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Exclusive Bali Honeymoon | FREE UPGRADE In A Private Pool Villa


Airport Transfers
Transport Included
Meals Included

630 Ratings


630 Ratings

₹ 76,667

₹ 34,500 per Adult

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Best Of Bali | FREE Balinese Couple Massage


Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe

287 Ratings


287 Ratings

₹ 62,054

₹ 34,750 per Adult

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Bali Adventure - Ultimate Party Experience | Mount Batur Trek


Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

464 Ratings


464 Ratings

₹ 75,000

₹ 41,250 per Adult

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Fully Loaded Bali Experience with Free Tickets for Bali Swing


Airport Transfers
Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included

491 Ratings


491 Ratings

₹ 111,132

₹ 47,750 per Adult

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Bali Retreat | FREE Candle Light Dinner


Airport Transfers
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe

1074 Ratings


1074 Ratings

₹ 68,791

₹ 39,900 per Adult

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6 Days Kuta and Ubud Honeymoon with Private Pool Villa


Transport Included
Meals Included
About the destination:Considered a tropical slice of paradise that offers the beauty of the alluring beaches, serene coastline, temples, lush green rice terraces, charming waterfalls and so much more, Bali is one of the most popular destinations for a have a beautiful getaway. Stroll around the beautiful beaches of Kuta and Seminyak, places with their own grace that attracts travellers worldwide. Kuta is widely known for its party-centric atmosphere where you can have the best time. Indulge in swimming, surfing or simply lie down and witness the mesmerising view of the turquoise waters gushing towards the shore.Tour info:Places covered: Kuta - SeminyakDuration: 6 Days, 5 NightsStart Point: Bali International AirportEnd Point: Bali International Airport

286 Ratings


286 Ratings

₹ 47,221

₹ 33,999 per Adult

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Bali Honeymoon Delight Tour Package


2D Ubud 1D Kuta 1D Nusa Penida island
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

512 Ratings


512 Ratings

₹ 31,700

₹ 23,800 per Adult

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Couples Delight - Bali In A Nutshell


Transport Included
Meals Included
Stay Included
About the Tour:Bali is a favourite destination for honeymooners around the world and it’s easy to say why. From its list of unending idyllic beaches, captivating spiritual energy, colourful coral reefs, and serene waterfalls to adventurous water sports, majestic temples, rice paddies, and exotic sunsets, there is so much to see and experience in this magnificent tropical paradise. This classic 5-day tour package to Bali starts from the beautiful town in the uplands of Bali, Ubud and takes you on a journey worth cherishing. From exploring the gems of Central Bali like Kintamani Village, Bali Swing and aromatic coffee plantations to experiencing the thrilling water sports combo at Padang Padang Beach, this tour will give you an experience out of the ordinary.Quick info:Duration: 5 Days, 4 Nights Start Point: Ngurah Rai International AirportEnd Point: Ngurah Rai International Airport

247 Ratings


247 Ratings

₹ 42,900

₹ 26,800 per Adult

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Bali Tour Package with Kuta and Ubud from India


2D Ubud 2D Kuta
Airport Transfers
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

239 Ratings


239 Ratings

₹ 99,800

₹ 74,899 per Adult

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Perfect Family Getaway with Free Bali Swing


2D Ubud 2D Kuta 1D Nusa Penida island 1D Kuta
Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
Stay Included

261 Ratings


261 Ratings

₹ 42,300

₹ 36,199 per Adult

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Cheap Bali Honeymoon Package


Transport Included
Meals Included
Thrillophilia Safe
About the Tour:Celebrate love in an exotic tropical paradise dotted with the beauty of the alluring beaches, serene coastline, temples, lush green rice terraces, charming waterfalls, and much more. From the lush green landscapes of Ubud to the alluring beaches in the south, Bali paints a perfect romantic picture for peace-seeking honeymooners as well as for those who seek a little adventure. What a more perfect honeymoon to embark on when this tropical slice also houses some of the oldest and most magnificent temples where you can seek blessings together with your better half.  Quick info:Duration: 5 Days & 4 Nights Start Point: Ngurah Rai International AirportEndpoint: Ngurah Rai International Airport

