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Tour packages in Tanzania are worth your time and hard earned savings. These packages include many things to do and see. One of the most important things to do is to go for a safari. Safaris to the Serengeti are common for visitors and come at a reasonable price too. The Serengeti and other such National Parks are affordable and easy to go to. The Ngorongoro crated is very important too. This is where many people go on safaris too. This is also where the expertise of the guide makes a difference, as a professional one can provide with a lot more knowledge than others can.Another important thing is the trip which is concerned with culture. Ongoing to Tanzania, such a trip is mandatory. Traditional food, hunting, beekeeping and other activities of the kind can be practice on cultural tours of this sort. These tours come at pretty low rates, especially in the offseason.National Parks of Tanzania can be entered at only a price of $100 entry fee. This is pretty low because of the excellent guidance and possibly one night’s accommodation that comes along with the package. The best parks, mostly in the north part of the country, are full of all sorts of rare, endangered species which are being reared in captivity.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling are water activities that are extremely famous with visitors or tourists coming in from the rest of the country. along with these, are the beaches, which are dotted with palm trees and clear, see-through water, as well as white sand that seems to be the picture painted by all the artists we see. The beaches have more activities such as paragliding, water skiing and kayaks are available too.Then there is the Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak of Africa and around a height of a little less than 6000 m above sea level. Thousands of tourists from all over the world come in every year to see this mountain or maybe make a hike.Besides all of this, there is a lot more going down around Tanzania, considered a part of Tanzania, such as the Mafia Islands. Whenever Zanzibar becomes too full and overflows, the people are moved over to the Mafia islands, which is pretty cool. There are whale sharks here, which are put on display on many occasions. The water activities of Snorkeling and scuba diving all take place here too which are also included among the tour packages in Tanzania.

Popular Tanzania Tour Packages

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Mt. Kilimanjaro Trekking Via Lemosho Route 8D/7N ₹ 303000 3.0 star View Details
Tanzania Honeymoon Tour: a Romantic Retreat 9D/8N ₹ 72000 4.0 star View Details
Kilimanjaro Trek in Tanzania, 2020 9D/8N ₹ 0 5.0 star View Details
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Mt. Kilimanjaro Trekking Via Lemosho Route Best Seller
Mt. Kilimanjaro Trekking Via Lemosho Route



Trip Overview:The Lemosho Route is relatively new. It starts on the Western side of Mount Kilimanjaro at the Londorossi Gate and was introduced as an alternative to the Shira Route which begins at a higher, more challenging altitude.The Londorossi Gate is a fair drive from the town of Moshi, and considerably further from Arusha. At the gate, you will register with the authorities before being driven a further 12km to the starting point.The western side of Kilimanjaro is still very wild and you may get lucky and spot large antelope, buffalo and maybe even elephant.The Lemosho Route joins the Machame Route at Lava Tower and heads down towards Barranco Valley via the Southern Circuit (see map below). As with the Machame Route, Lemosho trekkers need to transverse the Barranco Wall and then summit from Barafu Camp.
Very Good

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

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INR 333,000

INR 303,000

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Tanzania Honeymoon Tour: a Romantic Retreat
Tanzania Honeymoon Tour: a Romantic Retreat


About the Activity:Give your eyes a visual treat with the marvelous views of a tropical country in the vast continent of Africa that is Tanzania.The exuberance you can feel here, in towns, in the grasslands, in the foothills is what makes Tanzania a favorite tourist destination.Engage in activities such as trekking, boating, cruise, snorkeling, swimming as the country embraces mountains and seas at the same time.A better honeymoon destination which acts as an offbeat location is yet another dream; hence, pack your bags to partake in this 9 day tour to catch the unending visuals.The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the whole trip.

