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Best Things To Do in Wayanad

Things To Do In Wayanad

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About the activity : Let the pedals and the helmets roar on your next weekend away from the humdrum of city life.Explore the beauty of Wayanad with an exciting cycling and camping tour in this beautiful hilly region. Strap on your helmets and let the adventurer in you explore the barbed plantation trails and the waterfalls, nearby rivers, forests etc.While here, you can also revel in an amazing camping experience and let the wonders of the beautiful place take you over.Indulge in a delicious dinner and enjoy the amazing cuisine that is placed before you. The package includes food and ac
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About the activity : Have you ever wondered what the true beauty of Wayanad looks like, at any time of the day? On your next weekend, experience an exciting night camping experience in Wayanad with camping at Bansurian in this hilly forested paradise! Arrive at the meeting point near Chundale in Wayanad by 05:00 PM and you will be taken to the campsite later.Gaze at the beautiful stars as you lounge in the tranquillity and serenity of the hills and forests of Wayanad! Enjoy with your close friends and family as you relax in the peaceful ambience of the thick and lush forests in Banasur
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About the activity: The Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary, located in the northern side of Wayanad, beckons you to explore its vast dense regions and engage in a wildlife safari. The wildlife jeep safari at the sanctuary offers splendid opportunities to spot various animal and bird species in their natural habitat. The safari usually lasts between 2-4 hours and takes place twice a day from 7am to 9am and 3pm to 5pm and experienced guides from the forest department will be by your side at all times. The other amazing attractions of the region include a lake, where animals usually come up to
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What You Should Know More About Things To Do in Wayanad

  • What is the best time to visit Wayanad?

    The star attraction of Kerala, Wayanad attracts all kinds of tourists, round the year. However, the most popular months are between October and May. This is the time of the year when there is no rain and the temperature is also very comfortable.


    October to May is also the best time of the year for sightseeing, wildlife tours, treks and other kinds of outdoor activities. During the rainy season, between June and September, Wayanad is a different kind of high. This is the time when Wayanad is completely green and will be a paradise for nature lovers and photographers.

  • Can we go on road trip from Bangalore to Wayanad? How much is the distance?

    The distance between Bangalore and Wayanad is about 300 kilometers and driving your own vehicle would take between 6 and 7 hours to complete the journey. The road condition is fairly good and you will love the scenic route.


    A road trip from Bangalore is also the best way to reach Wayanad. While you have the flexibility to make stops, having your own vehicle also comes to be a cheaper and more importantly, a much more comfortable trip.

  • What all adventure activities can be done in Wayanad?

    Wayanad is full of adventure activities that attract most of its tourists. Here are some of them.

    • Trek to the Chembra Peak and Heart Shaped Lake
    • Tour of the Stone Age Edakkal Caves
    • Wildlife safari at Wayanad Sanctuary
    • Visit Meenmutty Waterfalls
    • Boating at Banasura Sagar Dam
    • Bird watching at Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary
    • Breathe in the clouds at Neelimala View Point
    • Take a tumble at the Soochipara Falls
    • Cycling across tea plantations
    • Bamboo raft Ride to the Kuruva Islands
    • Rock climbing at Pakshipathalam Caves
    • Tree house experience at Vythiri Village Resort
    • Boating at Pookode Lake
    • Camping under the stars at coffee plantations
    • Wildlife Safari at Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Spice Trail of Wayanad
    • Trek to Sahibkkunnu from Banasura
    • Trek to the Valley of Clouds
    • A hike to the Kurisumala Peak
    • Trek across the Kalladi Cardamom Forest

  • Which all attractions are best for sightseeing in Wayanad?

    There are so many tourist attractions in Wayanad which includes the following: 

    • Banasura Sagar Dam, Kalpetta
    • Bamboo Forest, Muthanga
    • Chembra Peak
    • Edakkal Caves
    • Chain Tree, Vythiri
    • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Jain Temple, Sulthan Battery
    • Kuruva Island
    • Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary
    • The Bamboo Factory, Uravu
    • Soochipara Falls, Kalpetta
    • Pookode Lake, Kalpetta
    • Phantom Rock
    • Lakkidi View Point
    • Thirunelli Temple, Thirunelli
    • Meenmutty Waterfalls
    • Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Spice Trail of Wayanad

  • Which places are best for trekking in Wayanad?

