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Kedarnath Packages

Duration Price
Kedarnath Yatra Package5 days & 4 nights
INR 24,500
Do Dhaam Yatra Package6 days & 5 nights
INR 32,500
Delhi To Kedarnath Group Trip | FREE Sangam Excursion6 days & 5 nights
INR 16,800
Badrinath Kedarnath Tour Package By Helicopter1 day
INR 1,10,000
Badrinath Kedarnath from Delhi | FREE Sangam Excursion8 days & 7 nights
INR 26,500
2 Dham Group Tour From Delhi8 days & 7 nights
INR 21,500

Kedarnath Packages

Kedarnath tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Kedarnath packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Kedarnath trip packages with exciting deals & offers.

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Our skilled travel experts make available all kinds of Kedarnath trip packages for you, starting from the Kedarnath pilgrim package and Kedarnath family package to budget Kedarnath packages and All-inclusive Kedarnath trip packages. No matter if you are travelling to Kedarnath with your friends or family; no matter if you want to include flights or not; and no matter what your budget is, our customized packages can be tailored perfectly to ensure you enjoy your dream Kedarnath tours with us. You can also choose to extend your Kedarnath trip with us by adding popular nearby places of your choice to your Kedarnath trip package.

Our Kedarnath packages are available at great deals and offer to make sure you do not have to pull the limits of your wallet while on an exotic tour of this flamboyant destination. Go check out our excellent Kedarnath trip packages and embark to this dreamy land with the one that matches your individual travel theme.

Places to Visit on Kedarnath Trip:

Here is the list of best places to visit during the Kedarnath tour:

1. Gandhi Sarovar: This is a beautiful lake with crystal clear water situated at the base of the Kirti Stambh and Kedarnath peak, and at the Chorabari Bamak glacier. To reach this place, you have to take a 3 Km trek from Kedarnath. Here you can get a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks.

2. Sonprayag:
 This is a religiously significant place located near Kedarnath, between Gaurikund and Guptakshi that you must visit after booking Kedarnath tour packages. Taking a bath this spring is said to be a holy act. From here, you can see the amazing Sonprayag valley and the surrounding mountains.

3. Phata Village:
 This small village lies 14 Km from Guptkashi and houses a helipad where many pilgrims arrive by air to visit Kedarnath. It is a place where people stop for refreshments. Night stay options are also available.

4. Gaurikund:
 This little hamlet is located in Chamoli, Garhwal district. Nestled amidst lush green forests and offering panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, this place is named after Goddess Parvati and also has a temple dedicated to her.

5. Vasuki Tal Lake:
 This glacial lake is situated at a height of 14,200 feet above sea level, 8 Km away from Kedarnath, and 24 Km away from Gaurikund. The picturesque trekking trail is full of greenery. From this beautiful lake, you can see the magnificent Chaukhamba Peaks.

6. Kedarnath Temple:
 This temple will surely be the chief attraction in your Kedarnath tour packages. This temple dedicated to Shiva is visited by spiritual people and thrill-seekers from all over the world every year. You have to reach the temple by trekking for 16-18 Km from Gaurikund.

7. Triyuginarayan Temple:
 This is a popular Hindu pilgrimage site located in Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand. Here, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, as well as three sacred ponds where people take a dip before entering the temple.

Things to Do on Kedarnath Tour:

Here is the list of best things to do during the Kedarnath trip:

1. Trek to Chorabari Tal:
 You Kedarnath tour packages will surely include this pristine lake where you have to reach by taking a 3 Km trek from Kedarnath. Although the trek is quite challenging, the rewards are worth it.

Offering a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and forests, this lake has a legend of Lord Shiva associated with it. You can visit this place anytime without any entry fees. There is an old temple located close to the lake that you can explore.

2. Visit Shankaracharya Samadhi: This is the resting place of a revered Hindu monk, located close to the Kedarnath temple. Many pilgrims visit this place throughout the year after booking Kedarnath packages.

Here you can find several shops selling idols, garlands, agarbattis, and other things used for worship. It is a beautiful structure where you can find guides who can narrate the fascinating life of the monk. There is no entry fee here.

3. Pray at Anusuya Devi Temple: It is believed that those in need of something can attain it if they offer an earnest prayer at Anusuya Devi temple. There is no entry fee at this temple, but you have to take a difficult route. Once you reach the shrine, prepare to get enthralled by the rolling hills. This will no doubt be a highlight in your Kedarnath tours.

4. Visit Deoria Tal: For novice trekkers, visiting the Deoria Lake is a must visit in Kedarnath. The scenic lake is surrounded by tall conifer trees and majestic mountains. Here you can camp at night to get a thrilling experience.

