15 Best Resorts in Lansdowne - 2020 (2100+ Reviews & Photos)

Best Resorts in Lansdowne includes Blue Pine Resort, Lans Castle, Jungle Resort, Vanavasa Resort, Shantiraj Hill View Resort, Snow Cliff and many more. 

Located in the pretty state of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne, is probably one of the quietest and serene hill stations that can offer you solace right in the lap of the mountains. It is a designated cantonment area that falls under the Pauri Garhwal district. Known at Kaludanda earlier, it was later renamed at Lansdowne after the viceroy of India, Lord Lansdowne.

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The area has long been an area for training recruits for the army since the time Britishers ruled over India. Being located close to Delhi, Lansdowne is well connected by roads but has still managed to retain its authenticity and calmness. 

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Offering a solace in this haven of serenity are the Lansdowne resorts, which embody the same comfort and luxury that this haven offers you. Being in the company of unparalleled peace and pristine environment will certainly leave a lasting impact on anyone who chooses it as their next holiday destination. 

Here are some of the best resorts in Lansdowne:

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Blue Pine Resort

Blue Pine Resort

Located near the Lans Castle in Lansdowne, Blue Pine Resort offers one of the most luxurious accommodations at this hill station. This is amongst the only luxury resorts in Lansdowne prides itself on being one of its only deluxe accommodations. All the rooms are carefully and spotlessly designed keeping in mind the comfort and needs of the guests. The warmth of the staff and yummy food served at the restaurants will definitely make you believe that you are right in the midst of comfort!

Amenities: The resort sports of 33 valley facing rooms each of which are designed with well-appointed and furnished facilities. There are a total of 19 Deluxe rooms, 10 premium rooms and 4 family suites each of which have 2 double beds. 

Activities: There are a number of facilities in the resort such as gym, snooker, carom, table tennis, a live DJ, Bonfire and pool table.

Type of Resort: Family Resort

Pricing Range: Starting at approximately 5500 INR.


Lans Castle

Lans Castle

If you want to get away from the crowds of the tourists milling around over the holiday, then head out to stay at Lans Castle resorts in Lansdowne. The resort is located at the captivating expanses of Dehriyakhal and provides a stunning view of the Himalayan peaks.

The characteristic interior of the resort reinforces its status as a boutique hotel with a budget accommodation. The entire vibe of this hotel is relaxing and will provide you with a memorable experience right in the heart of Mother Nature.

Location: Situated at just about 4km the Lansdowne market, it is even more accessible and easily visible than other Lansdowne resorts. The long walks that you can take through the tree lined pathways that will take you close to the Garhwal Himalayas than ever. The Corbett Natural Reserve is a short drive of 35km from this place, making it a favourite amongst travellers. The resort provides a complete experience of luxury, affordability and comfort right in the heart of Lansdowne.

Facilities and Amenities: The accommodations are divided into deluxe, balcony rooms and terraced rooms with a sprawling view of the gorges below. The amenities at the resort include a host of indoor games, restaurants and many adventure activities and excursions that can be availed on prior intimation

Food Types: Vegetarian and Non vegetarian

Resort Types: Couples and backpackers


Jungle Resort

Jungle Resort

Located deep inside pine forests about 3km from Lansdowne, Jungle Resorts personifies a stay amongst nature like none other. The resort is spread over a fairly large expanse and sprawls over a large area within the forest. 

This Lansdowne resorts is easily accessed by road and is thus, a perfect mixture of accessibility and remoteness that you seek for. It is a budget resort that is based on the jungle theme, so that you can get a true taste of wilderness while being the cozy comfort of your rooms.

Facilities and Amenities: The accommodation are in the form of 6 cottages that are all equipped with modern facilities and amenities like satellite television, attached washrooms, running cold and hot water. The resort also boasts of two large swimming pools, play facilities for children and a number of SUVs and tempo travellers that can reach to the resort. 

