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Best Honeymoon Tours in Greece

Rightly known as the cradle of Western civilization, this is a place which has been alluring travellers and couples alike for the best honeymoon tours in Greece. It is much more than a city and is a living testimony of many events of historical significance. It was a highly influential city in ancient times and to the enjoyment of many people, it still retains its old world charm. People with an instinct of wanderlust, find Greece a highly attractive city. Presently, it is known for its beaches, black sands of Santorini and the party resorts of Mykonos. The geographical position of Greece is often attributed with it being the confluence of many civilizations. It still has traces of some of the world’s greatest civilizations and their evolution over the period of time. The awesome architecture still astounds the visitors in the form of monuments, settlements and miniature forms of art. The Greek civilization is itself of myriad hues and comprises a blend of ancient and modern cultural art forms.


In short, a visit to Greece is always fulfilling. For people who want to know more of this multihued culture, a visit to Greece is compulsory. Often newly wedded couples, who have an interest in knocking the doors of history, yearn to do it together. This is the reason why Greece is a very popular choice among the honeymooners. Greece is the home to many monuments, which are in the list of World Heritage Monuments by UNESCO. Some of them are Temple of Apollo Epicurius, Archaeological Site of Delphi and Sanctuary of Asklepios. The inclusion of so many monuments in the list of World Heritage Monuments is proof enough to show that Greece and its people are proud of their rich culture and history and constantly take care of them. Travelers, of any kind, can enjoy these magnificent creations of human beings and cherish their trip to Greece.
We have compiled the best honeymoon tours in Greece for a romantic and fun filled getaway here.

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What You Should Know More About Honeymoon in Greece

  • Is Greece a good honeymoon destination and why?

    Greece and its islands are one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of the world. Santorini or the island of Mykonos is aptly suited to comply with the feelings of the much in love couple. The white villages in Santorini, overlooking the sea in a huge volcanic caldera are a beautiful manifestation of nature at its best. The whitewashed houses in Mykonos, a huge number of shops, restaurants, boutiques and bars provide people with everything that they might need on a trip. A vibrant nightlife, shopping, eating, engaging in water sports and ample of privacy, this is what couples look out for while on their honeymoon. Greece never disappoints with the unavailability of either of the above. The wonderful union of the blue sky and the bluer sea makes the ambience even more romantic.

  • Which is the best time to visit Greece for a honeymoon? What is the ideal duration for a honeymoon in Greece?

    The best time to visit the islands and beaches of Greece is from late May to early October. This is the time when the weather is absolutely perfect for the honeymoon couples.
    For great weather, one should visit Greece between the above mentioned months. It is also ideal for swimming as the temperature of the water is cooler.
    For a great holiday in beach, June, July, August and September are the ideal months. One can not only swim but also experience a good amount of sun tanning.
    For sightseeing and enjoying everything Greece has to offer, the months of April, May, October and early November are the best.
    A trip for 8-10 days could be planned for discovering Greece and its soul.

  • What are the costs of Greece honeymoon packages?

    A honeymoon package to Greece starts from 48000 INR per person. This package is not a comprehensive one though. To get hold of a honeymoon package which will take care of all the needs of a first time couple, some special bookings can be made. These packages range anywhere between 60000 INR per person to 80000 INR per person. These look after airfares, sightseeing, accommodations and breakfasts. Other than these, there are customized packages as well.

  • What are some famous tourist attractions in Greece for honeymooners?

    Greece has a lot to offer to its visitors. From choosing to explore history, taking a sunbath in the beautiful beaches or have a lonely trip amidst the serenity of Nature, there is everything that one can do here. The newlyweds can enjoy the hospitality of the hotels, roam about in as many as 227 islands or enjoy the variety of culinary tastes. Some of the famous tourist attractions are:
    Mykonos-This island is known for its vivacious nightlife, summer parties and clubs. The island also has no dearth of natural beauty in terms of landscapes, sandy beaches, cliffs and charmful villages.
    Santorini is known for its beautiful sunsets. Couples often visit this place to solemnize their nuptials.
    Acropolis in Athens is a rocky mound and is surrounded by three temples, whose construction dates back to 5th century B.C. Athens is also known for Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Roman Forum and Kerameikos.
    The Thessaly Plain has to be visited while in Greece. Here some asymmetrical rock formations are surrounded by Meteora, which are monasteries of more than 100 years old.

  • What are the best activities which we can do in Greece while honeymooning?

