12 Best Things to Do in Dalhousie - 2020 (with 2300+ Reviews)
Things to do in Dalhousie take one to a new set of activities while being at a beautiful location, nestled in the Himalayan lap. This ideal holiday destination offers one to enjoy boating at Chamera lake, hike up at the Kalatop wildlife sanctuary, pay respect at Chamunda Devi Temple and many more things one would love to do.

Dalhousie itself attracts a large number of visitors every year and the activities make one get ready to explore it at a distinct note. And that calm and pleasant weather when engulfs the conifers around, give a classy soothing vibe. 

From sightseeing to trekking, nature trails to village excursions, local tours to shopping experiences or spending a day at leisure in Khajjiar, Dalhousie encompasses it all.

Here are some of the best things to do in Dalhousie:


Get Mesmerize with the View of Panch Pulla Waterfall

Get Mesmerize with the View of Panch Pulla Waterfall
Image Credit : SujayaDhar - flickr
With the literal meaning of five bridges, Panch Pulla is a blend of five streams that combine to form a waterfall. Soring eyes can get a smoothness here as spot if interwoven with dense green surroundings having pine and deodar trees with meadows lined up.

A monument has been installed up in the parkland dedicated to Sardar Ajit Singh, revolutionary of old times. Best to visit in monsoons, trekkers, photographers, and hikers love to be here and spend some time in the calmness of nature.

3.5 km from Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie

Open all day.

Ride a Boat in Glistening Chamera Lake

Ride a Boat in Glistening Chamera Lake

Experience the classic lake beauty by boating in it and boasting the efforts of creating it on Chamera dam, artificially. A treat to the soul, the lake is surrounded by high hills which shines with greenery. 

Sit or camp at the edges, or just take a boat to do some fishing and chilling with friends or lover, this is surely going to calm all the nerves within a few seconds. One can also be at peace with sunrise while the gutless waters and those hills engulf you its own natural beauty.

Distance: 30 km from Dalhousie

Timings: 7.00 AM to 5.00 PM, every day.


Spend a Picnic Day at Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar

Spend a Picnic Day at Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar

A little cliche to call to it mini Switzerland in beginning, Khajjiar has a charm of green meadows, dense forests on the edges and is surely heaven on earth. Having a resemblance to Switzerland's topography, Khajjiar also offers picturesque views, activities like trekking to perform and play games like zorbing, paragliding and much more. 

The lake in the centre is a cherry on top of the already existing spellbinding charm. No wonder, once you visit this famous spot, all your senses will let you call it by a famous name, whether it's common or not!

Distance: 24 km from Dalhousie.

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Hike Up to the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Hike Up to the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

With a grand plethora of wild trees, flora, fauna, grasslands, and views of snowcapped mountains, Kalatop wildlife sanctuary comes alive near to Dalhousie. Interestingly, it is marked with nature trails that offer trekking and walk options while exploring plenty of species including  Himalayan Monal, Eurasian jay, pines & firs, and magical landscape, enough for a thrill and adventure.

Moreover, one feels fresh with water streams that empty itself in Ravi river, stuck in the north of the sanctuary.

Distance: 8 km from Dalhousie

Timings: 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM, every day

Entry fee: None! Except Rs 250 for the reserve area.


Say Hi to Awe-Inspiring Satdhara Falls

Say Hi to Awe-Inspiring Satdhara Falls

As the name calls out, Satdhara actually means seven springs that combine together while falling in the plunge pool below. Perfect for all the people who wish to be in a tranquil surrounding, these crystal clear waters emerge from a lush green environment. Experience the freshness of wet mud, droplets, and the smell of vegetations that is going to make you feel lovely. 

Surely, visiting here is one the amazing things to do in Dalhousie, where perfection is just a plus and one can close the eyes while hearing the sweet noise of falls. Do not forget to carry an extra pair of clothes, you will surely be driven towards dipping yourself in the cool waters.

Distance: On the way to Panchpula, one can easily locate Satdhara falls.


Trek to the Ganji Pahari

Trek to the Ganji Pahari

Ganji Pahari, called by the name has the literal meaning of Bald Hill and is called so due to lack of vegetation at the hill-top. The hill is close to trekkers’ hearts as it offers a lovely view from the top and shows easy to moderate level of hiking from Panchapula as its base. 

Interestingly, this trek is favourable in all seasons and winters invite a good amount of snow, driving people towards it.Take it as a pro tip, carry own food and water bottles as you won’t be able to find any cafe!

Distance: Panchapula is 6 km from Dalhousie from where one needs to hike up to reach Ganji Pahari.


Trek to Incredible Dainkund Peak

Trek to Incredible Dainkund Peak

One of the highest points of Dalhousie brings one close to Dainkund peak, whose trails are swayed away by the lovely breeze creating music and mesmerizing snow capped mount views. Not only easy but trekking to the top is an adventure, beginner love to explore. 

As the peak is in hands, one view rivers, meadows, and waterfalls, incredible to see it. One can find Air Force base and local temple at the top, acting as the major attractions. Hold on the excitement when you experience one of the adventurous things to do in Dalhousie.

