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Camel Ride in Sand Dunes of Jodhpur Flat 34% off

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Full Day Sightseeing Tour of Jodhpur - Flat 21% Off

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Bishnoi Village Safari, Jodhpur Flat 15% Off

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Cultural Walk Tour in Old Jodhpur Flat 38% Off

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Jodhpur Cycling Tour Package - Flat 20% Off

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Cooking Session at a Local Home in Jodhpur

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City Walking Tour in Jodhpur Flat 18% Off

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Camping in Jodhpur With Activites Flat 21% Off

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  • Famously known as the 'Sun City,' Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan. There are a plethora of beautiful resorts in Jodhpur to make your stay a memorable one. Apart from umpteen newly built resorts in Jodhpur, there are many palaces too, which are converted into luxury resorts. 

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    One of them is a very famous Umaid Bhawan Palace. Because of one of the most famous tourist destinations in Rajasthan, Jodhpur attracts thousands of tourists every year, which gives the city a great opportunity to give some amazing offerings to its guests like Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhavan Palace, Rai Ka Bag, and many more. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful and amazing resorts in Jodhpur.

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    Get a close glimpse of how the royalty flourished in this land by staying in these amazing resorts – the architecture, courtyards and the luxuriant gardens still sing the tales of the glorious royal culture of this princely state of India.

    Apart from the ‘king-size’ experience, resorts in Jodhpur are well-equipped with all the modern amenities that not only promises its customers with an incredible experience but also provides them with a comfortable atmosphere. Get ready to be bewildered with the urban-classic outlook of these stunning places of accommodation.

    Here are some of the best resorts in Jodhpur:

  • 01Marugarh Venture Resort

    Marugarh Venture Resort

    Jodhpur undoubtedly is a city of exquisite culture and traditions, there are a number of exclusive things to explore here. This city is a totally different experience when compared to many other popular holiday destinations in India. One such amazing resort for most of the travellers that visit Jodhpur is Marugarh Venture Resort. Close to most of the cultural heritage sites in Jodhpur, this resort will be an addition to your trip in the Sun City of India. One can enjoy luxury amenities and relax at this quite abode in Jodhpur.

    Marugarh Venture Resort is one of the most famous resort in Jodhpur and offers great package deals to its customers. Some of the amenities offered by this resort include swimming pool, banquet hall, venture lawns, spa and a conference hall. The resort offers rooms and suits for stay at an approximate rate of 5000 INR minimum for a night. 

    The total price then depends on the type of room you choose and other facilities you opt for.  The resort is also a popular destination for weddings and other functions since it is spacious and offers all necessary deals that are worth taking a look at.

    Amenities: Conference hall, swimming pool, banquet hall, spa, venture lawn, restaurant and bar.  

    Distance from the City: 16 kilometres approx.

  • 02Lariya Resort

    Lariya Resort

    Lariya Resort is located in the outskirts of Jodhpur city and is one among the popular resorts in Jodhpur. It is a small hamlet for the visitors of this city to experience the exotic beauty of this place. The resort is situated in a calm and peaceful location and wonderfully compliments the warmth of the Blue City of India. 

    It is one among the many other luxury resorts in Jodhpur that has all the facilities and amenities, which will make your stay here an easier one. Nested in a tranquil atmosphere, the resort offers several packages that suit its visitors. The minimum tariff for a day’s stay at this resort is approximately 6000 INR. This again depends on the kind of room you choose and facilities you wish to have. 

    This resort is suitable for business meetings and corporate associations as it lacks basic amenities for something which is of the wedding kind. The resort also has limited rooms and suits and hence prior bookings will help you a great deal in getting a room here.

    Amenities: Restaurant, bar, swimming pool, sports centre, fitness centre and conference hall.

    Distance from the City: 18 kilometres approx.

