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Popular Destinations to Visit on a Sri Lanka Trip

1. Colombo: The vibrant capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo seamlessly blends modernity with rich history. Nestled on the island's western coast, this bustling city is a mosaic of colonial architecture, bustling markets, and serene lakes. With the Colombo tour package, marvel at the cultural tapestry, encompassing temples, mosques, and churches, reflecting the nation's harmonious coexistence.

2. Kandy: Nestled in the heart of Sri Lanka, Kandy is a city adorned with lush greenery and cultural treasures. With the Kandy tour package, explore the home to the sacred Temple of the Tooth as it echoes with religious fervor and ancient traditions. The picturesque Kandy Lake and scenic landscapes add to the city's charm, making it a cultural gem.

4.Anuradhapura: With the Anuradhapura tour package, visit an ancient city in Sri Lanka that stands as a testament to the island's historical grandeur. Founded in the 4th century BCE, it served as the capital for centuries. The sacred Bo Tree, the Ruwanwelisaya Stupa, and other architectural marvels echo the city's significance as a center of Buddhism and civilization.

5. Jaffna: A cultural hub in Sri Lanka's northern reaches, Jaffna beckons with its unique charm. Explore its vibrant markets, historic temples, and the iconic Jaffna Fort. Immerse yourself in the local Tamil culture, savoring traditional cuisine. Book a Jaffna tour package for an enriching journey through this captivating region's history and heritage.

6. Sri Jayawardenepura: Sri Lanka's administrative capital, it offers a tranquil escape near Colombo. Explore its lush parks, like Diyatha Uyana, and historical sites like the Parliament Complex. A Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte provides a serene experience, unveiling the city's modernity and cultural gems, from museums to vibrant local markets.

7. Galle: A coastal jewel in southern Sri Lanka, Galle is famous for its Dutch colonial architecture, vibrant markets, and the iconic Galle Fort. Wander through cobblestone streets lined with boutique shops and cafés. A Galle tour package unveils the city's rich history and scenic beauty, creating a captivating experience by the Indian Ocean.

8. Nuwara Eliya: Book Sri Lanka travel packages and see the picturesque hill station. Nuwara Eliya captivates with its lush tea plantations, cool climate, and colonial charm. Explore scenic landscapes like Gregory Lake and Hakgala Botanical Gardens. A Nuwara Eliya tour package provides an escape into the misty highlands, showcasing the region's natural beauty & tea culture.

9. Ella: Nestled in Sri Lanka's central highlands, Ella beckons with its breathtaking landscapes and laid-back ambiance. Surrounded by tea plantations and mist-covered hills, it's a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts. An Ella tour package provides an immersive journey through waterfalls, tea estates, and the iconic Ella Rock, revealing the region's unparalleled beauty.

10. Trincomalee: On Sri Lanka's northeastern coast, Trincomalee unveils a paradise of pristine beaches and historical treasures. Explore the iconic Koneswaram Temple, the serene Marble Beach, and the vibrant local markets. A Trincomalee tour package offers an enchanting escape, blending cultural richness with the tranquility of the Indian Ocean.

Visa Requirements for Sri Lanka Tour

Getting a Sri Lanka visa is a straightforward process, catering to diverse travel needs. Visitors can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) online, simplifying the pre-arrival procedure. The ETA is available for tourism, business, and transit purposes. Travelers fill out an online application, providing essential details such as passport information, travel itinerary, and accommodation details. The approval process is usually swift, and once granted, the ETA is linked electronically to the traveler's passport. 

It is advisable to apply well in advance of the planned travel date. The Sri Lanka visa allows for a stay of up to 30 days, extendable if necessary. It is essential to carry a printed or digital copy of the approved ETA when entering the country. Overall, the online visa system streamlines the entry process, ensuring a hassle-free start to exploring the diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

Best Time Go For Sri Lanka Trip

Sri Lanka can be visited all year round and choosing the best time to visit Sri Lanka depends on your preferences and experiences. Book a Sri Lanka trip package and have diverse experiences year-round with different facets of this captivating island.

Peak Season: The peak season, from December to April, offers idyllic weather across the island, making it perfect for beach lovers and cultural explorers. If you are in Sri Lanka during this period, make sure not to miss Christmas and Tamil New Year celebrations.

