladakh?

    1. River rafting: There are so many things to experience on your honeymoon in Ladakh and River rafting is one of those. The popular sport on the Zanskar river and Indus river is the most exciting and thrilling activity to do with your partner.  Here, While enjoying the scenic view of mountains and hills, you can raft your way through the rapids of these wondrous mountain streams and experience the adventure of Ladakh from closest.

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    2. Bike riding: Booking your Ladakh honeymoon tour package without including Bike riding in it?? You must be kidding! It's not unknown that Ladakh is heaven for bikers and if you want to go on a romantic bike trip with your partner, bike riding around the area of Khardung la pass will be a perfect thing to do on your honeymoon. Thus, to add more adventure to your romantic honeymoon trip, you might love to add bike riding to your Leh Ladakh honeymoon package.

    3. Boating: Who doesn't love to enjoy boating in between the scenic mountain valley with loved ones. And when you are on your honeymoon, romantic activities like boating works as a cherry on top to enhance the romanticism. If you are visiting Ladakh during summer time, boating will be the best romantic activity to do with your partner in places like Pangong Lake. So before you book your Leh Ladakh honeymoon package, make sure you are visiting during the time of  May to September to enjoy the best experience of boating.

    4. Camping: Hill stations are the best place when it comes to Camping. You can already imagine how romantic it would be to spend a beautiful night under the sky filled with stars in a place like Ladakh. However, the good news is you won't find a scarcity of Camping spots in Ladakh. There are numerous camping spots you can add to your Ladakh honeymoon package to enjoy a romantic trip. Places like Nubra valley, Pangong Lake, Markha valley are famous for couples to spend a beautiful romantic night at night camp.

    To experience perfect blend of adventure and thrill. Click Here to Book: Manali to Leh Bike Trip Package from Delhi 

    5. Bactrian Camel Safari:
    Want to experience the vibe of desert in a hill station with your partner? Nubra valley will make your wish come true. While experiencing the beautiful picturesque view of Nubra valley, a Bactrian camel ride with your loved one will make the romantic trip even more memorable. Thus, when you are visiting Ladakh on your honeymoon, a camel safari on the white sand dunes of Nubra valley will be an experience to remember for a lifetime. The safari starting from Hunder village will take you through the sterile roads of Ladakhi village and give you a perfect landscape of the barren mountains to enjoy with your partner.

    6. Shopping at Leh market: No honeymoon is complete without shopping at Leh market. The market is well known for selling a wide range of Ladakh items. From famous pashmina shawls to different kinds of crafts of Tibetan culture, all the colorful products here will catch your attention. If you want to carry a little Ladakh to your home, you must pay a visit and shop for traditional ladakhi items from here. As a bonus, you won't have to burn your pocket to buy anything from this beautiful Leh market.

    7. Trekking: A trip to a hill station like Ladakh is incomplete without trekking on the heights of sterile mountains. And if your partner loves to have adventures on trips, Trekking will be a perfect activity to enjoy with your partner. Adding a fun activity like trekking to your Ladakh honeymoon package will be a better idea. Thanks to its popularity you will find numerous trekking spots in Ladakh. Famous trekking spots such as Chadar Trek, Snow leopard Trek, Sham Valley Trek can be the best choice for you to have fun with your partner.

    Enjoy the most beautiful tour of your life with your life-partner. Click Here to Book: Ladakh Honeymoon Package from Delhi

    8. Experience the beauty of nature via sightseeing: Sightseeing in the valley of Ladakh is the most romantic thing to do with your partner. Ladakh is the perfect place to click some romantic pictures featuring the picturesque view of the serene mountain and clear blue sky. You can try visiting famous beautiful places Like Nubra valley, Thiksey monastery, Tso Mori, Markha Valley, Hemis National Park, and more.

    9. Bird Watching: Did you know that Ladakh is a home to thousands of migratory birds? And if your partner is a bird lover, it's the right time to impress your partner by paying a visit to ladakh' s Tso Moriri Lake, Hemis national park, Rumbak. While enjoying the view of the beautiful valley, you and your partner can enjoy capturing the views of some rare and beautiful species of birds here. Doesn't it sound so fascinating?

