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  • Hong Kong, one of the two Special Administrative Regions of China, alongside the equally beautiful Macau, exists as the perfect culmination of the modern world, the rural countryside and the centre of trade harbour. There is no dearth of places to visit in Hong Kong, and to visit these places, just take one of the famous double-decker trams of the city. This balance between the lives of all three types is what makes Hong Kong often present itself as so lively. Before coming under the Chinese administration, Hong Kong was a British Colony till 1997. 

    You can see the evident effects of the 150 years rule on the architecture throughout the city. Hong Kong’s geography has made it into a beautiful city and the leading financial centres of East Asia. From anywhere in the city you can relish the view of Hong Kong’s brilliant skyline embellished with a number of skyscrapers, blending in perfectly with the lush green spaces of the rural countryside. 

    All this somehow establishes a connection with everyone’s inner traveller; the one that wants to be awed by tall buildings and find respite in the embrace of nature.  These will take you to all the beautiful and serene temples of the city, the mouth-watering cuisines from the world, and the calm beauty of the harbour.

    Because of scorching summers and heavy monsoons, the best time to visit and relish tourist places in Hong Kong is the cool and dry time of the year between mid-October and December.

    Here is the list of places to visit in Hong Kong:

  • 01Places to Visit in Tsim Sha Tsui

    Places to Visit in Tsim Sha Tsui
    1. Kowloon Park- the Sizeable green area in the middle of the busiest section of Hong Kong with aviaries, sports, library and museum for tourists.

    2. Space Museum- Magnificent dome-shaped building at the Hong Kong waterfront is the main attraction for Space geeks and aspiring astronomers.

    3. Avenue of Stars- A tribute to native actors who popularized the sights of Hong Kong and gave it the name“Hollywood of East”.

    4. Clock Tower- Part of a long-forgotten railway station and history, this clock tower still stands; it looks over the scenic Victoria Harbor.

    5. Victoria Park- Relax in this tranquil park in the Causeway Bay Area when you get tired of shopping from nearby attractions.

    6. Dr Sun Yat Sen Museum- Commemorating China’s transformation from monarchy to a republic, named after the man who built China we see today.

    7. Chungking Mansions- Hong Kong’s one-stop-shop for everything and economic stays for people travelling from afar, the heart of “Asia’s world city”.

    8. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade- Get an uninterrupted view of the mesmerizing Hong Kong skyline while passing by the cultural centre of Hong Kong.

    9. Hong Kong Museum of Art- A trip down the memory lane of Chinese paintings, calligraphy and antiques featuring local and overseas artists.

    10. Marine Police Headquarters- A declared monument of Hong Kong, one of the four oldest buildings of the city.

    11. Hong Kong Science Museum- Play science game with 500 exhibits and add this place to your list of places to visit in Hong Kong.

    12. International Finance Centre Hong Kong- Find Hong Kong’s finest in all sectors, be it hotels, suites, shopping or entertainment. It’s all here!

    13. Hong Kong 3D Museum- Visit history and land of dreams, by literally adding yourself in the frame at Hong Kong’s first 3D museum.

    14. Star Ferry Pier- Ditch the train, cross over to Kowloon in a ferry, especially for a view of the beautiful harbour.

    15. Hong Kong Cultural Centre- One can enjoy the artistic performances here.

    16. Museum of History- You do not have to dig deep for 400 million years’ worth of South China and Hong Kong’s history.
  • 02Places to Visit in Tsuen Wan

    Places to Visit in Tsuen Wan
    17. Disneyland- Dive into the magical land of Disney characters and theme parks in the Hong Kong’s version of the land of wonders.

    18. Ngong Ping 360- 25 minutes and a glass-bottomed cable car. That is the closest you can be to Lantau’s natural beauty.

    19. Po Lin Monastery- Connect with your spiritual side while you seek blessings under the eyes of the Big Buddha.

    20. Sam Tung UK Museum- Take a peek into the bygone days of the rural life of Hong Kong in this 200-year old walled village.

    21. Noah's Ark- The stuff of legends takes a life of their own in this Christian Theme Park with life-sized exhibits.

    22. Tian Tan Buddha- Literally called the big Buddha, the statue is a must visit if you’re going to the Po Lin monastery.

    24. Peng Chau Island- Is life away from the bustle, beautiful temples and fresh seafood on your list? Peng Chau is where you belong.

    25. Adventureland- Experience the adventures of the forest down to the last detail in Disney’s biggest Adventureland ever.
  • 03Places to Visit in Kowloon

    Places to Visit in Kowloon
    26. Victoria Harbor- The lifeline of Hong Kong, enjoy the view of all of Hong Kong’s star attractions from Victoria Harbor.

    27. SokKwu Wan Bay- Enjoy scenes of fishing and feast on delicious seafood delicacies of Lamma Island in Hong Kong’s very own Picnic Bay.

