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  • A kaleidoscopic destination in the picturesque state of Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is known for its sanctity, bountiful nature, pleasant and calm ambience. Also called the 'Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas', this magnificent city is cradled in the lap of the Himalayas and bestowed by the holy Ganges.

    Quiet and calm, the city is jotted with several ancient temples, ashrams and other religious sites, and is an ideal destination for the sages or saint to mediate and seek 'moksha'. Adding more to the charm and grandeur of Rishikesh, the mighty Himalayas and the gurgling Ganges make it a hotspot for the adventure junkies. Be it trekking, white water rafting, kayaking or Rishikesh camping, the city offers an overwhelming list of options and destinations.

    Cossetted by lush and dense thickets, guarded by fascinating peaks and adorned with alluring rivers, camping in Rishikesh becomes an exciting affair for the fun and thrill seekers! If you are among one of the adrenaline junkies, this is the place for you to explore, witness and discover the charm and appeal of the Mother Nature in its most pristine form.

    Here are some of the most enthralling camps in Rishikesh:

  • 01Aspen Adventure Camp

    Aspen Adventure Camp

    Though counted among the recently opened campsites in Rishikesh, Aspen Adventures is one of the most reputed as well as acclaimed adventure spots in and around the city limits! Since it started operating in 2009, it has earned many prestigious awards, acclamation and fame. Emphasising more on how to conserve and preserve the nature’s beauty, it is run and maintained an excellent people, who has previously worked for the Armed Forces, it is specially known for the thrills of its river rafting programmes.

    While the surrounding of the camp assures you pleasant moments, its 26 luxurious Swiss tents will take care of your stay and other comfortable aspects. In addition to being spacious, these tents are also decked with some of the basic amenities like beds, mattresses, carpets, electricity, fans, tables, personal utility kits, water bottles and several others. 

    Running water service and power backup within the tents make it for a stress free living in Aspen Adventures. Also, when it comes to pampering the taste buds of the visitors, this campsite with its expert chef and cooks proves to be a gastronomic delight for the visitors.

    Among the activities that can be enjoyed here, there are white water rafting, jeep safari, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, body surfing, rock climbing and waterfall treks. The open and spacious area around the camp can also be used for several other activities like volleyball, cricket, badminton, tug of war, human dragon and others. Bonfire, barbeque and live music brings in an additional charm to the evenings in Aspen Adventures.

    Camping at Aspen Adventure, Rishikesh

    Camping at Aspen Adventure, Rishikesh


    d2 Daysn1 NightlRishikesh

    Starting from


  • 02Camp Wildex

    Camp Wildex

    Cossetted by the picturesque Rajaji National Park on both sides, Camp Wildex in Rishikesh also offers some of the most amazing outdoor experiences and enthralling activities. Located on the banks of the Ganga River, it is surrounded with evergreen thickets that serves as the abode of several exotic bird species and other wildlife. Morning in this campsite gets adorned by the melodious hymns of the river-rapids and the sweet notes of the chirping birds.

    In addition to the camp's basic and required facilities like beds, western toilets with running water, electricity with power backup options and conference facility, its neat and calm ambience make it a must visit campsite in the entire of Rishikesh.

    During your stay in Wildex, you can participate and enjoy activities like river rafting, body surfing, cliff jumping, rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing, waterfall trekking and forest walks. Other exciting offerings of the camp includes beach activities like volley ball, rugby, badminton, team building exercise, indoor and outdoor games.

    Experience Adventure at Camp Wildex in Kanatal

    Experience Adventure at Camp Wildex in Kanatal


    d3 Daysn2 Nights

    3% Off


    Starting from


  • 03Red Chilli Beach Camp

    Red Chilli Beach Camp

    While on most of the Rishikesh camping expeditions, you are promised with fun-frolic, thrilling and soothing moments; Red Chilli Beach Camp takes your holiday to another level! Not only limited to Rishikesh, it also operates in other places like Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. Well-experienced guides who know the valley better than others in the same business, better commitment and utmost safety of the participants drive this amazing camp.

    Such is the charm and appeal of this camp that whether or not in the mood of hitting the outdoors, you will definitely opt for it! To plan the day more efficiently, it also offers full and half day adventure options to its visitors. For the thrill or adrenaline seekers, it has options like river rafting, trekking in the Himalayas, wildlife tour to Jim Corbett National Park and much more.

