50 Places to Visit in Amsterdam, Tourist Places & Attractions

Tourist Places in Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Begijnhof, Vondelpark, Heineken Brewery, Red Light District, Eye Film Museum, Rozentheater, Canal Belt, Keukenhof, Efteling Park, Dam Square, Jordaan, Amsterdam Dungeon, Leidseplein Square, Torensluis Bridge, Bloemen Market, Rembrandt House Museum, Oude Kerk and many more.

Famed as the “Venice of the North” for its whimsical canal system, the list of stunningly beautiful places to visit in Amsterdam take this capital city to the bucket list of every traveller. The city is particularly famous for its century-old churches like West Church, the Old Church and Portuguese Synagogue that still look magnificent winning the test of times. 

The medieval castles in the city add a rustic touch to this picturesque city and the numerous historic museums dotting the lanes of the city portray the city’s rich heritage and culture. The floating Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam is one amongst other charismatic tourist places in Amsterdam  that will leave any nature lover spellbound with its exotic collection of flowers and plants.

Apart from castles, churches, and museums, Amsterdam also has the most intriguing sightseeing place - the Red Light District that gets electrically vibrant at night.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Amsterdam:

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Van Gogh Museum is a home where you can appreciate the biggest collection of artworks by Vincent Van Gogh. Here you will not only see the artwork but will also learn about the life and life stories of Vincent Van Gogh. In the entire history of western art, he was one of the widely famous artists. He was born on 30 March 1853 in the Brabant village of Zundert, he was the first child of Protestant minister Theodorus van Gogh and Anna Carbenuts. His journey started as a schoolboy, then to becoming a junior clerk at an art firm, a teacher after that, then onto selling books as a bookseller and a preacher at the end. Finally, at the age of 27 years, he decided to become an artist and change the history of art forever which ended in 1890.

Vincent has always dreamed of establishing a community of artists in the South of France. From the beginning he was an artist known for his passion and powerful emotions through his artworks. Vincent got his inspiration from the Japanese printmaking which gave him a new way to look at the world. There was a low time during 1890 while Vincent’s life was falling apart because of personal issues and he finally decided to take his own life and shot himself in the chest on 29th July 1890.

Van Gogh Museum holds a collection of Vincent’s famous paintings and drawings along with the work of his artist friends. As per Vincent, his paintings based on sunflowers were among the best of his artwork he has ever made. There is a huge collection of Japanese prints as well, as Vincent Van Goh was a dear admirer of Japanese prints. Even after a century of his death, Vincent’s paintings are still inspiring the coming generation of artists over the globe.

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This is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands which has about  900 animal species and 250 varieties of trees. The zoo is categorized into various zones like Lemur Land, Sea Lions, Savannah, Gorilla House, Insectarium, Butterfly Pavilion, Planetarium, and Aquarium.

Tourists can also walk through the kitchen to get a glimpse of what is being cooked for the animals. The highlight at the zoo is the monumental Heimans Oak dating from 1750. For wildlife photographers and those travelling with kids, Artis Zoo is one of the no-miss Amsterdam tourist places.

Location: Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, 1018 CZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Timings: 9.00 am - 5.00 pm Thursday - Wednesday

Entry Fee: 
- Normal: € 24.00
- 3-9 years: € 20.50
- 0-2 years: Free
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This international museum is a museum for modern art, contemporary art, and design. It was opened in 1895 and is one of the largest art museums in the Dutch region.

With an enviable collection of masterpieces made by renowned artists like Karel Appel, Edward Kienholz, Cézanne, Malevich, Mondrian, Chagall, Picasso, Marlene Dumas, Cézanne, Kandinsky, Warhol, De Kooning, Matisse, Koons, Pollock, and Gerrit Rietveld, this museum tops the list of tourist places in Amsterdam for art lovers.

Location: Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Timings: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm Saturday - Thursday and 10.00 am - 10.00 pm on Friday

Entry Fee: € 17.50 per adult; € 10.00 per student
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Come enter the world of hidden gems in the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. The now Dutch Palace symbolizes the Great European History, and also the many stories about the artefacts, paintings and sculptures that adorn the palace in the present day. The Palace is situated on the west side of Dam square (an important Town square in the capital city), opposite the War Memorial and next to Nieuwe Kerk, a 15th-century church. The grand demeanour sits comfortably between the richest spot of history in the heart of the city!

The palace is famous for its architecture and history just like many other European palaces. In the Dutch Golden Age, the palace was known as the Town Hall for the magistrates in Amsterdam. Some documents from the time suggest that it was also the biggest governmental and secular building in Europe in the 17th century, thought to be the “eighth wonder” of the world. The then Town Hall was also an important place for socio-economic trades happening in the city. 

Apart from the abundance of events that took place in the Palace, one will also enjoy the sheer scale of the grand structure and the many wars and hardships that it had to undergo in its lifetime.Now it is mostly used by the Dutch royal family which receives and hosts its guests on special occasions. It is as open as possible for public and tourists where the museum and a guided tour will make your visit a lot more interesting.

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If you love paintings, Rembrandt House Museum is one of the most enthralling places to see in Amsterdam. It is a famous art museum in the Netherlands that contains Rembrandt's etchings and paintings of his contemporaries.

