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Best and Unique Places to Stay in Rishikesh

Best Places To Stay In Rishikesh

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About the activity: Enjoy a rendezvous with the thrill and charm of Rishikesh while in the Red Chilli Adventure camp.Join the revelry with enthralling activities like hiking, trekking and other fun-filled games.Spend 2 days and 1 night in a jungle camp and explore the pristine beauty of nature.Charge up your adrenaline while on adventure quest beside the gurgling rivers and dense forests.Enjoy all the beauties and shades of the nature in their full glories.
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About the Activity:A camping in the foothills of Rishikesh will be exciting the adventure lover inside you very much and if it is so, then don't waste your time but join this amazing adventure camp.The location is just 05-06 hours drive away from Delhi, in Rishikesh, just 09 Kms ahead of Laxmanjhulla on the Neelkanth road and equipped with 20 premier swiss tents and 06 luxury cottages which accommodate all the necessary amenities inviting families, corporate teams and any type of adventure seekers.The tents and cottages have attached washrooms with running water supplies, electricity, personali
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About the Activity:Nested in the beautiful Shivalik Ranges of the Himalayas in the Uttarakhand, Rajaji National Park is spread over a sprawling area of around 820 Crowned amidst the Shivalik Ranges and the Indo – Gangetic Plains, delight in this amazing homestay in this slice of paradise.Take a walk through this tiny hamlet that provides you true flavours of this home stay. Interact with the locals who will be more than happy to tell you about their native land. Delight in this simple rural life of the people, watch them conduct their daily chores happily.Enthral in a nature walk
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Visit the adventure capital of India, the marvelous and thrilling city of Rishikesh on your next vacation with your friends and family!  The 'Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas', Rishikesh is located at the base of the Himalayas and is blessed with the gorgeous, thundering river of Ganga, the popular trek friendly rugged terrains, challenging peaks, strenuous rapids and dense forests! If you are an ardent traveler, then Rishikesh makes for one of the most ideal weekend getaways near Delhi.

Being one of the holiest cities in India, Rishikesh is quite famous for its scenic landscape and serves as a gateway to other important religious centers such as Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri and Yamunotri. The adventurer paradise is a happening hub of many ancient temples and attractions such as Gita Bhawan, Laxman Jhula, Bharat Mandir, Neelkanth Mahadev, Swarga Ashram, Triveni Ghat amongst others! Grab your cameras and adventure gear and head to Rishikesh for an adventure packed holiday!

Distance from Delhi: 228km

Best time to visit: Throughout the year

Attractions: Triveni Ghat, Ram and Lakshman Jhula, Neelkanth Mahadev Temple and Vashista Cave

Activities: River Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Camping, Rappelling, Rock Climbing and Trekking 


Lakshman Jhula

Rishikesh is not only about religious beliefs, ghats or temples; within this ancient city, you can also witness some of the architectural marvels and structures as well! One such structure, the Lakshman Jhula, which is also one of the not to be missed places to visit in Rishikesh, is a suspension bridge that connects Tehri and Pauri districts of Uttarakhand.

The existence of this bridge dates back to the age of Ramayana. According to the legends, Lakshman; brother of Lord Rama, crossed the holy Ganga River at this spot over a jute bridge. Centuries after this pious incident, a 284ft hanging bridge was built in the same spot by Rai Bahadur Surajmal Jhunjhunwala.

However, the bridge got washed away during the epidemic flood of 1924, and later, a pillar-less suspension bridge was erected at the same spot. The architecture brilliance of Lakshman Jhula and its proximity to several sacred places make it one of the most visited tourist places in Rishikesh.

Swarga Ashram

Nestled amidst Lakshman Jhula and Rishikesh on the left bank of the Ganges and the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, the ambience that exists in Swarga Ashram is truly heavenly! While the picturesque surroundings of the ashram contributes much to its tranquil atmosphere, the devotion and spirituality that exists here makes it a paradise for those who seek mental peace and tranquillity!

The epicentre of yoga and meditation within the Garhwal gateway, it is among the most scenic and pleasant places to visit in Rishikesh. Established by Swami Atma Prakash, it can also be called as the home of the homeless, the abode of the needy and a place to relinquish the mind from all the miseries of the society. It offers living spaces to more than 100 people along with offering them free food and other kitchen facilities. A library in Swarga Ashram offers free education on religion and culture to the visitors.

It also has a hospital that offers free treatment to all the saints, pilgrims and others alike. You can reach this divine ashram either by a boat ride through the holy Ganges or by crossing the Ram Jhula. The ashram also has several shopping complexes that sells religious commodities, cultural books, ayurvedic shops, eateries and lot more.