    Camping with Red Chilli Adventure in Rishikesh

    Camping with Red Chilli Adventure in Rishikesh

    NNNNN1 Reviews

    d2 Daysn1 NightlRishikesh

    Starting from


  • 04Camping and Rafting at Camp Hideaway in Rishikesh

    Camping and Rafting at Camp Hideaway in Rishikesh
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lRishikesh
    • NNNNN2 reviews
    • Deepak Pradeep
      Deepak Pradeep
    About the activity: 

    • Join the fun and excitement of camping with Camp Hideaway in Rishikesh. Check in at 10 AM and check out at 11 AM.
    • Enjoy camping in a jungle camp while being surrounded by the untouched nature.
    • Explore the outdoors and get acquainted with the magical beauty of Uttarakhand.
    • Camp beside the gurgling river, amidst dense forests and indulge in an array of exciting games and activities.
    • Enjoy rafting under the guidance of expert rafters, sleep under the starlit sky and make your holiday wonderful.
    • This is a 2 day 1 night tour.
  • 05Camping at AquaTerra in Rishikesh

    Camping at AquaTerra in Rishikesh
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lRishikesh
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Ms.Mohan Biswas
      Ms.Mohan Biswas
    About the activity with details: 
    • Welcome to Camp AquaTerra, an ideal holiday retreat in Rishikesh.
    • Check-in into camps that are aesthetically designed for a relaxing holiday.
    • Relish delicious food and revel in and around a homely ambience during the stay.
    • Take the fun and excitement of camping to a new level with Camp AquaTerra.
    • This is a 2 day 1 night activity stay.

    Rafting will not be operational or the camps from 15th June - 15th Sept'16

  • 06Ravers Beach Camp, Rishikesh

    Ravers Beach Camp, Rishikesh
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lRishikesh
    • NNNNN1 review
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    About the Activity:

    • Rishikesh is one common destination amongst all travelers looking for adventure and some action. With its alluring landscapes and idyllic natural conditions for various adventure activities, this is one place that welcomes all types of visitors.
    •  Shed off all your office worries and get ready for some real action with friends and family. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience at Ravers Beach camp, Rishikesh.
    • Nested amidst the stunning landscapes and picturesque natural beauty, Ravers Beach camp provides you with scores of adventure activities. 
    • Indulge in an exciting session of rafting, fight the roaring tides as you balance your raft over the gushing water. You can also quench your adventure thirst by indulging in a thrilling body surfing while relaxing in Ravers Beach camp, Rishikesh.
    • Feel your heart racing as you head for a stimulating activity of cliff jumping. Show your best moves as you dive into icy-cold water in the stream below. Delight in this wonderful experience of camping in this nature’s abode in Rishikesh.

    Rafting will not be operational or the camps from 30th June - 15th Sept'16

  • 07Camping at Ganga Rivera, Rishikesh

    Camping at Ganga Rivera, Rishikesh
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lRishikesh
    • NNNNN1 review
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    Located on the banks of the beautiful Ganges River, camping at Ganga Rivera, Rishikesh strives for an amazing experience. Decked in the virgin beauties, this camp sustains the grandeur of an isolated beach and natural-untouched beauty surrounding it.

    You will be crossing the crown of Rishikesh- ‘Jhoola Pul’ in order to reach the camp. Get ready to be enthralled in the untouched beauty of two beaches, a perennial green field and a cascading waterfall right adjacent to your camp. Delight in the pristine beauty of this land like never before!

    Indulge in a thrilling adventure session with friends and family: kick start your excursion by indulging in an enthusiastic rappelling session – test your mountaineering skills as you rappel in the surrounding cliffs. Put on your trekking shoes and safety gears before you engross in a rock climbing and cliff jumping round.

    For people who are not much into adventures, camping at Ganga Rivera, Rishikesh offers activities like volleyball and water hike. Delight in this mazing stay experience with friends and family like never before!

    Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian - 3 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

    Accommodation Types: Swiss cottage tents

    Activities: Rappelling, Rock climbing, Cliff jumping, Volleyball, Water hike

    Difficulty Level: Easy 

  • 08Deluxe Tent Stay at Himalaya Eco Lodge, Jayalgarh

    Deluxe Tent Stay at Himalaya Eco Lodge, Jayalgarh
    • d3 Daysn2 Nights
    • lJayalgarh
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Mr.Mohammad
    • 11% Off10,000
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    About the Activity:

    • Experience a stay at the Himalayan Eco Lodge in Jayalgarh, a premier riverside camp that stands on the banks of the River Alaknanda at Jayalgarh (Uttarakhand).
    • This camp is the perfect setting for someone looking for a relaxing holiday in the spectacular settings of the Himalayas all around.
    • The resort is also perfect for the activity junkie who is looking for an activity filled day followed by relaxed evenings by the riverside under the star-spangled sky.

    Meal Types: Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian

    Activities: Guided Trek, Tented Stay




  • 09Luxury Camping with Rainbow Resort, Rishikesh

    Luxury Camping with Rainbow Resort, Rishikesh
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lRishikesh
    • NNNNN1 review
    • Saurabh

    About the Activity:

    • Royale Rainbow Resort, Rishikesh is a  perfect place to re-bond with your family and friends which offers you the privilege to enjoy nature in the arms of the divine river Ganges and the lush green Himalayas while Rafting at Rishikesh. 
    • Stay in huge and comfortable Swiss Camps, suited with all the necessary facilities for a fun filled holiday at Rishikesh along with the option to participate in various adventurous sports. 
    • Off the tourist traps, at the resort, you can connect with nature and parts of yourself that you had forgotten.
    • The thrilling experience of Camping in a jungle and Rafting at Rishikesh can be well realized at Royale Rainbow Resort. Enjoy the adventure of jungle camping which is rejuvenating and enriching. 
    • In case, you are not in mood of any activities or games, you can simply laze around the resort and feast on the enticing views all around.
  • 10Camp Roller Coaster

    Camp Roller Coaster

    Offering you an amazing Rishikesh camping experience, Camp Roller Coaster promises and extremely fun-filled and exciting outdoor experience. Nestled amidst thick and evergreen forests, this wonderful campsite is located on the banks of the Ganga River with the Garhwal Himalayas serving as its backdrop.

    While days in this camp keeps you engulfed with plenitude of fun and enthralling activities, evening will bring you closer to the opulent beauty of the nature. For those who love to challenge their own limits, can indulge in activities like white water rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, jungle trekking and several others. For the fun lovers, the camp offers nature walk, bird watching, corporate team games and beach activities such as badminton, volleyball, soft ball cricket, tug of war, carom and lots more. However, if you are yearning for tranquil and relaxing camping in Rishikesh options, you can participate in yoga and meditation during your stay in here.

    Unlike the day, evenings in this camp will help you settle down and spend time with your own self and along with the other group members. Sit beside a lively campfire or bonfire, and do nothing but enjoy the untouched beauty of nature around you.

  • 11Camp River Zone Rishikesh

    Camp River Zone Rishikesh

    One of the most popular and known beach side camps in Rishikesh, this campsite is also located in the bucolic settings of Shivpuri. Surrounded by scenic forests and captivating mountains, it offers an array of activities to the visitors and also ensure unlimited fun and frolic to them.

    Whether you are travelling with a smaller or larger group, you will always find ample of space and almost all the luxury and comfort in Camp River Zone. Be it within the campsite or the outdoors, here, you will always have a reason to cherish life and the lush beauty of nature.


    Activities like beach volley ball, badminton, football, body surfing, cliff jumping and soft ball cricket within the camp will make your days eventful. For the outdoor lovers, it has adventurous options like rappelling, rock climbing, trekking, mountain-biking and cycling. And in case, you are looking for mental peace and relaxation, you can indulge in yoga and meditation around the serene ambience and achieve what you are looking for!

  • 12Camp 5 Elements

    Camp 5 Elements

    Nestled amidst heart-warming greeneries and other marvels of nature, Camp 5 Elements is the synonym for luxury and exciting camping in Rishikesh! Located on the highway that connects Rishikesh with Badrinath, this wonderful camp is one of the promising sites to enjoy the openness of the holy Ganges and admire its enchanting beauty. Also, owing to the quiet and peaceful settings, it also offers a salubrious experience that really helps to calm down the tiring souls and seek some pleasant moments amidst the nature!

