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  • With a plethora of things to do in Bangalore get ready for that perfect adventure, you have been always planning for. An excellent mix of delightful sights and engaging goals, this stunning abode of dreamers has much more to offer when it comes to a weekend getaway. A portion of the best places in Bangalore which are a hit among the people are Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, Bannerghatta National Park, Vidhana Soudha, Iskon sanctuary, Ulsoor, Tipu Sultan Palace, Saint Mary's Basilica, Bangalore Palace. Also design a visit to Madikeri, Nagarhole National Park, Talakaveri, Ponampet, Gonikoppal, Bhagamandala and Waynard Wildlife Sanctuary.

    Rejuvenate yourself alongside family and companions by investigating the differing exercises and hypnotising picturesque areas the city proffers. Treat yourself to fun and instructive sustenance and wine visits. Appreciate the adventure of trekking at Savandurga, Kaballadurga, Kunti Betta and numerous more places. Cycle in the Ghats of Karnataka; encounter the opportunity from contamination and activity cycling from Bidadi to Magadi and a few different courses. Entrance yourself at the Hogenakkal and Shivanasamudra waterfalls. 

    Go through lavish day outs with friends and family at a portion of the best resorts in and around Bangalore. Go-karting, Micro light flying and Quad biking are few of the activities which can be enjoyed by the thrill seekers. Cherish innumerable romantic moments with your partner dining at the rooftop, stargazing and take pleasure in several other activities.

    Here are some of the most engaging things to do in Bangalore:

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    For the thrill seekers:

    1. Top 17 Most Thrilling Activities around Bangalore

    This time around, try your hand at something unique. These thrilling activities around Bangalore open up a world of adventure. Soar to the skies with micro light flying, dive into the waters with snorkelling or push your physical boundaries with rock climbing; the options are many.

    2. Amazing Road Trips around Bangalore Your Bike Deserves

    Among the many thrilling things to do in Bangalore, one of them is the chance to get out of it. And we mean this in the nicest way. The metro gives the perfect opportunity for bikers to fill up the tank, rev up the engine and hit the road. Here is a list of amazing road trips around Bangalore. Pick from beaches, hill stations, forest reserves, and even a slice of history.

    3. Adventure sports in & around Bangalore

    Take a plunge into the rip-roaring avenues that are available in and around the Garden City. Navigate the gushing waters with rafting, challenge yourself with rock climbing, explore the depths of the cavern with caving. Make your day an eventful one by opting for these adventure sports in Bangalore.

    4. 21 Most Popular Camping Places around Bangalore

    Escape from the chaos of everyday life, into the green embraces of hills. Here are the 21 most popular camping places around Bangalore. The city is surrounded by many natural delights such as Ramanagara, Manchinbele, Savandurga and Chikmagalur. You can even club camping with some adventure activities to up the experience.

    5. 24 Most Exciting Trekking Places around Bangalore

    To get your dose of adventure with your friends; take your pick from the 24 most exciting trekking places around Bangalore. Ascend to the second largest monolith in Asia, make way through green forests, be surrounded by waterfalls or go rock climbing. Several thrilling avenues lie ahead of you.

    6. 11 Must Experience Adventures in Bangalore


    Those in for the adrenaline rush can look forward to the adventure things to do in Bangalore. And even if you are not among one of them, these activities make for an engaging experience. Here are the 11 must experience adventures in Bangalore. To name a few; conquer rough terrains with an ATV ride, beat your opponent with a round of paintball, test your physical endurance with wall climbing or enjoy a wildlife safari.

    7. Rafting Places around Bangalore for the Adventurer inside You

    These rafting places around Bangalore do not fail to thrill. As you maneuverer the gushing waters, get to pass through a myriad of sights such as a stunning valley, pristine wildlife sanctuary, picturesque forest or tiny hamlets. Rapids with amusing names such as Morning Coffee, Grasshopper, Wicked Witch, Milky Churn and Frame Head keep you engaged too.