Shoulder Season: For a balanced compromise between weather and affordability, the shoulder seasons of May and September to November present good weather. During these periods, you can enjoy pleasant weather with occasional rainfall, fewer tourists, and the opportunity to explore Sri Lanka's attractions with a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Waning Season However, if you prefer fewer crowds and lower prices, the waning season from May to August could be ideal, especially for those interested in exploring the lush green landscapes of Sri Lanka.

How to Reach Sri Lanka

By Air

The most convenient way to reach Colombo from India is by air. Several direct flights are operating regularly between major Indian cities to Colombo.

Direct flights :

To Colombo

From: Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Trivandrum, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi

Major Airlines: Sri Lankan Airlines, Jet Airways, Air India

Places to Visit on Sri Lanka Trip:

Here are some of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka

1. Gangaramaya Temple: This Gangaramaya Temple is popular in Sri Lanka featuring exceptional architecture and surrounded by tranquility and calmness. The main attraction of this place is the gigantic Buddha statue, with the temple ceilings depicting paintings that narrate his life. This 19th-century temple attracts tourists from all over the world, every year. This place is not just a spiritual abode, and apart from its stunning architecture, it is also a learning center with the Sri Jinarathana Training Institute located inside it. If you are a spiritual lover you must include this in your Sri Lanka tour package.

Location: Colombo.

Entry Fee: Rs 100.

Timing: 6 AM to 10 PM.

2. Dehiwala Zoo: Be sure to include one of the oldest zoos in Asia in your Sri Lanka tour Packages. Dehiwala Zoo also known as the National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka, has over 2500 animals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and butterflies. Some species are native to Sri Lanka as well as various animals from faraway countries. Apart from the animal species, the lush greenery surrounding this place is also quite attractive and diverse. While here, you can interact with some harmless mammals and birds, and observe the lifecycle of several animals. If you are a wildlife lover you must include this place in your Sri Lanka trip.

Location: Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia.

Entry Fee: Rs 700.

Timing: 8:30 AM to 6 PM.

3. National Museum: This 19th-century museum is the largest in Sri Lanka and holds some fascinating collections including the throne and the crown of Kandyan kings. The National Museum is a two-story building situated amidst a well-maintained lawn with banyan trees providing ample shade. The place is also famous for housing a fourth-century statue of Buddha, located right in the lobby. You will also get to see fascinating demon masks, carvings, statues, and ancient art. It also has some relics from the colonial period, such as ancient swords and guns.

Location: Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo.

Entry Fee: Rs 500.

Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM.

4. Bundala National Park: The Bundala National Park is a heaven for bird watchers, with more than 200 colorful and vibrant bird species living here. Spanning a huge area of 6216 hectares, this place boasts an amazing topography featuring dunes, lagoons, marshes, and scrubs. Several water bird species arrive here, attracted to the lagoons. There are about 50 migratory bird species you can find here as well. To see them all, you must include this place in your Sri Lanka tour packages.

Location: Weligatta, Bundala.

Entry Fee: Rs 442 + vehicle charges.

Timing: 9 AM to 7 PM.

5. Sinharaja Forest Reserve: This national park in Sri Lanka is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is filled with native animal and plant species and is the last stretch of tropical rainforest in the country. The thick vegetation consisting of tropical trees create a canopy of sorts. Here, you can see animals like langurs, elephants, and leopards, as well as tree frogs, hump-nosed vipers, and pit vipers. Some of the bird species you can see here include the Crested Drongo, Orange Billed Babbler, Red Faced Malkoha, and Blue Magpie.

Location: Sabaragamuwa.

Entry Fee: Rs 644.

Timing: 6:30 AM to 6 PM.

6. Galle Dutch Fort: This fort was built by the Portuguese while they were ruling in Sri Lanka and was later modernized by the Dutch. Today, it is a world heritage site, thanks to its astounding blend of European and South Asian architecture. Galle Dutch Fort displays a subtle blend of antiquity and old architecture amid breathtaking natural beauty. The intricate artwork on the walls of the fort will leave you fascinated.

Location: Church St, Galle.

7. Royal Palace of Kandy: This magnificent Royal Palace of Kandy used to be the home of the Sri Lankan monarchs once upon a time. While on Sri Lanka tours, you can visit this place to experience the creative brilliance of its architecture while also marveling at the greenery surrounding the place. Inside the palace, you can find the king's palace, the queen's palace, the king's headquarters, and the queen's bathing pavilion.

Location: Raja Veediya, Kandy.

Entry Fee: Rs 1000.

Timing: 5:30 AM to 8 PM.

