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Vietnam Tour Packages

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country on the South China Sea known for its beautiful beaches, rivers, and Buddhist pagodas. There are several great Vietnam tour packages that you may take in the small nation that has bustling cities like Hanoi – the capital city. With its 3,000 kilometres of tropical coastline, Vietnam offers wonderful food and captivating culture, which hooks the travellers coming here. There is a lot in this country that needs to be explored and discovered from an eye of a tourist. Vietnam has the oldest cultures in SouthEast Asia, which dates back to 2000 BC, with a complicated history starting from the native Dong Son culture and straddling thousands of years. This beautiful country has been prejudiced by cultures from Khmer, Chinese, and Indian cultures, you may also find a glimpse of French colonialism.

From foodies to beach hoppers, from art lovers to culture buffs and adventure seekers - Vietnam has everything to offer to everyone. For history, buffs visit Ho Chi Minh, a huge marble mausoleum and pay homage to the national leaders. Ho Chi Minh City, – which was formerly known as Saigon is a French colonial landmark that will take you to French era. To witness the climax of wars and its history visit Vietnamese War history museums and the C? Chi tunnels that were used by Viet Cong soldiers. All this in this amazing country filled with tremendous enthusiasm and traditions intact. There are many tour operators and companies that may design a specified tour for you as per your interest.

Vietnam is a really hidden a gem in the Southeast Asian countries that are blessed with a blend of architectural heritage with around 8 UNESCO world heritage sites like Halong Bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang caves, Hoi An Ancient Street and Cham Islands. These sites are renowned for their extreme beauty and heritage. Check out our selection of the best Vietnam tour packages for a fun filled vacation here.

Popular Packages

Package Name Duration Price Starts From Rating  
  Hanoi and Saigon Tour For 5 Days 5D 4N ₹ 43493 3.0 star View Details
  Helicopter Tour of Da Nang City ₹ 30482 4.0 star View Details
  Phong Nha and Tien Son Caves Adventure in Vietnam 2D 1N ₹ 14765 4.0 star View Details
  Full Day Tour in Hanoi with Green Car 1D ₹ 3062 4.0 star View Details
  Backpacking Tour to Vietnam 9D 8N ₹ 65500 4.0 star View Details
  • Featured
    Hanoi and Saigon Tour For 5 Days
    d5 Days n4 Nights

    About the ActivityEmbark on a sightseeing tour to the beautiful cities of Hanoi and Saigon in Vietnam on a 5 day 4 night tour.The tour starts on arrival at Saigon airport where a tour representative will guide you to your hotel.Over the course of 5 days, you will explore...

    Good 3.0
    33 ratings

    Starting from


  • Featured
    Helicopter Tour of Da Nang City

    About the Activity:Explore Da Nang City in a 12-15 minutes helicopter ride The ride will take you around the most wonderful sites of this exotic beach destination.Tourists can enjoy the spectacular bird’s-eye view of the Marble Mountain also known as five element moun...

    Very Good 4.0
    32 ratings

    Starting from


  • Featured
    Phong Nha and Tien Son Caves Adventure in Vietnam
    Hue City
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Join a 2D/1N adventure tour to Phong Nha cave that kicks off with a boat ride to the world heritage site.You will be picked up from your hotel in Hue around 08:00 AM and then depart to Quang Binh approximately 200 kilometers away from the city.Visit th...

    Very Good 4.0
    28 ratings

    Starting from

    8% OFF



  • Featured
    Full Day Tour in Hanoi with Green Car
    d1 Day

    About the Activity:Take a break and head out for an exciting full day tour in Hanoi and get a chance to explore the enduring beauty of this region.Get picked up from your hotel at 8:30 AM in an air-conditioned private vehicle and get started for the day.Visit the famous ...

    Very Good 4.0
    32 ratings

    Starting from


  • Featured
    Backpacking Tour to Vietnam
    Ho Chi Minh
    d9 Days n8 Nights

    Date of Activity: 28th March to 5th April About the Destination:  With this backpacking tour to Vietnam, experience Ho Chi Minh City, a commercial, scientific and tourist spot that is one of the many beautiful locations in this country. Vietnam, a must-see destinat...