    10. Photography: No honeymoon is complete without clicking some insta-worthy pictures of favorite memories. Especially when you are visiting Ladakh you are going to witness the real natural beauty of the mountain with your partner from the closet. And Ladakh leaves no scarcity to impress you with mesmerizing picture-perfect sceneries, making it a perfect place to spend your honeymoon and click some awesome photographs of your loved ones. You can take the moments of making love in  Ladakh's scenic lakes, valleys, mountains all together through your lenses and remember them forever.

    Also, Checkout and Book: Leh Ladkah Bike Trip from Delhi 

  3. What is the best time to visit Ladakh for a honeymoon?

    The summer season is considered to be the best time to visit Ladakh for a honeymoon. Thus visiting around April to June can be an ideal time to book your Ladakh honeymoon package. During this time you will get to witness the beauty of cultural Buddhist festivals such as the famous Hemis festival.

    However, if you are a winter lover and want to witness the beauty of snow-covered mountains, you can make your way to Ladakh around October to December.

    Experience Ladakh with great luxury and utmost safety by booking
    Premium 6 Days Leh Ladakh Sightseeing Tours

  4. How can we reach Ladakh?

    Surrounded by prominent Himalayan ranges, Ladakh is one of the most famous tourist destinations for backpackers. Here are some best ways to reach Ladakh.

    1. By Air: Taking a flight is the best option to reach Ladakh. You will get numerous flights available all the year during peak season and as well as off season. The nearest airport here, named Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee, is the prominent airport of Ladakh.

    2. By Road: if you are opting to travel via private vehicles or bus, there are two main routes that can take you to Ladakh. One is Srinagar to Leh and another is Manali to Leh.

    3. By Rail: There is no direct train available to reach Ladakh. However, the nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi which is around 700km away from Ladakh. From there you can book a cab or take a JKSRTC vehicle to reach your destination, Ladakh.

    A comprehensive tour guide for Delhi to Leh Ladakh trip you need to know about.

  5. What is the ideal duration for a honeymoon in Ladakh?

    If you are going to cover all the fun activities and romantic sightseeing spots, you have to at least stay a week to enjoy this romantic destination, Ladakh. Staying just for a few days isn't enough to explore the ultimate beauty of Ladakh with your loved one.

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  6. Is Ladakh good for a honeymoon?

    You would be surprised to know the fact that Ladakh isn't just for adventure lovers. For a couple of years, Ladakh has been the eye of newlyweds. The scenic mountain landscapes, crystal clear blue lakes, and numerous romantic activities make it a perfect spot to start your journey of happy and blissful married life.

    Browse through a wide range of Ladakh Bike Trip Packages with best offers.
  7. How much does a Ladakh trip cost?

    The cost of your Ladakh trip depends on all the inclusions and most importantly the days you are spending. The more you stay, the more you spend. However, on an average basis, if you are going to cover all the tourist spots along with all the fun activities, it will cost around INR 40-45k per person.

    A perfect blend of romantic, thrilling and cultural experiences. Click Here to Book: Leh Ladakh Package for Couple

  8. Why Ladakh is good for Honeymoon?

    Ladakh is a great location for honeymoon due to its charismatic look and diverse environment. Monastries are the unique identity of Ladakh and Leh gives you just the right opportunity to walk through them. Hemis Monastery, the Stork Palace Museum, Thiksey Monastery, Alchi Monastery are a few monasteries that can be visited. When it comes to adventure, there are varied options like trekking, winter adventures and many others. Spending time together under snow- clad mountain, the impeccable vivid color mountains in the same area and the azure lakes that can change colors in an instant is an amazing experience.

    Nubra Valley, Rupshu, Suru Valley in Kargil are worth visiting places for honeymoon trip. Ladakh honeymoon packages aspire to make each honeymoon tour special -it offers couples their share of private moments together. Good accommodation options are also available.
  9. What is Ladakh Famous for ?

    Ladakh has been one of the most famous tourist spots for every travel lover. Almost everyone keeps this place as a top preferred destination on a bucket list. However, we certainly can not deny its popularity because the place has everything to amaze anyone. From breathtaking mountain views to thousands of years old Buddhist monasteries, Ladakh is the perfect example of one's dream destination.

