55 Places to Visit in Finland, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Finland Tourist Places

Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Rovaniemi, Suomenlinna Fortress, Kauppatori, Åland Archipelago, Lake Saimaa, Lemmenjoki National Park, Santa Claus Village, Levi, Sibelius Monument, Olavinlinna Castle, Snow castle of Kemi, Urho Kekkonen National Park, Nuuksio National Park and many more.

A myriad of places to visit in Finland will mesmerize you by making a mark in your heart. You will come across some of the tranquilising natural landscapes, age old charming museums and exhibition halls. If you are accompanying your family, then you can visit a number of kids friendly parks, majestic cathedrals, and enjoy amazing wildlife in the midst of lush forest covers. The exploration tour of the places in Finland  will surely spoil your choices and give you some moments to cherish all through your life.

Some of the best Finland tourist places include Turku which is a great place to learn about the history of Finland and marvels of the era gone by. You can also visit Helsinki which is the main port of Finland and is an art-filled city that you must add to your itinerary.

The most sought after Finland tourist places like historical Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki is important for being one of the war remnants and iconic marketplace of Kauppatori known for its reindeer souvenirs and food stalls. While Åland Archipelago is home to about 6000 rocky islands, the Archipelago National Park is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. Enjoy all the corners of this beautiful country and make some unforgettable memories.

Here is the list of best places to visit in Finland:

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Helsinki is the capital of Finland and has spectacular waterfront and bays. You can visit this city for sightseeing it's inlets, islands, music, art, street fares, local cuisine, coffee pubs, vineyards, history, culture and heritage. This is a harbour with an offbeat charm. This is the part of Europe with a different beat and history. This city is also known as the "Daughter of Baltic" and was founded in the 15th century. Since, 18th century it has been the capital of Finland. Today this is an international metropolitan city that is often visited by international tourists. Summer is the best time to visit this city. 

Helsinki has an interesting history. It was founded by King Gustav Vasa. There are many old cathedrals, churches, historical sites, and also buildings with modern architecture and amenities that can can view in this city. You can get a taste of Nordic culture when you visit this city. Summers in Helsinki are pleasant. This is a city where you can find people who speak English as well. The locals are friendly. You can visit this city for its beer and drinks. You can get around the city in trams, trains, metros, buses, taxis, or take ferries to visit nearby places. There are parks, islands, cathedrals, churches, and other places to see and things to do in Helsinki.

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Turku is a city in Finland that is located on the southwest coast on the banks of River Aura. It is one of the top places to visit in Finland because of its historical heritage and architectural marvels of the bygone era. The city dates back to almost the 13th century and is very much popular for its Turku Castle, which is a medieval fortress with a historical museum. Heading out to one of the most sought after sightseeing places in Finland, you will be able to pass through cobbled riverside streets and multi cuisine restaurants. You will also be able to come across some of the grand buildings and old great squares, which were the centre of trade in the bygone times.

During your visit to Turku which is one of the best places to visit in Finland in winter, you must find time to marvel at some of the must see Finland attractions like Turun Linna, an age old castle, Forum Marinum, an excellent maritime museum, Luostarinmäen Käsityöläismuseo, a well known handicrafts museum, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, home to almost 37,000 artefacts, and Taidekappeli, St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel. 
You can also indulge in a wide range of activities in some of the tourist places Finland like Visit Turku Bike Rental, Turku Market Hall tour, Discover Gastronomic Bliss, Explore On Of The Oldest Buildings, Get Inspired By The Best Of Finnish Design, and relax in wonderful cafes.

Located close to the Baltic Sea and sheltered by the islands, Turku has got a humid continental type climate. The city experiences warm summers with temperatures ranging up to 30 degree celsius. The warmest month of the year is july and the coldest month is february.

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Vaasa happens to be one of the best places to visit in Finland located on the western coast. It was formed in the year 1606 in the course of the reign of Charles IX of Sweden. The city has been named after the Royal House of Vasa. The city is also the regional capital of Ostrobothnia.

It is one of historical cities that is known for its beautiful architectural designs and remarkable centre of art, history, education, and culture. Vassa offers some of the exotic tourist places Finland like The Kvarken World Heritage Archipelago, Meteoria Söderfjärden, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Tikanoja Art Museum, Bergö Local Museum, Fänrik Ståls Centre, Harrström old fishing harbour, Harrström Windmill Hill, Harrström old fishing harbour, Meteoria Söderfjärden, Aava Kertun Kotitila - Farm, HopLop Vaasa, and The Church of Korsholm.