  • 03Bal Samand Lake Palace

    Bal Samand Lake Palace
    Situated in the vicinity of mesmerizing Bal Samand Lake, the Bal Samand Lake Palace is a beautiful resort in Jodhpur. The Bal Samand Lake Palace is built with red sandstone and boasts the mighty Rajput architectural style and was envisaged as the summer home to Jodhpur Maharajas. The palace is surrounded by the beautifully designed gardens where the guests can relax and unwind after a tiring day.

    Amenities: The Bal Samand Lake Palace has 26 beautifully designed rooms and a few suite rooms. Out of all the suites, the Maharni Suite opens to the pristine view of Bal Samand Lake. Apart from luxury suites, the palace also features rose garden, restaurant, and croquet lawn.

    Location: The Bal Samand Lake Palace is located on the Mandore Road in Jodhpur.

    Stay at Royal Balsamand Lake Palace in Jodhpur

    Stay at Royal Balsamand Lake Palace in Jodhpur

    NNNNM34 Ratings

    d3 Daysn2 NightslJodhpur

  • 04Jaisalmer Hotels Mirvana Nature Resort

    Jaisalmer Hotels Mirvana Nature Resort

    Nested in nature’s abode, Jaisalmer Hotels Mirvana nature resort is one of the most exclusive resort in Jodhpur. It is a spacious outlet and one of the popular ones among the other luxury resorts in Jodhpur. The resort is managed with great amenities and a set of fun activities that will enthral its visitors. 

    It provides both luxury stay options along with exclusive desert camping experience as well. A number of activities that you can try out here include farm tourism, desert safari, village visit and an insight into the folk forms of Rajasthan. The price for stay at Jaisalmer Hotels- Mirvana Nature Resort begin with a minimum of 7000 INR per day. It can be for a room or tent, whichever is suitable and is opted by the customer. 

    The resort has several other packages especially for big groups. Visitors also have luscious buffet lunch and dinner facility both belonging to the Rajasthan cuisine. The resort is also great for weddings and any other functions of the same kind.

    Amenities: Tents, cottages, spa, rooms and restaurant.

    Distance from the City: 240 kilometres apporx.

  • 05Fun World Resort

    Fun World Resort

    Fun World Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Jodhpur. It is famous for the activities visitors get to indulge in at the resort. Located within the city limits, Fun World resort is an easy and affordable option to all kinds of tourists. The resort is best known for the amusement park and water park in the resort campus. 

    It provides facilities like rooms deluxe room, conference room, bar and restaurant, water and amusement park along with gym and sports centre to its customers. The tariff of this multi resort starts with just a sum of 2000 INR per day and hence is also the most affordable among the other resorts near Jodhpur.

    Amenities: Bar and restaurant, water park, amusement park, banquet hall and conference hall.

    Distance from the City: 15 kilometre approx.
  • 06Pratap Nivas- An Amritara Resort

    Pratap Nivas- An Amritara Resort

    Pratap Nivas Resort is one of the most popular resorts in Jodhpur. Situated within a proximity of 15 kilometres, the resort is a great place to stay as it is neither far away nor too close to the city. It is a perfect abode if you wish to stay in a place that is away from the chaos of the city and are looking forward to some serene location to stay.

    The resort is beautifully lit up in the night to add to the charm of this place. The resort is a reflection of the Rajasthani culture and traditions and depicts the same through the wonderful architecture of the resort. Along with providing a delightful stay, this resort is also close to a few must do things in Jodhpur. 

    To name a few, they are: flying fox, visit to Mehrangarh Fort, visit to Clock Tower, sightseeing at Kailana Lake and Rao Jodha Rock Desert. These small attractions make your stay at Pratap Nivas Resort a much blissful one.

    Amenities: Bar and restaurant, suits, swimming pool, and a conference hall.

    Distance from the City: 14 kilometres approx.

  • 07Desert Scape Resort

    Desert Scape Resort

    Located far away from the city, Desert scape resort is a small place with limited rooms and limited options to explore. The resort anyway provides a feeling of living in the wilderness and warmth of the desert and hence is also preferred for its unmanned quotient. 