    Sprawling over more than 800m along the banks of the Ganga River, this serene camp is a treasure trove for the outdoor and indoor lovers as well. Its luxurious stay options, facilities like hot water service, separate toilet tents, food and dining options makes it a heaven for those who yearns to enjoy the nature in a much more arranged and settled way.

    For the thrill and adventure or the outdoor lovers, it has more than a dozen of offerings! While in here, one can enjoy activities like river rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, abseiling, kayaking, haunted house trek and several others. For the light-hearted, Camp 5 Elements has options like bird watching, moonlight walks, yoga, meditation, carom, dart, chess, cricket, basketball and others alike.

    To add more here, you must know that it is also one of the best camps in Rishikesh for campsite for corporate get-togethers and meetings. For such events, it offers facilities like various types of projectors, computer and laptops, VCR and VCD, photocopy and other necessary services.

  • 13Adventure Inn

    Adventure Inn

    With Adventure Inn in Kaudiyala, camping in and around Rishikesh get much more exciting and pleasant! Located on the banks of the gurgling Ganga River, it is run and maintained by one of the renowned adventure enthusiast within the vicinity; well, this contributes to an amazing and extremely adventurous experience in this campsite.

    Those who are looking for some leisurely moments amidst the serene beauty of the nature, can enjoy its delightful services and facilities like luxury tents with carpeted floors, attached bathrooms with basic amenities, TV lounge, activity rooms, round the clock security and conference facilities. They can also indulge in yoga or meditation around the warm settings of the camp and seek mental peace during their stay.

    For the thrill seekers, Adventure Inn has an array of activities that will not only pump up their adrenalines, but will also introduce them to the picturesque beauty around the campsite.

    Some of the adventure activities include river rafting in the Ganges, kayaking, village safari, cycling, rock climbing, hiking, rappelling, river crossing, cliff jumping, flying fox, valley crossing, Burma Bridge Tarzan Swing, commando net, wildlife safaris and lot more. Other activities include volleyball, campfire, barbeque, tent pitching, camp games, bird watching, star gazing and several others.

  • 14Camp Riverside

    Camp Riverside

    An abode for the tiring and burnt out souls, Camp Riverside along the Shivpuri Beach promises candid and enthralling moments to its visitors! Nestled ideally amidst verdant greeneries along the banks of the Ganga River, the rustic look and alluring settings of this campsite make it an ideal place for several adventure activities.

    Adding more to your Rishikesh camping experience, it offers comfortable living spaces that will always make you feel home and serves food that can make you crave for more along with a warm and hear-warming hospitality. With the advent of the evenings, kerosene lanterns and lively bonfires around the campsite makes the ambience much more alluring and encourages you to spend time with the nature!

    The camp operates on two basic packages: 1N with 16km Rafting & 1N with 24km Rafting. Facilities, services and activities included in both the packages are almost the same; the only difference is the rafting distance within the packages. Along with this, they also comprises of body surfing, swimming and cliff jumping. Beach activities like volleyball, cricket, badminton and hiking are also included within the packages.

  • 15Leopard Beach Tent Camp

    Leopard Beach Tent Camp

    Located on the Devprayag-Badrinath Road, in the Shivpuri settlement of Rishikesh, Leopard Beach Tented Camp is yet another campsite for an amazing encounter with the untouched beauty of nature. A gateway to witness the charms and thrills of the outdoors, it is around 16km from the heart of Rishikesh and boasts of its enthralling offerings!

    Cossetted by the beachfronts of the Ganges and the elegant beauty of the mighty Himalayan Range, it offers an ideal ground to satiate the carvings for thrill and adventure! 

    With the well-trained and experienced guides of this camp, you can enjoy activities like river rafting in the Ganges, kayaking, rappelling, rock climbing, trekking and day hikes. In case, you are not in the mood of adventure, you can continue with the fun and excitement of the outdoors with other activities like nature walk, bird watching, beach volleyball, frisbee, tug of war, water polo and plenty of others.