    There are some exciting and thrilling treks in Wayanad for all the adventure junkies out there. Get ready for an amazing adventure:

    • Chembra Peak, 6,900 feet
    • Pakshipathalam, 1,740 kilometers above sea level
    • Banasura Hill, elevation of 6,810 feet
    • Brahmagiri Peak, 1,608 meters above sea level
    • Thusharagiri, across several waterfalls

    Several other small treks start at Banasura Sagar Dam.

  • What sort of activities are enjoyable by children in Wayanad?

    If you are accompanied by kids to Wayanad, do check out:

    • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Chetalayam Falls
    • Wayanad View Point
    • Kanthanpara Waterfalls
    • The Spice Tour
    • Muniyara Wayanad Caves
    • Wayanad Heritage Museum
    • Kuruva Islands
    • Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

  • Is Wayanad a good destination for Camping? Which places are famous for camping in Wayanad?

    Camping in Wayanad is an amazing experience. Whether you are setting up an overnight camp under the stars or a makeshift camp during your treks, it amounts to an exciting feeling.


    Sitting in your small shelter under the clouds with the mountains all around is something that you remember for a lifetime. The best camping opportunities in Wayanad are offered in:

    • Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Chembra Peak (day camping)
    • Banasura Sagar Dam
    • Pookode Lake
    • Phantom Rock (day camp)


    Some resorts also offer night camping with bonfire. You will not have to carry your own tent. However, it is better to reserve your tent beforehand if you are traveling during the tourist season.

  • Which are some of the affordable resorts to stay in Wayanad?

    Some of the best budget and affordable resorts in Wayanad are:

    • Royal Palm Resort
    • PPS Tourist Home
    • The Kallat Hotel
    • Wyndvalley Garden Resort
    • Coffea Aroma Resort
    • Rain Country Resort, Lakkidi
    • Petals Resort
    • Shroy Resort
    • Rippon Mount Resorts
    • Ayurveda Yoga Villa
    • Chandragiri Inn
    • Planet Green Plantation Resort
    • Hiliya Resort
    • Emarald Western Ghats Resorts
    • Vedanta Wake Up
    • Upavan Resort

  • Which homestays are good for stay in Wayanad?

    Homestays in Wayanad won't let you feel that you are not your place. They will give you the homely  

    • Olivia Residency and Home Stay
    • Wayanad Home
    • County Pep Holiday Home
    • Pappy’s Nest
    • Aranyakam Homestay
    • Himadri Homestay
    • Teaoute Holiday Homes
    • Kudajadri Drizzle Homestay
    • Three Leaves, Sulthan Bathery
    • Chembra Holiday Home
    • Dream Homestay, Sulthan Bathery
    • Spiceland, Kalpetta
    • Clement Homestay, Kalpetta
    • Mountain Mist Homestay, Pulpally
    • Iris Homestay, Kalpetta
    • Green Villa Homestay
    • Mountain Wind Homestay
    • Coffee Mint Homestay
    • Sree Gautham Homestay
    • Blueberry Homestay
    • Baby’s Homestay
    • Whistling Rocks, Bathery
    • Coffee Heritage Homestay
    • Dew Villa

  • Which are must visit waterfalls in Wayanad?

    Top waterfalls in Wayanad include:

    • Meenmutty Waterfalls
    • Soochipara Waterfalls
    • Kanthanpara Waterfalls
    • Chethalayam Waterfalls

  • Where can we go for wildlife safari in Wayanad? Which sanctuaries are good for wildlife safari?

    Wayanad is situated in the middle of the Western Ghats rainforests. It forms a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and consequently is a great opportunity for wildlife sighting.


    Several endemic and rare animals, birds and plants inhabit the jungles of Wayanad. A wildlife safari is a must for any outdoor / wildlife / nature lover. Photographers flock to Wayanad is search for rare fauna all round the year. The top places to go for a wildlife safari include:

    • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Which temples are famous in Wayanad?

    • Thrissilery Shiva Temple
    • Pulpally Seethadevi Temple
    • Anantha Natha Swami Temple
    • Thrikkaipetta Shiva Temple
    • Bathery Mahaganapathi Temple
    • Puliyarmala Jain Temple
    • Valliyoorkavu Bhagavathi Temple
    • Panamaram Jain Temple
    • Kunnam Betta Ayyappan Temple

  • How difficult is Chembra Peak trek? How much is the cost of the trek?

