101 Best Things to Do in Vietnam
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Vietnam has a growing economy, upgraded transportation infrastructure, and many fascinated tourists. Find modern cities, historic centres and spectacular scenery in this energetic country. Gain insights into the history and culture of the country’s many ethnic groups at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnography and a local perspective of the Vietnam War at the B52 Victory Museum. Wander around the 10th-century Temple of Literature, dedicated to the Chinese philosopher Confucius. Join locals for early morning tai chi near Hoan Kiem Lake.

In southern Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City, a business and financial hub. Skyscrapers tower over ancient temples and old colonial buildings. Sample wares from stallholders sell their wares next to trendy bars and upmarket boutiques. 

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Visit Hoi An Ancient Town

Visit Hoi An Ancient Town
Image Credit : anhgemus
If you are visiting Vietnam then this is a must visit for anyone who is looking forward to learning more about its culture. Hoi An Ancient Town is placed very conveniently on the sides of a river and if you want to take in the picturesque scenery then walking would be the best option for you.

Both sides of the streets are filled with beautiful ancient building. Just walking around the place will fill you with an old world charm. The place is full of hawkers. If you are looking to buy things that are significant to the Vietnamese culture than this is the place for you.

But be sure to bargain well or you will be made a fool quite easily. The place also has many different food halts and restaurants that you can stop for some authentic Vietnamese. Hoi an ancient town is definitely one of the best places for a walking tour.

Best time to visit: In between February and April

Explore Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An

Explore Tra Que Vegetable Village in Hoi An
Image Credit : Paro Nguyen

If you are looking for some quiet time in Vietnam then this is the best place for you. If you can reach the village early in the morning then you are in for a treat. From the quiet peaceful walk to the bustling to village life once the morning sets in, you can enjoy it all.

A big attraction to Tra Que Vegetable Village is the cooking classes that are held here. Their corn pancakes bring locals and tourists alike from all over Vietnam.You can do a hands-on cooking class or just enjoy the tasty delicacies.

Another very good thing about this place is that the roads are quite empty and you can enjoy a nice bicycle ride with your loved ones.Though there is a bus service available for the tourists, it is recommended that you take a bicycle and move around at your own pace, to enjoy the most.

Location: Cam Ha Commune, Hoi An 51000, Vietnam

Best time: 7 am or 5 pm

Snorkeling in Cham Island

Snorkeling in Cham Island
Image Credit : BOMBTWINZ
'The snorkeling here is good and is still a quite fun. You can see the seahorses and the Nudibranch on the Phu Quoc as well as the canyon sponges. One can also snorkel from shore on a Con Dao. You also cannot compare Fiji and New Zealand with Vietnam as they are of different temperature and different geographical area also with different water temperatures, etc.

One can surely, but gives it a try if they wish as it would be a perfect fun too for snorkeling over here I the Ho Chi Minh City. However, that is you would find some of the best snorkeling beaches. For Vietnam, your choices are limited for snorkeling, but the Nha Trang or the Phu Quoc is more recommended.

Also in the Da Nang area, you have the Cham Island that can be said as an OK during some time of the year.


Trekking in Ho Chi Minh trail

Trekking in Ho Chi Minh trail
'There is the Abandoned Valley in a remote area of the world heritage Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, which is traversed by a part of the famous Ho Chi Minh trail. This tour takes into the 12km of the Ho Chi Minh trail, exploring the Vietnamese tropical forest and also an experiencing the history of Vietnam that is the American war as you trek all along the narrow track.

One can explore the other exit of the now famous a Dark cave, swim in a crystal clear natural spring and explore an unpeel Hang E, one of the most beautiful river caves in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

One can trek here under the guidance of an internationally qualified local tour guide, with the support of a team of the local porters, the trekking tour here represents a great opportunity to get into the jungle and experience an authentic Vietnam whilst also supporting employment for local people through their help as the trekking guides here. The activities here in the Ho Chi Minh City for trekking are the 12 km of a jungle to trek.