    Very Good 4.0
    25 ratings

    Starting from

    2% OFF



  • Featured
    Tour of Ho Chi Minh City including Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam
    Ho Chi Minh
    d1 Day

    About the Activity:After morning pickup at your Ho Chi Minh City hotel, travel about 20 miles (30 km) to reach Cu Chi, a district most famous for the 75-mile (121-km) network of underground passages built by the Viet Cong army.See the historical and architectural highli...

    Very Good 4.0
    29 ratings

    Starting from

    23% OFF



  • l
    Ho Chi Minh
    d1 Day

    About the Activity:Partake in a private day trip from Ho Chi Minh City, it takes you to the intriguing sites of Cao Dai Temple, the Cu Chi Tunnels and Cricket Farm.Get picked up from your hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, start your trip at 08:00 AM approximately by an air-cond...

    Very Good 4.0
    36 ratings

    Starting from

    16% OFF



  • l
    Ho Chi Minh
    h10 Hours

    About the Activity:This full-day tour of Cai Be and the Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh city promises to be a rewarding experience.Get picked up by your guide around 07:00 AM and then travel by an air conditioned vehicle to the southwest of Ho Chi Minh city to the Mekong D...

    Very Good 4.0
    38 ratings

    Starting from

    19% OFF



  • l
    h9 Hours

    About the Activity:A journey to Duong Lam village is a trip to trace back the origin of Vietnam's culture and its traditions.Start your journey from your hotel around 08:00 AM, travel to the west of Hanoi to Duong Lam village, an agricultural village of the Northern Re...

    Very Good 4.0
    40 ratings

    Starting from

    15% OFF



  • l
    Hue City
    d1 Day

    About the Activity:Learn about the culinary culture of Hue City on this brilliant tour that is a exceptional experience for the foodie in you.On a cyclo, ride around streets to admire the romantic atmosphere at night.Taste a vivid array of Hue street food, and delight yo...

    Good 3.0
    28 ratings

    Starting from

    13% OFF



  • l
    Ho Chi Minh
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Indulge in a two day one night tour of Mekong to learn the real life of local people over there closely.You will be picked up from your hotel in HCMC by car or van around 08:00 AM and then depart to Ben Tre via Trung Luong freeway.Board on a boat and m...

    Good 3.0
    27 ratings

    Starting from

    28% OFF



  • l

    About the Activity:Explore different way to rediscover Hai Van Pass & Son Tra Mountain in a helicopter ride around the most wonderful sites of this exotic city.Tourists can enjoy the spectacular bird’s-eye view with comfort and safety thanks to outstanding features of th...

    Very Good 4.0
    38 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    Hue City
    h12 Hours

    About the Activity:Discover the diversified biological ecosystem and enjoy the beautiful landscape on an interesting trekking trip inside Bach Ma National Park.Start you trip by boarding a motorbike from Danang An at 07:00 AM to embark on this picturesque 2 day tour wh...

    Very Good 4.0
    30 ratings

    Starting from


  • l
    Ho Chi Minh
    h8 Hours

    About the Activity:If you want to explore Vietnam’s wartime past but also want to experience traditional rural Vietnamese life which few tourists get to see, this tour is a perfect fit for you.Hop on the luxury speedboat which will whisk you from central Saigon to Cu Chi...

    Very Good 4.0
    34 ratings

    Starting from

    21% OFF



  • l
    Ho Chi Minh
    d2 Days n1 Night

    About the Activity:Mekong Delta two day tour will take you deeper into the palm jungle of the Mekong to see more of the traditional rural life of this fascinating area.Gather at your hotel lobby around 08:00 AM, the guide will assist to you to board your speed boat from ...

    Good 3.0
    32 ratings

    Starting from

    11% OFF





Bambou Silk

Bambou Silk is a good shopping complex in Hanoi that offers a good collection of tailored clothes. You will surely admire the number of shops available in this area that offer quality items. This market is known for its suit pieces that are very classy. People from different parts of the city prefer Bambou Silk because of the fabric that is available here. You cannot park your car in this vicinity so prefer public transport for travelling. There is a good blend of casual as well as formal clothing in Bambou Silk. Tourists are also spotted at this market since the prices are too attractive. Do not miss a chance to visit Bambou Silk due to its clothing greatness.

