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  • Most of you might be looking for some fun things to do in Pune. Being one of the most sought of destination this region offers a plenty of outing spots. When somebody says Pune, an exceptionally laidback yet some adventurous images just strikes our mind. In reality the social centre point of Maharashtra, Pune brags different masses that in the long run realize such a large amount of vivacity in the city that one can't enable favour this to put. 

    Aside from its striking group, what makes Pune a travel ease of access, the minimal distance between attractions, heart-melting landscape and soul-stirring historical monuments. There is quite much to do in Pune, and a great deal of despite everything it stays unexplored. Regardless of whether you live in Pune or simply going by it for a day, there are a lot of places which you should visit here.

    Pune, the 'Cultural Capital' of Maharashtra or the once a powerful region of the Maratha Empire, witnessed the rise and fall of several dynasties! However, after India became independent, this charming city successfully evolved as one of the most developed and attractive cities in the entire country. A modern-day hub of educational, technological, tourism and industrial growth, Pune is now one of the most sought-after destinations in the entire of Maharashtra. The confluence of many different cultures, rich historical past and a never-ending list of things to do in Pune makes this colourful city, a must visit place for everyone. While in this kaleidoscopic city, its charismatic charm and appeal might make it tough for you to decide what to do or where to visit.

  • Must Do Things in Pune

  • 01Camping near Pawna Lake

    Camping near Pawna Lake

    Around 65km from Pune, the Pawna Lake is considered as one of the most beautiful and appealing artificial lakes in the entire country. Attributing its existence to the construction of the Pawana Dam, this scenic lake shares its proximity with ancient forts like the Lohgad, Tikona and Tungi.

    Camping around Pawna Lake will not only offers you amazing experience, but will also allow you to enjoy star gazing, bonfire and make your own barbeque sessions with the other group members. You can also enjoy swimming in the surreal lake and feel the calmness it holds for the visitors.

    Pawna Lake Camping - Flat 20% Off

    Pawna Lake Camping - Flat 20% Off

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  • 02Visit Shaniwar Wada Palace

    Visit Shaniwar Wada Palace

    While you are visiting Pune another attraction which is a must see attraction for you is the famous Shanivar Wada Place. With the beauty of the palace, it is also known as a haunted place. Shaniwarwada is a royal residence fortress in the Pune city of Maharashtra. It was worked in the eighteenth century by the Peshwas of the Maratha Empire. It is a standout amongst the most went by authentic places in Maharashtra.

    As much as it is known for its verifiable significance it is likewise known for its spookiness. The real history of this fort is imperfect with a grisly murder following political yearning and covetousness. The dividers of this post have seen an awful story of the foul play, and its imprints still stay as a phantom, as yet waiting in this place. Shaniwarwada is known to be a standout amongst the spookiest places in India.

    For the perplexing, Teak was foreign from the wildernesses of Junnar, Stones were brought from Chinchwad, and Limestone from the belts of Jejuri. There is also a light and sound show held here every evening.

    Timings: Opens from 7:00 Am – 6:00 PM.

    Price: The approximate cost for the entrance is Rs 5 per person.

    Location: Shanivar Wada Place is located at 481, Shreemant Thorle Bajirav Peshve Rd, Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

  • 03Lohagad Fort Trekking Flat 29% Off

    Lohagad Fort Trekking Flat 29% Off
    • d1 Day
    • lPune
    • NNNNN212 ratings
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      Verified Local Operator
    About the Activity:
    • Reaching point - Malavali Station 
    • Join the one day trek to Lohagad fort near Lonavala, experience a beautiful adventure in a serene place that is not tamed much.
    • Enjoy the exhilarating sight of the fort atop a hill that divides the basins of Indrayani and Pavna.
    • Have a glimpse of the strong and intact gates protecting the fort and interpret the stories from the period of Peshwa.
    • Feel the excitement existing in climbing up the hill which extends up to five kilometers from Malavli.

  • 04Paragliding in Kamset

    Paragliding in Kamset
    Make your Pune trip more thrilling with a dream flight with the lofty clouds. Come Kamset and participate in various forms of paragliding in the presence of expert pilots and instructors, who will make you overcome your fear of height and help you give wings to your dream of flying!

    Choose among classic tandem, instructional tandem and acro tandem, and fulfil all your desires to soar through the azure sky and enjoy bird's eye view of Kamset.
    Paragliding in Kamshet Flat 10% off

    Paragliding in Kamshet Flat 10% off

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  • 05Visit Mulshi Lake and Dam

    Visit Mulshi Lake and Dam
    Image Credit : Wikimedia

    Looking for a better place to spend your weekend near Pune then head out to the Mulshi Lake and Dam to spend some alone time along with your family and friends. Mulshi Lake is framed in the catchment zone of Mulshi dam. Known for its beautiful excellence because of Sahyadri ranges, Koraigadh and Dhangad forts, it is an ideal portal for nature lovers. Water from the dam is utilised for the water system and in addition to delivering power at the Bhira hydroelectric power plant, built by Tata Power.

    The station works six 25MW Pelton turbines set up in 1927 and one 150MW Pumped Storage Unit. Water from this store situated in Krishna river bowl is occupied by the Bhira control house for producing Hydropower. In 1920-21, amid the development of the dam and power station, Pandurang Mahadev Bapat drove Mulshi Satyagraha, a development to speak to farmers whose land had been taken to construct the venture.

    Spend some time witnessing the beauty of nature while you visit this lake. The serenity and the cool breeze will lure you away to some distant land. Click some memorable photographs as you spend some time in the bosom of nature.

    Location: Mulshi Dam and Lake is located in the Mulshi taluka administrative division of the Pune district of Maharashtra State.

