Norway Honeymoon Tour Packages: Book @Upto 50% Off

Norway Honeymoon Packages

Looking for the best honeymoon packages that give the perfect beginning to your married life? Then, Thrillophilia has come to your rescue with the best honeymoon packages in Norway to fall in love with your partner even more. These Norway honeymoon packages come with amazing offers, deals, and discounts to make your trip much more enjoyable and extremely convenient.

With a wide variety of tourist destinations and mind-blowing activities, our packages take you to the best destinations of Norway that will fulfil your heart and soul. Moreover, Thrillophilia's tour packages can be customized according to your wishes.

Whether you are a couple looking for a quiet and romantic honeymoon or you're a couple that craves adventure, these packages are suited for everyone. The Norway honeymoon tours offer you everything from transfers to meals and from sightseeing to accommodation. These packages are a perfect choice for every couple who is in search of something extraordinary.

From budgeted packages to the most luxurious ones, you will not find it difficult to choose the best tour for yourself. So, look no further and book your honeymoon with us and stay rest assured that your trip is going to offer you the best of Norway.

Here is the list of best Norway Honeymoon Tour Packages:

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People Also Ask About Honeymoon in Norway

  1. Which are the best places to visit on a Norway honeymoon tour?

    Geirangerfjord, Møre og Romsdal
    Geirangerfjord is one of Norway's best-visited attractions, making it one of the world's most beautiful fjords. The Geirangerfjord is entirely located at the Stranda Municipality. The village of Geiranger is located at the end of the majestic fjord where the Geirangelva river empties into it.

    Preikestolen, Rogaland
    Preikestolen, also known as pulpit stone standing 604 meters above the majestic Lysefjord of Norway. The breathtaking views of the fjord, waterfalls, and mountains give you a soul-soothing experience. The views from the cliff are so magical and mind-blowing, that they can take you to experience beauty in its exact way.

    Trolltunga is situated about 1,100 meters above sea level in Vestland county of Norway. The Trolltunga cliff overlooks the valleys of the Hardanger region. Patches of snow are present in some areas, even in the summer months, giving it an elegant and unique look. The increased tourist attraction to this destination has turned it into the national icon of Norway.

    Bryggen, also known as Tyskebryggen, is a series of Hanseatic heritage commercial buildings lining up at the eastern side of the Vågen harbour in Bergen. Bryggen, including its cultural deposits, is listed under the Norwegian Cultural Heritage Act and is also protected through the Norwegian Planning and Building Act.

    Oslo, the capital of Norway, is known for its historical museums and greeneries. The leading Norwegian cultural institutions are found in Oslo. Oslo houses over 20 theatre attractions, such as the Norwegian Theatre and the National Theatre, located at Karl Johan Street. Oslo is also home to the famous Nordic skiing venues.

    Kjerag is a well-known hiking and base jumping destination. The patches of snow and the full moon view above the Kjerag mountains are some of the majestic sights to watch and feel in Norway

    Seven Sisters Waterfall
    The Seven Sisters 410- meter Waterfall with seven separate streams is regarded as the 39th tallest waterfall in Norway. They are situated close to Knivsflå, the abandoned farm. The falls are about 6.5 kilometers west of the village Geiranger and are a part of the Geiranger World Heritage Site. The falls are naturally more visible during the significant snow melting period in May-July and can be observed by a boat trip. Several Norway Honeymoon packages provide you with the best deals to experience these mesmerizing wonders of Norway.

    Oscarsborg Fortress
    Oscarsborg Fortress is a famous coastal fortress in the Oslofjord situated close to the small town of Drøbak in Viken county. It is one of the essential historical fortifications in Norway. Oscarsborg Fortress is a trendy tourist destination with its strategic location on an island, with its marina and extraordinary biological diversity.

    Lovatnet is a lake in Stryn in Vestland county, located about 2 kilometers southeast of the village of Loen. The water from the lake flows down from the mountains; especially from the Jostedalsbreen and Tindefjellbreen glaciers. The colours, sounds and majestic mountains diving into the water is breathtaking, and the drive up this valley is a mesmerizing experience.

  2. What are the best romantic things to do on the Norway honeymoon trip?

    Cruise to the great Geirangerfjord, Møre og Romsdal
    Cruise amidst the artistic mountains, sparkling waters, colourful flora, and the calm breeze with your valentine. The majestic Seven Sisters and Bridal Veil of the Geirangerfjord are some of nature's exotic scenic places to feel and witness. Let your soul wander amidst the magical beauty at Geirangerfjord.

    Go riding a husky sledge In The Mountains, Jotunheimen
    The sledge rides are equally adventurous and romantic for your Norway honeymoon tours. Huskies, the breed commonly used for dog sledding, will pull you at high speed through the white wilderness.

    Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel stay, Sorrisniva, Alta
    Experience your Norway honeymoon packages in this unique hotel starting from $500 a night, with cozy sleeping bags and reindeer leather sleeping pads. The silence and serenity of the wildness make it a perfect honeymoon spot to celebrate love. With its majestic and unique architecture with ice, the igloo hotel gives you an incredible opportunity to witness northern lights to your soul's fulfillment.

