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  • Being the most frequently visited hill station there are many Resorts in Nainital that offer a pleasant and relaxing stay. Going on a vacation with family these resorts will supply for varieties of food and facilities like swimming pool, spa, club, gym and many more including free wi-fi. 

    Highlighting the benefits of booking a resort, the top being the comfortable stay with best in class services and not to forget the scenic beauty amidst which the resort is located. Such resorts are like icing to your visit and a full value for money. There are number of options to consider like the Dynasty Resort, Aamari resort and the Naini retreat among the top rated.

    Here are some of the best resorts in Nainital:

  • 01The Naini Retreat - Nainital Heritage Hotel

    The Naini Retreat - Nainital Heritage Hotel
    The Naini Retreat is one of the finest hotels you will find to stay in Nainital. Everything from the location, the views, the facilities and the services makes your stay here worthwhile.

    Location: It is located in the Ayarpetta slopes in the district of Nainital. Location of the hotel is quite good because of its close proximity from the famous high altitude zoo. If you are here on a tour purpose, staying at this hotel makes total sense.

    Highlights: The major highlight about this restaurant is that it overlooks the beautiful and famous Nainital lake. This is one of the most heritage hotels in the town of Nainital and visitors choose this for the extraordinary facilities they get at an affordable price.

    Price: The price of the hotel for per night is around Rs. 8000 which is fine considering the wide range of amenities that you get in the hotel.
  • 02Shervani Hilltop

    Shervani Hilltop
    Shervani hilltop is a four star hotel in Nainital with all the facilities and amenities you could wish for. The hotel has got some great reviews by people who have already stayed there so you can trust it.

    Location: Shervani hilltop is located at the Mallital place of Nainital. You can easily find various means of public transportation from the nearby place.

    Highlights: It is quite close to most of the major attractions in the city such as the Nainital lake and the cave garden. For tourists, it becomes really convenient to be at a place which has all the sites of visiting at close proximity.

    Price: Considering that it is a four star hotel, the prices for per night is around Rs. 10,000 and above as you go for luxury options. However, for those who have comfort as their top most priority, this is a great place to stay.
  • 03Balrampur House Nainital

    Balrampur House Nainital
    It is one of the oldest hotels in the city which is established since 1890. Balrampur House Nainital is a 3 star hotel owing to its top class service and facilities.

    Location: It is located in the Sherwani area of Nainital and is at close proximity from major tourist attractions like the Cave garden and Naini peak. The garden is at a few minutes walking distance which is very convenient.

    Highlights: The hotel is surrounded by mountains and forests, this touch with nature is what most of the customers love. It also has a terrace where people often go to relax and a beautiful garden that makes the experience so much better.

    Price: Even though it is a three star hotel, the prices are really affordable and at par with other similar hotels. At Rs. 6000-7000 per night, you get to stay among the most oldest hotel in the town with all the amenities.
  • 04Seasons Hotel and Resorts

    Seasons Hotel and Resorts
    Seasons hotel and resorts is termed as among the best places to stay during your holidays in Nainital. A lot of factors contribute to it and the hotel certainly makes sure that both your time and money is well spent.

    Location: It is very close to Mall road which is quite popular in the city, the hotel is located in the Mallital area.

    Highlights: There is a mall nearby the hotel and you can walk upto it. It is quite convenient for tourists who constantly are in need of some or the other thing. The service of the hotel is just excellent and the staff are quite friendly in nature.

    Price: The price is also a huge factor why people choose this place to stay. For per night, the charges are just around Rs. 5000 and it keeps on increasing as you opt luxurious rooms. Given the facilities, the price is just perfect.
  • 05View Point Resort

    View point resort in Nainital is one of the most affordable places to stay if you are on a visit to the place. The food as well as the service is great considering the affordable prices they charge for the stay.

    Location: The hotel is located in the Mallital region of Nainital where you can find various tourist spots to visit. When your hotel room is near such places, it is easy for you to travel without much hassles.
    Highlights: The rooms are well furnished and promise you a comfortable stay. There are luxurious options available if you want to live in a place with all the top class services as well as facilities.