    Also, Checkout and Book: Leh Ladkah Tour Package from Kolkata

  10. How can I plan my honeymoon in Ladakh?

    1. Plan how many days you can spend in Ladakh.

    2. Decide which sightseeing spots you are going to visit.

    3. Choose your way of traveling to Ladakh.

    4. Choose what kind of activities you are about to experience.

    5. Select the best place to stay in Ladakh.

    6. Check the prices of Leh Ladakh honeymoon packages and compare which one suits your budget.

    7. Book your travel package.

    8. Finally, pack your bags and leave for your dream destination.

    Enjoy the breathtaking aerial view of Ladakh range with Leh Ladakh packages from Delhi by Air.

  11. What is the average temperature of Ladakh?

    The whimsical weather of Ladakh is hard to determine. However, the average temperature during winter (October – February) stays around -5°C – 10°C. During summer the temperature stays around 15°c which is perfect for your Ladakh tour.

    Get amazed by the ultra-wide landscapes by booking
    Leh Ladakh Tour Package from Mumbai

  12. How are the road conditions in Ladakh?

    Two major roads, Leh- Manali road, and Leh-Srinagar connect the land of Ladakh to the mainland. However, during winter time maximum roads remain blocked due to heavy rainfall. Hence, it is better to avoid those roads in winter and monsoon. Mostly during Summer, the roads remain clear, making it the perfect time to drive through the roads in Ladakh. 

    Drive through the world’s highest motorable passes. Click Here to Book: Manali Leh Srinagar Bike Trip

  13. What are some of the most romantic places to stay in Ladakh?

    1. Snow lion Hotel: located near a beautiful tiny river Leh Tokpo and Samkar Gompa, The Snow Lion Hotel is the ideal place to spend your honeymoon in a romantic ambiance. The hotel offers a mesmerizing sunset view from the balcony of their rooms. You can enjoy the majestic morning view of the famous Shanti Stupa with your partner from this hotel.

    Browse through wide range of packages for Manali to Leh Ladakh Road Trip

    2. Himalayan retreat Karzoo: Want to spend your honeymoon in a budget-friendly hotel with a romantic ambiance? Then you might love to choose Himalayan retreat Karzoo as your honeymoon destination. Maintaining traditional decor, the hotel gives all the modern facilities with great service to the travelers. 

    3. The Grand dragon Ladakh: Situated 3500 ft above the sea level, The Grand Dragon hotel is the hub of experiencing all the modern and luxurious amenities. From bonfire to multi-cuisine coffee shop, the hotel has everything to make your Ladakh honeymoon trip more romantic. The hotel provides a variety of rooms that allow you and your partner to enjoy a serene mountain view from the window.

    4. The Abduz: How about trying a traditional yet luxurious experience on your honeymoon? The Abduz hotel of Ladakh perfectly portrays the rich culture of the city with a mesmerizing view of the Himalayan range, making it ideal for your honeymoon stay. 

    Experience Ladakh with utmost safety and comfort. Click Here to Book: Leh Ladakh Tour Package from Bangalore

  14. What should we not do in Ladakh?

    We know how exciting it is to visit one of the most favorite tourist spots of India, Ladakh. And it is obvious to know all the details on how you can visit the best spots, where to stay and how to reach. However, besides knowing these details about your dream destination, you should know what not to do in Ladakh.

    1. Don't visit Ladakh without making a plan

    2. Don't drink while driving

    3. Don't forget to take medicines

    4. Don't try to take shortcuts

    5. Don't go too far

    6. Don't carry plastic items

    7. Don't visit without important documents such as id proof, Passport, etc.

    Experience cycle tour of your life riding via beautiful valleys and thrilling routes. Click Here to Book: Manali to Leh Cycling Tour

  15. How to plan a bike trip to Leh Ladakh for a honeymoon?

    1. Plan your route first: It's important to plan which roads you are going to cover during your Leh Ladakh bike trip.

    Experience the amazing adventure with this round trip to Leh-Ladakh. Book Now: Manali Leh Manali Jeep Safari

    2. Check all the inner line permits properly: Ladakh is a highly sensitive area, hence it is necessary to get all the inner line permits checked before you set to leave for your bike journey.

    3. Make sure your bike is well-serviced: You don't want to spoil the mood of a romantic ride because of a tire puncture. So it's better to check the bike if it is ready to take you on the best romantic trip of your honeymoon.

    4. Check the road conditions of your planned route online: To avoid any kind of accidental risks, it is better to check the road conditions of your planned route.