34 Ratings


34 Ratings

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INR 72,000

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Kilimanjaro Trek in Tanzania, 2020
Kilimanjaro Trek in Tanzania, 2020



About the Destination: Mount Kilimanjaro trek still poses a challenge for the climbers, though ignored by many trekkers. Also known as the ‘Common Man’s Everest’, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is the tallest in the country and world’s highest free-standing peak. Bestowed with diverse range of flora and fauna and the base, as one ascends to the summit of this mountain, they will get to witness a contrast of what they get in the base. Rising up to an altitude of 5,895m, the summit is adorned with screes and remain covered with snow during the winters. On a Mount Kilimanjaro climbing expedition, though it might not seem so, but be aware as you might be offered with a range of difficulties; low oxygen level and rocky passes are two of the most remarkable obstacles! About the Departure with Details: Originating from Nale Moru in South Africa, this adventure trail will take you to the peak of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Along the trail, be prepared to face some of the unknown, yet enthralling challenges of Kilimanjaro trekking. Over the span of 9 days, you will also get to sample the indigenous beauty and charm of the African ambience with a taste of adventure, fun and excitement in equal proportions. All Meal Types: Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian  Activities:  Trekking, Camping Duration: 8N/9D Maximum Altitude: 5895m Temperature Range: -20°C to 35°C Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging 

264 Ratings


264 Ratings

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Newly Added Tanzania Experience
17 August 2015
Kilimanjaro Trek in Tanzania is a special and an unique experience that I am proud and happy about sharing. I remember reading about the famous Kilimanjaro in history and geography back in high school. I used to wonder what is so great about this place. While, I saw the images of this place, I realized what a beauty this place was. I since then have this place in my wishlist. I, however, did not find time or partner to go on this trek with. Finally when I did happen to take this trek, I was spell bound. This place is beyond words – Sheer Brilliance.
16 December 2015
Kilimanjaro is beautiful. With a climate like that and a landscape like this, this place is a mini heaven. Truly this place is indeed incredible. We had a really lovely time here at the trek. It was interesting and enthralling. I personally loved the whole trekking experience. Not to mention, the beauty of the trek trails that are this old and this natural.
13 June 2015
Kilimanjaro trek is one of the very lovely treks. This is also one of the oldest and quite natural trek trails. While, the trek was great, it was equally tiring. My knees are worn out from the trek. Only people with high trek experience can do this.
15 February 2016
Kilimanjaro trek is one of the best sought after treks, I totally loved it
15 April 2015
Kilimanjaro Trek in Tanzania was my dream since the time that Robot movie song came. Well, it may sound clichéd, but something about that song intrigued me and I was thinking of going to this place. I took this trek with my wife, and she says this is a very scary and a tough trek. However, I feel that this trek was quite uncomplicated, medium level difficult trek that is worth every penny and time spent.
15 September 2015
Kilimanjaro Trek In Tanzania is one of its kind of a special trek that is such an old and beautiful trek. One can’t experience such a trek generally in other trek trails. Tanzania is by itself a beauty and this trek adds more grace to it. I enjoyed this trek totally and heartfully. Do try this trek. I highly and strongly suggest this.
02 November 2015
The trek was great. We loved it a lot. I personally would recommend this trek to all of you. It was a worthy experience.
04 October 2015
My boyfriend and I being the adventurous lot who try a lot of adventurous activities wanted to try our hands at trekking. After some basic treks in and around Bangalore, we decided to take this trek and we were indeed successful. The trek was not very easy, but we did enjoy even those little thorns. After a point in the trek we could feel out legs, but somehow we overcame those and did end up finishing the trek. It was such a proud and happy moment for us.
10 January 2016
Kilimanjaro trek was interesting and great. I had a great time with the trek here. I loved the whole experience. It was fun and interesting. We loved the whole vacation. The biggest plus about this trek is the awesome climate. It was super fun and super cool while taking trek in such a weather. Also, this trek, on the downside, drains one’s stamina as it is quite tedious despite it doesn’t look so. Therefore, being well equipped and fit is mandatory. Overall a must do trek.
03 January 2016
The trekking experience was fine and brilliant. We had a nice experience. While the trek is definitely brilliant and great, what would have made it more great would be proper organization. The trek has a few issues too as this trek easily drains your energy if you haven’t got that much experience or brilliant stamina. Apart from that though, the trek is an all together brilliant and memorable experience to take with loved ones or even alone.