  • 16Rendezvous Camp

    Rendezvous Camp

    As the name says, Rendezvous Camp promises you a perfect tryst with the nature and the enchanting Ganga River. A much sought after camping destination in Rishikesh, it is also among the very few destinations that has a high customer satisfaction rate. Nestled amidst scenic greeneries and guarded by fascinating mountains, it also offers many delightful options for the school goers as well.

    Rendezvous Camp mainly operates with three different packages: Basic, Advance & All-in-One. Within the Basic Package, it offers 1N/1D stay along with activities like optional rafting, cliff jumping, body surfing, trekking, campfire and other games like volley ball, badminton and water sports. Welcome drink, refreshment, 3 meals and triple sharing camps are also offered in this package.

    If you go for the Advanced Package, you can enjoy an additional day within the camp; rest of the facilities and services are same as that of the Basic Package. Within the All-in-One Package, you can enjoy 3N/4D stay in triple sharing camps with riverside campfire and additional activities like jungle safari to Rajaji National Park, visit to NeelkanthMandir, night hiking and live music.

  • 17Wild Hawk Adventure

    Wild Hawk Adventure

    Operating since 2004, WildHawk Adventures has an outstanding reputation when it comes to Rishikesh camping! With prioritising safety as the first concern, its well-trained and highly experienced guides assures you a completely safe and sound experience.

    Located on the banks of the Ganges, it organises camps for different classes and groups of travellers. Whether accompanied by a smaller or larger group, school kids or corporate mates, you can enjoy fun frolic moments at this campsite. It also encourages eco-tourism and volunteer travelling to a large extent.

    Among the many different activities offered by WildHawk Adventures, river rafting, trekking in the Himalayas, rock climbing, rappelling, body surfing, waterfall trekking, jungle safari and bird watching are some of the must have experiences. In addition to all these, it also arranges the enthralling bungee jumps, paintball and the delightful bird watching tours for its visitors.

  • 18Brahmpuri Beach Camp

    Brahmpuri Beach Camp

    Only 12km from Rishikesh, Brahmpuri Beach Camp is also one of the best and wonderful places to enjoy camping while within the Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas! Offering a soothing and tranquil ambience, this gorgeous campsite has one of the largest river rafting stretches in the entire vicinity; measuring around 12km.

    Be it the adults or the children, everyone can enjoy equally in this pictorial beachside camp; however, children should be above 15 years in age. Located within a close proximity to the main city, it also serves as an ideal getaway for the school groups looking for amazing excursions and nature tours.

    The fun and revelry of this Rishikesh camping usually begins with a jungle trek to the stunning Neer Waterfall and followed by checking-in into the campsite. Post lunch, you can participate in several camp activities and exciting games; evening will be delighted with a lively bonfire around the camp along with tea, snacks and dinner. During the day, it also offers activities like rock climbing, rappelling, bridge slithering and waterfall rappelling as well.

    Following all these, the second day in the camp gets enchanted by a 12km river rafting through rapids like Double Trouble, Initiation, Body Surfing, Terminator or Hill Turn. Post this, you can opt for body surfing, cliff jumping along with visits to some of the nearby temples and ghats.

  • 19Marine Drive Beach Camp

    Marine Drive Beach Camp

    A treasure trove for the nature lovers, a paradise for the fun and thrill seekers, Marine Drive Beach Camp in Rishikesh is among the least crowded campsites within the region. Located only 26km from the main city limits, it offers a warm and bucolic ambience that can be enjoyed by almost all the classes of travellers. In addition to offering some of the amazing activities and things to do, it also allows the visitors to customise their tours according to their needs and necessities.

    Does not matter what package you opt for in Marine Drive Beach Camp, unlimited fun and excitement is guaranteed! Its experienced and knowledgeable guides and trainers ensure total safety while conducting the different outbound or outdoor activities. For the nature enthusiasts, it has options like camp activities, fun games and bonfire. Adrenaline junkies can participate in a 24/26km long river rafting expedition in the gurgling Ganges and satiate their quench for some thrill and adventure! During your river rafting expedition, you can challenge some of the fearsome rapids like Three Blind Mice, Cross Fire, Sweet Sixteen, Body Surfing, Return to Sender, Roller Coaster, Tea Off, Golf Course, Club House and others alike.