Nag Tibba Trek

Annoy Tibba is a trekkers delight. Despite the fact that it is a moderately obscure trail close Mussoorie it can without much of a stretch be viewed as one of the greatest weekend treks that you can do out of Delhi. For the individuals who need to stroll in the backwoods, ascend to 10,000 feet, see snow clad mountains and camp under starry night skies the Nag Tibba trek is simply great. It presents dazzling perspectives of Bandarpoonch top, the Gangotri gathering of tops, Kedarnath crest in the north, Doon valley and the snow tops of Chanabang.

Annoy Tibba is otherwise called Serpent's Peak. It is the most elevated top (9915 ft) in the Nagtibba scope of the Garhwal Himalayas and is said to be the dwelling place Nag Devta. The trek takes you through thick woods rich in greenery. The benefit of this trek is that you can achieve the base of the Nagtibba range by jeep. This makes it conceivable to do it over a weekend.

Highlights – Trekking, Camping, Hiking

Location - Uttrakhand        

Difficulty Level: Average


Ram Jhula

Another architectural marvel in the yoga capital of India, Ram Jhula is an important landmark of the city and is also one of the sought after Rishikesh tourist places. Located only 3km from the heart of the city, this 450ft suspension bridge connects the banks of the Ganges with Shivananda and Swarga ashrams at both of its end.

Also known as the 'Shivananda Jhula', this magnificent bridge was built during the late 80s by the regional government; the contribution of Shivananda Ashram Divine Life Society is very significant in the construction of Ram Jhula. Like the Lakshman Jhula, it was also once a jute bridge and serves as an important name in the list of places to visit in Rishikesh.

While crossing the bridge, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Ganges and for the nature photographers, it serves as an ideal destination to click some amazing pictures!

Triveni Ghat

Situated on the banks of the holy Ganges, Triveni Ghat is among the most magnetic places to visit in Rishikesh. The confluence point of three of the most sacred rivers in Hindu mythology: Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi, this ghat is considered as the most pious among all the other ghats within the vicinity.

According to the legends, the water of this ghat has the magical power of purifying one's heart and soul, and make it free from all the sins. Devotes from every corner of the country throngs Triveni Ghat and takes a dip with utmost devotion and faith. Come morning, you can witness them offering milk to the river, performing 'Surya Namaskar' and feeding the fishes around the ghat. By evening, this auspicious ghat turns into a riot of colours as it is time of the 'Maha Aarti' or the aarti to Mother Ganga.

Priest and the devotees perform several rituals during this sacred event, and offers lamps clad with flowers and incense stick to the Goddess as mark of their gratitude and devotion. The melodious hymns of the temple bells and the shanks can be heard everywhere, and the entire vicinity turns into a plethora of colour during this time. The peace and devotion that exists during the aarti makes Triveni Ghar one of the must visit Rishikesh tourist places.

Neer Gaddu Waterfall

Situated around 6km from Tapovan, Neer Gaddu Waterfall in Rishikesh is a true delight for the visitors! Shallow pool, cascading waters and the bountiful beauty around the waterfall makes it one of the picturesque places that cannot be missed at any cost. Located within 5km from Lakshman Jhula, this gorgeous cascade can be easily reached from Rishikesh Market and the climb to it is also very easy; only 2km uphill walk and you can have a tryst with its immaculate beauty and charm!

Hidden away from most of the crowd, the cascade offers an extremely salubrious and calm ambience around. For the peace and tranquillity seekers, it proves to be an ideal destination. The nature lovers can also spend some of the most wonderful times while adoring and embracing its gorgeousness. For those, who like to capture every moment with their lenses, Neer Gaddu Waterfall proves to be a heaven and offers ample of opportunities to click a masterpiece!

Tera Manzil Temple

On your visit to Tera Manzil Temple, visit each of its thirteen floors and witness the devotion that engulfs the entire place! Unlike other Rishikesh temples that are dedicated to a single deity, this temple has multiple deities and offers you an amazing opportunity to worship all of them at the same time.

Symmetric architecture, pleasant location and the sanctity that fills in the ambience makes it one of the pious temples in the entire vicinity. Also known as the Trayambakeshwar or Trimbakeshwar Temple, one can enjoy panoramic views of the surroundings from the temple top. A short walk from other landmarks of the city like Lakshman Jhula will get you to this devout temple in Rishikesh.