Kayaking in Saigon River

Kayaking in Saigon River
Image Credit : Madeleine_H
'The Kayaking activity in the Ho Chi Minh City is a great fun thing and a great activity to do by the travellers. Kayaking here may be changed to afternoon, depending on the tide. Ho Chi Minh City is proud to be the Kayak Organizer in Saigon and Mekong Delta. Kayaking here ranges from one to two hours (depending on your request).

The best place for the Kayaking in the Ho Chi Minh City is the famous Saigon River here. The weather here is extremely calm and quiet. As for any sort of Kayaking inquiry, if the traveler got any such in their minds, it is to say to them that the Kayaking is such an activity which needs no any previous sort of an experience of it.

All one needs is just the paddling which everyone can do easily. Kayaking in Mekong Delta in The Ho Chi Minh City is specially designed for those who want to spend more times to explore this wet region.


Saigon River Rafting

Saigon River Rafting
Image Credit : Hanumann
Saigon River Rafting Tour is being provided as the best river rafting tour one could ever have. The speedboats here are very comfortable and one can have the fresh snacks at the whole time. Every few minute’s the fresh fruits, bottles of the water, some moist towels, and insider information would be given to you.

One can also travel by boat to Cu Chi tunnels which are very amazing. River Rafting is very highly recommended if you have a 1/2 day to spare here for it and have it true fun on the Saigon River. It is a great way to get to the tunnels as the river breeze here is lovely and the guides and the helpers are great to enjoy the River Rafting in the Ho Chi Minh City.

Tubing in Vietnam River

Tubing in Vietnam River
Image Credit : ScubaBear68
One can find in the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam River a Tubing activity which is a great fun in itself here in this city. Fear in the Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam River Tubing Tours is excited to get you floating and having fun.

The River Tubing will captivate & amaze you and to your whole family too. In the Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam River Tubing is an excellent example of the great things to discover. The Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam offers a whole bunch of things to discover the exciting activities and cool entertainment which is thrilling for everyone like the tubing activity.

One can take the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam River Tubing tour that they would remember for the rest of their life. It's an exciting tour with the breathtaking views and an excellent photo opportunity. So reward yourself and get an incredible new perspective.

ATV Ride Tour in Ho Chi Minh

ATV Ride Tour in Ho Chi Minh
Image Credit : Assurant Pinnacle Club
One can find in the Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam the Atv rentals for an Atv rides. The Ho Chi Minh City with its Vietnam Atv rental tours is excited to get you riding and having a great fun on an Atv ride.

The Ho Chi Minh City offers through the Vietnam Atv rentals such an exciting Atv ride which will captivate & amaze you and the whole family of yours too. The Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Atv rentals are an excellent example of the great things to discover in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam for an Atv ride.

One can take an Atv ride in the Ho Chi Minh City through Vietnam Atv rental tour that they will remember for the rest of their life. It's an exciting Atv ride in the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam.


Cooking class in Thuan Tinh Island

Cooking class in Thuan Tinh Island
Knowing about the cuisine and the food in a particular city is the best way to learn more about the city. If you are in Hoi an in Vietnam then the best option to learn about the cuisine will be to take up a cooking class in Thuan Tinh Island. You will first be met with a guide cum chef who will be taking you to the local market.

They will help you to understand the different types of produces available there. You will also be introduced to some of the produces that are indigenous to Vietnam. The best thing about this place is that you can take a small cruise to the actual island where you will be made a part of the cooking class.

This is definitely a wonderful experience for foodies and cooks alike. If you want to have a nice tour as well as learn something new, then is the place for you.

Location: Thon 1, Cam Thanh Village, Hoi An, Vietnam

Explore Yaly Couture-Tran Phu Branch in Hoi An

Explore Yaly Couture-Tran Phu Branch in Hoi An
When you are visiting a place you would definitely want to purchase something that is very parallel to their culture. This Yaly Couture-Tran Phu branch shop will not only help you pick up an apparel that is in their traditional form but you can actually get it tailor made for you.

