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  • Turkey is a beautiful country located both in Asia and Europe. One of the things to do in Turkey is to visit all the picturesque, scenic, historical, and enjoyable places. The Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles separate the two sides. The capital of Turkey is Ankara while the largest city is Istanbul. The currency of Turkey is Turkish Lira (TL). 

    There are many places to visit, including Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, Pamukkale Town and Bodrum, Kusadasi, and Alanya. Each place has many options, like Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia Museum (initially a Christian Basilica, then Imperial Mosque, now a Museum). This is one of the most prominent tourist attractions but we mentioned many others, which are also worth visiting. 

    All tourists must remember that during Ramadan and Sacrifice Festivals, certain restrictions do apply. For example, the Hagia Sophia Museum visits are halftime for Sacrifice Festivals not applicable for first days of Ramadan. On Public Holidays these places may be closed as well. 

    Here is the list of things to do in Turkey:

  • 01Things to Do in Istanbul

    Things to Do in Istanbul
    1. Visit Hagia Sophia Museum - Hagia Sophia Museum is located in Ayasofya Square. Initially, it was a Church and then a Mosque. Visiting hours are 9am-7pm. Tickets are 40 TL. Summer and winter schedules differ.  

    2. Ferry Ride down the Bosphorus - The whole Tour Ferry route is Istanbul-the Bosphorus-the Black Sea with in-between stops. It starts from Eminonu, Istanbul. The best time is May-September. Ferry frequency is better in the summer season. 

    3. Lost in the Grand Bazaar - As one of the world's largest covered markets, the Bazaar has about 61 streets with over 4000 shops. It is close to Beyazit Square and opened from 8:30am-7:00 pm except for Sunday.

    4. Delight your senses at the Spice Market - Open from 8am-7pm every day, the Market is located in Eminonu. Recommended buying items include dried fruits, Turkish Delight, and spices like Sumac and Saffron. But bargaining is a necessary requirement. 

    5. Catch the Tram at Taksim Square - This is called the Taksim-Tünel (T2) Nostalgia Tramway and is a Heritage Tram. The route is from Taksim to Tünel and is on the European side. It operates from 7am-8pm.
    6. Explore Blue Mosque - The name comes from the interior blue ceramic tiles and is entered from the Hippodrome. It is open every day to visitors, but people enter bear-feet and women cover their heads. 

    7. Have seafood under the Galata Bridge - There are a number of restaurants under the Galata Bridge, offering a variety of delicious freshly caught seafood. The eating experience also includes a beautiful waterfront view of the Bosphorus.

    8. Marvel the beauty of Topkapi Palace - The Topkapi Palace has 3 separate but beautiful visiting areas, the Museum, Harem and Hagia Irene. Tickets vary for each. Visiting hours are 9am-4:45pm in winter and 9am-6:45pm in summer. 

    9. Go underground at the Basilica Cistern - This is the largest cistern lying beneath the city of Istanbul and is simply spectacular. The 336 gigantic columns and 2 massive Medusa Heads, make this an absolutely extraordinary experience. 

    10. Feel like a giant at Miniaturk Park - Among the things to do in Turkey, a visit to Miniaturk Park is recommended. This is one of the world’s largest miniature parks and includes famous buildings, landmarks and ruins.  

    11. A day trip to the Princesí Islands - The trip begins with travelling across the Marmara Sea by Boat, to reach the Islands. A tour by horse-drawn carriage and exploration of tranquil pristine pine forests compete for the experience. 
    12. Visit the Chora Church - The Chora Church is a medieval Byzantine Greek Orthodox Church preserved as a Museum. Among things to do in Turkey, is a visit here to see beautiful frescos and mosaics.

    13. Explore Dolmabahce Palace - Dolmabahce Palace is known as one of the most opulent palaces in the world and was built in the 19th Century. With 285 rooms and gold ceilings, it is spectacular. 

