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27 October 2016

I recently did the same trip and i am more than happy to share my experience with Thrillophilia. Everything was managed professionally Be it the trekking part, the paragliding, the Transfers. Now comes the most exciting part of this trip, TREASURE HUNT- It was one of the best group activities i've ever done. I was super Excited for this one and it was worth it. P.S. I won a Selfie Stick and a Power Bank. ;) The location of the campsite was really good, i woke up, unzipped my tent and saw the sun rising from behind the mountain which was right in front of my eyes and I captured that moment in my heart for lifetime.

What You Should Know More About Bir - Billing

  • Bir - Billing

    In the Joginder Nagar Valley of Himachal Pradesh, is the Trekking and outdoor activities hub in the Bir village. Well known to be a center for eco tourism, meditation, spiritual retreat, and adventure activities, touring Bir can give you a thrilling experience. You can visit tea estates, monasteries, wildlife parks, trek in nearby areas, go paragliding solo or tandem, and have the most stupendous time spent here. You can also hire a private car and go sightseeing in and around this village. One of the most popular tourist places in Bir-Billing is art galleries, temples, and monasteries. You can also visit the Birl resort town, also known at the British Hill station, and take rides on bike or cycle at your own pace.

    Places to see in Bir are umpteen, and you can take nearly 3 to 8 hours long hiking tours in the nearby locations. Water sports and other outdoor activities keep this place active throughout the year. You can go camping and have fun by the campfire at night. There is no scope for nightlife at Bir- Billing. Bir is only two hours away from Dharamshala. Bir is a cluster of small villages and the best place for spending tranquil and serene holidays, and taking exciting walking and trekking tours.

  • Travel Advice

    • You can travel to Bir by bus, train, taxi, or flight. You can take a flight to the Dharamshala’s Gaggal airport, and take a bus or taxi from there to reach Bir.

    • You can take walking tours within Bir to get anywhere. You can hire a taxi or take a bus if you are going up or down the hill, and commuting longer distances.

    • Do not buy bottle water in Bir. The water in Bir is considered to be clean and safer than bottled water; so get it filtered or boiled before drinking.

    • You can get an accommodation at the homestays, guesthouses, hotels, or resorts in the nearby villages like Chowgan and Upper Bir.

    • Most of the resort stay is budgeted and you will find basic amenities in most of the resorts and guesthouses.

    • If you are extending your stay, you will also find cottages that are available for long term rentals at Ghornala.

    • Avoid non-veg food in any of the places in Bir as they do not meet hygiene standards for cooking meat. You can make your own food when living in a guesthouse by buying veggies and other items in Tibetan colony, and other nearby villages.

    • Many food joints for snacks, cafes, and restaurants are available throughout Bir.

    • There are many institutes spread across Bir that teach meditation and yoga.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss

    Paragliding, Parasailing, and trekking
    The best months for this activity are from the months of March to May, and from October to November. Avoid visiting this place during monsoons. You can take up a course in paragliding and parasailing, and enjoy viewing the valley and landscape during the paragliding and hand gliding tours. You can take up short or long trekking tours to many places near Bir. Billing is a place that is a few kilometers from Bir. Bada Bhangal is a hamlet in the Tribal Valley, and only a few kilometers from Bir Billing, which provides great sites for trekking and camping. The roads in this area are not yet developed. The only way to reach this place is through a trek. You can also trek through dense forests of Barot, leading to Kullu. You can also go fishing trouts in the waters of River Uhl in Barot. 

    Monasteries and temples
    Being closer to Nepal and Tibet, you will find a strong template of Tibetan culture in Bir-Billing. There are many monasteries in this village which is also a place of worship of many living in this village. You can take a look at the murals, religious items, architecture, at the Chokling monastery. Sherab Ling Monastery is visited by Dalai Lama for conducting various religious ceremonies. The Bajinath temple in the Kangra Valley is one of the most revered temples and places of worship. This is one of the most ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, and built in the 13th century. Tashijong Monastery, is 12 kilometers away from Billing, and is a place where handicrafts are made.

    Meditation and yoga learning centers
    The Deer Park and the Dharmalaya institute offer courses in meditation and yoga. If you are taking a longer retreat, you can visit these places and take courses in different types of Buddhist meditation. Meditation and philosophies related to Zen and Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Even studies related to Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta are taught here. The Himalayan Film School also conducts workshops on photography and filmmaking. You can also join the Tai Chi classes, and take up studies on healing science, such as, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Tibetan medicine.

  • What you will like there?

    Sightseeing and activities
    Bir-Billing is a global destination for paragliding. Available are many outdoor activities that can be done in the places nearby Bir-Billing, such as, Dharamshala, Kullu, Mandi, and Manali. This is a Hilltop village with serene atmosphere, clear water, and pristine beauty. You can take nature walks and cycling tours across these connected villages.

    Shopping for handicrafts
    You can go shopping at the bazaars in the Tibetan Colony. You will find handicrafts, ritual items of Buddhism, jewelry, and clothes. You can also shop at the Bir road for colorful items. 

    Meditation, yoga, and spiritual studies
    Those who are fond of spiritual and philosophical studies must visit Bir-Billing institutes and take short term or long term courses. This is a popular place for gaining the treasure of spiritual studies, arts, culture, healing arts, meditation, and yoga.

    Tea gardens, spas, and wellness 
    You can take a long stroll at the tea gardens in Chowgan during day time, and spend evening at the spas and yoga retreats at AryaMarga. Learning yoga amidst Himalayas is the best spiritual experience you can gain.

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