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Seychelles Tour Packages

Seychelles packages - Browse through a wide range of Seychelles holidays packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Seychelles tour package with exciting deals & offers.

With Thrillophilia’s Seychelles tour package, you can enjoy the time of your life in the island nation of Seychelles. By offering a wide range of activities for you to try out, we provide for an enriching experience that you won’t forget too soon. Whether you wish to have a quiet, relaxing, romantic tour, or one filled with adventure or excitement, we have it all for you. Thrillophilia’s packages are ideal for all kinds of tourists, from families to couples and solo travellers. You won’t get such attractive deals and discounts anywhere else.

By booking tour packages from Thrillophilia, you make sure your Seychelles tour is a fulfilling one. We create our packages based on your preferences and you can even customize them, selecting the accommodation type and the duration. Depending on your tour budget, the packages will cover transportation, food, and sightseeing, so you can sit back and relax, enjoying the majestic beaches of Seychelles without worrying about these things. By offering flawless service, we ensure you create long-lasting memories on your tour. The white sands of the Seychelles beaches and the turquoise water of the sea is sure to be imprinted on your mind.

With our Seychelles holiday package, you can enjoy the magnificent beaches of Seychelles such as the Anse Major and the Beau Vallon. There are Hindu temples and history museums to explore as well. There are several activities you can include with your tour packages, such as yoga, snorkelling, and cycling. When you book your tour packages with Thrillophilia, we make sure you can enjoy all adventure activities in complete safety without any hassle whatsoever. All our tour packages are highly rated and you can avail amazing discounts booking them while having the option of choosing between a short 5 days tour or an extensive 9 days tour.

Popular Seychelles Tour Packages

Package Name Duration Price Rating Details
Seychelles Tour Package from India 2021 | Flat 15% off 7D/6N ₹ 48000 5.0 star View Details
Seychelles Tour Package From Kerala 4D/3N ₹ 31000.0 4.0 star View Details
Seychelles Tour Package From Kolkata 6D/5N ₹ 36999.0 4.0 star View Details
Seychelles Tour Package From Bangalore 5D/4N ₹ 45099.0 4.0 star View Details
Seychelles Tour Package From Ahmedabad 5D/4N ₹ 30000.0 4.0 star View Details
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Honeymoon trip to Seychelles for 7 nights was really a special and huge experience for us to be remembered till the ends of times... We had a wonderful stay, delicious foods, comfortable, and on-time transferes the entire trip. The agent assists us all the time through WhatsApp and every time available for us... We had a great day tour in which we covered all the major beautiful sightseeing-spots of the place and also had amazing activities, we really enjoyed the trip thoroughly...All because of the proper planned, well-organized, and amazing service are done by the professional team. Thanks a lot
I had a wonderful trip to Seychelles with my whole family. This platform has a professional team who ready to listen to our interests and they created an outstanding itinerary which added with what we truly request for, They even checked in with us daily even the on-ground service too was good as the team was responsive and helpful, We enjoyed the ferry-ride, street-foods, markets, beaches, diving, snorkeling, sceneries and we had a nice guided tour at Mahe city with the amazing guide which we learn about the place. Overall this is a satisfying trip worth with everything we invested
Seriously my partner and I had a great trip, the destination was really a good one, the place was so gorgeous with lots of photo opportunity, Each and every single day we spend there was very memorable, the day tours were exciting and enjoyable each site we visited was impressive and beautiful, the islands, beaches and the surrounding areas were truly breathtaking, the airport transport for picked-up and dropped-off was on time and the driver was well-dressed and well-behaved plus very informative. The hotel they provided to us was beautiful and the rooms were well-maintained, clean, and spacious along with great service, the staff there were responsive and helpful... The team gave us proper assistance the entire trip as they were available on whats-app and call at any time... The tours were well-organized and well-executed... We enjoyed roaming the place and get to learn and witness about the place and the people there were friendly and helpful... we had a great adventure and there are no problems at all the entire tour and this trip didn't give us any chance to point out or to complain about anything... Perfect tour an unforgettable experience to cherish till the ends of times...
Had a wonderful trip to Seychelles and a great experience with Thrillophilia, What best about this booking platform was that they arranged everything for us which we have no worries at all but just enjoy the trip, Their associate operator was very professional and helpful which we had no tensioned at all and plus the Thrillophilia agent too always connected with us throughout to make sure that we had everything from the package... The services were really top-notch. The hotel, transportation, sightseeing, activities were first class... We totally enjoyed the trip and would love to return back... Thank you Thrillophilia
My trip to Seychelles for 6 days was amazingly organized this is the most beautiful place I've ever visited. I'm so happy that the contact agent who helps us planning this trip was always available to help us during the planning and during the time we have the experience and greatly help in making my trip a successful one plus very understanding, prompt and friendly. All my needs were provided me quotes as per my requirement. The accommodations were too good with the professional staff who assist us with perfection the entire stay in and the foods were simple with varieties of foods and it tastes so delicious, the airport transport was luxury one and on-time. All the tours we had there were very well-planned and executed. The entire place was very beautiful and all the time gave us a very stunning photo in life... The people we met there were very nice and friendly... We really had a great experience on the beaches and watersport activities. A great excursion to Praslin National Park, a nice sightseeing tour at Mahe, and a wonderful day out at Victoria city. Big thank you to Thrillophilia for making my trip a memorable one...
It was a very well-coordinated tour. Everything was perfectly arranged on time. Food, pickup up, stay, activities all were good.
The destination is so perfect for a family trip and honeymoon trip everywhere we visited was so beautiful with amazing views and sites, The trip was well-planned and well-executed exactly from the itinerary. The hotel was luxurious and at a very beautiful location, chill transport and on-time with good drivers, the guide was very welcoming and informative and gave us detailed information about the popularity of the place. We really enjoyed thoroughly the whole trip without any trouble at all...
Good-planner!!! they knew what our group needed at all aspects of the trip. No stress at all, the staff hotel was warm & welcoming which we had an amazing stay for 6-nights, The team did a great job in arranging and managing the trip, Our favorite part on this tour was Mahe City guided tour. We enjoyed boating, swimming and had a great-leisure time on the beaches with amazing-pictures and videos. The experience was really something to be remembered forever.
The team made the trip as per my request that also without any hesitation. The accommodation with breakfast, picked-up and drop, sightseeing, and service for the whole tour was absolutely spot-on. Our guide was very well-behaved, informative, and knowledgable about the place shared a great history of the place with us. We were really amazed by the place and the people we met... It was a completely amazing trip we had... Special Thanks to all for making our trip memorable.
Choices of hotels, transport, and foods were of the luxury class. The place will definitely wow you by its beauty of the blue sea, white sandy beaches, lush greenery mountains, and surrounding areas, I and my better half really enjoyed the overall experience accordingly to the itinerary planned by this booking platform ( Thrillophilia ) The coordinators were very careful and handled the trip so professionally and smooth... We had a wonderful time there with lots of precious memories... This worth recommending...