    14. Drink Turkish tea - Tea is served at all times of the day and consumed black. Poured steaming hot into elegant tulip-shaped clear glasses, it forms an integral part of both conversation and life. 

    15. Go to Suleymaniye Mosque - Suleymaniye Mosque is an Ottoman Imperial Mosque and the second largest mosque in Istanbul. This grand Mosque has a number of külliye and tombs and visit remains forever memorable. 

    16. Visit a traditional Turkish Bathhouse - A traditional Turkish Bath is called a Hamam. It is an open area with a platform and has beautiful architecture. Here, a particular customary step-by-step method of bathing is followed. 
  • 02Things to Do in Bursa

    Things to Do in Bursa
    17. Witness the Grand Mosque - The Bursa Grand Mosque has 20 domes and 2 minarets. It has a great marble fountain, calligraphy adorning walls and pillars and an engraved scaled model of the Solar System.

    18. Visit Bursa Zoo - This one of the fun things to do in Turkey. The Zoo has animals from all around the world. It also has a large number of endemic species of Turkey. 

    19. Take the Teleferik (cable car) up Uludag - The Uludag Gondola or Teleferik connects Bursa with Uludag. This is one of the best experiences as visitors get a scenic view of Bursa city and the mountains near Uludag.

    20. Window shop for handmade crafts - Handmade crafts include ebru paintings, ceramics and tiles, silk scarves, metal art. Kayan Pazar, Irgandi Bridge, Balibey Han, Yesil neighbourhood and central bazaar include the areas where they are available.

    21. Enjoy Uludag National Park - Located in the Uludag mountains, Uludag National Park has picturesque forests rich in flora and fauna. It is also popular for winter sports. For these reasons, it attracts all tourists.
    22. Go, Green Tomb - The Green Tomb is the mausoleum of Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I. It was ordered and built by his son and is adorned by colourful tiles on the interior and exterior.

    23. Oylat Cave - Oylat Cave is located at the end of the Oylat Canyon. It contains an extraordinary formation of stalagmites, stalactites and pillars where stalagmites and stalactites have met and joined together. 

    24. Muradiye-Hudavendigar Mosque for architecture lovers - The Muradiye-Hudavendigar Mosque complex includes the Mosque of Sultan Murad II, the Muradiye Mosque. It has a reversed T-plan and includes a madrasa, soup-kitchen, boys’ Koran school, hamam, fountain, mousolea. 

    25. Discover The Tombs Of Osman - The Tombs of Osman Gazi and his son and successor Orhan Gazi are located in Tophane Park. They are known as the founders and first Sultans of the Ottoman Empire. 

    26. Horror at Bursa exit - Bursa Exit is the first real horror house in Bursa. It challenges daring visitors to find required tips, unlock their passwords, and finally get to the exit in sixty minutes. 

    27. Explore Saitabat Waterfall - Visiting Saitabat Waterfall, located on the Uludag mountainside, is definitely one of the things to do in Turkey. The gorgeous Waterfall is surrounded by forests, fruit orchards, and honey farms. 

    28. Discover the Beauty of Cumalikizik Village  - This is a beautiful quaint Ottoman village with a famous mosque, Turkish baths, fountain, and museum. Visitors go in the morning, have breakfast, explore while taking photographs and buy souvenirs.

    29. Buy silk At Koza Han - Koza Han is Bursa’s silk market. It is situated between the Bursa Grand Mosque and Orhan Mosque. Silk products such as shawls, scarves and even silk fabrics are available here. 

    30. Enjoy Bursaís thermal springs at a spa - In Bursa, thermal springs are found in Çekirge and Olyat and Çekirge thermal springs are more popular. They are rich in minerals and many spas have come up around them. 
    31. Dinner At Arap Sukru - Arap Sukru, described as the seafood alley of Altiparmak Avenue in Tophane, is a gastronomical and cultural experience. A night visit here is recommended among things to do in Turkey.
  • 03Things to Do in Izmir

    Things to Do in Izmir
    32. Day trip to Ephesus - These trips allow visitors to explore beautifully preserved ruins in Ephesus. They include the Great Theatre, Temple of Artemis, Fountain of Trajan, Library of Celsus, and House of the Virgin Mary. 