    A romantic walk through the Trondheim
    A romantic walk with your partner through the Viking Trondheim is a delightful experience in your honeymoon session. You can also rent a bike and tour with your beloved watching the museums, boutiques, and galleries of this beautiful place. The creative and exceptional restaurants at this place will be a delightful experience for your palates.

    Snowmobile Safari, Dagali
    The safari track is on the side of Pålsbufjorden and the landscape varies from open to alpine forest. See the herds of moose, roe deer, and soaring eagles as you plough through the white wilderness on the snowmobile safari at Dagali.

    A picnic at Sognsvann Lake, Oslo
    Enjoy nature and the soothing breeze with your loved one at the Sognsvann Lake. Located just outside Oslo, you can reach here by any means of transportation. Pack your picnic essentials and watch a beautiful sunset with your eyes. Go fishing, swimming, or boating to experience the calmness around you. Couples can take a walk along with the thick forests and beautiful meadows surrounding it.

    Enjoy the Wildlife Safaris, Svalbard
    Experience the wildlife safaris that guide you safely to the unique animal kingdom. Watch the whales, musk oxen, moose, puffins, and majestic birds of prey. You can also spot some polar bears walking on the city streets at Svalbard. Join a wildlife safari, and watch these animals in their natural habitats. The guides will make it easier for you to make some animal encounters and to click your adventures.

    Whale Watching up close, Vesterålen
    Go cruising with your partner at the Norwegian coast and witness the majestic whales around. Go cruising along the rhythmic waves of the Vesterålen coast and spot some of the majestic whales of the world. Enjoy the magnificent scenery, the natural surroundings, and fresh sea air that lit up your magical honeymoon vibes.

  3. Which are the best romantic places to stay in Norway?

    Hotel Brosundet
    Hotel Brosundet offers a unique luxurious experience from the delicate interior design, stunning artwork, antique beams to fresh local seafood. The hotel's outer walls extend directly into the waters of Brosundet, and the hotel's inspirational design has an authentic tale to tell. The couple's stay at these majestic hotels come under special offers in the Honeymoon packages in Norway.

    Engø Gård Hotel & Restaurant
    A stay at Engø Gård along with your Norway honeymoon tours, located at the Tjome Waterfront, Tjome, Vestfold gives you an unparalleled peaceful experience of romance and luxury. Surrounded by spectacular nature and historical buildings, with culinary delights and an array of activities on offer, you are guaranteed a sense of well-being and comfort.

    Røisheim Hotel
    Røisheim – a Historic Boutique Hotel, situated close to Jotunheimen National Park, offers an incredible experience of traditional Norwegian food, Galdhøpiggen Mountain views, and spacious, elegant rooms. Hotel Røisheim's restaurant serves the famous Norwegian cuisine with international dishes at the best rates. You can order a room or suite tailored to fit your taste – including fireplaces, unique views, traditional beds supplied with the high quality and standards as you expect.

    Manshausen Island Resort
    Munchausen Island is situated in the Steigen Archipelago off the coast of Northern Norway. The Island's position between artistic mountains and the Barents Sea is itself an inexplicable view. This is an adventure and exploration resort. The area is home to the world's largest Sea Eagles population where the mountain-range of Lofoten dominates the North of the horizon.

    Fretheim Hotel
    The Fretheim Hotel is centrally located in the west part of Norway, where the Sognefjord ends and the Flam Railway starts. Surrounded by the spectacular mountain and fjord views, one can look, taste, listen and absorb the magnificent nature. The hotel is immediately adjacent to the Nærøyfjord UNESCO World Heritage site.

    Kirkenes Snow Hotel
    Experience romance at its peak at the Snow Hotel located in Kirkenes. The temperature inside the Snow Hotel is -4 degrees, hence the comfy beds with reindeer hides will keep you and your partner warm. A tree course arctic dinner, made of local raw materials is served at their restaurant Gabba. After the delightful dinner, couples can witness the mystical Northern Lights above their snow hotel. Book your Honeymoon packages in Norway to experience this exquisite magical atmosphere.

    Norefjell Ski & Spa
    Norefjell Ski & Spa is an award-winning popular resort in beautiful mountain scenery about 1.5 hours from Oslo. Norefjell Ski & Spa coming in various Honeymoon packages in Norway, has also been chosen as Norway's leading spa resort for many years for its excellent and unique service. . The surrounding romantic nature offers excellent opportunities for fishing, canoeing, and cross-country skiing cycling with your loved one

  4. Which are the best destinations for snow adventure activities in Norway?

    Norway’s capital, Oslo, is a great starting point for your snow adventure activities. Go for the classic Norwegian activities such as cross-country skiing or ice-skating, ski-jumping on the famous Holmenkollen Ski Jump or you can also go for some sledging.