Checking out the old ruins of Vaasa, visiting the Replot Bridge known for its majestic beauty. checking out the view at Hietasaari, visiting Strömsö to explore the beautiful summer Villa. Offering prayers at the Vaasa church, and enjoying a nice lunch at Seglis in summer are some of the top activities that you can indulge in. Vassa has a continental type climate with highest average temperature remaining around 23 degree celsius and the lowest average temperature remaining in the range of -17 degree celsius.

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Located in central Finland close to the point where the River Oulujoki meets the Bay of Bothnia. It is the fifth most popular city in Northern Finland and the fourth largest urban city in the country. Being a waterfront square, it is one of the famous tourist places in Finland where you will be able to find a bustling marketplace with zillions of food stalls. You can capture the surreal views of the water bodies and spend time in relaxation along it. Tourists love this place for its beautiful sunrise and sunset views.

During your visit to Oulu, make sure that you find time to visit some of the best Finland attractions like Nallikari beach, Kemi Snow Castle, Kauppahalli shopping destination, Ainolan Puisto Park, and Tourism vessel Icebreaker Sampo. Some of the exciting activities to indulge in Oulu are wandering around the idyllic wooden town of pikisaari, getting inspired by finnish originality in oulu’s design shops, heading to the nallikari beach hidden in beautiful woodlands, embracing the arctic spirit with a stay at the lapland hotels,  starting a conversation over coffee and pulla like a true finn, putting your brain to the test at the tietomaa science centre, and hiring a car and discovering the best of finnish nature.

Oulu has a subarctic continental climate. It is classified as Dfc as per the Koppen Geiger classification. The city experiences cold and snowy winters with short and warm summer seasons. The highest temperature recorded in the city is 33.3 degree celsius and the lowest temperature recorded in the city is -41.5 degree celsius.

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Hameenlinna is a municipality with about 68000 inhabitants located in the heart of Tavastia which is a historical province and Kanta Hame to the south of Finland. Hameenlinna is one of the oldest inland cities which has got loads of historical significance and has been one of the popular regional centres. Loaded with all sorts of natural beauty, it attracts zillions of tourists all through the year visiting Europe.

Palanderin Talo, Aulanko, Hämeenlinnan Taidemuseo, Sibeliuksen syntymäkoti, and Museo Skogster are some of the best sightseeing places in Finland that you must think of visiting during your trip. The city offers you a magical tour of the art centres like HameenlinnanTaidemuseo. You can offer prayers at the Hameenlinnan Kirkko church which is very much popular for its majestic architectural design. Tourists can enjoy concert performances at Sibeliuksen syntymäkoti and stroll along the notable artwork exhibition at Hämeenlinnan Taidemuseo.

Haneelinnan has got permanent snow all through the year. The temperature of the regions remains mostly below zero degree celsius. The average daytime temperature is usually -10 degree celsius and the night time temperature can fall below -30 degree celsius.

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Established back in 1972 and nestled in the estuary of River Vantaa, the city of Vantaa is located in southern Finland. Finland’s fourth most populated city, Vantaa encompasses a total area of approximately 240.35 square kilometres. The city is surrounded by Helsinki on the south, Kerava on the north, Sipoo on the east, Nurmijärvi on the northwest, and Espoo on the southwest.

Vanta showcases an appealing amalgamation of rural, suburban, and urban landscapes. Packed with a host of picturesque natural lakes, the city of Vantaa is naturally beautiful. The city of Vantaa features a myriad of important landmarks, spread across its length and breadth. The famous attractions you will find in this city include the Vantaa Museum, the Finnish Aviation Museum, The Church of St. Lawrence, and Heureka.

On your tour to Vantaa city, you can spend time exploring the rich biodiversity of the Sipoonkorpi's National Park, taking a refreshing swim in the small lake of Kuusijärvi, and shopping your heart out at the Jumbo Shopping Centre. You can also enjoy an invigorating massage at the famous Flamingo Spa in the city. The climate of Vantaa is cold and temperate with a significant amount of rainfall occurring during the year. Vantaa experiences its most ideal weather between the months of June and September, which is also the best time to visit the city.

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Tampere is one of the best places to visit in Finland that is located in between Näsijärvi Lake and Pyhäjärvi Lake with Tammerkoski rapids in between. It is one of the most populous cities in the Nordic region and a major economical and cultural hub for central Finland.

The city is popular for its striking concrete architecture that will give you insights about the past era. You will find a number of exhibition halls and cathedrals dotted all through the city. A trip to Tampere would never ever be complete without stopping over Museum Vapriikki, Pyynikki Observation Tower, Tampere Cathedral, Kaleva Church, Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, Sarkanniemi, Nasinneula Tower, Hatanpaa Arboretum, and Saunas.