People Also Ask About Tanzania Tours

  1. Where can I go on helicopter tours in Tanzania?

    Tanzania is so beautiful that a view from the above is almost surreal to see. This can be experienced by the helicopter services provided to people visiting Tanzania. We can go to helicopter tours in Tanzania at:

    •       Raven Air
    •       Raven Air Tanzania
    •       Safari Trackers Adventure
    •       Ngorongoro Crater
    •       Serengeti
    •       Kilimanjaro
    •       Keys Hotel
    •       Moshi
    •       Maasai Steppe
    •       Marangu Route
    •       Uhuru Peak
    •       Rift Valley
  2. Which are the best day tours in Tanzania?

    A city as amazing as Tanzania looks beautiful all day every day regardless of the time. But Tanzania can be enjoyed at its best during the daytime. And the best day tours in Tanzania are:

    •       Bush to Beach Safari Adventure
    •       Stone Island and Prison Island half day tour from Zanzibar
    •       Tanzania Camp: Lake Manyara
    •       Serengeti
    •       Ngorongoro Crater
    •       Tarangire National Park fro Arusha
    •       Zanzibar Food and Spices Tour
    •       Northern Circuit Lodge Safari
    •       Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro Caldera Private Safari from Arusha
    •       Camping Safari in Tanzania Parks Tours
    •       4 days at Lake Manyara, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater
    •       Kwale Island Guided tour
    •       Arusha National Park
    •       Dolphin Spotting half day tour
    •       Jozani Forest Half Day tour
    •       Tarangire National Park from Arusha Tour
    •       Mikumi National Park Day Trip
    •       Guided tour of Arusha National Park
    •       Spices and Stone Town Tour in Zanzibar Day trip
    •       Zanzibar Island Tour from Dar Es Salaam
    •       Half Day Guided Tour from Zanzibar to Jozani Forest
    •       Spice Tour Half Day
    •       Prison Island to Zanzibar full day trip
    •       Stone Town Walking Tour Daytime
    •       Lake Manyara or Tarangire and Ngorongoro Crater 2 day trip
    •       Tanzania Wildlife Safari and Zanzibar Beach Walk
    •       Mwanza to Serengeti 2 day trip
    •       Guided Tour from Ngorongoro National Park and Game Drive
    •       11 days Wildlife Tanzania Tour
    •       Nungwi half day guided tour
    •       Kendwa Half day guided tour
    •       Mount Meru Climb Guided 4 day trip
    •       3 day Selous Reserve Mid Range Safari
  3. Which are the most adventurous trekking tours in Tanzania?

    Trekking anywhere is amazing. But trekking on the highest peak of a continent is another feeling altogether. The most adventurous trekking tours in Tanzania are:

    •       African Scenic Safaris
    •       Tanzania Expeditions
    •       Top Climbers’ Expedition
    •       Access2Tanzania
    •       Tanzania Joy Tours
    •       Monkey Adventures
    •       Bestday Safaris
    •       Zara Tours
    •       Trekking Hero- Kilimanjaro Hike
    •       Warrior Trails Day Tour
    •       Pristine Trails Adventures and Safaris
    •       Altezza Travels
    •       Kilimanjaro Nature Tours
    •       Shah Tours and Travels
    •       Greg Adventures
    •       Ecological Wilderness Expeditions
    •       Climb Kili
    •       Afrishare Trekking and Safaris
    •       Serengeti Pride
    •       Usambara Expeditions
    •       Oreta Adventures
    •       Jumbo Tours and Safaris
    •       Safaris Partners Morogoro
    •       Excellent Guides
    •       Homeland Adventures
    •       Safari Avventura
    •       Wild Root Safaris and Adventures
    •       Caracal Tours and Safaris
    •       Kilimanjaro Trekking Machame or Whisky Route
    •       Meru Waterfalls or Songota Waterfalls
    •       Mikumi Adzunga Waterfalls
    •       Moshi Range- Marangu Route
  4. Which are the best wildlife experiences in Tanzania?