    The city of Flam is situated between some of the most spectacular mountains and fjords in Norway. Take a Flamsbana railway line to witness the breathtaking view of the Norwegian mountains. There are countless hiking and cross-country skiing trails, fjord cruising, and more adventures to discover at Flam

    Trondheim is a city with a rich cultural history and architecture that attracts tourists from all over the world. Trondheim during the snow is a magical place to go for some cross-country skiing and winter hiking. To rush your adrenaline, you can also hit the slopes at Vassfjellet Ski Park.

    Tromso is one of the best places in spotting the Northern Lights in Norway. Tromso is also an ideal destination for severe photographers wanting to get the best Northern Lights shots. The dog sledging or the reindeer sleigh ride is a unique experience of a lifetime.

  5. Which are the best romantic beaches to visit on a Norway honeymoon tour?

    Unstad Beach, Lofoten
    Unstad Beach is one of the most popular beaches of the Lofoten Islands. The beach itself has a mesmerizing stretch of sand in the middle. Unstad has beautiful golden sand and is surrounded by majestic mountains, making it a perfect site for a romantic sunset.

    Seljesanden, Nordfjord
    On the western coast of Norway is a romantic city Selje and the secret of its attractiveness is a beautiful beach Seljesanden. The calm waters and the soft sand make this beach incredibly popular among tourists. The Honeymoon packages in Norway give a chance to witness this scenic beauty of Norway.

    Bunes Beach, Lofoten
    Bunes Beach is certainly worth visiting with its magnificent white sandy coast, endless blue ocean, and glacially carved mountains.

    Mjelle Beach, Bodo
    Mjelle Beach is a popular swimming spot in the summer with its colours, making it a real attraction. On some days, the beach becomes such a deep red that it is almost purple. The locals say that the sand gets its vibrant colour from the garnet particles and minerals present on the beach.

    Kvalvika Beach, Moskenesoya
    Located in an isolated bay on the northern side of Moskenesøy, it is surrounded by steep mountains that rise more than 600 meters. This is one of the beautiful beaches on Lofoten Island.

  6. What are the best places to see Northern lights in Norway?

    The Northern Cape
    Witness a magical Northern Lights experience at the Northern Cape, situated by the Arctic Circle. The area offers some of the most spectacular views of the dancing lights as they race magnificently across the sky.

    The Lyngenfjord Region
    Get your northern lights experience in the Lyngenfjord, surrounded by blue glaciers, deep ravines, and the Lyngsalpene mountain range peaks, some of which rise to 1,833 meters.

    The wild nature turns the aurora around Senja chase into an eventful trip for the body and soul. You might also spot some moose, eagles, seals, and reindeer along the way.

    Alta is a modern city found directly under the stunning Northern Lights oval. Alta's delightful climate and clear skies are one of the best destinations to fall in love with your loved one

    Bodø and Salten
    The Northern Lights are more intense in the North of the northern hemisphere, where they appear mystical, floating, and magical across the sky.

    Varanger is a perfect area for spotting the Northern Light as it is the epicentre of the so-called northern lights oval. You can go exploring them by snowmobiles, by foot using snowshoes, and also by boat.

  7. Which are the best cruise tours in Norway?

    Norway river cruise
    The Norway honeymoon tours aren't complete without a magical Norway river cruise. It takes the visitors to experience a cruise from Skien deep into Norway's heavily forested Telemark region.

    Northern lights cruise
    The Northern lights cruise is a mandatory cruise for anyone visiting Norway land. Hurtigruten is a good option as there are daily departures throughout the winter.

    Arctic cruise to Svalbard
    The glacial scenery during the Arctic cruise is spectacular, and there is also an opportunity to see the Arctic wildlife. You can also find some polar bears during your Svalbard cruise.

    Cruising the fjords
    The fjord cruising allows the luxury and comfort of a more traditional cruising experience in Norway. Make sure you don't miss out on any magnificent fjord cruises on your Honeymoon packages in Norway.

  8. What is the best time to visit Norway for a honeymoon?

    The Winter season in Norway offers the best chances to see the amazing Northern Lights and witness the surreal frozen landscapes. Hence, book your Honeymoon packages in Norway from October to March as they are the best period to see the magical dancing lights.

  9. How many days are enough for a Norway honeymoon tour?

    4 - 5 days can give you a good tour around Norway's romantic mainlands and witness the northern lights. If you can spend more than a week, you get a chance to visit several famous remote areas in Norway.

  10. Is Norway worth visiting for a honeymoon?

    Blessed with nature's wonders, fascinating fjords, and mesmerizing vibes, Norway is one extremely stunning destination to celebrate your love. The different stunning hotels are made compatible with the surrounding atmosphere, for the tourists to experience Norway's divine atmosphere.

  11. Is Norway safe to travel?

    Norway is known to be one of the safest countries to visit across the world. The crime rates are meagre in every region of this beautiful country. A night walk along your picked destination in Norway is relatively safe and worth an experience.

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