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  • Switzerland, also known as ‘Swiss Confederation’ is a federation of states in western-central Europe and is bordered by Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechtenstein. Termed as the 2nd happiest country in the world, here is a list of things to do in Switzerland that would make us happy enough. Geographically, it is a landlocked country divided between the Alps, Jura and the Swiss Plateau. Switzerland is the origin of the ‘Red Cross’ and abode to the second largest UN office. 

    Switzerland comes from the most developed countries in the world. It has the highest nominal wealth per adult and the eighth-highest per capita GDP. 
    France shares the largest lake, Lake Geneva, with western Switzerland. Switzerland comprises of more than 1500 lakes and also contributes to 6% of Europe’s fresh stock of water. 

    Here is the list of things to do in Switzerland:

  • 01Things to do in Zurich

    Things to do in Zurich
    1. Explore the old town: It comprises of centuries-old buildings, small exclusive handmade chocolate stores (Teuscher or Sprungli chocolates are a must try) etc. and various places for sightseeing like the place between Limmat River and the Bahnhofstrasse, the area overlooking Lake Geneva.

    2. Paragliding in Uetliberg: We can have an aerial view of the whole of Zurich (except Lake Limmat area) by paragliding over the Uetliberg region which has an exquisite Bise flying area; it's one of the best things to do in Switzerland.

    3. Cruise down the River Rhine: Earplugs, Binoculars and a comfortable pair of shoes are some of the things you should carry on a River Rhine cruise as you will witness ancient castles, lush vineyards, old cities like Strasbourg and Koblenz. Its indeed one of the best things to do in Switzerland. 

    4. Descend a mountain in a cable car: The world’s first open-top aerial cable car departs from Zurich, passes over the Swiss Alps and ends at the peak of Mt. Stanserhorn. 

    5. Discover picturesque villages in Zurich: There are many villages near Zurich. Wirzweli village is one such village which is full of mountains and also has a comfortable route for strollers and pushchairs. 

    6. Visit Swiss National Museum: This museum displays the history of Switzerland from its early days till now and is just a few minutes’ walks from the main railway station and enjoys a central position.  

    7. Eat Fondue at Chäsalp: It is a Swiss restaurant in Zurich which is famous for its fondue or raclette. It is located in a remote area so an advanced booking should be done before visiting this restaurant. 

    8. Soak in a Thermal Spa: The Thermalbad and Spa Zurich offer a rooftop thermal pool, varieties of baths and saunas and great views of Zurich city. 

    9. Take a Boat on the Limmat River: One of the best things to do in Switzerland, A Limmat river cruise will show you beautiful views of Zurich’s old town, from the National Museum (up to the River Limmat) to Lake Zurich. 

    10. Enjoy Spanish wines at Tasca Romero: If you want to enjoy typical Spanish wines at a reasonable price with good food and hospitality, you should go to a Tapas bar in Tasca Romero. 

    11. Visit D-Vino for a classy night out: The D-Vino restaurant offers varieties of local wines and beers with a very polite bar staff and wine selection from Denner. The snacks they offer are extremely delicious. 

    12. Enjoy boozy brunch at Fork & Bottle: Fork & Bottle is the only farm-to-table restaurant in Zurich which would be appropriate for a boozy brunch, offering a variety of cocktails and craft beers. 

    13. Eat out at the legendary Odeon café: One of the best things to do in Switzerland, Odeon cafe is a historical café in Zurich that offers scrumptious coffee-based drinks, snacks, and salads. Also, its view gives you the 20th-century feeling.

    14. George Bar & Grill: This restaurant provides a pleasing atmosphere with great cocktails and food and also has a balcony view. It is pricey, but the ambience and food are worth it. 

    15. Walk down to Street Bahnhofstrasse: One of the best things to do in Switzerland, a walk on this street; it is full of shady trees, expensive shops of fashion, jewellery and cafes. At the end of this street, you can take up boat rides too.

    16. Take a tour of Zurich Zoo: You can find glimpses of the endangered Red panda and Snow Leopard in the Zurich zoo which is home to over 250 species.