Rembrandt lived and worked in this historic building between 1639 and 1658. Tourists can visit his studio, the old kitchen, his living room and art room. The modern museum wing here has pieces of artwork done by artists who were inspired by Rembrandt. 

Location: Jodenbreestraat 4, 1011 NK Amsterdam, Netherlands

Timings: 10.00 am - 6.00 pm on all days

Entry Fee: € 14.00 for adults; € 5.00 for children from 6 to 17 years
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Begijnhof is located in the heart of Amsterdam and is included in the best treasures of the city. It is one of the oldest hofjes in Amsterdam, Netherlands that includes prehistoric buildings, and many other private dwellings. It is also renowned for the two churches namely the English reformed church and the Catholic Houten Huys. One can learn from its name that this place was initially a beguinage.

The medieval inner courtyard of the Begijnhof is where the beguine women used to live. They were more independent than the nuns and had more freedom to do things. One of the famously known beguine ladies, Cornelia Arens also used to live here. The last known beguine lady passed away in 1971. In the present era, there are no more beguines alive and their essence is alive in the remains of this city. Begijnhof also houses Houten Huys which is one of only two remaining timber houses in Amsterdam. One can reach Begijnhof easily via Spuiplein.

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Dam square is one of the most famous destinations in the city center of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. This place is the heartbeat of the city, it stays lively for most of the time during the whole day and will always be hosting some event for your entertainment. Being one of the most popular tourist spots you can just follow the crowd of tourists from Amsterdam Central station to the Damrak that leads you to Dam Square.

The square street connects the main artery streets Damrak and Rokin and provides passage to the main shopping streets of Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk. You can also hop on to a tram line as most of them traverse the Dam Square. Dam square is a wide boulevard that is having Royal Palace of Amsterdam on one side and the National Monument on the other. It also provides several shopping facilities, food stores, restaurants, and souvenir stores.

Take a walk across the Dam square and you will find a lot of fun things to watch like comedy shows, fire shows, live music, dance shows and lots of other activities that will keep you occupied throughout the evening.

You can also opt for a bicycle ride. The prices of the things here will be on the higher side, so make sure to dig a hole in your pockets on your visit to the square. It’s advisable to carry an international debit/ credit card like MasterCard, American Express, etc. so that you don’t face any trouble while paying bills.

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Standing bold and monumental within the boundaries of the Red Light District of Amsterdam, the Oude Kerk is one of the oldest churches in the city. It paints an image full of contrast on the pages of De Wallen with distinct colours of a coffee shop to its left, the Princess Juliana Nursery School at its right and numerous street workers on their way to work in front of it.

The Oude Kerk acts as a cynosure for contemporary art and heritage having renowned artists like Marinus Boezem, Janet Cardiff, Christian Boltanski and George Bures Miller tasked to produce site-specific artworks for the church.

It is the most important church in Amsterdam after the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) and carries a fascinating history weaved from important events that shaped the old building over centuries into its present form.

Built around the early 13th century and consecrated by the bishop of Utrecht in 1306, the Oude Kerk was originally a Roman Catholic church which later adopted Calvinist practices following serious revolts in the mid and late 16th century.

Alongside a remarkable architecture, the church also houses old artefacts consisting of paintings and the four organs built in 1658, 1767, 1724 and 2010, which together form the main source of attraction for tourists. Visitors also get to enjoy occasional music concerts and art exhibitions that are arranged about three or four times a year.

The Oude Kerk is easy to reach from the Amsterdam airport with a number of travelling options including train, bus and car at your disposal.
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Not very far away from the city centre of Amsterdam, lies it's one of the most popular neighborhoods, Jordaan. Moreover, Jordaan is considered as one of the most favourite neighbourhoods in the whole of the Netherlands. Jordaan is decorated with some of the most beautiful streets, giving way to the magnificent canals lined with magnificent flowers. High-end boutiques, legendary cafes, and restaurants, some of the most popular artist studios, you name it and Jordaan has it all.

This very place is the best-suited example which depicts Dutch life and culture in the best possible way. Once you visit this beautifully distinct neighbourhood, you would certainly wish to visit it again and again to experience its serenity and charm, yet again! The artistically decorated streets along the scenic canal of the Amsterdam city make Jordaan one of the most photogenic as well as a touristic spot in the whole of the Netherlands.

From being one of the cheapest localities of Amsterdam, Jordaan grew up to one of the most expensive and charming neighborhoods. Worldwide known Anne Frank House, where Anne Frank went into hiding during World War II is also situated well within this beautiful area, making it even more prestigious, historically, as well as emotionally.

Jordaan also has some of the most high-end markets in the world to stop by. Ranging from the best of the fine dining restaurants in the world to some of the most iconic and reputed art galleries, Jordaan has a story to tell which attracts travel enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Just like other popular cities, Amsterdam also has its iconic park named Vondelpark. Opened for the public in 1865, the park is built in the heart of the city and often called “Green Heart of Amsterdam”. Similar to Hyde Park in the same city, this is the largest public park in Amsterdam.

If you do not wish to stroll through the busy streets of Amsterdam and want some quiet time for yourself, then Vondelpark is your destination in Amsterdam. Spread across a massive area of 120 acre in size, the Vondelpark is not just a regular park, but it provides you with a lot of other options for adventure sports to spend some quality time with your family or friends.

