Things to Do in Kanatal

Best things to do in Kanatal are sightseeing, trekking and sky walking amongst various others. The name Kanatal was originally the name of a lake, which dried up. But the name stuck by and Kanatal became the name of the city which helps the once existing lake.
Of the many places of Kanatal, the Sukandari Devi Temple is the best. This temple was made in the name of Sati. When she died in Haridwar, Shiva brought her disjoint head from her corpse, on his three-headed spear, to this lake. This temple sits at an elevation of about 10000 m above sea level. It offers a panoramic view of the entire city. The 2 km that has to be covered before reaching this temple can be covered using ponies that are available.
The temperature experienced here is between 10° C and 20° C. this is mild, cool weather that makes travel so much fun. During winters, the city is heavily covered in white snow. The trees dotting the surface of this area is like a breath of fresh air (literally).
There are so many places to visit and so many things to do in Kanatal. Some of the best places which are included in the best places list include Tehri Dam too. This dam is attached to the Tehri Lake, in New Tehri. The Kodia Jungle is another such place. This jungle is full of all sorts of animals and plants. Chamba is an amazing spot for a picnic. This place is enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. Other places of possible interest are Shivpuri, Mussoorie, Dehradun etc. All these places are considered as the best nearby place to Kanatal which you can visit.

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New Tehri

Being the only planned city there, New Tehri is one of the top places to visit in Kanatal. Home to the Tehri Lake and Dam, the city prides itself in owning one of the largest hydroelectricity projects in the world.

The Bhagirathi and Bhilangana Rivers merge here to form the manmade Tehri Lake Reservoir, which, with its emerald colour makes for a beautiful sight. Temples like the Chandrabadni and Sem Mukhem Temple dot the city.

New Tehri is where classic meets contemporary, where at one end lies Old Tehri, submerged in water, and the other end is abuzz with water and aerial activities.

Surkanda Devi Temple

Dedicated to Goddess Durga, the Surkanda Devi Temple is a 3 km walk from the village, Kaddukhal. Legend has it that when Goddess Sati died, her husband Lord Shiva carried her body back to Kailash, which is when her head fell at the spot where the temple was then erected.

Thus, the name
Sirkandha was derived, which over the passage of time is called Surkanda. This ancient site is surrounded by lush greenery and a panoramic view of the breathtaking Himalayas!

Pilgrims from all over flank this holy spot during Ganga Dussehra and Navratri, the array of colours and lights making the celebration worth witnessing!

Timings: Summer
- 05:00 am to 07.00 pm/ Winter - 07:00 am to 05.00 pm

Chamba - Mussoorie Road, Saklana Range, Uttarakhand 249145, India

Tehri Dam

One of the most prominent tourist places in Kanatal, Tehri Dam, at an astonishing height of 260 metres, is the tallest dam in India and among the tallest in the world.

The destination is flocked by travellers and adventure junkies all-year-round who engage in sports like paragliding, jet skiing, and the tourist-favourite, Banana boat ride, among others. It is also flanked by globetrotters who enjoy a unique stay offered by houseboats and floating huts built on the adjacent Tehri Lake.

Apart from being just a pretty spot, Tehri Dam also harnesses more than 1,000 MW of hydroelectricity supplied to the city, thereby serving a good purpose. 

Location: New Tehri, Uttarakhand 249001

A picturesque hill-station within Kanatal, Dhanauti boasts of abundant grasslands, towering trees, spectacular vistas of the Himalayas and scenic trails, making it one of the prettiest places to visit in Kanatal.

Being in close proximity to other cities of Uttarakhand, Dhanauti also makes for a perfect weekend getaway. During winters the town is covered in a blanket of snow, with icicles falling from the branches of trees. In summers, Dhanaulti boasts alpine forests, rhododendrons, lush deodar and oak trees in its Eco Parks.

Trek to Thangdhar nearby, and treat yourself to a wonderful camping experience. Don’t forget to stop by for some souvenirs, especially the handicrafts and rich weaves Dhanaulti is known for!
Tehri Lake

Flowing gently at an elevation of 1700 metres, Tehri Lake is an artificial reservoir built alongside the Tehri Dam to divert the water from Kanatal’s Bhagirathi River to fill the reservoir. Apart from being a beautiful visual, Tehri Lake is an adventure destination for thrill-seekers owing to the adrenaline-pumping water and aerial sports the destination offers.

In an attempt to encourage tourism, the lake is bustling with activities ranging from kayaking to boating, water skiing to scuba diving, and even some unique activities like canoeing, water zorbing, paragliding and hot air balloon rides. If you aren’t an aquaphile, don’t fret, for the picturesque lake is enough to bring a smile to your face. 

Koti Colony, New Tehri

Kaudia Forest

Places to visit in Kanatal are many, but there’s nothing like the spotless Kaudia Forest. Kaudia is great for picnics, bird watching, nature photography, and hiking.

The dense, serene forest opens up to breathtaking views of steep hills and valleys as you walk through the greenery, natural springs gurgling along the sides. You can explore the forest by opting for a Jeep Safari from Kanatal to Kaudia, with prior permission.

