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Best Honeymoon Tours in Alleppey

There is a reason why newlywed couples and old ones reignite their relationship and seek wonderful Alleppey honeymoon packages at the seemingly beautiful town laced with the wonders of the Arabian Sea. Far from the maddening crowd, Alleppey is a beautiful town embedded within wonders of nature. Alleppey is all about romance and there are some wonderful packages constructed for honeymooners who are here on a romantic surge. Your better half might just want to keep coming back to this memorable journey and take back unforgettable moments of joy.

The Venice of the east is for the romantic souls who are looking for some uninhibited moments of togetherness and companionship. Alleppey offers the best experience Kerala has to offer from the beautiful backwaters to the temples, from the relaxing spa sessions to witnessing some of the most reverberating boat races you will ever see. The popular beaches flank the city along with churches that are pretty ancient and beautifully built. There is a lot to explore in backwater's paradise with your loved ones. You will feel the magic of romance building when you embark on a houseboat with no one to disturb you. 

Alleppey is one enchanting ride with lush green surroundings and calm and serene backwaters. The location draws many tourists from across the world just to enjoy the culture, food and romantic houseboats. There are many attractive tourist spots too here to explore like the Krishnapuram Palace, the magnetic lighthouses by the beach, temples and various beaches to add more flavours to the trip.

You can also indulge in the affordable public ferry rides or also take the peaceful Shikara rides especially when you are the one who wants to take a self-guided cruise along the backwaters. Keeping up with its associations with the famous romantic spot of Venice, you can also get into a Canoe and row in the blue-green waters with your love interest. If you are up for churches, then there are many churches which have beautiful sculptures and murals that will also give you the stunning shots of the backwaters. Alleppey though is the idyllic spot for lovers and honeymooners; it also presents itself as an appropriate location for family tourists who just want to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

For lovebirds looking for some peace and seclusion, we suggest you head here to enjoy blissful romantic moments. There are some attractive Alleppey honeymoon packages offered by different groups so choosing might be a herculean task. We will aid you in reading it right and answer some queries which will be helpful in your planning. If you've got to do something special for your special someone, we hear you.

Alleppey is not just about backwaters, it is also about experience, culture and food that will remain etched in your memory years later when you have to plan your second honeymoon here. Take back everything that Alleppey has to offer and come back with the same joy and enthusiasm. That’s Alleppey for you!!

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What You Should Know More About Honeymoon in Alleppey

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Alleppey for the honeymoon?

    Even if Alleppey poses as a year-round place to explore, the best time to plan your honeymoon would be in the months between November and February. The winters are enchanting and the backwater rides will be a notch above whatever you have explored in your life. The weather is pleasant during this time and the best also to cocoon into a quiet stay in the houseboats. You will be saved from the humidity that the summers give that is considered to be the off-season to visit here. So if you are looking out for some great moments in the best weather then come here in winters to enjoy your honeymoon.

  • Q. What are the places to visit in Alleppey during the honeymoon?

    One of the perks of visiting Alleppey is the umpteen spots at the disposal of honeymooners to romance. There are several spots here including beaches and churches that will catch your eye. Noted destinations worth exploring are Marari beach, the Krishnapuram Palace, Karumadi Kuttan, Edathua church. If you are willing to explore farther, then you can visit the tiny island of Pathiramanal by the Vembanad Lake which is accessible by boat only. You can also visit famous backwater resorts to enjoy the rides completely blissful and pleasurable.

  • Q. What are the things to do in Alleppey on the honeymoon?

    Well, the best thing to do here for honeymooner is of course romancing but there are so many things here that one can do on your love trip that will augment the gratification of your expedition. Staying and enjoying on a houseboat is perhaps the best thing to do and many Alleppey honeymoon packages too offer houseboat stay. Kayaking also seems to have caught upon a lot of honeymooning duos along the canals. If you are also a devotee then you can visit the temple festival with a peek into the identity of Kerala with music and food. When you are in Kerala don't ever forget to have that relaxing Ayurvedic spa and massage that will relax you and prepare you for a romantic dinner date.