    Located in the Mepaddy District of Wayanad, the Chembra Peak is the highest point in Wayanad and will take about 14 kilometers of journey (round trip). This trek in Wayanad is of average difficulty and if rated from a scale of 1 to 10, it would be a trek of grade 5.


    At 6,900 feet above sea level, it is a trek of considerable credits. If you are trekking in the monsoons, however, the trek gets riskier as there is greater chance of slipping off.


    The permission for the Chembra Trek needs to be taken from the forest office. The cost of entry is about INR 500 for a 10 member team. If you are carrying cameras, the cost is INR 25 for each camera.

  • Can we do cycling in Wayanad? Which places are good for cycling?

    Cycling is an amazing way to explore the ghats and tea estates of Wayanad. It is recommended that you hire a cycle to check out the rural beauty of the place.


    If you have been planning for a laid back experience, cycling can be the perfect advice in Wayanad. The best places for cycling in Wayanad include:

    • Chundale
    • Plantation trails
    • Soochipara Falls
    • Muthanga
    • Banasua Sagar Dam
    • Kuruva Islands

  • Can we go for spice plantation visit in Wayanad?

    A plantation visit is highly recommended, whether you are traveling with your partner or with a group of friends. The plantation tours last for about 3 hours in which you go around the vast acres of terraced greenery and come close to how the estates function.


    You can try your hand at plucking leaves and also check out the processing units. The Spice Trail of Wayanad is also a good fun if you are traveling with kids.

  • Which caves are famous in Wayanad? What can be done there?

    • Edakkal Caves, Kalpetta
    • Edakkal Caves, Sulthan Bathery
    • Thovarimala Ezhuthupura, Sulthan Bathery
    • Muniyara Wayanad Caves

    The Edakkal Caves is a must visit for its paintings and inscriptions that date back to the Stone Age. You will however need to be careful while exploring the caves as it can get excitingly risky.

  • Can we go Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary? How much is the cost?

    The Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary, also a part of the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a heaven for all wildlife and nature lovers. It is frequented throughout the year by photographers and nature lovers. Located just about 16 kilometers from Sulthan Battery, it’s a rainforest that connects the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks.


    The sanctuary is itself spread across 400 sq km and hosts a lot of endemic flora and fauna. The most talked about flora include maruti, rosewood, kari maruti, vengal and venteak. Top wildlife include the tiger, elephant, jungle cats, leopards, civet cats, wild dogs (dhole), monkeys and more.


    You will also be able to spot several bird species, including babblers, peacocks, woodpeckers, jungle fowls, owls and more.  The entry fee to the sanctuary is INR 10.00 for Indians and INR 100.00 for foreigners. For kids below 12 years of age, the entry fee is INR 5.00.


    You will also have to pay a guide fee of INR 100.00.  Camera charges are INR 25.00 for normal still camera. If you are carrying a professional video camera, the charges would be INR 150.00 per camera.

  • What all things couples can do in Wayanad?

    If you are traveling with your partner, the places in Wayanad that you can’t miss include:

    • Kuruva Island – explore on foot
    • Edakkal Caves – Stone Age inscriptions and paintings
    • Chembra Peak – a trek for life
    • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary – for exotic wildlife
    • Pazhassi Raja Tomb – a spiritual connection
    • Explore the tea plantations
    • Spice Trail, Wayanad

  • Where can we do bamboo rafting in Wayanad?

    Bamboo Rafting is at the Kuruvu Island and it is a one of a kind of experience. You will be wading across the Kabini River along the lush rainforests. The raft takes you across several rivers and streams.


    Bamboo Rafting in the Kuruvu Island is offered for about 2 hours and is conducted by the boating association. You will be given safety jackets for the tour.

  • Which are some famous lakes for boating in Wayanad?

    • Pookode Lake
    • Banasura Sagar Dam
    • Karlad Lake

  • How far is Banasura Sagar dam from Wayanad? What all can be done there?

    The Banasura Sagar dam is about 27 kilometers from Wayanad and can be easily reached via the Kambalakkad – Padinjarethara Road. The journey takes about an hour.


    At the Banasura Sagar Dam, you can go for Bamboo Rafting Speed boating or just checking out the natural scenery that makes the only earthen dam of India. it’s a perfect place for photography.

  • Is Wayanad a good destination for family vacation? What places and activities family can do in Wayanad?

    Wayanad can be a great experience if you are planning a vacation with your family. There something that every member of the family would feel good about. Not too far from Bangalore, it is easy to reach.