More than 150 tree species and a wide range of animals could be spotted in the park which also includes porcupines, squirrels, blackbirds, sparrows, etc. As thousands of people make their way to this park every day, the annual footfall of visitors strikes higher than 10 Million in a year.

The park is a wonderful hideout from the bustle of the city as you can come here to rejoice on a bright and sunny day. You could take a walk between the lakes, ponds and the woods of the park or relish on the steaming hot food served at various cafes.

You could grab a bite and a beer from the cafe and laze around the corners of the park. Besides these, you can also hire a bicycle from the park and give yourself an amazing ride around the park.
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This historic brewery in Amsterdam is one of the most popular Amsterdam tourist places that takes visitors on an insightful journey on the beer-making process. You can register for a 1.5-hour self-guided tour at the brewery and learn about Heineken's® heritage, brewing process, innovations, sponsorships and much more.

You can also choose the VIP tour during which you can taste 5 different beer types with complimentary cheeses. 

Location: Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Timings: 10.30 am - 7.30 pm on all days

Entry Fee: 18 Euro for adults and 14.50 Euro for children from 12 to 17 years.
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This neon-lit red-light district is one of the most unusual places to visit in Amsterdam and is only recommended for pleasure seekers and late-night party mongers. This medieval alleyway along the canal is synonymous with brothel windows, bars, clubs, and strip shows. The Amsterdam Red Light District appears dodgy and is certainly not for everyone!

Location: De Wallen, Amsterdam

Timings: Open until 4.00 am

Entry Fee: Free
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Putting life into several scenic coordination of the Dutch and foreign films of the past, the Eye Film Museum has successfully brought them real through its distinct artifacts. This museum is committed to preserving and presenting cinematography and films.

Apart from being a conservation center, this museum is also an exhibition venue that has a massive collection of 37,000 films. Apart from films, it also resides historical documents, photos, soundtracks and technical equipment that were once used in the Dutch and international cinema.

Inaugurated in 2012, the museum has been organising successful cultural programs once every four years which are helpful in educational fields for students. Visitors can also engage in one of these programs from guided tours, educational activities, screenings, workshops and other special events to enrich knowledge related to films.

The museum is established between the river IJ on one side and Oewerpark garden on the other, so the visitors can cherish the splendid views in its background. Not only that, but the basement of the building also displays a collection of eye catching exhibitions. Even the kids can exhaust their energy in the specially tailored playground outside the museum.

Surrounded by panoramic cafes, specialised libraries, shops for souvenirs and four cinemas makes it a perfect place to spend a memorable family outing. One can also get their films restored at the very same place and all these perks attract more than 7,00,000 tourists to this place every year.
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Boom Chicago’s Rozentheater is one of the best tourist places in Amsterdam to visit after the sun sets. Located in Amsterdam’s city centre, the Rozentheater can now hold about 330 people seated and 500 standing.

Performances at the theatre include stand up comedy, dancing, performance, magic, and escape rooms. Featuring some of the best comedy shows for decades now, Boom Chicago’s Rozentheater has become a cultural hotspot in Amsterdam. If you are looking for a laughter-filled night in Amsterdam, this is the go-to place.

Location: Rozengracht 117, 1016 LV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Timings: 6 PM to 12 AM

Entry Fee: Starting from EUR 12.50 per adult
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The Amsterdam Canal Belt is over 400 years old and is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This canal belt was built to speed up the trades to and from Amsterdam. As the economy flourished, traders built sprawling mansions along the banks and settled there.

A few of these buildings from the 17th century stand tall even today and now, this cultural belt has many eminent institutions like FOAM, the Anne Frank House, and Huis Marseille. These pristine canals with elegant edifices on their banks make up for some of the most photogenic tourist places in Amsterdam. 

Timings: Always open

Entry Fee: Free
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‘Efteling - World of Wonders’ is a fairy-tale themed amusement park that has a plethora of amazing rides and roller coasters. Efteling Park is a family entertainer and one of the most alluring tourist places in Amsterdam that draws visitors from all around the globe.

The amusement park is located about a one-hour drive from Amsterdam and features all the usual rides like river rapid rides, roller coasters, swinging ship, and many others. The other exotic attractions like Cursed Villa, 4D Theatre, Thai Temple, and Haunted House are the actual reasons why you should visit this theme park amongst all other Amsterdam tourist places during your Netherlands sojourn.

Location: Europalaan 1, 5171 KW Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

Timings: 10.00 am - 8.00 pm Wednesday - Sunday; 11.00 am - 6.00 pm Monday; 10.00 am - 6.00 pm Tuesday

Entry Fee: € 38 for Low Season ticket; € 40 for Year-Round Ticket; Children aged 0-3 enter for free
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Owned by a UK-based entertainment company - Merlin Entertainments, Amsterdam Dungeon is a popular place to acquire information about the history of the Netherlands. It follows the same format to the other Dungeons of London, Berlin, Hamburg, York. You will find several rides and performances of some amusing actors that cultivate the barren history of the Netherlands. The performances generally include the archival scenes of the Medieval torture, the Plague and Rembrandt workshop.

For the visitors, who want to have a lot of fun while learning about Dutch history at the same time, this place is a perfect amalgam of these two. People can experience a total of 11 shows on the dark side of the 500 years of Dutch history. The performances by the actors are on true stories and claimed to offer a unique interactive melodramatic experience. Some of the well-received attractions of the Amsterdam Dungeon are Torture Chamber, The Great Plague, Council of Blood and many more.

