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  • Auli, also known as Auli Bugyal in Garhwali, is located on the steep slopes of Himalayan Ranges in the state of Uttarakhand. The tiny hamlet is known for being one of the best skiing destinations in India. The hill station is covered with snow throughout the year and is an exciting holiday getaway for all those who love to get into some skiing spree.

    Since Auli is located at the foot of Himalayas and in the state of Uttarakhand, which is recognised as the land of God; it is surrounded by a number of religious places to visit. Places of religious value, great sightseeing locations and a few military attractions surround the tiny abode called Auli, attract tourists from across the world. This famous adventure sport become the major attraction for a lot of tourists to visit this place throughout the year.

    There are also several other lookouts and stay homes that Auli has in store for its visitors. Resorts in Auli are also a great experience; just like the adventure sport! They provide great accommodation and help tourists do a lot more in Auli while they are here.

    Here are some of the best resorts in Auli:

  • 01Clifftop Club Resort

    Clifftop Club Resort is the biggest and the most famous resort in Auli. It is the first resort any tourist that visits this city would want to stay in, and hence is considered to be the best luxury resort in Auli. 

    The resort has a number of packages for its customers that include; stay, visiting places in and around Auli and adventure sports of the town that the tourists could indulge in. The tariff for accommodation and the other activities are all excluded off taxes in this resort. 

    They provide rooms of studio and suite kind from which tourists can choose to stay in any. Special packages are also available for honeymooners, bag packers and other large groups. Facilities that are available at this resort are; bar and restaurant, spa, barbecue and campfire, multi-cuisine dining, own skiing kits and instructors. 

    It is a one stop solution to all the travelling and visiting problems in Auli. Above all, the resort is a great place to stay for just the magnificent view it provides of the Himalayan ranges.

    Tariff: 12000 INR per day approx.

    Amenities: Studio rooms, bar and restaurant, campfire, spa, skiing amenities and guides and indoor gaming facility.

    Distance from the City: Less than 10 kilometres.

  • 02Auli Resort- The Royal Village Resort

    The Royal Village resort in Auli is another great place to stay during your visit to Auli. This resort is also situated in a placid location giving a captivating view of the majestic Himalayas to the tourists. The place is totally covered with snow adding to the charm of the resort. One will not feel like doing anything, but relaxing in this beautiful resort. The wonderful view of the landscapes astound every visitor of Auli. 

    This resort is situated with the GMNV complex of Auli. It is a completely furnished resort and is beautifully equipped for great stay of its visitors. One can enjoy several facilities and get the best out of this resort. The resort provides running hot water, bar and restaurant, cable car and chair lift; all of which are the amenities of GMNV complex. Auli Resort is also located close to the adventure sites and hence easier for you to reach the actual adventure site. 

    Viewing the snow clad mountain from the exclusively constructed hut sort of rooms is an add on to your Auli diaries. This resort in Auli rents out cottages depending on the number of people that are going to occupy it. The lowest price for stay being 3000 INR per day for two persons. It is hence an easy and one of the affordable resorts in Auli.

    Tariff: 3000 INR per day approx.

    Amenities: Running hot water, bar and restaurant, cable car and chair lift

    Distance from the City: Less than 10 kilometres.