    Private Couple Camping near Mulshi Lake: Valentine's Day Special

    Private Couple Camping near Mulshi Lake: Valentine's Day Special

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  • 06Adlabs Imagica

    Adlabs Imagica

    With an array of water sports, this is another best amusement park near Pune which is a must visit for you.  It is the best weekend getaway in Pune for adventure lovers. This is definitely a place so intriguing you'd wish you were here consistently. The fun, the excitement and the thrill will be at most while you visit this park. Enjoy spending some time with your family here or just spend some time with the talking puppy. With thrilling rides and exciting restaurants, the Water Park is very popular as a favourite day party hangout destination. Get a chance to dine with the lion chef or play with the elephants.

    This is the place where you'd encounter zero gravity, battle Mogambo, feel the thrill of energizing rides and even spare a privateer.  It’s a world of excitement from where you would never want to come back. Enjoy some of the most famous rides here like Boomeranggo, Floatsa, Loopy woopy, Raftaastic etc.

    Timings: Opens from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

    Location: Imagica is located at 30/31, Khopoli-Pali Road, SH 92, Of Mumbai-Pune Express Way, Sangdewadi, Taluka Khalapur, District Raigad, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410203

  • 07Visit Dagdusheth Halwai Temple

    Visit Dagdusheth Halwai Temple

    If you are a Ganapati Bhakt and looking for some holy and spiritual place to visit while you are in Pune than Dagdusheth Halwai Temple is one of the must things to do in Pune. Shreemant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati is the exemplification of pride and respect to the city of Pune. Devotees from all aspects of India and the world come to go to Lord Ganapati here consistently. Dagdusheth Halwai Mandir is today, not just a standout amongst the most profoundly loved spots of worship in India but also a social organisation effectively occupied with social welfare and social advancement through Dagduseth Halwai Sarvajanik Ganapati Trust.

    The temple talks about a long and grand history of the past and imbibes people with knowledge. The deity of Lord Ganesha was incepted by Shri Dagdusheth Halwai and his wife Lakshmibai route back when they lost their lone child to the torment plague. Here every year the Ganapati festival is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm not only by the Dagdusheth’s family but the entire neighbourhood.

    Timings: Opens from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

    Location: Dagdusheth Halwai Temple is located at Ganpati Bhavan, 250, Budhvar Peth, Shivaji Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411002

  • 08Visit Aga Khan Palace

    Visit Aga Khan Palace
    Image Credit : Wikimedia

    Also called the Gandhi National Museum and is a piece of Indian freedom struggle The Aga Khan Palace is another must visit place for you near Pune.  This is another of the best things to do in Pune. It filled in as a jail for national pioneers like Mahatma Gandhi amid the Quit India Movement in 1942.The Aga Khan Palace was given to India by Aga Khan IV amid 1969. The exhibition hall additionally fills in as a commemoration wherein the remaining parts (samadhi) of Mahatma Gandhi and his wife Kasturba Gandhi.

    The royal residence was worked in 1892 by Sultan Mohammed Shah, Aga Khan III. The royal residence involves five corridors and extensive verandahs. Admire the amazing architecture of the palace as you walk through the palace lanes. Despite the fact that the castle is compositionally Islamic yet it incorporates clues of Italian workmanship with many curves. The royal residence additionally contains an exhibition which has assets of Gandhiji like garments, footwear and a couple of something beyond. The royal residence is arranged on Nagar Road in Kalyani Naga.

    Timings: Opens from 9:00 AM – 05:45 PM.

    Price: The approximate price for the palace cost around Rs 5 for adults and Rs 2 for children.

    Location: Aga Khan Palace is located at Pune Nagar Road, Kalyani Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

  • 09Parvati Hill

    Parvati Hill

    A major tourist destination in the Pune is Parvati Hill, a huge hillock that rises to 2100 feet above sea level. It holds Pune’s MSL that is located at a height of about 560 meters from sea level. Parvati temple located on the top is one of the primary reasons why the hill is quite famous among the tourists and the locals. 

    The hillock offers the best view of the serenity lying down in the town and this is the most scenic location in Pune. Parvati temple possesses a special feature of being the oldest heritage structure in the city and it was built during the period of the Peshwa dynasty. It is an observation point that incredibly unveils the panoramic view of the lush greenery and flamboyant sky above the location.

    After Vetal Hill, Parvati Hill is the second highest point which can be reached by climbing 103 steps. The main temple on the top is Devdeveshwara is made of black stone. Balaji Baji Rao was the founder of the temple that came into existence in 1749. The other temples located on the hilltop are dedicated to Vitthal and Rukmini, Vishnu and Kartikeya and Rama. 

    The hilltop is a regular spot for the visitors coming to Pune and there are a lot of devotees also arrive to visit the temples on the top. Mainly, the steps leading to the hillock are an example of an intricate stonework completed during the Maratha period. The steps are made of a special black quarry stone which is proven to be weather resistant. The hill is in the south-east part of the city brimming with green fields, towering trees and small dwellings.

    Parvati Hill entry timings: The hill is open on all days from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm but the temples will be open from 05:00 am to 08:00 pm.

    Parvati Hill Entry fee: There is no entry fee is needed to climb up the hill.

    Parvati Hill location: Parvati Hill, Parvati Paytha, Pune, Maharashtra 411009.

    In Pune & want to trek? There are lots of trekking places in Pune to choose from & fulfill you desire of a funfilled trekking adventure.

  • 10Visit National War Museum

    Visit National War Museum

    For those of you who have a keen interest in history then there are another one of the things to do in Pune which you should not miss. The National War Memorial is a great attraction here which attracts a lot of people around the world. The National War Museum was worked in 1997 and is a dedication to Indian soldiers who relinquished their lives for the country. It was built up by the citizens of Pune under the Express Citizen Forum which set up the War Memorial Fund. It is one of the famous sights in Pune specially for tourists.

    The museum is arranged in Pune Cantonment and has been opened up for general people since 1998. The National War Museum is comprised of columns and spreads crosswise over 25 feet of land. The real fascination of the historical centre is MIG 23 BN Jet Fighter which was utilised amid the Kargil War. The exhibition hall also features arms, garbs and individual keepsakes which were given as a Scottish commitment to the British Army.