Tampere offers some of the best activities for the guests such as taking various food trails through Tammelantori Market and Kauppahalli Indoor Market, capture the glance of the amazing graffiti art at the abandoned matchstick factory in Pispala, and indulge in some of the local festivities like Tammerfest. Tamper is located at an elevation of about 97 meters above the sea level with a cold and temperate climatic condition. The city receives significant rainfall all through the year. As per the Koppen and Geiger classification, the city of Tampere has a Dfb climate. The average temperature of the city is recorded at 5.1 degree celsius all through the year.

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The city of Espoo lies west of Helsinki, in the Uusimaa region, in southern Finland. Espoo is perched on the northern side of the Gulf of Finland, encompassing the town of Kauniainen. Spread across an area of around 528.03 square kilometres, Espoo happens to be the country’s second populous city.

Espoo city is packed with natural splendors, including lush forests, a breathtaking national park, serene lakes, and a 58 kilometers long shoreline. The rich fauna and flora of the city also add to its ever-charming natural beauty. Having a lot of exciting attractions makes it a most sought-after tourist destination. The prime places of interest that have gained much tourist attention include Nuuksio National Park, Serena Water Park, Turku Castle, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Forum Marinum Maritime Centre, and the Espoo Museum of Modern Art.

While you are in Espoo, you can enjoy a myriad of fun activities. You can try cross country skiing, take a refreshing dip in the ice cold waters, feed the reindeer, enjoy a BBQ picnic at the Kaitalampi Lake, and seek blessings at the Espoo Cathedral. Espoo is blessed with a cold and temperate climate with a significant amount of rainfall occurring during the year. The most ideal time for visiting Espoo is between the months of June and September, when the temperature is mild and pleasant.

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Laid out back in 1848 by Tsar Nikolai I, Joensuu is located at the mouth of River Pielis, to the southeast of Kuopio, in southeastern Finland. With students making up around one third of the total population of the city, Joensuu is considered to be an important educational centre of Finland.

The ever-charming beauty of Joensuu is well described by its breathtaking national parks and impressive museums. With a huge amount of snowfall happening at various parts of the city, Joensuu appears even more beautiful during the winters. The city of Joensuu brims with a host of interesting tourist attractions. The most recommended places to check out in Joensuu include the Joensuu Bunker Museum, the town hall, the Pielisjoki Castle, the Greek Orthodox church of Saint Nikolaos, the Museum of North Karelia, and the Carelicuma.

On your tour to Joensuu, you can admire the impressive artworks at Taitokortteli, soak in the lush greens of Perhos-Botania, and witness ancient and modern art at Joensuun Taidemuseo. You can also seek blessings at the Evangelical-Lutheran Church and take a leisure stroll through the breathtaking Freedom Park.Joensuu is bestowed with a cold continental climate, which is marked by mild summers and cold, freezing winters. The city experiences pleasant and salubrious weather with mild temperatures during the month of July, which is also considered to be the perfect time to visit Joensuu.

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Rovaniemi happens to be the capital city of Lapland in Northern Finland. It is the administrative capital and the commercial centre of the Northernmost province of Finland. The city is situated about 6 km from the south of the Arctic Circle in the middle of the hills of Ounasvaara and Korkalovaara close to the confluence of River Kemijoki and its tributary Ounasjoki. Rovaniemi is home to some of the ideal places to visit in Finland where you head out on fishing and hiking tours. You can spot colorful waves of the aurora borealis and also enjoy the wilderness of Finish Lapland.

Some of the top Finland attractions that you must visit during your trip to Rovaniemi are Santa Claus Express Santa Claus Village, Reindeer Sled Rides, Visit a Village Made of Ice,  Korundi House of Culture, and much more. 
Spending some fun filled moments with the Finnish Reindeer, taking a guided tour to learn more about the culture, nature, and history at the Arktikum Science Museum are some of the best things that you can think of trying out in Rovaniemi, one of the best places to visit in Finland.

Rovaniemi has got a subarctic type climate that is marked by a short and pleasant summer season with long, cold, and snowy winter seasons. The witners are pretty much extreme as the average sunshine is less than 6 minutes per day.

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Porvoo is a city in the Uusimaa Region, Finland. It is located on the southern coast of the country. It is about 35 km from the east of the city border of Helsinki and about 50 km from the city centre. The city is believed to be founded almost 800 years ago and it happens to be the second oldest city that gives you a chance to explore long history walking along its charming streets. Porvoo happens to be the one of the six medieval townships and one of the best places to visit in Finland in winter that has been mentioned in the texts that dates back to almost the 14th century. It is adorned with some of the scenic landscape and age old architectural marvels. Tourists heading over to this place will surely be impressed by the local art and culture.