122 Ratings


122 Ratings

₹ 47,935

₹ 30,200 per Adult

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5 Nights Romantic Escapade to Bali with FREE Water Activities


Transport Included
Meals Included
About the destination:Bali, one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners If you’re looking for a perfect getaway with your better half to begin your new journey, then this Bali romantic escapade awaits to surprise you. It offers the beauty of the alluring beaches, serene coastline, temples, lush green rice terraces, charming waterfalls and so much more. Hold hands and explore the soothing beauty of this place. Get ready to be awed by the mesmerizing views from your own private pool villa and unwind in luxury in the laps of nature.Tour info:Places covered: Seminyak - Nusa Dua Duration: 6 Days, 5 NightsStart Point: Ngurah Rai International AirportEnd Point: Ngurah Rai International Airport

383 Ratings


383 Ratings

₹ 30,999

₹ 25,999 per Adult

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Bali and Cambodia Tour Package


Indonesia’s most treasured island, Bali is known popularly across the globe for its picturesque beaches, endless coastline, terraced rice fields, cascading waterfalls, colorful culture, and majestic temples. Famed to be home to some of the most amazing coral reefs in the world, Bali is also the perfect destination to enjoy a variety of underwater activities, including snorkeling and scuba diving.Bali is also known for its fragrant cuisine and scenic routes that offer you the ideal feeling of an offbeat vacay. Some of the best places that you can visit with the Bali and Cambodia tour package include Mount Batur, Tanah Lot, Goa Gajah, Bedugul, Ubud Art Market, Celuk village, Tampaksiring, Ulun Danu Temple, Benoa Harbour, and the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.Presenting an alluring amalgamation of the old and modern worlds, Cambodia challenges to leave you smitten with its ancient temples, a diverse nightlife, cosmopolitan cafes, and contemporary art. The countryside lush rice paddies, swaying sugar palms, stunning mountainous landscapes, rustic fishing villages, rich tropical wilderness, and enthralling ecotourism activities propel the leisure and adrenaline seekers. The prime Cambodian attractions that you will cover in this tour include Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Tonlé Sap Lake, and Tandav Hole and temple.

37 Ratings


37 Ratings

₹ 51,998

₹ 38,999 per Adult

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Best Bali Honeymoon Pacakges Create the Chapters of Love


Transport Included
Meals Included
About the destination:Bali, one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners offers the beauty of the alluring beaches, serene coastline, temples, lush green rice terraces, charming waterfalls and so much more. It is an ideal destination to start your beautiful journey of togetherness. Stroll hand in hand, bare feet around the beautiful beach of Kuta, a place that has its own charms that lures travellers all around the world, widely known for its party-centric atmosphere. Bali has a lot in store for you and your partner to experience a perfect romantic getaway.Tour info:Place Covered: Kuta - SeminyakDuration: 7 Days, 6 Nights Start Point: Ngurah Rai International AirportEnd Point: Ngurah Rai International Airport

219 Ratings


219 Ratings

₹ 55,999

₹ 49,811 per Adult

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People Also Ask About Honeymoon in Bali

  1. How do we reach Bali from India? What are the various ways through which we can reach Bali?

    Bali in Indonesia is serviced by the Ngurah Rai International Airport, popularly called as the Denpasar International Airport. Just 15 kilometers from the city, it receives direct flights from America, Australia, Europe and several Asian countries. While there is no direct flight from India, you can also hope to get a connecting flight from Singapore and other airports in between.

    Another amazing way to reach Bali is taking the way of the sea. Bali has been a preferred port for most cruise lines passing through South East Asia. There would be numerous ships that will be able to ferry you from the Malaysian Islands.

    To get to Bali from India, it will be recommended that you get to Singapore via airway and then take the water way to approach the Islands. Do the opposite when you are returning to have the views of the both the areal and sea level views of the islands!
  2. Is a visa required for Bali?

