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    The Historical Centre enlists several buildings under its name. A 17th century cathedral, the Ruins of St. Paul, remains till date a prized possession for Macau. Similarly, the Kun Iam Temple, Macau's oldest, was built in the 14th century dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. The St. Joseph's Seminary is a beautiful baroque style establishment slightly situated away from the heart of Macau city. There is also the Mount Fortress and Mandarin's House.

    Built on elevated ground, the Guia Fort and Chapel offer breathtaking views of the city owing to its altitude. Commemorated for the military forces, it also contains artistically drawn frescoes on its walls. The Jesuits, in the ancient times, also put up the Monte Fort as a storehouse of cannons and weaponry.

    Another place in Macau worth a visit, if you have some spare time, is Taipa, a traditional village of duck farms and boat dockyards. The best way to view this town is by road/cycling. The magnificent seaside bungalows, the Taipa House Museum, the Flea Market, and the temples and churches are a delight to tour. 

    1. Ruins of St. Paul's

    Image Credits: Ming-Yen Hsu - Flickr

    2. Senado Square Macau

    Image Credits: Global Reactions - Flickr

    3. A Ma Temple Macau

    Image Credits: Harvey Barrison - Flickr

    4. Macau Tower

    Image Credits: Toby Oxborrow - Flickr

    5. Mount Fortress Macau

    Image Credits: Nekotank - Flickr

    6. Grand Prix Museum Macau

    Image Credits: Klaus Nahr - Flickr

    7. Wine Museum Macau

    Image Credits: Travel Oriented - Flickr

    8. Hac Sa Beach

    Image Credits: Azchael - Flickr

    9. Museum of Macau

    Image Credits: Dennis Wong - Flickr

    10. Sun Yat Sen Park Macau

    Image Credits: Travel Oriented - Flickr

    11. Taipa Houses Museum

    Image Credits: Rodrigo Soldon - Flickr

    12. Na Tcha Temple Macau

    Image Credits: Nekotank - Flickr

    13. Macau Science Center

    Image Credits: Diego Delso - Flickr

    14. Historic Centre of Macau

    Image Source:

    15. Casino at Venetian Macao

    Image Credits: Dennis Wong - Flickr

    16. Guia Fortress

    Image Credits: Adrian F. - Flickr

    17. Mandarin's House

    Image Credits: Jnayar - Flickr

    18. City of Dreams

    Image Credits: Travel Oriented - Flickr

    19. Our Lady of Penha

    Image Credits: Blowing Puffer Fish - Flickr

    20. Lou Lim Iok Garden

    21. Tai Pa Village

    Image Credits: Duc Digital - Flickr

    22. Macau Giant Panda Pavilion

    23. Whynn Performing Lake

    24. Rua de S. Paulo (Dasanba) Street

    Image Credits: David Bote Estrada - Flickr

    25. Kwun Ya Kai - Taipa

    26. Nam Van Lake Cybernetic Fountain

    27. Ponte 16 - MJ Gallery

    28. Golden Lotus Square

    29. Galaxy Macau - Fortune Diamond

    Image Credits: Ming-yen Hsu - Flickr

    30. Greyhound Racing

    31. Heritage Exhibition of a Traditional Pawnshop Business

    32. Kun Iam Tong

    33. Handover Gifts Museum of Macau

    Image Credits: Dennis Wong - Flickr

    34. Communications Museum

    Image Source:

    35. Museum of the Macau Security Forces

    36. Macau Tower Observation Lounge

    37. Teatro de Pedro V

    Image Credits: Tomoaki IMABA - Flickr

    38. Kun Iam Statue

    Image Credits: Filip Maljkovic - Flickr

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