Vanha Porvoo, a vibrant port and market, Tuomiokirkko, historic stone-and-timber cathedral, Walter Runeberg Sculpture Collection, Taidetehdas, exhibition space, with rotating exhibitions of contemporary art, and Porvoon Nukke- ja Lelumuseo, a house of a thousand dolls are some the best places in Finland that you must marvel at during your visit.

Taking an exploration tour of the old town of porvoo, visiting the ancient iso linnamäki fortress, renting a bike and exploring the nature, enjoying your day at haikko manor, and finding a boat and enjoying the archipelago around porvoo are some of the most sought after activities that you can be a part of. Porvoo is located at a height of 29 meters above the sea level and has a cold climate. The city receives significant rainfall all through the year. As per the Koppen Geiger climate classification, the climate of Porvoo is considered to be Dfb. The average annual temperature is recorded at 5.9 degree celsius and the average annual rainfall is recorded at 27 inch.

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The city of Jyväskylä is located north of Lake Päijänne, on the southwestern side of Kuopio, in south central Finland. Established back in 1837, Jyväskylä happens to be the largest city in Central Finland. Nicknamed as the "Athens of Finland", Jyväskylä is recognized as a major educational hub in the country. Much of the beauty of Jyväskylä can be accredited to the host of architectural marvels designed in the city by the renowned architect Alvar Aalto. Packed with around 328 picturesque lakes, the city also brims with unspoilt scenic natural beauty.

The flamboyant cosmopolitan city of Jyväskylä is packed with a plethora of famous attractions. The city is known popularly for its host of intriguing museums including the Finnish Air Force Museum, the Natural History Museum of Central Finland, the Museum of Central Finland, The Alvar Aalto Museum, The Craft Museum of Finland, and the Jyvaskyla Art Museum. Other prime places of interest in Jyväskylä city include Kuokkalan Kartano, Tourujoen Luontopolku, and  Mäki-Matin Perhepuisto.

While you are in Jyväskylä, you can spend time soaking in the breathtaking city views from Vesilinna, shopping for unique souvenirs at Toivola Old Courtyard, seeking blessings at the Jyväskylä Town Church, and relishing local delicacies at Harmooni. Jyväskylä experiences a continental climate with a considerable amount of rainfall occurring during the year.. The summers here are partly cloudy and comfortable, while the winters in the city are snowy, freezing, and long.

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Other Attractions

Located in Rovaniemi in Finland, right in the Arctic Circle, the Santa Claus Village is one of the best and most famous attractions in the country. Also known as Santa’s official North Pole residence, this village is the hometown of Santa Claus and opened its doors to visitors in the late 1900s. This is where you can find a real-life Santa receiving all your letters and greeting his fans in person.

In addition to meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus, you can also see the Elf School where Santa’s elves work all day long to receive your letters and send presents to children all over the world. Additionally, the village also has Santa’s official Post Office, from where you can send a letter to your family and friends. There are several handicrafts and souvenir shops located here, where you can get your hands on small knick-knacks or learn about the Finnish Christmas traditions and folklore. You can even get your photo clicked with Father Christmas here! Located right on the Arctic Circle, the village offers a lot of activities to the hundreds and thousands of visitors that come here all around the year.

The Santa Claus Village is also one of the top places in Finland to catch sights of the pristine Northern Lights. Additionally, it is a great place to indulge in sleigh rides, driven by none other than Santa’s reindeers. 
Some of the main attractions of the Santa Claus Village in Finland include Santa’s office and Christmas house, Santa’s Post Office, husky and snowmobile parks, reindeer farms, and more.
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The 18th Century sea fortress of Suomenlinna is the ultimate picnic destination due to the sheer beauty surrounding it. Overlooking the crystal clear blue oceanic waters, the Finnish castle is an extremely important historical war remnant from the early 1800 century.

Located close to the village of Lovisa, the beautiful building served as the Naval base and fortress for a long time. Known as one of the prime tourist places in Finland in Helsinki, the fortress is spread across 6 interlinked islands.

Location: 00190 Helsinki, Finland
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No trip to Finland is complete without exploring the iconic marketplace of Kauppatori in Helsinki. Food stalls serving authentic local seafood delicacies and berry drinks aside, there is a wide plethora of things to explore in this busy market.

A hot favorite among the locals and tourists alike, Kauppatori is also the town center that connects Suomenlinna Fortress to the mainland. Reindeer souvenirs, chirping seagulls, and a wide diaspora of stores and stalls make it a very vibrant and colorful place that one cannot miss exploring.

Eteläranta, 00170 Helsinki, Finland
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Situated amidst the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea region, the Aland Archipelago consists of over 6000 rocky islands of which only a handful are inhabited. Stunning scenic beauty aside, these islands are primarily known for sweet and wild red berries, vineyards, fisheries, and white sandy beaches.