    28. Lamma Island- It is a green island that boasts of life of a traditional Chinese fishing village.

    29. Chi Lin Nunnery- Feel closer to divinity and forget your worries in the light and beautiful environment of the Chi Lin Nunnery.

    30. Nan Lian Garden- Meticulously planned structures, rocks and trees add to the alluring beauty of diamond hills in this Tang-dynasty styled Garden.

    33. Hung ShingYeh Beach- Bluewater and a sandy beach, throw in a little barbeque and it almost feels like a weekend, any day.

    34. Lo So Shing Beach- Deserted, forested and a much more scenic version of the Hung Shing Yeh beach.
  • 04Places to Visit in Central

    Places to Visit in Central
    35. Mount Austin- The only thing that you should not miss is the view from The Peak, be it day or night.

    36. Edward Youde Aviary- Walk above the space 600 species of birds fly in, housed in a natural valley of The Victoria Peak.

    37. Madame Tussauds Museum- The Hong Kong chapter of the world-renowned chain of wax museums, the first in Asia.

    38. Bank of China Tower-The crown jewel of Hong Kong’s studded skyline, HQ of the Bank Of China.

    39. Lan Kwai Fong Street- Ever only heard of Hong Kong’s nightlife? Experience the best of nightclubs, cuisine and variety of ethnicities here.

    40. Soho District- South of Hollywood Road, north of everyone’s expectations. Feel swanky, feel it in SoHo District.

    41. Hong Kong Park- Welcome patch of green landscape and various bird species right in the middle of the concrete jungle.

    42. Flagstaff House- Oldest, the most beautiful heritage of colonial architecture in Hong Kong, a must have a background in your photos.

    43. Central-Mid-Levels Escalator and Walkway System- World’s longest outdoor covered escalator, passing right through the heart of Hong Kong’s famous SoHo District.

    44. Trick Eye Museum- Let the exhibits of this remarkably famous museum deceive your eyes with its 3D art.

    45. The Peak Galleria- Hong Kong’s answer for your extensive shopping list, and it comes with a view Asia’s World City.

    46. PMQ Mall- A significant part of the history, a must visit of all the tourist places in Hong Kong in the present.

    47. Old Town Restaurant- Taste the world with a pinch of Hong Kong in every bite you take here in the old town.

    48. Parkview Art- Take a look at the very best pieces of abstract art from China and all over the world.

    49. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden- One of world’s first zoological and botanical gardens, and the oldest park of Hong Kong.

    50. Asia Society Hong Kong Centre- A cluster of barracks under the British Rule, now the centre of culture, art and heritage of Hong Kong.

    51. Peak Tower- A must of tourist places in Hong Kong for its 360° view from a height of 428m above sea level.
  • 05Places to Visit in Sha Tin

    Places to Visit in Sha Tin
    52. Hong Kong Heritage Museum- Enjoy the beautiful architecture of this place which houses several artefacts of historical importance to South China and Hong Kong.

    53. Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery- It is a monastery with no monks living in there, but, a house with more than 10,000 Buddha miniature statues.

    54. The Jumbo Kingdom- Part of one of world’s largest floating restaurants, able to accommodate 2300 diners at a time, serves some brilliant cuisines.

    55. Ocean Park- Find your kind of delight in Hong Kong’s marine life theme park amidst the oceanarium, rides and other magnificent shows.

    56. Saffron Cruises Junk Charters- Hong Kong’s largest fleet of traditional Chinese junk boats, on-hire for you to relish the islands the way you wish.

    57. Pak Tai Temple- A temple dedicated to Pak Tai, the sea god, featuring medieval Chinese woodwork and iron sword, adorned with dragon sculptures.

    58. Golden Bauhinia Square- Visit the site that honours the transfer of authority of Hong Kong to China, with the forever blooming Golden Bauhinia.

    59. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre- Witness Hong Kong’s power of trade exhibitions, and cultural and entertainment affairs, that go throughout the year at the HKCEC.

    60. Lei Cheng UK Han Tomb Museum- The tomb here is believed to be almost 2000 years old, while the museum displays the relics found with it.

    61. Kau Sai Chau Island- Hong Kong’s sixth largest island, housing the only public golf course, a fishing village and a UNESCO world heritage temple.

    62. Hong Kong Global Geopark- Another of UNESCO’s world heritage places to visit in Hong Kong, showcasing evergreen geological structures and landforms.

    63. Yuen Po Street Bird Garden- Feed, interact and fall in love with the songs of a number of exotic birds in this traditional Chinese garden.

    64. Flower Market- Find a plethora of different species of local and exotic flowers in the market that takes over all your senses.

    65. Kat Hing Wai Walled Village- A visit to the local descendants of the people who first built the walled village and moat to protect them.

    66. Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve- One of the best places to visit in Hong Kong, for a quiet stroll and do some wild bird watching.