    Learn about the past and war weapons that were used during those days of the war.  It will be a completely different experience for you. Feel proud of those patriotic soldiers who gave up their life for our country.

    Timings: Opens from 9:30 AM–12:30 PM and 3:00 PM –7:00 PM

    Location: National War Museum is located at Prince Of Wales Drive, Ghorpuri Lines, Dobarvadi, Ghorpadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

  • 11Enjoy at Appu Ghar Amusement Park

    Enjoy at Appu Ghar Amusement Park
    Image Credit :

    While you are visiting Pune you would definitely want to explore all the amazing attraction here. Make your day a more exciting one as you visit the famous Appu Ghar Amusement Park. This is another of the best things to do in Pune.  Situated in Nidgi, Pune, Appu Ghar gloats of being the first amusement park in Pune city. It was initiated on nineteenth November of 1984. This amusement park was named after the mascot of Asian Games of 1982, which were held in Delhi.

    An elephant, named Appu was the mascot of the amusements.  Appu Ghar is arranged in Indira Gandhi Udyan, which was at once called as Bund Garden. Often regarded as a small scale Disney place where there is Pune, this place offers countless fun rides and as well as a serene lake and hilly terrains. The vibrant environment of this park combined with various fun rides and amazing facilities make this a standout amongst the most mainstream puts in Pune.

    There are rides for each individual, fluctuating from kids rides to exciting for grown-ups.  

    Some of the rides here are Appu Columbus, My Fair woman, Roller Coaster, and so forth. For the children, there are rides like Helicopter, Appu Express, Gammat Girki, Merry Go Round, kiddy watercraft, Jumping Frog, Mini Octopus,

    Timings: Opens from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM everyday.

    Price: The approximate price for the park is Rs 30 per person (without Rides), Rs 300 per person for Adults (Entry fee along with all Rides and Rs 250 per person for Children

    Location: Appu Ghar Amusement park is located at No.23, Pradhikaran Sector, Indira Gandhi Udyan, Nigdi, Near Bhakti Shakti Chowk, Pune, Maharashtra 411044

  • 12Visit Osho Ashram

    Visit Osho Ashram

    After a long tiring week of work and meeting deadlines, you would definitely want to revive yourself. If you are looking for some refreshing time than Osho Ashram is a must visit for you.  Calm your fretful personality, seek inner peace and meditate in tranquillity while you visit this amazing place. The cool aura of the whole place and calm ambience, burbling waters and the angelic sound of birds add to this blissful experience.

    As the brainchild of Bhagwan Rajneesh, the Osho Ashram resounds the lessons and reasoning of Osho. Sprawling crosswise over 32 section of land of land, the ashram incorporates a perfectly kept up stop known as Nulla Park or Osho Teerth. The Osho Ashram offers courses like Osho Nataraj contemplation, Osho dynamic reflection, Osho Nadabrahma contemplation and Osho Kundalini reflection.

    Despite the fact that the courses are chargeable yet they offer an extraordinary otherworldly and serene experience. Bring back that peace of mind as you spend some time at this ashram.  One can also find a few guesthouses here where you can stay here for the night. There are a lot of courses which are offered here for meditation.

    Timings: Opens from 9:00 AM – 4:00 Pm.

    Price: The approximate price for meditation Indians Rs.760 and for Foreigners: Rs.1560 per day

    Location: Osho Ashram is located at 17, Koregaon Park Road, Vasani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001

  • 13Bazaar Walk through Pune Kasba

    Bazaar Walk through Pune Kasba

    This tour takes you on an exciting yet knowledgeable journey through the oldest part of Pune.It is also called Kasba Peth and Kasba means market town while Peth means locality. The area was part of the Maratha Empire and grew during the reign of Shivaji and the Peshwas.

    It has markets, temples, and places of cultural, religious and historical significance. The Shaniwar Wada was originally a grand palace where the Peshwas lived and looks very much like a fort. The original Lal Mahal (palace) was the residence of Shivaji Bhonsle/Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, and today its replica is seen here.

    The Nana Wada, made of wood, was the Peshwas’ administrator/Nana Phadnavis’ estate and illustrates the beauty and style of Peshwa-architecture. The Vishrambaug Wada, originally Peshwa Baji Rao II’ residence, has a beautiful wooden facade with intricately carved brackets and pillars. The Kasba Ganapati Temple, built by Jijabai/Shivaji’s mother, is a central part of the Ganapati Festival.TheKasba Ganapati is Pune's gram devata/village deity/patron deity.

    There are several Bazaars or markets here selling a diverse array of products from vegetables to utensils to costume jewellery. They are usually brimming with people and visitors are always recommended to bargain hard before buying any product.A visit to Barud Ali takes you to the community of basket weavers in Pune. The Jyotiba Phule Mandai allows you to experience the vibrant atmosphere of the city’s largest covered market that sells everything.

    Next to this is the Bangle Sellers Lane, which has several shops including traditional ones selling a variety of bangles. At Tulshibaug you can visit theTulshibaug RamMandir with its beautiful shikara and the vibrant and bustlingTulshibaug Market. This is a very popular market where you can find a diverse array of knick-knacks and costume jewellery. 

    Price: This depends on the package you choose.

    Location: It is located in Pune, Maharashtra.
    Bazaar Walk through Pune Kasba

    Bazaar Walk through Pune Kasba

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  • 14Go on Pune Cuisine Tour

    Go on Pune Cuisine Tour
    Image Credit :

    The Pune Cuisine Tour would definitely be one of the options on your list of things to do in Pune. This is a unique experience where you get an opportunity to immerse yourself in a wonderfully interactive cooking session.The focus is on Indian food that is based on seasonal produce and made with ingredients from the local market.

    The tour starts with a visit to a local house in Pune where the session is hosted. You can choose either dinner or lunch and a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal. A visit to the bazaar or neighbourhood market along with your host is the next activity.

    Here,  with the help of your host, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with different vegetables and other produce.You also get to know about the spices and cooking techniques used for Indian cooking and the regional specialities. After the neighbourhood/local bazaar walk, during which you choose all the ingredients you need, the cooking session commences.