The shop also offers the option of choosing your own fabric and getting a dress or shirts made from it at very short notice. The different fabrics on offer are beautiful and most of them have the famous Vietnamese designs on them. The staff in the shop is very patient and warm.

They will make sure that you can pick up the exact fabric of choice by showing you many different options. They will also help you to choose the cut that will be best for you. The best thing about this shop is that they are very fast and will deliver your apparel within the stipulated time.

Location: 47 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Vietnam

Hang out at An Bang Beach in Hoi An

Hang out at An Bang Beach in Hoi An
Image Credit : wikipedia
Vietnam is not exactly known for its beaches. So, most people have a very low expectation when they are visiting beaches in Vietnam. But when you are visiting this beach, in the interiors of Vietnam, you can be sure that all your expectations will be exceeded.

A Bang Beach is one of the best beaches in Vietnam. You can have a wonderful swim in the clear water and then hang out on the beach. It is good for sunbathing as well. It is not exactly a very quiet spot as a lot of different locals meet here but if you are looking for some quality beach time then you can definitely visit this place.

Another very good thing about this beach is that there are many small shops surrounding the perimeter of the beach, where you can shop till quite late in the night. This is one of the throbbing areas of the city.

Best time: The best time to visit the beach is somewhere in between March and September

Shop at Hoi An Night Market

Shop at Hoi An Night Market
Image Credit : benhosg
When in doubt go shopping! This is actually a statement that definitely goes well with the destination. This Hoi An Night Market is a must stop spot for all the shopaholics. If you want to pick up some souvenirs that are traditional to the Vietnamese culture then you are definitely at the right place.

You can be sure that you will find something of interest in this huge space that is filled with shops on different sides of the streets. The hawkers and the shop owners are extremely friendly. The shops are all number for your convince.

You will be required to haggle a bit in most of the shops but if you are lucky you will get a steal deal in some of them. There are thousands of different varieties of products available in the markets. The jade figures sold in some of the shops are a must have from this market. 

Timing: The market is open from evening 7pm till 12 midnight

Explore the Marble Mountains in Da Nang

Explore the Marble Mountains in Da Nang
The Marble Mountains is one of the popular attractions in Nang, and it is a cluster of five hills. These hills are made of a combination of marble and limestone. It is a well-known pilgrimage site comprising of tunnels, caves, peaks and temples.

Highlights: It exists in an area that is famous for stone cutting and sculpture. The caves hold many secrets with bullet holes. Hosts of places of worship and Buddhist sanctuaries make it a must visit spiritual site. The pagoda temples and circular cave offers some of the most panoramic views.

Best time to visit: Getting started early is best so that the weather does not turn out too hot. The total tour might take up to 4 hours and wearing comfortable shoes is must.

Price: The entrance fee is about 22, 300 Dong and an additional 22, 300 extra for entering the caves located in the mountains.

Visit My Son Sanctuary in Da Nang

Visit My Son Sanctuary in Da Nang
Recognized as a World Heritage Site, My Son sanctuary is indeed captivating and it is enriched with rich cultural values. People, who are interested to know more about the Southeast Asian culture, should take a visit to this place. It is declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Highlights: The architectural and sculptural remnants greatly reflect history and style of art practised by the indigenous Cham people of Vietnam. The masterpieces reflected here are indeed glorious. The duration and type of tour vary, but in most cases, it takes approximately about 5 hours. The traditional Cham dance at the site is also a special highlight of the place. Real Champa artists will show three different types of dance. The ancient temples of the sanctuary are also worth the visit.

Price: The price of each tour varies, and the approximate cost is about 200, 700 Dong.

Visit Phap Lam Pagoda in Da Nang

Visit Phap Lam Pagoda in Da Nang
Phap Lam pagoda attracts the attention of the locals and tourists alike. It features lots of trees, beautiful Buddhist sculptures and manicured gardens. Apart from being a spiritual site, it is also a beautiful site.

