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Mount Abu Tour Packages

If you want to experience a different kind of Rajasthan then planning Mount Abu Tours Package is the way to do that. Mount Abu is the one and only hill station in the state and offers a weather that is of entirely different kind from any other place in Rajasthan. It’s cool and green, and offers comfort and tranquility. This has resulted in turning Mount Abu into a very popular destination among tourists. What adds to the whole experience is the Dilwara temple. This is one of India’s prime tourist attractions because of its stunning architecture. It was built almost a thousand years ago and it had taken more than 200 years to complete it. The religious minds will find solace in Mount Abu.

Other than this piece of architectural beauty, Mount Abu also has a few beautiful lakes. You can spend hours wandering around them and enjoy the view. Their presence makes this mountain area a popular destination among tourists who are searching for romantic atmosphere, which is also enhanced by the soft greenery of Mount Abu. The forests here are dense and very lively. The highest peak of Aravali Range, Guru Shikhar, is located in Mount Abu and its presence will inspire humbleness in you. At 1700 meters above sea level, Mount Abu surely is the liveliest part of Rajasthan. The residential areas of Mount Abu are also very attractive in terms of the beauty of the houses. The clear British influence in their architecture makes these houses appear sophisticated and from a more romantic era. The tribes living in the forest areas add to the great culture of Mount Abu and experiencing it will fulfill your needs as a traveler. If you are visiting Rajasthan then don’t forget to include Mount Abu tour package in your plan. You simply cannot ignore this hill station.

Popular Packages

Package Name Duration Price Starts From Rating  
  Exploring Udaipur and Mt. Abu 4D 3N ₹ 14960 3.0 star View Details
  Rural Rumble Bicycle Tour in Udaipur, Rajasthan 2D 1N ₹ 9780 4.0 star View Details
  9 Days 8 Nights Motorcycle Tour in Rajasthan 9D 8N ₹ 39000 4.0 star View Details
  • l
    d4 Days n3 Nights

    About the Activity:If you love exploring different places than this is the perfect vacation for you.Enthrall in this exciting tour in Rajasthan and relish yourself with the amazing landscapes of these places.Visit the famous Bagore ki Haveli, Jagdish Temple, Saheliyon Ki...

    Good 3.0
    37 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    d2 Days n1 Night

    Bicycle Tour in Udaipur starts with a drive towards Sadri Dam (95 km towards Jodhpur). Here, the bicycles will be waiting along with the safety vehicle. The tour starts from the dam and you starts cycling towards Ghanerao Castle (22 km) Eat your lunch on your way tow...

    Very Good 4.0
    32 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    d9 Days n8 Nights

    About the Activity:Get ready to traverse the roads of Rajasthan while you head out on this thrilling motorcycle tour for 9 days and 8 nights.Start your tour after getting picked up from your hotel and after a brief introduction with the team head out for a test ride.Ride...

    Very Good 4.0
    35 ratings

    Starting from


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What You Should Know More About Tours in Mount Abu

  • Q. Which are the best camping sites in Mount Abu?

    Mount Abu has a lot of beautiful mountain and forest areas that are popular among campers. However, there are also some hidden parts of Mount Abu where you can experience the joy of camping in the wild. If you are someone who enjoys the silence of the mountain then these camping destinations will make you most happy. Following are the spots where the wild life department allows you to camp:

    Bhrigu Ashram
    Jawai village
    Utraj Oriya
    Salgaon Watch Tower
    Arna Watch Tower
    Rishikesh Temple
    Trevor’s Tank
    Chhipa Beri
    Agneshwar Ashram

  • Q. Which are the best places for rock climbing in Mount Abu?

    You can indulge in the most exciting activity of rock climbing when visiting Mount Abu. Being a mountain area, there are multiple places to d it. These are the most popular ones:

    Basic Field
    This is a simple rock climbing facility for people who want to enjoy a casual climbing experience. There are instructors who will help you.

    Swami Vivekanand Institute of Mountaineering
    If you have done rock climbing before then this is where you need to be. SVIM is the most popular destination in Mount Abu among rock climbers.

    Arbuda Wall
    Surrounded by greenery, this large rock is where most of the local climbers learn their skills. You can trek up to the wall and enjoy the adventure.

  • Q. Which are the best trekking tours in Mount Abu?