    33. Visit Saat Kulesi - The Saat Kulesi Clock Tower is a beautiful Ottoman-style tower that is an unmistakable landmark of the village. Exploring Kameralti Market, Konak Square, and the Harbour complete the visit.

    34. Key Museum for the car lovers  - This is a Museum for avid car lovers and is open from Wednesday-Sunday from 10am-5pm. It has an extraordinary collection of automobiles, motorcycles, mascots, model cars, scarves, and gas stations. 

    35. Check out the Izmir Archaeological Museum - The Museum has a magnificent collection of ceramic, precious, and stone works of several ancient settlements. Visiting hours are 8am-7pm on 15 April-27 September and 8am-6:30pm on 28 September-25 October. 

    36. Shopping at the Kizlaragasi Han market - Kizlaragasi Han, previously an important part of the trading industry, is now a wonderful market for tourists to explore. Carpets and jewellery along with handicrafts are recommended items for purchase.

    37. Walk along the Kordon - Kordon is stunning picturesque seaside promenade that stretches from Konak Pier to Alsancak port. The walk along Kordon promenade includes Konak Pier, Passport Pier, Gundogdu Square, Republic Square, Alsancak port. 

    38. Enjoy at Izmir Natural Life Park - The Park has a wide variety of species from Asia, Africa and Europe. It has tigers, lions, birds, bears, wolf centre, monkey island, tropical centre. Timings vary according to the season.  

    39. Bargain with the locals at Synagogue Street - Synagogue Street is also known as Havra Sokagi. Here there are eateries and shops. Though clothes and other items are cheaper, all tourists are recommended to bargain before buying them. 

    40. Relax at Ilica Public Beach - Ilica Public Beach or Ilica Plaji is a beautiful beach with small cafes and options for renting parasols and sunbeds. The water is comparatively warm. It is crowded on Sundays.

    41. International Izmir Festival - The Izmir Foundation for Culture Arts and Education organizes the Izmir Festival. It includes traditional, classical, and contemporary national and international performances and works in theatre, ballet, music, and opera.

    42. Go to Hisar Mosque - This is Izmir’s largest mosque. The domes, made of lead-coated stones, surround an open courtyard. The interiors of this magnificent mosque are beautifully decorated. A visit is here definitely recommended.  

    43. Arkas Art Center for art lovers - The Center has 2 floors, 10 exhibition rooms, publications and a virtual museum. It is open on Tuesday-Sunday (10am-6pm), Thursday (10am-8pm) and has free entry and is closed on Monday. 

    44. Take the boat from Konak to Karsiyaka - There are Ferryboats that take tourists from Konak to Karsiyaka. The Konak Passenger Ferry Terminal is located at the west end of the Kent Tarihi Park, west of Konak Square.
  • 04Things to Do in Antalya

    Things to Do in Antalya
    45. Explore Kaleici, The Antalya Old Town - Kale Kapasi is the main square, Saat Kulesi is the famous clock-tower and it has the statue of King Attalus II. Among things to do in Turkey, is visiting Kaleici. 

    46. Have picnic near to Duden Waterfalls - The Duden Waterfalls are a group of beautiful Waterfalls and make a wonderfully pleasant trip. The gardens surrounding the Duden Waterfalls are very popular picnic spots for all visiting tourists.  

    47. Visit Hadrian's Gate - Hadrian's Gate, also known as Uckapilar, is a triumphal arch located in Antalya. The Gate was built in honour of the Roman emperor Hadrian after his visit to the city. 