This ride will introduce you to wildlife that inhabits the forest, and is a great photo opportunity for enthusiasts. Kaudia is also considered a great picnic spot, so if you’re travelling with friends and family, make sure to carry along a few snacks, take a break from all the activities and just breathe in the beauty around!

9 am to 5 pm

Entry Fee/Price:
Rs. 20 per person

Kanatal, Kaudia Range, Uttarakhand 249130

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Kanatal Things To Do FAQs

What are the romantic things to do in Kanatal?

1. Staying at Traditional Pahari Homestays: Staying in a traditional Pahari homestay will be the most romantic thing to do with your loved one. It will be a really great idea to make her acquaintance with the local culture and hospitality.
2. Bonfire Camping: Set up a camp in a silent place where you can enjoy a great view over a golden bonfire burning in front of you. The cherry on the cake will be a clear night sky for you two to enjoy a proper gaze at the stars.
3. Nature Walk: Since the hill town is brimming with local flora and fauna in a very rich amount, you can take your beloved into the woods where you both can enjoy a tranquil time watching the exotic species.
4. Jungle Safari: There are some forested areas where locals provide you with the service of the jeep which takes you around the rugged corners of Kanatal.

What are the activities that we can do in Kanatal?

Kanatal is a magnificent place stuffed into a package. Everything a traveler wants to do is part of this travel package. People who love to just see sights have a treat coming for them. People who want to do things such as trekking are welcome too. The treks and camps available to visitors here are mindblowing. The best activities to be done in Kanatal are:

1. Trekking: Kanatal offers you various small hilly terrains where you can plan a trekking experience to enjoy the rugged beauty of the hill town along with the exotic flora and fauna on the way.
2. Camping: You do not just have to come back after trekking to a great hilltop. Instead set up an overnight camp to enjoy the clear night sky along with either sunset or sunrise.
3. Adventurous activities: There are various service providers who can arrange a great outing for you where you can enjoy various adventurous activities in the lap of nature.
4. Sightseeing: Do not miss on traveling to various heritage sites preserved in Kanatal like Surkanda Devi Kaddukhal, Tehri Dam, and many more places that are worth a visit.

Which are some famous treks in Kanatal?

Being a hill station, there is no lack of places of treks in Kanatal. Therefore, one gets to choose from a very large variety of options. The rocky terrain is perfect for all kinds of such activities. Trekking comes in different degrees. There are smaller, easier ones, for beginners, as well as experienced trekkers. The famous treks in Kanatal are:

  •       Dhanaulti: 22 km away at a level of 2000 m above sea level
  •       Surkanda Devi: 2 km trek, for beginners. About 9,000 m above sea level
  •       Rishikesh: 75 km away from Kanatal
  •       Mussoorie: 2005 m away from  the ground, and 33 km away from Kanatal
  •       New Tehri: 1750 m above sea level, 35 km away from Kanatal
  •       Dehradun: 435 km away from sea level and 68 km away from Kanatal
  •       Chamba: 16 km away Kanatal and 1656 m above sea level
  •       Rani Chauri Forest: is about 22 km away from Kanatal
  •       Dandachali Forest: 21 km away from Kanatal
  •       Batwaldar forest: 10 km away from Kanatal

Which are the best camping sites in Kanatal?

Camping, like trekking, is an amazing Kanatal. This is because of the perfect geography of the place. The place is graced with hills and terrains suited for camping. These camping sites are amazing, arranged for the people who love to travel and love to do so. They are well-maintained organizations with people coming in from all over. The best camping sites in Kanatal are:

  •       Kanatal Camp
  •       Camp Little Jaguar
  •       Camp Carnival
  •       Kanatal Adventure Club
  •       Camp Lambhdar
  •       Camp Awara
  •       Camp O Royale
  •       Camp Dhanaulti Magic
  •       Whispering Pines Retreat
  •       Kanatal Resorts and Spa
  •       Wildex Camp

Which are some places for sightseeing in Kanatal?

Blessed with such beautiful monumental value, Kanatal cannot help but be the hub of sightseeing. The many temples that grace Kanatal land have to be the best part of North India’s Tourism. Some places for sightseeing in Kanatal are:

  •       Dhanaulti Eco Park
  •       Kodia Jungle
  •       Tehri Lake
  •       Surkanda Devi Temple
  •       Dhanaulti
  •       New Tehri
  •       Chamba
  •       Tehri Dam
  •       Tehri Lake
  •       Kanatal Camp
  •       Camp Little Jaguar
  •       Camp Carnival
  •       Kanatal Adventure Club
  •       Camp Lambhdar
  •       Camp Awara
  •       Camp O Royale
  •       Camp Dhanaulti Magic
  •       Whispering Pines Retreat
  •       Kanatal Resorts and Spa
  •       Wildex Camp

Which are some famous temples to visit in Kanatal?

The many amazing beauties of monumental greatness, Kanatal’s temples have been placed on our planet to amaze people. Some of these famous temples to visit in Kanatal are:

  •       Kunjapuri Temple
  •       Dashavatar Temple
  •       Jain Temples
  •       Shri Bageshwar Mahadev Mandir
  •       Surkanda Devi Temple

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