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  • Romantically fascinating, adventurously isolating, and for the people with a die heart thrill, a quaint town with passionate beauty around to intake; and the best time to visit Dharamshala is indeed winter season as winters bring you the gist of snow land. When you are in this beautiful city in the winter season, you will find yourself in immense peace and will become a part of the town right at one glance.

    You can also visit this beautiful city during the summer months, as during this season, the weather is apt for sightseeing and outdoor locations. However, you might not be enjoying a lot during monsoons due to the heavy rainfall.

    Numerous attractions and sights house the city of Dharamshala and await your presence throughout the year. However, there are best times to visit Dharamshala when the city is at the peak of its beauty. There are various highlights to look for during summer, winter, and monsoon.

    Here are the best seasons to visit Dharamshala:

  • 01Dharamshala in Winter

    Dharamshala in Winter

    As heavenly as the high mountains and valleys of the scenic beauty of the city can get, winters bring out the best in town. With snow blankets covering every inch of the valleys and high peaks, the views are pure magic and nothing less. With freezing amazements and coldest breezes, the cozy days and nights are apt for a couple holidays. A snow fight, paragliding, trekking, and so much more to look forward to is in the content of the winter season in Dharamshala.

    Months ranging from December till February are absolutely greater. It usually starts to snow around January and it is absolutely necessary to hide within the blankets. You will find a lot of trekkers, backpackers, and beautiful couples hanging out at almost all the attractions in the city.

    Major attractions to be covered during the winter season in Dharamshala

    Kangra Valley

    A trip to Dharamshala is incomplete without a snow fight and a glacier picture to flaunt on your social media. Of course, it is too cold to even step out, but the beauty amidst the valley is magical beyond imagination. The spectacular space is also known as Himalayan Paradise and houses the finest views of the city you can ever find.

    The heights take you to a different zone and you will not be able to even wink if it meant not being able to see the magnificence. Make sure you cover well.

    Triund Hill

    Another epitome of sanity and marvelousness is Triund Hill. The godly creation is pure glory to the eyes of the beholder and is stunning at every level. You will love to spend time here if you are a fan of adventure and thrill. Trekking and snow walking are the best activities to undertake.

    There are also some food joints around which you can join in for warm food. The time here will be only lovely.

    The temperature during winters:

    The perfectly compiled beauty and wonderfulness of the season and the destination will only put memories in the back of your mind which you will be able to cherish all along. The months ranging from December to February have constant weather which ranges from 4 degrees Celsius at nights and around 7 degrees Celsius during the days. It is always advisable to carry woolens and there can never be too many for the trip

  • 02Dharamshala in Summer

    Dharamshala in Summer

    Dharamshala is the gateway to summer vacation if you are looking for having a fantastic time without sweating all around the hay. The weather is extremely pleasant and it is the right time to take into the various outdoor spots of the city.

    With the beginning of the month of March to the end of July, the snow begins to fade, and the time of the sun peeking out from the clouds increases vividly. For backpackers and young kids out with their families, the time of sightseeing is the best near summer as the weather is excellent, the roads are clear, the sky is warm, and the water spots are such a delight.

    Major attractions to cover during summers in Dharamshala

    Dal Lake

    With panoramic views and cool breeze, the lake is one of the best attractions in Dharamshala during summer months. The water is not frozen for starters, and a boat ride is a fun way, to begin with. Water rafting is an amazing experience here at the lake and the nearby picnic spots are amazing under the sun.

    There are also a few markets nearby which you can explore and get yourself some travel souvenirs.

    Tea gardens

    Pleasant scenes to apprehend with spring blooms and colour split across, the auspicious gardens are a mesmerizing view during the months starting from May and June. With mountain climbing and tea regime, the outcome of your time spent here will be pure bliss.

    The summer awaits the tea petals to flourish amazingly at this time and the colour splash in the garden with green spaces vast spread till your sight goes, blue skies, and twinkling flowers are just fantastic.


    Masrur is epically known for its various cluster of temples and rock-cut pastel statues, and architectural ensembles. If you wish to find peaceful isolation for oneself in the midst of the bustle of the cities from where you come from, this is an absolute spot to visit though.

    The temperature during summer:

    The splendid arena of the city if flowing with energy all through the sunny days starting from mid-March to the end of June. The temperature during the nights in these days goes down to as much as that of 25 degrees Celsius and can get as high as 30 degrees Celsius during the days.

