20 Places to Visit Near Delhi Within 200 Kms (With Distance)
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Tourist Places near Delhi within 200 Km

Damdama Lake, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Sariska National Park, Mathura, Alwar, Vrindavan, Barsana, Neemrana, Manesar, Kuchesar, Kurukshetra, Sohna, Pataudi, Karnal, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Kesroli, Agra, Deeg, Haridwar  and many more.

While you are hunting down for places to visit near Delhi within 200 km we make it easier for you by bringing some of the favourite places here. As we all know Delhi has been known as the vibrant city of all and has been providing tourist exactly the activities to do in Delhi. While you are visiting the capital of India, you would want to explore all its unique places. 

Blessed with the beauty of the history and culture Delhi will not only amaze you but will make your visit this place again. Also, this place is a haven for the shop lovers where they can buy everything to anything. Not just within Delhi but also nearby the city you will find a lot of place with great historical significance.

With an array of historical destinations, delightful temples, and ruins these spots will definitely quench your thirst. The 
hill stations near Delhi have made a magnificent getaway for everyone as well as the adventure buffs. Regardless of whether you are going with your family or companions, you will never be baffled with this place.

Be it within or in the outskirt of the city, you will always find endless options to travel and discover new places. Adding more to these reasons, there are the several stunning places to visit near Delhi 
that will surely encourage the traveller in you! 

Keeping in mind about the travel distance and the convenience of the travellers, these destinations will not only satiate all your needs and requirements but will also encourage you to be a nomad traveller and discover the undiscovered, know the unknown and lot more.

Here are some of the best places to visit near Delhi within 200 Km

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Damdama Lake - 63 Km from Delhi

Damdama Lake, one of the places near Delhi within 150 kms, is a perfect weekend getaway near Delhi for both family and corporate group. If you are an avid outdoor sports enthusiast, then the activities at Damdama Lake spikes your adrenalin and keeps you going. The difficult terrain of Aravali Mountains challenges your skills as a rock climber and prods you to conquer the heights. 

Other adventure sports like hot air ballooning, Para-sailing, cycling, and trekking captivate you and make your day. 
Rowboats, Paddleboats, and Motorboats in the placid lake of Damdama enthrall the kids and family alike and leave unforgettable memories. Bird watchers can have a field day as 190 species of native and migratory birds hibernate to Damdama Lake during monsoon. 

Location- Sohna, Haryana

Distance from Delhi-  63.1 kms

Best time to visit- August to February

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Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary - 222 Km from Delhi

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is also known as Keoladeo Ghana National Park, is located in Bharatpur, Rajasthan.  It is one of the places the ornithologists & photographers love to visit to catch a glimpse of the 370 species of resident as well as migratory birds. The sanctuary is the regular hibernating ground for the critically endangered Siberian Crane.

The bio-diversity of this man-made wetland with 379 floral species, 50 types of fish, 13 kinds of snakes, 5 varieties of lizards, 7 amphibian variants, 7 turtle strains, and other invertebrate species leave visitors awestruck.

It remains open from Sunrise to Sunset and the entry fees are Rs. 25 for an Indian Visitor and Rs. 200 for a foreign visitor. 
The Bird Sanctuary provides bicycle, cycle-rickshaw, and Tonga (Horse Carriage) on rent to explore the park.


Distance from Delhi- 
222.3 kms 

Best time to visit-  
August to November

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Sariska National Park - 200 Km from Delhi

Sariska National Park positioned in the backdrop of Aravali Hills is spread over 866 sq.km area. Situated in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, it is one of the best wildlife sanctuary near Delhi within 200 km that is famous for its tiger population.

Tourists feel the excitement and fright of watching wildlife such as royal tiger, wild dog, jungle cat, hyena, jackal, and leopard, etc in their natural habitat as they travel in a Jeep or open van. 
The Park’s 2 lakes ‘Siliserh’ and ‘Jai Samand’, houses various species of crocodiles, water snakes, and amphibian species. 

A large population of peafowl, harbor quail, golden-backed woodpeckers, 
crested serpent eagles, etc, makes the day for any avid bird watcher and photographer. Visitors can watch the stunning view of soaring eagles and vultures from the 17th-century fort located on the hilltop at kankwari.