If exploring the beautiful flora and fauna is not interesting enough, there are numerous trails that travelers can explore.  Cycling and hiking aside, travelers can experience the true wilderness while lodging and camping amidst dense forest covers and seclusions these islands offer.

Åland, Finland
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Spread over an area of 4500 sq km, the ancient freshwater lake of Saimaa is regarded as one of the most crucial natural bio reserve ecosystems of Finland. Home to the Saimaa ringed seal, one of the rarest and most endangered seal species, the lake is a true respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Aside from offering a beautiful view of the Northern Lights, the lake is surrounded by numerous tiny fishing villages and seafood eateries for tourists to explore while visiting Lake Saimaa.

Southeastern Finland
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Home to the indigenous tribes of Sami, Lemmenjoki National park is a beautiful combination of snow-draped greenery that surrounds the crystal clear river flowing amidst the undulating hilly terrain. Hiking trails, camping stations, and fishing aside, the beautiful National park is of grave cultural importance.

From tasting the ever-delicious reindeer stew with the local Sami people to skiing through the white snowy trails, travelers have too many options to explore in Lemmenjoki without ever getting bored.

Inari and Kittilä, Lapland, in Northern Finland
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Located in the Aurora Zone of the Arctic Circle, Levi is home to one of the largest resorts in Finland. Geographically Levi is a huge barren landscape situated at an elevation of over 530 meters above sea level. This is the reason why the undulating and never-ending landscape of Levi Fell makes it among the most picture-perfect skiing destinations.

The glass dome cabins of the Levi Resorts give guests the rare chance to view the sheer beauty of the Northern Lights in its panoramic best.

Kittilä, Finland
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Regarded as one of the most important architectural pride and one among the popular places to visit in Finland, Sibelius Monument is situated in Toolo of Helsinki. The monument is dedicated to one of the most notable composers and musicians of Finland, Jean Sibelius. Designed by the famed Finish Sculptor and designer Eila Vilhelmina Hiltunen, the monument is the limelight of the Sibelius Park that opened up for the tourists in 1967.

Regarded as a masterpiece in the world of architectural sculpting, the Sibelius Monument was one of the pioneering examples of welding art that was introduced by Ms. Hiltunen, which is why one of the smaller replicas of the monument is carefully preserved at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Sibeliuksen puisto, Mechelininkatu, 00250 Helsinki, Finland
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Olavinlinna Castle is a castle that dates back to the 15th century. It is situated in Savonlinna in Finland in between the islands which connect two lakes named Haukivesi and Pihlajavesi. It is a popular tourist spot that is well known for its awesome architecture made by medieval stones.

A very famous opera festival is held in this castle every year in the summer season since 1912. This beautiful fortress was built by Eric Axelsson Tott in the year 1475. After that, it has become one of the best places in Finland to visit where you will not only be able to enjoy the heritage but also the intricate architectural designs.. There is a museum here where you will get to see a lot of religious items from Russia and Finland.

57130 Savonlinna, Finland
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Nestled on the picturesque banks of the Tammerkoski rapids, Museum Vapriikki is housed in the ancient red-brick structure of the Tampella factory area.  The museum of Vapriikki is basically a conglomeration of several museums, including the Mineral Museum, the Doll Museum, the Media Museum, Postal Museum, and the Natural History Museum.

Spread across an area of whopping 14,000 square meters, Museum Vapriikki is one the best places to visit in Tampere for history buffs.

Alaverstaanraitti 5, 33101 Tampere, Finland

10 AM to 6 PM; Closed on Monday

Entry fee:
12 euros per head
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Snow Castle of Kemi is the biggest fort made of snow in the whole world. The most unique feature of one of the popular places to visit in Finland is that it gets rebuilt every year during winter. And every single year the architecture of the fort is completely different from the previous year. This phenomenon was started in the year 1996 and around 300000 visitors dropped to see the beauty. It is situated in Kemi city and then in 2017, it was changed to Mansikkanokankatu.

It also has a hotel, a chapel and a restaurant inside it. Many people rent the chapel for their wedding events. The restaurant here has tables and seats made with Ice and is completely covered with reindeer fur. The whole area is decorated with amazing ice sculptures as well. 

Fleminginkatu 15, 94100 Kemi, Finland
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Lying on the western side of Tampere, Pyynikki Observation Tower serves as an excellent vantage point, offering mesmerizing panoramic views of the entire city and the surrounding lakeland. Constructed back in 1929, this observation tower sustained some bomb damages during the First World War.

This place is often visited by the locals and the tourists for serene evening strolls. This observation tower also houses a quaint cafe, serving fresh and delicious doughnuts, which makes it one of the interesting places to visit in Tampere for kids and dessert lovers.