Highlights: Regardless its location in the heart of the city, the atmosphere in the Phap Lam Pagoda is very calm and serene. Locals and monks praying each morning is a beautiful site to see. The 1.1 high Buddha Statue present in the courtyard of the pagoda is very appealing. In addition to that, the Goddess of Mercy statues also attracts the attention of the visitors. The cafes and local restaurants here serve vegetarian foods and anyone can enjoy them.

Best time to visit: It opens daily from 5 am to 11:30 am and from 1 pm to 11.30 pm.

Location: The location of this pagoda is 574D Ong Ich Khiem Street, Da Nang

Price: Entry is free for all.
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Explore All (14)

Take a tour to Museum of Cham Sculpture

Take a tour to Museum of Cham Sculpture
In order to witness the culture, language and heritage of Vietnam, one must take a tour to Museum of Cham Sculpture. The indigenous people of Vietnam, Cham and their lifestyles are greatly reflected and displayed in this museum.

Highlights: The museum houses some of the largest Cham sculptures with more than 300 works of stone and terracotta works. The interior works of the museum are no doubt an added attraction. Apart from that, even the external building itself is crafted with different items of worship like holy animals and idols. The museum is a great example of the Cham architecture with some flowing and simple lines from the French architects.

Best time: It is open daily from 7 am to 5.30 pm.

Location: It is possible to access the Museum of Cham Sculpture at 02, 2 Thang 9 Street, Da Nang.

Price: The price for students is 5,000 Dong and for adults, it is 40, 000 Dong.

Explore Imperial City,Hue

Explore Imperial City,Hue
It goes without saying that the Imperial City, Hue has some promising places to visit and attractions to see. Deeply steeped in history, it comprises of some of the rich historical and architectural facets that attract the attention of the locals and tourists alike.

Highlights: Some of the prominent places of attractions include the Imperial Citadel, the imperial tombs, the Thien Mu Pagoda, etc. Every visitor would love to be a part of the culture and heritage reflected in this beautiful place. In addition to that, it also offers the opportunity to carry out hosts of activities like boat riding or shopping in the local markets. A motorbike tour can also be a great point of interest.

Best time to visit: The months from September to March are ideal for tourists to this place.

Price: Most places do not require any separate entry free in the Imperial city.

Enjoy at Da Nang Hi-tech Park

Enjoy at Da Nang Hi-tech Park
After two other Hi-tech parks located in Vietnam, the third one, the Da Nang Hi-tech Park was established in 2010. It is the ideal destination for both local as well as foreign investors looking forward to boosting the development of science and technology.

Highlights: The ecological township offers a tour to the interested visitors so that they can have a great idea of the harmony between R&D, manufacturing, training and the overall scientific and cultural environment. The eco-friendly park boasts of beautiful landscapes and undeveloped land.

Location: The park is located in Hoa Lien and Hoa Ninh Commune in the district of Hoa Vang. It is situated at a distance of 22 km from the downtown of Danang and 17 km from the Da Nang International Airport.

Price: There are separate tours conducted in the park, and the prices vary from one to another.
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Explore All (11)

Soak in the beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Soak in the beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi
Image Credit : Michael Foley Photography
The English translation of the lake name means "Lake of the Returning Sword". It has a huge historical context and is one of the oldest places in the city. One can also easily spot some softshell turtles which swim in the lake and has been seen since years, they make a beautiful sight. The lake was also known as Luc Thuy which means Green water in English. This was the former name given to the lake because it has green water.

Location: It is located in Hanoi, which is the capital city of Vietnam and has many other tourists attractions nearby as well.

Highlights: Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the most scenic spots in the city and is a major tourist attraction which is visited by hundreds of people daily.

Best time to visit
: During dusk and night, the lake looks stunning as it lights up and people mostly take this as an opportunity for photographs.

Visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi

Visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in Hanoi
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is among the few museums which focus completely on showcasing the 54 different ethnic groups in Vietnam. The museum was built in the year 1997 and many new things have been added by the authority for making it better. The design of the museum was made by famous architect Ha Duc Linh who himself was a member of the ethnic group in Vietnam.