Location-  Alwar, Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi-  202.1 kms

Best time to visit-  October to March

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Mathura - 145 Km from Delhi

With a high reverence and stature in the Hindu Mythology, Mathura is surely one of the best and must visit places to visit near Delhi within 150 kms. Considered to be the birthplace of the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth, Mathura in UP is a highly visited city of India, by both, the pilgrims and the travellers.

Occupied by temples from various centuries of the past, the highlight of every day in Mathura is the Evening Aarti (worship) offered at the sacred Yamuna at the 25 Ghats that are built on the river.

Location- Mathura District, Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Delhi- 145kms

Best time to visit- October to March, and for a colourful view of the city, around Janmashtami

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Alwar - 165 Km from Delhi

An important part of the history of kingdoms of Rajasthan, Alwar is a lesser known gem of the state. Lined with small hills covered with a shade of green throughout the year, Alwar is a must visit for the city itself and it is one of the amazing places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms.

With a lot of forts now converted into hotels and resorts, many royal palaces are still up and a part of the golden history of Alwar. But the biggest shot to fame for this place is the presence of some of the most famous tourist spots like the Sariska Tiger Reserve and the haunted Bhangarh Fort.

Location- Alwar District, Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi- 165 km

Best time to Visit- October to March

Attractions:  Places to visit in Alwar

Activities: Things to do in Alwar 
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Bulandshahr - 95 Km from Delhi

Another city of importance routed in the Indian Mythology, this city of Uttar Pradesh is said to have been the home to Pandavas (the five brothers of Mahabharata) after the decline of Hastinapur and it is one of the best places to visit near Delhi within 150 kms.

A part of the National Capital Region (NCR), Bulandshahr was an important town in the history because of its positioning in several trading routes of ancient India, a proof of its prosperity still alive in the ruins at Bhatura Virpur and Galibpur.

And this importance is what makes this city in UP one of the best and a must in Places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms.

Location- Bulandshahr district, Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Delhi- 95kms

Best time to Visit- October to March

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Explore All (11)

Vrindavan - 183 Km from Delhi

Another one of the highly important places in the Hindu Mythology, Vrindavan is said to have been the place where Lord Krishna grew up with a naughty childhood and it is one of the best weekend getaways from delhi within 200 km.

The importance of this small town can be gauged by the fact that it is not just visited by the local crowd, but is also frequented by devotees of the international societies as well.

The place is laden with temples, some say more than 5,000 of them, and the variety of features and art of these temples is what makes Vrindavan a must visit for many.

Location- Mathura District, Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Delhi- 183 kms

Best time to Visit- October to March and the time of Janmashtami

Barsana - 150 Km from Delhi

One of the best places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms, Barsana is another small town in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh related to the legend of Lord Krishna. It is believed that Krishna’s favourite, Radha was born here and that he used to go to the village to play Holi with her.

This is the place where the legend of Lathmaar Holi came into existence and is still prevalent in the current times. Located on the slope of a ridge, where the peaks of the hill are also revered by the locals

Location- Mathura District, Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Delhi- 150 kms

Best time to Visit - October to March, especially at the time of Holi

Neemrana - 130 Km from Delhi

Also known as the Mini Japan of India, this small industrial town on the Delhi Jaipur Highway is famous for the historical importance that it holds and it is one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi within 200 km. Home to the famous Neemrana Fort, which was built in the 16th century and relates the current rulers to the Great Prithviraj Chauhan, Neemrana is a scenic wonder for many who visit here. The best way to visit the town is to take a road trip from Delhi using your private vehicle.

Also in Neemrana is the ancient fort of Kesroli which is related to the Mahabharata age. But of the places of interest, it is the home to the only reclining statue of Lord Hanuman.

Location- Alwar district, Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi- 130 kms

Best time to Visit- October to March
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Manesar - 56 Km from Delhi

A part of the National Capital Region (NCR) of India, Manesar is an industrial hub of the Gurgaon District of Haryana. Home to many big building projects of the country and to several important institutions of the country like the NSG, IICA, and NBRC and it is one of the famous places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms.