8. Dondra Head Lighthouse: This old lighthouse is a popular Sri Lanka package inclusion as it gives you the chance to witness the magnificent ocean. Beautiful Bougainvillea flowers and coconut trees surround this place, and the cool breeze blowing is an added plus. This lighthouse is one of the last remnants of colonial architecture in Sri Lanka and you need to climb 196 steps to reach the top. It is a great place to escape the noise of the city and let yourself be transported to the past.

Location: Southeast of Matara town.

Entry Fee: Rs 202.

Timing: 24 hours.

Things to Do on the Sri Lanka Trip:

Here are some of the best things to do in Sri Lanka

1. Watersports: The Bentota Beaches and the Madu River offer several water sports activities like yachting, canoeing, speed boat ride, paramotoring, parasailing, banana boat ride, and jet skiing. You also have the opportunity to take a boat ride and explore the fascinating mangrove forests in the area. Whether you are a beach bum or a water baby you must include this activity in your Sri Lanka tour package as you will have plenty of opportunities for thrill and fun around here. There will be instructors present to guide you through some of the activities.

Location: Madu River, Bentota Beach.

Price: Rs 1500 per person.

Timing: 8 AM to 4 PM.

2. Visiting Turtle Hatcheries: While on a Sri Lanka trip, you must explore the turtle hatcheries and learn more about these amazing creatures. These hatcheries provide a safe space where the turtles can grow until the time comes when they have to set off for the sea. The people working in these hatcheries not only take care of the turtles, but they make constant efforts to find endangered and injured turtles and bring them to the center for protection.

Location: Bentota Beach.

Price: Rs 202 per person.

Timing: 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.

3. Whale Watching: The ocean near Sri Lanka is well-known for its whale population and it is one thing you don’t want to miss out on during your Sri Lanka tour package trip. This activity involves heading out to the sea on a boat and witnessing these behemoths in their natural habits. You can get to see the Pilot Whale, Killer Whale, and Bryde’s Whale. If you are extremely lucky, you can catch a glimpse of the gigantic blue whale. If you are a marine life lover you must include this in your Sri Lanka tour package.

Location: Dondra Port.

Price: Rs 71028

Timing: 6 AM to 6 PM.

4. Wildlife Safari: Sri Lanka island of biodiversity and there are plenty of opportunities here for wildlife safaris. While on a safari you can get to see animals like the purple-faced langur, sambar, leopards, and elephants. The best time to witness these animals in their natural surroundings would be from December to March.

Location: Yala National Park, Thalgasmankada, Sri Lanka.

Price: Rs 5621

Timing: 6 AM to 6 PM.

5. Scuba Diving: Most Sri Lanka packages include Scuba Diving as this activity takes you into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean where you get to see several marine creatures like dolphins, whales, sea turtles, and several fish species. There will always be instructors to help you out with this activity and you can enjoy the food cooked by the locals as well.

Location: Near Mount Lavinia.

Price: Rs 3073

Timing: 8:30 AM to 8:45 PM.

6. Camping: If you want to make the most out of the Sri Lanka tour you must experience what it is like to camp out in the forest at night. It is an extraordinary thing to rise to the song of birds and spend time enjoying delicious food by the campfire at night. The wonderful terrains at the national park provide splendid views of freshwater lakes, ravines, rocky pools, and scrub vegetation.

Location: Yala National Park, Thalgasmankada, Sri Lanka.

Price: Rs 1825

Timing: 6 AM to 6 PM.

7. White Water Rafting: Include white water rafting in your Sri Lanka trip packages as it is an exciting water sport where you have to row your boat over rapids with the fast current filling you with thrill. There are different difficulty levels for beginners and intermediates and you will be provided with adequate safety equipment.

Location: Kitugala.

Price: Rs 609.

Timing: 7:30am–9:30pm.

8. Kite Surfing: You should include kitesurfing in your Sri Lanka tour packages as it is an experience like no other. Whether you are a freestyle kite surfer or a beginner, you will get the thrill you are looking for. There are Kite Surfing schools where professionals can teach you this amazing art. There are also comfortable accommodations available nearby which makes it convenient for you to try this sport.

Location: Kalpitiya.

Price: Rs 3372

9. Hot Air Ballooning: If you wish to get the most out of your Sri Lanka tourism package, you should go for a hot air balloon ride. You will be thrilled as the balloon rises in the air and when it reaches a certain height, you can marvel at the serenity around you. This is a great opportunity for you to click some special photographs. From up above, you can see the majestic rainforest and mountains and absorb the wonders surrounding you.

