101 Best Things to Do in Russia
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Things to Do in Moscow

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Things to Do in Moscow
Image Credit : wikimedia
1. Explore the compound complex of Kremlin
2. Visit the city square of Red Square
3. Take a stop at the Saint Basil's Cathedral, a 16th century cathedral
4. Have fun with kids at the Gorky Park
5. Go store hopping at GUM, the famous shopping mall in Moscow
6. Visit the tunnel system of Bunker-42
7. Visit the old village of Sokol
8. Explore the Tsarytsino Open-Air History and Architectural Museum
9. Visit Bolshoi Theatre, the oldest of its kind in Moscow
10. Explore Lenin's Meuseum
11. Have a fine dinner at Mari Vanna restaurant
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Things to Do in St. Petersburg

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Things to Do in St. Petersburg
Image Credit : wikimedia
12. Visit to the Hermitage Museum
13. Explore Winter Palace, a former residence of Russian Emperors
14. Visit a series of palaces and gardens in the Peterhof Palace
15. Stopover at Peter and Paul Fortress
16. Visit to the age old Church of the Savior on Blood
17. Visit Saint Isaac's Cathedral
18. Stroll at the famous plaza of Palace Square 
19. Visit the State Russian Museum, housing the largest collection of fine arts
20. Take a stop at the Mariinsky Theatre
21. Visit the burial site of the Romanov dynasty Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral
22. Visit the Leningrad Zoo
23. Eat some of the greatest cuisine in Palkin

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Things to Do in Kazan

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Things to Do in Kazan
Image Credit : posterlegends

24. Visit the sacred site of Kul Sharif Mosque

25. Take a stop at the Kazan Kremlin

26. Take a stop at the Temple of All Religions, a shrine in Kazan

27. Have fun at the Millenium Park with kids and friends

28. Explore Black Lake, a city playground with fountains

29. Stroll at the Tsentral'nyy Park Kul'tury

30. Visit The National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan 

31. Visit the Cathedral of the Apostles Peter and Paul

32. Take a walk in the historic Bauman Street

33. Visit the Kazan Family Center, a great piece of architecture

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Things to Do in Volgograd

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Things to Do in Volgograd
Image Credit : pexels
34. Visit the memorial complex of Mamayev Kurgan
35. See the Stalingrad memorial at the 'The Motherland Calls'
36. Have a glimpse of The Eternal Flame, a monumemt to those who died in World War II
37. Visit the monumental Alley of the Heroes
38. Stopover at the Mamayev Hill Monuments
39. Take a stop to see the historical monument of Pavlov's House
40. Visit the Stalingrad Battle Panoramic Museum 
41. Explore the Lake Elton 

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Things to Do in Krasnodar

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Things to Do in Krasnodar
Image Credit : manilaoceanpark
42. Explore Monument to Empress Catherine II
43. Have some fun at the Park "Sunny Island"
44. Visit the Safari-Park zoo
45. Stroll through The Solnechny Ostrov (Sunny Island) Park
46. Take a stop at the Red Street, to have an evening walk
47. Visit the Monument to Catherine the Great
48. Explore the city Botanical Garden
49. Visit the St. George's Church
50. Visit the Ocean Park aquarium
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Things to Do in Yekaterinburg

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Things to Do in Yekaterinburg
51. Visit the Russian orthodox Church of All Saints
52. Have a glimpse at the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center
53. Stopover at the Ganina Yama Monastery
54. Stopover at the Cathedral of St. Alexander of the Neva
55. See the architectural Sevastyanov's House
56. Have some fun at the Aquapark Limpopo
57. See more than 380 species at the Yekaterinburg Zoo
58. Visit the amusement park of Mayakovsky Central Park of Culture and Recreation
59. Explore the Weir on river Iset

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Things to Do in Yuroslavl

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Things to Do in Yuroslavl
60. Take an aimless walk by the Yaroslavl Embankment
61. Visit The Church of Ilya the Prophet
62. Visit the St. John the Baptist's church
63. Have a glimpse of the cathedral of Uspenskiy Kafedral'nyy Sobor
64. Take a look at the animals in the Yuroslavl Zoo
65. Visit the Spassky (St Saviour) Monastery
66. Have a stop at the Petropavlovskiy Park
67. Stroll to see the Monument of 1000 Years of Yaroslavl
68. Take a stop to look at the Stelka fountains
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Things to Do in Nizhny Novgorod

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Things to Do in Nizhny Novgorod
Image Credit : ribttes
69. Visit the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevskiy, built in the honor of Alexander II
70. Spend some time exploring the Church of Nativity of Most Holy Mother of God
71. Explore The Kremlin, a historical architecture
72. Have an experience of the Fedorovsky Embankment
73. Take a ride in the Nizhny Novgorod Cableway
74. Have fun with the kids in the Limpopo Zoo
75. Stopover at the Chkalov Monument
76. Get worked up at the Chkalov Stairs
77. Visit the Spaso-Staroyarmarochny Cathedral
78. Stroll by the Volga river banks
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Things to Do in Voronezh

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Things to Do in Voronezh
Image Credit : rusmania
79. Visit the Ramon Palace 
80. Take a stop at the monumental park of Orlenok
81. Have a glimpse at Annunciation Cathedral, one of the tallest Orthodox church in the Eastern World
82. Have fun at the Park Aviastroiteley
83. Visit the Ship-Museum
84. Visit the Alyye Parusa park
85. Have fun at the Voronezh Central Park
86. Stroll by the park of Kol'tsovskiy Skver
87. Take a stroll at the Admiralteyskaya Embankment

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Other Things to Do in Russia

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Other Things to Do in Russia
Image Credit : todiscoverrussia
88. Visit Dargavs Village: City of the Dead
89. Visit the huge Siberian Lake Baikal
90. Visit Sochi, the beach city on the Black Sea
91. Take a sea route to the Olkhon Island
92. Visit Suzdal Kremlin, a centuries-old fortress
93. Spend a day in Vladimir, a town among the Golden Ring
94. Visit The Amber Room in Pushkin
95. Visit the Fort Zverev, Kronshtadt
96. Visit the Lena Stone Pillars, Khangalassky District
97. See some of the few Baikal Seals in the Lake Baikal
98. Visit the Abandoned Marx Generator, Istra
99. Take a tour to Yakutsk, coldest city in the world
100. Visit the Mirny Diamond Mine in Mirny
101. Visit the famous Mt. Elbrus

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