Manesar receives almost 200,000 worth of workforce coming into work here every day. Some of best places to visit in Manesar are the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, Manesar Golf Course, and the Mata Sheetla Devi Temple.

Location- Gurgaon District, Haryana

Distance from Delhi- 56 kms

Best time to Visit- October to March and June to September
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Kuchesar - 99 Km from Delhi

The capital of the bygone princely state of Zamindari under the British Rule of India, Kuchesar village of the Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh makes for a welcome getaway from the city of Delhi and it is one of the best weekend getaways from Delhi within 200 km.

With a rich history of a prosperous age that had hit this place before the decline, the most famous attraction of the area is the Mud Fort of Bulandshahr, which has also now turned into a heritage hotel. It is an ideal desination for corporate day outing near Delhi.

Location- Bulandshahr district, Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Delhi- 99 kms

Best time to Visit-  October to April

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Garhmukteshwar - 108 Km from Delhi

At a short distance from the capital is the small town of Garhmukteshwar in Uttar Pradesh. Located at just 5 km from the holiest river in the land, Ganges, it is the closest town to Delhi that lies on the river and it is one of the famous weekend getaways near Delhi within 200 kms.

The mentions of this town have been in many ancient scripts of Hinduism, including the Mahabharata, it was once the headquarters of the region under the British Rule. With many religious activities happening in the city throughout the year, it is a must visit place near Delhi

Location- Hapur District, Uttar Pradesh

Distance from Delhi- 108kms

Best time to Visit- October to March

Kurukshetra -158 Km from Delhi

Known by almost everyone to be the setting of the mythological epic of Hinduism, the Mahabharata, the city of Kurukshetra is surely one of famous weekend getaways from delhi within 200 km

Greatly important and revered by Hindus, the town is home to the Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre, where you can read the tales of the great war in exquisite detail. Not far away from here is the pilgrimage site of Jyotisar, where it is believed that Lord Krishna narrated the Bhagavad Gita for the first time.

Location- Kurukshetra District, Haryana

Distance from Delhi-158 km

Best time to Visit- October to March and June to September

Murthal - 43 Km from Delhi

Located in Sonipat district of Haryana, Murthal is one of the most happening places near Delhi within 300 km. Murthal is a paradise for food-lovers in Delhi. The place is famous for its mouth-watering north Indian cuisine served in its famous roadside Dhabas.

One cannot miss the popular butter-paratha at Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba. Other popular Dhabas to visit in Murthal are Mannat, Jhilmil Dhaba and Garam Dharam. The place has a charming ambience at night with lights from an array of dhabas illuminating the area.

Things to do: road-trip, cuisine-tasting, and relaxing in luxurious hotels.

Distance from Delhi: 43.2 km

Best time to visit: Throughout the year
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Sohna - 64 Km from Delhi

Also known as South Gurugram, this small town in the Gurgaon district of Haryana is a well-known tourist getaway from the city. The rise to fame for Sohna are the lush green foothills of the Aravallis, the lake in the town and the natural hot springs, making it one of the most favourite weekend getaways near Delhi within 200 kms.

The town was named after people found gold dust in the sands of the streams that run here after it had rained. The beauty of this quaint little town is at its best in the night time. Also famous in the region is the ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It makes a perfect destination for one day trip near Delhi

Location- Gurgaon district, Haryana

Distance from Delhi- 64 kms

Best time to Visit- January to April and September to October

Where to Stay: Best Resorts in Sohana
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Pataudi - 73 Km from Delhi

A small yet significant town in the Gurgaon district of Haryana, Pataudi finds its place in the foothills of the Aravalli Range of hills. The capital of the princely state of Pataudi ruled by the Nawabs.

The place is related to many big names in India, like the renowned Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, the former Nawab and captain of the Indian Cricket team, and the actor Saif Ali Khan, the current Nawab. It is also home to the upcoming AgriTourism destination of Thakran Farms and the ever famous Pataudi Palace.