The proximity of most of the sightseeing places such as Bheem Pakora (where you can move a rock with the touch of a finger), Bhulla Lake, Tiffin Top and the Tarakeshwar Mahadev, makes it a top draw amongst travellers.

Food Types: Vegetarian and Non vegetarian

Resort Type: Family

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Vanavasa Resort

Vanavasa Resort

Vanavasa Resort is one of the luxury resorts in Lansdowne and is an extravagant combination of Mother Nature and luxury of the sorts that you would expect from a 5 star resort.  The resort sprawls over 30 acres of land and houses 23 well furnished rooms in the form of villa and cottages. 

 It is one place of dwelling that will set you free from the clutches of regular resorts and compartmentalised living conditions. You can hear the sounds of the forest come alive around you and feel the luxury taking over your senses.

Facilities and Amenities: The accommodations comprise of 23 cottages all of which have a gorgeous valley view and are carefully an authentically designed to offer you maximum comfort and luxury that you can desire at Lansdowne resorts. 

The resort also has special adventure activities like a self-driven safari into a national park and poolside barbecues and dinner parties. You can also grab your own tent and set up camp in the forest on prior intimation. Located within the Kalagarh Tiger Reserve it provides wondrous comfort in the arms of nature!


Shantiraj Hill View Resort

Shantiraj Hill View Resort

Shantiraj Hill view resort offers the best of accommodations and luxury facilities that are impeccable. This is one of the most well-known amongst resort in Lansdowne and provides absolute bliss to any traveller who comes in search for it. 

The accommodations are fashioned in the style of cottages and offer an unforgettable abode in the misty hills of Lansdowne. The resort is located at a distance of about 146km from the Jolly Grant airport and about 46km from the closest railway station at Kotadwar.

The hill view resort comes with the promise of jaw dropping and exhilarating accommodations placed in an optimally comfortable and favourable hospitality. The guests all end up becoming like a community, one that this resort can truly boast of. 


Tip N Top Resort

Tip N Top Resort

Tip N Top Resort in Lansdowne is located ideally right on the road that leads to the Lansdowne town i.e. NH 119. The resort is situated very close to the Tip N Top which is a famous sightseeing place and the highest point in Lansdowne. 

The accommodations at Tip N Top consist of wooden cottages which are built from logs that are imported from Finland. All the log huts have a double bedroom along with a lobby, while the family room has a lobby, two rooms and a drawing room. These huts are divided into different categories such as super deluxe cottages, Machan huts, and Deluxe Huts. 

Although the super deluxe cottages are fairly big in size and are decorated tastefully, it is the Machan Resorts that will give you a true experience of being close to nature with their ideal location.

Facilities and Amenities: The Tip N Top Resort has a small garden, parking, badminton court and many such amenities for its tourists and guests. Tip N Top Resort’s cottages are superbly furnished with all the necessary amenities and minimalistic and but functional designing.

Price Range: 2200 to 5200 INR

Resort Type: Family and couples

Food: Veg and Non veg food

Location: Right on the NH 11 road to Lansdowne, close to the highest spot in Lansdowne at Tip N Top Resort.


Fairydale Resort

Fairydale Resort

The Fairydale is one of those Lansdowne resorts that have their own set of principles of beauty and rejuvenation. The resort believes in one all-encompassing principle that the guest should be allowed to experience the power of doing nothing, while enjoying the beauty of the surroundings. 

The kitchen quarters of this beautiful resort pride themselves on providing only the best quality food that has a nutritional value perfect for the weather and the terrain of the mountains. Although it has limited accommodation, the Fairydale resort welcomes visitors with open arms. 

Its living quarters consists of five large rooms that are located within the house and three that are built as cottages. The outhouse has been converted into a dining room which means that you can have an awe inspiring view of the mountains while relishing the best of cuisines.