    You can definitely participate in the cooking process or if you prefer not to you can watch and take photographs.The total preparation and cooking time usually takes about an hour to an hour-and-a-half. After this everybody sits down together to enjoy the delicious meal.  

    Price: This depends on the package you choose.

    Location: It is located in Pune, Maharashtra.

    Pune Cuisine Tour

    Pune Cuisine Tour

    NNNNM33 Ratings

    h4 HourslPune

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  • Trekking Adventure in and around Pune

  • 15Rajmachi Trek

    Rajmachi Trek

    This trek is ranked among the most gorgeous treks in the entire of Maharashtra. Nestled amidst the untouched beauty of nature, a trek to the Rajmachi Fort will introduce with the immaculate beauty that exists in every corner of the vicinity. Trekking near Pune is famous among all the trekkers because of its serene beauty and lush greenery.

    Located in the Sahyadri Ranges, the trek gets more appealing during the monsoons as the trail to the fort and the entire regions thrives in various colours of the nature. Also, as it is one of the easy treks, it is a must thing to do near Pune for all the classes of trekkers.

    Rajmachi and Kondane Caves Trek Lonavala Flat 13% Off

    Rajmachi and Kondane Caves Trek Lonavala Flat 13% Off

    NNNNN562 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlLonavala


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  • 16Trek to Andharban, Pune

    Trek to Andharban, Pune
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lLavasa-1
    • NNNNN118 ratings
    • Ajaysinh Lakhe
      Ajaysinh Lakhe

    About the Activity :

    When was the last time you engaged in an exciting adventure with all your buddies? This weekend, head for an exciting trek to Andharban with your best buddies and all your loved ones to engage in a fun and exciting time! Andharban, by its name means a dark dense forest. This trek is primarily based on descending from the peak. It is one of the most beautiful treks and there are lots of things to explore. You will be walking on ridge that offers an awesome view of the Kundalika Valley, Bhira dam and the mountain ranges of Tamhini ghat. During your trek, there will be scores of evergreen forests which covers you with a relaxing shade in first half of the trek (6-8 kms).The trek further descends down in Konkan to reach Bhira (4 kms).The same valley is the origin of the Kundalika river famous for its white water river rafting and other adventure activities.

  • 17Kalsubai Trek

    Kalsubai Trek

    Another moderate level trek in Maharashtra, the hike to Kalsubai Hills is one of the must things to do in Pune. Originating from Igatpuri, this exhilarating trek is ideal for all the types of trekkers and takes around 3-4 hours to complete (each way).

    Trailing through the lush settings and the rough terrains, the moment you reach the summit of the hill, you can enjoy astounding views of the surrounding. Adding more to your experience, you can also indulge in nature photography while at the peak of Kalsubai.

    Day Trek to Kalsubai

    Day Trek to Kalsubai

    NNNNN126 Ratings

    d1 DaylIgatpuri


    Starting from


  • 18Trek to Bhairavgad Moroshi in Malshej Ghat

    Trek to Bhairavgad Moroshi in Malshej Ghat
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lAhmednagar
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • Nilesh Patil
      Nilesh Patil

    About the Activity:

    • Located in Malshej Ghat, Bhairavgad is one of the most thrilling adventure treks in Maharashtra. It is well defined by a rock face called dyke.
    • The fort towers at a height of 1145m and is a spectacular façade of immense beauty. 
    • As one travels along the Malshej Ghat road, one notices sharp pinnacle of Bhairavgad, separated from the main range. It raises steeply from the Kankan plains and is rather tricky to climb A prominent and unique fort.The initial hike is through loose soil Followed by rock cut steps. The walls overhang a little, and above, the steps are blown off .One will have to rock climb carefully above the overhang.More crumbling steps and plenty of scree before reaching the top make the trek more exciting.The top offers a great view of Malshej Ghats, NaneGhat, Jivdhan and many prominent peaks like Ajoba and Harishchandragad.
    • Difficulty Level: Medium (Technical)
    • Endurance Level: Medium
  • 19Harishchandragad Trek

    Harishchandragad Trek
    Image Credit : TheMaverick

    Another reminiscent of Maharashtra's bygone era, Harishchandragad Fort is located at a height of 4,617ft above the sea level. Cossetted by thick and evergreen greeneries, a trek to this historic fort is no less than revisiting the past with the true essence of thrill and adventure.

    Though there are several routes that lead to this fort, the Khireshwar route is considered as the most appealing one! Come monsoon, the route gets adorned with all the shades of Mother Nature and becomes more mystical. Embark on this medium graded trek, witness the pristine beauty of nature, revisit history and also be a shutterbug for the day.

    Camping and Rappelling with Harishchandragad Trek in Malshej Ghat

    Camping and Rappelling with Harishchandragad Trek in Malshej Ghat

    NNNNM35 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlAhmednagar

    Starting from


  • 20Overnight Trek to Ratangad

    Overnight Trek to Ratangad
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lIgatpuri
    • NNNNN35 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 5136536

    About the Activity:

    • Embark on this amazing trekking experience to Ratangad with friends and family and revel in the ancient architectural marvels!
    • Assemble at Kasara Railway Station at around 01.30 AM and reach the base village by a local transport. 
    • Then you begin your trek and reach the top to admire the awe-inspiring beauty of rock-cut caves and an overnight trek and stay.
    • Atop the summit, delight in the stunning views of Rani Mahal from the eastern side and Katrabai and Ajoba Forts from the southern side.
    • Shelter yourself in a cave and enjoy the serene views, exclusive vistas of nature's sheer beauty.
    • Take back with you some unforgettable memories on the overnight trek.
  • 21Harihar Trek

    Harihar Trek

    Taking you to the Trimbakeshwar Ranges in Maharashtra, this enthralling trek will take you through the Harishar and Anjaneri regions of Igatpuri. Located at a triangular massif, this fascinating trek to the Harihar Fort can be accomplished only through a rock-cut staircase at a staggering height of 2,000ft.