Every portrayal by the actors in each tour from the entrance till the last stop brings minor harmless scares to the visitors using sudden popped up objects and loud banging sounds. The journey through the tour is accompanied by jokes with black humour made by the actors, and offers some great laugh-out-loud moments during the visit. Special credit goes to the brilliant actors who inhabit the characters like mortician’s assistant, scabrous witch hunter and make this place in demand across the region.

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This square is the most vibrant place in Amsterdam that bustles with pubs, nightclubs, cafes, theatres, and music venues such as Melkweh and Paradiso. The square usually has some street performers performing live dance or music.

Many international brands also have their shops at Leidseplein Square making it a popular shopping hub. The square is well connected with other parts of the city by tram. If you are looking for places to visit in Amsterdam at night,  Leidseplein Square should top your list.

Location: Leidsestraat | Weteringschans, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Timings: Always open

Entry Fee: Free
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Torensluis Bridge or Tower Lock is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Amsterdam that measures a whopping  42 meters in width. This bridge is also the widest in Amsterdam and has gained tourist traction for the statue of a very important Dutchman by the name of Multatuli.

The construction of this bridge was completed in the mid-17th century and today, it has become a popular spot for shutterbugs. Tourists can walk over the bright on a sunny summer day, have a drink, hang out with friends, and enjoy the surrounding panoramic views.

Location: 1012 HG Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Timings: Always Open

Entry Fee: Free
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The Amsterdam flower market, locally called the Bloemenmarkt, is the only floating flower market in the world. Situated in the southern canal ring between Koningsplein and Muntplein, the market is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

It was founded in 1862 at St. Luciënwal but was moved to the present location in 1883. Back then, the market was known for selling plants and trees. Today, houseboats containing small stalls offer all sorts of flowers, garden and house plants, cacti, bulbs, plant food, plant pots, seeds, and gardening equipment.

The entire market, floating on the Singel River, is reminiscent of the old days when plants and flowers from farmers around the city were delivered by boats and barges. Famous for being one of the most colorful and fragrant places in the city, the flower market in Amsterdam is an excellent source of some interesting and unusual plants.

The flower collections vary depending on the season. For example, in the spring, the market stalls proudly display fresh tulips. Summer months are known for exquisite roses, and when December rolls around, the Bloemenmarkt is where you can find the best Christmas trees!

There are over 15 different stalls in the market and each of them offers something unique. From fresh flowers and plants to wooden tulips, souvenirs, and other trinkets, you can find it all here. Whether you want to do some shopping or simply take a stroll and experience the beauty and liveliness of the atmosphere, this is the place to be!
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This breathtakingly beautiful medieval castle located at the mouth of the Vecht river is one of the most captivating tourist attractions in Amsterdam. Today, the castle has been converted into a national museum so that the public can enjoy the rich history and heritage associated with the castle.

This attraction in Amsterdam is best explored during Christmas when the castle gets festive with workshops and drapes a new look to take you to the golden winter days. 

Location: Herengracht 1, 1398 AA Muiden, Netherlands

Timings: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm Tuesday - Sunday; Closed on Monday

Entry Fee: Adults - € 15,50; Children 4 to 11 years - € 9; Children 0 to 3 years - Free
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Located on the northwest side of Amsterdam's harbour, Het Schip is an apartment complex that is also a fine example of the iconic Amsterdam School of Architecture and Design. Designed by Dutch architect Michel de Klerk, this housing project is built on a triangular lot with 102 apartments.

The post office inside the Het Schip has been converted into a museum. Meticulous detailing of interiors, finishes, and exteriors makes this housing complex one of the interesting places to see in Amsterdam. 

Location: Oostzaanstraat 45, 1013 WG Amsterdam, Netherlands

Timings: 11.00 am - 5.00 pm Tuesday - Sunday; Closed on Mondays

Entry Fee: 
- Regular: €7,50
- Students: €5,00
- Museum card and Amsterdam Card: Free
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Also known as Esnago, this 17th-century synagogue in Amsterdam is a beautiful building built in  Iberian-Sephardic type and welcomes visitors of all faiths. Serving as a main centre for learning until today, Portuguese Synagogue is one of the most spectacular tourist places in Amsterdam and is a vital part of the city’s Jewish quarter.

This reverential synagogue houses the biggest Jewish library in the world and has a unique collection of exceptionally rare religious texts. Visitors can book guided tours around Jewish Quarters to know more about the history of the synagogue.

Location: Mr Visserplein 3, 1011 RD Amsterdam, Netherlands

Timings: 10.00 am - 5.00 pm Sunday - Friday; Closed on Saturdays

Entry Fee: Free
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One of the world’s oldest botanical gardens, Hortus Botanicus remains to be one of the most popular tourist places in Amsterdam. It was initially established in the 17th century, as an herb garden called Hortus Medicus, home to numerous medical plants for the pharmacists and doctors of the city.

In the later half of the century, the garden was upgraded to its current status, and has since been housing a rich variety of plants, some of them entirely unheard of in the continent! These plants are said to have been collected from all around the world and brought here by the Dutch East India Company tradesmen.

The garden currently nurtures over 6,000 distinct varieties of plants, including the rare 2000-year old cactus! Take long walks around the garden to explore the richness of variety, and then retire to the cafe to savour some steaming hot beverages while taking in the lovely view.