    For the food lovers:

    8. Best places to have breakfast in Bangalore

    The breakfast places in Bangalore treat you to a delightful spread. Each permeates a distinct charm and has something unique to serve. Dig into golden masala dosas, crispy vadas, fluffy idlies, honey dipped waffles, sugary pancakes, delicious omelettes and a lot more!

    9. The finest cafes of Bangalore

    Setting the ideal backdrop to unwind and sip on your coffee are these quaint cafes in Bangalore. Apart from a relaxing environment, they provide some food treats as well. When here, catch up with friends or simply reconnect with yourself.

    10. Where to have lunch/dinner in Bangalore

    To know the best places to have lunch and dinner in Bangalore with your family and friends, take a peek into our list. While some are old-timers, others have made a fairly new entry in the eatery scene. Each though has something flavoursome to offer.

    11. Pubs and Lounges you shouldn’t miss when in Bangalore

    Among the many things to do in Bangalore, pubs and lounges are one of them. Good music, quaint ambience and heady mix of drinks are what set them apart from the rest. Here is a list of the ones you shouldn’t miss when in Bangalore.

    12. Must try road side eat outs in Bangalore

    While classy restaurants have their own charm, there is no denying the experience of street food. Having its own share of the same is The Garden City. Here is a list of the best road side eat outs in Bangalore. When here, indulge in tangy and mouth-watering delights, be it chaats or South Indian dishes.

    13. Give in to sweet temptations at these desert places in Bangalore

    For your fill of mouth-watering delights, head to these desert places along with your family and friends in Bangalore.  Think melt-in-your mouth ice-cream on a bed of chocolate cake, rich hazelnut cream pot, delicious hot chocolate fudge, luscious cheesecakes and a lot more. 

    14. 10 Places to Taste Wine around Bangalore

    With Bangalore offering salubrious weather conditions for the growth of grapes, there are several vineyards that have come into being. Here are 10 best places to taste wine around the city. Especially a treat for those who love wine, when here, get to swirl, taste and learn the art of appreciating the drink.

    For the shopaholics

    15. Where to shop in Bangalore

    If you are wondering where to shop in Bangalore, here is a comprehensive list of the same. Buy anything and everything from trendy clothes, statement jewellery, footwear, antiques, sarees to gold.


    For the holiday hunters

    16. 45 Most Popular Places around Bangalore

    If you are new to the Garden City or been here for a while and wondering where to go, here is a list for you.  Each of these places around Bangalore has something to offer. From a jungle camp, national park, waterfall and hills, the list is endless.

    17. 33 Most Needed Bangalore Weekend Getaways

    This time around, take a break and head to some winsome places. We list 35 most needed Bangalore weekend getaways. There are several things to do around for family, friends and couples. Amble through vineyards; spend gleeful moments at an amusement park, climb up a hill which once served as the hideout of fictional character Gabbar.

    18. 15 Destinations for a Day Outing In and Around Bangalore

    As much as we all love our jobs, every once in a while, one needs to catch a break and head out. And if time seems to be an issue, fret not; here are 15 destinations for a day outing in and around Bangalore. This is where you can have a great time and boost up the morale of the team too.

    19. Most Popular Hill Stations near Bangalore

    Retreat to the most popular hill stations around Bangalore for a fetching sojourn. Some are home to charming villages; some were once a summer abode to the British Raj or erstwhile kings. Each though has something unique to offer.

    20. Top 10 Waterfalls around Bangalore

    The soothing sounds and breath-taking visuals of a cascade have since long said to be therapeutic. To get your dose of the same, take a trip to any of these top 10 waterfalls around Bangalore. Watch the waters gush through green landscapes, creating a magical aura.

    21. Best places to visit in less than 100 kms from Bangalore

    Having little time in hand should not stop you from enjoying a holiday. These places to visit in less than 100kms from Bangalore provide the ideal quick getaway. There a several things to do; tour a dance village, unwind at a meditation centre and enjoy an amusement park, among other things.