    While traveling has its own set of fun, getting from one country to another can be a real headache sometimes. One of such places is Bali. Indonesia levies a strict visa and passport policy. While it no less than a challenge, getting to the white sand beaches is reward enough to start preparing today. The paradise is well worth the trouble. For Indian tourists, no visa is needed on entry but is entry will be valid for a maximum of 30 days. Depending on the kind of passport you have, there are three ways to get a visa on a tourist purpose:

    • For most countries, visa is not required but entry is valid for a maximum of 30 days
    • Visa on arrival, costing US$30 and validity for 30 days. It can be extended once for another 30 days
    • Visa needed before arrival
  3. Is there visa on arrival in Bali?

    Visa on arrival is available at Bali, but if you are planning for a vacation that is less than 30 days, you don’t need a visa, if you carry an Indian passport.
  4. Do we need to carry any documents if we are travelling Bali for a honeymoon?

    Essential documents to carry to Bali on your honeymoon would include: Passport Photo Identification ,Entry permit, Airline tickets, Accommodation receipts ,Drivers license (will also act as identity) ,Photocopies of travel documents, Emergency phone numbers.
  5. What is the culture of Bali?

    Bali’s culture runs deep and goes back to about 2000 BC. It is popularly known as “The Island of Gods”. Bali has a lot of Hindu influence and you will find a lot of Hindu temples and places of worship. Another important part of the Bali culture is the ritualistic dances in the form of Balinese Dance, Wali Dance, Bebali Dance and Balih-balihan Dance. However, a large percentage of Islamic followed too live here.
  6. What are some specialties about the flora and fauna of Bali?

    The wilderness of Bali stretches from the north western part of the islands to the Bali Barat National Park. The Balinese flora is considered to be one of the most colorful and ‘majestic’.

    Flowers are literally seen everywhere, from the acacias to frangipani. Whenever you are in a natural setting, be ready to be immersed in colors and a natural perfume that you will fall in love with.

    Similarly, wildlife in Bali is very exotic and include rarities like Balinese Tigers, Barking Deer, Dolphins, whale sharks and more. 300 species of birds, innumerable species of marine creature and a truck load of mammals and reptiles make Bali a wildlife lovers delight.
  7. What currency is used in Bali?

    The Bali currency is called Rupiah. The conversion rate for 1 INR (Indian Currency) is 206.27 Rupiah.
  8. Is Bali a good honeymoon destination and why?

    You wouldn’t need to Bali to understand that it could be the ultimate honeymoon destination. It has been ranked as one of the top honeymoon destination in the world. A picture perfect island, it’s a perfect semblance of nature, luxury, romance and vacation. it’s a beach when you would want to walk hand in hand with your partner and fall in love again. From luxury spas to candle nights dinners to the most awesome food and music, it’s a place to be in love. Honeymooners can do so many things here, from trekking to cruise rides.

    With a range of luxury private accommodations, it’s the perfect honeymoon you could have imagined.
  9. Which is the best time to visit Bali for a honeymoon? What is the ideal duration for a honeymoon in Bali?

    The best time to be in Bali for your honeymoon is the summer months, between April and October. While April is pretty dry, October brings in the much needed rains. These are also the months when the humidity is the lowest and you can comfortably get into your beach wear and stride along the white sands. This is also the season when all water sports activities and cruise tours are at their peak and you have unlimited choices in adventures. However, if you are looking to avoid the tourist rush, it is best to be at Bali between October and December. The showers bring in a new kind of romance and the cool air can be highly rejuvenating.

    The ideal duration to complete a honeymoon at Bali will be for a minimum of two weeks, excluding the travel required to reach and return. This is, if you want to completely enjoy all the activities and make an ideal stay. A good travel guide will provide you with the best experience you can have while honeymooning.
  10. How many minimum days are required to explore Bali?

    If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, an ideal duration will be for a minimum of two weeks. While no amount of time is Bali might seem to be enough, you will be able to squeeze in all kinds of activities into your itinerary in this duration.
  11. What are the costs of Honeymoon Bali Packages?