Location: 6 Nha Chung Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam

Highlights: Formal clothing accessories such as tie, belt, jackets etc are famous in this market.

Best time to visit: Prefer weekdays to visit this place.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

The body of Ho Chi Minh is preserved here so people visit to see that. There are many type of restrictions by the authority here such as you need to follow the dress code, be silent and walk in straight lines. Hands must be in pocket and arms should not be crossed. Apart from that no smoking, drinking or eating.

 Location: Hùng V??ng, ?i?n Biên, Ba ?ình, Hà N?i, Vietnam.

 Highlights: The place is protected by Militiary honour guards and is a high security place. The architecture is nicely done and a lot of people visit here to pay their respects to Ho Chi Minh.

 Best time to visit: One of the best things about the mausoleum is that it stays open for 24 hours so you can visit it any time you want. Only you need to keep in mind that it stays closed on Monday and Friday so make sure to not visit it then.

Mount Ngu Binh

The Mount Ngu Binh in Hue is often described as an ascending beauty. The architectural edifice lies on top of the Ngu Binh mountain, exhibiting a picturesque view of a strikingly symmetric figure. The mount is considered to be an invaluable gift endowed by the nature to this city. The area is surrounded by an immense expanse of natural and scenic views that together enhance the enticing attractiveness of the place. Earlier, it was called the Nui Bang. The flat top of the mount is encircled with pine trees on all sides.

 Location: Ngu Binh is a mountain that is located in Vietnam.

 Highlights: The mount Ngu Binh reaches a height of 105 metre with a symmetrical view. On either side of the mount are two small mounts as well. After the perfume river, the mount is considered to be the second best wonder of nature bestowed upon this land.

Tomb of Tu Duc

The tomb of Tu Duc is Hue city is an important landmark that marks the history of another great Emperor of the city. The tomb is the final resting place of the great emperor who happened to be a great ruler as well as a scholar. The tomb had been erected before his actual death. The place is marked as an alluring landmark owing to the presence of a lake, a pavilion and a theatre. The tomb has been divided into a temple area and a tomb area. An ironical feature though lies in a secret location that is the actual burying ground for the emperor, instead of the tomb where he was supposed to be buried.

 Location: The tomb of Tu Duc lies along the perfume rive in the city.

 Highlights: The historical landmark is expressive of the history and culture of the era of the emperor.

 Best time: Any time of the year.

Forbidden Purple City

The Forbidden purple city is a repertoire of history and culture from the ancient era and symbolises the historic relevance of the city of Hue. Today, what remains of the purple city are charred remains of the royal family’s inner sanctum. These remains occupy the area within the citadel. Having been partially rebuilt, the landmark is under consideration for further renovation and restoration projects. When visiting this place, one can observe and explore the various incidents of wars that might have waged through the city, reflecting along every construction.

 Location: The forbidden purple city is located centrally in the Hue imperial city, hence easily accessible.

 Highlights: The forbidden purple city is the place where the emperors and their families used to reside but during waging wars, the precincts were badly destroyed. Hence, basically the city is a collection of ruins.

Best time to visit: All round the year.

Lake of the Restored Sword

The English translation of the lake name means "Lake of the Returning Sword". It has a huge historical context and is one of the oldest places in the city. One can also easily spot some soft shell turtles which swim in the lake and has been seen since years, they make a beautiful sight. The lake was also known as Luc Thuy which means Green water in English. This was the former name given to the lake because it has green water.

Location: It is located in Hanoi, which is the capital city of Vietnam and has many other tourists attractions nearby as well.

Highlights: Lake of the restored Sword is one of the most scenic spots of the city and is a major tourist attraction which is visited by hundreds of people daily.

Best time to visit: During dusk and night, the lake looks stunning as it lights up and people mostly take this as an opportunity for photographs.

Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural

The Hanoi ceramic mosaic mural is a mural on the wall of the dyke system of the city of Hanoi in Vietnam. The content of the mosaic contains decorative patterns of different periods in history of Vietnam. It is a great place for all those who want to know about the culture of Vietnam.

Location: It is located in the city of Hanoi and attracts a lot of tourists and visitors.

Highlight: It has a length of about 4 km which is quite long. The place is nicely decorated and looks beautiful, this is the reason why a lot of people visit here and it is also a nice attraction for the locals here.

History: It was developed as part of the millennial anniversary of Hanoi and was considered among the major projects that were developed during that time. It was the result of a Hanoi architecture contest where an architect won a prize for transforming the dyke system of Hanoi to a ceramic mosaic.

Thap Rua Tower

The Thap Rua Tower is also famously known as the Tortoise tower. It is a small tower in the middle of Sword Lake in the city of Hanoi. Although people can't actually go to the tower, they can have a look at it from a distance.


Location: Tháp Rùa, Hàng Tr?ng, Hoàn Ki?m, Hà N?i, Vietnam.

Highlights: Since it is located in a little island, the beauty of the tower is enhanced as it is surrounded by a nice lake. This makes a good spot for photography and tourists often visit here as it has a lot of historical context.

History: The tower exists in a place which was a former fishing site under the famous king Le Thanh Tong. It was made during the time when French had conquered the city of Hanoi and most of the people in the city fled away due to fear of death.

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What You Should Know More About Tours in Vietnam

  • What are the top attractions on a sightseeing tour in Vietnam?

    Vietnam has many off beaten paths and terrains that entice the travellers from all across the world. There can be many reasons to visit Vietnam from its culture to heritage walk, from its beaches to islands and from its adventure activities to honeymoons, it has all. To witness the real essence of the country take a sightseeing tour. Have a look to some of the spots and places that you may witness while on your sightseeing tour.

    • Halong Bay
    • Old Quarter
    • Mekong Delta
    • Can Gio Biosphere Reserve
    • Ho Chi Minh City
    • Water Puppet Entrance
    • Tomb of Minh Mang
    • Tomb of Khai Dinh
    • War Remnants Museum and Cu Chi Tunnels
    • Da Nang and Hue

  • Which are the best pilgrimage tours in Vietnam?

    Vietnam is perhaps the most historical and rich in culture Southeast Asian country. It was probably a long, callous and interesting history that has its remains in the temples, forts, and heritage sites. There are bigger cities like Hanoi and Saigon where you can learn about the war and its history. The Buddhist Pagodas are an exemplary example of ancient pilgrimage sites. When in Vietnam plan a pilgrimage tour to the site as mentioned below:

    • UNESCO sites like – Halong Bay
    • Hoi An
    • The 36 streets in the Old Quarter
    • Tunnel of Cu Chi and the mighty Mekong River
    • Hill tribes in Sapa
    • For history buffs – visit Hue
    • Hanoi culture

  • Which are the famous localities for a food tour in Vietnam?

    There’s one thing that shall not be missed when in Vietnam is the food. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian – everything is to die for. It is also world famous for its street food like – egg rolls, noodles, spring rolls, and other rice dishes. Stop at the food stalls, have a sidewalk on a cycle or on a bike and grab some mouth-watering dishes or float down to the floating market in the Mekong and explore fresh fruits and vegetables. Hop on these below-mentioned places to grab some fresh food

    • Nha Trang and Da Nang
    • Hoi An Old Town
    • Hanoi Street Food
    • Private Ho Chi Minh Sightseeing and Local Street Food Tour
    • Hanoi Food on Foot Walking Tour
    • Funtastic Danang Food
    • Saigon Food Cook and The City

  • Which are the best areas for a shopping tour in Vietnam?

    At times we can’t help ourselves shopping at different places we travel. When in Vietnam, people can’t resist shopping at the streets, small towns, culturally inclined markets and malls of course. The variety of good items, products, local clothing, jewellery, local handicraft and many other bespoke items entice the low-budget travellers with their tempting prices. The good news the shopkeepers are open for bargaining so you can shell down double the price of the product. These spots can be visited on your shopping tour.