Amenities: The Fairydale resort prides itself on being one of those resorts that aims at providing minimalistic but exciting comfort that gives an impetus to its guests to be more open to experiencing the clean, fresh and beautiful mountains. The rooms are all equipped with the basic amenities including rooms with TV, attached bath, multi cuisine restaurant, parking and running hot water.

Food type: Veg and Non- veg Indian, Mughlai, Marwari and Chinese.

Type of Resort: Couples and Families

Approximate distance: The Fairydale resort is located at an approximate distance of 44 km from the Kotdwar Railway Station, which is its closest rail head. The resort can be reached by a taxi from railway station.


Forest Palace

Forest Palace

One of the newer Lansdowne resorts, Forest Place Resort is located in Jaiharikhal and provides comfortable and beautiful accommodations for its guests and patrons. Starting 2011, this resort has slowly but surely become one of the most preferred Lansdowne resort to pique the travellers fancies.

 Jaiharikhal is located barely 6km from Lansdowne and is set amongst beautiful pines and blue and verdantly refreshing skies. The resort is set in an environment so as to offer gorgeous surroundings and harmonious environment that presents a perfect environment to commune with nature. The abode is moderately priced but does not compromise on the comfort and luxuries it offers to its guests. 

This gentle dwelling promises visitors a natural and yet homely stay with personal attention and genuine care for each of its guests. The rooms are divided into room with 2 beds, deluxe rooms, premium rooms and standard rooms.

Resort Type: Families and couples.

Location: The Forest Place resort is located near Lansdowne, about 6km away at Jaiharikhal. It can be reached by road by taking the left at the T Junction on the Pauri Road and then another right after 15.5km.


Tourist Bungalow

Tourist Bungalow

Owned by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam, tourist bungalows in Lansdowne is one of the place which is perfect for the budget travellers who are willing to skimp back on the stay prices and accommodation choices.  

Started in 1971, it is one of the oldest and most well-known places to stay in Lansdowne. Situated at an elevation of about 1,756m above sea level, it serves the visitors with 2 Deluxe Rooms, 2 Family Suites, 2 Economy Rooms and 5 huts. All the rooms are sparsely decorated, but offer an excellent comfort to all those who choose to makes it their abode. 

The best part about the Tourist Bungalow is that it is located at just about 1km distance from the Bhulla lake, 2km from Tip and Top snow peaks, 3km from Santoshi Devi Temple and many other tourist hotspots also lie close by. All the rooms are equipped with a television, attached bathrooms and an impeccable room service.

Price Range: Starting at 1,500/- INR.

Location: The tourist bungalows are located at a distance of 148km from the Jolly Grant Airport and 40km from Kotdwar.

Facilities: Doctor on call, rental facility, parking, games room

Food: Vegetarian and Non vegetarian

Resort Type: Backpackers and budget travellers.


S.B. Mount Resorts

S.B. Mount Resorts

Offering stunning and comfortable accommodation, SB Mount Resort is one of the budget Lansdowne resorts. It offers specialised services for the leisure travellers, business travellers and corporate teams. 

It is here that your search for an affordable accommodation ends! The resort is well equipped with modern amenities like AC, Cable Television and well-equipped banquet rooms. 

The resort is located close to all the important sightseeing spots such as St. Mary’s Church, Bhulla Tal, Tiffn Top, Bhim Pakora, Darban Singh Regimental Museum and so on. The accommodations are in form of junior state rooms. The resort

Facilities: Banquet Hall, Conference Hall and restaurants are situated within the hotel making it the perfect place for business outings and meetings.

Location: The resort is located in the Rothan Bhilangi Village, right next to the River Silagarh, about 22km from Lansdowne.

Food: Vegetarian and Non vegetarian

Resort Type: Families and Couples


Resort Snow Cliff

Resort Snow Cliff

This is one of those Lansdowne resorts that is known for its high recommendations and great reviews that it has enjoyed from its visitors. It is especially for people who want to and have learnt to appreciate beauty in all its forms! Known for being a luxurious as well as an affordable place it is one of those places that will stay fresh in your memory for long after you have left it. 

