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  • The social, political and economic heart of the Czech Republic, Prague, is one of the most spell-binding European cities you can visit. A beautiful and momentous range of things to do in Prague greets the eager tourist, and getting started on the planning can often be daunting because of the scope of activities available here. Art overflows onto its streets, its buildings invite the viewers to gaze on endlessly, and its cafes are an unceasing source of temptation for the eager palate. Some of the most imperial castles and forts of Europe stand tall around Prague, interesting museums line its streets, and the bustling squares are always a joy to spend time in. 

    The artistic heritage of Prague is also vast and varied. Not only does it house some of the greatest artistic contributions of the bygone years, it also acts as a backdrop for some of the best modern artistic creations. David Cerny, Prague’s modern revolutionary artist, is represented through his masterpieces all over Prague, and a sculpture tour of his works is a must when in the city. 

    This city is bursting with energy drawn from its powerful amalgamation of the past with the present, always with one eye to the future. This list curates the best of what Prague has to offer and brings it to you in one easy-to-understand article. So, get started with your Prague adventures by going through it.

    Here is the list of things to do in Prague:

  • 01Must Do Things in Prague

    Must Do Things in Prague
    1. See the Infant Jesus of Prague - Admire the beautiful, ornate statue of the infant Jesus holding a globus cruciger, which has decorated the aisles of the Discalced Carmelite Church of Our Lady Victorious since the 17th century. 

    2. Explore the Old Town Square - Surrounded on all sides by historic architectural marvels, the Old Town square is the figurative heart of Prague. Roam its quaint streets, admire its buildings, hang out in its cafes and enjoy its lively ambience for a great experience in the city. 

    3. Visit the Prague Castle - Tour the grand Prague castle with the help of a guide, learning all about its architecture, its role in Prague’s imperial past and its present-day status as the official residence of the President of Czech Republic. 

    4. Watch the Astronomical Clock Strike an Hour - Stand in the Old Square as the chimes of the legendary Astronomical Clock striking the hour fill the air. When it does so from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., the clock sets in motion the procession of the Twelve Apostles and some other figures. It is a memorable sight indeed. 

    5. Catch the view from the top of old town hall tower - Admiring the vibrant activity of the Old Town Square from the top of the old town hall tower is a fantastic way to experience Prague. The spectacle of the Astronomical Clock is also better enjoyed from up here. 

    6. Stroll across the Charles Bridge - Walk leisurely across the 15th century Charles Bridge that connects the banks of the Vltava River in Prague and enjoys the thoroughfare of entertainment activities that takes place there all day long. 

    7. Witness the old Jewish Ghetto - Pay a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust on a visit to the Jewish Ghetto. The Old Jewish Cemetery and the Pinkas Synagogue should be visited. You can also enjoy the many kosher restaurants that line the streets of the Ghetto for some traditional cuisine experiences.
    8. See the Treasures of St Vitus Cathedral - One of the most majestic structures in Prague, the St. Vitus Cathedral is the site not only of imperial coronations but also the place where some of the most important figures of Prague lie buried including patron saints, royals and noblemen. 

    9. Take a walk in the Golden Lane - Quaint, brightly coloured houses line on side of the street in the Golden Lane and are delightful to experience. Pay a visit to Franz Kafka’s house while you’re here and indulge in some souvenir shopping in the dainty shops around. 

    10. Investigate the KGB Museum - Relics from USSR’s communist past line the halls of the KGB Museum. Gaze upon artefacts like the death mask of Lenin, the Trotsky murder weapon, the radio from Beria’s cabinet, laboratory equipment used by the KGB among others, and learn about the tumultuous history of USSR with a visit to this place. 

    11. Take a selfie at the John Lennon wall - Admire the artistry that pays a tribute to the legendary music sensation and clicks some great pictures with his gigantic images as you visit the length of this iconic wall in Prague. 

    12. Learn about Communism at Museum of Communism - Communism has played a huge role in shaping the history of Czech Republic, and especially Prague, and learning about this is a great thing to do in Prague to understand the city better.