Timing: Open from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM every day

Entry fee: 9 Euros / INR 710 per person

Location: Plantage Middenlaan 2a, 1018 DD Amsterdam
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Neighbouring the Van Gogh Museum on Museumplein, Amsterdam’s largest Dutch museum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art is a tribute to contemporary art and design. Inaugurated in the year 1895, the museum exhibits works of some of the world’s finest and most celebrated artists, including the work of contemporary Dutch artists.

One of the most fascinating places to visit in Amsterdam, the museum recounts a beautiful journey of modern art and its evolution spanning 150 years. You can find some legendary works of Karel Appel, Koons, Kandinsky, Marlene Dumas, Matisse, Picasso, Warhol, Pollock, Mondrian, Chagall, and countless other world-famous artists here.

The museum also unrolls the advancement of design through furniture, jewellery, ceramics, and other artefacts. 

Timing: Open from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM every day

Entry fee: 18,50 euros / INR 1,450 per person

Location: Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam
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Tucked inside one of the most lively streets of the city, ‘De Pijp’, the Albert Cuyp Market is one of the most iconic attractions in Amsterdam, especially when it comes to shopping! Known as the busiest market in the country, the market carries everything you would like to shop for - food, clothes, souvenirs, electronic gadgets, bikes, books, and a lot more.

De Pijp is home to people from all over the world, making it a very culturally diverse part of the city. This diversity is echoed beautifully by the Albert Cuyp market, where you can find solace in cute little cafés, barista bars, and cosy restaurants. 

Timing: Open from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM every day, except Sunday

Location: Albert Cuypstraat, 1073 BD Amsterdam
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NEMO Science Museum is one of the most inspiring attractions in Amsterdam, for both children and adults alike. Nestled atop the IJ river car tunnel, the museum is built in the shape of an eye-catching green ship hull as a symbolic tribute to the city’s maritime history.

Spanning 4 floors, the museum plays host to an extensive collection of experiments and equipment to set the cogs of your mind running. Some of the most talked-about wonders inside this museum are:

Life in the Universe, Science throughout the Ages, Journey Through the Mind, Water Power, Sensational Science, World of Shapes, Constructions, Energy, Innovation Gallery, and the Laboratory. There is also a great café and restaurant on the 5th floor of the museum.

Timing: Open from 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM every day except Monday

Entry fee: 17,50 euros / INR 1,300 per person

Location: Oosterdok 2, 1011 VX Amsterdam
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Arguably the most popular and entertaining places to see in Amsterdam, Madame Tussauds Museum needs no introduction. Hosting wax figures of celebrities from across the globe, the museum is a tourist hotspot in the city.

Whether you want to set the stage on fire with Lady Gaga, or go to a fancy awards ceremony with Doutzen Kroes, the museum promises to indulge you in all your celebrity fantasies with its life-like wax figures.

However, what you may be aware of is the Interactive IamArt exhibition that lets you explore and wander around in the iconic paintings of Dutch artists like Van Gogh, Escher, Picasso, Piet Mondariaan, and Rembrandt van Rijn. Herman Brood’s studio also lets you create your art!

Timing: Open from 10:00 AM to 08:00 PM every day

Entry fee: Starting from 21 euros / INR 1,600 per person

Location: Dam 20, 1012 KW Amsterdam
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Tracing a route between Nieuwveen and Amsterdam, the Amstel river has been a major source of water supply for decades. In fact, Amsterdam takes its name after this very river. It flows through some of the most fertile lands in the area, and was woven into a collection of dams and dikes, which was eventually earning the city the name Amsterdam.

The best way to explore this beautiful river is by boat. Another alternative is to take a windy bicycle ride along the river banks. There are lanes unfold alongside the river, dedicated only for cycling. It is one of the most peaceful places to see in Amsterdam.
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True to its name, Amsterdam’s Body Worlds promises you a captivating journey into the working of the human body. One of the more popular and inventive tourist places in Amsterdam, the exhibition is home to over 200 plastinated human bodies.

It is aimed at explaining the close link between emotional and physical well-being to the masses. A hotspot for those with a curious mind, the exhibition sees an incredible amount of footfall every year, from all across the globe. Learn about how happiness affects your physical health, and happy people live longer and better.

Fun fact: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared Amsterdam as one of the happiest cities in the world. 

Timing: Open from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM every day

Entry fee: Tickets start from 18,5 euros / INR 1,400 per person

Location: Damrak 66, 1012 LM Amsterdam
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The National Monument was built in 1956 to commemorate and honour those who lost their lives in World War II. Standing tall in the historic heart of the city, i.e. Dam Square, this 22-meter high monument was the design masterpiece of the celebrated architect J.J.P. Oud.

Since its inauguration in 1956, it has undergone two major renovations, following which it was declared as an official National Heritage Monument in 2009. Every year in the month of May, the museum hosts a grand Remembrance of the Dead ceremony in their memory.

This inspiring monument also stands as a living reminder of the atrocities of the war. It is easily one of the most touristy Amsterdam attractions. 

Timing: Open 24 hours

Entry fee: No entry fee

Location: Dam, 1012 JL Amsterdam
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One of the most extraordinary Amsterdam attractions, it is steeped in the rich history of the world-class Bols Jenever or, as you might know it, the Dutch Gin. Nestled comfortably in the Museum Square, this is the perfect detour if the prospect of wandering through art museums doesn’t tickle your fancy.