    Graded as a moderate trek, you will also be crossing streams, hike through dense thickets and overcome uneven trails during this exhilarating journey. Adding more to the charm and enthralment of Harihar trek, there are zigzag terrains that passes through scenic forest areas and offers the much desired adrenaline boost while hiking.

    Monsoon One Day Harihar Fort Trek

    Monsoon One Day Harihar Fort Trek

    NNNNM41 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlNashik

    Starting from


  • 22Bhimashankar Trek

    Bhimashankar Trek

    With a wide range of exotic flora and fauna, the Bhimshankar Wildlife Sanctuary in Maharashtra entices a large number of nature lovers. Tucked away in the Western Ghats, this wildlife protected area is also a hit among the thrill seekers and trekkers belonging to different classes.

    While on the Bhimshankar trek, you can also visit the Jyotirlinga Temple and discover the wilderness of the trails that will take you through the lush greeneries and fascinating terrains. Taking you through the dense forest areas, the trek will also allow you to spot some of the rare and endangered wildlife species.

    Bhimashankar Trek In Maharashtra

    Bhimashankar Trek In Maharashtra

    NNNNN331 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlPune

    Starting from


  • Camping Adventure in and around Pune

  • 23Camping in Kolad

    Camping in Kolad

    Escape the heat and tiredness of city-life, pack your bags and flee to Kolad for an amazing camping experience near Pune! Located around 113km from Pune, this scenic village lies on the banks of the enchanting Kundalika River and makes it a must camping destination across the length and breadth of Maharashtra.

    An affair of the exhilarating outdoors, Kolad camping not only gets you acquainted with the stunning charm of the outdoors, but also offers you an array of exciting activities. During your camping, you can participate in activities like Burma Bridge, trekking, treasure hunt, dodge ball, target shooting, trust check, foot cricket and campfire as well.

    White Water Rafting and Stay at Kolad

    White Water Rafting and Stay at Kolad

    NNNNN396 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlKolad


    Starting from


  • 24Bhandardara Lake Camping

    Bhandardara Lake Camping
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lAhmednagar
    • NNNNN41 ratings
    • Verified Local Operator
      Verified Local Operator
    About the Activity:
    • A time that secures your comfort even at the basic level of facilities is camping but in today's scenario a lakeside camping is something necessary to keep aside the day to day humdrum.
    • Near Bhandardara, you are getting a peaceful ambience throughout with the gurgling noise of the lake on your side. 
    • Indulge your heart with the non-stereotypical activities such as star gazing and watching star constellation and many other adventure activities near the camp.
    • The event starts at 05:00 pm and concludes at 10:00 am, the next morning.
  • 25Camping in Lonavala

    Camping in Lonavala

    A visit to Pune during the monsoons is never complete without a camping experience in Lonavala! Located around 64km from Pune, this gorgeous hill station in Maharashtra boasts of its untouched nature and favourable climatic conditions.

    Also popular among the holiday mongers of Mumbai, Lonavala camping allows you to spend quality time amidst the fascinating hills and mountains! For the thrill seekers, they can go for waterfall rappelling and also enjoy flying fox while camping in Lonavala.

    If you don't like camping than you can try some of the best resorts near Pune for a pleasant stay. 

    Camping Adventure at Lonavala in Pune

    Camping Adventure at Lonavala in Pune

    NNNNN394 Ratings

    d2 Daysn1 NightlLonavala

    Starting from


  • 26Stay Experience at Camp Temgarh in Maharashtra

    Stay Experience at Camp Temgarh in Maharashtra
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lLavasa-1
    • NNNNN151 ratings
    • Rajan Anand
      Rajan Anand

    About the Activity:

    • Just 30 kms from Pune along a winding road, amidst gathering clouds, tucked away in a little village of Mulshi taluka, is a nature retreat.
    • Spend some time surrounded by lush green thickest like never before with your loved ones.
    • Sleep under a blanket of stars with a crackling bonfire keeping you cozy for the night!
    • This quaint camp is a tranquil escapade away from the daily grind.
    • Engage in an exciting fishing experience in the river, partake in mountain biking along the rustic terrains of Temgarh.
    • Indulge in delicious homemade meals, after having a go at an array of indoor and outdoor games.
    • Idyllic cottages which are splendidly furnished, or the Swiss tents are tailored for the sheer comfort.

  • 27Camping in Panchgani

    Camping in Panchgani
    Image Credit :

    While Panchgani is an acclaimed hill station near Pune, camping within its vicinity is a must to have experience or thing to do in Pune. Adorned by stunning hills, evergreen outlook and pleasant climate, this quaint tourist spot offers the best views of the astounding Western Ghats.

    In addition to the salubrious beauty of the nature, this camping experience will also allow you to enjoy several adventure activities. Ziplining, commando crossing, rock climbing, waterfall rappelling, caving, chimney crawling and rifle shooting are some of the most enjoyed activities in Panchgani.

    Camping in Panchgani

    Camping in Panchgani

    NNNNM628 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlPanchgani

    Starting from


  • 28Falyan Jungle Camp

    Falyan Jungle Camp
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • NNNNN27 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 2451510
    About the Activity:
    • Pack your bags for something crazy and different on your next weekend. If your are ready, then check this package out which brings forth an exciting camping amid the thick jungle canopy in Falyan, Maharashtra.
    • This 2 day 1 night camping is happening at a location called Falyan near Jambhulpada, 30 KM towards Pali from Khopoli. Falyan in Raigad is filled with plenty of greenery giving away its visitors an awesome time.
    • It is not just about camping but differing adventurous activities are on the list like rope course, rifle shooting, archery, night trail, river visit, trek to Murg Fort etc. These activities would fire the night on to reach another level of excitement.
    • Enjoy a BBQ session as well to make your adventurous night more eventful.
    • Check-in at the campsite around 04:00 PM and check-out around 11:00 AM after the camping.
    • The package promises you welcome drink, BBQ, dinner and breakfast during the camping.
  • 29Camping in Velhe Near Pune With Raigad Trek Flat 36% Off

