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  • Along with the much larger Hong Kong, Macau is one of the two Special Administrative Regions of the People’s Republic of China. Apart from the beautiful landscape and a geographically advantageous position, Macau has earned the name “Vegas of China”, and rightfully so, has an enviously glitzy lifestyle when it comes to gambling and glamour. 

    This mecca of gambling is so far ahead of the rest of the world that it generates more revenue from gambling than anywhere else on the planet. In fact, gambling here is so grand that Macau generates seven times the revenue that the “The Strip” makes in Las Vegas.

    But, before all this, Macau was one of the very first European colonies and also was the last one to be freed and handed over to China by the Portuguese in 1999. The streets in most parts of Macau are still paved with Portuguese bricks and many of the streets still bear their Portuguese names.

    One can almost mistake it for being in Europe if not for the street signs and people around speaking in Cantonese. The fact that this is one of the most densely populated regions in the world is evident in most of the tourist places in Macau, as it attracts a throng of people, primarily from the mainland China.

    Despite that, there is no shortage of places to visit in Macau, with the best time being the days of least rain and typhoons, which fall between the months of October and December.

    Here are some of the best places to visit in Macau:

  • 01Top Places to Visit in Macau

    Top Places to Visit in Macau
    1. Ruins of St. Paul’s- Ruins of a 17th-century structure which was destroyed thrice by fire, one of the most iconic and old buildings of Macau. It was once Asia’s biggest Catholic church.
    2. Mandarin's House- The courtyard-style mansion that inspired renowned Qing reformist, theoretician and patriot, Zheng Guanying, to write his masterpiece, “Words of Warning in Times of Prosperity”. This is one of Macau’s Largest Family houses.
    3. Monte Fort- The 400-year-old historic centre of Macau, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the best spot for savouring the view of a brilliant sunset and casinos of Macau.
    4. Senado Square- A UNESCO world heritage site and part of “Historic Center of Macau”, one of the 4 largest squares of Macau, it was named after the Leal Senado Building opposite it.
    5. Holy House of Mercy- First built in the mid-16th century on orders of the first bishop of Macau, this building in Senado Square served as a medical clinic and later as an orphanage and refuge for the families of lost sailors.
    6. Fortaleza do Monte- Located on the side of St. Paul’s ruins, this fort is the main attraction because of its western style construction from the 16th century and the big steel gun it houses.
    7. Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park
    8. St. Dominic’s Church- Initially made in camphorwood and then remade in stone, this beautiful church is a UNESCO declared world heritage site, and sits near the Leal Senado Building.
    9. Grand Prix Museum- Housing pieces of historical significance from Formula1 for more than 60 years now, this is a must in places to visit in Macau, especially if you’re Grand Prix racing buff.
    10. Wine Museum- The only museum in Macau that allows beverages. It houses over 1100 types of wines, and you can even taste them here. This wonder sits next to the Grand Prix Museum.
    11. Guia Lighthouse- East Asia’s first lighthouse based on a western model famous for its spectacular view, it is located on top of the Guia hill, the highest hill of Macau.
    12. Grand Lisboa- The tallest and the unique building in Macau, this hotel offers 800 gambling tables, 1000 slot machines, and 430 hotel rooms and suites when you get tired of gambling.
    13. The Parisian Macao- The Macau based hotel with a half-scale model of Eiffel Tower in its enviously beautiful gardens is one of the best stays and places to visit in Macau.
    14. Sun Yat Sen Memorial House- The house-turned-museum of the family and relatives of Sun Yat-Sen, the father of modern China, this house is of utmost reverence as this is where he started his journey.
    15. Museum of Macau- The museum that narrates every important detail of the history of Macau from its colonial era, it is located on the hill of Fortaleza do Monte.
    16. Taipa Village- Amidst all the casinos and skyscrapers, The Taipa Village is the peaceful and alluring heritage area, with a touch of Portuguese architecture everywhere, standing in contrast with the former.
    17. Na Tcha Temple- This single chamber temple behind the Ruins of St Paul’s, dedicated to Na Tcha, the child god of war, was originally built to free the region of a devastating plague.
    18. A-Ma Temple- The oldest temple in Macau; so old that it existed even before Macao came into existence. It was made in honour of A-Ma, the goddess of the sea.
    19. Our Lady of Penha- Built atop the Penha hill and inside a fort, this church is dedicated to our Lady of Penha of France. This small yet magnificent church is used to pray for the navigators.
    20. St. Francis Xavier Church- The chapel was built to commemorate the victory over pirates in 1910, and has great significance because one of the relics here is the arm-bone of St. Francis Xavier.
    21. Historic Centre of Macau- Collection of 20 sites in Macau that are testimonials of the co-existence of Chinese and Portuguese cultures in this region, including squares, churches, temples and other places from the colonial era.
    22. Museum of Macau Security Forces- Located nearby the St. Francisco garden, it is a museum that harbours military and communication gear, uniforms and other useful information of the police from the colonial times.
    23.  Puji Temple- The largest amongst the three Buddhist halls of Macau, built in the Ming Dynasty and has a rich history of 400 years. The burning incense here feels serene.
  • 02Other Places to Visit in Macau