    22. Tourist Places Near Bangalore within 400 kms

    Long weekend coming ahead? Take a break and escape to the tourist places near Bangalore within 400kms. They offer you a great dose of adventure, history, scenic sights and all on all a great holiday.

    23. 25 Fun Things That Bangaloreans Would Love To Do On A Sunday

    Celebrate your holiday. Take a pick from these 25 fun things that Bangaloreans would love to do on a Sunday. Indulge in riveting experiences, go for a wine tour, have breakfast in one of the most celebrated places, enjoy caving and do a lot more.

    For those who want to be pampered

    24. Best Resorts in and around Bangalore for Couples

    Whisk away your beloved to a pampering haven. Depending upon your leanings, spend quality time in the midst of wilderness, in the lap sweet luxury, in the charms of a cave resort or any of the other options. Here is a list of the best resorts in and around Bangalore for couples.

    25. Best 5-Star Luxury Resorts in Bangalore

    Every once in a while, we need a little bit of pampering. Providing you just that are these 5-star luxury resorts in Bangalore. Take a plunge into the infinity pool, de-stress at the spa, saunter through the manicured gardens, or just sit back and enjoy the class amenities.

    26. 24 Best Spa Resorts around Bangalore

    Providing you the perfect backdrop for rejuvenation and relaxation are these spa resorts around Bangalore. These are not your regular stays. Imagine a holistic treatment in the midst of wilderness, rooms that give you views of glorious mountains or being pampered with the soothing elements of nature.

    27. Best Resorts near Airport Road Bangalore

    While the Garden City might have many pleasant offerings for family, friends and couples, the traffic can be a bit of a bane. If you are here for a short visit, making your life easier are these resorts near Airport Road in Bangalore. Lap up the plush amenities provided and get to discover the city too.

    28. Best Resorts in Bangalore for Kids

    On the lookout for resorts in Bangalore for kids? Providing ample of amusement options, food treats and a suitable environment, these places are just where you can take your little ones. And the best part is that they offer something for the adults too!

    29. 20 Best Homestays around Bangalore

    With each homestay having a unique personality, there is no denying the charm of it. Imagine having a sojourn on top of the hills, amidst dense forests, in a 95 year old Jain ancestral home or a quaint place showcasing British craftsmanship. Here is a list of 20 best homestays around Bangalore.

    30. Top 10 Resorts around Bangalore for a Fun-Filled Family Day Outing

    Take a little time out from your busy schedules to spend time with your kinsfolk. Ideal for those who are pressed for time are these resorts around Bangalore for a family day outing. With a salubrious environment and several amenities, they have something to offer to each member and comes under fun things to do in Bangalore.

    31. 10 Resorts with Stunning Views around Bangalore for a Quick Weekend Getaway

    Making your holiday all the more riveting, are the sights you are graced with outside your window. And we are not talking about the regular ones. Think a quaint river bank, abundant jungle land with overhanging trees, a wave-filled sea shore or aromatic coffee estates! Take a pick from 10 Resorts with stunning views around Bangalore for a quick weekend getaway.

    32. Places to Visit around Bangalore during the Monsoon Season

    As the rains descend the earth, they paint the landscapes a pretty shade. Make the most of the season and head to these places to visit around Bangalore during monsoon season. Hill towns, waterfalls, nature trails and mountains await…

    33. 15 Best Places around Bangalore for a 2-Day Trip

    Among the many appeals of the Garden City are the quaint little places that are situated close by. These form the perfect getaway for those looking for a 2 day trip. Take your pick from a wilderness site, heritage place, coffee estate to a lot more.

    34. 20 Best Places around Bangalore within 200 Kms

    For a fun-filled sojourn, you do not have to look too far away. There are several engaging places around Bangalore within 200kms. These include natural formations, architectural marvels and the likes.

    Content Credits - Special thanks to few Thrillophilia Team members, Vertika Samar and Priti Ranka