  • 20Himalayan Bear Stream Camp

    Himalayan Bear Stream Camp

    Tucked away within the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, this gorgeous campsite is embraced by the alluring charm of a stream that flows beside it. Guarded by lofty hills and mountains, it offers a perfect place to unwind, relax and taste some thrill and adventure while in Rishikesh!

    Only 25km from Rishikesh, it can also be easily accessed from other destinations like Haridwar, Devprayag and others. Offering tents that also come with added amenities and facilities, this campsite assure you unlimited fun frolic moments in the outdoors.

    Its safety measures, well-trained guides and instructors make the outbound activities extremely captivating and also urges the school groups to come for an excursion and know more about the nature.

    While in here, you can participate in several games and activities. Among these, river rafting, rappelling, kayaking, mountain biking, cycling, trekking and day hikes make it to the list of an adventure junky. For the nature lovers, they can enjoy activities like nature walk and bird watching; other leisure activities include volley ball, frisbee and several similar.

  • 21Camp Panther

    Camp Panther

    Rishikesh camping gets more thrilling with the amazing experiences offered by Camp Panther in the Shivpuri village! Located around 16km from the centre of Rishikesh and on the foothills of the Himalayas, a stay in this outdoor paradise proves to be a comfortable and luxurious affair for everyone. Spread across 5 acres, it offers a total of 8 air-conditioned and 37 non-AC tents. Most of the tents have all the basic facilities and amenities; few among them also have coolers.

    Visitors to Camp Panther can pick their favourite activities from an exciting range and get a chance to witness, explore and discover the enchanting beauty of Rishikesh and its surroundings. On offer here, there are river rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking, trekking and hiking. For those, who has a soft corner for the Mother Nature, can indulge in activities like nature walk and bird watching and satiate all their yearnings.

  • 22Camp Gold Coast

    Camp Gold Coast

    The open blue sky, the azure waters gurgling around and an array of activities amidst nature's most untouched green shade; the feeling and experience will simply blow your mind! While in Camp Gold Coast, you will be promised with such an enchanting display of Mother Nature! Secluded from the rest of the camping destinations, and seated graciously alongside the pious Ganga River, this camp offers a unique and unmatched experience to its visitors.

    Starting from accommodation to other necessary facilities, it proves to be ideal destination to get introduced to the outdoors. In addition to the luxury tents with veranda, twin beds, lavatory and washrooms, Camp Gold Coast also offers home cooked, Chinese and Continental dishes to its visitors.

    Talking about the activities, it offers a myriad list of things to do, outdoor activities and exciting games. One can enjoy river rafting, kayaking, Burma Bridge, beach volleyball, rappelling, trekking, nature walks, bird watching, cliff jumping and several others. For corporate teams, it also organises and conducts outdoor conferences, HRD programmes, workshop and outbound team games to boost up the confidence and morale.

  • 23Camp Feel Factor

    Camp Feel Factor

    A 36km drive from Rishikesh will take you to a camp called Feel Factor that is not exactly located in beside the river, but with a stone's throw to the river. Owing to its location, it offers a cool and calm ambience even during the harsh weathers, and makes it for an ideal destination to experience the outdoors!

    With a group extremely professional trainers, instructors and guide, this camp always prioritises participants' safety as the first and foremost concern. In addition to this, its excellent accommodation that consists of canvas tents with beds and other basic furniture, charging point, fan, bathrooms with running water and geyser, makes it for an amazing experience while in Feel Factor. Lounge area, swimming pool, buffet meals and electricity within the campsite adds more to this wonderful camp.

    Talking about activities, one can indulge in enthralling options like river rafting, kayaking, rappelling, night treks, rock climbing, treasure hunt, jungle exploration and other advanced adventure courses. The nature lovers, to explore more, can go for photography, nature walks, bird watching, star gazing, village tours, jungle cooking, forest learning program and few more activities that relates to the nature.

  • 24Byasi Beach Camp

    Byasi Beach Camp

    Bringing out the opulent beauty of the Ganga Beach in Rishikesh, Byasi Camp promises you both quiet and thrilling moments! Surrounded by lush greeneries and towering mountains, this exotic campsite showcases a salubrious ambience throughout the year. On the other hand, its fascinating location and myriad offering makes it an enthralling destination to indulge in some of the adrenaline pumping activities.