    Price: The price is in the median range of Rs. 4000-5000 which is the ordinary price of all the hotels around Nainital. It is suitable for a family who is in the city for visiting the place.
  • 06The Hermitage, Kailash

    The Hermitage, Kailash
    The Hermitage is a mountain top villa resort that is quite different from the other hotels in Nainital. The reason is the beautiful location as well as the design of the resort which makes it feel something unique. The place is filled with greenery and you will just love the atmosphere.

    Location: It is located in the Gethia village in Uttarakhand. The location is calm and serene which is an added advantage to the hotel.

    Highlights: The view from the hotel is just breathtaking. It is one of the major reasons why people choose this hotel over others. It is unlike the traditional hotel rooms and is more of a cottage or a villa which makes the experience of staying here even better.

    Price: The price for per night stay starts just from Rs. 4000 for the basic rooms and amenities. This is truly cheaper than the other options there are in the same vicinity.
  • 07Alpine Club

    Alpine Club
    The Alpine club is one of its kind boutique hotel in Nainital. It is built in a Swiss style chalet and has a complete forest setting. The architecture of the hotel is something you will fall in love with.

    Location: The hotel is very close to some of the most famous places in Nainital like the Naina Devi temple, which is just at a distance of 1.6 KM. The Nainital lake is 2.1 KM away which shall take only 15-20 means through a taxi.

    Highlights: The design and the look of the hotel is the major highlight. As it is quite close to the famous tourist attractions, travelling is a huge convenience.

    Price: The price of the hotel is just set perfect at around Rs. 4500 per night. With so many facilities as well as services at offer, the price point of this hotel can't get any better.
  • 08Bhawanipur Greens

    Bhawanipur Greens
    Bhawanipur Greens is a plush hotel located in the Bhawanipur region of Nainital. The hospitality and the service offered at the hotel will surely make your visit to Nainital memorable.

    Location: The nearest railway station from the place are Kathkodam, Haldwani and Lalkuwan. If you are flying into the town, the nearest airport from the hotel is Pant Nagar. There are numerous options for road transportation and you can easily find a bus or a taxi nearby the place.

    Highlights: The hotel has a stunning view of the misty hills on the backside. The natural scenery that you get to see from the balcony is something which you will truly love about the place.

    Price: The price starts from Rs. 6000 for the basic rooms and goes up to Rs. 10000 for the luxurious suites. Overall, the price is quite competitive of the other hotels nearby and the amenities offered just make the deal worth it.
  • 09Dynasty Resort

    Dynasty Resort
    Dynasty resort is a European style villa which is located at Kaladungi. It is one of the best hotels for staying in Nainital owing to its good services, staff and rooms. With the affordable prices, it becomes even more convenient.

    Location: The hotel is located in the Kaladungi region of the city which makes it equidistant from both Nainital Lake and Nainadevi temple. Both these famous places are just at a distance of 10 KM from the hotel.

    Highlights: The architecture of the hotel is made in an European style which customers have praised. The lobby of the hotel has a spacious sitting area and makes you feel welcome. Moreover, the view from the hotel is stunning which overlooks Khurpatal lake.

    Price: Pricing of the hotel is extremely cheap with rooms per night starting from just Rs. 2000. You also get complimentary breakfast and parking facilities included in this price.
  • 10Krishna Orchard Resort

    Krishna Orchard Resort
    If you are planning a trip to Nainital soon, you can book a room online at Krishna Orchard Resort. No more hassles of searching places to stay when you reach there, you can do it beforehand through the hotel's website.

    Location: The hotel is located at a height of around 7550 feets from the sea level. The town Mukteshwar is just at a distance of 5 KM from the place.

    Highlights: You can gaze at the majestic Himalayas right from the hotel balcony. All the top class amenities are in the hotel including badminton, volleyball, soft cricket and much more. Space for bus and car parking are available right within the hotel premises.

    Price: The price for staying at the hotel is quite economical. Even if you are with your family for a trip to Nainital, it is affordable at this hotel. You can get a room from Rs. 3000 per night at the Krishna Orchard Resort.
  • 11Ashokas Naini Chalet Resort

    Ashokas Naini Chalet Resort
    Ashokas Naini Chalet Resort is a three star hotel located in the Pangot village of Nainital district. Even though the hospitality and amenities are three star, the price is not as high as you would expect of a hotel like this.

    Location: It is located in the Kilbury forest and is just 14 KM away from the high altitude zoo so animal lovers will be delighted to stay at the place. It is also just 16 KM from the Nainital lake so the hotel is quite convenient for tourists.