It is a great place to watch the sunset and click some amazing photographs. The setting sun paints the surrounding peaks red which can be a glorious sight indeed. You can take this trek free of cost.

Best time for Kedarnath Tour:

Kedarnath receives snowfall in the winter and is closed from November to March due to this reason. If you wish to avoid the snow and the biting cold, then the best time to visit is between April to June. It is kind of chilly during this time as well, with the temperature lying between 5 and 18 degrees Celsius.

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Kedarnath Tour faqs

What are the famous adventure activities to do on the Kedarnath tour?

1. Trekking: You can start a trekking trip from Chandrika camp in Kedarnath. The trekking trails are quite challenging but there are a few for novice trekkers as well. This place is known for its rich flora and fauna which you can experience while on the trekking route.

2. Burma Bridge Rope Walking: This exciting rope walking activity involves two participants using ladders to climb the bridge and then rope-walk to the center. There is a rope at the base along which you have to walk and another two on the sides for support.

3. Monkey Crawl: This thrilling activity requires you to crawl across a rope while a deep gorge lies below. It is an activity that demands stamina and strength, and which you must not miss after booking Kedarnath packages.

4. Paragliding: This exciting flying sport will send you soaring above the mountains and the forests on a fixed-wing aircraft, manned by an expert. It is a completely safe adventure sport which can be a lot of fun or anyone.

5. Rappelling: Here, you have to climb down a slope or a steep cliff by the means of a rope. It is a challenging activity where you must know when to apply friction as you descend.

Which are the best places to stay on Kedarnath tour?

Here is the list of best places to stay on Kedarnath trip:

1. Punjab Sindh Awas:
This budget hotel is situated close to the Kedarnath temple and offers a majestic view of the mountains and valleys. It is known for its warm hospitality, laundry services, and delicious vegetarian food. You can get a room here from 800 rupees onwards.

2. GMVN Tourist Rest House:
This government hotel is located in Gaurikund and offers a comfortable stay for its guests. It is a popular hotel for pilgrims who can stay here at affordable rates while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Rooms start at 600 rupees only.

3. Kedar Camp Resorts: If you want a rustic and authentic staying experience while on Kedarnath tour packages, this resort might be a good option for you. Located in Guptkashi, this place has a restaurant cum coffee shop, CCTV surveillance, and power backup. You can get a room here for 1329 rupees per night.

4. Bhopal Bhawan: Those in search of luxury accommodations can go for the Bhopal Bhawan, located just 0.3 Km from the City Centre. It has amenities like a pool, kitchenette, washing machine, and WiFi. You can stay here for approximately 5000 rupees per night. You can get a balcony room from where you can see the beautiful lake. The hotel also has a 24-hour front desk.

How many days are enough for Kedarnath?

In order to travel to Kedarnath, you should keep 4 days in hand. If you can travel at night, you can reach Kedarnath in two days, otherwise, it will take you four days. In case you are not able to return back on the same day, you need to keep 1 day as a buffer.

Is Kedarnath worth visiting?

In spite of the grueling journey, Kedarnath is a place worth visiting. If the legend and splendor surrounding the majestic old Kedarnath temple are not enough, the beautiful Kedar valley surrounded by the Himalayas and pristine lakes is a sight to behold. So one should not hesitate before booking Kedarnath tour packages.

What to buy in Kedarnath?

If you are looking to buy items for worship, you can find several shops selling them near the Kedarnath Temple. You can also find photographs and portraits of the Badrinath and Kedarnath temples, tulsi beads, precious stones, natural vitalizers, herbs, saligrams, crystals, etc. Other souvenirs include ornamental brass works and woollen clothes.

Is Kedarnath safe?

Since it is a revered pilgrimage site, many people visit Kedarnath every year after booking Kedarnath packages. Although it is safe, you should mind your belongings. Also, you should avoid visiting this place during the monsoon as floods and landslides are quite common and it may lead to grave danger.

What comes first, Kedarnath or Badrinath?

Kedarnath comes first and Badrinath is 218 km from it. As per Hindu customs, you should visit Kedarnath first. This is due to the story mentioned in Hindu mythology where Lord Shiva, to whom Kedarnath is dedicated, made space for Lord Vishnu, also known as Badrinath, in DevBhumi in Uttrakhand.

Can we go to Kedarnath by car?

You can travel by car up to Gaurikund, which has the nearest motorable road near Kedarnath. From here, you can trek up to Kedarnath temple, or hire a pony or a palki to take you there. It is not possible to go directly up to Kedarnath by car as the road is not suitable for motor vehicles.

Is there any helicopter service to Kedarnath?

Helicopter services are available for Kedarnath, and you can book a ride for Kedarnath tours if you are unable to travel by road for some reason. You can take the helicopter from the village of Phata. The charge is 6,990 per person for a round trip between Phata and Kedarnath.