    13. Have a beer on the Vltava River - All along the Vltava River stand cafes and bars that serve hearty mugs of beer to thirsty customers. Enjoy the pleasant views as you gulp down the sumptuous beer Prague has to offer. 

    14. Walk the backstreets of Mala Strana - Exploring the ancient streets of this Prague district is an unforgettable experience which reveals ancient houses, grand palaces, quaint alleyways, and plenty of eateries. From the middle ages to modern structures, time is well represented here.  

    15. Immerse yourself in the Prague nightlife - Visit iconic sites in the day, party hard at night- that’s what holidaying in Prague is about. The many bars, pubs, dance clubs and other entertainment establishments make this an easy dictum to follow. 

    16. Watch the changing of the guard at Prague castle - Witnessing the majestic Changing of the Guard ceremony, with its drums, banners, and general fanfare, in the grounds of the Prague Castle is a memorable thing to do in Prague.

    17. Take the funicular to Petrin Hill - Pay a visit to the famous Petrin Hill while you’re in Prague. Riding the funicular to its summit is a great way to enjoy the views around the hill and have an adventurous outing. 

    18. Watch Skateboarders at the Letna Park - Skateboard if you can or simply enjoy the graceful movements of the skateboarders as you sit back and relax on the grassy lawns of the large Letna Park on Letna hill in Prague.  

    19. Enjoy nature at Jelení Príkop - Exploring the ins and outs of this magical natural ravine and discovering its secrets is a beautiful experience to have in Prague. Head out for an early morning run in Jelení Príkop to enjoy the best of nature’s bounty. 

    20. Get amazed while crossing the Deer Moat Pedestrian Tunnel - Walking through the magnificent tunnel that spans the grounds of the Prague Castle and borders the Jeleni Prikop is one of the most exotic things to do in Prague. It is a chance to experience nature and architecture at their best together. 

    21. Head to Petrin lookout tower - Seated on the Petrin Hill is the Petrin Observation Tower which offers some of the most magnificent views of Prague. All you have to do to enjoy this view! Climb up the 299 stairs that wind around the tower and lead straight to the observation room.

    22. Visit the old Jewish cemetery in Prague - Located in the Jewish Ghetto, this cemetery is the largest Jewish cemetery in Europe and contains graves from the 15th to the 17th century. Some of the most important people of the Jewish community are buried here. 

    23. Spot the impressive Moorish interior design at the synagogue - Gasp in wonder at the intense architectural creativity that emboldens the interiors of the Spanish Synagogue in Prague. Built on the style of the Moorish Revival, this structure is a must-visit. 

    24. Walk around the Wenceslas Square in the heart of New Town Prague at - The commercial and administrative centre of Prague, Wenceslas Square is a great place to explore of a night. Great restaurants, groovy dance clubs, flashy bars and a lot more can be found here to light up your night. 

    25. Check out Prague's famous Old Town Square at night - Majestic by the day, magical by the night- a visit to the Old Town square at night, when all its major buildings are lit up and live music is enlivening its streets, is a lovely experience you will remember for long.  

    26. Watch the sunrise at Charles Bridge - Stand in the beautiful silence of a fresh morning on the ancient bridge and watch the warmly glowing sunrise up on the horizon as the river rolls by underneath you. 

    27. Watch opera, theatre and ballet in Prague at National Theatre - Some of the best artistic performances are rendered at the National Theatre in Prague, and spending an evening enjoying them is a great way to experience the culture of the city. 

    28. Visit St. Nicholas Church for its stunning baroque architecture - The best exemplar of the impressive Baroque architecture to be found in Prague, the St. Nicholas church is one of the must-visits in the city. Its breathtaking scope will leave you amazed, while its intricate frescos will imprint themselves in your memory for a long time to come. 

    29. Take a guided tour of the Jewish Quarter including the Old Jewish Cemetery - A guided tour of one of the most important Jewish settlements in Europe will allow you to understand the great and often troubled history of the community. A visit to the ancient Jewish cemetery followed by visits to the Museum and the synagogue will complete your tour. 