Näkötornintie 20, 33230 Tampere, Finland

9 AM to 8 PM

Entry fee:
2 euros per head for children & 1 euro per head for children
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Urho Kekkonen National Park is one of the most famous national Parks in Finland which was founded in the year 1983. The national park covers an area close to 2550 square kilometres. The park is named after the late Prime minister and President of Finland.

The most soothing part of this park is the Suojoki river that flows through the park and gives the visitors a beautiful experience for backwaters. If you want to see the natural beauty of this National Park then you must start your journey from Kiilopaa centre.

Lapland, Finland
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Formerly known as the “Church of St. John”, the Tampere Cathedral came into existence during the 20th century. Constructed during the period of Russian rule over Finland, this majestic cathedral flaunts the brilliant Nordic National Romantic Style architectural design, which is a version of the iconic art nouveau.

One of the reasons that the Tampere Cathedral is counted among the most favourite places to see in Tampere for every architecture buff is its alluring frescos that adorn the interior of this church. These Frescos were painted between 1905 and 1906 by the legendary painter Hugo Simberg.

Tuomiokirkonkatu, 33100 Tampere, Finland

10 AM to 5 PM
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Finland has a total of 40 national parks and Nuuksio National Park is one among them. It was founded in the year 1994 and is considered to be the second closest one to the capital. It is a park where you can reach very easily using normal public transportation.

If you like hiking then this park can serve you well. It has around 8 different trails for hiking and the length and difficulty levels are as per the experience of the hiker. You can also go for a bike trip or horse riding here. If you go to this National Park you will also get the chance to go camping as well as skiing at some particular spots. 

Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti
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Established back in 1966 by the iconic architects Reima and Raili Pietilä, the very popular Kaleva Church is a protected building. Appearing like a magnificent concrete silo from its side, the church is locally called “The Silo of the Souls”.

The church attracts eyes with its mesmerizing interior furnishings and magnificent walls with huge windows extending from the roof to the floor. When witnessed from the top, the shape of the beautiful Kaleva Church resembles a fish, which is an ideogram of early Christianity. 

Liisanpuisto 1, 33540 Tampere, Finland

11 AM to 3 PM
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Archipelago National Park is situated in the Southwest of Finland and it started its journey in the year 1983. This park covers around 500 square kilometres of the area and it is in the form of an archipelago. It is one of the most visited UNESCO biosphere reserves in the whole world.

If you want to see some traditional agricultural areas, then this National Park is the perfect fit for you. This park was also created to protect the culture of an archipelago in Finland.

Southwest Finland, Finland
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Located within the premises of the Vapriikki museum complex, the renowned Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame exhibits important assets related to the sport of hockey in Finland. It also celebrates the success of the iconic hockey players of the country.

The Finnish National Team has bagged Olympic medals and World Championships in the past 50 years and the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame proudly represents all those glorious wins. While you are here, you can learn about the evolution of hockey in Finland and pay homage to the winners of the NHL Stanley Cup like Esa Tikkanen & Ville Nieminen.

Location: Alaverstaanraitti 5, 33100 Tampere, Finland

Timing: 10 AM to 6 PM; Closed on Monday
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Santahamina, located in Finland, is a picturesque island in Helsinki known for its military history and scenic beauty. It houses the Santahamina Garrison and offers stunning waterfront views along with recreational activities like hiking and cycling. Visitors can explore its historic sites and enjoy a peaceful retreat in nature.

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Imatrankoski Rapids is a very popular rapid in Imatra in Finland where so many tourists come every year to enjoy the beauty around. It was founded in the late 1700s and from that time it is considered to be one of the most important national landscapes of this country. Heading over to this place, you can take a number of nature tours and hiking expeditions as well.

Vuoksi in Imatra, Finland

Best Time:
June to August
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Considered to be one of the most recommended places to visit in Tampere for adventure enthusiasts, Sarkanniemi is a beautiful amusement park. Packed with more than 25 amusement equipment and educational centers, Sarkanniemi offers its visitors the chance to learn as they play.

Some of the interesting amusement attractions in the park include Caramel carousel, Pig train, and 5 roller coasters - Tornado, X, Hype, & Boom. The educational interests of Sarkanniemi include the planetarium and the aquarium with over 200 marine species.

Location: Laiturikatu 1, 33230 Tampere, Finland

Timing: Tuesday - Saturday: 11 AM to 10.30 PM; Sunday & Monday: 11 AM to 8:30 PM
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Hietaniemi is a beach in Finland situated at the heart of the city of Helsinki. It is considered to be one of the most famous sand beaches there. It was founded in the 20th century and was converted to sand storage after the landfill was done.