  • 03Dharamshala in Monsoon

    Dharamshala in Monsoon

    For the months of July till September, the rain is at its heights in Dharamshala. The grasses cannot get greener or brighter, the sky not be more could, and the vegetations cannot be more refreshing. The smell of the rain can be felt in the air and loved in the heart.

    The showers are quite heavy, humidity is usually high, and however, the evenings are pleasantly cool. Days might not be as happening as nights or evenings. You can visit all the attractions in the city which are enclosed and not far from your hotel as sometimes the roads might as well get blocked.

    Major attractions to cover during monsoons in Dharamshala

    Tibet Museum

    With an astonishing architectural ability and fascinating carvings all over the museum, the place is a must visit for people in love with art and history. The displays here are as wonderful as they can get and the features which cover the various aspects of history are stunning as well.

    The centerpieces here and the ceilings of glass work here are crazy beautiful and you will fall in love with the collection here including the various swords, metallic pieces, currencies, and so much more.

    HH Dalai Lama Main Temple

    With an enlarged and crucial featuring of Lord Buddha being its central attraction, the temple is elegant and beyond. The finest details of the temple will amaze you with their perfection and the place also holds a lot of spiritual value for itself. The locals will be able to guide you about the various traditions to follow but somehow you will be able to mingle always.

    The place will always make you feel peaceful at mind, body, and hear. With so much to see and experience, you would never want to let go of yourself from the temple.

    The temperature during Monsoon:

    The months of July lasting till September may not be a good idea to go for outdoor locations except on days when it surprisingly gets sunny. You can always go for various waterfalls during those times, as they will surely make a cure to your humidity. The temperature range during the rainy season in Dharamshala is about 18 degrees of Celsius during the nights and almost as 22 degrees Celsius during the days with humidity as well.

    Dharamshala is a mind-blowing destination for people from various backgrounds. It has a hint of pleasure, travel, tourism, attraction, adventure, thrill, fun, and will make an excellent escape for you no matter what the weather is or what the season is. You will always enjoy your time here, with loads of snaps and memories to take home back with you.

Sightseeing in Dharamshala

Adventure in Dharamshala

Attractions in Dharamshala

Trekking in Dharamshala

Day outs in Dharamshala

Nature and wildlife in Dharamshala



Kangra Fort

It is a famous fort located in the outskirts of the famous place Kangra near Dharamshala. This fort was built by the Royal Rajput family of the state of Kangra in the 15th Century. However, the fort was heavily damaged by an earthquake in the year 1905. Still, it has a good structure which attracts a lot of tourists.

Location: The distance of the fort from Dharamshala is around 20 km but it has proper connectivity to roadways which makes it easier to get there.

Highlights: The beautiful entrance is something what people love. The way the whole fort is built is completely marvelous. Inside the fort, you will find defaced statues of many lords that these people worship. This fort is considered as one of the most beautiful forts in India and people love it for the built structure.

Best time to visit: You can plan a visit anytime of the year.

St. Patrick's Church

Wondering what places to visit in Dalhousie? Just add St. Patrick's Church to your list. Dalhousie is said to be a melange of nature’s beauty and a glimpse of the Victorian era. Approximately at a distance of 2KM from Dalhousie, lies the St. Patrick’s Church. It is a 104 years old church, situated on Mother Nature’s lap. 

This route showcases the beguiling exquisiteness of Himachal Pradesh. Several devotees, tourists and travellers visit the church every year and our awe struck by its splendour. This is a very apt place for photography. One can visit the church any day between 9 AM to 5 PM.

TIMINGS:- Monday - Friday: 7.00 AM - 7.00 PM , Saturday: 7.00 AM - 7.00 PM , Sunday: 7.00 AM - 7.00 PM , Public Holidays: 7.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Activities and attractions:- Sightseeing, Place of worship


Pulga Village

At a distance of approximately 16 kilometres, nested is this famous place to visit in Kasol called Pulga. Not so far from the city, this village welcomes all the tourists of Kasol. Pulga is best known for the temple or gurudwara in Parvati valley. The peaceful habitat has surprisingly large number of foreigners visiting the place throughout the year. Pulga village is one of the must visit for all the bag packers as it will enhance their love for bag packing as well as offbeat destinations. 

The village is also known for being the tea treasure of the Himalayan side. All in all Pulga village is a small but an exciting tourist destination that adds to the glory of this small town, Kasol. 