    30. Take a walk around the Strahov Monastery complex with its famous cloisters and library - Experience the spiritual depth of this ancient monastery, enjoy the awe-inspiring library with its rare collections of medieval manuscripts, maps and globes, and marvel at the frescoes of the Classical Philosophy Hall as you spend an afternoon exploring this marvellous complex.

    31. Climb up the Charles Bridge-gate towers - Playing dual roles, one as the entrance to the Old Town and other as the Triumphal gate on the Charles Bridge, the Old Town Bridge Tower is a magnificent structure to visit in Prague. Climb the 138 steps to the gallery for gorgeous views of the city with the river cutting through it. 

    32. Visit the Dancing House - Enjoy the exquisite sight of the building which seems to be dancing while you roam around Prague. The Dancing Towers are a neo-Baroque architectural structure, extremely eye-catching and inspiring to behold. 

    33. Admire the swans at Vltava River - Admire the swans at Vltava River for a touch of soothing serenity in the midst of bustling sightseeing.
    34. Get amazed by watching a book tunnel that appears to go on forever - A mind-boggling vertical tunnel made up of stacks upon stacks of books- this unique attraction is not to be missed in Prague. 

    35. Visit tower in a tower at Jindrisska Tower - Enjoy the fantastic views and awe-inspiring Gothic architecture with a visit to the highest freestanding bell tower in Prague. Pay a visit to the carillon in the tower too- it is a beautiful, musical experience unlike any other. 

    36. Hire the boat and wander around the small islands on the Vltava - Go island hopping in the Vltava river with a rented boat, stopping to enjoy the unique characteristics of the tiny islands, and even picnicking on them if you so, please. 

    37. Warm up in a century-old cellar - sauna! - Relax in the spectacular wooden finish sauna that fills up the ancient halls of this erstwhile cellar. It is a soothing and luxurious way to end a hectic day in Prague. 

    38. Visit Bohemian paradise nature reserve - Crazy rock formations, sweeping pine forests, grand castles, and wooden villages make up the interiors of this geo-park, so beautiful to experience that visiting it is like stepping into paradise indeed. 

    39. See the only Cubist Lantern in the world - Stop by this artistic lamppost next to Wenceslas Square, and admire the marvellous result produced by the fusion of Cubism with architecture.  
  • 02Where to Eat and Drink in Prague

    Where to Eat and Drink in Prague
     40 Eat the best cakes in Prague at Simply Good - The lip-smacking baked goods on display in this Czech bakery will have your stomach rolling with delight A must try is their traditional kolá? which comes in a wide variety of tasty flavours

    41 Drink pint after pint on a Prague beer tour with a twist - Enrol yourself in a unique Prague city tour- explore the city through its bars and pubs as you gulp down one point after the other at the many breweries on your Prague beer tour

    42 Have a scenic night-time dinner on the river - Take a sunset cruise on the Vltava River and end the day with a romantic on-boat dinner Make a truly romantic evening of it by adding candle lights and musicians to complete the beautiful setting

    43 Lunch at Le Sarah Bernhardt restaurant at the Pariz Hotel - Gorgeous mosaics, inlaid panelling, gilded stucco work, original lighting- dining in the sophisticated Le Sarah Bernhardt is as much an artistic immersion as it is a dining experience

    44 Drink Becherovka, the local's favourite alcohol - A favourite with the local populace, a Becherovka is a bitter, herbal digestive aid that is drunk all around the Czech Republic Don’t miss it when you’re in Prague

    45 Eat the best giant pork knuckle at Lokál Dlouhááá - Binge on some hearty pork with a side of delicious beer in this traditional Czech pub renowned for some of the tastiest pork in town

    46 Have a hot chocolate at Choco Cafe "U cervené Židle" - Everything chocolate can be best enjoyed at U cervené Židle, a cafe which specialises in chocolate delicacies Their hot chocolate, coffee, and chocolate ice creams are to die for

    47 Get a late-night drink at the Savoy Cafe in Ujezd - Enjoy the luxurious feeling of sipping on a drink in a plush restaurant in town as you pass an evening in the Savoy Café in Prague

    48 Devour some Pickled Cheese from Radnicni Sklipek - Try some traditional Czech food with a visit to this popular restaurant in Prague Don’t miss out on their delicious pickled cheese while you’re at it The taste will linger on in memory for long 