    Camping in Velhe Near Pune With Raigad Trek Flat 36% Off
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lRaigad
    • NNNNN189 ratings
    • Hemant Vavale
      Hemant Vavale
    About the Activity:

    Spend overnight at a perfectly arranged and comfortable camping with your family, friends or colleagues. Experience the joy of bonding close to nature in a unique and exciting way through camping. The campsite is located right next to a river stream, making the experience even more amazing.
    This is an ideal place for loads of fun along with entertainment like never before. You can just relax by spending time around the campfire and gaze at the night sky or you can be a part of few of the nature sharing activities.
    You can also bring along your favorite games and play them on the campsite, located at a mere 65km from Pune. All the necessities are taken care of at the camp along with food. Have fun and spread the joy with your near and dear ones in this amazing camping along with campfire and barbecue.
    Join in on the adventure wagon as you trek to the highest fort of Pune, Raigad Fort, right after your arrival at the campsite. You will be trekking through a rugged terrain occupied mostly by dense forests. Once at the top, enjoy scintillating views of the hills, water bodies, and the lush greenery around.
    Following this will be an equally magical experience of a campfire back at the campsite. Spend an eventful night at a perfectly arranged camping ground in Pasali village.
    When you wake up the next morning, you will be enjoying the adventure of rappelling right after breakfast. Checking out after this, you will be bringing the experience to an end.

    Capacity of the site: 40 tents on double sharing basis- 80 people.
    Minimum number of people required: 2
  • Other Adventure Activities in and around Pune

  • 30Day Adventure in Pavana

    Day Adventure in Pavana
    • d1 Day
    • lKamshet
    • NNNNN25 ratings
    • Somnath Sorkade
      Somnath Sorkade
    Ride to this adventure with Uber at a special price. Book Now to receive the unique code. 

    About the Activity :

    The adventure day at Pawna is a great mix of adventure activities and leisure activities. Upon arrival, trek to Tikona Fort and ponder on the scenic beauty of the region. After decenind back to camp sight, have lunch. After Lunch Indulge in various water activities at the lake side. After spending some leisure time have evening snacks and start your return journey.
    Check-in 9.30am and Check-out 5pm
  • 31Kundalika River Rafting, Kolad

    Kundalika River Rafting, Kolad
    If river rafting near Pune has to be described in two words, Kundalika River would define it the best! Gushing out through the scenic locales of Kolad, Maharashtra, this gurgling river is the most sought-after river rafting destination near Pune.

    The river originates from a hamlet called Bhira and the huge inflow of water from Mulshi Dam makes it an enthralling whitewater rafting destination for the thrill seekers.
    Kundalika Rafting Camp With Adventure Activities Flat 20% Off

    Kundalika Rafting Camp With Adventure Activities Flat 20% Off

    NNNNN648 Ratings

    d1 Dayn1 NightlKolad


    Starting from


  • 32Group Adventure Day Out at Wada

    Group Adventure Day Out at Wada
    • d1 Day
    • lWada
    • NNNNN100 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 2075404

    About the Activity with Details:

    • Get away with your choicest mates and companions to a campsite that offers you the best of adventure activities on a platter! The camp, set amidst the rural settings, has been deliberately kept in an untouched setting which enhances the overall rustic feel of the experience. It is here that you can experience the true pull that rural life has on your senses and being.
    • To kick start your day adventure at Wada, arrive at the campsite on a fresh and early morning at 09:00AM and have a delicious breakfast. Post this, you can choose from a full range of activities that offer the best of adrenaline rush!

    Duration: 09:00AM – 05:30 PM

  • 33Vaitarna River Rafting

    Vaitarna River Rafting
    In addition of serving as an important water source to Mumbai, Vaitarna River also serves as a hotspot for river rafting near Pune. A dam controlled river, it offers exhilarating rapids that entices adventure junkies and appeals them to plunge into the waters and challenge the gruesome rapids. Conducted twice around the day for around 2 hours, you can also enjoy cliff jumping, jeep safari and river swimming during this amazing experience.
    Adventure Day Out near Vaitarna River

    Adventure Day Out near Vaitarna River

    NNNNM629 Ratings

    h1 HourlMumbai


    Starting from


  • 34Hot Air Balloon Safari, Lonavala

    Hot Air Balloon Safari, Lonavala
    • h1 Hour
    • lLonavala
    • NNNNN533 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 5113246
    • 12,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Take off on an unforgettable flight up high in the sky with a hot air balloon safari in Lonavala. A stunning hill station, it is located in the misty Sahyadris at a close distance from both Mumbai and Pune.
    • The hot air balloon ride happens at different time slots all through the year and lasts for an unforgettable hour.
    • Lonavala holds within its natural embrace a vast horizon of greenery, stunning valleys, gigantic hillocks, and luscious lakes and the sights that you will see will delight your soul with long-lasting peace.
    • The activity can be availed at the following timings:
                    Oct-Nov    6:15 AM
                    Dec-Feb   6:45AM & 4 PM
                    Mar-May   6:15AM

    Duration: 1 hour

  • 35Della Adventure Park Ticket and Activities Near Kunegaon in Lonavala

    Della Adventure Park Ticket and Activities Near Kunegaon in Lonavala
    • d1 Day
    • lLonavala
    • NNNNN26 ratings
    • Della Adventure
      Della Adventure

    About the Activity:

    • Della Adventure in Kunegaon is considered as India’s largest adventure park sprawling across an area of around 5 acres.
    • With around 70 activities, it's a perfect place to release all your cobwebs of routine life while delighting in various exciting available activities.
    • Either you can opt for Day Pass or Jumbo Pass (choose while booking), where Day Pass includes only the activity bundle from Zones A to F, but Jumbo Pass includes activity bundle from Zone A to F along with 8 extreme adventures.
  • 36Wine Tasting near Pune

    Wine Tasting near Pune

    Among the things to do in Pune is to opt for a Wine Tasting Tour near Pune, Nashik. There are several vineyards in Pune/Nashik, including well-known ones like the Soma Vineyards, the Sula Vineyards, and the York Winery.Others include the Vallone, the Grover Zampa, the Chateau d’ Ori, the Four Seasons Winery and the Chateau Indage Winery/Vineyard. They each offer a different experience and selection of wines you can taste.