How far is Badrinath from Kedarnath?

Kedarnath is located 218 km away from Badrinath. It takes nearly 5 hours to travel to Badrinath from Kedarnath. You can take a cab from Gaurikund near Kedarnath in order to reach Badrinath.

Which are the best places to visit at night on a Kedarnath tour?

1. Madmaheshwar Temple: This place is a must inclusion in your Kedarnath holiday packages, as it is one of the most famous temples dedicated to Shiva. You have to take a difficult trek from the village of Bantoli to reach this old temple. From here you can see the majestic Chakumba peak at night.

2. Rudranath Temple: This is a famous pilgrimage site in the Garhwal Himalayas and also a popular spot for trekking enthusiasts. The rock formation on this temple looks magnificent in the moonlight, making this place ideal for a nighttime visit. The temple remains open from April to November.

3. Kalpeshwar Temple: Situated at a height of 2200 m above sea level, this pilgrimage site is located in the Urgam valley in Chamoli district. There is also a cave nearby where the hair locks of Shiva are said to be naturally carved. You can spend the night at the Dharamshala or camp out for a more authentic experience.

4. Agastyamuni: This temple is dedicated to the revered Hindu saint Agastya, to commemorate his one year of meditation at this place. You can visit this place at night to appreciate its wonderful architecture. The unique wall art of this temple will leave you mesmerized.

Which are some famous campsites in Kedarnath?

1. Kedarnath Base Camp: This base camp is located close to the famous Kedarnath temple. It is the most popular camping site for those booking Kedarnath tour packages. There are fabricated compartments, cottages, and tents available here. You can get budget tent accommodations here with water and common bathrooms available.

2. Deoria Tal: Located at a high altitude of 7999 feet, this pristine lake surrounded by lush green forests makes for an ideal camping spot. From here, you can get splendid views of the Kedar, Kalang, Nilkantha, and Chaukhamba mountain ranges. You can explore the forest trails here, and take some beautiful photographs watching the star-studded night sky.

3. Nandi Complex: This camping spot is located close to the Kedarnath helipad. It consists of prefabricated huts that have ground bedding. There are six beds in each hut along with an attached bathroom.

4. Swarga Rohini Camp: This is yet another camping site located near the helipad in Kedarnath. Here you can find dormitory cottages that are ideal for pilgrims. The beds are of good quality here, and they will also provide you with blankets.

5. Nag Tibba: You can trek up to this peak and spend the night out camping. It offers a spectacular view of the Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Bandarpoonch mountains.

Which are the best treks in Kedarnath?

1. Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila Trek: After booking Kedarnath packages, you must go on this 4.5 Km trek starting from the Chopta village. In the end, you will reach the Tungnath temple, which is famous as the highest Shiva shrine. You can see the majestic peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Chaukhamba from here.

2. Madhyamaheshwar Temple Trek: This is a long 16 Km trek that starts from the Ransi village. The trekking route is not so difficult up to Bantoli, but after that, it gets really steep, and decent strength and stamina are required for this.

3. Vasuki Tal Trek: This is an 8 Km trek that starts from the Kedarnath temple. The beautiful trekking trail takes you to the magnificent Vasuki Tal lake, where the water is crystal clear. It is also the origin of Songanga, which is a branch of the Mandakini river.

4. Kedarnath Trek: This trek is an integral part of Kedarnath tour packages and consists of a long 15-16 Km journey from Gaurikund. Several people take this trek every year as a part of the pilgrimage.

5. Chorabari Tal Trek: This trek is worth taking as it will take you to the splendid Chorabari Tal at the mouth of the Chorabari Bamak Glacier.

What are the best temples to visit in Kedarnath with family?

1. Gaurikund Temple: This famous temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, who is said to have performed penance at this spot. It is located near the Mandakini river and is on the way to Kedarnath.

2. Bhairav Temple: South of the famous Kedarnath temple, you can find the Bhairav temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva’s fierce avatar. The deity here is believed to protect the entire valley and the Kedarnath temple. From here, you can get a breathtaking view of the Himalayas and the lush Kedar valley.

3. Kedarnath Temple: The chief attraction of Kedarnath, this place will be high in the list of attractions in Kedarnath packages. Considered one of the most powerful Shiva temples in the entire world, this place attracts thousands of devotees every year. Inside, you will find statues of Krishna, Draupadi, the Pandavas, Nandi, as well as a conical rock structure that is worshipped as Shiva.

4. Triyuginarayan Temple: This temple in the Rudraprayag district is a great place to visit with your family as a part of Kedarnath holiday packages. It is situated at a height of 1980 meters and from here you can see the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. It is also a popular wedding spot where many famous celebrities have gotten hitched.

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