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When it comes to winter vacations, you should find out about the best time to visit Auli, one of the best winter destinations in India. It is known as the skiing capital of the country, which is why winter is one of the best times to travel to this hill station.However, you can enjoy everything that Auli has to offer in summer and even during the monsoon season. 

Whether you are traveling with family, a group of your buddies, or on a solo trip, Auli is the perfect getaway destination.A charming hill station in Uttarakhand in Chamoli District, this town is the crown jewel of tourism in this region and a fairytale destination that you simply must visit at least once in your lifetime. 

Though tourists throng the slopes of this God kissed land all through the year, the best time to plan a visit is in the months of winter between December and March.  Aside from skiing in Auli is also a great place for outdoor lovers as the hill station has many places for hikes, treks and other adventures.

Here are the best seasons to visit Auli:


Auli in Summer

Auli in Summer
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Blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, Auli is a mesmerizing place to visit for any traveler. While it is known for its ski slopes, the hill station also has lots to offer visitors during the summer months – mid-March to June. The maximum temperature during this time of the year touches 20 degrees Celsius and the average minimum is 2 degrees Celsius.

Average Temperature in the Day: 20 degrees Celsius

Average Temperature at Night: -5 degrees Celsius

As mentioned earlier, Auli is famous as a winter vacation destination. However, you will have plenty to do even if you visit the hill station in summer. The temperature during this time of the year is perfect for exploring and enjoying the magnificent outdoors of the region.  You can go trekking, hiking and have fun with other outdoor activities as the climate is perfect for outdoor adventures.

Things to Do:

If you visit Auli in the summer, there are a number of famous tourist attractions and places you can visit to make your holiday a superb one. One of the best things you can do during this season is to go on a 3km trek to Gurso Bugyal. This is a great activity as you can get awe-inspiring views of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, such as Nanda Devi, Dron Parvat and Trishul Parvat. 

Going on this trek in summer is ideal as this part of Auli is covered by a thick blanket of snow during winter. You should also visit Chattrakund Lake. It is not only the lake that is beautiful – you will be enthralled by the vistas you see all around. Another must-do during your summer stay in Auli is going on the chair lift to ride to the pretty meadows.

During your summer Auli holiday, you should be sure to visit Nanda Devi National Park. You will find a number of different species of flora and fauna.Nanda Devi peak bridges the transition zone between the Great Himalayan Range and the Zanskar mountain range, so you are sure to see some unforgettable sights. You should also make it a point to visit the Artificial Lake, which is considered one of the highest man-made lakes in the world. 

This lake is one of Auli’s most popular tourist attractions and worth making a trip to see it up close and personal for sure. Other fun things to do in Auli in summer include camping – a favorite activity among visitors who want to experience sleeping under the stars in one of the most picturesque locales in India.


Auli in Winter

Auli in Winter
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Winter is the time of year that people flock to Auli. This is because of the amazing skiing opportunities that you can enjoy during this season. November to March is an ideal time to travel to the hill station as this is when all the tourist attractions open. December to February is snowy and cold, but it is a great time for adventure lovers to visit Auli. The maximum temperature here in December is 10 degrees Celsius and the minimum is 2 degrees Celsius.

Things to Do: 

If you are in Auli in winter, you should definitely visit Joshimath, which is one of the four maths that Adi Shankaracharya created and a sacred place for Hindus. This place serves as Shree Badrinath’s residence in winter when Badrinath is covered in snow. Of course, skiing is another activity that you can enjoy in this amazing town. 

This is why winter is considered the best time to visit Auli. Another must-visit during your stay in Auli is Chenab Lake. This is where you can see nature in its most pristine form. However, you should bear in mind that Chenab Lake is a hidden gem that is not easily accessible, so you should have a local guide with you.    

You should hike the hills of Joshimath, Gopeshwar, and Pandukeshwar to view stunning sunrises and sunsets, depending on what time you go on your hiking trip. Additionally, you can get a once-in-a-lifetime glimpse of the sun and moon sharing space at the same time. Go on an early morning trip to see them both on either side. 

This is one amazing sight you will remember forever.With ski stretches of 400 meters to 4 km, you should definitely give skiing a try, even if it is your first time. After all, you are in India’s premier skiing destination! You can even enroll in ski training programs for 1 week or 15 days, depending on how long you plan to stay. 

These include food and accommodation. Auli in winter is also perfect for building snowmen or ice sculptures or enjoying a round or two of snowball fights with your family and friends. These are not activities you get to enjoy often, so take advantage of the snow in Auli to have fun and make memories to treasure for many years.

Although Auli does not have many restaurants, you can visit Joshimath where there are a handful of good eateries where you can taste authentic Garhwali cuisine. Actually, this is one thing you should no matter what time of the year you visit this beautiful hill station.


Auli in Monsoon

Auli in Monsoon
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If you are planning a monsoon vacation, you should definitely consider traveling to Auli. The monsoon is from July to September. During these months, the picturesque hill station receives moderate rainfall, so you really do not have to worry about being stuck indoors for your entire vacation. The temperature in monsoon fluctuates between 10 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius, making Auli a great place to visit even at this time of the year.

Things to Do: 

When you are in Auli in the monsoon months, one of the most enjoyable things to do is go on leisurely walks across the town. The temperature makes this an ideal activity. You can take your time as you explore the hill station and its many popular spots. You will love watching people passing by, going about their business, and discovering new sights that you did not notice earlier. 

However, you should bear in mind that the roads tend to get slippery due to the rains, so you need to be careful, regardless of whether you are strolling in town or walking in the outskirts of the town.Another activity you must not miss when you are in Auli during monsoon is going on a fun ride from the town to Joshimath on the ropeway. The surrounding areas take on a fresh, emerald green appearance after being washed with the monsoon rain. 

This is not something you can often catch a glimpse of at other times of the year so it is a great idea to go on this ride and take in the spectacular views. Auli has many lakes that you should visit, and monsoon is the ideal time. The lakes are full after being replenished by the rains, giving you magnificent scenes for photography. Make sure to capture the amazing natural beauty that surrounds this wonderful hill station for your Instagram posts.

As mentioned earlier, the roads can get slippery in Auli during the monsoon season. If you plan to go on a hike or trek, you should make sure to have a local guide to help you navigate through the routes. It is also a good idea to travel in a group in case of an accident. The last thing you want is to be alone and injured in a lonely area.

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