So you can say that it is a man-made beach with a beautiful view. You can also choose this place to play Beach volleyball because the famous beach volley tournament is also arranged here. So if you want to visit a unique type of sand beach in Finland then this one is the place for you.

Central Helsinki, Finland
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Constructed between 1970 and 1971, Nasinneula Tower was completed over a small duration of just 33 days. The whopping 134 meters high tower makes for the tallest structure in the Nordic countries. Perched overlooking Lake Näsijärvi, the tower features an observation deck that offers mesmerizing panoramic views of the entire Tampara city.

The Nasinneula Observation Tower flaunts a revolving restaurant, which makes for one of the most exciting places to see in Tampere.

Location: Laiturikatu 1, 33230 Tampere, Finland

Timing: 11 AM to 11.30 PM

Entry fee: 10 euros per head for adults, 5 euros per head for children and students
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Koli National Park is located in North Karelia in Finland. Every year a lot of people come to this place to visit this 30 square kilometres vast National Park. Despite being a small one, it is one of the most beautiful national parks among the 14 national parks present in Finland.

It is actually on the top of the hillside and in the winter season it gets completely covered with snow and the view looks amazing to the visitors.

Joensuu, Lieksa and Kontiolahti in the North Karelia region of Finland.
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Lying in the southern part of the Tampere city, Hatanpaa Arboretum is one of the nice, family-friendly places to see in Tampere. One of the major attractions of this place is the Hatanpaa Manor, which is a majetic neoclassical stately building. The entire place is dotted with old towering lush deciduous trees with the paths covered with colourful flowers. You can also witness a mesmerizing rose garden and the picturesque Lake Pyhäjärvi here.

Location: Hatanpään puistokuja, 33900 Tampere, Finland
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Nestled in the middle of the pristine Lake Pyhäjärvi, Viikinsaari Island can be reached by a ferry from the Laukontori harbour. During the winter season, the water of the lake turns into ice and you can ski or walk across the waterbody to reach the island. Viikinsaari Island is one of the best places to visit in Tampere for the ultimate day out experience.

While you are at the island, you can enjoy a number of fun-filled and thrilling games, including badminton, board games, rowing, and fishing. A number of enjoyable events are also hosted here, including live music nights and kids dance lessons.

Location: Lake Pyhäjärvi, Tampara, Finland
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Seurasaari Open-Air Museum is a very unique open-air museum that is situated on the island named Seurasaari in the district of Helsinki in Finland. This place is very much popular for its wooden buildings that nestles in the middle of the dense forest area.

The best part of this museum is its traditional way of displaying the artefacts and architecture of this country.

Seurasaari, 00250 Helsinki, Finland
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Amuri Museum of Workers' Housing, located in Tampere, Finland, offers a unique glimpse into the lives of factory workers from the late 19th to mid-20th century. The museum preserves original wooden houses, showcasing authentic interiors and community spaces, providing an immersive historical experience of urban working-class life.

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Lake Inari, nestled in the pristine wilderness of Finnish Lapland, captivates with its serene beauty and spiritual aura. Spanning over 1,000 square kilometers, it stands as Finland's third-largest lake, adorned with countless islands, peninsulas, and crystal-clear waters.

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In the heart of the Finnish Lapland lies the enchanting Inari Icepark, a captivating winter wonderland that mesmerizes visitors with its icy landscapes and shimmering beauty. Nestled in the town of Inari, this unique attraction offers a breathtaking experience unlike any other. Visitors can marvel at intricately carved ice sculptures, glide across frozen lakes on skates, or embark on exhilarating husky sleigh rides through snow-covered forests. As the northern lights dance across the Arctic sky, the Inari Icepark becomes a magical playground where memories are made and the spirit of winter comes alive. It's an unforgettable destination for those seeking adventure and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

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Lapland, located in the northernmost regions of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and parts of Russia, is a vast, enchanting Arctic wilderness renowned for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture. Home to the indigenous Sámi people, Lapland offers a magical winter experience with the chance to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Visitors can enjoy activities such as husky sledding, reindeer safaris, and immerse themselves in the unique Arctic way of life.

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Korouoma Canyon, nestled in Finland's rugged landscape, captivates with its breathtaking beauty.

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Hame Castle is an awesome looking Castle that dates back to the medieval era in Finland. It is also known as Tavastia Castle. It is located in the city named Hameenlinna and on the coast of the beautiful lake named Vanajavesi.

It has a very rich history and currently it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Finland . This castle is quite famous for its curtain walls and 5 turrets.  Previously this has been used as a prison. But at the present time, it is a museum of the Finnish National Board of antiquities.