    67. Fa Yuen Street Market- Shop for the latest trends in footwear in a market where the likes of Lebron James come to find theirs!

    68. Sha Tin Park- A park acquiring an area of 8 hectares with many theme gardens, it is also a house to 400 local and exotic plant species.

    69. Snoopy's World- A free to visit children’s theme park based on a child's favourite cartoon character, first of its kind in Asia.

    70. Lions Nature Education Centre- Another one of the green places to visit in Hong Kong, especially if you want an educational tour of nature.
  • 06Places to Visit in Yau Ma Tei

    Places to Visit in Yau Ma Tei
    71. Temple Street Night Market- A local market that opens after the sunset, and exudes a vibe that makes you feel like you're in China.

    72. Tin Hau Temple- A temple dedicated to the sea goddess in the middle of the Night Market with no water around.

    73. Broadway Cinematheque- The centre of attraction for all the cinema lovers, it is famous for showing more than the local Chinese flicks.

    74. Yau Ma Tei Theatre- Only surviving theatre of the pre-war era, currently the host of various Cantonese opera shows, some also with English subtitles.

    75. Sky 100 Deck- Enjoy a 360° view of the serene Victoria harbour from the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building, the ICC.

    76. Jade Street- Wonder why the Chinese are so obsessed with Jade? Find out for yourself at the opulent Jade Market nearby.

    77. Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre- Former British barracks, now serve as a permanent exhibition gallery and cultural centre in the Kowloon Park.
  • 07Other Places to Visit in Hong Kong

    Other Places to Visit in Hong Kong
    78. Man Mo Temple- Near the busy financial district, the largest and peaceful temple dedicated to the gods of Literature (Man) and War (Mo).

    79. Hong Kong Observation Wheel- Hong Kong’s 60m high giant wheel with 42 luxury pods, for soaking in a grand view of the Victoria harbour.

    80. Cheung Chau Island- A small island, surprisingly famous for its attractions, Cheung Cha is famous for its yearly Bun Festival, temples and seafood.

    81. Dragon's Back- Breathtaking views from the S-shaped trek that takes you away from the city bustle while still keeping you close to it.

    82. Che Kung Temple- A temple dedicated to the medieval commander, Che Kung, whose loyalty earned him the position of a God for locals.

    83. Lung Fu Shan Country Park- A favourite of Hong Kong picnickers, a green patch above the cityscape, best amongst places to visit in Hong Kong.

    84. Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences-Take a historical plunge into the advancement of traditional Chinese medicine and its comparison to the western methodology.

    85. Museum of Coastal Defence- The collection of 600 years-worth of Hong Kong’s naval history, this museum site once served as the eastern naval outpost.

    86. Wong Tai Sin Temple- The only one of the places to visit in Hong Kong that claims to answer every one of your prayers. 

    87. The dialogue in the Dark- Close your eyes, letting other senses take over to experience Hong Kong with your sense of hearing, smell, and feel.

    88. Repulse Bay- A crescent-shaped shoreline and the experience of a resort, this bay is a favourite for locals and the tourists.

    89. Tsing Ma Bridge- Connecting Lantau island with the rest of Hong Kong, this 2 km long suspension bridge looks beautiful in the night.

    90. Stanley Market- Silk, art, jewellery, Chinese costumes, mementoes, or brands. You name it, and you will find it here, pocket-friendly.

    91. Happy Valley Racecourse- One of the two racecourses of Hong Kong, this is where you must be if it’s a Wednesday.

    92. Tai Mo Shan Peak- Witness the vast expanse of the city from above the clouds, here at the highest peak in Hong Kong.

    93. Tung Ping Chau Island- Being the home to the Global Geopark, this island is loaded with natural wonders to witness with one’s own eyes.

    94. JaoTsung-I Academy- This historic spot has prevailed and preserved a part of its history, and now works for protecting Hong Kong’s architecture.

    95. University Museum and Art Gallery- The museum is a part of HKU, showcasing over a thousand pieces of antiques from the Qing and Yuan Dynasties.

    96. Murray House- This 160-year-old building on the waterfront of Stanley is a hotspot for all the foodies around Hong Kong.

    97. The Wilson Trail- A scenic trail passing through the twins and violet hills, packed with views of rare butterflies, dragonflies and skinks.

    98. Cheung Po Tsai Cave- The famous hideout of the Robin Hood pirate turned naval officer of the Qing Government, Cheung Po Tsai.

    99. Hong Kong Skyline- Without a doubt, the best cityscape of skyscrapers in the world, an amazing experience to view it at night.

    100. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden- A centre for organic farming and a home to many local animals, this place has something for every member of your family.

    101. Tang Ancestral Hall- Hong Kong’s declared monument since 2001 and the main ancestral hall of the Tang Clan, built about 700 years ago.

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