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Alhambra Tickets highlights

  • Visit Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage site that was built as a military zone in the 9th century before becoming a royal residence in 13th century.

  • Take-in the picturesque views of Granada and the countryside from the towering walls of Alhambra's oldest and most formidable fortress, the Alcazaba.

  • Stroll through lush gardens adorned with fountains, cypress trees, and vibrant flowers at the Generalife Palace and Gardens.

  • Explore the Alhambra complex and admire the breathtaking vistas from numerous terraces with views of Granada and the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains.

  • Enjoy priority entry to the main attractions, such as the Generalife Gardens and Alcazaba Fortress, with skip-the-line tickets.

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Alhambra Palace
C. Real de la Alhambra, s/n, 18009 Granada, Spain

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Alhambra Tickets overview

About Alhambra, Granada:

The Alhambra is a majestic palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Spain. Constructed during the Nasrid dynasty in the 14th century, it's renowned for its stunning Islamic architecture, intricate tilework, and serene gardens. The name "Alhambra" means "The Red One," likely due to the reddish hue of its walls. It served as both a royal residence and a fortress, showcasing the luxury and sophistication of Moorish art and culture. 

About Alhambra Skip-the-line Tickets:

  • Visit Alhambra, which has evolved from a majestic palatine city and Christian Royal House to a military fortress and a national monument in 1870.
  • Avoid the stress of long lines and uncertainty with skip-the-line tickets and enjoy a visit to one of Spain's most iconic landmarks.
  • Explore the towers, battlements, and archaeological remains at Alcazaba, the oldest part of the Alhambra complex. 
  • Climb the ramparts of the Alcazaba, the ancient fortress of the Alhambra, and enjoy panoramic views of Granada and the surrounding landscape. 
  • Admire the architectural features of the Alcazaba, including its imposing walls, sturdy towers, and Moorish design elements. 
  • Explore the Generalife Palace, a summer retreat for the Nasrid rulers, known for its elegant architecture and scenic views.
  • Walk through the Generalife Gardens and take-in the beauty of lush greenery, colourful flowers, and beautiful fountains. 
  • Stroll through the Palace of Charles V, a Renaissance masterpiece located within the Alhambra complex. 
  • Visit the Alhambra Museum, housed in the Palace of Charles V and admire artifacts, displays, and interactive exhibits that shed light on the site's rich cultural heritage.
  • Learn about the principles of Islamic garden design as you explore the Generalife Gardens, characterized by geometric layouts, water features, and lush vegetation. 

How to Reach?

  • By Car: Alhambra is located 2.3 km from the city centre. It will take 9 min to reach Alhambra via C. Molinos route.
  • By Bus: Take a bus from Plaza Isabel la Católica 4 station to Alhambra - Generalife 2 station, which is 270 meters away from Alhambra. You can reach Alhambra from the bus station on foot in 4 minutes.

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Alhambra Tickets faqs

How long does it take to visit the Alhambra?

If you wish to beat the crowd and reach Alhambra on time, it is advisable to purchase Alhambra tickets online. You need four to five hours to cover the entire place where  

  • 1 hour to check out the grounds
  • 1.5 hours to see Generalife and gardens.

Depending on the crowd, this time may vary, so be ready to extend your visit for 30 minutes or more.

What facilities are available at the Alhambra?

  • Cash points – Located at the services Pavilion next to the Wine Gate and entrance pavilion.
  • Left luggage office – If you carry a bag more than 12 inches in size, it should be deposited at the ‘left luggage office’ located at the entrance pavilion.
  • First aid – The service is offered by the red cross society and is located at Hall services and Wine gate of the Alhambra.
  • Vending machines for drinks & food – You can find these machines at car parking, entrance pavilion, and pavilion of services next to the ‘Puerta del Vino.’

What are the best things to see at the Alhambra?

  • Alcazaba – Alcazaba is the oldest part in the Alhambra. At the entrance, you can see the arms square, where the middle of the square represents the remains of Arab residences. You can also see a large dungeon near the broken tower. The watchtower (Torre de la Vela), the Keep (Torre del Homenaje) and the Broken tower (Torre Quebrada) are three main towers defining Alcazaba.
  • Nasrid Palaces It is the ‘crown jewel’ of Alhambra. It is well-restored and preserved where you can see the finest example of the Moorish civilization's elegant, intricate, and refined architecture. Every room is decorated with stucco stalactite ceilings, filigreed windows, calligraphy, and ceramic tiles. Do not miss exploring three basic sections of the Nasrid palace, i.e., private quarters, ceremonial rooms, and royal offices. 
  • Generalife Generalife is the only living example of Arab art which tells how Arab gardens used to be. You can explore a series of large gardens where every corner is full of surprises. Few builds are of ‘parasitic’ structure, i.e., made by Christians.
  • Palace of Charles V Charles constructed a fancy renaissance- styles palace for his official work. It is Spain's most impressive renaissance building because of its unique design. 
  • Museum of Fine Arts – Fine arts museum is located on the top floor of Alhambra. It showcases paintings and sculptures by Grenadian artists from the 14th to 12th centuries. You can also see the artwork of Neoclassicism, Baroque, Grenadine, and Romanticism from the 19th to 20th centuries. 
  • Museum of the Alhambra – Alhambra Museum is on the ground floor, where you can explore the best specimens of Nasrid art, which is also considered the amazing selection of Spanish – Moorish Art. You can also see ‘Vase of the Gazelles’ showcasing a collection of marble decor elements and domestic ceramic objects. The museum has 312 different pieces to explore.

What are some of the important tips to visit Alhambra?

  • Wear comfortable shoes as you have to walk for four to five hours to explore Alhambra.
  • You should bring sunscreen and a hat to keep the sun off your face because Southern Spain becomes hot sometimes.
  • Visit Alhambra during the day as you will get much less crowd at this time of the day.
  • You can avail strollers which can be used on the Alhambra grounds but not in the Generalife. But you can bring a baby carrier for young kids.
  • In some sections of Alhambra, tripods, camera flashes, and selfie sticks are strictly prohibited.
  • It is recommended to buy Alhambra tickets online to avoid the crowd and waiting time.

What is the Alhambra so famous for?

The architecture of the Alhambra palace has defined it as a unique building in Granada and Andalucía. It is the top palace in the region to appreciate the culture of Islam. The place is most visited because of its unique gardens with an oasis of tranquillity which will surely leave a long-lasting impression on you.

What is the best time to visit the Alhambra?

It is recommended to visit Alhambra around 10.00 AM. You don’t have to wake up too early during this time, but you can easily beat the crowd, which normally arrives late in the morning or after lunch. At this time, you can also avail yourself of guided tours. Grab Alhambra tickets to explore the wonderful historical site in Spain.

How old is the Alhambra?

Alhambra is a 700 years old citadel tower located on the foothill of the Sierra Nevada in Granada. It is the world’s only existing medieval Muslim palace situated in Spain. Multiple Arab rules and one Spanish ruler contributed to the construction of Alhambra. The architecture of Alhambra is art in itself.

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