    17. Take a bath at Seebad Enge: Seebad Enge is a swimming area in Zurich which provides sauna, also has a place to stroll near the lake and you can also hear traditional different music being played while you stroll or swim and enjoy the serenity. 

    18. Take a train up the Uetliberg Mountain: The sightseeing on the Uetliberg Mountain can be enjoyed by taking a train ride, which will take you almost to the top of the mountain. 

    19. Zeughauskeller beer hall: It is a large beer hall with traditional Swiss décor in the centre of Zurich. A long table is shared by many people at the same time; most offers a variety of beers.

    20. Visit Beyer Clock and Watch Museum: This museum showcases the history of watches and clocks in Switzerland, also providing iPads for translation of all the information. 
  • 02Things to do in Lucerne

    Things to do in Lucerne
    21. Cruise around Lake Lucerne: The cruises around this lake provide a beautiful view of the lake and its surroundings and also have cafeterias and restaurants on board.

    22. Walk around Chapel Bridge in Lucerne: You can find paintings, a small chapel, wooden architecture and a lot of history on the Chapel Bridge. A night view of this bridge is a must. 

    23. Travel through Gotthard Express: This train express provides a picturesque view of the snow-capped mountains and passes through many spiral-loops, tunnels, and bridges, across the Alps. 

    24. Visit the Museum Bellpark: This museum is an epitome of history and art, the key focus being, photography. It is an ancient museum existing in an old house, somewhere in the suburb of Kriens.

    25. Cable car trip at Mount Pilatus: You can take up the cogwheel train from Kriens to Mt. Pilatus, passing through typical village scenery with meadows, grazing cattle and also through pine forests and you can enjoy the beauty of such scenery in dense clouds. 

    26. Explore streets of Lucerne’s Old Town: The old town of Lucerne comprises of cobbled streets, wonderful architecture, shops, and sights. Visit this town for a ‘walk to remember’.

    27. Enjoy tea at the Château Gütsch: This is a restaurant in Lucerne situated on a hillside, overlooking the lake; its bar will give you an amazing view of the city. You can even find beds in this bar cum restaurant and enjoy your afternoon tea here. 

    28. Dine in at Valentino: It is a beautiful little café in the centre of Zurich famous for its pasta and ice-cream. It is a reasonably priced café even when it is located in the heart of Zurich.

    29. Paddle boating at Lake Lucerne: Paddle boating in Lucerne is a cheap as well as fun-to-do activity. You can witness ravishing scenery on blue water.

    30. Visit Church of St. Leodegar: A visit to Hofkirche St. Leodegar will take you back to the 8th century with great architecture including ornate wooden pews and furnished and stained glass. It is a Roman Catholic Church.

    31. Swiss Chocolate Adventure, Verkehrshaus: It is a multimedia themed world; the show is presented by Lindt chocolates and lets you experience a chocolate adventure by sitting in a chocolate ball, tasting chocolate by travelling through the chocolate world. 

    32. Flying Fox “Sternsauser” on Hoch-Ybrig: You can take a ride on a 2.3 km Flying Fox from the mountain station of Sternen cable to its base with a speed of up to 120km/hour enough to satisfy the adrenaline rush in you.

    33. Adventure at SeilparkRigi: It is a rope park suitable enough for outdoor enthusiasts providing a number of sports, adventure (including excursions). It also includes picnic spots, restaurants, and playgrounds. 
  • 03Things to do in Zermatt

    Things to do in Zermatt
    34. Travel through Glacier Express: This Express passes directly from Zermatt to St. Moritz and takes 8 hours to complete as it travels through the Alps, many tunnels, bridges, and narrow valleys. It lets you have a view of its beautiful sceneries. 

    35. Downhill hiking in Matterhorn: You can go for a winter hike in Matterhorn mountain from Sunnegga to Findeln and down to Zermatt as this is the most majestic and photogenic mountain in the Alps. 

    36. Toboggan run at Gornergrat: This run descends from Rotenboden to Riffelberg and is located in the Alps, lasting for about 10 minutes. It is a sledge run in the endless snow with high thrills.