Location: Kandalama.

Price: Rs 5274

10. Visit a Casino: Although Sri Lanka is most famous for its natural beauty, there are several casino joints where you can try your luck. These places offer customized services and sophisticated interiors to keep you engaged. The most famous casinos in Colombo are Marina Colombo, MGM Colombo, Bellagio, and Bally's. While you are inside the casinos, you could try out some mouthwatering dishes.

Location: Colombo.

Popular Restaurants in Sri Lanka

1.Indian Summer: Nestled in Colombo, Sri Lanka, this is a culinary gem known for its authentic Indian cuisine. This restaurant includes the essence of North and South Indian flavors, offering a diverse menu that showcases the richness of Indian culinary traditions. From aromatic biryanis to flavorful curries, Indian Summer ensures a delightful dining experience with its focus on quality ingredients and traditional preparation methods. The vibrant ambiance and welcoming atmosphere make it a popular choice for locals and tourists seeking an unforgettable taste of India in the heart of Colombo.

2.Chutneys: Situated in Kandy, Sri Lanka, chutneys is a culinary haven blending Sri Lankan warmth with the bold flavors of Indian cuisine. Book Sri Lanka vacation packages, and enjoy its delectable North and South Indian dishes, offering a diverse menu that caters to various regional palates. Known for its richly spiced biryanis, succulent kebabs, and a range of flavorful curries, Chutneys creates a delightful gastronomic experience. The inviting ambiance and commitment to authentic Indian flavors make Chutneys a favored destination for locals and visitors exploring the heart of Kandy.

3. Ministry of Crab: Located in Colombo, Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Crab stands as a culinary icon, celebrated on Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list. Founded by cricket legends Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, this renowned establishment specializes in showcasing Sri Lanka's seafood prowess, particularly its delectable crab preparations. Boasting a sophisticated ambiance and an emphasis on sustainable dining, the Ministry of Crab offers an exceptional gastronomic journey, drawing locals and international visitors alike to savor its exquisite seafood creations.

4. The Gallery Café: Situated in Colombo, Sri Lanka, The Gallery Café is set in a beautifully restored colonial building, masterminded by renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa. This dining gem seamlessly marries art and gastronomy, offering a diverse menu featuring local and international dishes. Diners enjoy culinary delights amid tranquil surroundings adorned with art and lush greenery. The Gallery Café provides a unique and sophisticated dining experience, making it a favored destination for those seeking a blend of exquisite cuisine and cultural ambiance in the heart of Colombo.

5.Nuga Gama: Nestled within the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo, Nuga Gama offers a unique cultural and culinary escapade. Surrounded by lush greenery, this restaurant recreates a traditional village setting, providing a charming backdrop for enjoying authentic Sri Lankan fare. Diners can savor a variety of local dishes while being entertained by traditional music and dance performances. Nuga Gama stands out for its immersive cultural experience, making it a popular choice for those seeking a taste of Sri Lanka's rich heritage.

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Sri lanka Tour faqs

How many days are enough for Sri Lanka trip?

To fully explore the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, you will need about 6-7 days, so you should choose your Sri Lanka trip accordingly. Within this period, you cover popular destinations like Mirissa, Galle City, the palace of King Kashyapa, and Colombo City.

How much does a Sri Lanka tour cost?

The Sri Lanka tour package's cost can vary depending on factors like duration, accommodation choices, and activities. For a budget-friendly 7-day trip, costs may range from INR 20,000 to INR 40,000. This estimate covers accommodation, meals, transportation, entrance fees, and some activities. Travelers opting for economical choices, such as local street food and budget accommodations, can manage expenses effectively. However, actual costs may vary based on individual preferences and specific itinerary details, ensuring an affordable yet enriching travel experience in this diverse island nation.

How to plan a Sri Lanka trip from India?

Start by deciding your preferred travel dates and destinations, considering the diverse offerings from beaches to cultural sites. Book flights from major Indian cities to Colombo, the capital. Book Sri Lanka tour package, and plan an itinerary based on your interests, whether it's historical sites, scenic landscapes, or cultural experiences. Obtain a Sri Lanka visa online, and ensure accommodations align with your chosen locations. Familiarize yourself with local transportation options, and pack accordingly for the tropical climate. Lastly, embrace the island's rich offerings for an unforgettable Sri Lankan adventure.

Do Indians need a visa for Sri Lanka?