    Although situated in one of the far off places in Jodhpur, this resort is equally opted for among the other resorts near Jodhpur. The resort has most of the amenities and allures its customers with the rustic surroundings around it. The minimum tariff of a room in this resort is 4000 INR per day along with amenities like bar and restaurant and a big swimming pool.  

    Amenities: Bar and restaurant, suits, and swimming pool

    Distance from the City: 23 kilometres approx.

  • 08Shagun Resorts

    Shagun Resorts

    Relax in this distant resort which provides best of luxury and exclusive experiences to the tourists of Jodhpur. Shagun Resort is a home for some of the great surroundings and is located at a suitable distance from the city. This factor makes Shagun resort a calm and tranquil place to chill and relax with your friends and family. Like many other Jodhpur resorts this resort also has all the basic amenities; and to top it, it also offers exclusives like camping experience. 

    This particular resort accommodates wedding functions and offers special services and packages for the same. The resort has amenities like swimming pool, kids play area, badminton and tennis court, indoor games, a gymnasium, barbeque restaurant and a small family theatre. These facilities are a great deal over the reasonable price offered by Shagun Resort when compared to other resorts in Jodhpur.

    Amenities: Bar and restaurant, tents, family theatre, indoor sports courts and kids play area.

    Distance from the City: 35 kilometres approx.

  • 09Bishnoi Village Camp and Resort

    Bishnoi Village Camp and Resort

    Bishnoi Village Resort is the most exclusive resort near Jodhpur with facilities to stay in huts and tents in the desert. The resort is not merely meant for a stay but also redefines the experience and charm of visiting the Jodhpur city. The place may not be a luxury resort in Jodhpur, but has everything to make ones holiday a memorable one. 

    On staying in this resort, one can tick off a plethora of fun activities like desert camping, visiting the villages of Jodhpur, and witnessing the charm of Rajasthani culture, trying out the luscious ethnic Rajasthani cuisine and village safari. This resort is the true depiction of the Blue City of India. 

    Amenities: Tents, Village huts and a restaurant.

    Distance from the City: 30 kilometres approx.  

  • 10Umaid Bhawan Palace

    Umaid Bhawan Palace
    Set in the midst of 26 sections of land of lavish greenery enclosures, with moving peacocks and an underground Zodiac Pool, the extravagance five-star Taj legacy Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel offers 64 totally amazing Art Deco-style rooms and suites.

    Absorb the first engineering of a captivating past time and find the rich history of a royal residence that has delighted in genuine regal organization—Maharani BadanKanwar of Jodhpur having lived here. Walk around the lavish, arranged Baradari Lawns, ideal for the individuals who have constantly imagined a tall tale wedding.

    Being the part of Taj Heritage Hotels, the Umaid Bhawan Palace offers 22 rooms and 42 suits with all the modern facilities, Jiva Grande Spa, swimming pools, fitness center, yoga facilities, croquet facilities, cemented tennis courts and many more.

    Location: The Umaid Bhawan Palace is located on Chittar Hill, which is the highest point of Jodhpur

  • 11Ratan Vilas

    Ratan Vilas
    Constructed in 1920, the Ratan Vilas Palace, by Maharaj Ratan Singhji of Raoti, is an imperial and one of the finest resorts in Jodhpur. The resort with its forcing yet gently cut outside and exquisite insides is an authentic legacy building in a sylvan setting.
    The Palace, reminiscent of the sentiment of the former period, has been changed over into an inn by Maharaj Bharat Singh, the grandson and R.K. Brijraj Singh, the considerable fantastic child of Maharaj Ratan Singhji, with the special case that regardless it keeps on being their living arrangement too.

    Highlights: The bedrooms in the Ratan Vilas Palace are decorated with the vintage furniture, elegant Indian fabric, and beautiful photos of royal family. All the rooms are AC and offer free Wi-Fi connectivity in the common areas.