The accommodations of the resort are divided into 8 valley facing cottage rooms that all offer a stunning view of the gorges down below. You can also see the Chaukhamba Peak and other snow covered peaks from the resort.

Amenities: All the rooms of the resort are well endowed and facilitated to offer you the best stay possible. All the rooms have attached bathrooms, solar water heaters, power backup, Wi- Fi connectivity, and laundry and courier service.

Resort Type: Couples and backpackers

Pricing Range: Moderate

Location: Resort Snow Cliff is located in Goomkhal which is approximately 141km from the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun and 36km from Kotdwar Railway Station.


Bright Sunny Pines Resort

Bright Sunny Pines Resort

Bright Sunny Pines Resort sits beautifully right on the highway approach road to Lansdowne. The beautiful abode enjoys stunning scenery of the mountains, the early morning mists, avid birdlife and fresh breeze of the valleys. A perfect respite from the stuffy city life, it will make you forget the concrete jungles and their suffocating environment in a jiffy. 

The Lansdowne resort is so located that it can offer you a full 360 degree panorama of the mountains, making up for unforgettable sunrise and sunset views.

 It is a deluxe but budget accommodation that is intent on providing genuine hospitality coupled with high standards in comfort and amenities. The resort also offers customisable Family Packages, Honeymooner Packages, and Delhi Lansdowne Delhi Packages .We have been one of the

Price Range: Starting at 4200/- INR

Facilities: Room Service, Travel Desk, Private Balconies

Food: Vegetarian and Non vegetarian Food at in house restaurants

Resort Type: Families and Couples


Kasang Regency

Kasang Regency

For seekers of peace and quietude, Kasang Regency is a truly amongst the best suited Lansdowne resorts. It offers the perfect solace and gets the perfect combination between comfort and pleasure just right. From every balcony of the resort, the vistas of the Jim Corbett Park stretching far down in the valley are clearly visible. You don’t have to always seek out the pleasure at Kasang Regency; they will come to you in the most natural way possible.

The resort seeks out to fulfil every small and big need of travellers and nature lovers. All the accommodations have been designed in a way that inspires the guests to seek out the most of their stay here. The stunning sunrise and sunset from the balconies is simply breathtaking.

Facilities: The accommodations are divided into deluxe and studio apartments each of which have their own specific and varied charm. Every studio apartment id equipped with a dining table, a kitchenette, a couch and all the necessary amenities that make it feel like a home. 

Amenities: Apart from this, the resort also boasts of state of the art amenities such as sports facilities, gym, spa, live music, bonfire, social games and lots more to keep you entertained.

Resort Type: Family 


Retreat Anand

Retreat Anand
Image Credit : lansdowneresort.in

Retreat Anand resorts in Lansdowne is located a little outside the boundaries of the main town into the shaded expanses of the pine forests sprawling over an area of almost 4 lakh square feet and offers supreme comfort amongst comfortable cottages.

It is especially comfortable for those who seek to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to enjoy unspoilt beauty in the environs of the nature.

The demeanour and architecture of the resort is minimalistic and yet immensely comfortable and well appointed. Its unique prospects include the fact that you can cook in their kitchen which is called ‘Restra’ and that the waiters and attendants always treat you like you are a personal guest in their house! There are a number of places around the resort which can make up for a delightful day excursion and even small, impromptu picnics.

Facilities and Amenities: The accommodations are in the form of cottages and can be classified as deluxe, semi deluxe, family and super deluxe. The only difference amongst them is the facilities offered. The super deluxe cottages are extravagant and feature designer bathing areas. Other facilities of the resort include swimming pool, provisions for a bonfire, doctor on call and a number of games and entertainment options.

Location: The resort is connected to the main city by a 2km long road that passes through forests that give a breathtaking view of the Himalayas

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