Location- Gurgaon District, Haryana

Distance from Delhi- 73 kms

Best time to Visit- Throughout the year 

Karnal - 121 Km from Delhi

Popularly called the ‘Rice Bowl of India’, Karnal is a part of the National Capital Region (NCR). It is believed to have been found by one of the most important characters in the epic of Mahabharata, Karna.

Claimed to be the cleanest city in the state of Haryana, it is famous for popular tourist destinations like the Karnal Lake and Fort, Pukka Pul and the Cantonment Church Tower. If you are looking for a quick getaway, the Karnal is surely one of the best places to visit near Delhi within 200kms

Location- Karnal District, Haryana

Distance from Delhi- 121 kms

Best time to Visit- October to March
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Faridabad - 57 Km from Delhi

A town in the southeastern reaches of the National Capital Region (NCR), Faridabad is a quaint place in the state of Haryana. The most populated city in the state which is separated from the state of Uttar Pradesh by the river Yamuna, Faridabad is home to many popular tourist spots and it is one of the best weekend getaways near Delhi within 200 kms.

One of the most famous spots of the city is the Surajkund, which is a famous spot for boating and picnicking in the area. The place is also home to many famous malls like the Crown Plaza. 

Location- Faridabad District, Haryana

Distance from Delhi- 57 kms

Best time to Visit- October to March
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Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary - 40 Km from Delhi

One of the places near Delhi within 150 kms, which arouse the interests of bird watchers and families alike, is the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary spread over 1.43 sq.km was established in 1971 and later accorded National Park status on July 5th, 1991.

Around 100 migratory bird species such as Siberian cranes, greater flamingo, ruff, rosy pelican, etc migrate to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary in search of feeding grounds and escape inclement weather at home. The birds migrate from as distant places as Siberia, Europe, and Afghanistan.

Some of the resident birds include Indian cormorant, white-throated kingfisher, painted stork, great egret, laughing dove, etc. The ornithologists will have a field day watching and studying the exotic and native birds.

Location- Gurugram, Haryana

Distance from Delhi- 40.6 Kms 

Best time to Visit- October to February

Kesroli - 175 Km from Delhi

Kesroli, one of the places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms, is famous for its Hill fort and gorgeous lush green landscape. Kesroli is a quaint village located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan. 

The Hill Fort and Buddhist Vihara are the two most famous tourist places that tourists throng to, in Kesroli. 
Kesroli Hill fort is believed to be built by Yadhuvanshi Rajputs, the descendants of Lord Krishna, in the 14th century.  The fort is famous for its turrets, embankments, and arched galleries.

It has now been modified into a heritage hotel and is run by Neemrana Group. 
Kesroli is also a perfect destination for zoologists and ornithologists. The nature lovers can feel the sublime bliss of spectacular Sunsets or take walk amidst the mustard fields that surround the Kesroli Fort. 

Location- Alwar Rajasthan

Distance from Delhi-
174.1 Kms 

Best time 
to VisitNovember to February
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Mud Fort Kuchesar Day Out:

Just a 2-hour drive from Delhi, Hotel Mud Fort is a fort turned hotel bestowed in the spectacular landscapes of Kuchesar. This quick weekend getaway is surrounded by rich plantations amidst the aromatic scent of soil that could only be felt in the rural part of India.

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Get ready to unleash yourself in a day gala at Camp Mustang in Manesar, Haryana. From picnics to one-day outings to corporate events, this stunning natural retreat caters to all types of requirements of all types of visitors.

Note: A minimum of 2 people are required to book the Camp Mustang package.

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People Also Ask About New Delhi

  1. Which are the road trips from Delhi within 200 km?

    1. Sohna: Lying at a small distance of just 64 kilometers from Delhi, Sohna is the most ideal place for experiencing power paragliding. 
    2. Belon: Located in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr district, Belon is a small village that has gained much popularity for the ancient shrine dedicated to Goddess Belon. This place is mostly visited by spiritual seekers and gets a heavy influx of devotees during Ram Navami and Navratri. 
    3. Kurukshetra: Known popularly for its world-famous mythology associated with Mahabharata, the sacred destination of Kurukshetra is an excellent place to understand Indian culture and history. This beautiful city boasts a plethora of pristine lakes and ancient temples, with some even dating back to the pre-Harappan era.
    4. Keoladeo National Park: Declared as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Keoladeo National Park is home to more than 350 kinds of unique birds and plants. People visiting this place love to indulge in bird safari and boating.
  2. Which are the places near Delhi within 200 kms for couples?