    48. Walk around the ruins of Phaselis - These are located north of the modern town of Tekirava, which falls in the Kemer district of Antalya. They are extraordinary and tourists see what were once houses, shop, and baths. 

    49. Resolve The Mystery Of eternal flames of Chimaera -  Mount Chimaera is notable for the eternal flames.  For some, it is methane and other gases that cause this. While for others it is the Myth of the Chimera monster. 

    50. Discover Antalya Archaeological Museum (Except Monday) - It is one of the largest museums in Turkey. It includes about 13 exhibition halls as well as an open-air gallery. It exhibits the history of Pamphylia and Mediterranean regions.  

    51. Relax at Lara beach - This is located on Turkey’s southwest coastline, in the glamorous resort area. It is about 8 kilometres long and a perfect place to relax. The best weather is in July.  

    52. Go to Antalya Aquarium - This is one of the biggest aquarium complexes and has the biggest tunnel in the world. The Aquarium has an incredible array of marine life and also WildPark, reptile house.  
  • 05Things to Do in Pamukkale Town And Bodrum

    Things to Do in Pamukkale Town And Bodrum
    53. Soak in Thermal Pools - Pamukkale-Hierapolis is situated on the western rim of the vast Anatolian plateau and has beautiful naturally-formed Thermal Pools. At Hierapolis, tourists are allowed to bathe in these hot mineral. 

    54. Travel Pamukkale Amphitheatre - The Hierapolis-Pamukkale Amphitheatre was a Roman Amphitheatre. It was built during the reign of Emperor Hadrian in 2nd century AD. It had been constructed to accommodate about 10000 spectators.

    55. Visit Bodrum Castle - Located in southwest Turkey, Bodrum Castle is found in the port city of Bodrum. It was built by the Knights of St John and houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. 
    56. Relax at Bitez Beach - Bitez Beach & Bay is approximately 6km from Bodrum and located in the resort area. It is beautiful for taking a walk or relaxing and ideal for water sports like windsurfing. 

    57. Explore Laodikeia - Laodikeia is one of the most important archaeological sites of Turkey. Excavations reveal that it had settlers from the Chalcolithic Period-7th century CE. It was previously called Rhoas and Diopolis. 

    58. Enjoy at Pamukkale Natural Park - The Park has the beautiful natural thermal pools that are a World Heritage Site. It also has hot springs, travertine terraces, and the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis.

    59. Walk at Hierapolis City Ruins - It was at the end of the 2nd B.C., that the Kings of Pergamon established the thermal spa of Hierapolis. It ruins reveal great baths, library and a large necropolis. 

    60. Day cruising around Turkeyís glorious Bodrum Peninsula - This is a wonderfully relaxing cruise that includes opportunities for swimming, snorkelling and walking at various stoppages along the way. The cruise also includes a visit to Kara Ada Island. 

    61. Discover the ancient Mausoleum At Halicarnassus - The ancient Mausoleum at Halicarnassus built between 353-350 BC. It was approximately 45 m high and the four sides were adorned with sculptural reliefs. The ruins are found in Bodrum.

    62. Cleopatra Pools - They are situated above the Pamukkale white travertine pools and fed by the same hot springs. Preferred by Cleopatra, these mineral-rich waters are now permissible for tourists to swim in.

    63. Visit Castle Of St. Peter, Bodrum City - Also known as Bodum Castle, it has a full name. Castle Of St. Peter Castle the Liberator of the Order of the Knights of the Hospital of St. John Rhodes. 

    64. Eat at Annalivia Restaurant - Annalivia Restaurant is located in Gumbet and is recommended for all tourists. The food is fantastic and includes a wide variety of dishes. These are available at reasonable prices.
  • 06Kusadasi

    65. Visit the Virgin Maryís House - The House of the Virgin Mary is a Catholic shrine made entirely of stone, with a “wishing wall”. It is located 7 kilometres from Selçuk, on Mt. Koressos near Ephesus. 