    37. Winter hiking Sunnegga: The winter hike in Sunnegga is a walk in the snow world with the joy of sunshine, snowy expanses, exquisite view of snow-clad mountains and trees.

    38. Mountain Biking in Rothorn: the bike tour from Rothorn to Zermatt reveals terrific trails, alpine pastures, and mountain forests and is a dream come true for riders and mountain bikers.

    39. Adventure at forest Fun Park: This Park provides you with adventurous ziplines, throwing you a choice between easy and hard trails. It is an interesting place for family outings and hangouts. 

    40. Discover the mysterious beauty of Grindjisee: The Grindjisee is a small stretch of water and is a great attraction for biologists and botanists because of its exclusive fauna. It has a still surface for which it is termed as a ‘Mysterious beauty’. 

    41. Hike to Monte Rosa: Monte Rosa hiking will let you experience the snowy world with icy chilly hangs in the air, cold winds that blow continuously, the sound of cracking of ice in ice water down the mountain and small streams. 

    42. Paragliding in Zermatt: Paragliding in Zermatt is set up in the high Alps with no obstructions at all, only the sky and clouds giving you an excellent view of the Matterhorn.

    43. The five lakes hike: The 5 lakes hike lets you view crystal clear water from Blauherd to Sunnegga through five mountain lakes. The lakes reflect the Matterhorn in such a way that you will be left awestruck.

    44. Discover mystical, icy worlds Matterhorn glacier paradise station: Matterhorn’s glacier paradise station offers the most beautiful skiing scenery in the world with ice sculptures and the facilities of Cable cars as well as Skis. 
  • 04Things to do in Geneva

    Things to do in Geneva
    45. Jet d’Eau: It is one of the tallest water fountains in the world located in Geneva. To witness it properly, you can walk down the pathway that goes straight to the fountain. 

    46. Kayaking on Lake Geneva: You can rent a Kayak on Lake Geneva and enjoy the water ride while watching the beautiful surroundings of Lake Geneva. 

    47. Hiking around Lake Geneva: Hiking on the shore path of Lake Geneva is like hiking in paradise. It is 8-10 hours walk divided into sections and is a 26-mile walk with a beautiful view of the clear blue water and lush greens lawns. 

    48. Learn particle physics at CERN: It is a particle laboratory which takes you into the world of science and is a must visit even if you are not a science lover as you will get to learn fascinating facts about different branches of Physics. 

    49. Palace of Nations: It is home to United Nations Office located in Geneva. You can take a walk in the chambers of this palace and expand your knowledge about the UN. 

    50.  Monument de la Réformation: The Reformation wall is a 100-m wall inscribed with the statues of the main characters of the Protestant Reformation.

    51. Jardin Anglais: It is a park on the side of Lake Geneva, perfect for an evening and night stroll, having a large fountain.  

    52. Take a walk in Bastions Park: It is a park depicting the history of Geneva, having a historical wall which honours the reformers of Geneva. 

    53. Visit the Montreux Jazz Café: This café is known for its fine music and dining. This café has got amazing reviews for its soothing music concerts with a cosy ambience and exclusive food taste. 

    54. Ice skating on the frozen Lac de Joux: As Lac de Jouxfeezes in winters, it becomes the biggest ice-skating rink in Europe and is easily accessible by trains. 

    55. Visit the Olympic Museum, Lausanne: This museum is located on the shore of Lake Geneva and displays everything about Olympic Games.

    56. Rent a paddle boat in Lausanne: The paddle boats here are engine driven steamers having a magnificent look and providing a wonderful view of Lake Geneva from Castle of Chillon to Lausanne. 

    57. Explore Switzerland’s stunning castles- Chillon Castle on the shores of Lake Geneva is one of the most visited places for history and is a must watch.

    58. Visit a UNESCO Vineyard at Vevey: The Lavaux are terraced vineyards that are the largest in Switzerland, is heaven on earth for wine lovers. 

    59. Shop at Plainpalais Market: It is a flea market with numerous things on sale. A magnet for all the shopping-lovers! It is an enticing market for every food-lover to every fashion-lover.