    The hills are well connected by good roads and this also ensures that even elderly members of the family won’t have a problem. If you are in Wayanad with your family, do experience:

    • Thirunelli Temple
    • Soochipara Waterfalls
    • Meemutty Waterfalls
    • Papanashini River
    • Kabini River Tour
    • Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary
    • Puliyarmala Jain Temple
    • Boating at Pookot Lake
    • Explore the Kuruva Islands
    • Kanthapara Waterfalls
    • Pazhassi Raja Tomb
    • Begur Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Wayanad Heritage Museum
    • Jain Temple Wayanad
    • 1980’s Restaurant

  • Is it advisable to visit Wayanad in monsoon?

    Wayanad in the monsoons is a different kind of experience altogether with the rains come the greenery. The forests around look their best and the waterfalls are in the full volumes. Monsoons are when Wayanad is in its full form.


    While the rains could be a problem, it is completely safe to visit Wayanad. In fact, monsoons are also the favorite time for photographers, trekkers and all kind of outdoor lovers.

  • Can we stay in tree house in Wayanad? How much will be the cost?

    Several resorts offer a tree house experience in Wayanad. The post popular is however the Vaithiri Village Resort Treehouse.

    The prices for a night at the completely equipped Treehouse range between INR 7000 and INR 20,000. The prices come down during the off season.

Traveller Tales From Wayanad


Rageswari Reddy

15 September 2015

After a long year this is what you can expect from your holiday. It turned out outstanding. The caves, trekking and the bon fire with the residents in the hotel cannot be forgotten easily. Hoping to go back soon but this time as a couple.

  • Img_0255.jpg
  • Img_0352.jpg
  • Img_0467.jpg

Chakor Iyengar

06 December 2015

It was a trip planned by my college friends and it turned out to be really amazing,spent a grt time trekking and exploring the ancient caves,everything was well planned and very well organized .Had a grt time with my grp.Excellent place. Excellent food and excellent hotels with views. Thumbs up for it.

  • Img_0141.jpg
  • Img_0172.jpg

Vaijayanti Sethi

07 June 2015

Wow! Such a divine experience! This is one of the temples where we had a divine and beautiful experience. I totally loved the temple, the locality, and what not. To be honest, this was the temple that made me feel spiritual and great. I am glad to have visited this place.

  • Thirunelli_temple__wayanad__kerala_(oct__2013)_015.jpg
  • Thirunelli_temple__wayanad__kerala_(oct__2013)_267.jpg

Ananya M

18 September 2017

"Loved the experience! The accommodation is clean and comfortable. The plantation is serene and cycling in those ridges was very satisfying. The organisers are very cordial and friendly and the food is homemade so delicious. After cycling for half a day, you spend the night under the stars, sitting around a bonfire and end the day with a fitful sleep in the tent. A memorable experience and extremely rejuvenating."


Mukul Mehra

11 October 2015

Chembra Peak is amazingly beautiful. The lake, the peaks and the entire trail is a fun journey and a perfect place if you are looking for a trip with friends, Had a great experience, the views are simple beautiful. Amazing time. I'm certainly looking out for more treks similar to this one and i recommend it to all. Its a must for everyone atleast once.


Gitanjali Devar

05 February 2016

Enjoyed our stay here at the Bamboo house and spent quite the relaxing holiday with our loved ones, making our summer vacation perfect. We got to explore the magical Edakkal caves and believe me, these caves are abundant with tribal art and beauty of a whole different kind. We loved every minute here and shall visit again.


Adhrit Khan

03 April 2016

Wayanad – Wow! I never knew a place can be this beautiful. Since we are not very familiar with South India or the languages spoken there, we took this package. We were in for a big surprise. The hospitality was awesome. Overall camp experience was very good too. The food was different and unique. We had a lot of fun.


Bhargavi Nayar

06 March 2015

Thusharagiri Waterfall needs no description- it reminds you of all the Bollywood romantic songs as the location is just too perfect for a movie shooting. The entire experience was a refreshing trip and there is no better way to beat the heat than by taking a dip in the cool waters. Great place guys!!1


Chandraayan Bharadwaj

13 November 2014

I was not convinced to go there in the beginning but my kids took me there, and after coming there and spending some quality time with them I really enjoyed being with my family in such an awesome place.A lovely and memorable experience it was. It is the best family holiday destination!!

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