    66. Explore Pigeon Island - Pigeon Island is located in the northern region of Saint Lucia. It is a 44-acre islet located in Gros Islet and is a National Park with a rich cultural heritage.  

    67. Go on a Jeep safari to explore the surrounding areas of Kusadasi - Tourists explore the landscape and ancient ruins surrounding Selcuk, Kusadasi, Ephesus, mountains of the National Park and hills behind Sirince. The Safari, conducted in an off-road jeep, also includes lunch.    

    68. View Dilek National Park - The full name of Dilek National Park is Dilek Peninsula-Büyük Menderes Delta, National Park. It is an important natural heritage area of Turkey and is rich in flora and fauna. 

    69. Have Fun At Adaland - Adaland entertainment park has an Aquapark and Dolphin Park. It includes loop slides, rafting, tropical beach, and wave pool, trampoline, swimming with dolphins, sea lion show, and a range of multimedia options. 

    70. Walk Around Priene - Priene is located in southwestern Turkey. Excavations have revealed one of the most beautiful examples of Greek town planning. Hereupon successive terraces are the ruins of Temple of Athena. 

    71. Relax at Ladies Beach - Ladies Beach is a very popular, especially with local residents. For this reason, it is extremely crowded on Sundays. Only During the Ottoman Empire, the Beach was restricted to ladies. 
  • 07Things to Do in Alanya

    Things to Do in Alanya
    72. Visit Alanya Castle - Alanya Castle was built in the 13th century. It was previously a fortress and is today it an open-air museum. Most of the Castle is open to the general public.

    73. Coastline Boating - The Alanya boat trip starts from the harbour, passes the lighthouse, and sails along the peninsula. It includes panoramic views of Alanya Castle, swims breaks “Lovers´, Pirates´ and Phosphorus Caves”.

    74. Discover Damlatas Caves - Damlatas Caves are located west of Alanya Castle on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It has extraordinary formations of stalagmites and stalactites that have formed over 15,000 years.

    75. Horse Back Riding through the Taurus Mountains - This takes place through lush pine forests by the Taurus Mountains or at the Beach of Side. Tourists can choose English or Western-style saddles and also ride magnificent Arabic horses. 

    76. Explore Kizil Kule - Kizil Kule or Red Tower is a historical and octagonal red brick tower. Kizil Kule is also the symbol of the city and is even used on the city's flag.
    77. Adventurous Quad Safari - This is an exciting and adventurous tour not requiring a driving license. It is organized on the muddy off-roads of the foothills of the Taurus Mountains and surrounding pine-covered forests.

    78. Relax at Kleopatra Beach - The small bay of this beach extending to the peninsula and made of stones is called Cleopatra. Special features are crystal clear waters, swimming along the coast to Fosforlu Cave. 

    79. Have Fun in Paragliding - Paragliding is with experienced paragliding pilots, from 700 meters high Yass? Tepe hill (on Taurus mountain) to world-famous Cleopatra beach. Prior to this, all tourists are informed about safety procedures. 

    80. Trip To Dimcay Waterfalls - It is a natural beauty with a small river and small waterfalls. There are nice restaurants and you can sit with your feet in the water, though might be very cold.

    81. Red Tower For History Lovers - Red Tower or Kizil Kule is a historical and octagonal red brick tower. It is made of marble blocks and initially protected the harbour and the dockyard from naval attacks 

    82. Visit Alanya Kalesi (Castle) - Most of the Alanya Castle is now open to the general public and is also an open-air museum. It was built in the 13th century and was previously a fortress.

    83. Go to Ataturk House Museum - Ataturk House Museum is a national museum in Antalya and dedicated to visits of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to this city. The museum building is a two-story replica of Mustafa’s mansion.
  • 08Other offbeat Things to Do Turkey

    Other offbeat Things to Do Turkey

    84. Fly over Cappadocia in a Hot Balloon - Hot Air Balloons take tourists over the different areas of the diversified landscape of Cappadocia. Tourists travel over fairy chimneys, through valleys scattered with pigeon houses, over orchards and vineyards. 