    Whether it’s your first honeymoon or another romantic escapade with your partner, there are several facilities that would act as the perfect accommodation in Bali. The biggest part of the expense is the resort you choose to step in. depending on your budget, there would be range of facilities. Some of the top resorts for honeymooners include the InterContinental Bali Resort, The Villas Seminyak, AYANA Resort and Spa, FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach and Melia Bali Villas and Spa.

    The next thing in your costing would be the kind of activities you want to do. From free beach walks to costly island tours and water sports, there so much to choose from. Dinners, food tasting and other special romantic avenues cost the rest. Check out tour packages for honeymooners to get the best deals. This would be more convenient that planning your own itinerary or booking your hotels and activities.

    The average price of a Bali package is about INR 50,000 for couples.
  12. What kind of accommodation is available in Bali?

    Accommodations in Bali range from villas to luxury resorts right in the middle of green rice fields and overlooking the sea. You could book anything from a 5 star resort to a countryside bungalow. The choices are pretty diverse. The top places to stay in Bali would be Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Lovina.

    However, if you are looking to get maximum value for the money spent, it would be recommended to look for deals in online booking websites. Tour packages also seem to make your stay convenient.
  13. What to expect from honeymoon in Bali?

    Your honeymoon in Bali will be as surprising as you intend to be. Take your partner off her heels by ensuring the following adventures:

    • A romantic dinner by the beach and with candle lights and music!
    • Take a cruise day and visit private beaches, and sunset cocktails
    • Hike up the Mount Batur to see the sunrise at the peak of the volcano – perfect if you are the adventure kind
    • Unwind yourself at a luxury spa using a couple’s package
    • Take a helicopter tour to view the scenic islands
    • Buy couple jewelry!
    • Attend a cooking class together
    • Go cycling in Ubud
    • Book a second honeymoon packages for an extended stay!
  14. What are some famous tourist attractions in Bali for honeymooners?

    In whatever direction you look in Bali, there would be nature’s bounty. However, here are some of the places that you shouldn’t be missing on your honeymoon:
    • Uluwatu Temple
    • Pura Tanah Lot
    • Pura Ulun Danu Bratan
    • Dolphin sighting at Lovina
    • Ubud
    • Kuta Beach for partying
    • Nusa Dua for a private evening
    • Mount Batur at Kintamani for a hike
    • Ayana Bar on the rocks
    • Bali Pulina Agro Tourism for a stroll in the coffee plantation
    • Ubud Monkey Forest
    • Jatiluwih and Tegallalang Rice Terraces
    • Sekumpul Waterfall
    • Tirta Empul Temple
  15. What are the best activities which we can do in Bali while honeymooning?

    Bali’s picturesque landscape together with its dining and accommodation opportunities makes the perfect escapade for romance, and love. From tropical shores to idyllic villas, there are so many things that will make your honeymoon memorable. When in Bali with your partner, go for:

    • Bali Hai Castaway Tour to Nusa Penida
    • An excursion to the Royal Mengwi Temple, Tanah Lot and Monkey Forest
    • An evening cruise with a 5-course dinner
    • A private photo shoot and spa treatment
    • Thai Massage and Parivate yoga class
    • Couple’s horseback riding across Tegallalang
    • An evening to witness cultural performances in Ubud
    • Dinner cruise on wooden ship
    • Private dinner amidst the golden sunset at Tanah Lot Temple
  16. Which adventure activities can be enjoyed by couples in Bali?

    The top adventure activities you can be a part of in Bali include:

    • Surfing at Bukit Peninsula
    • Day Cruises at Nusa Lembongan Islands
    • Kite Surfing at Sanur Lagoon
    • White Water Rafting in Telega Waja and Ayung River
    • Waterbom Bali at Tuban
    • Sea Walks at Sanur and Tanjung Benoa
    • ATV Rides at Suwung Kangin
    • Paintball Games near Batur Caldera Lake
    • Enjoy Cycling across Balinese Villages
    • Canyon Tubing at Siap River
    • Bali Waterfall at Central Bali
  17. Are there any beaches for honeymoon where we should go?