The museum not only promises you a thrilling, self-guided ride into the history of Lucas Bol, the oldest and finest spirit brand in the world, but also lets you try a variety of samples for yourself! Learn about the process of going gin-making, and how to recognise the nuances of different kinds of gins. Taste a perfect concoction of heritage, history, and art with this unique cocktail and genever experience.

- Open from 01:00 PM to 06:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday;
- 01:00 PM to 09:00 PM every Friday and Saturday

Entry fee: From 15 euros / INR 1,200 per person

Location: Paulus Potterstraat 14, 1071 CZ Amsterdam
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Formerly known as Amsterdam ArenA, Johan Cruijff ArenA is home to the legendary Ajax football team! While the stadium was built in 1996, it was renamed the Johan Cruijff Arena in 2018, as a tribute to the famed footballer Johan Cruyff.

Easily one of the must-see tourist places in Amsterdam, especially if you’re crazy about football, the stadium offers a variety of guided tours to the public. Taking up residence in the southern part of Amsterdam, the stadium is not only host to Netherlands football international, but also the occasional concerts and dance shows. The stadium easily accommodates around 60,000 people

Timing: Open every day from 09:30 PM to 04:30 PM

Entry fee: 16,50 euros / INR 1,300 per person

Location: ArenA Boulevard 1, 1100 DL Amsterdam
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With a picture-perfect setting that looks like something right out of an old period drama, De Riekermolen Windmill skirts the southern periphery of Amstelpark, right along the Amstel river. Dating back to 1636, this mill is also home to a great statue of Rembrandt, as a tribute to the countless drawings he sketched here.

What was once deployed as a tool for drainage now stands as a lasting reminder of the bygone ages. While it is still one of the prettiest Amsterdam attractions, the interiors are not open for tours. 

Location: De Borcht 10, 1083 AC Amsterdam
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The National Maritime Museum, one of the most culturally rich places to visit in Amsterdam, offers a nosedive into the rich maritime history that The Netherlands is home to. Spanning a timeline of over 500 years, this celebrated history is brought beautifully to life by the museum.

A delightful treat for people across all ages, the museum conducts a bunch of exhibitions like The Tale of the Whale, See You in the Golden Age, and many more like them, exclusively for young kids. A replica of the iconic Dutch East India Company Ship calls the museum home and offers visitors a golden chance of exploring it!

A few minutes inside this one-of-its-kind museum are enough to give you an idea why the Dutch maritime history enjoys the glory that it does. 

Timing: Open from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM every day

Entry fee: Prices start from 16,50 euros / INR 1,300 per person

Location: Kattenburgerplein 1, 1018 KK Amsterdam
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Here’s a little treat for those who seek visual and mental stimulation from art - the Rademakers Gallery. One of the classiest Amsterdam attractions, this famous art gallery witnesses an intoxicating blend of different forms of art.

While you can admire the works of globally-acclaimed artists like Jimmy Nelson, Studio Job, Cathalijn Wouters, and Carli Hermès, the museum also exhibits deserving masterpieces of budding artists. Straying a tad from the conventional disciples of art, the gallery is an absolute treasure for those with an artistic eye.

Timing: Open from 12:00 PM to 05:00 PM. Closed on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Location: KNSM-Laan 291, 1019 LE Amsterdam
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The Bridge of 15 Bridges is the only vantage point which gives you a spectacular view of the city’s 15 bridges. Head to the intersection of Herengracht and Reguliersgracht, pick a spot on the side with odd numbers, and prepare to be astounded.

Wherever you look, you’ll find yourself surrounded by the view of the 15 bridges! While you can visit this spot at any time of the day, we suggest you reserve it for the night, when the city, including the 15 bridges, is beautifully illuminated. It is a view unlike any other. It’s no wonder that the Bridge of 15 Bridges is one of the most romantic places to visit  in Amsterdam!

Timing: Open 24 hours

Location: Reguliersgracht and Herengracht intersection, Amsterdam
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Although a part of the city’s rich heritage, Munttoren Tower remains one of the lesser-known tourist places in Amsterdam. One of the few remnants of the ancient city wall that was put up somewhere between 1480 and 1487, the Munttoren Tower, also known as the Mint Tower, dominates Muntsquare.

The tower was built as part of the Regulierspoort, which featured a gate with two towers, one on each side. The tower was once used as a place for minting coins, which also gives it its name - Mint Tower. The tower harbours 36 bells cast in the 17th century, and every 15 minutes a bubbly jingle is played from inside the tower, indicating that you’re around the neighbourhood! 

Timing: Open from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM every day except Sunday

Location: Muntplein 12/14, 1012 WR Amsterdam
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If you want a day of uninterrupted entertainment and virtual adventure, the Aviodrome Aviation Theme Park is one of the most exciting tourist places in Amsterdam! Housed at Lelystad Airport, the theme park is essentially a museum that maps the history of aviation.

The popular plane models of Fokker and Koolhoven are also stationed here. The museum also lets you put your virtual seatbelts on and take a shaky flight to India. The museum’s theatre shows you a film about some of the most impressive aviation projects like the Passage of the Constellations, too! 