People Also Ask About Seychelles Tours

  1. Which are the famous places to visit during the Seychelles Tour?

    1. Mahé Island: This is one of the most popular places in Seychelles, being the archipelago's largest island. Here you can find more than 65 beaches boasting of pink sands and granite boulders where you can see the seawater splashing.

    The most famous among this is the Beau Vallon Beach. The capital city of Victoria holds several tourist attractions that you can explore as a part of your Seychelles tour package. Activities here include snorkelling, sunbathing, photography, and bird-watching.

    Location: Northeast Seychelles.
    Timing: 24*7.

    2. Morne Seychellois National Park: 
    This is Seychelles’ largest national park and a must-visit place on any Seychelles tour. If you are a nature lover, you will thoroughly enjoy the hiking activities available here.

    Inside the national park, you will find the 905 metres high Morne Seychellois peak, from where you can see the capital city of Victoria. The hiking trail from Danzil village offers spectacular views of tea plantations and mountain slopes.

    Location: Mahe Island.
    Price: Rupees 421.96 per person.
    Timing: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

    3. Ste Anne National Marine Park: 
    This marine park is just a 15-20 minutes boat ride away from Mahé Island, and is famous for being the Indian Ocean's first national park. This park is known for its beautiful coral reefs teeming with diverse marine life. You can take part in activities here like boat excursions, scuba diving, and snorkelling. The park consists of six islands and you can find hotels to stay here.

    Location: Off the Mahe Island coast.
    Price: The entry fee for adults is Rupees 1,053.97 per person.
    Timing: The park is open from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

    4. Victoria: 
    Named after the British queen, this small city is the capital of Seychelles, located on Mahé Island. You will stop here at some point while visiting the island on Seychelles tour package.

    One of the main attractions here is the Seychelles National Botanical Gardens where you can find animals like giant tortoises and flying foxes, as well native plants and orchids. The city is also known for its old colonial architecture and the St. Paul's Cathedral.

    Location: Northeastern coast of Mahe Island.

    5. Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve: 
    Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve is a beautiful national park in Seychelles, and you are a wildlife enthusiast, you must make sure this place is a part of your Seychelles tour package.

    In this prehistoric forest, you will find several native species of flora and fauna. Various tree species can be found here, such as the splayed traveller's palm, vanilla orchids, and the giant coco de mer fruit palm. You can also see bird species like a black parrot, fruit pigeon, and the Seychelles bulbul.