    5. Check the weather condition: Ladakh is the place of whimsical weather conditions. Thus, before leaving for your bike trip with your partner, you should get aware of the current local weather conditions to avoid any kind of obstacles.

    Suggested Read: Ladakh Weather

  16. What are the costs of Ladakh Honeymoon Packages?

    The honeymoon package for Ladakh depends on the number of days you'll be spending and customization done as per the requirement. The general package for honeymoon in Ladakh starts from Rs 19000/- including your hotel package. The package is avail for 5 nights and 6days. Moreover, the package also includes different places to explore and food. The packages increase as the days spending increases. The package doesn't include flight charges.

    The charges can go above Rs 50,000 including flight charges, activities and accommodation. The honeymoon package to Ladakh depends on your budget and stay. Check out for the discounts offered in the package.
  17. What is the best time of year to visit Ladakh?

    For honeymoon visit to Ladakh, it is important to keep a tab over the unruly weather conditions. The best time of the year to visit Ladakh are:

    Summer (April-June): The sun shines brightly in Leh during this time and makes the weather warm and comfortable. The mountains remain snow-clad the lakes remain frozen showcasing a different textures of the land.

    Monsoon (July- August): It is not recommended to visit during monsoon due to frequent cloudbursts and landslides.

    Early Winter (September-October): The winter starts setting in during the months of September and October. The weather becomes pleasant with cold winds blowing during the evenings.

    Winter (November-February): The winters can get unbearable in Ladakh from November - February. You need to be prepared with requirement clothing including jackets, thick gloves to keep yourself warm.
  18. What are the best activities which we can do in Ladakh?

    For couples, Ladakh offers some amazing options of activities that can be fun and memorable:

    Do Ladakh Bike Trip: Begin your married journey by zooming on a bike through the hills and valleys of Ladakh. During the journey, you will be introduced to various challenges, extremely uneven routes, narrow passes and much more.

    Sightseeing at Ladakh: Visit different places in Ladakh like Nubra Valley, Markha Valley, Zanskar Valley, Lamayuru and many more. Marvel at the sight of the awe-inspiring natural beauty that it is breathed and blessed by the Gods.

    Jeep Safari: Starting from Manali and passing through places like Darcha, Sarchu, Barlacha La to finally end in Leh, it is worth to explore. You can spend some times together in different places.

    Rafting: Connect with other group members to enjoy white-water rafting in River Zanskar. You can really enjoy the splashing of water and pushing the boat in the high-altitude water.

    Shopping: The best of all activity is the shopping at The Tibetan Refugee Market. Spending hours, you will come across beautiful artifacts. You can spend a great time shopping some handmade artifacts of Tibetan people.
  19. Is there any honeymoon point in Ladakh?

    There is no specific honeymoon point in Ladakh, but there are certain locations where you can spend some great time.

    Pangong Lake: Laze around this international lake nestled at an elevation of 4,350 meters. You can enjoy the place by having tea/coffee while sitting beside the lake.

    Magnetic Hill: This curious case of Magnetic Hill is the most interesting place. If you're in bike, switch off the engine and yet the hill will pull you up.

    Shanti Stupa: Begin your new life with a peace while staying at Shanti Stupa. Take your love into this peace memorial and try meditating. Extremely panoramic sun, both in the morning and the evening will tempt you to plant that kiss.
  20. How many days should we spend in Ladakh to explore it?

    A 10 day trip to Ladakh would be sufficient to explore various places. If you're going by bike, then 7-8 days are enough where you can explore all the major spots of Ladakh. You can enjoy a luxury stay in Ladakh.
  21. What are the places we should see in Leh & Ladakh City?

    Places to explore in Ladakh is mentioned above. If you're exploring Leh city, there are some good places like:

    Likir Monastery: Located on the banks of a sparkling Indus river, near the village of Saspol, on a hillock in the valley of Likir, sits Ladakh's oldest monastery, Monastery Likir or Likir Gompa. One can explore paintings, murals and stone reliefs of Buddhist heritage.

    Sankar Gompa: Known for its excellent styles and elements of architecture, the Gompa is an official residence of Kushok Bakul, the head of one of the Buddhists sect, Gelug-pa sect.