    49 Eat a traditional bohemian dinner at La Degustation - One of the best Czech restaurants in town, La Degustation is popular for its inspired take on traditional Czech cuisine Try out their Czech inspired fusion cuisine for a delicious dining experience

    50 Walk to Cafe Louvre to have an amazing breakfast of Prague - Munch on tasty cakes, pastries, bread and other Czech dishes in this 100-year-old restaurant that is popular just as much for its quaint ambience as it is for its food

    51 Drink a world-famous beer Pivo at Strahov Monastery Brewery - Spend an evening drinking freshly brewed beer and enjoying Czech food as you lounge in the grounds of this famous monastery-turned-brewery in Prague

    52 Spend some Koruna at the Farmer’s Market - When you visit a Farmer’s market in Prague, you not only get the chance to buy a range of unique Czech goods but experience the local culture So have a vibrant outing with a visit to one of the many farmers markets that pop up around Prague on a regular basis

  • 03Sculpture Walk in Prague

    Sculpture Walk in Prague

    53 Spot a Seven Foot Tall Sigmund Freud - Eye-catching, awe-inspiring, and mind-boggling- this sculpture of Freud is, much like the man himself, a fantastic, but somewhat disturbing, piece art in Prague

    54 Get hypnotized by Franz Kafka Head Sculpture - In life as in art, Kafka remains a hypnotic figure This 42-layer revolving structure of his head outside the Quadrio shopping centre is a fascinating work of artistry by David ?erný in Prague

    55 Watch the Statue of King Wenceslas Riding an Upside-Down Dead Horse - Quirky does not get better than this Right in the centre of Wenceslas Square, this sculpture is a sight to behold indeed

    56 Have a Blast in Zizkov Tower - Dine at the restaurant atop the tower and stay in the one room hotel at Zizkov Tower, but most importantly, click a picture with the David ?erný’s fibreglass “babies” as they crawl up and down the tower’s pillars

    57 Spot some of the giant babies crawling at the entrance in Kampa Park - Similar to the babies that crawl up Zizkov Tower, the three gigantic babies guarding the gates of Kampa Park will at once fascinate you and inspire you with awe Gazing upon them is indeed an unforgettable experience in Prague

    58 Spot Trifot Sculpture an animated walking monster whose head consists of a set of cameras - This kinetic marvel, with its camera-eyes, by David ?erný, will simply have you gasping in awe 

    59 Get astonished by seeing London Booster Bus that does push-ups - Another David ?erný masterpiece, this athletic bus simply cannot be missed in Prague

    60 Watch the brownnosers sculpture a permanent fixture hidden in the back garden of Futura - Climb up the ladder and poke your head in the backside of this statue to experience the spectacle of two Czech politician's spoon feeding each other on a screen to the sounds of Queen’s “We Are the Champions”

    61 Go find Nuclear Bunker Turned Into Star Wars Robot R2-D2 in Folimanka Park - Click a selfie with R2-D2 in front of the erstwhile nuclear bunker which has been transformed into an artwork by unknown artists This is turning war artefacts into something pleasurable and beautiful

    62 Solve the existential riddle of Parable with a skull in the world's ancient Prague castle - Enjoy the surreal modernist creation of artist Jaroslav Róna nestled in the ancient halls of Prague Castle- this statue is based on Kafka’s “beggar” and is a rather a startling piece of work to behold

    63 Discover Statue of Franz Kafka in Prague - A surreal statue honouring Prague's favourite literary son - Another Jaroslav Róna sculpture, this statue of Kafka is modelled around his novel “Amerika” and is a fitting tribute by one great artist to another

    64 Visit David Cerny’s ‘Piss’ statue - Two statues going about their business in the middle of the busy street is an unusual sight, but Prague is used to the path-breaking, often shocking creations of David Cerny, and the “Piss” statue in one of them

    65 Spot Quo Vadis sculpture of a car on four legs - David ?erný’s tribute to the 4000 East Germans seeking political refuge in Prague, this car with four legs is a representation of a golden Trabant, a popular car in Germany in the late 1980s This is an example of his subversive art at its best