Tavastia Proper, Finland
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Ranua Zoo, located in Finnish Lapland, is renowned for its focus on Arctic wildlife. The zoo offers visitors a unique opportunity to observe over 50 species native to the region, including polar bears, arctic foxes, and reindeer.

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Iso Linnamäki Castle Hill is a notable archaeological and historical site located in Raasepori, southern Finland. This hill fort, also known as Raseborg, is one of the largest and most well-preserved ancient fortifications in Finland, dating back to the late Iron Age and early Medieval period. The site is strategically positioned on a hill, offering commanding views over the surrounding landscape, which was crucial for defense purposes.

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The Saint Tryphon Pechenga Orthodox Church in Inari stands as a cultural and spiritual beacon in Finland's northernmost Lapland region. Nestled amidst the stunning Arctic landscape, this architectural gem exudes an aura of tranquility and reverence.

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Pielpajarvi Wilderness Church, nestled in the serene wilderness near Inari, Finland, is a captivating testament to the region's cultural and natural heritage. Dating back to the 1760s, this quaint wooden church exudes rustic charm against the backdrop of pristine forests and glistening lakes. Its simple yet elegant architecture reflects traditional Scandinavian design, with a striking bell tower that rises above the surrounding landscape.

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Located in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia, Poorvo Old Town is a captivating blend of medieval charm and modern vitality. Steeped in history, its cobblestone streets wind through a tapestry of colorful buildings adorned with ornate facades and ancient churches that whisper tales of centuries past.

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Porvoo Cathedral, located in the historic town of Porvoo in southern Finland, is a significant landmark and an exemplary representation of medieval ecclesiastical architecture. Originally built in the 13th century, the cathedral has undergone several modifications and restorations, with the current structure primarily reflecting Gothic influences from the 15th century.

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People Also Ask About Finland

  1. What are the best places to visit in Finland?

    1. Suomenlinna Fortress: Reserved among one of the most important UNESCO world heritage sites and one of the popular sightseeing places in Finland, Suomenlinna Fort is a true beauty one should never miss out on while exploring Finland.

    2. Rovaniemi and the Arctic:
    Wrapped in snow all year round and popularly known as the Gateway to the Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi is home to the iconic Santa Claus village which is a must-visit Finland tourist places.

    3. Åland Archipelago:
    Surrounded by the blue waters of the Baltic Sea, the Aland group of Island is one of the most beautiful archipelagoes known for its stunning scenery and delicious seafood cuisines.

    4. Lake Saimaa:
    Spread over 4000 sq km, the Saimaa lake is the largest lake in Finland. The freshwater lake is believed to be over 6000 yrs old and is the epitome of a beautiful panorama.

    5. Tampere:
    Known officially as the Sauna Capital of the world, the tiny urban settlement of Tampere lies between two beautiful freshwater lakes namely Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi and is one of the best Finland tourist places.

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  2. What are the best beaches to visit in Finland?

    1. Yyteri Beach: Overlooking the Baltic Sea, the white sandy beach of Yyteri is situated 17 km away from the noisy and bustling city life. The sand dunes covering the beach along with the pine grooves strewn all over make it perfect to sunbathe without worrying about tans and burns.

    2. Tennisranta Beach:
    Also known as Plagen Beach, this is one of the most kid-friendly beaches of Finland. Situated in Hanko, it is uniquely known for its water carousal volleyball court and numerous beach huts.

    3. Bellevue Beach in Hanko:
    Merely 5 minutes walk from the Hanko Water Tower, Bellevue Beach is known for the Golden Sandy beach, calm shallow waters, and the bare minimal crowd. Picturesque and serene, it is almost every beach lover’s paradise.

    4. Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki:
    Situated close to the Hietaniemi Cemetery, it is one of the most popular beaches of Finland. Perfectly safe for non-swimmers and kids alike, this is also one of the largest beach shores in Finland.

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                                Beaches in Finland
  3. What is the best time to visit Finland?

    The best time to visit Finland would be in the course of summer months that is experienced from the month of June to the month of August. The climate remains warm and the days are a bit longer so that one can spend more time sightseeing and indulging in various activities. The tourist facilities as well as transport services operate in full steam in these phases of the year.

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  4. Is Finland safe?

    Yes, Finland is very much safe for tourists heading out on a dream vacation with their loved ones. The country has got no major safety issues and the administration is watchful round the clock to make sure nothing can disturb the peace.
  5. How many days are enough for Finland?

    If you wish to take an exploration tour of Finland, then you must at least plan for spending 7 - 8 days. In this time, you can cover all the important tourist places in Finland  as well as indulge in some of the most sought after things to do. Spending time at this place, you will get a once in a lifetime experience that you can cherish all through your life.

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                               Things to do in Helsinki Finland
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