Yes, Indians require a visa to visit Sri Lanka. Travelers can apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) online before their journey. The ETA is typically processed swiftly, and upon approval, it is electronically linked to the traveler's passport. The online application requires essential details such as passport information, travel itinerary, and accommodation details. While booking Sri Lanka holiday packages, it is advisable to apply for the visa in advance to ensure a smooth entry process into Sri Lanka.

Is Sri Lanka cheap for Indians?

Yes, Sri Lanka is generally affordable for Indian travelers. The cost of living is lower than in many Indian cities, making accommodation, transportation & meals budget-friendly. Local transportation, such as tuk-tuks and buses, is economical, and street food is inexpensive yet delicious. Entrance fees to attractions are reasonable, and there are various options for affordable accommodations. While luxury options exist, budget-conscious travelers can explore Sri Lanka comfortably without breaking the bank, making it an appealing destination for Indian visitors.

What is Sri Lanka famous for?

Sri Lanka is known for its rich Buddhist culture. So you can expect to find several Buddhist shrines and statues of Lord Buddha there while on Sri Lanka Tours. Other than that, the country has beautiful beaches where you can chill out and take part in watersports activities. The natural splendor of Sri Lanka is also something worth talking about, with diverse wildlife consisting of leopards, elephants, and other animals and birds.

Is Sri Lanka expensive to visit?

Sri Lanka is not that expensive and you don’t need to splurge too much while exploring this island nation. Touring Sri Lanka on Sri Lanka travel packages would cost you roughly around 2000 Rupees per day. If you are travelling from India, or any other SAARC country, you might be asked to pay less compared to other foreigners.

Is passport required for Sri Lanka trip from India?

Prior to arriving in Sri Lanka, Indians can apply for eTA. You would need a passport to apply for this. Things are made easy through visas on arrival. So after booking a Sri Lanka Trip, you should make sure your passport is in order.

Which are the famous historical sites and temples in Sri Lanka?

1. Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic: Situated in the complex of the Royal Palace of Sri Lanka, this temple hosts one of the most sacred relics – the tooth of Buddha. The magnificent architectural style attracts numerous devotees and tourists.

2. Polonnaruwa: This ancient capital of Sri Lanka has now been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the Sri Lanka Tours. The ancient ruins, statues of Buddha, and the sheer architectural prowess of an era long gone can be seen here.

3. Yapahuwa: Once a powerful military holding doubling as a palace, Yapahuwa is now counted among the most glorious historical landmarks in Sri Lanka. You will find a fortress, museum, and the traces of life left by the monks.

4. Velgam Vehera Buddhist Monastery: This ancient Buddhist monastery is believed to be established around 3300 B.C. and is now highly popular among devotees. Although much of the monastery is in ruin, you can still view the stupas, inscriptions, and stone architecture.

5. Sigiriya: Built by King Kasyapa in 495 AD as a palace, this rock fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The way that it protrudes out into the dense green forest makes it look an amazing place and you are unlikely to forget it anytime soon.

Which are the famous beaches to visit on Sri Lanka trip?

1. Mirissa: Mirissa beach features long stretches of golden sand dotted with restaurants and pretty little shacks, palm trees decorated with fairy lights, and sunsets that will take your breath away. This place is perfect for a river safari and activities like swimming, surfing, etc.

2. Weligama: Known as one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Sri Lanka, Weligama Beach is perfect for some snaps with family or some cosy moments with your partner. Don't forget to try diving, surfing, snorkelling, and many more adventurous water sports.

3. Induruwa: This quaint sandy beach offers the picturesque sight of villages, Batatotalena cave, and the majestic Bopath Ella Fall. You can visit the Maadu River and the water lagoons to witness the ethereal beauty of nature and the cacophony of numerous aquatic organisms and birds.

4. Arugam Bay: If you are a surf lover, then this is the beach you must visit to make some unforgettable memories. Apart from surfing, you can also try underwater photography, fishing, and get the chance to witness thousands of migratory birds.

5. Hikkaduwa: Part of the Sri Lanka tour packages, the panoramic beauty of nature surrounding this beach will soothe your soul. You can visit the nightclubs, try the native cuisine, and indulge in knowing the local community by participating in the Hikkaduwa Beach Festival.

Which are the most romantic things to do on the Sri Lanka tour?

1. Candle lit Dinner: Enjoying a candlelit dinner with your loved one is one of the special things you can do during Sri Lanka trip. Enjoying dinner on a peaceful, secluded beach while watching the sun go down can be a memorable experience.

Location: Jetwing Beach.