    60. Enjoy cocktails at Le Demi-Lune Café: This café is beautifully located in the old town and you will find all kinds of cocktails here, also including wines and beers and mouth-watering snacks. 

    61. Travel through Golden Pass Line Interlaken: This line passes through a scenic route from Lucerne to Montreux and involves switching of trains in Zweisimmen
  • 05Things to do in Interlaken

    Things to do in Interlaken
    62. Snowtubing WintereggMürren: Glide down the snowy slopes on air-filled tubes on this 250-m long-run located in Mürren. It is a fun-filled ride for young people. 

    63. Go skydiving in Interlaken: You will experience a jump from 14,000 feet above the Swiss snow-clad Alps if you go skydiving in Interlaken. Interlaken is a resort town in central Switzerland. 

    64. Get soaked by Trummelbach waterfall: This waterfall is inside a mountain and you will enjoy sprays of water in a very cool climate along with views of many other waterfalls inside the mountain.

    65. Paragliding in Interlaken: It would be an unforgettable experience for you to paraglide in the Interlaken with panorama views of Eiger - Mönch - Jungfrau - lakes & valleys, 150-m above Lakes Thun and Brienz. 

    66. Take a funicular to Harder Kulm: It may be a bit difficult to hike up to Harderklum at the top, but the scenic views are worth it. If your legs give up on your way down, take a funicular from there and you will get an aerial view of the Interlaken.

    67. Visit James Bond restaurant: This is a 360 degrees revolving restaurant having a magnificent look and based on the theme of James Bond film On Her Majesty Secret Service. 

    68. Canyoning in InterlakenBern: Take a 3.5 hours canyoning trip from Interlaken, passing through Swiss Alps and leap into deep plunge pools, float downstream. A visit to this place is highly recommended during summers. 
  • 06Things to do in Bern

    Things to do in Bern
    69. Toboggan on the Gurten: A 500-meter tobogganing run takes you through tunnels at a lightning speed, having an altitude drop of 55m, giving you butterflies in the stomach.

    70. Visit Parliament Building (The Federal Palace): The tour of the Swiss Parliament consists of divided timings for different languages. It is a good place to impart knowledge about the working of the Swiss democracy at a federal level. 

    71. Explore The Old Town: You can witness small streets consisting of homely cafes, ancient monuments, museums and picturesque squares. The famous St. Paul’s Cathedral is also situated here along with Mason Travel and old Arsenal. 

    72. Rosengarten (Rose Garden): Covered with a large variety of flora, the Rose Garden is a must visit place in Bern. It also comprises a restaurant and gives a perfect view of the Old Town and is a good hangout place for people of all age groups. 

    73. Discover 20th-century painting at Paul Klee Center: This Center has been named after the father of abstract art- Paul Klee. You can witness mind-blowing abstract paintings by Paul Klee which had changed the course of modern art in the 20th century. 

    74. Play with bears in The Bear Park: The Bern Bear Park is one of the most important and famous parks for bears as they have been in this park since 1513. The friendly bear park is situated opposite the Old Town and they are harmless. 

    75. Bicycle tour of the city: You can rent a bicycle and take a tour from Lac Leman to Lake Geneva, which will give you a glimpse of some parts of the city. You can divide your days into 3 and take a bicycle ride to different places from Lower Chablais to Yvoire. 

    76. Cave tour at St. Beatus Cave: The natural scenery of this cave also overlooks the cave and the sound of fresh water will fill up your ears as you keep moving into the cave. It is so serene inside that you can also hear the sound of your breath. 

    77. Explore the history of communication (Museum of Communication): This museum has modern displays that depict the history of communication. The postal collection, vintage postal trucks, stamps, modern gaming PC’s, video games and many such exciting things are displayed here. 

    78. Enjoy slopes of Bern’s own hill, Gurten: Gurten is a mountain in Bern providing a beautiful view of the city of Bern and miniature railway and playgrounds for children. The adults can enjoy the same and also the new toboggan run. 

    79. Swimming in the Aare: One can swim and float up and down in the public baths of Marzili in Aare. A must swim is suggested in River Aare during summers as it will soothe your body. 