    • Ho Chi Minh City
    • Da Nang
    • Mui Ne and Phan Thiet
    • Phu Quoc island
    • Vung Tau
    • Hoi An
    • Nha Trang
    • Hue
    • Han market
    • Hoi Na Central market
    • Binh Tay Market
    • Dong Xuan market

  • What are the best helicopter tours in Vietnam?

    Vietnam is flooded with beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches, gorgeous islands and some of the great UNESCO heritage sites. With these picturesque sites if you happen to experience the vistas from high above the sky then nothing is better than this. There are some trusted tour operators that organize helicopter tours to witness the gorgeous Aerial views of this magnificent country. See some of them below:

    • The beautiful views of Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site
    • A tour over Hoi An – passing Hai Van Pass & Son Tra Mountain
    • Enjoy the spectacular bird’s-eye view of the splendid intercontinental resort
    • A look at the highest lady Buddha statue in Vietnam
    • Private tour operators for a ride through the Vietnam coastline to explore a unique view of the South China Sea like:
    • Hanoi Family Tours
    • Danang Ba Na Hill Package
    • Danang to My Son Sanctuary
    • Ho Chi Minh City to Can Gio
    • Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat
    • Mekong Chau Doc to Phnom Penh

  • Which are the top tours for a cultural experience in Vietnam?

    When we talk about the culture of Vietnam the most striking thing that instils our minds is the Buddhist Pagodas and the other religious shrines that have influence from the olden times. To indulge more in the Vietnamese culture and history, take a cultural tour to the amazing streets and cities of Vietnam and go crazy. See below:

    • Mekong Delta Discovery
    • Cu Chi Tunnels Experience
    • My Son Sanctuary Tour from Hoi An
    • Marble Mountain Day Trip from Da Nang
    • Tour From North to South Vietnam

  • Which are the best cycling tours in Vietnam?

    Get on your shoes and gear up your cycle to explore the untamed Vietnam. The gushing streams of Mekong Delta, deeply untouched landscapes, less touristy areas historical spots, the magnificent lost kingdom of Champa Kingdom and the list goes on… can be explored when you hop on the cycle and take a cycling tour in Vietnam. This kind of tours are loved by all types of travellers and they enjoy being in the lap of nature. See some of the tours and places you can take on your next cycling tour

    • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
    • The lush panorama of the Mai Chau valley
    • A stroll through fields of rice
    • Hang Nga Crazy House
    • Vietnam cycling tours inside the city
    • Cycling tours to the Backroads
    • Hoi An Cycling

  • What are the top biking tours in Vietnam?

    Vietnam is blessed with an incredible variety of vivid landscapes and vistas. You may find exciting roads and terrains to bike along the rice fields and enjoy lush green surroundings. Due to this Vietnam has become a very approachable and finest destination for bike tours in the whole Indochina region. It is pretty liked by the adventure freaks and fitness geeks. The tour operators will take you on a half day or a full day biking tour to the natives of Vietnam that leads to some off beaten tracks. There are destinations where you can take your biking tour and the tour operators will give you the best service.

    • Bike Tours Hoi An
    • Saigon Street
    • Vietnamese Countryside
    • Real Vietnam Bike Tour to Hoi An
    • Dalat Bike tours
    • Ho Chi Minh City
    • Ethos - Spirit of the Community (Sapa)
    • Bike tour to Halong Bay
    • Hue and Danang

  • What are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Vietnam?

    With a rich line of stitching of gorgeous beaches, luminous bays, imposing structures, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture - Vietnam appears to woo the honeymooners. And why not, there are ample reasons to feel so. A honeymoon in Vietnam has it all – come here to visit the UNESCO listed world heritage sites, bustling nightlife, gorgeous paddy fields, beach walks, private dinners in caves and much more. If not convinced yet, contact a tour operator and take a honeymoon tour for your romantic date. Check out some sites below:

    • Dalat Valley
    • Sapa the rice roof if Indochina
    • Mai Chau
    • Romantic Beaches & Islands
    • Mysterious Con Dao
    • Phu Quoc (the largest island in Vietnam)
    • Halong Bay
    • Mui Ne
    • Xuan Huong Lake

  • Which are the most popular heritage tours in Vietnam?

