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Auli is a hill station located in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand state in India. It has rightly derived its name Auli - meaning meadows, from the characteristics of its topography. The hill station is located on slopes and has far stretching meadows that look stunning to the eyes. Auli is fondly referred to as a place where nature comes alive in all its glory and splendour. It is rich in natural resources and offers a stunning landscape of the surrounding hills.

The hill station has a plethora of wildflowers and trees like deodars, oaks, coniferous and pine forests. The slopes here that are as high as 9000 feet above sea level offer stunning views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks; like that of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dunagiri and Mana Parvat. 
There are a number of attractions here at the hill station. The most famous one amongst tourists is the ropeway.

It is the highest and the longest one not just in India but the whole of Asia and it offers magnificent views of the Himalayan peaks. Auli’s artificial lake is another attraction which is one of the world’s highest man-made lakes. Similarly, Chattrakund and Chenab lake are also two other lakes worth visiting in Auli. 
Auli is also known as the skiing capital of India which explains how well the activity can truly be enjoyed here.

The winter months offer this thrilling experience and invite enthusiasts from across the globe. Other activities in Auli include trekking to nearby hills like Guarso and Kwani Bugyal. There is also a great scope for camping in and around Auli.  
The cherry on top is the weather in Auli. The hill station being located on a slope is high in altitude but is also surrounded by dense vegetation of deodars and oaks. This controls the pace of the wind blowing here and thus, giving Auli a pleasant environment.

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14 February 2015
Auli Skiing Tour, Uttarakhand was an excellent tour. It was interesting and exciting. I thought India didn’t have a lot of adventurous sports, but I was clearly wrong. The Auli Skiing was just about perfect and I would really want to try other adventurous sports here.
09 December 2019
the trip was awesome. food and stay was comfortable. it was a perfect trip into the himalayas. just the way i wanted it to be. thanks thrillophilia for making it a lifetime experience for me. will plan more trips with you guys in future.
09 December 2019
I live in Delhi & I booked this tour according to enjoy vacations with my friends, from the moment we reached our destinaitons Thrillophilia team was there for taking care for everything and they really done it well. We enjoyed so much, our stay was were at really beautiful location and the food is also good. The trekking part went really amazingly, thanks Thrillophilia.
09 December 2019
Auli is one of the most beautiful place to visit especially for holidays and weekends. I went to Auli from Delhi for the first time and loved the experience. Also, Thrillophilia provided a guide to share detailed information about the place. I am glad that I booked this tour from Thrillophilia at the lowest price and got such an awesome experience.
09 December 2019
Auli is one the best place i have visited till today, there is so much snow which covered there. I never saw snowfall, it was my first experince. There is famous ropway in auli ,which is a must do. I visited here with my friends and we had so much fun.
07 January 2020
Very Good
The experience was amazing. skieng was good. also the chair car ride. However, one thing is that no transport is provided from joshimath to auli and these guys dont book a ropeway ride for you
17 December 2019
I booked this amazing tour from thrillophilia. I enjoyed so much with my friends at the new year's eve of 2018. Our location was very beautiful and the food was also very delicious. I would highly recommend this tour.
17 December 2019
New year in Auli is the best decision that I took. I enjoyed all the adventure activities that they provide like Trekking, Ropeway & Skiing. had a great party and very well organized for new years eve
16 December 2019
Weekend Trip to Auli was awesome. we travelled from Delhi to Auli to celebrate New year's Eve. We booked this amazing package from Thrillophilia. Everything was planned perfectly by the Thrillophilia team. all meals were provided in the package, food was very delicious and that experience. THanks Thrillophilia.
16 December 2019
I went to Auli to celebrate new year 2019 with family. Auli is very beautiful in winter with snow covered hills and landscapes. Our hotel was very comfortable and staff also arranged the bonfire which kids liked a lot. Skiing was fun experience and who don’t want to play in snow. It was worth every penny spent. Food was very good, transport was comfortable. We also enjoyed cable car ride. Overall 5 star rating to Thrillophilia for organizing such a memorable new year trip for us.