    • Seminyak Beach
    • Kuta Beach
    • Sanur Beach
    • Balangan Beach
    • Geger Beach
    • Bias Tugal Beach
    • Padang Beach
    • Lovina Beach
    • Nyang Nyang Beac
    • Dream Beach, Lembongan
  18. Which all places are best to enjoy romantic dinners in Bali? What all facilities they can provide?

    A romantic dinner is a must if you are traveling to Bali with your partner. Check out the following facilities for their amazing menu, great service and an ambiance that will make you feel closer together.
    • Kubu Mandapa, Ubud
    • Swept Away, The Samaya, Ubud
    • Secret Garden Restaurant, Lovina Beach
    • The Restaurant, Seminyak
    • Bali Pearl Restaurant, Legian
    • Restaurant Bukit Segara, Amed
    • Bambu, Seminyak Beach
    • CasCades Restaurant, Ubud
    • Kayuputi, Nusa Dua
    • Breeze, Seminyak
    • Cuca, Jimbaran
    • Zibiru, Seminyak
  19. Which spots are best for honeymoon photography in Bali?

    Be it a pre/post wedding shoot or a intuitive urge to capture your togetherness in the beautiful Bali landscapes, here are some of the prefect locations to create the canvas:

    • AYANA Resort and Spa
    • Limestone cliffs in Pandawa Beach
    • Bukit Teletubbies, Nusa Penida
    • Suluban Beach
    • Lake Tamblingan
    • Menjangan Islands, West Bali National Park
    • Camel Adventures at Hilton Bali Resort
    • Hideaway in Mangrove Forests
    • Lembongan Islands
    • Tukad Unda
    • Fairytale at Royal Water Palace
    • Sayan Gorge
    • Tulamben Shipwreck
    • Tirtha Uluwatu Castle
    • Gili Trawangan
  20. Which are some famous streets in Bali?

    • Kuta Beach walk
    • Ubud Art Market
    • Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai Road, Kuta
    • Sukawati Art Market
    • Celuk Village
    • Monkey Forest Road
    • Kuta Square
    • Tegallalang Handicrafts Village
  21. What all water sports we can do in Bali while honeymooning?

    There are a lot of adventurous water activities that you can do. This includes:
    • Surfing at Kuta, Medewi, Bukit and Canggu
    • Scuba Diving at Menjangan Islands, Lembongan, Tulamben and Amed
    • Snorkeling at Pemuteran, Tulamben and Nusa Lambongan
    • Rafting at Payangan, Telaga Waja River and Ayung River
    • Stand Up Paddling (SUP) at Sanur and Jimbaran
    • Sea Walking at Lembongan Islands, Tanjung Benoa and Sanur
    • Water Jetpacks at Tanjung Benoa
    • Fly boarding at Tanjung Benoa
    • Kite surfing at Sanur
    • Wakeboarding at Benoa
    • Banana Boat Ride at Tanjung Benoa
    • Flying Fish at Tanjung Benoa
  22. Which are the best water parks in Bali?

    • Waterbom Bali, Kuta
    • Finns Recreation Club, Canggu
    • FlowRider Waterbom Bali, Kuta
    • Circus Waterpark Bali, Kuta
    • Surf and Turf, Nusa Dua
    • Taman Segara Madu, Canggu
    • Waterbom Bukit Jati, Ganyar
    • Keramas Park, Keramas
    • Citraland Waterpark, Denpasar
    • Gunbrih Waterpark, Jembrana
  23. What all tourist attractions are famous in Ubud, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua?

    There are some beautiful sightseeing options across Bali. Some of them are:
    • Devdan Show
    • Pandawa Beach
    • Water Blow, Nusa Dua
    • Nusa Dua Beach
    • Bali Camel Safari
    • Geger Temple
    • Garuda Wisnu Kencana
    • Museum Pasifika
    • Bali National Golf Club
    • Puja Mandala
  24. Which all beaches are best for honeymooners in Seminyak?

    • Double Six Beach
    • Petitenget Beach
    • Batu Belig Beach
    • Berawa Beach
  25. Where we can do shopping in Bali?