Timing: Open from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM everyday except Monday

Entry fee: Starting from 16,95 euros / INR 1,400 per person

Location: Pelikaanweg 50, 8218 PG Lelystad
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A beautiful spot cradled in the laps of nature, yet not too far from the city, Amsterdamse Bos is all you need for a day of undisturbed calm and tranquility. Sitting on the outskirts of the city, it is quite famous as a picnic spot amongst the locals, yet remains a  lesser-known destination amongst tourists.

Besides offering you quiet walks on unpaved paths, the forest is also home to a wellness spa, a goat farm, a centre for adventure sports, as well as an open theatre! If the day’s walking and adventures have left you a little sore, the Grand Café de Bosbaan is a perfect place to unwind a bit.

Not to mention that it also affords you a view to remember! If you’re looking for a quick getaway, Amsterdamse Bos is one of the most offbeat tourist places in Amsterdam.

Entry fee: Prices starting from 10 euros / INR 800 per person

Location: Bosbaanweg 5, 1182, AG Amstelveen
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Locally known as High Bridge, Python Bridge is a 90-meter-long footbridge, spread over the canal linking Borneo Island and Sporenburg peninsula. Built to resemble a gigantic winding red python, the bridge quite lives up to the name.

This masterpiece was installed in 2001, and was awarded the International Footbridge Award the very next year. While Amsterdam is no stranger to unusual bridges, this red, serpentine wonder is one of the most fascinating places to see in Amsterdam.

Timing: Open 24 hours

Location: Pythonbrug, 1019 TA Amsterdam
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Looking for the most exciting places to visit in Amsterdam? What can be better than a floating animal shelter? As ironic as it may sound, De Poezenboot is a great sanctuary for cats, afloat the Amsterdam canal. Founded in the year 1966 to provide shelter to the feline pals of the city, the houseboat has quickly become an official charity, and a popular one, at that.

Home to over 50 kitties, the boat is open to all visitors, whether they just want to drop by to play with them or for adoption. We wouldn’t blame you if you showed up there everyday for some feline love!

Timing: Open from 01:00 PM to 03:00 PM every day except Wednesday and Sunday

Entry fee: Entry free of charge

Location: Singel 38G, 1015 AB Amsterdam
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This one is for all you zythophiles out there. One of the most interesting places to see in Amsterdam, the IJ Brewery is a famous name amongst travellers and the local folks alike. The inauguration of the IJ Brewer was a milestone in the history of beer-brewing in Amsterdam.

This modest little microbrewery is built inside De Gooyer, an old windmill, and supplies some of the finest organic beer in the country! This little wonder is the birthplace of your favourite beers - Zatte, Natte, Columbus, Ijwit, Strius, and more. If you love beer, this is the first place you should visit when in Amsterdam.

Fun fact: De Gooyer is not only the country’s tallest windmill, but also a National Monument!

Timing: Open from 02:00 PM to 08:00 PM every day

Location: Funenkade 7, 1018 AL Amsterdam
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Arguably the most iconic restaurants in Amsterdam, REM Eiland has so much more in store for you than just a scrumptious meal. Docked 22 meters above the coast of Amsterdam, the oil-rig styled restaurant is built to resemble a classic pirate radio and TV station.

It boasts of a breathtaking roof terrace that looks out to a panoramic stretch of calm, glimmering blue that accompanies you throughout your visit. The rooftop also houses a bar and a helipad! An amusing mix of history, culture, and design bring you this masterpiece. Take a virtual trip back in time with a visit to this iconic restaurant. It is much more than just another tourist destination.

Timing: Open from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM everyday

Location: Haparandadam 45-2, 1013 AK Amsterdam
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Amsterdam’s biggest church, the Westerkerk is an architectural masterpiece born in the early 17th century. A magnificent jewel in the crown of Amsterdam, the church is the city’s most popular and frequented Protestant church.

Its Westerkerk Tower is an equally stunning monument to visit. Nestled in the heart of the Old City, the tower looms at a height of 275 ft., and commands some mesmerising views of the cityscape.

Reflecting a colourful past, the church is built with surprisingly modest interiors - a trail common amongst almost all Dutch Protestant churches. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Amsterdam.

Timing: Open from 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM every day except Sunday

Location: Prinsengracht 279, 1016 GW Amsterdam
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If you thought museums were boring, you have a new think coming! The Museum of Bags and Purses is, as the name suggests, is dedicated to the history of bags, purses, and other accessories. Home to over 5,000 pieces that date as far back as the 16th century, the museum sits inside a mayoral house over the Amsterdam canal.

From the most popular to the most unique kinds of bags, the museum has everything - bridal purses, coin purses, evening bags, satchels - you name it. Experience the evolution of purses and bugs unfurl before you, depicted by the change of fashion, design, and craftsmanship. 

One of the most intriguing places to see in Amsterdam, the museum essentially takes something as seemingly trivial as a handbag, and turns it into a mind-boggling curation of fashion pieces. 

Timing: Open from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM everyday

Location: Herengracht 573, 1017 CD Amsterdam
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Yes, we know what you’re thinking. And yes, The Red Light Secrets is what it sounds like, but not exactly the way you’d think. A destination choice that may be more suited to the open minded traveller, the Red Light Secrets Museum of Prostitution is a gateway into the secrets of the world’s oldest profession!