People Also Ask About Auli

  1. When is the best time to visit Auli?

    The hill station of Auli is open for the tourists and travellers throughout the year but if you are more into skiing and other adventures than the time between January and March is more preferable. During this time of winters, maximum numbers of skiing festivals and championships are held in Auli for the traveller’s entertainment.

    - The time from April to June, during the summers, the place becomes suitable for sightseeing and even trekking.
    - The monsoon time in Auli brings a moderate climate during which you can enjoy the views of bloomed flowers and even can give a visit to the valley of flowers situated near the hill station.
    - The winters from October to February brings snow fall in the town making it the most suitable place for skiing. 

  2. What is the cheapest and best resorts in Auli?

    Auli resorts are known for providing warm hospitality to their visitors along with various fun and adventurous activities planned for them. Check out the list of best resorts in Auli for a family trip.

    1. Clifftop Club Resort 
    2. The Royal Village Resort 
    3. The Tattva Resort Blue Poppy 
    4. Resorts Dream Mountain 
    5. Resort Manik Resort

  3. What is Auli famous for?

    As Auli means meadows, this popular tourist destination in Uttarakhand is rightly famous for being home to meadows surrounded by the dense vegetation of oaks and coniferous. It is popular for its natural attractions, panoramic views of the snow-clad mountains, wildflowers, trees, and lush vegetation. Moreover, Auli is also famous for being an adventure sports destination, especially during the winters when one can enjoy skiing here.

  4. What are the best travel advice for visiting Auli?

    - Do not entertain the beggars. If you give money to one, many others will follow you back.
    - Though the street food and delicacies in Auli are very authentic however, you must still check for the quality before you buy anything.
    - Whenever you buy a bottle of drinking water, you must check for the seal. If the seal is broken, you must avoid buying that bottle.
    - Buy a bottle of the brand that is known to you. Several replica brands come into play and tend to deceive you.
    - Make sure you never leave your cash or valuables in the hotel room.
    - Avoid going out of the room with too much cash in your pocket.
    - Avoid traveling during the night hours.
    - Ensure that you maintain the integrity of the place by not getting involved in any brawls or fights.
    - Do not indulge in drugs of any form.
    - Carry with you a necessary first aid kit.
    - Do not wear clothes that are skimpy or revealing.
    - Always be polite when you communicate with the locals.
    - Always carry with you a copy of your necessary documents like ID, passport or license.
    - Make sure you do not book a hotel in a secluded place.
  5. Is it safe to visit Auli in December?

    December in Auli serves as one of the peak seasons for tourist visits. During this month, Auli has heavy snowfall which invites enthusiasts to indulge in the activity of skiing. It is absolutely safe and sound for everyone. In fact, Auli is also quite known for being the skiing capital of India.

  6. Can we go to Auli by car?

    Yes, Auli can be reached by car. From Delhi, it is located at a distance of 388 kilometers which makes for a drive time of 9 to 10 hours. While from Chandigarh, it is situated at a distance of 280 kilometers which makes for a drive time of 8 to 9 hours.

  7. Is Auli good for honeymoon?

    Auli is considered to be one of the best destinations for honeymooners in India. With beautiful landscapes and a cold, pleasant weather during most months of the year, the place has a romantic vibe to it. There are a number of resorts and hotels that provide with special packages for honeymoon couples along with customised arrangements as well. There are also the traditional Bukhari warmed huts here that offer couples a unique stay option. All these factors make Auli a great pick for a honeymoon.

  8. How many days are enough for Auli?

    An ideal holiday in Auli would not take more than 4 nights, 5 days. This would be enough time for one to look around the tiny hill station, visit all the tourist attractions and engage in adventure activities, outdoor sports if one may wish to. Somebody who wants more time for relaxation in the lap of nature can extend their trip to a week or even 10 days. It is certainly a place where you can spend endless time reading a book in a cafe, overlooking the snowclad mountains and sipping some hot tea.

  9. Where is Auli situated?

    Auli is situated in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. It is nestled in the northern part of the state and forms a portion of the Garhwal region. The hill station is on the slopes of over 9000 feet above sea level and as the name suggests, full of meadows. These slopes are covered by dense vegetation of deodar and oak forests.

  10. How to reach Auli?

    There are several means of transport with the help of which you can easily reach the hill station without any worries.