    Location: Praslin Island, Grande Anse, Seychelles.
    Price: 1759.18 Rupees per person.
    Timing: 2PM and 9AM.

    6. Domaine de Val des Prés: 
    While in Seychelles, you must explore the Creole food, art, craft, and architecture, and there is no better place to do it than at this craft village. Here, you can explore the Grann Kaz, which is an old 19th-century plantation house. You can find coconut products at the Maison de Coco and check out the numerous craft workshops.

    Location: Val des Prés.
    Timing: 9:30 AM to 5 PM.

    7. Rita’s Art Studio And Gallery: 
    For art lovers, this place is a must inclusion in Seychelles trip package. Here, you will find some fantastic artwork depicting the seascapes and landscapes of Seychelles along with underwater scenery, still life, native plants, birds, and tropical flowers.

    Location: Praslin Island.
    Timing: 10 AM to 1:30 PM and 4 PM to 7 PM.

    8. Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market: 
    This is a great place for shopping in Victoria city, being one of the oldest markets in the area. You can visit this place to buy things like spices, fish, vegetables, and fruits. You will also find shops selling artwork, souvenirs, and clothing.

    Location: Victoria City.
    Timing: 8 AM to 6 PM.

    9. Anse Lazio: 
    In order to access this beach, you need to take a short hike over a hill, but the effort is worth it. You must visit this place after booking your Seychelles travel package, to enjoy the crystal water and the soft blond sand of the beach. Coconut and Takamaka trees line the beach, providing ample spots for relaxing. There are also restaurants where you can get some refreshments.

    Location: Praslin Island’s north shore.
    Timing: 24 hours.

    10. Curieuse Island: 
    To reach this island, you need to take a boat from the north coast of Praslin Island. The island is famous for giant tortoises roaming around freely on the beaches. It is also the only natural habitat for the coco de mer palm tree. You can also explore the old leprosarium on this island, which now lies in ruins.

    Location: North Coast of Praslin Island.
    Price: 1275.52 Rupees.
    Timing: 8 AM to 5 PM.
  2. Which are the romantic things to do in Seychelles?

    1. Moyenne Island: This is a beautiful island with huge turtles and giant rocks and a diverse range of flora and fauna. It has a serene and peaceful atmosphere that makes it ideal for a romantic getaway with your partners. Here, you can enjoy refreshing drinks and delicious food with your loved one.

    2. Sunbathing: No doubt sunbathing is one of the things on your mind after you book a Seychelles tour package. Seychelles has amazing beaches like Beau Vallon, Anse Source D’Argent, Anse Georgette, and Anse Lazio where you can enjoy some leisure time with your partner admiring the sea and getting some tan.

    3. Hike Through the Copolia Trail: If you and your partner are both trekking enthusiasts, then you must take the Copolia hiking trail in Mahe Island. It will take you to a granite hilltop from where you can get a breathtaking view of the islands and the sea.

    4. Helicopter Ride: Although this does not come cheap, a helicopter ride over the islands is a great way to spend some romantic moments with your partner. The view from above is breathtaking. You get to see the tropical forests and rolling hills of Seychelles and the white sand beaches.
  3. What is the best time to visit Seychelles?

    Generally, the months of April, May, October, and November are considered the best time for booking a Seychelles travel package. From November to March, the weather is hot and humid and from April to October, cooler winds blow over the islands. Hence, these four months offer mild weather conditions that are ideal for sightseeing, scuba diving, and sunbathing.
  4. How to reach Seychelles?

    To reach Seychelles from India, you need to take a flight from Mumbai or Delhi airport. It will take you to Seychelles International Airport. From Mumbai, you can get direct flights to Seychelles, while from Delhi you can travel via connecting flights. Airlines like Jet Airways, Kenya Airways, and Emirates operate flights to Seychelles.
  5. How much does a Seychelles trip cost?

    The cost of your Seychelles trip will depend on the Seychelles tour package you are booking. Otherwise, if you go on your own for a 5 days 4 nights tour, it will cost you around 75,000 Rupees per head, excluding shopping. A 6 days luxury trip will cost around 1 Lakh Rupees per head.
  6. Is passport required for Seychelles?

    Although there are no visa requirements in Seychelles, you must have a valid passport in your possession. The passport must remain valid during your stay in the country and until your departure.
  7. How many days are enough for Seychelles?

    Seychelles is full of places to visit, and although you will find 4 days Seychelles holiday package tours, it is not enough to cover all that the islands have to offer.

    If you plan to Island Hop, you need at least 7 days to cover all the islands. However, even 7 days is not enough to cover all the attractions this beautiful country has to offer, so if you can, stretch it to 2-3 weeks.
  8. How much does it cost to go to Seychelles from India?

    A flight from India to Seychelles will cost you around 30,000 Rupees at least. If you book the ticket much later, it can go up to 70,000 Rupees.
  9. Is Seychelles cheaper than the Maldives?