    Other Places to Visit in Macau
    24. Macau Tower- This 338-meter high tower in Macau is popular for many things; the best being world’s highest bungee jump, an enthralling skywalk experience and night bungee by AJ Hackett
    25. Taipa Houses Museum- One of the best places to visit in Macau. It’s a complex of 5 houses where 4 are museums for colonial artefacts, while one is a venue for various events
    26. Dom Pedro V Theatre- Another monument from the Historical Center of Macau, Dom Pedro V was China’s first Western-style theatre. This structure has seen more than a 100 years of various artistic performances
    27. Macau Museum of Art- The largest and only museum dedicated to arts in Macau, this 5-storey museum has been open for public and is a major tourist attraction since November 2008.
    28. The Venetian Macao- Made as a sister to Venetian Las Vegas, this hotel is world’s 7th largest building in terms of floor area, is world’s biggest casino, and Asia’s largest single structure.
    29. City of Dreams- Situated opposite to Venetian Macau, City of Dreams has on offer some amazing hotels, grand events and shows, and some of the best casinos on the Cotai Strip.
    30. Sir Robert Ho Tung Library- Named after one of Macau’s rich businessmen and great philanthropist, it is a part Macau’s public library system and is housed in a Plaza of architectural, historical and cultural value.
    31. Studio City- Asia’s first hotel and casino resort to bringing together iconic TV and movie elements with gambling in hotels. This is a must-visit place in Macau.
    32. Hac Sa Beach- Macau’s largest beach and most renowned for its black sand which it gets from the unique minerals that wash ashore. The best thing about this is that it’s never crowded.

    33. Macau Fisherman's Wharf- Macau’s largest theme-based entertainment centre situated at the waterfront, it caters to people from around the world with its more than 70 stores based on various renowned international seaports.
    34. Communications Museum- Showcasing the history of the development of long-distance communication and prized components from the invention that changed the course of the history of science on two different floors of this interactive museum.
    35. Camões Grotto Park- Largest and one of the oldest parks of Macau, it houses a statue of poet Luis de Camoes who visited the park for inspiration. The park is named after him
    36. The House of Dancing Water- It is claimed that world’s grandest water show is performed at The House of Dancing Water theatre. It was launched in 2010, and by 2013, over 2 million people had already watched it.
    37. Flora Garden- Situated at the foothill of Guia Hill, this is Macau’s largest park and the only one in the urban area with a zoo. One of the best tourist places in Macau.
    38. Handover Gifts Museum- This place celebrates the end of a colonial-era by exhibiting 56 gifts presented to Macau by the 56 ethnicities, all of which are brilliant examples of their styles and culture.

    39. Macau Science Centre- Not far from the Fisherman’s Wharf is Macau’s only museum based on a science theme, making it a children’s favourite in places to visit in Macau.

    40.  Lou Lim Ieoc Garden- Originally part of the residence of a local merchant, Lou Kau, who based it on the design of the famous Suzhou Gardens. The planning and ambience here are spectacular.

    41. Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain- Asia’s largest man-made fountain, the main gun shoots water to the height of 80 metres. Through 86 nozzles, and 288 lights, the laser show here is a sensational hit.

    42. Macau Giant Panda Pavilion- Spread in 3000 sq. meters, this pavilion was planned to imitate nature in the best way so you can watch the Giant Pandas in their natural habitat.

    43. Maritime Museum- Built at the spot of the arrival of the first Portuguese, the building evidently sports a European design and showcases the history of marine industries of Macau, China and Portugal.

    44. Lotus Square Park- The gilded lotus that was given as a gift to Macau by China upon its addition to the republic’s SAR. The golden flower makes for a good spot for pictures.

    45. Galaxy Macau Hotel- One of the grandest hotels in Macau with over 2200 rooms for visitors to stay in. The hotel’s wave pool and artificial beach are major attractions for tourists.

    46. Macau Canidrome Club- The Macau Canidrome Club is the only racecourse here which is dedicated to Greyhound racing, with over 120 dogs running 5 days a week in 16 different races.

    47. Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business- What was the prime example of a traditional pawnshop and was closed in 1993 because of decline in business, is now a state recognized museum of pawnshop history.

    48. Ponte 16 MJ Gallery- Asia’s first Michael Jackson themed gallery and world’s second venue for a permanent exhibition of relics and mementoes of Jackson’s life, music and world.

    49. Kun Iam Statue- This golden statue of the goddess of mercy stands on the outer harbour of Macau and looks over the bay. One must add it to the places to visit in Macau.

    50. Fire Service Museum- A European styled building and the house to Macau’s Fire Museum, this place has two halls with over 700 artefacts on show related to the historic fire brigade.

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