    • By Air: If you are travelling by air then the nearest airport situated near Auli is the Jolly grant airport in Dehradun which is just 279 km from Auli. After getting off one can easily find any taxi near the airport or even can book a car to take them to Auli.
    • By Train: Places nearer to Auli like Rishikesh, Dehradun and Haridwar all have the railways facilities. The nearest of all stations Raiwala station near Rishikesh, which is approximately 250 km away from Auli. The station provides bus services and taxis to take the tourist to Auli.
    • By Road: The nearest bus stand or place from Auli is Joshimath which is just 16 km away from Auli. One can easily get a bus by state transport and union or else can even hire a taxi or a private car. From Rishikesh Auli is 253 km but there is no direct buses available from here so one has to travel from Rishikesh to Joshimath and then from there to Auli.
    • By Cable Car: As many less people knows, the Joshimath to Auli Gorson ropeway system is one of the India’s longest ropeway service till date covering a 4.15 distance in only 22 minutes. This ropeway system is a fun way to travel to Auli from Joshimath which also allows a great view of the Himalayan peaks.
  11. What are the different activities to do in Auli?

    Apart from being a ski resort, Auli also provides many more other things to do and visit while your stay in the town. There are so many different and exciting things that one can easily enjoy without any risks or worries.

    • Camping: If you love forests then camping in the town of Auli is a must do for you. Who wouldn't love waking up to a beautiful sunrise and snow covered mountains.
    • Trekking: The tourist and travellers who love adventures, the Auli to Gorson trek is a must go in their list. It is a fun filled challenge walking on the snow covered mountains and camping on the snow. There are a lots of other things to do in Auli but these four things are must try.
  12. Which are the famous sightseeing attractions in Auli?

    It will be a bad thought if you think Auli is only meant for skiing. Auli gives you some mesmerizing and amazing sights and views from where you never want to come back. Here are some must visit places if you are in Auli.

    • Gurso Bugyal
    • Kwani bugyal
    • Panoramic view point in a height of 7817 meters.
    • Chenab lake
    • Trishul peak
    • Joshimath
  13. What are the best public transport modes to commute around Auli?

    The tourist transportation in Auli is not a big thing to worry about; the place contains roads and local rails which make the transportation from one place to another in Auli an easy task to do.

    • One can hire a private car or taxi from the various travel agencies that give you car in rent according to your accommodation.
    • The other means of transportation is by local bus provided by the government.
  14. What is the drinking law in Auli?

    The legal age for drinking in Auli is 21 years.
  15. Which are the best places for shopping in Auli?

    When it comes to shopping, Auli is not a quiet preferred place for the same. As the most preferable thing to do in Auli is having fun in the snow therefore people rarely think about spending in buying things. The nearest place to shop is in Joshimath which is 13 km away from Auli. There in the marketplace you can easily get hold of some woollen things like scarves, blankets, shawls and many more.

  16. What is the best local cuisine here? Where can I get to try it?

    The availability of food choices in Auli are limited so one can find different cuisines in the hotels they are staying in or any other restaurant around the town. The local cuisine of the town is Garhwali which includes varieties of dals, leafy vegetables and rise. Apart from that the local Kachampuli, a non vegan dish is quite famous. Sweet dish Bal Mithai is yet another dish along with the Singhori dish. You can find these in the places like

  17. What are the famous treks in Auli?

    Trekking has always been a fun thing to do in Auli apart from skiing in the snow. The town is packed with some interesting trekking packages to blow your mind off and leave you dazzled. Some famous treks are, treks to

    - Nanda devi
    - Kamet
    - Mana parvat
    - Dunagiri
    - Joshimath

  18. What is the best time to witness snowfall in Auli?

    Auli stays snow covered for the 12 months of the year which makes it one of the snow covered hill stations. But if you want to experience snowfall and snow views than the best time to visit Auli is during the month of January to February. You can enjoy skiing, trekking as well as can play snow fights in the freshly fallen snow.

  19. What are the best skiing locations in Auli?

    The king of skiing, Auli is an enchanting place providing the best of skiing to the tourists and travellers who visit Auli for fun. There are many resorts who give a skiing service to the tourists according to their accommodation.

    • Auli resort
    • Cliff top club