    The geological diversity of Tanzania makes the diversity in wildlife extremely vast too. The best wildlife experiences in Tanzania are:

    •       The Great Migration in Serengeti National Park
    •       Elephant herds in Tarangire National Park
    •       Chimpanzee tracking in Mahale Mountains National Park
    •       Secluded river safaris in Selous Game Reserve
    •       Black rhino spotting in the Ngorongoro Crater
    •       Monkeys of Lake Manyara National Park
    •       Lions in Trees – Tarangire National Park
    •       Hiding Cheetahs in Serengeti National Park
    •       Wildlife From The Air in Serengeti National Park
    •       Entire Ngorongoro Crater
    •       7-day family tour Northern Tanzania from Arusha
    •       5 day National Park
    •       10 day Tanzania Wildlife Safari
    •       Bushmen Cultural Experience
    •       Wildlife Safari near Bushmen
    •       14 days Bush to Beach holidays
    •       7 day Southern Tanzania Tour
  5. Which are the best areas for shopping in Tanzania?

    The best part of vacation is shopping. The best areas for shopping in Tanzania are:

    •       Aromas of Zanzibar
    •       Shanga and Shanga Foundation
    •       Daranjani Bazaar
    •       Slipway Shopping Center
    •       The Coins Shop
    •       Memories of Zanzibar
    •       Kivukoni Fish Market
    •       Fahari Zanzibar
    •       Wonder Workshop
    •       Neema Crafts
    •       Kariakoo Market
    •       Zanzibar Curio Shop
    •       Central Market
    •       House of Gems
    •       Tingatinga Arts Co-operative Society
    •       Hurumzi Henna Art Gallery
    •       African Galleria
    •       The beautiful Eyes
    •       Masaai Market Curios and Crafts
    •       Surti and Sons
    •       Mwanzo mpya
    •       Santana Zetu
    •       House of Kakao
    •       Zanzibar Gallery
    •       Women’s Art and Craft Gallery
    •       Solafrica Moto
    •       Sidai Senter Workshop
    •       Quality City Center
  6. Where can I enjoy jungle safari tours in Tanzania?

    The jungles of Tanzania are full of greenery and happiness. The places where one can enjoy jungle safari tours in Tanzania are:

    •       5 days Camping Safari Tanzania
    •       6 days affordable Safari of Tanzania
    •       7 days Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater
    •       7 days family budget Tanzania Safari
    •       3 days short Camping Safari
    •       5 days optimistic Serengeti and Ngorongoro Safari
    •       3 days Selous Safari
    •       3 days private Tanzania Safari
    •       Lake Manyara-Serengeti-Ngorongoro-Tarangire
    •       7 days Fantastic Wildlife Tanzania
    •       4 days amazing Camping Safari Tanzania
    •       4 days Lake Manyara-Serengeti-Ngorongoro Crater
    •       2 days short safari into Mikumi National Park
    •       8 days Unforgettable Packages
    •       4 days Northern Circuit Wildlife Safari
    •       7 days Machame Route Climbing Safari in Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
    •       5 days Rubondo Island and Serengeti Migration Safari, Tanzania
  7. Which are the best family-friendly tours in Tanzania?