Explore Kangra Fort

Kangra Fort, located on the outskirts of Kangra town, is a fort built by the Rajput family of Kangra as part of the Katoch Dynasty. The builders of this fort trace their history back to the Mahabharata making this fort the oldest recorded fort in India. 

It’s also the largest fort in the Himalayas. The fort is well known for its importance in medieval Indian history as it was a much sought after fort by the Mughals and succeeded in resisting a lot of Mughal sieges. The outer wall of the fort has a circumference of 4 kms and the inner chambers have a lot of artifacts from various periods, most notably the Mughal and British occupied India eras. There are temples and royal chambers inside that make for a very fun and eventful tour. 

Best time to visit: All throughout the year.




The twin sister of Manali, Kullu is located approximately 50 kilometres away from Kasol. Kullu is also one of those nearby getaways from Kasol which has a number of sightseeing places and activities that will keep tourists engaged on their holiday. Surrounded by a number of temples and other historical places, Kullu has a number of visiting destinations. 

One can also try out activities like trekking and yak safari that the city has in store for its visitors. The panoramic view of the hilly hamlet is an add on to the wonderful activities and sightseeing destinations Kullu has to offer to its visitors. 


Triund Hill

Triund hills are also known as the crown jewel of Dharamshala. It is situated in the midst of Dhauladhar mountains and gives a stunning view. Triund is one of the most popular trekking spots in India which attracts a lot of tourists.

Location: You can simply opt for a taxi from Mcleod Ganj till Galu or you can start the trek right from Mcleod Ganj itself. You can also hire a horse/pony to take you to the top if you are not willing to hike for a long distance.

Highlights: The beautiful forest of oak, deodar and rhododendron lines up the way for the trek which looks stunning and gives you a nice journey through the hills.

Best time to visit: As the place is close for trekking during the months of January and February, the best time to visit is from March to May and September to December.

McLeod Ganj

McLeod Ganj is a suburb in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is also popularly known as "Little Lhasa" or "Dhasa". The city has got this name due to the large populations of Tibetans. Also, the famous Tibetan government-in-exile has its headquarters in this city.

Location: The nearest airport to the city is Gaggal Airport which is around 15 KM from Dharamshala. You will find the nearest railway station at Kangra which is 20 KM south from Dharamshala. Both the options are good if you are a tourist.

Highlights: The major highlights of the area include the Tibetan sites and the famous Dharamshala International Film Festival (DIFF). Triund hill and Dal Lake are in close proximity which you can visit.

Best time to visit: You can visit the place during any time of the year and find it equally beautiful. However, most people prefer to visit the place in winters.

Bhagsunath Temple

Bhagsunath Temple is located in the village of Bhagsu which is now a tourist place given its attractions. Most of the people here are into tourism and make a living out of it. Due to this, the village has a lot of restaurants and guesthouses which earns a lot of money for the village.

Location: It is located at a 1 KM distance from the famous McLeod Ganj. You will find many means of transportation to the temple. If you have reached McLeod Ganj, you can also have a walk and reach the temple.

Highlights: There is a waterfall nearby which a lot of people visit to freshen up and revitalize. The village has Gaddi tribal people who are nice to interact with.

Best time to visit: The northern part of India is best in winters. However, if you like a warm weather, you must visit the place during summers.

Dal Lake

The slopes of McLeod Ganj have one of the most picturesque lakes around. Named after the more-celebrated Dal Lake in Srinagar, this small lake is close to a beautiful village called Tota Rani. Flanked by Deodar trees, that are so typical of the region, lend the lake a mystical ambiance. A small shrine dedicated to Durveshwar Mahadev causes Dal Lake to be considered sacred, and a festival-fair held every year is evidence of that. The mid-altitude lake takes a greenish-hue and has varieties of fish inhabiting the water. 

The mist in the mornings and evenings make Dal Lake the perfect place for an introspective walk alone, or with the beloved. If you’re lucky, boating in the lake is an amazing experience, when available. The lake next to the Tibetan Children’s village is a nice stopover before you proceed to other attractions, and is regularly listed in the places to visit in McLeod Ganj. A kilometre-and-half from Dal Lake is a spot in Naddi that offers a scintillating view of the Kangra valley and Dhauladhar peaks, and is famous as a sunset point.