    • Seminyak / Petitenget for designer threads
    • Seminyak / Ubud / Kerobokan for Homewares
    • Kuta / Legian / Seminyak and Ngurah Rai for surf gear
    • Seminyak / Denpasar and Kerobokan for Furniture
    • Ubud / Canggu / Gianyar and Denpasar for local markets and souvenirs
  26. What all activities we can do in South Kuta?

    Kuta is loved for its golden coasts and a lot of blue water. If you are traveling to South Kuta:
    • Check out the golden sunset
    • Go to Waterbom Bali
    • Visit the Kuta theatre
    • A ride in the Circus Waterpark
    • Photography at Dream Museum Zone
    • 5GX Bali Reverse Bungee
    • Armada Flow House
    • Visit the Upside Down World
    • Get the Pandora Experience
    • Pray at Vihara Dharmayana
  27. Where is Gitgit Waterfall? Is it worth visiting it?

    A picturesque waterfall in North Bali, the Gigit falls from a height of 35 meters and also meets the water requirement of the city. Lapped among the tropical forests, this is a place where there is no noise except that of the raging waters and the silent chirps of nature! It’s a charming location that is perfect for any nature lover. If you are traveling with your partner, this would be trip that will take a while to recover from. It’s a kind of peace that you will long for for the rest of your life!

    The Gigit Waterfall is located in the Gitgit countryside in the Sukasada District, 10 kilometers from Singaraja and 70 kilometers from Denpasar.
  28. What type of food will we get? Is vegetarian food easily available in Bali?

    Bali is a foodies delight. The best thing is that you don’t need to be hardcore seafood over to enjoy the cuisine of Bali. There’s a lot of opportunity even for someone vegetarian or even vegan! Top dishes to try include
    • Pisang Goreng (vegetarian)
    • Mie Goreng (non-vegetarian)
    • Nasi Goreng (vegetarian)
    • Sate (non-vegetarian)
    • Babi Guling (non-vegetarian)
    • Nasi Campur (non-vegetarian)
    • Bebek Betutu (non-vegetarian)
    • Mini Rijsttafel (non vegetarian)
    • Spring Rolls (veg/non-veg)
    • Gado Gado (vegetarian / sometimes egg based)
  29. What all restaurants we should visit? What cuisine we must try? How expensive meals are in Bali?

    There’s a range of restaurants that you can find across Bali. Ranging from luxury to budget, the food in most is awesome and starts at a basic $30 for a couple’s meal, including drinks. It would be great to experiment with the local food around. Top restaurants to try out when on a honeymoon include:
    • Mozaic in Ubud
    • Mozaic Beach Club at Seminyak
    • Metis Lounge at Seminyak
    • Sarong at Seminyak
    • Mama San at Seminyak
    • La Lucciola at Seminyak
    • Cuca Flavor at Jimbaran Bay
    • II Ristorante at Uluwatu
    • JuMaNa at Uluwatu
    • Warung at Uluwatu
  30. Which all places are good for cycling in Bali?

    • Goa Gajah, Ubud
    • Ubud Monkey Forest
    • Rice Fields and terraces in Ubud
    • Petulu White Heron Park, Ubud
    • Mount Batur
    • Kintamnai Highlands
    • Jatiluwih Rice Terraces
    • Putung Village
    • Sideman Village
    • Carangsari Village
    • Bongkasa Village
    • Mengwi Village
    • Candidasa / Taman Ujung Water Palace
    • Sanur Beach
  31. What sort of nightlife we can experience? Which all places are best for clubbing?

    The Bali nightlife is quite happening. Popular among honeymooners and young couples, there is a lot happening all across the city. Popular haunt for nightlife include places like:

    • Sky Garden, Jalan Legian, Legian
    • Mirror Bali Launge and Club, Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak
    • Bounty Dscotheque, Jalan Legian, Legian
    • Jenja, Jalan Nakula, Seminyak
    • Koh Bali, Jalan Camplung Tanduk, Seminyak
    • Engine Room, Jalan Legian, Legian
    • Pyramid Club, Jalan Dewi Sri, Kuta
    • Velvet and Hypnotized, Kuta Beachwalk, Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta
    • Boshe VVIP Club, Kuta
    • Mint Bali, Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak
  32. Can we do a cruise ride in Bali?