    80. Enjoy drinks at Sky Terrace: The Sky Terrace is a rooftop restaurant that offers a panoramic view of the Alps. The cocktails and mezze-style appetizers are a highly recommended in this elegant restaurant.
  • 07Things to do in Basel

    Things to do in Basel
    81. Visit Barfüsserplatz and Münsterplatz Market Basel: This is one of the largest and prettiest marketplaces in Switzerland. The Christmas decorations at this place will leave you awestruck and also has museums and conducts several exhibitions. 

    82. Visit Tinguely Museum: This museum is a modern art museum consisting of Jean Tinguely’s modern art having a blend of science and engineering.  

    83. Walk along the Rhine: The most beautiful trail along the Rhine river is from Trechtinghausen to Bingen which will make you experience beautiful sights of castles, romantic valleys, and great viewpoints. A walk along the Rhine will freshen you up! 

    84. Kunstmuseum Basel (Museum of Art): This museum has been listed as a heritage site of national significance is the largest public art collection in Switzerland. The Chagall exhibition is the most renowned exhibition of this museum.

    85. Zoologischer Garten: Berlin zoological garden is the oldest zoo in Germany. It also has a large adventure playground and is home to 20,000 animals of around 1,400 species. 

    86.  Basel Minster: It is a cathedral in the city of Basel having red sandstone architecture and coloured roof tiles. It also hosts many concerts of the Basel church choir.
  • 08Things to do in Lake Constance

    Things to do in Lake Constance
    87. Cable Car ride around Lake Constance: The Pfänder Panoramic Cable Car lets us aerially view and enjoy the border area of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

    88. Go for a boat trip on Lake Constance: You can go for a one round boat trip and get down somewhere and stroll around that place. You can take up your route Konstanz as it is centrally located. 

    89. Cycle along the lakeshore: You can cycle 170 miles through three countries: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. No one would stop you as you change your country on your bicycle. This is so because Lake Constance touches these three nations. 

    90. Hiking in the mountains: The easiest hiking destination in the majestic mountains of Geneva is Saleve and the next are the Jura Mountains. Never turn off your navigator while hiking in any of the mountains. 

    91. Explore Konstanz Minster: It is a cathedral in southern Germany and offers 193 steps to reach its top from where we can have a beautiful view of the lake and the city.

    92.  Experience Zeppelin above the Lake Konstanz: A Zeppelin flight over Lake Constance/Konstanz would be a fantastic experience for anyone. It allows you to gently explore the Bodensee area and is a breath-taking experience.
  • 09Things to do in Grindelwald

    Things to do in Grindelwald
    93. Visit First Cliff Walk: The First Cliff Walk by Tissot is another masterpiece of Swiss Engineering also offering a nice restaurant and a gift shop. The walk can be chilly enough if the weather is not good, but otherwise, it is perfectly pleasing. 

    94. Hiking to Eiger Trail: A train can be taken from the top of the trailhead to down to the Alpiglen. The trail is cooler than you can expect and hiking on this trail would require comfortable shows, food and water. The views are ravishing!

    95. Visit Jungfraujoch: You can take a train from Kleine Scheideggand reach the highest train station in Europe- Jungfraujoch. It is located at an altitude of 3454m.

    96. Walk to Bachalpsee: It is located in Grindelwald in Switzerland and you can witness amazing alpine views. The morning time is the best time to explore this place. 

    97. Cable car in Männlichen: A cable ride from Mannlichen to Wengen will be full of snowy scenery and it is a 30 minutes ride. It would be a ride worth the price.

    99. Mountain Biking on asphalt road: A bike ride from the Swiss Bike Masters’ route to St. Antonien passes along picturesque mountain huts on an asphalt road. An asphalt road bike ride is a must in Bova. 

    100. Sledging at Faulhorn: The longest toboggan run in Europe starts from Faulhorn via Bussalp to Grindelwald has been a wonderful experience for everyone till now and is a sunny paradise for ski-riders. 

    101. Skiing in Bodmiarena: Bodmi arena is a winter sports recreation area in Grindelwald and is a snow sports place for adults too. It also provides conveyor belts and rope lifts for safety purpose. 

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