    Mount Abu is a paradise for trekkers. The mountain ways and the forest trails are tailor made for the travelers who want to discover new places. Mount Abu has a lot of official trekking points that are extremely popular, and you can even camp in some of these places. Most of them are perfect for casual trekkers too. Pack your bags with food and water, and start your adventure on foot from these destinations:

    Achalgarh Fort trek
    Utraj Village trek
    Salgaon trek
    Nakki Lake trek
    Tiger Path trek
    Vashtanji Temple trek
    Aarna Village trek
    Jawai trek

  • Q. Which are the best places for rappelling in Mount Abu?

    The culture of rappelling in Mount Abu is a rather new one. There is no more than a couple of places in the area where you can do this. However, there are many adventure tour organizers in the Mount Abu are who take people to rappelling tours. If you are in mood for it then surely you shouldn’t miss the chance to experience this adventure sport. Rappelling doesn’t require any expertise. If you have done trekking and rock climbing before then rappelling won’t be a hard thing for you to master. Even if you have not done anything like it before, you can still enjoy it with the help of an instructor.

  • Q. When can I do a boating tour in Mount Abu?

    For the travelers who want to enjoy boating, Nakki Lake is the destination for them in Mount Abu. Nakki Lake is believed to be a very sacred area and many Hindu devotees come here. If legends are to be believed then this lake was dug out with fingernails. There are two kinds of boating services available to ride on the lake. You can either rent a paddle boat to ride it on your own or you can get a rowboat and let someone else take you on the ride. It can cost you from 300 to 600 INR, depending on the boat.

  • Q. Which are the best family friendly tours in Mount Abu?

    Spending a holiday in Mount Abu with your family is a great way to have a memorable trip with your loved ones. There are more than enough places to go or things to do in Mount Abu for your entire family. From trekking and camping to sightseeing, you have a good variety of choices to keep everyone happy. When in Mount Abu, don’t forget to take your family to these places:

    Dilwara Temples
    Adhar Devi Temple
    Nakki Lake
    Trevor's Tank
    Sunset Point
    Guru Shikhar
    Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
    Brahma Kumaris
    Raghunath Temple
    Achalgarh Fort

  • Q. Which are the best cycle tours to do in Mount Abu?

    Mount Abu has beautiful mountain trails that lead to some of the most beautiful sites in the hill station. If you want to explore the area in a cycle then that can be an unforgettable adventure. You can rent a cycle from a shop or borrow one from the resort you are staying in. the best way to enjoy the tour is to travel around the area without a particular destination. However, there are destination cycle tours for you too. Consider these ones:

    Different temple
    Nakki Lake area
    Trevor's Tank
    Sunset Point
    Achalgarh Fort

  • Q. Which are the best honeymoon tours in Mount Abu?

    A honeymoon in Mount Abu is just what you need if you are looking for a destination where you can have some privacy. You can take part in multiple activities that can be enjoyed with your partner. Here are a few things that will make your honeymoon in Mount Abu memorable:

    Watch the sunset from the Honeymoon Point
    Go on a trek together
    Rock climbing challenge
    Camp in the wild
    Boating on Nakki Lake
    Visit religious places
    Stay in a romantic hotel
    Visit the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Q. Which are the top attractions for a sightseeing tour in Mount Abu?

    The abundance of beauty in Mount Abu has made it one of Rajasthan’s most visited tourist destinations. There are a lot of great things to do and see in this hill station. Here are some sightseeing spots you must visit:

    Dilwara Jain Temples
    Bharat Ma
    Guru Shikhar
    Achal Garh Temple
    Sunset Point
    Bailey's Walk
    Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University
    Shri Raghunathji Temple
    Adhar Devi Temple
    Luna Vasahi Temple
    Achalgarh Fort
    Vimal Vasahi
    Gaumukh Temple
    Hanuman Mandir
    Honeymoon Point
    Raghunath Temple
    Universal Peace Hall
    Doodh Baori

  • Q. Which are the best cultural experiences in Mount Abu?

    The culture of Mount Abu is no different from Rajasthan’s in terms of music, dance, color, and taste. Local dance forms like Gair and Daph are famous among the tourists. You can experience a roadside dance or folk music show and let yourself dip into the richness of Mount Abu. Another cultural activity to try in Mount Abu is to taste the local food. The spicy flavor will satisfy all of your senses.