    Location: The Ratan Vilas Palace is located on the Loco Shed Road, Near Bhaskar Cicle, Ratanada, Jodhpur.

  • 12RAAS

    RAAS is Jodhpur's first boutique inn involves three new structures notwithstanding the first four; an uncommon and beguiling complex that reflects from multiple points of view the Walled City itself. To be sure, with its outstanding vistas, diverse styles and edges, a focal water body, square and cultivate; and an all pervasive warm "natural feel" RAAS is a microcosm of the city.
    What's more, as basically every home here, verging on each room in the lodging appreciates the most marvelous perspective of Mehrangarh, evaluated in 2008 by Time Magazine as "Asia's Best Fortress".

    Highlights: The RAAS has four categories of rooms, which include garden rooms, luxury rooms, duplex suites and heritage suites. The resort also offers world class spas and multi-cuisine restaurants where the guests can also enjoy the authentic and traditional Rajasthani delicacies.

    Location: The RAAS is located on Tunwar Ji Ka Jhalra, Makrana Mohalla, Jodhpur.

  • 13Devi Bhawan

    Head out for an immaculate excursion at this exceptional energising Devi Bhawan which is one of the best resorts in Jodhpur. This astounding property is only 1 km head out from the air terminal. The eminent resort is encompassed by a verdant desert garden shaded by lofty neem trees.

    And additionally being the most tranquil spot in Jodhpur it is likewise magnificent quality. Rooms are open, clean, and enlivened with brilliant materials and conventional decorations.

    Highlights: Devi Bhawan is one spot which will never baffle you. With all the condition of craftsmanship facilities, this resort makes all your fantasy works out as expected of staying at an outlandish resort. You can likewise appreciate an astonishing back rub administrations on solicitation. Something else is that this resort is exceptionally close to all the touring places. Umaidnagar Fort is 40 km away, while Osian is available inside 65 km away.

    Location: Defense Laboratory Road, Near Ratanada Circle, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

  • 14Hari Mahal

    Hari Mahal
    For that immaculate getaway, Hari Mahal is the ideal spot for you. The Moghul enlivened arches is 2.4 km from Jodhpur railroad station. Following a long tiring day of touring this spot will be a shelter for all.

    This upscale inn highlights many-sided crown shaping and exquisite windows, the refined rooms and suites. The best thing about this inn is that it offers Chinese diners which are a standout amongst the most loved food here.

    Highlights: Hari Mahal incorporates a bar, an outside pool and a salon, in addition to a diversion room and gardens. Go for a walk over the 6 sections of land of the lodging and its rich greenery enclosure. Absorb this 21st-century dream castle. Have an inclination that you're in a desert garden amidst the desert.

    Location: Residency Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

  • 15Ajit Bhawan

    Ajit Bhawan
    If you are planning for a heritage stay then this is the ideal destination for you. This inn has a place with the Jodhpur imperial family. Absorb the tranquil and the peaceful environment of Rajasthan. This resort remains as a desert spring of hospitability and warm Rajput Charm.

    The resort offers you Old World tastefulness, with all the cutting edge offices of an exemplary resort. Appreciate an imperial stay at this resort and appreciate the part of being a visitor of Maharaj's family.

    Highlights: Enjoy an agreeable stay at the sixty sleek rooms, where visitors can appreciate an appropriate night's rest while encountering the Rajasthani hospitality.
    Each room includes the character of the inn, blending the Raj magnificence with a contemporary turn. The Ajit prides itself on maintaining five-star benchmarks, which today's recognising voyager anticipates.

    Location: Circuit House Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

  • 16Amargarh Resort

    Amargarh Resort
    Treat yourself with the most delightful stay at the Amargarh resort alongside your friends and family and make your get-away exceptional. This resort is an immaculate combination of the work of art and the contemporary which makes it not quite the same as alternate resorts. The resort is very much furnished with all the condition of workmanship offices.