    A cruise ride across the Bali Ocean is a must. It has been on eof the most popular activities among honeymooners. Consequently, you seek a range of cruise rides, ranging from whole dat cruises to night cruises and even private cruises. Cruise rides are always accompanies by 4 course meals, cocktails and a lot of fun, music and dance. A cruise ride across the Bali Ocean is a must. It has been on eof the most popular activities among honeymooners. Consequently, you seek a range of cruise rides, ranging from whole dat cruises to night cruises and even private cruises. Cruise rides are always accompanies by 4 course meals, cocktails and a lot of fun, music and dance.
  33. Can we rent a villa in Bali and in which places?

    Renting villas is one of the most preferred ways to book a honeymoon in Bali. Situated in idyllic location and offering complete privacy, these villas would be a perfect addition to your romantic times in Bali. Look for villas in:
    • Candidasa
    • Canggu
    • Jimbaran
    • Nusa Dua
    • Nusa Lembongan
    • Pemuteran
    • Seminyak
    • The Bukit
    • Ubud
    • Umalas Kerobokan
    • Seseh Tanah Lot
    • Sanur Ketewel
  34. Which are the popular camps in Bali?

    There are several camping sits all across Bali and if you want you you can either book a tent,or pitch yours. Popular camping grounds include:
    • Kima Bali Surf Camp, Seminyak
    • Green Camp Bali
    • Padang Padang Surf Camp
    • Lapoint Surf Camp, Canggu
  35. Can we do a helicopter/plane tour of Bali?

    A helicopter tours is one of the most recommended ways to check out the Indonesian Islands. If you are traveling with your partner, this would also be one of the most romantic thigns you would have done. Do carry a bottle of wine along. It will be easy to find a private helicopter tour service provider.
  36. Which is the best/cheapest mode of travel while in Bali?

    The best way to get around Bali is to rent your own vehicle. From two wheelers to cars, you have a range of options. renting a bicycle is another popular means of getting around Bali by budget travelers and backpackers. However, getting a cycle can also be a amazing way for couple to be together.
  37. What kind of ATM facility is there in Bali? Can we find International ATMs? What about money exchangers?

    Cash is king in most markets and shops around Bali. However, if you are using an ATM, you might have to pay a few extra dollars in commissions. Consequently, money/currency changers is the best way to save the maximum and have cash handy when needed. The amount of cash you need to carry with depend on the kind of vacation you have planned.
  38. How can we get a temporary local mobile connection in Bali? Can we make international calls?

    It is quite easy to get a local SIM card for a jailbreak mobile phone. SIM cards for tourists are sold everywhere and the dealers will also be the best people to advise you with the best plans. You will be able to make both international and domestic calls using these SIM cards.
  39. How should we handle any medical emergency in Bali?

    Most times, it would be better and faster to get a cab and reach the hospital in case of medical emergencies. In most areas, people understand English and they are quite helpful in arranging the necessary. The main emergency number all across Bali is 112. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.
  40. Does one have easy access to alcohol in Bali? Is smoking legal in Bali?

    The legal drinking age in Bali is 21 years. It is however not recommended to rink n public places. Alcohol is however always available across private beaches, resorts and restaurants. While smoking isn’t illegal in Bali, you aren’t allowed to smoke in public spaces.
  41. Are there any religious restrictions in Bali?

    Though the Indonesian constitutions allows for the freedom of religion, there are some unsaid rules that you need to follow around Bali. It is a country that is used to foreign arrivals but it is necessary that you show decency, especially in places of worship. Things like wearing shorts to a temple is not quite advisable as you will only be getting raised eyebrows and unwanted attention.
  42. What are the essential things to carry to Bali?