    85. Sahaflar Carsisi For Book Lovers - The Second Hand Book Bazaar or Sahaflar Carsisi has been a book and paper market since Byzantine times. It now includes new titles, secondhand books, historical maps, and ancient texts.

    86. Discover the Saklikent (Hidden City) - This is a massive gorge/canyon, which has a river flowing right through it. There is a walking path for visitors, to walk the gorge from one end to the other.

    87. Explore The Beauty of Yedi Goller (The 7 Lakes) in Bolu - Yedigöller National Park is also known as Seven Lakes National Park. It is located in the northern part of Bolu Province in Turkey. The Park is very beautiful and tranquil. 

    88. Walk at Kayamaki underground City - This is contained within the citadel of Kaymakli in the Central Anatolia region. The houses in the village are constructed around, close to one hundred tunnels, of the underground city. 

    89. Windsurf in Alacati, Cesme Peninsula - Placed on the Cesme Peninsula, Alacati is the perfect surf point in the Turkish Aegean Sea. Excellent windsurfing and perfect wind conditions make it the best location for all windsurfers. 

    90. Visit Sumela Monestry - Sumela Monastery is a Greek Orthodox Monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It is located on the Melá Mountain within the Pontic Mountain Range, in Maçka district of Trabzon Province. 

    91. Experience the Apricot Festival of Malatya - Turkey is the leading producer of apricots in the world and dried apricot production is centred in Malatya. The Annual Apricot Festival, around 8th July, draws local and international buyers.

    92. Swimming in Oludeniz, Fethiye - This is a beautiful blue lagoon with a wonderful beach. Swimming with the turtles in the lagoon is the highlight of swimming in Oludeniz. Other activities include flying fishing, canoeing. 

    93. Ski in Uludag - Uluda? has a ski centre and all apparatus required for advanced and non-advanced skiing. The best times for skiing in Uluda? is during the period December 20th to March 30th.

    94. Trekking at Ayder Plateau - The Trans Kaçkar trail, a hiking trail of the Kaçkar Mountains, is 45 km from Rize to Artvin. The 20-hour walk begins at Helek and ends in the Ayder Plateau. 

    95. Rafting in Coruh River in Artvin - Coruh River can best be run in the months of May/June and in 5 days, each day offering a different section. Highlights include Ispir Gorge and Grade 5 Yusefeli Gorge.

    96. Mud roll in Gokceada - Part of Canakkale, Gokceada is famous for its health-restoring mud. The black mud is rich in minerals and is thought to cure health problems such as rheumatism, and also psoriasis.

    97. Whirling Dervishes Ceremony in Istanbul - The Galata Mevlevi Museum, or tekke, is the most famous Mevlevi Whirling Dervish Hall. The Museum is Located on Galipdede Caddesi. This ceremony takes place every Sunday at around 7 pm. 

    98. The Trojan Horse Troy - The Trojan Horse Troy is in Truva, Turkey. In 1996 the Government declared the archaeological site and surroundings a national historical park and gave it an official name of Troia. 

    99. Turkish Soap Operas - Soap Operas are very popular in Turkey. They include A?k-? Memnu, Kuzey Güney, Muhte?em Yüzy?l, Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne, Cesur ve Güzel, Leyla ile Mecnun, Öyle Bir Geçer Zaman Ki, Medcezir. 

    100. Walk around Samandere Waterfall in Duzce - Samandere Waterfall is a waterfall in Düzce Province. It is the first ever registered natural monument of the country It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Düzce.

    101. Amasya Archaeology Museum to Explore 7 different civilization - Amasya Museum is known as Archaeological Museum of Amasya. It exhibits archaeological artefacts found in and around the city and ethnographic items related to the region's history of cultural life.

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