    You can take a walking tour through the vineyards and get to know about the background/history of the place. You also get an idea of when and how the grapes are picked, and the winemaking process, maturity, and packaging.A wine tasting session is held during which you can sample the variety of wines the vineyard is known for.

    You can also enjoy the cuisine and understand and appreciate how each dish is carefully paired with a particular wine. The option of accommodation at the vineyard or nearby resorts or hotels are also included.

    Price: This depends on the package you choose.

    Location: It is located in Pune, Nashik, Maharashtra.

  • Best Staycations around Pune

  • 37Village Stay Experience in Junnar

    Village Stay Experience in Junnar
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lJunnar
    • NNNNN71 ratings
    • Chanak Doshi
      Chanak Doshi

    About the Activity:

    • Check-in at 11:00 AM and experience the stooped history and the charming rustic ways of India!
    • Glimpse the wide pastures shielded by architecture from the bygone era like never before.
    • Try your hand at farming, and partake in other intriguing agricultural activities for a unique bout of fun.
    • Play traditional games like the Ningorcha, Bhovara, and Vitti Dandu, and proceed to trek around the expanse and click some enchanting photographs.
    • This admirable city is surrounded by the Sahyadris, and houses Asia's largest telescope alongside exotic farmlands.
    • After this amazing experience in the property you can check-out at 4:00 PM.

    1 Night/2 Days Stay includes - Traditional Welcome, Breakfast & Tea, Farm Tour, Lunch (Pure vegetarian rural cuisine), Village Tour, Evening snacks & Tea, Dinner (Pure vegetarian rural cuisine), Camp Fire, Morning Breakfast & Tea/Coffee, Forest Visit, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Tea/Coffee

    2 Nights/3 Days Stay includes - Traditional Welcome,  3 Breakfasts & Tea, Farm Tour, 2 Lunches (Pure vegetarian rural cuisine), Village Tour, 2 Evening snacks & Tea, 2 Dinner (Pure vegetarian rural cuisine), Camp Fire, Forest Visit.

  • 38Offbeat Homestay Experience in Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri

    Offbeat Homestay Experience in Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lRatnagiri
    • NNNNN40 ratings
    • Chanak Doshi
      Chanak Doshi

    About the Activity:

    • In the closet of Ratnagiri district, Sangameshwar is a beautiful coastal hamlet situated on the confluence of Rivers Shatri and Sonavi.
    • An ideal offbeat destination tucked away from the hurries and worries of city life, homestay in Sangameshwar is certainly a paradise on earth. Beautiful green meadows on one side and cascading rivers on the other side is a sight worth visiting for!
    • With its placid environs and cool climate homestay in Sangameshwar is a flawless destination for a weekend getaway. Lush green surroundings, gushing rivers and cool climate throughout the year gives a surreal touch to this land. For a short, fun-filled escape from the routine life, Sangameshwar is one of the perfect destinations.
    • With your arrival in Sangameshwar at 12:00 PM and get checked in, you will be offered with a range of activities and a number of places to visit in Sangameshwar.
    • After quick-easy fresh up, get ready for some memorable moments. Give a head start to your day, trek in the surrounding wilderness and explore the beautiful flora and fauna while trekking in the Jungle.
    • Capture the beautiful birds chirping and flying with your camera; there is no better way to shoot pheasants than in their natural home.
    • Post your trek at homestay in Sangameshwar, take a splash in the private waterfall and feel your heartbeat racing under the chilling water.
    •  In the evening, give some rest to your legs and relax around the bonfire (additional charges for bonfire applicable).
    • Dig into your favourite book or spend some quality time with your company while relaxing around the fireplace.
    • Check out a 11:00 AM and make some marvellous memories with friends and family while places to visit in Sangameshwar engage you for a good weekend

  • 39Safari and Stay at Jungle Resort Amba

    Safari and Stay at Jungle Resort Amba
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lKolhapur
    • NNNNN31 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 9824012

    About the Activity with Details:

    Cossetted by the fascinating Western Ghats and adorned by evergreen thickets all around, Jungle Resort Amba makes it for a salubrious getaway amidst the nature! While visiting this astounding holiday home, one can easily delve deep into the lush forests with a safari and stay at Jungle Resort Amba.

    Divided into two days, your stay at this retreat will be further enchanted by the peace and serenity that dwells within the vicinity. During your stay, you can also participate in an array of indoor and outdoor games along with lively barbeque and bonfire.

    In addition to all these, during your stay, you can also indulge in a nature walk, visit several attraction points around the resort and curate some of the best memories of your safari and stay at Jungle Resort Amba.

  • 40Villa Stay Experience at Le Farm, Pune

    Villa Stay Experience at Le Farm, Pune
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lKamshet
    • NNNNN32 ratings
    • supplier
      Code: 2994678
    • 40,000
    • Book Now

    About the Activity:

    • Le Farm is a standalone property built on 15 acres of private land. The magnificent estate is located in Village Bhajgaon on the back waters of Vadivale land.
    • Located at a short distance away from both Mumbai and Pune, Le Farm is an ideal getaway to take with your partner.
    • It is equipped with all the modern comforts and plush amenities will surely add to your stay experience here.
    • Different views from all the rooms will cuddle up your stay at this romantic weekend getaway from Pune for sure!

Trekking in Pune

Camping in Pune




Situated close to the famous hill station of Lonavala, Lohagad is one of the most magnificent places to visit in Pune. Located on a beautiful hillock near Malavali, this place is one of the favourite destinations for trekking enthusiasts in Pune. Dating back to the 18th century, this place is an interesting visit to appreciate the charm of ancient architecture nestled in the midst of natural beauty.