Distance: 13 km to the base camp from Dalhousie.


Pay a Visit to Subhash Baoli

Named after freedom fighter, Subhash Chandra Bose, the Baoli is a perennial spring and is famous for medicinal properties which are capable of recovering from ill-health.

It is situated within tall & dense trees and is a perfect location for taking strolls with your partner and soaking the beauty in eyes.

Distance: 1 km from Dalhousie.

Timings: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every day.


Offer Your Prayers at Chamunda Devi Temple

Offer Your Prayers at Chamunda Devi Temple

Dedicated to Goddess Kali, Chamunda Devi temple has a beautiful ambience along with the mythological history attached to the same. Enshrined with a lot of other Gods and Goddesses, the temple premises can be reached with a short trek of approx 2 km.

It is also marked with detailed carvings and colourful flags, surrounded with lush green areas, giving the whole aura calm and serenity. It is one of the calming things to do in Dalhousie.

Distance: 128 km from Dalhousie, at Chamba Valley

Timings: 6.00 AM to 7.00 PM.


Shopping at Tibetan Handicrafts Market

Shopping at Tibetan Handicrafts Market

Shopping at the hill station is the only thing that completes the whole trip. Tibetan handicrafts market encompasses exquisite carpets, wall hangings, jewellery, bags, shawls, scarves and much more to entice all its visitors. 

The best part about it is bargained prices that delights all without pinching pockets and give chance to smack some local dishes at the food stalls. Go with a wallet of cash and you will be back with loads of happy shopping bags.

Distance: 1.8km from Dalhousie

Timings: 10.30 AM to 7.30 PM.


Visit to St. John’s Church

Visit to St. John’s Church

This piece of architecture reminds you of old-style stone construction housing a beautiful church, led by a nice aisle and lovely backdrop. The interiors possess glass paintings, enticed with glorified colours and show various stories of Saints John & Peter. 

Adjacent to it is an old library that attracts its readers even from distant lands and comprises of a large collection of books related to the history and geography of the region. Do not forget to visit the church on Sunday mornings when mass prayers take place and show you the love for God at a new level.

Distance: 3.4km from Dalhousie.

Timings: 7.00 AM to 5.00 PM.


Stroll Through the Garam Sadak

Stroll Through the Garam Sadak

While exploring all the things to do in Dalhousie, Garam Sadak might sound a little weird but it got its name after realizing the hot temperature it acquires during the daytime. The charm of Dalhousie can be viewed while taking a walk here while gazing at the stunning landscape of valleys and hills.

Bordered by tall trees, the lane compacts local shops from one can buy their daily necessities. Carry a camera along with you and do not forget to click shots that will mesmerize all through life. Moreover, even if you wish to come during night time, the street remains cosy, yet it is advised to carry torchlights along.

Distance: 2.7 km from Dalhousie.

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Beautiful resort stay in Dalhousie with college friends. We needed to getaway from cities. The panoramic view of the mountains was very therapeutic, and the destination was relatively unexplored and offbeat. Almost no network connectivity though, so more peace and quiet. Caught up over drinks, and explored Khajiar roads and Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary. The tour guide Narendar was very insightful and enthusiastic. Told us a lot about the Pir Panjal ranges and local treks. Wish we could have spent more time here. The resort was very luxurious and spacious. The facilities and amenities were excellent, with enough touches of modernity. Thanks, Thrillophilia. Value for money. Will recommend.
I was in Dalhousie this summer and really wanted to do the Dainkund Peak Trek, so I was quite happy when I found the tour online. My friends previously had booked with Thrillophilia and they told me I would have a good time. The trek was really fun, but a little difficult for me, however, I was still able to do I because everyone around me was so helpful, especially Ajay the guide, who made sure I kept up with the group.
Mind blowing views. Clear weather. Easy to moderate trek. Outstanding experience. Blessed place. Best to watch the serenity from the top. Must go place.
we got a little late in the morning but we were pleased to see Ratan, our driver waiting for us. he took us to our meeting point while telling us about places on our way. the trek leader was also cooperative and it went all smooth because of the efforts of team Thrillophilia. Kudos to you all!!
Stayed here during the winter months when the entire valley was snow-covered. This little house is so tempting with the panoramic views and other essential facilities to tackle cold like hot water, electric kettle etc. It was my winter retreat.
Thrillophilia organized the trip very well and I mostly prefer it bcoz it is always easy for me without unnecessary toil I get exactly what I want.
Well organized trip by Thrillophilia. the people were very professional and the service was amazing and on time. The trip was filled with fun, we literally enjoyed every bit.
My experience of staying there was fantastic, the accommodation, foods, their services, and the staff everything was awesome
"it is cool.comfotable Trek you can easily do with family with views parallel to Switzerland"
Having trekked the trail with Thrillophilia, I strongly recommend the activity to thrill seekers looking for a beginner level trek. It'd have been more fun if camping was included.

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