    Bali is amazing – the white sands, the blue seas and a sky that you will fall in love with. It’s a place to rejoice your honeymoon but it is also recommended that you pack your bags rightly. If you are visiting Bali on a honeymoon, here’s your packing list:

    • Casual or beach wear – as many as you can take
    • Night dresses for a romantic dinner!
    • T-shirt / sleeved tops
    • Tank tops / single tops
    • Shorts / skirts
    • Scarf Swimmers / swim suits
    • Pyjamas

    • Flip flops
    • Flats / sandals
    • Joggers/walking shoes

    Other essentials include:
    • Moisturizers
    • Sunscreens
    • Sanitizers
    • Sea sickness tablets
    • Insect repellants
    • First aid kit
    • Electrolyte sachets
    • Diarrhea tablets
    • Sunglasses
    • Hats
    • Small day bags for small trips
    • Umbrella, if you are visiting in the wet season

Bali Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Bali

More Bali Attractions

Trunyan Village, kintamani Pura Ulun Siwi Temple, jimbaran Ubud Monkey Forest Ubud Art Market Penulisan Temple, kintamani Jimbaran Fish Market Ubud Celuk Village Setia Darma Masks & Puppets House, ubud Golden Kirin Coffee Factory, jimbaran Pura Taman Saraswati Temple, ubud Kehen Temple, kintamani Jimbaran Beach Royal Palace Cultural Night Performances, ubud Kintamani Organic Farm Toya Bungkah Hot Spring, kintamani Kedongana Beach, kuta Kuta Beach Sea Turtle Conversation Kuta Night Market Kuta Square Kuta Theater The Ground Zero Monument, kuta Pura Geger, nusa dua Pura Petitenget Temple, kuta Bajra Sandhi Monument, denpasar Devdan Show, nusa dua Sindhu Market, denpasar Geger Beach, nusa dua Museum Le Mayeur, denpasar Museum Pasifika, nusa dua Karma Beach, kuta Werdhi Budaya Art Centre, denpasar Jimbaran Bay Pantai Pandawa, nusa dua Serangan Island, nusa dua Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, kuta Pura Luhur Uluwatu Vihara Dharmayana Temple, kuta Puja Mandala, nusa dua Gunung Payung Beach, kuta Suluban Beach, uluwatu Cemara Beach, denpasar Sakenan Temple, denpasar Mal Bali Galeria, kuta Pantai Geger, nusa dua Nyang Nyang Surfing Beach, uluwatu Holy Spring Water Temple, ubud Pura Agung Jagatnatha, denpasar Waterblow, nusa dua Tari Kecak, kuta Echo Beach, seminyak Kendra Gallery, kuta Museum Kartun, kuta The Pirates Bay, nusa dua Big Garden Corner, denpasar Santo Mikael Church, seminyak Jenggala Gallery, jimbaran Pandawa Beach, south kuta Pantai Mengiat, nusa dua Bali Museum, denpasar Pantai Muaya, jimbaran Kintamani Highlands Bingin Beach, uluwatu Badung Market, denpasar Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, nusa dua Mount Abang, kintamani Oberoi Flea Market, seminyak Agung Rai Museum Of Art (Arma), ubud Goa Gajah, ubud Blanco Renaissance Museum, ubud Jalan Laksmana, seminyak Campuhan Ridge Walk, ubud Celuk Village, ubud Bali Wake Park, denpasar Abun Village, kintamani Green Bowl Beach, uluwatu Ubud Royal Palace Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal, ubud Puri Lukisan Museum, ubud Ubud Water Palace La Favela Tropical Themed Restaurant, seminyak Museum Kain, kuta Neka Art Museum, ubud Nungnung Waterfall, denpasar Melasti Beach, uluwatu Studio Perak, ubud Guwang Art Market, ubud Gunung Kawi, ubud Yoga Barn, ubud Hanging Gardens, ubud Bali Bird & Reptile Park, ubud Bird Village Of Petulu, ubud Geger Temple, nusa dua Threads Of Life, ubud Paintball Adventure, jimbaran The Shell Museum, kuta Wedang Sari Coffee Plantation, kintamani Totem Room Escape Challenge, seminyak
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