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Traveller Tales From Rishikesh


Ayush Nad

18 March 2017

Rishikesh was planned in January with a group of 7 in mind, but unfortunately, only 3 of us could make it. We were on the verge of canceling the trip, but Mrinal suggested otherwise and egged us on to make it happen, since he himself is a travel enthusiast and has explored Rishikesh. Thrillophilia was a blessing in disguise. Right from camping to river rafting, from transportation to food, everything was sorted for us by Mrinal and Nikhil, and they were always available round the clock for all our queries?.? Red Chillies Camp at Byasi is a magnificent nest between the hills, and is 30kms from the main town of Rishikesh. The tents are more habitable and comfortable than my room back home! Clean washrooms, home like food, and great company at the camp made it all the more memorable. Rishikesh is still not as commercial as other destinations like Goa, so the people take pride in their hospitality and the warmth is palpable. The highlights of our trip were the 35kms white water rafting(Red chillies is the best in Rishikesh) and Bungee Jumping at Jumpin Heights. Any adrenaline junkie will remember the gush of excitement during these experiences. Safety is their numero uno concern and even jumping into the Ganges feels safe with them around! All in all, Rishikesh is a crazy place to go with friends for an extended weekend, and the entire team at Thrillophilia makes it all the more hassle-free and rejuvenating! Next dream destination? Someplace where I can jump out of a plane 25000 feet above the ground and live to see another day! Let's see if you can make that happen in India, Thrillophilia!

  • 1489845307_rishikesh1.jpg

Gyan Kumar

02 April 2017

We planned a spontaneous adventure trip to Rishikesh in the month of march. It was a complete fun experience and very well organized.The camp is located 30 kms from Rishikesh, but it more then makes up when you reach the place. The riverside is cleaner and more pristine. Day 1: We reached camp at around 3 and we decided to go straight for the activities. We did kayaking, rock climbing, rappelling which was all handles very well by experiences instructors. Day 2: Rafting was an amazing experience. WE had a guide from chicago, I think her name was Aaron. She was very encouraging and fun to be with. She did a great job of safety and instructions throughout the 16 km course. Great experience overall. Highly recommended. P.S- Special callout to Mrinal from Thrillophilia. He did a great job in recommending this place to us and arranging everything at the last minute

  • 1491130702_img_2161.jpg

Bhagwati Marar

28 December 2015

My friend and I stayed here for several days and couldn't have better things to say about our stay. From the hotel staff, the food, the room quality, the location on the river, we had a wonderful stay. I would definitely recommend this to friends and look forward to staying at other properties in the future.


Anila Talwar

17 August 2015

Beautiful place! I never wanted to come back - this place offers you everything- serene environs, peaceful atmosphere, thrilling adventure. I must say this was one of the best holiday experience I have had so far. Just can't get over the entire experience.


Charuchandra Patil

28 April 2016

Located in such a beautiful place like Rishikesh, the resort provides great scenic views and a very comfortable stay. The cottages are well designed with good facilities to take care of our comfort. We took part in a lot of activities during the day and would come back to these cottages after a tiring day. It provided the best relaxing atmosphere. Ojas resort truly made this one of the best holidays for us. My friends were especially looking forward to do river rafting and it was awesome. Such a thrilling experience! Even rock climbing and other activities were fun.

  • 1466161598_11245801_833898833326083_7021916491263187703_n.jpg
  • 1466161598_11263081_833901993325767_2092054940911193675_n.jpg
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Chanakya Prajapat

17 May 2016

This resort has become one of my favorite resorts after I spent my holiday here last week. It was one of the best experiences ever. I had been thinking of trying river rafting for a very long time now and I am glad I finally chose this place to do it. Rishikesh river rafting is undoubtedly the best rafting in India. There are a lot of things to do in the resort...we would play snooker and other indoor games in the evening. You must definitely visit this place to have a great time with your friends,

  • 1466164538_11027480_819915521391081_1064858325527788703_n.jpg
  • 1466164538_11048777_833899933325973_1484394467417565318_n.jpg
  • 1466164538_11133707_819915568057743_2193566037590781406_n.jpg
  • 1466164538_11138076_819915458057754_5009332767566961351_n.jpg
  • 1466164538_11987007_885929844789648_6557847839588194892_n.jpg
  • 1466164538_12042658_893767794005853_2213874311147645836_n.jpg

Adhrit Khan

10 December 2015

I will be honest, I love getting pampered in the hands of a luxury hotel and here we did get what we asked for. The place is so beautiful and nice and located in one of my most favourite holiday spots in the world.; Rishikesh! The Glass House was a beautiful place, with clean rooms and good staff. The view was lovely from our room too,


Nalini Marar

24 August 2015

Let me make this easier for you, this is one of the best and most amazing places you can stay at in Rishikesh and trust me it is for things like this that I love to come to the Thrillophilia website. So offbeat, right in the midst of nature, well maintained and impeccably serviced. Excited and relaxed at the same time!


Hiranya Gill

28 December 2015

I was lucky to stay at the Glasshouse for a week. It was absolute magic! I stayed in an amazing room. The resort is located of the mighty Ganges. Every part of the resort offers stunning views of the river and in the night while you don't see it, you are sure to hear it all the time.

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