One of the most interesting places to visit in Amsterdam, the museum is sited inside a former brothel. Besides bringing you unmasked stories of women who have been in the profession, it also lets you interact with them. 

Timing: Open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM everyday

Entry fee: Prices starting from 10 euros / INR 800

Location: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60h, 1012 DP Amsterdam
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05 May 2020
A perfect Amsterdam Red Light District walking tour. everyone should look forward to availing while in amsterdam. We went past all the places including Oude Kerk which made the tour perfect one. Having small group size made the tour personalised.
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People Also Ask About Amsterdam

  1. What are the best places to visit in Amsterdam with kids?

    1. Anne Frank House: Converted to a museum to honor the hardships that Anne Frank and her family had to go through during the Second World War, this museum was actually their hiding place. The original diary of Anne Frank and their belongings are on display here. 

    2. Dam Square: One of the most iconic destinations of Amsterdam that is always lively owing to various forms of entertainment that can be seen here. You can take your kids to this square and enjoy the culture of Amsterdam to the fullest.

    3. Torensluis Bridge: You can be assured that your kids will just love the panoramic view that this bridge offers. 

    4. Oude Kerk: With intriguing artworks and impressive décor, Oude Kerk is the perfect place for you to take your kid to. The occasional art exhibitions and music concerts will keep your kid engaged while you marvel at the architectural beauty of the church. 

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  2. What are the romantic places to visit in Amsterdam?

    1. Begijnhof: Cited as one of the ancient hofjes in the whole of Amsterdam. This includes private residences, historic buildings, churches, and a courtyard where you and your partner can roam hand in hand, taking in the view.  

    2. Canal Belt: Being labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site has increased the popularity of the canal belt among the couples. You can see the various historical buildings with your partner and make some new memories. 

    3. Vondelpark: Catering to people of varied tastes with adventure activities as well as an abundance of nature and wildlife, this park is the perfect place for you to know your partner on a deeper level. 

    4. Keukenhof: Credited for being the biggest flower garden across the globe and affectionately named as the garden of Europe, this garden houses several floral species, including tulips and orchids in fascinating shades. You can woo your partner with the romantic sight of the garden.

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  3. Which are the best places to visit in Amsterdam in November?

    1. Van Gogh Museum: When visiting Amsterdam you cannot afford to miss out on this iconic museum named after the famous painter Van Gogh. You can witness more than 200 paintings of Van Gogh, his letters which are appreciated by thousands of people visiting the place.

    This place gives absolute solace to the art lovers who find beauty is the art and cannot help but fall in love with the wonderful paintings by the famous artist. 

    2. Amsterdam Canal Cruise: To take a tour of the iconic city of Amsterdam filled with trees, flowers and peace all around you must definitely visit the Amsterdam Canal Cruise. You can hire a cruise and go along the canals to take a beautiful ride of the city lines with small houses, cafe shops and many more.

    It is quite fun to ride these cruises in the rainy or winter season when you can witness the snow and stop by some coffee shop to sip some hot chocolates too. 

    If you are planning a trip to Netherland, then you can Checkout & Book: Netherlands Trip Packages

    3. Amsterdam IcebarAnother amusing place to visit in Amsterdam is the Amsterdam Icebar which is flocked by a large number of tourists visiting the place. It is well known for its unique design that is a bar completely filled with artificial ice yet giving a mild cold temperature. You can enjoy your time here drinking their speciality beers or take pictures in the ice and snowmans enhancing the beauty of the place. 

    4. Muiden Castle: To take a look around the castles which you have only heard in the fairytales, take a trip to the most beautiful Muiden Castle which is located around lots of greenery and natural surroundings adding to its beauty. You can go inside and tour the insides and know a lot about its history too. This castle looks extremely beautiful in the winters with its snow clad peaks and is an absolute delight to watch out for. 

    5. Efteling Park: One of the most fun filled and enjoyable places to visit in Amsterdam is Efteling park that is a fantasy themed amusement park. You can take rides in the park that are designed according to the fairy tales. You will also witness the famous folktales of the place according to which the games and other parts of the park are designed.

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  4. What is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

    The most ideal time to visit Amsterdam is the fall season, between the months of September and November. During this time of the year the weather of Amsterdam is mild and pleasant and the crowd is less.

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  5. What should I avoid in Amsterdam?

    - Avoid using cannabis in public.
    - Avoid smoking in trains and train stations.
    - Avoid walking along the bicycle lanes.
    - Avoid riding a Tram, bus or train without a valid ticket.
    - Avoid taking pictures of the Red Light District's windows.

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  6. Why is Amsterdam the best place to visit?

    Over 40 intriguing museums, stunning entertainment venues, and numerous impressive theaters, make Amsterdam a great place to visit in Europe. The well-preserved historic buildings, charming wooden bridges, and picturesque canals also lure many tourists to Amsterdam.

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  7. Is Amsterdam an expensive city?

    Yes, Amsterdam is an expensive city to visit in Europe. However, you can plan a budget trip to Amsterdam, if you choose to stay in a hostel or dormitory, take public transports for sightseeing like bus, train, or tram, and eat majorly at food courts.

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  8. How much is a trip to Amsterdam for 2?

    The cost of a trip to Amsterdam for two people for a week will sum up to around €1,861 (1,62,223.49 Indian Rupee). However, this may vary depending majorly upon the place you stay and eat at.

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