    1. Neemrana Fort: The majestic Neemrana Fort reflects the perfect blend of modernization and history. This historical destination is the perfect place for couples seeking tranquility, peace, and luxury.
    2. Kusum Sarovar: Kusum Sarovar happens to be a beautiful tank surrounded by amazing structures dating back to the eighteenth century. Couples visiting this place marvel at the interior architecture of the buildings and stroll in the lush garden enclosing the tank.
    3. Sariska National Park: Perched in the majestic Aravali Hills, Sariska National Park will help you create some romantic moments in the wilderness. The rocky landscape, dense forests, and lush grasslands will let you have an excellent jungle adventure with your partner.
    4. Patan Mahal: Lying on the Jaipur-Delhi highway, Patan Mahal is a charming heritage hotel to spend a day with your partner. The spellbinding interiors, warm welcome, luxury spa, and adventure camp offered by the place will simply make your day.
  3. Which are the best places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms in winters?

    The best places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms in winters are:

    1. Nahan: Situated within the lush green valleys of Shivalik range, this is a small town filled with big treasures. A visit here will let you experience the best relaxing holiday in its calm surroundings.
    2. Dundlod: Filled with so many stunning Havelis and palaces, Dundlod is a small town in Rajasthan. Enjoy some time here while taking pictures in front of some gigantic backdrops and travel back to the royal time.
    3. Pangot: Enjoy the beautiful and widespread sceneries and spend some time in the lap of mother nature. Filled with lush green and dense forests, Pangot offers the best spot to enjoy a weekend getaway.
    4. Naukuchiatal: Enjoy the sight of lush green forests and slopes while sitting in the lap of himalayas. Here you can enjoy a day riding boats in its many crystal clear lakes.
  4. Which are the best places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms in summer?

    The best places to visit near Delhi within 200 kms in summer are:

    1. Damdama Lake: The lake provides the best views of the sun settling within the horizon and you can enjoy some best adventure sports here. Activities like rock climbing, camping and hot air ballooning can be done here.
    2. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: Favourite place of wildlife photographers, this bird sanctuary lets you admire the beauty of nature. Get a chance to witness the beautiful woodpeckers, bulbuls and many rare species.
    3. Mathura: A hindu holy place, mathura is frequented by visitors all months of the year, but as soon as the summers start in march, this place becomes a fun hotspot and hosts the festival of “Holi”.
    4. Alwar: This district of Rajasthan is filled with so many stepwells and forts that you might need to visit here again to explore them all. Experience the old Rajasthan in this small town and spend some time having fun in this authentic space.
  5. What are the places to visit near Delhi?

    Delhi is a hub for tourists as there are several destinations which can be approached from Delhi. Tourist destinations like Mathura, Alwar, Bhimtal, Unchagaon, Bharatpur, Vrindavan, Aligarh, Neemrana and many more interesting places.
  6. Which hill station is near to Delhi?

    Nainital is the nearest hill station to Delhi located at a distance of 287km. One of the best places to spend quality time amidst nature boating, strolling by the lake, trekking and shopping for various knick-knacks specific to the place.
  7. Where can I spend a weekend in Delhi?

    A memorable weekend can be spent at Sariska National Park, which is 200km away from Delhi. One of the best wildlife sanctuaries near Delhi is home to several rare and endangered flora and fauna. Wild dogs, hyenas, jackal, leopard, jungle cat, crocodiles and water snakes call this place their home for many years. The 17th-century fort can also be sighted atop at Kankwari.
  8. What are the best weekend getaways near Delhi ?

    55+ weekend getaways from Delhi starting from INR 899/- Only. Click Here to Checkout More!