  • Q. What are the houseboats available in Alleppey for a honeymoon?

    There are many houseboat stay options available here. The houseboats here are luxuriant with grandiosely designed lounges and interiors. They also come packed with reading corners, board games, movie time for entertainment. One of the most aesthetically appealing houseboats for your dreamy tour is the Minar De Lake which is nothing less than poetry on motion. You can also book for an enchanting ride with the River escapes houseboat with added features of village walk, canoeing and fishing. For an extremely kingly stay, opt for the honeymoon houseboat offered by welcome cruise which is designed keeping in mind old-world charm. The shikara rides and motorboat traverse is an added advantage. The honeymoon houseboat targeted for honeymooners only is the majestic 5-star rated luxury with Jacuzzi, candlelight dinner arrangement, private living area and a special honeymoon cake. There are a whole lot of other options too for houseboats each offering the best of services and engage in making you feel at home.

  • Q. What are the resorts available in Alleppey for a honeymoon?

    Some of the best resorts available for honeymoon are Citrus Backwater spa retreat, Shimpos Lake Bounty resort, JCT Houseboat, the River escapes houseboats, the Panoramic sea resort, Maria heritage, World backwaters resort by the lake and many more for you to choose based on your budget and activity yearnings. There are wide ranges of starred resorts here with very many facilities and sumptuousness for the guests. There are quite a few resorts near the popular beaches here too like the Marari beach resort. So depending on your requirement, you can choose the ones that will fit the bill. All the resorts have specially designed Alleppey honeymoon package for your comfort.

  • Q. What is the romantic experience available in Alleppey for the honeymoon?

    The backwater is seemingly the best romantic escapade here in Alleppey. It is surely a combination of cruising along the calm backwaters in an ultra-luxurious houseboat that tops as the most romantic experiences. But, this is not it, couple Ayurvedic spa and massage also triggers those moments of relaxation and passion available in all the spas here. And if that is not enough, you can also do beach walks, hand in hand at the clear white sanded beach of Alleppey. Usually, the Alleppey honeymoon package you opt for will have these experiences organized for you to sit back and enjoy.

  • Q. What kind of food is available in Alleppey?

    Since Alleppey is a coastal city, seafood is found here in abundance. The freshwater fishes, prawns, and shrimps are the major seafood specialty cooked in different styles. Every dish that is linked to the culture of Kerala has a hint of coconut in it. The most famous dish here is the lip-smacking and carefully cooked tapioca and fish curry that will impress your taste buds. You can also try the Alleppey fish curry cooked with the Kerala traditional curry. For vegetarians too, banana forms an integral part of the dishes. One such dish is the Kurukku Kalan that is cooked in thick tomato gravy with toasted banana and piping hot rice. The good old idli, dosa, and bonda too form a major part of the menu here, for those who do not want to risk it. Also, do not forget to take back home authentic banana chips and dry spices.

  • Q. What is the budget required for honeymoon in Alleppey?

    The budget will depend on the amount of time you are here. Honeymoon packages are worked out and customized according to the popularity of the activities that the couple wants to pursue. The Alleppey honeymoon packages come in different shapes and sizes. Starting from as low as 6000/- per person for 2 days and 1 night it goes up to 25000/- per person for 8 days and 7 nights. All the packages are designed with a couple activities like couple spa, shopping, boat rides, wilderness exploration, and waterfall visit. If you are opting for a stay in a houseboat for one night then you are likely to increase your budget. A good houseboat equipped with everything you need starts from a 15000/- per night and goes up to 35,000/- per night depending on your requirements.

  • Q. What are the beaches in Alleppey for honeymoon?

    The Marari beach and the Alleppey beach are the most beautiful beaches for couples. The Marari beach is the perfect relaxation spot for couples. In fact, there are many homestay options also available near this beach. The beach is spotless with never-ending pines on its shore. The Alleppey beach too is a beautiful beach, though owing to its popularity, the beach is crowded. Both the beaches have some good eateries too located in their environs.