    A survey indicates that thousands of people save money for visiting Greece at least once in their lifetime. This is because Greece is the home to some of the outlandishly romantic vacation spots of the world.
    A visit to Athens, the capital city, is a must. One of the best things to do here is to watch the marvelous sunset while sipping a mug of beer. This can be a perfect romantic date as well. The night time and night life at Athens is just spectacular.
    A unique thing which Greece offers to its visitors is the open air cinema. Watching a movie while sitting in a garden is a very good thing to do when spending quality time with the partner is the sole criteria. Outdoor cinema in Greece can be watched in the iconic Thission Open Air Cinema while enjoying a mug of beer, a slushie or an ice cream.
    Want to know more about the history of Olympics? A visit to the Kallimarmaron Olympic Stadium is must, as this is that place where the first modern Olympics took place. Enough to give goose bumps?
    National Garden is the ideal place to hold the hands of the partner and indulge in a romantic walk.

  • Which adventure activities can be enjoyed by couples in Greece?

    The country which is the origin of the biggest sport event in the world will definitely not be devoid of any adventure activities. Some spine chilling adventure activities which can be enjoyed here are:
    Windsurfing and kite-surfing.
    Rock climbing
    All these activities are responsible for discovering Greece’s beauties in every form. While the water sports help in knowing the unexplored life underneath the water, activities like rock climbing and trekking will help in exploring the rougher side of Greece’s natural beauty. This includes lofty peaks, white-water gorges, lakes, rivers and much more.

  • Which all places are best to enjoy romantic dinners in Greece?

    Food is the uniting factor between many. Nothing other than food can be as effective as creating a beautiful bond among the newly married couples. Greece is known for delicious sea food. A plethora of fine dining and romantic restaurants are found in Greece, which serve authentic Greek cuisine as well as fusion food. Most importantly they are perfect for romantic outings as well. The revered names include:
    Varoulko Seaside is known for unique yet delectable food combinations it has in offer for its customers. A view of the sea can also be enjoyed from here while having food.
    Funky Gourmet is known for its neoclassical approach towards its construction. They are known for offering unique Mediterranean dishes.
    Aleria is the perfect place to have food in a romantically designed courtyard.

  • What all water sports we can do in Greece while honeymooning?

    Water sports in Greece are available in plenty. With a coastline of 15000 km, there is bound to be ample water sporting activities over there. Greece is therefore a place where a whole lot of water activities can be done. Few of them are:
    Sea kayaking at Ithaca and Kefalonia: Sea kayaking in the cool waters of Ithaca and Kefalonia should not be missed. While kayaking, the wonderful sceneries of limestone cliffs can also be seen.
    Sailing at Aegina: Sailing in the deep waters of Greece is a thrilling water sport activity. The sun, wind and the sea, all will welcome you with open arms.
    Snorkeling, swimming, deep sea fishing and scuba diving are also a part of the itinerary.

  • Which are the best honeymoon resorts in Greece?

    Honeymoon in Greece will not be complete till the place of accommodation is not romantic. The resorts which the couples book for their honeymoons should have no disturbing factors and cater to the respective needs of the newly married couples. Some of them are:
    Thalassa Beach resort
    La Mer Deluxe Hotel and Spa
    Vedema and
    Corinna Mare Suites and Studios

  • Which are the best places for shopping in Greece during honeymoon?

    While you come for your honeymoon, you cannot give shopping a miss. Shopping in Greece is a wonderful experience as there are many shops offering wonderful products at reasonable prices. The local markets are the first places to try. There are flea markets as well, where all kinds of items are available. For lace or embroidered shirts, Anogia on Crete Island is the perfect place.

  • Which are best islands in Greece for honeymooners?

    If the search is on for a place, where one can escape from the daily routine of life, the islands of Greece suit the bill perfectly.
    Crete is the perfect place for exploring ancient Greek civilization. It is an ideal destination for family vacations as well as a honeymoon trip.
    Corfu is the island which offers you perfect opportunities for sunbathing and swimming. It also has Aqualand Water Park, which is a popular site among the kids.
    Lefkada is known for the water sporting opportunities it provides. It has the ideal conditions for windsurfing and sea kayaking.
    Mykonos is the most popular island for romantic holidays. Simply watching the sunset from the shining beaches will pave the way for an unforgettable romantic experience.

  • Are there any romantic cruise trips in Greece?

    Santorini, in Greece, is considered to be one of the most beautiful places to visit by the side of Aegean Sea. When Santorini is the honeymoon getaway, one should not forget the romantic tours which every couple should opt for. Nothing is more romantic than watching the sunset together and the icing on the cake is when it is watched from the waters. With an evening cruise, this can be done. One can also view the iconic Oia village. The cruises also allow romantic dips in the hot springs. Want to take a glimpse of the Santorini volcano? The cruise will help you do so. The tours also help to take a wine tasting trip as Santorini is also famous for its grape growing and wine making custom.