    66 Spot 7 bronze figures for Memorial to the Victims of Communism - A powerful and moving depiction of the horrors that communism can wage on its human victims, this bronze display on the base of Petrin Hill is not to be missed when in Prague 

  • 04Where to Shop in Prague

    Where to Shop in Prague

    67 Find perfect gifts for your loved ones at Kuráž - Kuráž is the best place to shop for traditional Czech and Slovak items The shop houses several Czech and Slovakian brands and features everything from clothes to jewellery to designs

    68 Visit the biggest open-air design market in Prague- Dyzajn market - This is far by the best place to shop for traditional Czech designs in Prague, but it is only set up once every two months, so check out the dates for the market display to see if they work for you

    69 Buy some conceptual designs of Czech from Qubus - Enjoy shopping for some gorgeous Czech designs for your home as you roam the aisles of this exclusive interior and conceptual design store in Prague

    70 Shop from a wide collection of Shakespeare and Sons bookstore - A booklover’s dream- the Shakespeare and Sons bookstore is a beautiful bookstore filled with rows upon rows of books- old and new alike You’ll find everything from unique old books here and the latest books making the waves in the literary world

    71 Walk in the real market street Havelska in the Old Town - Dating back to 1232, this quaint preserved market makes for a wonderful shopping experience in Prague, where you not only find great food but also experience the local culture

    72 Dig a little further in Old Town Square and you will find Prague’s hidden fashion gems - The Old Town Square has several old-fashioned boutiques and stores where you can find all kinds of unique items like old Czech designs, vintage dresses and accessories, and a lot more, often with a modern twist to them 

    73 Find some high-quality crafts and artwork on Charles Bridge - There are dozens of street stalls set up around Charles Bridge which make it a vibrant place to shop for delightful crafts and handiworks Traditional jewellery, gorgeous designs, lot artworks and a lot more is for sale in the stalls here 

    74 Parizska Street, the most fashionable area in the capital - Enjoy some exclusive fashion retail therapy as you shop in the high-end fashion boutiques and luxury stores that line the glossy Parizska street in Prague

    75 Find plenty of small boutique stores and cafés on Mostecka and Nerudova Streets - Go on a fashion exploration by poking around the classy boutique stores that line the Mostecka and Nerudova Streets, and top it off by enjoying a coffee break in the many cute cafes around

    76 Wander around the Republic Square and you'll find some of the great malls of Prague - Enjoy a relaxed afternoon or evening strolling through the glitzy malls of Prague, immersing in the multiple entertainment opportunities including fashion and electronics shopping, amusement zones and more available there

    77 Shop at international stores in Wenceslas Square and its border pedestrian street Na Prikope - High-end boutiques and jewellery stores, exclusive vintage shops, luxury outlets, and a lot more makes shopping in Wenceslas Square and Na Prikope a retail experience like no other in Prague 

  • 05Adventurous Things to Do in Prague

    Adventurous Things to Do in Prague

    78 Explore Prague on Segway or city bike - Hop aboard a Segway or a city bike in Prague and tour the city in the local style Zooming across the beautiful streets of Prague on one of these is a uniquely memorable experience to have in Prague

    79 Get your adrenaline going with the skydiving adventure in Prague - Leap out from a plane flying at over 14,000 feet and free fall towards the streets of Prague before pulling the parachute and easing down to the ground with an adventurous skydiving experience in Prague

    80 Experience the atmosphere of F1 racing in Go-Karting - Pay a visit to the magnificent Praga arena and enjoy a thrilling time zooming around their 4 upscale racing circuits Go-karting in this arena will leave your adrenaline pumping and give you some unique memories to take back with you

    81 Ride the cable car of the Hotel NH Praha - The two buildings of Hotel NH Praha are linked to each other via a cable car This relatively unknown ride is completely free of cost and is a great way to enjoy some adventure in the city

    82 Take a tour of most haunted Houska Castle of Prague - Dominated by al things Gothic- from Gothic architecture to gothic paintings to gothic chapels, Houska Castle gets its haunted fame from the myth that the chapel is constructed over the “gateway to hell”, making it a freeway for long-gone spirits to come back and haunt the halls of the ancient buildings