    Both Maldives and Seychelles are Indian Ocean heavyweights and are immensely popular tourist destinations during the holiday season.

    Although a trip to both islands takes a hefty gouge out of your pocket, in the Maldives, top-end luxury is more affordable. For example, a week-long Seychelles tour will cost around 150,000 Rupees per person not considering airfare while 4 days 3 nights Maldives holiday would start from around 76,000 Rupees per person.
  10. Is Seychelles better than Bali?

    If you are planning for a family trip, then Bali is a good option as it is a bit more lively and crowded. But for those looking to spend some quiet time by themselves or with their partners, Seychelles is a better option and they have secluded beaches that are not so crowded.
  11. Is Seychelles good for honeymoon?

    Seychelles makes for a great honeymoon destination. It has luxury resorts and pristine white sand beaches with clear turquoise water where you can have special moments with your partner. There are several secluded locations here, away from the clamour of the crowd, and this is one of the reasons couples love this place.
  12. Where can I do scuba diving in Seychelles?

    The best scuba diving spots in Seychelles are concentrated around the islands of La Digue, Praslin, and Mahe. Popular spots include Aldabra, St Pierre, Brissare Rocks, and the Sunken Ship Dive.
  13. What are the best adventure things to do in Seychelles?

    1. Forest Zip lining: One of the best ways to enjoy your Seychelles tour is to be strapped to a harness and glide over the lush green forest canopies. There will be guides who can tell you about the birds, insects, and plants.

    2. Deep-Sea Fishing: Fishing enthusiasts can participate in deep sea fishing activities in Seychelles. You can catch fishes like black marlin, shortbill spearfish, swordfish, tuna, barracuda, and sailfish. There is an archipelago about 40 Km from Mahe island that hosts fishing tournaments.

    3. Surfing: Seychelles has reef bottom breaks that makes it popular with international surfers. You will find organizations that offer surfing lessons for novice surfers. The surfing spots are not too crowded which is good for learning.

    4. Cycling: On La Digue island, you can travel from one beach to another on a bicycle and it can be an adventurous experience indeed. Sometimes, only after travelling 100 metres or so, you will find a secluded beach.

    5. Sailing: You can charter yachts at the Eden Island Marina, and exploring the coral and granitic islands will be one of the most exciting parts of your Seychelles travel package. You can book a yacht for a day or more, and moor it around marine parks and national reserves.
  14. Which are the best beaches to visit in Seychelles?

    1. Petite Anse: This is one of the beaches you must include in your Seychelles trip package as its pristine beauty is unmatched in the world. With granite cliffs and dense forests in the background, this beach is located at the southwest tip of Mahe island.

    2. Anse Georgette: This is a public beach on Praslin Island that you can easily access through the Constance Lemuria Resort. The water here has a beautiful shade of turquoise, but it might not be safe for swimming as the current is quite strong.

    3. Anse La Passe: If you are looking for a quiet vacation at the beach during your Seychelles trip package tour, then this beach is ideal for you. It is located in silhouette island which is free from cars. Here, the ocean boasts of a wide range of underwater animal species.

    4. Anse Major: This beach on northwest Mahe Island can only be accessed via boat or foot. Since no roads are connecting this secluded beach, you have to take a hike which is of 30-60 minutes duration.

    5. Anse Lazio: One of the best beaches on Praslin Island, this beach is full of palm trees and tall lush takamaka trees. The transparent ocean and the sugary white sand will delight you to no end.
  15. Which are the best resorts there in Seychelles?

    1. Constance Ephelia: At this luxury resort in Port Glaud, you will find villas with ocean and mountain views. It also has a private garden area.

    2. Hilton Seychelles Labriz: This is a luxury resort with a spa which is located on Silhouette Island. You can stay in a private villa here, with pool and garden terraces available for each of them.

    3. Constance Lemuria: This is one of the best resorts you can stay in, as a part of your Seychelles tour package. It has regal villas and secluded suites.

    4. Raffles Seychelles: This resort has 86 villas with splendid architecture. Activities here include swimming, snorkelling, and kayaking.
  16. What sort of wildlife I can experience in Seychelles?

    1. Iles Des Palmes: Located in Praslin beach, here you can find the famous Seychelles giant tortoise, green gecko, Seychelles bulbul, and the Seychelles Blue Pigeon.

    2. Morne Seychellois National Park: This is a large national park in Mahe Island where you can find birds like bulbuls and owls, as well as chameleons, frogs, tenrecs, and fruit bats.

    3. La Digue Nature Veuve Reserve: This nature reserve is famous for the Seychelles Black Paradise Flycatcher which is native to this place. If you want to see this bird, you must visit this place after booking your Seychelles tour package.