    Highlights: There are various hiking trails near the hotel so if you want an adrenaline rush and wish to get a little adventurous, this is the place for you.

    Price: The prices are quite affordable considering the advantages and the services of the hotel. Per night charges start from around Rs. 6000 and goes up to Rs. 10,000 as you choose better room options.
  • 12Dolmaar Resort

    Dolmaar Resort
    If you are looking for a hotel which will offer you much more than just a stay and food, Dolmaar Resort is your best bet. It offers many types of games and activities to keep you engaged throughout the time you stay here.

    Location: The hotel is located at the Nainital Kathgodam highway and you can reach the place easily.

    Highlights: You will notice greenery, trees and a true essence of nature all the time around the hotel. Dolmaar Resort also offers many kinds of adventurous activities like archery, river crossing, team building games and much more. So if you want to have fun while you are at your hotel too, it is the best hotel for you in Nainital.

    Price: With all the adventurous activities, excellent hospitality and food, the price for per night is just around Rs. 5000. It is highly affordable and considering the added services that you get, it can't get any better.
  • 13V Resorts Sattal

    For someone who loves to be in natural surroundings, V Resorts provides the best stay. You will find the complete hotel surrounded by Pine trees which makes the whole locale look more beautiful.

    Location: It lies in the Bhimtal region of Nainital and is located at just 1.1 KM away from the Sattal Lake and 18KM from the NH87 which means transportation is not a hassle too.

    Highlights: The resort is quite close to the lower Himalayan range which promises great scenery to look at. The rooms are themed with a particular theme that carries throughout the hotel. You will find tea and coffee making facilities within your room so you can make it as per your own taste. The resort also offers additional activities like bird watching and kayaking among others.

    Price: The price of the hotel is quite cheap too, starting with only Rs. 5000 per night.
  • 14Club Mahindra

    Club Mahindra
    Club Mahindra is one of the most reputed hotel brands in the country and overseas too. In Nainital, it is spread across a hectare of lush grounds. With top notch facilities like well furnished rooms, room service and an indoor play ground, it is a great choice to stay at.

    Location: It is located in the Naukuchiatal region of Nainital and has all the major tourist spots in close proximity. It is just 1.4 KM from the lake access point, 7 KM from the famous Butterfly museum and 8 KM from the Bhimeshwar temple.

    Highlights: Through the balcony and the hotel side, you can have a view of the famous Naukuchiatal lake. It is also very close to various tourist attractions around the place so for tourists, the hotel is very convenient.

    Price: Just like most of the Club Mahindra hotels, it is moderately priced. You can easily get a room for Rs. 3000 per night.
  • 15V Resorts Ramgarh

    V Resorts Ramgarh
    V Resorts is a three star hotel chain with its presence across the country. You can find other branches of the same hotel in and around Nainital. This one at Ramgarh provides all the standard facilities that the hotel is known for. If you want a comfortable stay during your trip to Nainital, choose V Resorts.

    Location: It is located in Ramgarh area of Nainital.

    Highlights: From the resort, you can have a stunning view of the Himalayas. More than that, the hotel has polished timber floors, airy rooms and nice balconies. Along with the stay, you can also have fun with the extra activities that the hotel has including trekking, fishing, cycling and much more.

    Price: Even though it is a three star hotel and provides a lot of facilities and activities, the charges are quite decent. For one night, you can get a room for just Rs. 5000 which is very affordable.
  • 16Janardan Resort Pangot

    Janardan Resort Pangot
    The Janardan Resort in Pangot is unlike the other hotels with luxurious rooms and facilities. It is a place specially made for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers. But you do get basic facilities like Wi-Fi, a pool, breakfast and banquet.

    Location: It is located in the Pangot region of Nainital. The hotel is situated 13 KM away from the main city of Nainital so some people might find it difficult to travel the long distance.

    Highlights: One thing that you will not find in any other hotel is the birds that are in the region. For bird lovers, it is the best hotel that you can choose. Another major highlight is the price point of the hotel which is one of the cheapest options in the city.

    Price: For a single night, the hotel charges just Rs. 1000-2000 depending upon the type of room you select. The price can't get any cheaper and this is the best option you can avail.