    1. Rishikesh - 237 Km from Delhi (Known for River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Flying Fox)
    2. Manali - 538 Km from Delhi (Known for Camping, River rafting, Trekking)
    3. Shimla - 343 Km from Delhi (Known for Mountaineering, River rafting, Paragliding)
    4. Kullu - 497 km from Delhi (Known for Paragliding, Camping, River rafting)
    5. Kasol - 519 km from Delhi (Known for Kheerganga trek, Adventure camping)
    6. McLeodganj - 470 km from Delhi (Known for Kareri River Trek, Camping)
    7. Auli - 388 Km from Delhi (Known for Skiing, Trekking, Camping)
  9. Which city is nearest to Delhi?

    There are several cities which are close to Delhi. Haridwar, Mathura, Alwar, Bulandshahr, Vrindavan, Sariska, are cities to name a few.
  10. What is the best time to visit Delhi?

    The best months to visit Delhi are October, November, February and March when the temperature is just right to travel and explore great destinations. Delhi has extreme weather conditions. It is extremely hot during the summer months and eerily cold during the winter.
  11. Is Delhi safe?

    Delhi is relatively safe as compared to several tourist places in the world. Except for a few cases of petty theft, pickpockets and crime, it is relatively a safe city for Indians as well as for foreigners. It is advised to avoid wandering at less populated places late at night, wear moderately covered clothes and respect the customs and culture of the place
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"It was a nice trip, I loved how beautiful that place was"
"The trip was amazing. Loved the campsite, it's right next to the Parvati river and you feel relaxed just sitting there and absorbing the nature. The organisers were also amazing as they arranged for seperate tents for us and also the transportation provided was very good. The busses were very comfortable and had all the amenities promised. We had the freedom to roam around the city and the guide was well behaved, correct mix of strict and friendly."
27 October 2020
Being my first solo trip, I was too nervous prior to boarding the bus to Kasol. But man, what a trip. First of all, I encourage all the readers to try going solo at least once especially on the mountains. The experience was overwhelming. I met other people as well in my journey that came via thrillophilia that made my trip pretty interesting. I enjoyed every bit of it. Whether it was on road, at Kasol or the kheerganga trek, I enjoyed every moment. Since it is October, the weather dropped significantly at Kheerganga, which was surprisingly pleasant for me. The trek was pretty hard but my guide helped me reach the destination comfortably. He was a lot friendly too.. I enjoyed the food as well. The best part was the bonfire at kheerganga to loosen us a bit. To sum it up, each and every moment of my trip was something I'd relish for a long, long time and I just can't wait to plan my next trip again. Thanks Thrillophilia. Cheers!
28 November 2019
I personally loved this trip.. The parvati river and it's shooting sound, natural beauty, and campaign with this, once in a life experience. Kheerganga trekking is my first time for any trekking, but I have enjoyed a lot in the lap of the nature... Obviously don't forget the parvati kund, ohh beauty... Lastly it was a most memorable trip.. Which adopt a sweet spot in my memory, and ringing all time.
09 July 2019
Kheerganga Trek is the best trek i have ever done. Me and my husband both trusted thrillophilia gateway for treking package. And I must say it's the best treking and camping experience for both of us. We trekked with 20 people's group with 2 guides with us. Both of them was very helpful and supportive. Treking with one guide named (Zorochi Stark) on truecaller was really fun. He was really strict about discipline but he was too funny too. Camping and food was the best at this price. We have done wrong date booking by mistaken I guess. But thanks to thrillophilia team to solve it quick and change our booking date. The way to kheerganga was really challenging as its monsoon so trek was very slippery too. But I found it as great adventure. Loved the trip
16 February 2021
Karuna Haran Delhi Sightseeing Tour
Good service and good driver.my family enjoyed good experience.my driver amarjeet sejwal polite person.he drive's safe
17 January 2021
Great facility and a very enjoyable experience. The carts and track are in excellent condition. Very reasonable charges. Our kids loved the outing. Strongly recommended.
06 January 2021
Very Good
Nice trip, made new friends enjoyed alot.
"Trek was awesome with supportive tourist guides but hotel was very bad at service and providing rooms "
04 November 2020
Wonderful experience and enthralling Triund trip with Devine beauty and mesmerizing breath taking views

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