2. Sailing: Sailing along Sri Lanka’s South or East coast on a cruise is a memorable experience where you can explore quaint fishing villages and remote beach towns, as the well as the old Galle trading port.

Location: Mirissa and Beruwela.

Timing: 4 PM to 7 PM.

3. Boat Ride: Boat Ride is an activity you must undertake as a part of your Sri Lanka Packages. Being on a boat on a lazy river with your partner while watching the beautiful surroundings can be a romantic experience indeed.

Location: Medu River.

Timing: 7:30 AM to 5 PM.

4. Helicopter Ride: A helicopter ride could be the most romantic part of your Sri Lanka Tour Packages, soaring over the mountains and the rainforest with your love by your side. You can enjoy a birds-eye view of the exotic animals, heritage sites, and incredible landscapes. You get a true sense of the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka from up above.

Location: Rathmalana.

Timing: 6:30 AM to 6 PM.

What are the best adventure activities to do on Sri Lanka tour?

1. Rainforest camping: Being surrounded by nature at all times and exploring it makes rainforest camping one of the highly sought-after adventurous activities in Sri Lanka. You can try this in the Kitulgala Forest Reserve.

2. Scuba diving: The best way to get acquainted with the enthralling marine life whilst getting a thrill out of is to try scuba diving which is part of the Sri Lanka tour packages. The beauty hidden underwater and the sheer diversity of marine life will leave you breathless.

3. Trekking: The various trekking trails of Sri Lanka give you the perfect opportunity to embark on an adventurous journey. You not only get to witness the radiant beauty of nature around but also get to taste the sumptuous local cuisine.

4. Kite surfing: It is a must to include in your 
Sri Lanka holiday packages as it Uses the wind to propel your movement across the tumultuous waves gives an adequate boost of adrenaline. The feeling of the wind on your face and the picturesque beauty of nature around will make you try it again and again.

5. Rock climbing: The rush of adrenaline that you will get while climbing the majestic rocks is simply unreplaceable. You can try the Bambarakanda waterfalls, and you will find that the beauty of the site at the end is worth all the efforts.

Which are the best wildlife parks and sanctuaries in Sri Lanka?

1. Candle lit Dinner: Enjoying a candlelit dinner with your loved one is one of the special things you can do during Sri Lanka trip. Enjoying dinner on a peaceful, secluded beach while watching the sun go down can be a memorable experience.

Location: Jetwing Beach.

2. Sailing: Sailing along Sri Lanka’s South or East coast on a cruise is a memorable experience where you can explore quaint fishing villages and remote beach towns, as the well as the old Galle trading port.

Location: Mirissa and Beruwela.

Timing: 4 PM to 7 PM.

3. Boat Ride: Boat Ride is an activity you must undertake as a part of your Sri Lanka Packages. Being on a boat on a lazy river with your partner while watching the beautiful surroundings can be a romantic experience indeed.

Location: Medu River.

Timing: 7:30 AM to 5 PM.

4. Helicopter Ride: A helicopter ride could be the most romantic part of your Sri Lanka Tour Packages, soaring over the mountains and the rainforest with your love by your side. You can enjoy a birds-eye view of the exotic animals, heritage sites, and incredible landscapes. You get a true sense of the beautiful landscape of Sri Lanka from up above.

Location: Rathmalana.

Timing: 6:30 AM to 6 PM.

Which are the best water sports to enjoy on Sri Lanka trip?

1. Scuba diving: The magical waters of Sri Lanka are known to host a plethora of marine creatures. You can try this thrill-inducing water sport and see the glorious aquatic organisms like Lionfish, nudibranch, rays, Blue Whale, and many more.

2. White water rafting: The best way to get over the fear of water is to indulge in a heart-racing water sport. The adventure of rowing through the vociferous waves will give you the experience of a lifetime.

3. Water skiing: Pleasant weather, glorious sandy beaches, and the thrill of racing with the majestic waves of the ocean is something that you are unlikely to forget anytime soon. There are numerous water ski camps that are part of the Sri Lanka tour packages.

4. Snorkelling: The chance to witness the undeniable charm of the underwater propels most to try snorkelling. It gives off an adrenaline boost, and the sheer beauty of the marine life below the surface of the water will leave you stunned.

5. Surfing: The adrenaline rush that you get from balancing yourself on the tumultuous wave whilst being surrounded by the picturesque beauty of nature is unparalleled. You can partake in surfing at Weligama beach, Arugam Bay, etc. and gain unforgettable memories of the trip.

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