Tibetan Market

It’s time to explore the Tibetan Market in Dalhousie, because shopping makes us all happy. It is situated at Gandhi Chowk and is one of the best places to buy handicrafts. There are also items such as woollen clothes, colourful carpets and beautifully carved jewellery. The very popular Chamba slippers and shawls are also available here. One can also find a variety of electronic and toy products. Run mostly by the Tibetans, this place has innumerable products that you can take home as souvenirs.

 Activities and attractions:- Shopping


Ganji Pahari

One of the unique places to visit in Dalhousie is the Ganji Pahari. Ganji Pahari means bald hills and as the name states this hill has no flora whatsoever. It is situated approximately 5 km from Dalhousie, on the Pathankot road. 

Being in close proximity of the town, this place is easily accessible. It is a hub for all adventurers, as the manoeuvring terrains here make a splendid trekking zone.  Reach the pinnacle and be in awe of the breathtaking view. During winters, the Ganji Pahari is bejewelled with snow. One can visit this place any time of the year and enjoy its aura in different seasons.  

Activities and attractions:- Trekking and Sightseeing.


Gyuto Monastery

Gyuto Monastery is one of the most famous and popular monasteries in Tibet. This monastery is well known for its tantric meditation and people there study a lot about this subject. It is also known for its various tantric ritual arts and Buddhist philosophy. Gyuto monastery was founded in the year 1474 by the prime disciple of the 1st Dalai Lama.

Location: It is situated in the town of Dharamshala which is easy to reach through road, rail as well as airways. Transportation is not a major issue while visiting the place.

Highlights: You can find majestic statues of Buddha with a backdrop of snow clad mountains covering it. If you want to have a nice afternoon, it is the most peaceful and serene place to be at.

Best time to visit: Since this is a monastery, there is no particular season that makes any difference. However, if you are planning a full trip of the place, April-May has to be the best months.

Dalai Lama Temple Complex

The Dalai Lama temple complex is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places you must have visited. The whole vicinity is decorated with colorful prayer flags and this makes it perfect for long serene walks. You will find a lot of good statues and the atmosphere is something which lures people to come back again and again.

Location: It is just a short walk from the McLeod Ganj bus stand and is quite accessible from the major parts of the district.
Highlights: The sight of monks meditating peacefully and chanting verses is something that everyone must experience. You can be a part of it, if you want to.

Best time to visit: If you love chilling winters, the best time would be to have a visit at this place during the months of December to February. But be aware of the dipping temperatures which can reach as low as –1 degree Celsius.

Bhagsu Waterfall

For those who love waterfalls, Bhagsu waterfall has to be one of the most beautiful locations in Dharamshala. Most of the tourists that visit the place make sure they spend some time here. It is peaceful, serene and gives you a nice feel of nature throughout. The place is also recommended by Lonely Planet.

Location: It is at a 20 KM distance from the famous Bhagsunath temple which attracts many visitors. The town of Bhagsu is mere 2 KM from Dharamshala, which is a major town in Himachal Pradesh.

Highlights: The water in itself is the highlight of the place which attracts a lot of tourists to the place. The water comes from the Dauladhar ranges which are quite cool and crystal clear.

Best time to visit: The best time to visit the place is probably in the months of October-November when the days are sunny and the nights are pleasant.


Located approximately 2000 M above the sea level, Khajjar is popularly known as the mini Switzerland. So, if you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your better half, then Khajjar is a perfect destination to add flavour to your romance. 

Being blessed with dense Deodar forests, snow clad mountains and the captivating Khajjar Lake; this is an ideal picnic spot to be visited with friends and family. For all the nature lovers, Khajjar is a heaven on earth. The antiquated Khajjinag Temple, which was built in the 12th century, is also a well-known attraction here.

Activities and attractions:- Picnic spot, Sightseeing, Photography



Chamba Town

The Chamba town is situated on the banks of the River Ravi. It is one of the most intriguing places to visit in Dalhousie. Being an age old princely state, this place is blessed with marvellous architecture. The Chamba Town also proffers innumerable excursions for all you tourists. 

The temperature here is extreme; hence it is advisable that you explore this town during the chilly winters. Find faith in immaculate temples of Laxmi Narayan, Hari Rai and others. Admire the magnificent Akhand Chandi Palace and Rajmahal. Also, do not forget to visit the Bhuri Singh Museum, which exhibits the rich culture of Chamba. 

Activities and attractions:- Sightseeing, Historical Monuments, Museums, Places of Worship, etc.



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