    Hall of Musuem: This glorified museum was built in memory of the brave soldiers who lost their lives fighting for India. The museum showcases seized arms and amenities of Pakistani Army, pictures and biographies of brave soldiers.

    Handicrafts Industrial Cooperative Shop: If you want to buy souvenirs for friends and family, then Handicrafts Industrial Cooperative shop is the best place. Wooden choktse tables carved with images of mythical beasts are available.
  22. What sort of accommodation we will find in Ladakh?

    There are various budget and luxury hotels that are perfect for honeymoon couples. You can book the accommodation in advance, and if going through a package, then the package includes the stay option. Some of the available accommodation options are:

    Atisha Guesthouse: Spacious, clean and affordable, the guesthouse is worth for honeymoon couples. The price range is between Rs 700-1000/- per night.

    The Zen Ladakh: One of its kind in Leh Town of Ladakh region in J&K state, the hotel provides luxuries centrally heated Hotel and Resort accommodations throughout the year at reasonable and affordable price. Some of the amenities offered are- heated modern Swimming Pool having steam bath, Conference Hall to Organize meetings, Gymnasium and few others. From premium to luxury, there are different options for couple to check out. The tariff starts from Rs 9000/-

    Hotel Ladakh Residency: Hotel Ladakh residency is a luxury hotel in the beautiful environs of Leh, Ladakh. Located in the quiet Changspa Village, five short minutes from the heart of the Leh town. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation with modern amenities to its guests. The hotel offers a range of facilities to its guests like Roof top garden restaurant, rooms each with balcony and a multi cuisine restaurant. From luxury suits to deluxe double room, there are varied room options for couples. The tariff starts from Rs 5900/-

    If you're not looking for luxury hotels, then there are tented camps that are suited for couples. Chamba Camp, Nurba Ethni Camp and a few others are options to stay at. The price range from Rs1000 to Rs 5000/-
  23. Can we stay in tents during our honeymoon in Ladakh?

    Yes, there are luxury tent services in Ladakh for honeymoon couples Stay is provided in Luxurious Swiss tents. The rooms are filled with everything ecofriendly, even the bedsheets are Organic! The tents have a comfy bed and all creature comforts one can imagine. There is also a private sitting area to relax and enjoy the romantic climate of the place. You need to check with the tour operator to know about the type of tent and facilities offered. The general price of the tent for couple starts from Rs 9000/- per night.
  24. How cold will it be in Ladakh?

    Yes, during the winter season, the climate of Ladakh creates havoc and is extremely chilling. The lowest winter temperature recorded in Ladakh is around minus 23 degree Celsius. Ladakh has aptly been called a high altitude desert and so the temperature here falls way beyond the normal climate.
  25. What type of clothing is suggested in Ladakh?

    When it comes to clothes for Ladakh, it depends on the climatic condition which fluctuates in day and night. While the days are pretty warm, sometimes even hot due to the effect of the rugged topography, the evenings can become chilly, requiring additional clothing. It is advised to keep a pullover and / or an anorak or jacket handy. Some of the clothing equipment to carry are:

    • Comfortable trousers of warm material
    • Thermal undergarments & sweat shirts
    • Warm shirts for trips during April - May & from Mid September onwards).
    • For ladies- Trousers or Salwar suite (worn over thermal inner or tights during April through May & from September onwards only), woolen sweaters and comfortable shoes. Avoid wearing saris or sandals
  26. Is there any shopping area where we can do shopping?

    Yes, there are some good shopping areas in Ladakh where couples can enjoy. Tibetan handicraft items including prayer wheels, Buddhist masks and Thangka paintings can be purchased in Ladakh.Handwoven rugs, carpets and shawls are available in a range of prices in Ladakh's markets. Some other popular items are Pashmina shawls, stoles and other woolen garments. Handmade woolen socks, gloves, caps and sweaters. Some of top shopping venues in Ladakh for shopping are:
    • Ladakh Art Palace on the Main Bazaar Road
    • Tibetan Handicraft Emporium on the Main Bazaar Road
    • Ladakh Environment and Health Organization on the Main Bazaar Road
    • Tibetan Handicraft Community Showroom in Choglamsar
    • Cottage Industries Exposition in Changspa
    • Ecology Centre in Changspa
  27. Can we hire a bike for local drive?