    Vietnam is blessed to have 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites that have traditional and historical importance. Out of the 8, two are natural sites and the rest 5 are cultural sites, and the last one is a mixed site. The Heritage Tour in Vietnam was designed owing to the popularity of these sites. Not only this, you will also get an opportunity to witness remote regions and streets of Vietnam through the local’s eyes as well. Let’s have a look at some type of heritage tours and sites that are catered:

    • Halong Bay – the World Natural Heritage and the Natural Wonder
    • Hue Imperial city
    • Quang Binh
    • Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park
    • Phong Nha natural cave
    • My Son Sanctuary
    • Imperial Citadel of Thang Long - Hanoi
    • Citadel of the Ho Dynasty
    • Complex of Hué Monuments
    • Trang An Landscape Complex

  • Which are the best tours to experience the rural life in Vietnam?

    Vietnamese culture and daily life are wondrous and full of life – the traditions, the rituals, colourful houses, customs and food – everything is so beautiful for you to get hold your nerves. These kinds of tours will give you an opportunity to explore the unique architecture through its existing laterite brick ancient houses, paddy fields, local handicrafts, local food and much more. The highlights and the places that these tours will take you are:

    • King Ngo Quyen Temple
    • King Phung Hung Temple
    • Mia Pagoda
    • A Full day at the Duong Lam ancient village
    • Mong Phu temple that is dedicated to national heroes
    • Tay Phuong Pagoda
    • Van Phuc Silk Village

  • Can I go on a solo travelling tour in Vietnam? What are the precautions I must take?

    Vietnam’s tourism is blossoming and the established itself as a backpacker paradise. On the trail of Southeast Asia, it has a long-stretched coastline and some amazing spots to explore as a solo traveller. In fact, there is a good percentage of affluent visitors and solo travellers (especially women) who come to Vietnam for a backpacker trip. But there are certain factors and precautions to be taken:

    • Vietnamese are conservative, hence be careful about the dressing
    • Be aware of small and petty crimes like pickpocketing
    • A lot of women are asked curiously about their marriage, thus choose to wear a dummy wedding ring
    • If you are prone to certain seafood then be precautious to carry necessary medicines

  • Which are the best caving tours in Vietnam

    Vietnam has been charmingly beautiful but it is more stunning and mysterious due to its deep-rooted caves. Son Doong is the world’s biggest cave, that was opened to its visitors in 2013, since then tourism has soared in Vietnam. Vietnam caving isn’t just for the adventure freaks or thrilled travellers, but it can be taken by the beginners as well. Basically, post the wars, the country has been known for its vexing history and over the time, it has built a strong reputation for its unbelievable scenery, delightfully chaotic cities and extraordinary food. Let’s have a look at few caving sites for your next caving tour

    • Hang Va
    • Phong Nha Cave
    • Sung Sot (Surprise) Cave
    • Dau Go Cave
    • Thien Cung Cave
    • Cuc Phuong National Park
    • Hang Tu Lan
    • Hang En
    • Nuoc Nut
    • Trang An Grottoes

  • Which are the best waterfalls to visit in Vietnam?

    You may certainly get inspired with some of the best waterfalls in the world that are housed in Vietnam. Afar, the most beautiful beaches and the desert sand dunes, deep in the jungle sheltered mountains of Vietnam lie these thrilling that is as ancient as the rivers and wend their way through the water cascades over the abyss, rock carving and the earthen landscapes. Here's a look at the most popular ones.

    • Ban Gioc Waterfall – Cao Bang
    • Pongour Waterfall – Dalat
    • Dambri Waterfall – Bao Loc
    • Dray Nur Waterfall – Buon Ma Thuot
    • Elephant Falls – Dalat
    • Thac Bac Waterfall – Sapa
    • Khe Van Waterfall – Binh Lieu
    • Giang Dien Waterfall – Trang Bom
    • Ba Ho Waterfall – Nha Trang
    • Suoi Tranh Waterfall – Phu Quoc