    The best sort of vacation is the one where people we love are with us. The best family-friendly tours in Tanzania are:

    •       Sea Cliff Resort and Spa
    •       La Madrugada Beach Resort
    •       Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort
    •       Breezes Beach Club and Bar
    •       Hideaway of Nungwi Resort
    •       VOI Kiwengwa Resort
    •       Gold Zanzibar Beach House and Spa
    •       Palumbo Reef Beach Resort
    •       Dongwe Club
    •       Samaki Lodge and Spa
    •       Michamvi Sunset Bay Resort
    •       Mnarani Beach Cottages
    •       Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas and Spa(Chateaux and Relais)
    •       Sultan Sands Island Resort
    •       Neptune Pwani Beach Resort
    •       Cristal Resort
    •       Langi Langi Beach Bungalows
    •       Blu Marlin Village
    •       Waikiki Zanzibar Resort
    •       Reef and Beach Resort
    •       Villa de Coco
    •       Ocean Spa and Resort
    •       Jangwani Seabreeze Resort
    •       Hotel South Beach Resort
  8. Which are the best culinary and food tours in Tanzania?

    Food makes everything good. Everything about Tanzania is of the best quality, so the best culinary and food tours in Tanzania are:

    •       Kahawa Shambani-Africa Coffee Tour
    •       Kipori Safari
    •       Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Enterprises
    •       Wild Tracks/Kahawa - Coffee Walks
    •       Maryo Tours
    •       Serengeti Joy Tours
    •       Kidichi Spice Farm
    •       Tanzania Cultural Tourism Programme - Masama Cultural Tourism Programme
    •       Zanzibar Urban Adventures
    •       Taste Zanzibar
    •       Curious on Tanzania
    •       The Cooking Club
    •       Planet Guide Safari
  9. Which are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon tour in Tanzania?

    As family-friendly as Tanzania is, it can also be visited on a honeymoon. People going to Tanzania can do all this couple stuff together and make memories they will never forget. The most romantic things to do on a honeymoon tour in Tanzania are:

    •       Lazy Lagoon Island Lodge, Bagamoyo
    •       Mullers Mountain Lodge, Usambara
    •       Bushtops Camp, Serengeti
    •       Mount Meru Game Lodge and Sanctuary, Arusha
    •       Pole Bungalows, Mafia Island
    •       Nungwi, Zanzibar
    •       Uroa, Zanzibar Island
    •       The Palms, Bwejuu
    •       Malaika Beach Resort, Mwanza
    •       Protea Hotel Courtyard, Dar es Salaam
    •       Romantic Safaris in the Serengeti
    •       Romantic Mnemba Island, Zanzibar (Tanzania)
    •       Scuba Diving with respective other half on Fundo Island
    •       Snorkeling with spouse in Karang Island
  10. Which are the best cultural experiences in Tanzania?

    The culture of Tanzania is as rich as its history and heritage. The best cultural experiences in Tanzania are:

    •       Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
    •       Sleep in a Tree House in Tarangire National Park
    •       Visit a Traditional Maasai Village
    •       Tour a Spice Plantation on Spice Island
    •       Take a Walking Safari in the Selous Game Reserve
    •       Camp in the Serengeti During the Annual Migration
    •       See Africa’s Eden in Ngorongoro Crater
    •       Walk Through History in Stone Town
    •       Sleep in an Underwater Hotel Room
    •       Scuba Dive Off Mafia Island
  11. What are the top attractions on a sightseeing tour in Tanzania?

    With everything that Tanzania offers to visitors, one would think it could cut out on the sightseeing part. But that is not the case. Tanzania offers everything to the fullest and of the best quality. Therefore, the top attractions on a sightseeing tour in Tanzania:

    •       Zanzibar Beaches
    •       Lake Manyara National Park
    •       Tarangire National Park
    •       Stone Town
    •       Arusha National Park
    •       Katavi National Park
    •       Lake Victoria
    •       Serengeti National Park
    •       Ngorongoro Conservation Area
    •       Olduvai Gorge
    •       Lake Magadi
    •       Mafia Island
    •       Pemba Island
    •       Selous Game Reserve
    •       Ruaha National Park
    •       Gombe Stream National Park
    •       Mount Kilimanjaro