Nguyen Van Huyen, Nghia Do, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Highlights: It is the best place for people who want to know about the ethnic culture of Vietnam. The museum showcases it brilliantly

Best time to visit: The museum stays close on Monday so you can't visit it then. On the other days, you can visit the museum between specified timings by the authority which is from 8:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. Make sure to plan your trip to the museum accordingly.

Visit One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi

Visit One Pillar Pagoda in Hanoi
One Pillar Pagoda is a major tourist attraction in Hanoi and attracts a lot of visitors here. The place is quite peaceful and the pillar on which the temple is built is stunning.

One Pillar Pagoda, Doi Can, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam. Location of the place is a huge advantage as it is in close proximity to transportation facilities and other tourist attractions. 

Highlights: The temple is built on a wood which constitutes the single pillar which is of 1.25 in diameter. The whole design of the pillar is in such a way that it resembles a lotus blossom. This is also considered as a Buddhist symbol of purity.

History: The place is an ancient Buddhist temple and has existed since more than a millennium ago. It was built by the Emperor Ly Thai Tong in around 1054. He made it as a gratitude for having a son and erected the pillar in between of a lotus pond.
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Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi

Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi
The body of Ho Chi Minh is preserved here so people visit to see that. There are many types of restrictions by the authority here such as you need to follow the dress code, be silent and walk in straight lines. Hands must be in pocket and arms should not be crossed. Apart from that no smoking, drinking or eating.

Hung Vuong, Dien Bien, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Highlights: The place is protected by Military honour guards and is a high-security place. The architecture is nicely done and a lot of people visit here to pay their respects to Ho Chi Minh.

Best time to visit: One of the best things about the mausoleum is that it stays open for 24 hours so you can visit it anytime you want. Only you need to keep in mind that it stays closed on Monday and Friday so make sure to not visit it then.

Visit St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

Visit St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi
Image Credit : Bonjin/凡人[ラナ]
Hanoi is famous for its churches so if you are in the city, you must definitely visit the St. Joseph's Cathedral. There is also a lake nearby which you can choose to visit.

Location: Na tho street, Hanoi. The church is right on the road and you wouldn't have any difficulties in finding it, the place is quite accessible. History: The church was one of the first structures built by the French colonial government in Indochina and it was opened in the year 1886.

Highlights: The church serves as the Roman Catholic Archdiocese to almost 4 million people in the country. The church conducts mass several times in a day so you can be a part of it if you are there at the right time.

Best time to visit: Every Sunday, they organize a mass at sharp 6 in the evening, so this will be the best time for you to visit the church.

Explore Vietnam Military History Museum in Hanoi

Explore Vietnam Military History Museum in Hanoi
Vietnam Military History Museum is one of the 7 national museums in the country of Vietnam. For people who are quite interested in guns and arms, they will have a great time at the museum browsing through various different items.

28A Dien Bien Phu, Dien Ban, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam. It is located in central Hanoi right opposite the Lenin Park and near the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

History: The museum was set up on 17th July 1956.

Highlights: There are numerous items on display which you can check out and you will not find them anywhere else. You will also find many statues of soldiers with guns since this is a military museum.

Best time to visit: On most days, the museum opens up at 8 in the morning and is close by 4:30 in the evening so if you are planning a trip here, plan according to that.
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Explore All (19)

Visit the Temple of Literature in Hanoi

Visit the Temple of Literature in Hanoi
Image Credit : isriya
We all know about the famous philosopher Confucius and this temple is dedicated to him. There are various temples dedicated to Confucius in Vietnam but this is one of the best temples which also hosts the Imperial Academy. The temple has been renovated many times since its inception in order to keep it maintainable.

Ho Chi Minh City, Van Mieu, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam. The location is easy to access and you can get many transportation facilities around the temple to take you to different destinations.

History: The construction of this beautiful temple was started almost a millennium ago in the year 1070.

Highlights: The temple is also printed on the back side of an official banknote of Vietnam. The layout of the temple is quite similar to the birthplace of Confucius which is a tribute.

Best time to visit: Temple of literature is open 24 hours so you can visit it whenever you desire.

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