    Offering well-appointed alpine tents to the visitors, the camp assure a comfortable stay, and its array of facilities like open sitting area, independent tents, modern baths and others add more to its luxury and comfort. On a usual visit to this exotic campsite, you can participate and enjoy adventure activities like white water rafting, rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking, sky ladder and cliff jumping. In addition, the location of the Byasi Camp makes it an ideal spot to embark on nature walks and sightseeing.

  • 25VNA Rafting Camp

    VNA Rafting Camp

    Most of the camps in and around Rishikesh offers tent stays, basic amenities and facilities, few adventure activities and plenitude of exciting moments! Well, come to the VNA Rafting Camp and be the guest to its amazing facilities and offerings.

    Located around 27km from Rishikesh on the Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway, this gorgeous campsite is studded with luxury tents that has fully air-conditioned rooms, attached toilets, electricity, riverside bamboo cottages and an exotic machan or treehouse. Within the closest proximity to the gurgling Ganges, it is one of the ideal camps that also offers family packages, group tours, school trips and several other exciting packages.

    The various activities offered by VNA Rafting Camp includes adventure options like white water rafting, trekking, rappelling, rock climbing, monkey crawl and Burma Bridge. Other activities that can also be enjoyed with full vigour are beach volleyball and several other beach games.

  • 26Camp A-Star

    Camp A-Star

    With the enchanting Ganges and the evergreen hills and mountains serving as its backdrop, Camp A-Star in Rishikesh also serves as an ideal destination for the thrill seekers. Located on the banks of the Ganga River, this campsite welcomes all its members with an open heart and offers them a pleasant ambience and an array of activities to make their stay memorable.

    For accommodation, it has Swiss Alpine tents that are laced with two cots, ground sheet, 24-hours running water, well-equipped kitchen and several other facilities. During the stay, you can enjoy India, Chinese, Continental and local dishes here and make it for a delicious experience within the campsite; bonfires, tea and coffee adds an extra amount of taste and flavour.

    While the adventure junkies can indulge in activities like rock climbing, rappelling, body surfing, hiking, canyoning, kayaking, bridge slithering, cliff jumping, valley crossing and trekking, the leisure and tranquillity seekers can enjoy yoga and meditation around the beachfronts. On a whole, no matter what you do, Camp A-Star will stand to its reputation in every aspect!

  • 27Camp Rapidfire

    Camp Rapidfire

    When the fearsome rapids of the Ganges meet the playful sands along its banks, it cerates a magical spell on the visitors! Keeping this charming ambience alive and adding more to it, Camp Rapidfire in Rishikesh allows you to witness this miraculous display of the nature along with satiating all your yearnings for fun and thrill!

    A campsite that runs without electricity, where the only music that can be heard is of the gurgling waves and the playful nature and the sun makes it for the only light source during the daytime,

    Camp Rapidfire has its own and unmatched reputation. Even when it comes to food and dining, it sets a new standard by offering vegetarian Chinese, Continental and a La Carte menu to its visitors.Coming to the activities offered by Camp Rapidfire, there are white water rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, village tours, body surfing, swimming, campfire and several camp games and activities.

  • 28Mercury Himalayan Beach Camp

    Mercury Himalayan Beach Camp

    Though last on this list, Mercury Himalayan Beach Camp has its own flamboyance and charm when it comes to camp stays and activities. Located in Shivpuri, this beach retreat spreads across four acres of scenic and gorgeous greeneries along the coast of the alluring Ganga River.

    The thirty-five luxury tents in the campsite pampers the visitors with their delightful offerings like attach veranda, twin beds, chairs, table, ground sheets and others. Also, the range of Indian, Chinese and Continental foods served by its kitchen will make you feel home during your stay.

    In addition to the stay and food options, Himalayan Mercury Beach Camp is also known for its amazing range of activities. On offer here, there are river rafting, kayaking, body surfing, trekking, rock climbing, abseiling, trampoline jumping and mountain biking. For those, who want to explore the lush and opulent beauty of the nature, can indulge in nature walks, bird watching and forest walks; the camp also offers yoga and meditation options to its visitors.

Camping in Rishikesh