    83 Try out world-famous weapons and handguns shooting - Try your hand at the range shooting at one of the many shooting ranges across the city for an offbeat experience

    84 Get into the Paternoster doorless Lift at Prague City Hall - A relic of old-fashioned engineering, the Paternoster doorless lift in the city hall is a unique structure that should be experienced at least once whilst you’re touring the place

    85 Experience high-speed thrills at Prague Bobsleigh Track - A kilometre of adrenaline pumping fun awaits you at the adventurous Bobsleigh Track in Prague Everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy the high-speed excitement of the track, so don’t miss out on it when you’re here

    86 Try a Jazz Boat tour down the winding Vltava River - To float down the Vltava river on a luxurious boat as a jazz band plays live music for you is a beautifully memorable experience to have, and makes you enjoy the city in a whole new fashion altogether

    87 Do skating at Stalin Monument - Skating around the grand Stalin monument in Prague is a secret known mostly to locals, and is, therefore, a great offbeat thing to do in Prague

    88 Test yourself at the Mind Maze - You’re caught up in the middle of a life-threatening situation and have only 60 minutes to escape using the clues on hand Are you up to solving the arduous mental challenges of the Mind Maze in Prague? 

  • 06Other Things to Do in Prague

    Other Things to Do in Prague

    89 Instead of going up, go down in the tower of Charles Bridge to view old craft exhibition - Enjoy the old-fashioned craft items displayed in the lower levels of the Charles Bridge for an interesting expedition in Prague

    90 Take a selfie at the Vaclav Havel Square with a big heart - Hundreds of melted candles went into making the delightful heart that beats in the Vaclav Hotel square, and taking a selfie with it is a fun thing to do while you’re there

    91 Wait for the green light in the world's narrowest street - No vehicles can enter this street The traffic lights are just installed to make the pedestrian navigation in the street an easier affair Standing for a signal in the world’s narrowest street is one of the unique things to do in Prague

    92 Check out the Prague Zoo and the Troya Castle - Interact with the animals and enjoy the Czech artworks with a visit to the Prague Zoo and Troya Castle respectively

    93 Enjoy the pet scene gardens and get lost in the mirror maze - Enjoy the views from atop the gardens of Pet?ín Hill and get lost in the labyrinth of the Mirror Maze And don’t miss losing yourself in the “hall of laughter” while you’re there either

    94 Paddle boat on the float of a Prague river - Rent a boat and paddle down the delightful Vltava River as the sun sets over the city of Prague This is one of the simplest and most spellbinding experiences you will have in Prague

    95 Watch a Puppet Show - A visit to the Czech Republic is incomplete without a puppet show, so head over to one of the theatres for a performance These puppet shows are intricate affairs and will leave you amazed at their ingenuity 

    96 Visit the haunted church of bones at Kutná Hora - One of the eeriest places to visit in Prague, Sedlec Ossuary’s chandelier of bones, skull garlands, piers, monstrance's, and other bone decorations will leave you gasping in shock and awe Not a memory that will leave you soon

    97 Visit the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn - Enjoy the beautiful Gothic architecture of this ancient church on a serene Czech afternoon and marvel at the views from the 80-metre-high towers

    98 Enjoy a free concert on Stravinsky Ostrow - What better way to conclude a delightful day in Prague than to end it with some of the best musical performances and all for free

    99 Enjoy the view of the beautiful Municipal house - Prague’s Municipal House is a treasure of the Art Nouveau Its breathtaking architectural elegance makes it one of the most beautiful art pieces in the capital

    100 See an art exhibition or classical concert at the Rudolfinum - Art and music reign supreme in the grand halls of Rudolfinum Enjoy the contemporary art exhibitions held there and relax to the sound of Czech Philharmonic Orchestra’s music

    101 Take a trip to Kampa Island - A dainty island in the middle of the Vltava, Kampa Island is a photographer’s delight Enjoy its artistic streets and dine in its cute cafes for a memorable experience 

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