    This resort is a standout amongst the most gone by resort in Rajasthan. The property are centered around empowering the visitor to draw each minute with a wide collection of lavish nourishment, starting bar a warm atmosphere and a curious old world appeal guarantee an affair that will make you return over and over.

    Highlights: Once you are at the resort you will never be disillusioned. There are around 36 super grand rooms which are exceptionally all around composed and outfitted with every one of the offices.

    Location: Opposite Shubham Farms, Pal Rd, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

  • 17Jasol Heritage

    Jasol Heritage
    Set in a stately stone building, this sophisticated inn is 2.9 km from fifteenth century Mehrangarh Fort and 5.3 km from Jodhpur Junction railroad station. Jasol is a standout amongst the most adored lodging which perfect and open.

    Absorb yourself the serene climate, the resort resemble a complete bundle and is the perfect place to spend some lone time with your loved ones.

    Highlights: Jasol Heritage is extremely very much planned with all the condition of craftsmanship offices. They have refined exclusively brightened rooms highlight customary, cut wood decorations, and rich fabrics.

    There is additionally a rooftop top eatery with open air seating. Different courtesies incorporate amazing tours through the town and camel rides in the property's deer park.

    Location: Jasol House, Police Line Rd, Ratanada, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

  • 18Nirali Dhani

    Nirali Dhani
    There is yet another resort in Jodhpur which is an unquestionable requirement visit for you while you are traveling with your friends and family. Norali Dhani is the one resort which will make your stay, more comfortable and agreeable.

    This ethnic extravagance resort in Jodhpur is a part of the inn Shri ram Excellency. The resort is the ideal case of the Rajasthani style. The resort also offers a perfect peaceful ordeal.

    Highlights: Nirali Dhani is extremely very much outfitted with every one of the offices. The resort have 34 all around prepared Rajasthani style room. Highlighting cut wood furniture and Indian fabrics, in-room solaces incorporate aerating and cooling and a seating region.

    An assortment of various foods and Rajasthani specialities and numerous different cooking styles like Italian and Chinese are accessible at the resort.

    Location: Siddhanath Circle, Near Chopasni Filter House, Chopasni Road, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

  • 19Kubergarh Resort

    Kubergarh Resort
    Stay at the most extraordinary resort in Jodhpur and make your Rajasthan excursion an exciting one. Kubergarh Resorts is a glorious patio nursery in the heart of the city and is one of the best resort in Jodhpur.

    This resort is a standout amongst the most adored resort by the general population and is a most loved among the vacationer.

    This resort is likewise popular among the general population for appropriate game plans for engagements and pre wedding functions.

    Highlights: Kubergarh Resort, gives uncommon lobbies of various abilities to provide food for various sort of services. The inn has 8 all around delegated, carefully outfitted cooled rooms.

    All things considered, we promise you an extraordinary and fantastic wedding loaded with awesome recollections in a rich and extravagant air and gigantic diversion for your visitors.

    Location: Near Bypass Circle, Chopasni, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

  • 20Hotel Lake View Resort

    This resort is located besides one of the most beautiful lakes in Jodhpur. The view from this resort is spectacular and is sure to mesmerise every person that takes a look at it. Hotel Lake View Resort is an easy search among other resorts in Jodhpur, as it is located in the prime location of the city.

    It is a great abode for those of you that want to stay in the city and experience the city life of Jodhpur. In the evening the resort provides a great view of Jodhpur and will allure you with the city’s beauty. The tariff for the resort will be revealed to its customers only on personal enquiry. Some of the facilities that the resort offers is conference hall, bar and a restaurant.

    The resort offers deluxe and super deluxe rooms along with suits. Hotel Lake View Resort is home for a magnificent view of the city and a plethora of fun activities that one can indulge in during his/her stay at this resort. Some of the activities that can be ticked off near this resort are fishing, boating, trekking up the hill, bird watching and a few others. This definitely will make any trip more than a memorable one.

    Amenties: Bar, restaurant and conference hall.

    Distance from the City: 8 kilometres approx

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