Lohagad Fort offers an exciting trek where people can look forward to an adrenaline filled day. Surrounded by beautiful green hills, it also offers various delightful opportunities for photographers and nature lovers to appreciate the panoramic views all around.

  • Location: Lohagad Fort, Lohagad Trek Rd, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: The best time to visit Lohagad Fort is during Monsoon season when the surroundings are most spectacular due to the rains and presence of dark clouds without the scorching sun.  

  • Entry fee: There is no entry fee to visit Lohagad Fort

  • Timings: One can visit the Lohagad Fort from 9 am to 6 pm


Pawna Lake

Enjoy the wonder of nature by paying a visit to the exquisite Pawna Lake when you are in Pune. Its paradise location is something that you will not be able to forget anytime soon. The setting at Pawna Lake is made beautiful with the presence of various tourist attractions like Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort and Visapur Fort. Its refreshing ambience makes this place a beautiful destination near Lonavala and Khandala to enjoy an idyllic weekend.

It was created as an artificial water reservoir and offers a soothing time to relax with nature. People keep flocking to Pawna Lake for its postcard-perfect landscape. The place is known for its wonderful climate and offers a serene retreat away from the noise of usual city life. Pawna Lake is also known to attract nature lovers due to the number of flora and fauna which can be seen around the lake. Some of the activities which you can look forward to enjoying at Pawna Lake are camping, paragliding, sightseeing etc.

  • Location: Pawna Lake, Pune

  • Best Time to visit: The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon season

  • Entry fee: There is no entry fee for visiting Pawna Lake

  • Timings: This place can be visited from morning till evening.


Sinhagad Fort

Literally meaning the Lion Fort, Sinhagad Fort is one of the most famous historical places to visit in Pune. It was earlier named Kondana and believed to have been built about 2000 years ago. Sinhagad Fort occupies an important place in the history of Pune as there were many important battles like the famous Battle of Sinhagad fought here. It boasts of a strategic location and is protected by natural frontiers.

The fort makes a mesmerising scenery with the Sahyadri mountains and serves an as popular place for outings in Pune. Many trekking lovers also flock the place for an enterprising day to complete a one day trek from the village to the fort. Some notable attractions which you can see inside the fort are Tanaji memorial, the tomb of Rajaram Chhatrapati, a Kali temple, some military stables and a brewery.

  • Location: Sinhagad Ghat Road, Thoptewadi, Pune, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: The months of winter and monsoon season from July to February are the most preferred time to visit this fort

  • Entry fee: N/A

  • Timings:  Tourists can visit here between 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m


Raigad Fort

Raigad Fort is a majestic fort in Maharashtra which you can see in Sahyadri mountain ranges of Western Ghats. The fort is a symbol of Maratha pride and one of the great reminders of the history of Marathas. It was named as Gibraltar of the East by the British due to its strategic location and one of the most important landmarks in the city of Pune.

Some main attractions of Raigad Fort are the Hirakani Buruj, Maha Darwaja, the King’s Durbar, Takmak Tok, Jagdishwar Mandir etc. The fort has become a major tourist spot for its trekking opportunities where one needs to climb up to 1737 steps and enjoy a breath-taking view of the landscape. For those who wish to give trekking a miss, there is a splendid ropeway ride to give you goosebumps as you move through the winds with an exquisite aerial view of the landscape. The place has been dubbed as one of the most exciting Pune tourist destinations for history lovers and adventure freaks.

  • Location: Raigad Fort, Raigad, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit: The best time to visit Raigad Fort is from November to March

  • Entry fee: The cost of an entry ticket for Indians is INR 10 / USD 0.15 and for foreigners, it is INR 100/ USD 1.54

  • Timings: Tourists can visit Raigad Fort from 10 am to 6 pm every day


Panshet Dam

Also famous as Tanaji Sagar Dam, Panshet Dam is one of the top places to visit in Pune for adventure enthusiasts.  Perched beautifully in the Sahyadri Ranges, Panshet Dam is a visual delight with a surreal landscape that offers a soothing retreat. Panshet Dam is encompassed by luxuriant hills and a number of thundering waterfalls that makes it a perfect place for nature lovers too.

Tourists here can look forward to savouring an adrenaline rush by partaking in a number of water sports. Some of the popular water sports enjoyed here are kayaking, boating and few rides like the banana ride and water scooters. Other activities which you can enjoy here are trekking and camping in the midst of nature.

  • Location: Panshet Dam, Ambi River, Pune District, Maharashtra

  • Best Time to visit:  The best time to make a visit to Panshet Dam is during the monsoon days or in the evenings of the winter season

  • Entry fee: During the weekdays the entry fees for an adult is INR 250/USD 3.75 and for a child is INR 170/ USD 2.62. For the weekends the entry fees for a child in INR 230/ USD 3.54 and for an adult is INR 300/ USD 4.62

  • Timings: Tourists can visit here from 10:00 am in the morning to 6:00 pm in the evening.


Mulshi Lake and Dam

Originally a dam used for irrigation and hydroelectricity generation, Mulshi Lake and Dam is now one of the most notable attractions in Pune. The place attracts a number of visitors who wish to relax in the serene ambience of nature and rejuvenate their soul away from all the hubbub of city life. Mul shi Lake and Dam gets its picturesque landscape as it is nestled beautifully between two hills and verdant forests. One can’t help but appreciate the natural beauty of this place which is replete with various flora and fauna along the dam and lake. Some popular activities for the tourists Mulshi Lake and Dam are hiking the hills, picnicking with your loved ones or enjoy boating in the lake. Although the place is located at a short distance away from the main city, it offers a perfect escape for the nature lovers in Pune.

  • Location:  It is located in the Mulshi taluka administrative division of the Pune district of Maharashtra State.

  • Best Time to visit: The ideal time to visit Mulshi Lake and Dam is during the monsoon months.

  • Entry fee:  There are no entrance fees to visit this place in Pune

  • Timings: It can be visited during the day from 9 am to 6 pm.

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