    Yes, you can hire a bike for Ladakh trip. There are various rental services that offer bike rental service. You can check out different bikes- Himalayan, Classic 500cc, Classic 350cc, Thunderbird 305cc, and few others. The price of the rent depends on the bike you are renting. The starting rent is Rs 1000/-. Most of travellers carry drive their own bullet travelling from Manali and other directions connecting to Ladakh.

    With having a bike on rent you can explore- Zanskar, Nubra Valley, Changtang and other places. However, you should have valid driving licence, valid photo ID and pay rental price.
  28. What type of meals we'll get?

    Ladakh offers limited, but amazing food options. Couples can enjoy some great food during their expedition.

    Thupka: This is the favorite dishes of Ladaki, a noodle soup with boiled vegetables, chunks of chicken, pork, beef or mutton served with spicy ‘chutney’ to enhance the zing.

    Tigmo or Teemo: Flavoured stew consumed as snack and also as a meal. The dish contains lot of vegetables and fermented bread pieces. It is available in both veg and non-veg form.

    Momos: The type of steamed bun with or without filling. Momo has become a traditional delicacy in most places in the Northern part of India.

    Khambir: The staple food of Tibetans, it’s shaped, and almost tastes like a thicker roti. It can be consumed with jam, butter or pair it with the butter tea-and it fills up your stomach.
  29. What should we eat & drink in Ladakh?

    We have mentioned about the eating items in Ladakh, when it comes to drinking, options are:
    • Cheese from Yak's Milk: Yak is prominent in Ladakh and having a cheese made up of Yak milk can be interesting.
    • Thukpa: The Tibetan soup is a clear soup with lots of vegetables. This is the comfort food for cold temperatures of Leh.
  30. What sort of provision will be there for food & water? Should we carry some food/water with us?

    Hotels in Ladakh are equipped with clean water. However, while travelling around the place, make sure you carry a bottle of clean water because the water facilities in remote area isn't healthy.
  31. Will we find any ATM's there?

    Yes, there are ATMs in Leh. SBI and HDFC bank ATMs are available. However, we would advise to carry enough cash during the trip.
  32. Will we be able to use credit/debit cards at various places?

    Yes, credit and debit cards work well in hotels and restaurants. However, it is advised to carry cash while travelling in remote areas where ATMs are not available.
  33. Which all network services are fine in Ladakh?

    There are two best networks, BSNL and Airtel have a good connectivity in Ladakh. However, in remote areas, there can be issues of network connectivity. Only postpaid mobile connection work well in Ladakh and other surrounding regions.
  34. What sort of public facilities are there in Ladakh?

    With the increase in tourism in Ladakh, the public facilities have improved than before. Though the public health care system is poor in remote areas, in cities, there are good health care places. The Mahabodhi Karuna Charitable Hospital is the leading hospital in Ladakh. The sanitation has quite improved. Also hotels and restaurants are coming up for tourist to accommodate. Moreover, the transport area has become quite better than before.

    The two roads into the area from outside are the Zoji-La Pass and Kargil route from Srinagar District in the Kashmir Valley, and the high altitude Manali-Leh Highway from Himachal Pradesh. The Manali-Leh road is open only from May or June to October or November, when snow is cleared from several passes.
  35. What is High Altitude Sickness and what are its symptoms? How much time we will need to acclimatize in Ladakh?

    Many travelers, especially trekkers face High Altitude Sickness which can create major health problem. Moon Land Ladakh located at the altitude of 9,000 to 15,000 feet above the sea level can bring altitude sickness problem. Some of the symptoms are-
    • A throbbing headache that usually gets worse during the night and when you wake up.
    • Lack of appetite
    • Feeling sick to your stomach. You may vomit.
    • Feeling weak and tired

    Acclimatisation is very important during the Ladakh trip. The best way is to give rest to your body for 2-3 days and let your body get used to the altitude. Avoid alcohol while at high altitude. If you feel sick, take medicines which you should get prescribed by your doctor before you travel. Drink lots of water. Don't walk around too much.
  36. What should we do in case on any medical emergency?

    The medical facility in Ladakh has improved well. However, it is important to carry medications along during the trip, especially while visiting to remote areas. Mahabodhi Karuna Charitable is the famous hospital in Ladakh. There are also some military camps and tourist camps where the emergency medical facility is offered.
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